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Watch how happy Jared is towards the end of “Sincerely, Me” and just try to tell me he’s only Evan’s friend for the car insurance

Inktober 011: Nishinoya Yuu, who turned out a bit more punky than intended…

perhaps one day i’ll draw something other than a bust lmao

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (0, 100, W3, W8, W9, W10, E00, E13, E35, E87, E89, E93, YR61, B63), Strathmore Bristol Board

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just a thought: what would the bidders + mc's reaction be when riding a roller coaster? lmao like, who would scream/puke/have no reaction lmaooo

oh man

While Eisuke may appear to be composed during a ride, he’s actually terrified of them. If you look closely at his hands after a ride, you can see them shaking. Luckily, he has his arms crossed most of the time lmao.
It’s one of the main reasons he doesn’t have any interest in amusement parks (AKA why he rejected Shuichi’s tickets lmao)
He acted pretty stoic in front of Mc, but it was pretty easy for Mc to find out when she held his hand afterwards.

Soryu is fine with regular roller coasters, but he draws the line with the ones that are over the top. He dislikes the ones with loops and ones that are either too high or too fast. Soryu doesn’t scream or yell, but you can tell he’s terrified. he grips onto the bar to the point where you think it’d leave a dent.
He’s honestly pretty embarrassed about it, considering he’s supposed to be all tough and mighty.

Baba’s completely fine with roller coasters! He’ll let out an occasional, “whooo~!” just to add onto the excitement. As a thief, he’s pretty used to heights and fast paced action. The roller coaster isn’t his first choice in rides, but it’s something that can be pretty fun for him. He’s willing to go on it if he can see a few others that are normally serious suffer, however. He’s very aware of Eisuke’s  and Soryu’s fear, and he’s willing to use it to his advantage.

Ota loves roller coasters a lot! He loves the thrill and excitement it gives him. He’s in love with the rush. Ota’s the type who would want to go one even more after going on one, to the others’ demise. He’s a screamer, but it’s not because he’s scared. He honestly thinks it just adds onto the fun! He’s definitely the type who will raise his hands in the air as well.
He doesn’t realize when the camera takes a photo during the ride, but it seems like he does. He looks so excited in all his photos!

Mamoru really dislikes roller coasters! What’s the fun in being high up and hearing a bunch of people scream? They always make him feel dizzy and he has to sit down for an hour until he’s okay. Despite loathing hearing other people scream during the ride, he yells a lot during it as well. He’d never go on one willingly. Either someone has to force him to go on or someone has to convince him.
Whenever the camera snaps a photo, you can see the look of d e a t h on his face.

Shuichi doesn’t even bat an eye when he’s on one. If anything, he could even work while he’s on one. Hikaru’s mentioned that he’s managed to read a book on one in the past. Though, majority of the time, he’ll just sit back and let the ride happen.
Shuichi will usually ask one of the others to hold onto his glasses whenever he rides, in fear of them falling off. The wind messes up his hair a bit as well…
Whenever he comes back down from it, he looks exactly like he does as Shu.

Luke feels completely sick while and after he’s riding one. He can even handle plane rides after all! He could be completely fine before riding one, but after it, he’ll look and feel terrible. He staggers a lot and Mc usually has to support him for the rest of the day.
He finds them pointless! Whenever Ota attempts to explain the thrill that riding it gives, he only gets more confused.  All he wants to do is lay down afterwards.

Hikaru is completely fine with roller coasters! While it’s been a while since he’s been on one, he feels perfectly fine on them. If he’s with someone he can have fun with, he’ll let out a few yells just for his own amusement. However, if he’s not, he’ll usually do the same as Shuichi and sit back.
Though, Hikaru’s definitely the person who knows when to pose for the picture. He manages to pose each time the camera takes a picture. He once wore the Spongebob glasses while riding it lmao.

Mc’s probably the one who likes roller coasters the most, to everyone’s surprise! In fact, she’s fond of every ride! The only thing she can’t handle in the haunted house.
Mc acts pretty similar to Ota. She’ll scream to add onto the experience, raise her hands, and wait in line for hours just to go on one!
Mc always looks adorable in the pictures taken during the ride. She has the happiest look on her face! Eight certain people always buy tons of copies after the ride.
She does get pretty dizzy after them! While she loves the feeling during the ride, she usually has to hold onto someone once it’s over.


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~