he is a chinese man

The Suikoden (Tales of the Water Margin) is the Japanese translation of a Chinese novel about a band of brigands fighting against the corruption of their rulers. The story became popular in Japan in the nineteenth century. Sanbushō (Chinese: Wu Song) thought he had killed a man in his village, so went into hiding for a year in a nearby province. He was evicted from his lodgings for drunken behaviour and was returning home at night along a lonely mountain path when he was attacked by a tiger. Despite being inebriated, he fought the animal and eventually managed to kill it with one blow of his huge fist.

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okay but please imagine

lao as a dad

imagine lao being the embarrassing dad that takes photos of anything and everything his kid does

imagine lao being kinda standoffish and awkward around people but?? as soon as his daughter shows up?? he just SMILES and LAUGHS and everyone is like… what is this witchcraft…

imagine lao hauling charmaine and chenshi along for a FAMILY BONDING CAMPING TRIP but none of them have a clue on how camping works and they just cuddle up in the suv for the night

imagine lao and doug meeting up for coffee and lao is just ‘lemme tell you what chenshi did today YOU WON’T BELIEVE’
'did she look at you’
'she was CUTE ABOUT IT’

also imagine

imagine lao always hugging his kid because he’s a softy and she’s embarrassed by it but!!! she loves it really!!

imagine lao seeing a bit of his daughter in lin and him trying to look after her when it’s actually… her… looking after him…

just imagine

papa lao

and then
imagine him after his family dies

Deities of Love: Yue Lao

Yue Lao (Chinese: 月下老人; pinyin: Yuè Xià Lǎorén; literally: “old man under the moon”), is a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. He appears as an old man under the moon.

He appears at night, and “unites with a silken cord all predestined couples, after which nothing can prevent their union.” He is immortal and is said to live either in the moon or in the “obscure regions” (Yue ming), the Chinese equivalent of Hades and of the Shinto Kami Musubi-no-Kami, god of matchmaking, love and marriage.


so if gasc is following the transformation route of the huntsmen, rather than what seems to be the more cleric route that ends up with horned deer dogs
does that mean he would’ve just ended up like a cleric beast sized white Scourge Pupper or something

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it’s almost like i sent this ask to myself. i totaly agree with you anon. for the love of magnus bane, malec should win everything. i’m sick of people hating on magnus when he’s literally the best character i’ve ever seen. i mean i’m not a poc and i don’t expect any kind of accurate representation of me on hollywood (hell there’s no rep of me in my own country’s shows) but magnus bane is someone i really care and he helped me through stuff since i discovered the show. he’s an indonesian bisexual man (i know harry is chinese) who’s mentally ill and he also faces abuse and discrimination. and he’s so awesome. he has so many sides that many people can relate to so, i really don’t understand those nasty people.

anyway long story short: VOTE FOR MALEC

Zhang Dexuan:
Zhang Dexuan is a 66 year old Chinese man. He is able to create extremely detailed portraits using single strands of human hair, because these take so long he only makes them the size of a fingernail. He is able to create these portraits by using 5 tools and a magnifying glass. The hair strands he uses are hundreds from his family members.  Dexuan is the only hair weaving artist there is and he has spent the last 54 years practicing. On average the diameter of a persons strand of hair is 0.7mm, and the diameter of an old persons strand of hair is 0.5mm. Dexuan works with all hair types, so the process he goes through is very delicate and extremely difficult. Zhang Dexuan sometimes has to control is breathing so he doesn’t end up breaking the strands of hair. It normally takes him moths to complete one of his portraits.

So, what if after Ciel lost a bet with Lau he was forced to wear a wedding dress for him? And when Sebastian walks in on them and stares at his master, that was wearing the white dress looking pretty much like he owned it, and the Chinese man who was doing some cat calls for fun with his “sister” in her monotonous voice, he feels a wave of possessiveness washing over him.

He then orders their guests to leave, trying to be as polite as possible even with a dark aura that covered at least a meter away from him. After that the butler goes to his master that was waiting for him in the bedroom to get the younger male out of that annoying dress. Only to get surprised when Sebastian hovers over him on bed and then bites his neck quiet hard, he was sure it was going to leave a very noticeable mark. When the little lord started complaining and yelling, his butler shuts him up with a kiss on the lips. Once Sebastian pulls away he whispers in Ciel’s ear and tells him that no one’s allowed to see him dressed like that nor touch touch him but the butler himself.

Ciel stares at Sebastian, eyes wide open as he tries to comprehend what just happened but his train of thoughts was cut as a moan escaped his swollen lips once he felt Sebastian biting and sucking his exposed skin leaving marks in his wake while murmuring “You’re mine.” And Ciel loses himself to pleasure and replies with a “Yes!” That has his butler smirking before continuing what he was doing.

The next day, Sebastian had to cancel Ciel’s plans because the young male was “sick” when in all honesty, he was just very sore and covered in bite marks that are very hard to cover and are obviously very noticeable. And the butler just kept smirking at HIS little lord. That outta teach him who he belongs to.

things to love about jun

•vampire jun truly a blessing if you haven’t watched intouchables go watch it for Jun you will not regret it he is the cutest vampire

•his smiRKS

•his skintone is a blessing please appreciate it

•his hair up pledis clearly realized the power of foreheads this comeback and for that i am grateful

•when he speaks Chinese oh man i love when he speaks Chinese he seems so much more confident when hes speaking Chinese and he just sounds a++

•seems like he’s shy but in actually hes greasy as heck

•he winks at like everything

•he literally always finds the camera and just stares at it i love it

(please feel free to add anything else you can think of!)

