he is a chinese man


HOLY SHIT! RUN, Luhan, RUN! 🔥🔥🔥

Wanna One as (the literal) Avengers (but with a twist)
  • Kang Daniel: Captain America but gets distracted in battle because he's petting cats.
  • Park Jihoon: The not-so-serious Hawkeye that high-fives Jinyoung everytime he hits something (which is nearly all the time).
  • Lee Daehwi: Black Widow but constantly gets a wedgie because his suit is too tight and dances while doing one on one combat.
  • Kim Jaehwan: Agent Coulson but always accidentally grabs his guitar instead of his gun as a first reaction. "Jaehwan you can't shoot people with that" Jaehwan: /looks down at guitar/ "oh right my bad".
  • Ong Seongwoo: Thor but pretends his hammer is a baseball bat and tries to hit a homerun during battle.
  • Park Woojin: Spiderman but doesn't know how to crack good jokes. Apologises to the bad guys when he ties them up.
  • Lai Guanlin: Iron Man but Jarvis speaks in Chinese. Moonwalks while he's in the air and whistles to Troublemaker while he's fighting.
  • Yoon Jisung: Falcon but says "I believe I can fly" everytime he's about to take off. Screams way too loudly over the intercom when he's in trouble.
  • Hwang Minhyun: Nick Fury but gets embarrassed and shy after shouting orders to the team. Walks around the office in his black suit because he likes to scare people.
  • Bae Jinyoung: Quicksilver but gets motion sickness and has to squat down in a corner and puke from time to time.
  • Ha Sungwoon: The Hulk but shrinks back down to his normal size everytime he gets embarrassed. Still has really good complexion when he turns green.
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*sees there’s a solar eclipse happening on the 21st*

my mind:

i was walking in the wholesale flower district that day, and i passed by this place where this old chinese man – he, he sometimes sells me weird and exotic cuttings. cause he knows, you see, that strange plants are my hobby. he didn’t have anything unusual there that day, so i was just about to, you know, walk on by. when suddenly, and without warning, there was this 


Jiang Wen: Back in Action

I came across some fascinating and bizarre descriptions of Jiang Wen in the article “Back in Action” by Brian Bennett from Time Magazine (June 17, 2002), written while Green Tea was filming. I just had to share.

Even as a student at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, China’s Juilliard, Jiang showed signs of giving, not taking, direction. “Many teachers didn’t like him because he always questioned them,” recalls retired dean of dramatic arts Zhang Renli, who taught Jiang after the school reopened following the Cultural Revolution. “Jiang would always ask, ‘Why? Tell me why?’” says the 69-year-old, who has coached four generations of actors, including Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. “I’ve never since had a student like Jiang Wen.” Jiang’s stubbornness can make him a chore to work with. Especially now that he’s not directing but acting in other people’s films. “As an actor Jiang Wen is dangerous,” says award-winning author Wang. “The younger generation of directors cannot handle him.”

Below the cut, comments on Jiang Wen’s looks (I’ll confess I disagree with the “not handsome” part), virility, and vulnerability…

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so if gasc is following the transformation route of the huntsmen, rather than what seems to be the more cleric route that ends up with horned deer dogs
does that mean he would’ve just ended up like a cleric beast sized white Scourge Pupper or something


[171012] JINGYU after work in Bangkok, Thailand
✩ Fans asked if he was tired then Jingyu replied, “Very tired.” But he still listened carefully to what fans said.

→ Going back and forth between Beijing and Bangkok was so exhausting, plus his filming schedule haizz.

[全職高手] "Return to Glory" Clip
Ye Xiu

Cut from a promotion song [再起荣耀] for the animation of The King’s Avatar. (x) Translation under cut. It got kinda long, sorry.

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This is just a personal question for you. What were your first impressions of the Kuro characters?

