he is a chinese man

Jiang Wen: Back in Action

I came across some fascinating and bizarre descriptions of Jiang Wen in the article “Back in Action” by Brian Bennett from Time Magazine (June 17, 2002), written while Green Tea was filming. I just had to share.

Even as a student at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, China’s Juilliard, Jiang showed signs of giving, not taking, direction. “Many teachers didn’t like him because he always questioned them,” recalls retired dean of dramatic arts Zhang Renli, who taught Jiang after the school reopened following the Cultural Revolution. “Jiang would always ask, ‘Why? Tell me why?’” says the 69-year-old, who has coached four generations of actors, including Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. “I’ve never since had a student like Jiang Wen.” Jiang’s stubbornness can make him a chore to work with. Especially now that he’s not directing but acting in other people’s films. “As an actor Jiang Wen is dangerous,” says award-winning author Wang. “The younger generation of directors cannot handle him.”

Below the cut, comments on Jiang Wen’s looks (I’ll confess I disagree with the “not handsome” part), virility, and vulnerability…

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so if gasc is following the transformation route of the huntsmen, rather than what seems to be the more cleric route that ends up with horned deer dogs
does that mean he would’ve just ended up like a cleric beast sized white Scourge Pupper or something

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Will Jackson ever have a chance to be on any Korean variety shows again like We Got married? I still want him part of that

I don’t know. JYPE seems to be avoiding dating shows when it comes to GOT7. We Got Married isn’t a popular show and because of low ratings it was announced today that it’s going to air its last episode in May. JB even said that they won’t have female models / actresses in their MVs because of fans. 

Dating shows aren’t popular in Korea anymore, members don’t have anything to gain from them. We Got Married used to be popular few years ago.

An anon pointed out that you could have asked about the possibility of Jackson being on Korean shows in general. Of course he can be on Korean shows but we don’t know if he still wants it - GOT7 don’t have much free time and Jackson focused on Chinese shows lately. He’s filming Go Fridge and filmed Running Man China recently. Chinese shows give him big money. If he has time only for 1-2 shows he might choose Chinese shows. Since the beginning of the year he appeared only on one Korean show - Hitmaker. Chinese shows also give him many fans.

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Please please write a Minghao valentine fluff


You were freezing, not even you warm coat could protect you from the freezing air. Your small hands that were hidden under the warm mittens your granny had knitted you couldn’t protect you either. The stupid freezing winter air had managed to get past the hot pink wool.

It’s so damn cold

Letting out a sigh of frustration, you could see the icy air of your breath lingering in the air for a few seconds. Your lips were freezing, nose was red and runny from the coldness, cheeks flushed bright red as well.

Pulling your scarf to cover half of your freezing face, trying to ease the pain the freezing air had caused. Stuffing your mitten glad hands into the pockets of your coat, hoping it will warm them even if just a little bit.

Another year, another valentines spent alone. 

It’s not that you couldn’t get a valentine, actually you had a boyfriend, Minghao, but….he was busy with his work. His work was really important to him, and you knew and respected it, but you couldn’t help but feel a tad lonely. You hand’t seen him in a long time and you missed him.

You missed his kisses, his hugs, that loving smile that he only shows you, waking up beside him in the mornings and seeing his warm sleepy smile and bed head.

You really missed him, you missed Minghao so much.

Letting out another sigh, you continued to walk around the town that was filled with couples.

Feeling your phone buzz, you take it into your, now bare hand, and check to see who had messaged you.

Heart skipping a beat as you saw the name of the sender, Minghao.

‘Baobei, Happy Valentines day! Please stay warm, it’s been really cold lately. Don’t you dare forget to wear your mittens,scarf and hat!’

Slightly smiling. He worries too much. At least he remembered it was Valentines day, but you still couldn’t help but feel lonely and sad. Sure he had sent you a text, but that wasn’t enough. You wanted you hug him, you wanted him to hold you, you wanted him next to you.

But, out of nowhere a pair of arms had wrapped themselves around your shoulders as they pulled you closer to their chest.