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Michelle Yeoh (famous actress) met Tao while filming for Ace vs Ace, a variety show and posted this on her weibo:

@Michelle杨紫琼: 昨天錄影認識了一個有禮貌很可愛、武術很好的小伙子 @HZT-ao,希望他可以把中華武術好好傳承下去!希望有機會可以跟他再次比武。

Trans: Yesterday during filming I met a polite, very cute, very good at wushu young man @HZT-ao, I hope he can take Chinese martial arts and pass it down to the next generations! I hope there will be an opportunity where I can compete with him again.      

Tao reposted and replied to her comment:

@HZT-ao: 谢谢紫琼姐夸奖,非常期待《卧虎藏龙2》。当然,我武力韬韬还是不会手软的去争夺青冥宝剑~王牌对王牌,接招吧

Trans: Thank you Ziqiong jie’s praises, really looking forward to “Crouching Tiger 2” 😆, of course, I wuli Tao Tao won’t play soft to fight for the Qing Ming sword (Sword of Destiny?) Ace vs Ace, take that! 😘

This morning on the train, a massive crowd blocked an elderly woman, who made it to the door just as it was closing, teetering on her cane, touching the door as it closed. She looked absolutely helpless and started to cry. The train sped on, she wobbled and sobbed, trying to speak to a nearby man in Chinese, while he tried to tell her it’d be okay. He told her she could turn around at the next stop, but she couldn’t understand him, and he couldn’t understand her. It went on for what felt like forever until we finally stopped again. The rest of us sort of stood there, trying to figure out what was going to happen. He calmly looped his arm around hers, then walked her out of the train. I saw them climbing the stairs slowly to head back as the rest of us pulled away. It was one of those “wow human beings are amazing sometimes” moments. A million hand clap emojis for this stranger, who did a good thing for no reason other than it was good. 

You should share your own stories of Good Personhood with us because we want to give everybody who goes above and beyond the call of humanity a hug.

"Really, Felicity."

“You really, really mean it?" 

Felicity knew she sounded like an idiot.  Oliver was giving her that amused smile of his, the one that said he thought she was the most adorable thing ever.  But there was also something in his eyes, something nervous and slightly frustrated.  

And she felt bad for having such a hard time grasping this, but … Oliver had just come out and asked her to marry him!  

That was not a question she could be asked and be expected to answer like he had asked her if she wanted Chinese or pizza for dinner.  And man, she should have eaten before she started getting ready for the party tonight, but she knew a Christmas party thrown by Thea Queen was bound to have amazing food and she hadn’t wanted to miss out, especially since her dress was super form-fitting and she would only be able to have a bite of each tasty tidbit.  Because Thea would definitely have really good hors d'ouevres tonight.  

And … why was her mind fixating on appetizers, instead of figuring out how to answer Oliver’s question?  Oh, God, did he think she didn’t want to marry him?

Wait, did she want to marry him?

What they had right now … it was good.  It was really, really good.  Because they were in this really good place, where they had this amazing comfort level between them, where she didn’t care if she grabbed his toothbrush in the morning and he knew what to do when she got one of her infrequent migraines from staring at computer screens for too long.  Yet at the same time, she felt like there was still so much they had to discover and learn about each other–a continuing sense of newness in their relationship.  In him.  

She was pretty sure she could be with Oliver for the rest of her life and she’d find something unexpected and delightful about him when she’s ninety and he’s the hottest, buffest ninety-five-year-old in the retirement home.

(Because there is no way she was letting him die before he’s at least a nonagenarian.  That is non-negotiable.)

So … yes.  Felicity was pretty sure–no, really sure–that she wants to marry Oliver.  Wanted to marry him, build a home and a life with him, discuss having children and all that meant for their lives as the Arrow and his IT girl, dinner parties and holidays with their family and shared vacations, days and nights spent together, little spats and makeup sex–oh, God, married sex with Oliver would definitely be amazing–and she wants all of that.  Wanted it so fiercely and strongly, in a way that she never would have believed when considering marriage in the objective sense.  

Because everything that didn’t make sense in the abstract made sense with Oliver.  

Felicity realized that the bathroom has been silent for a very long time.  Because Oliver’s been waiting for her to tell him IF SHE WOULD ACCEPT HIS PROPOSAL OF MARRIAGE.

"Oh, God, I’m sorry,” she said in a rush, reaching out to cup his face in her hands.  "For getting stuck in my head like that.  I’m sorry I kept you waiting.“

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.  "That–that’s okay,” he said softly, his eyes not looking away from her.  "I didn’t think I would ask you tonight, not like this, even though I’ve had the ring in my pocket for a month.  But … but then I looked at us, in the mirror.  And it didn’t make any sense to wait.“  

I’m going to cry and then I’m going to have to redo my makeup, Felicity thought.  But what else could she do but tear up, when Oliver was looking at her like that, admitting to being impulsive like he never was, and making her totally fall in love with him all over again?

Nodding, Felicity gave him a small, trembly smile.  "You’re right.  No waiting.  Not anymore, I mean, since I’ve made you wait this long, and I mentioned I’m sorry, right?  Because I don’t doubt you at all, it was all me, wondering what I wanted and if I was ready and–yes.”  

Oliver’s eyes went wide.  "Yes?“ he repeated, looking like the sun in the moment before it peaked out from behind a sky full of clouds.  When you knew any moment the light would come and make everything different and better.  

Unable to speak, Felicity nodded her head a few times.  Then, she choked out, "Yes.  Yes, Oliver.  I want to marry you.”  

And there was the sun, in the bright, happy smile that lit up his face.  In the way his eyes sparkled with hope and happiness and love.  In the way his arms wrapped around her so tightly, so strongly, that she felt warm all over.  

They were getting married.  

(A sequel to Seriously, Oliver?  Based off a prompt from skcolicity)

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