Okay, you’ve asked for it. Here is my BRUTALLY honest first impressions:


Originally posted by smol-syacho

- Honestly, I never really cared for this guy (pls don’t kill me). Too me he was just a hot looking demon, nothing more or nothing less. One more thing I’ve noticed too was that he was strangely masculine but also had that slight flamboyance in him, so that was pretty cool. 

- I don’t know why but I assumed he was a dog demon.


Originally posted by jyro

- A cute little pirate boy (just kidding). 

-Meh. He was okay but I had a slight dislike for him. I didn’t really like his ‘know it all’ and spoilt attitude. 

- That boi will look good when he grows up. (sorry for sounding like a pedo)

Grell (the reaper self):

Originally posted by stephanie-michaelis


- What’s with the teeth?

- Ahhh I see, the official ‘comic relief’ character of the show.

- Go back to Naruto, Karin Uzumaki. You have the wrong anime. 


Originally posted by kuroshitsuji

- I wonder if I can make him laugh?

- Some shady guy. 

- I bet he’s a serial killer too. 



Originally posted by pyunsukee

- I bet this guy is super smart. (the glasses always fools me)

- I want to mess up his hair sooo badly.

- What the heck are you holding? (Referring to his death scythe)

- Mr. Darcy (Idk why lol)


Originally posted by kurogif


- One does not simply use a LAWNMOWER for a weapon.


- Aw a baby grim reaper

Lau (the most questionable character):

Originally posted by erwonmyheart

- Does he have eyes?

- Is he blind?

- How can you function if your eyes are closed all the time?

- Maybe his eyes just look like that?

- Is he high all the time or just like that?

- Is he a pimp?

- Hol up, is that a Chinese man, speaking Japanese in England?

- The shadiest mother fucker on the show.

- Drugs??

Elizabeth ( Dw I’ve changed my mind since):

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- Murder this bitch 

- That high pitched voice… My ear drums are bleeding 

- That hair style of yours is ridiculous 

- #Ciel deserves better


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- Oh, another female character cool.

- Oh wait never mind.

- Annoying little brat

- Poor boy suffers from bipolar disorder.

- But still had the cutest laugh on the whole show.

- Nice coat, can I take it?

- Lemme guess this is Ciel’s rival?


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- Hm, Sebastian looks a bit different in this season.

- Oh wait never mind.

- That is one sexy looking mofo.

- Uhhhh that voice is to die for (english dub)


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- Can this guy talk normally?

- Is he literally called Snake?

- He looks adorable.


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- Kill him. Pls. 

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Please please write a Minghao valentine fluff


You were freezing, not even you warm coat could protect you from the freezing air. Your small hands that were hidden under the warm mittens your granny had knitted you couldn’t protect you either. The stupid freezing winter air had managed to get past the hot pink wool.

It’s so damn cold

Letting out a sigh of frustration, you could see the icy air of your breath lingering in the air for a few seconds. Your lips were freezing, nose was red and runny from the coldness, cheeks flushed bright red as well.

Pulling your scarf to cover half of your freezing face, trying to ease the pain the freezing air had caused. Stuffing your mitten glad hands into the pockets of your coat, hoping it will warm them even if just a little bit.

Another year, another valentines spent alone. 

It’s not that you couldn’t get a valentine, actually you had a boyfriend, Minghao, but….he was busy with his work. His work was really important to him, and you knew and respected it, but you couldn’t help but feel a tad lonely. You hand’t seen him in a long time and you missed him.

You missed his kisses, his hugs, that loving smile that he only shows you, waking up beside him in the mornings and seeing his warm sleepy smile and bed head.

You really missed him, you missed Minghao so much.

Letting out another sigh, you continued to walk around the town that was filled with couples.

Feeling your phone buzz, you take it into your, now bare hand, and check to see who had messaged you.

Heart skipping a beat as you saw the name of the sender, Minghao.

‘Baobei, Happy Valentines day! Please stay warm, it’s been really cold lately. Don’t you dare forget to wear your mittens,scarf and hat!’