Letting out a yelp, you turned your head to look at who it was, and there he was. Cheeks and his nose flushed red from the cold, his shining eyes staring at you with so much love and his lips pulled into the happiest and warmest smile you have seen.

Minghao was behind you, holding you, smiling at you, holding you close. It was like, he was protecting you from the cold.

and before you knew it,he had let go.

“What did I say about wearing a hat?” he said with a pointed look, but before you could respond, he had placed a peach pink knitted hat on your head, covering your red ears from the cold.

But all of a sudden, it didn’t seem as cold as it had a few minutes ago.

Without thinking you had already wrapped your arms around him, holding him close, you missed this so much. 

The Chinese man smiled as he wrapped his long around you and resting his head on top of yours.

“I love you.” you said barely over a whisper, but he heard it, crystal clearly.

Pulling you closer he said with a  big smile on his face “I love you too!”


Wow great title

Jason x Y/n

Rating: F and A for Fucking Angst Fluff and Angst

By: Admin Day


The wind was rough today, whipping through your hair and messing up your neat style, “Leo!” You shouted harshly, chasing after the snickering Latino who had made fun of your lack of ability just minutes ago at the amphitheater.

You were sitting on one of the benches around the unlit bonfire since it was mid-day, humming a tune to yourself as you doodled some random drawings on your notepad, artist or not, you drew to pass the time on free days. At one point your humming turned to whistling, which would be great if you knew how to.

You huffed and ceased your drawing to concentrate on making the high-pitched noise, you never understood why you couldn’t get the hang of it, most kids were able to do by the age of 7 or 8 but here you were in your teens, the most progress you’ve made towards whistling was simply blowing air through puckered lips.

A snicker coming from your left caught your attention immediately, a familiar mop of black, curly hair bobbing into view with a mischevious glint in his chocolate brown eyes and a smirk to match. Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, otherwise known as repair boy.

“Can’t whistle, huh? Aren’t you supposed to learn that when you’re young?” He teased with a cocky tone, puckering his lips and whistling just to spite you.

“Shut up, Valdez.” You growled as a warning, you’ve had enough of his constant and unnecessary teasing from this past week and were not about to endure it anymore.

He whistled loudly while staring you dead in the eyes, “Or what?”

And now here you were chasing after the boy with the intent to seriously mess up his face, or at least give him a fat lip so he could no longer whistle.

You were just in reach of Leo’s dangling suspenders that had slipped off when strong arms gripped you around the waist and prevented you from further chasing repair boy, “Woah, Woah, Woah, what in Zeus’ name are you doing right now?” Questioned a chuckling voice, a familiar one at that.

You blow a piece of hair out of your face and look over your shoulder at your captor, Jason Grace, aka your boyfriend of 4 months.

He looked down at you with smiling eyes and a warm grin, “Well? I’m waiting.” He joked while turning you loose from his hold but still keeping your arm on lock down.

You sigh and look after the son of Hephaestus who stood by his cabin with a smug expression resting on his elfish features, blowing a kiss towards you tauntingly.

You let out a low growl but turn your attention back to Jason who was still waiting for your reply. Sighing and dropping your gaze you mumble quietly, “I can’t whistle….”

Jason furrows his brow and leans closer to you, he hadn’t heard you clearly and questioned further, “What was that?”

“I SAID I CAN’T WHISTLE, JASON.” You shouted loudly, causing him to draw back in fear of your sudden loudness, “Leo’s making fun of me because I can’t whistle.”

‘He’s going to make fun of me too.’ You thought bitterly, jerking your arm free and marching away from the still laughing Latino and a confused Jason. You were hurt that Jason and Leo could make fun of your inability, even if Jason hadn’t said a word yet, you were pretty sure he would.

“Y/n, wait!”

Jason entrapped your arm once more, tilting his head sideways, a small smile present on his face as he asked something that shocked you,

“Want me to teach you?”

Leo’s smile dropped once he saw Jason wrap an arm around your shoulder’s and bring you to his cabin. He was hoping that maybe you would chase after him out to the bunker where he’d let you catch him and then well…. he’d kiss you and confess his feelings.

But no. You didn’t get that far, all thanks to Jason Grace, who also has taken a liking to you without knowledge of the repair boy’s feelings.

He sighed and slumped down onto the steps of his cabin, his elbow coming up to his knee and his head resting in the palm of his hand.

“This always happens to me, everyone finds some hero and forgets about me.” He muttered distastefully as he glared at the laughing pair walk inside cabin one together, “Betcha they’re going in there to suck faces off or something.”

Leo stayed there for a good hour and a half just drawing in the dirt, tinkering with miscellaneous objects from his toolbelt, and watching. He keeps his chocolate brown eyes locked on that pearly white cabin, just waiting for that door to open up and for Y/n to come out.

If it wasn’t too late, Leo was determined to tell Y/n how he feels and hopefully, his feelings will be returned.

You walk out of Jason’s cabin with a huge grin, you felt the need to show off your new melodic ability to the world. Whistling the tune to one of your favorite songs caused a few odd looks to be cast your way along with some thumbs up from some Apollo kids.

You stumbled over a rock and tripped into a body, an 'oof’ emitting from the person, “I’m so sorry!” You said immediately apologizing and moving away with your head down, not bothering to even look up at who you fell into.

A hot hand wrapped around your arm, pulling you back to the strange person, “Can people stop grabbing my arm?” You groan while pulling your arm free, a small chuckle coming from the person, “Sorry about that, just needed to get your attention.”

You look up to see a mischievous grin and twinkling brown eyes locked on your own, “Leo? What do you mean?” You questioned confusedly.

Leo sighed and squeezed his eyes shut, “Please don’t hate me.”

Now you were seriously confused slash worried about this son of Hephaestus, just and hour or so ago he was teasing you about your inability and you haven’t spoken to him since so… that must be what he’s talking about. Right?

“Huh? Is this about earlier? I mean I was going to kick your ass but Jason stoppe-    ”

Soft lips pressed against your own shut you up instantly, your mind going blank with surprise and a muffled cry of shock emitting from your mouth.

After 15 short seconds of kissing, your realization of what was going on came back to you and you shoved him away, holding a hand over your lips in shock of what just happened,

“L-Leo!” You stuttered, “What did you just do?”

Leo looked down bashfully at his worn converse shoes and muttered his answer softly, “I kissed you, I like you a lot, Y/n.”

Your heart stopped, chills running down your spine as if you’d just been hit with freezing cold water. You feared the worst for yours and Leo’s friendship, for you didn’t see him in that light, you just couldn’t.


He sighed and smiled at you sadly, “It’s okay, I didn’t think you’d like me back anyways, I just…” He trailed off slowly, “Needed it to get it off my chest.”

You open your mouth to speak but could not find the words, and so, he walked off like a kicked puppy towards the woods, presumably to bunker 9.

You begin to walk after him, wanting to fix the breaking friendship, but yet again Jason had appeared and stopped you unknowingly.

“Hey babe,” the blue-eyed boy spoke, leaning down to plant a kiss on your cheek, bringing you back to earth, “You look like someone doused you in cold water.” He laughed.

You nod, still staring after your retreating friend, “That’s what I feel like right now.” You sigh and lean your head against Jason’s firm shoulder, “Jason… do you think we should have told Leo about us?”

Jason paused, wrapping an arm around your waist while staring off into space. He wasn’t sure why this was brought up but figured you were just worried about lying to a close friend, “I mean… if that’s what you want, I guess we can.”

You brought your hands up to your face and sighed deeply, “It’s about time for everyone to know Jase.”

Jason nodded in agreement and kissed the top of your head while reaching down with his free hand to move your hands away from your face, “Okay, let’s do it.”

Frank knocked on the door of the open bunker before waltzing in and looking around while calling out for Leo, “Hey, Leo, you in here? Jason said he needs to say something to all of us.”

Leo rolled out from underneath Festus’s body on a mechanic’s creeper, motor oil and grease streaked across his cheek and eyebrow, “Can’t you just tell me about it later? I’m kind of busy here.”

“No, now come one.” Frank scolded.

“I’m not going.”