Slightly smiling. He worries too much. At least he remembered it was Valentines day, but you still couldn’t help but feel lonely and sad. Sure he had sent you a text, but that wasn’t enough. You wanted you hug him, you wanted him to hold you, you wanted him next to you.

But, out of nowhere a pair of arms had wrapped themselves around your shoulders as they pulled you closer to their chest.

Letting out a yelp, you turned your head to look at who it was, and there he was. Cheeks and his nose flushed red from the cold, his shining eyes staring at you with so much love and his lips pulled into the happiest and warmest smile you have seen.

Minghao was behind you, holding you, smiling at you, holding you close. It was like, he was protecting you from the cold.

and before you knew it,he had let go.

“What did I say about wearing a hat?” he said with a pointed look, but before you could respond, he had placed a peach pink knitted hat on your head, covering your red ears from the cold.

But all of a sudden, it didn’t seem as cold as it had a few minutes ago.

Without thinking you had already wrapped your arms around him, holding him close, you missed this so much. 

The Chinese man smiled as he wrapped his long around you and resting his head on top of yours.

“I love you.” you said barely over a whisper, but he heard it, crystal clearly.

Pulling you closer he said with a  big smile on his face “I love you too!”

corrupt pt. 1 - dirtycop!jaebum

moodboard by me

wordcount: 2,700

Finding out your brother was a dirty cop was hard enough, but trying to deny his even dirtier partners effect on you was even harder.

warnings: illegal activities, swearing

The rain was relentless. You shivered violently, wrapping your arms around yourself in a feeble attempt to conserve the heat rapidly exiting your body as the downpour soaked through all the layers of your clothing.  

The rain streamed down your face and blurred your vision, making your perspective of the world something similar to a Monet painting. You knew the shivering wasn’t due to the cold, fear had numbed you to the presently unforgiving outside elements, you knew you were quaking in terror.

You stood in a deadly triangle, Jaebum pointing the sleek silver of his handgun towards your prone forehead, Yugeom having the cruel mouth of his own gun directed at Jaebum’s heart.

‘Y/N, I hope you realize how silly of an idea it was for you to follow us here, hmm?’, Jaebum’s stern voice was clear over the roar of the rain.

You nodded, your tears dancing with the rain, running down your cheeks, not being able to look anywhere but on the trigger, which he rested his prone pointer finger on. This was surreal, just a day ago you were struck with the thought that your brother’s recent distant behavior may have been due to him becoming depressed, not a fucking dirty cop with an even dirtier partner.  

You saw the slightest quiver out of the corner of your eyes; Yugeom was struggling to point the gun towards his partner. When he first started he would go on and on about how much he admired his elder, how cool Jaebum was, how much he’d be able to learn about being a detective from Jaebum. You hadn’t seen that vibrant glint in your baby brother’s eyes for a long, long time, the last time he seemed so passionate from something was when he became a police officer, but that was years ago, your brother had changed.


Earlier today you decided you wanted to talk to him, but you were aware he worked long hours, what harm could be done if you dropped by the police station and had a quick word to check in and see if he was fine?

The lights of a vibrant city were just beginning to blink on sporadically as you approached the station. Coincidentally, as you rounded the street corner and stepped on the first of four steps up to the glass sliding door with an emblem on the middle, Yugeom was walking out of those same doors.

You smiled at him brightly and nodded to the man directly behind him, his partner in fighting crime, Jaebum. Yugeom’s eyebrows rose, nearly lost in the hair that fell across his forehead stylishly.

‘Y/N, why are you here’ he said nervously as Jaebum stepped around him and continued on down the road, you thought he almost expected your younger brother to follow him. You were just as shocked at the neither warm nor particularly icy reception he gave you, as shocked as he was to see you.

‘I just came to check if you were alright’, Jaebum was quickly disappearing down the street, Yugeom turning his head every few seconds, obviously agitated his partner was traveling further away from him.

He didn’t want to speak to you, the thought made your head drop down, your chin hitting your sternum. ‘But if you need to leave, we can talk later’ you quickly continued on, trying to sound as upbeat as possible at Yugeoms lack of enthusiasm.

He gave you a sad smile, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow at around lunch time and we can chat then, but now I gotta go, duty calls!’ he said, not even finishing that sentence before he was running off.

You wanted to follow him, wanted to know what was so important his rude ass of a partner couldn’t even stop and wait for your brother to finish talking to you. What was so important your brother couldn’t even give you a hug or a proper hello. So, besides your gut telling you, perhaps you shouldn’t follow the two police officers, you followed the two police officers.

They must have walked through the city for miles because you found yourself ducking behind cargo containers at the shipyard. They stopped at a black one, you crouched, using your arms to brace yourself against a red one two rows behind them. Yugeom produced a key and unlocked the contained, swinging both of the doors open. Jaebum stepped inside, coming out moments later with two large long briefcases in tow, the length of them maybe spanning half of the length of his leg.

They shut and locked the door, walking further down to the waterfront where there was a clearing of just bare concrete that spanned a few meters before a short drop to the ocean. That’s when the first drops of rain began to fall; the drops made trails down your face and ran their chilly fingers down your back. Yet, you were intrigued now, so you pushed on, following them until you stopped at the closest container to the clearing. You made sure you crouched in a shadow, giving them still the slimmest chance to see you, but allowing you relative safety to snoop.

Another man stood there with Jaebum and Yugeom, indicating toward the older police officers hands. He nodded and opened the large briefcase to show an array of guns, each different sized arranged neatly in different compartments but all deadly, you gasped in shock. As you were watching the trade happening, money being put in JB’s hand whilst he handed over the case a pair of strong arms circled your chest and pulled you off the floor so your legs dangled inches from the surface. Fight or flight kicked in as you screamed and struggled everything is brought into laser focus in front of your eyes as you thrashed your head around. The flecks of rust on the container you were hiding behind, the sunspots on your attackers’ arms and the fact you may die. The mysterious man barked something in Chinese and he surged forward into the open. In front of your shocked brother and his bemused partner, who muttered something in Chinese to the man he was trading with. He pulled out a gun and nodded at my captor, who unceremoniously dumped me on the ground and escaped with the guns.

Jaebums gun was directed at me. I blanched as I stood up slowly, his guns position on my forehead moving with me, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I heard movement to my right and saw out of the corner of my eye that Yugeom had also drawn his gun and it had its gaze on Jaebum.  


‘She’ll keep her mouth shut’ he pleaded, you could imagine the look on his face right now. His eyes slightly squinted, head coming forward whilst his shoulders tilted up a bit, you remember when you had just learned to drive, this was the look you always got from him when he wanted you to taxi him somewhere.

‘How do you know that?’ he snapped back at the younger man, thrusting his gun out to clarify his murderous intentions, his eyes filling with an inhuman rage. You didn’t know Jaebum very well but you had previously thought he was okay. He attended a few family dinners at the beginning of him and Yugeoms partnership when Yugeom had first become a detective. You had even been to a few staff parties where you two had shared some witty banter. This was a side of Jaebum you never knew existed.

‘She’s my goddamn sister JB! I assure you’ His voice went a few octaves lower and his eyes grew darker, ‘I will step out of line if you even touch a hair on her head’ he laughed humorlessly, ‘We’re cops as well, it’s not like the higher-ups will believe her over us, think rationally’ he used his other hand to point to his temple, ‘she’s my closest family’

In response, a sick smile found it’s way onto JB’s annoyingly handsome face, ‘I know exactly what we can do to ensure she won’t tell anyone’ he said, shifting his weight from one leg to another, lowering his gun for half a second. This was my chance, you thought to yourself; you would run to a nearby container and hide behind it as you called the police.

That thought was forced out of your head as he raised his gun again and strolled towards you, putting his other hand casually in his trouser pocket. He circled you, much like a predator circling his prey and ended up directly behind you, so close you could feel his nose skim the corner of your ear as he took a breath in.

You could hear the smile in his voice as he breathed in your ear, ‘just as long as you remain silent…anything you say can and will be used against you’ there was a pause and you took in a breath in response to what he said next, ‘along with perhaps a whip, or some hog ties, so I advise keeping that pretty mouth shut, understood?’, he trailed his hand along your jawline for effect and a different chill ran down your spine. Letting out a shaky breath, you replied with a clipped, ‘yes, understood’.  

He finally moved away to Yugeom and stood beside him, crossing his strong-looking arms across his chest, ‘It looks like we have a new helper Yugie’. Your brother rolled his eyes and scoffed, ‘You don’t honestly think I would agree to drag my sister into this, do you, Jae?’. The older man raised a single eyebrow, ‘Unless you want her pretty little head to remain on her body, yes. Let’s go’.

A sick look overtook both you and your brothers’ faces and you both quickly scuttled after him, putty in his hands. You refused to look at your brother, you hadn’t had time to reflect on your brother’s hand in this, this…you didn’t even know what to call it, this corruption? Yet, you thought he was better than that.

‘Im sorry’ a sullen voice suddenly said beside you as you passed massive container after massive container. ‘Sorry doesn’t unbreak the law’ you spat out under your breath, being careful the man leading you two away from the scene of the crime didn’t hear you berate your brother.

Yugeom grabbed your arm, effectively stopping you, ‘you shouldn’t have…’ you immediately yanked your arm out of his grasp and continued on walking, not willing to get into Jaebum’s bad any more than you already were by not following his orders to follow him. ‘I shouldn’t have what?’ and laughed ironically and swiped the soaking hair that was flopping into your face. ‘I shouldn’t have been concerned about the little brother I adored not contacting me recently?’ you hair was falling into your face again you smoothed it violently against the top of your scalp with a frustrated huff.

You walked closer to Yugeom, who looked remorseful, thank god he had remorse and wasn’t like his partner. ‘You are the one who is in the wrong here, Yugeom’ you said with as much venom you could muster with a whisper, ‘Apologies for giving a shit, I am so sorry brother’. As you spat the last word you stormed ahead of him to where Jaebum was waiting at his car, leaning on it casually. He pulled out a cigarette and lit the tip, the stick begins to glow a steady orange when he took his first deep drag, sliding the lighter back into his black jeans’ front pocket.

The front lights of a silver Mercedes sedan behind Jaebum’s Lexus flashed for a second indicating it as being unlocked, you knew Yugie could never afford this with what he was supposed to be earning. Something else also didn’t ring right, ‘You guy’s walked here, right?’, Yugeom drifted past you to his car, ‘they didn’t only pay us in money’ he said offhandedly as he rounded the shiny new car and opened the passenger door. Despite the deep, sinking, dirty feeling you had. You went to follow your brother but Jaebum made a disapproving noise, which caused you to stop and peer at him. You let out a silent ‘huff’, you were eager to get out of the rain.

A sick smile found it’s way onto Jaebum’s annoyingly handsome face as he threw his finished cigarette, opening his passenger door with a flourish, you’re hopping in with me dear, you need to convince me you won’t be telling anyone about tonight’s happening’s’. You looked over at Yugeom but he was already in his car and you couldn’t see through the tinted windows. Completely defeated you knew you had to get into the man’s car.

Slowly but steadily, you made your way to Jaebums car, brushing past him and getting a good whiff of his intoxicating, woody, scent. When you were safely seated in the new smelling car, he slammed the door behind you, making you jump. Half a second later he was in the driver’s seat, starting the cars’ engine and pulling away.

When you were on the freeway, speeding towards god-knows-where, you felt a warm hand on the middle of your thigh. Your head shot to Jaebum, seeing he was smiling to himself, eyes on the road. ‘You’re really gonna need to show me how sorry you are and how much you want to make it up to me’. He said, turning his head to leer at you, whilst his hand traveled up your thigh, getting dangerously close to a very private area.

Why did you want him to move those few inches further?