“Yeah, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”



Frank huffed, shaking his head in annoyance, “Leo Valdez, you’re coming even if I have to drag you there by your pointy elf ears!”
He marched over and pulled Leo up by his suspenders, the boy yelping and whining as he was dragged out the door.

“For a baby Chinese Canadian man, you’re pretty strong…” Leo grumbles, pushing Frank off and trudging alongside him instead.

It was quiet for most of the way back to cabin 1 until Frank spoke up, breaking the awkward silence, “Are you okay? You don’t seem like yourself right now…”

Leo’s head turned instantly at the sound of his question, “Yeah I’m okay but,” He paused, pursing his lips in a nervous manner, “Will… Y/n be there?”

Frank nodded and smiled, “Yeah, I know you like her being around, I see the way you look at her. So when are you going to confess?”

Leo stayed quiet.

“I mean, I have a feeling she likes you too,” Frank reassured with a kind smile, nudging Leo with his elbow.


You paced back and forth, biting your nails nervously and thinking of how everyone could react to your relationship. How would Piper react to this? She was Jason’s ex after all, sure things ended on a good note but… there still had to be old feelings… right? You groan and sit on Jason’s sleeping bag with legs criss crossed, “Ugh I really wished we hadn’t kept this a secret…”

Jason looked across the room at you. He’d been watching you drive yourself crazy with worry for too long. He shuffled over to you and sat in front of you, his head resting on his hand as he stared at you with worried eyes… those big blue eyes…

“Y/n, it’ll be fine, I promise. Everyone is going to be happy for us.” He reassured, “We’re all friends first before anything, and friends are supposed to be happy for each other, right?”

You slowly nodded and leaned back onto the comfy sleeping bag just as the door creaked open to reveal all of your friends.

“Hey, Jase and Y/n,” Percy greeted with a wave and a small lopsided smile, “Nico said you wanted to talk about something…?”

Jason nodded with a grin, grabbing your hand with his own and pulling you off the floor, “Well,” He spoke, looking over at you with loving eyes,

“Y/n and I have been dating,” He confessed, eye darting over his friends, lingering on his ex-girlfriend longer than the others to gauge her reaction, “…For the past 4 months.”

Leo coughed suddenly which caused everyone to pause and glance over, including you.

“I’m so… happy for you guys. Just don’t do any of that gross coupley stuff around me like these two do.” He joked with sad eyes, jabbing his thumb in the direction of Nico and Will who were currently holding hands.

You hated seeing him so upset; you definitely should have told him sooner. You blamed yourself for his sadness, if you hadn’t kept your infatuation with Jason such a huge secret then maybe you could have stopped his feelings before they got too serious.

You return the same sad smile and opened your mouth to say something, anything, to at least show some kind of sympathy for his position at the moment. You’ve been in this position before with someone you loved, the person never noticing you and never acknowledging your feelings for them, but you got over it eventually and you hope Leo could do the same.

Leo laughed as the others started congratulating you, “Well I need to finish up some… repairs, so see you guys later!” He rushed out before backing out the door to go back to the bunker to be alone.

The only thing he needed to repair that day was his heart.






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Hi um that princess diaries thing was perfect and I'm obligated to ask, would you please please pretty please with a cherry on top write more?? I'm just like in love rn???

finally getting around to this hahahaha. oh god. there’s so much. -whispers- so much. oh and also, reminder that yurio’s approaching 21 in this series because let’s be real. why would you let a 16 year old rule a country.

The Midsummer Ball has barely started, and Yuri Plisetsky, ward and heir to King Viktor Nikiforov of Petersburg, already wants to leave it. 

By Petersburg custom, as an unwedded heir, he is obliged to dance with every single eligible person on the guest list. The problem with that is, of course, that a significant number of guests are eligible. And many of them are… well. Viktor would probably disapprove, but Yuri would rather stick out his eyes and chop off his legs than have to dance with another one of these chucklefucks for another moment.

It had started out innocently enough, with one of his partners speaking absolutely no English or Russian. The lady had been an okay dancer, even if all she spoke was Greek to Yuri’s ears. 

(No, really. She spoke nothing but Greek.)

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“Can you give me a ficlet where Nico is a demon who kills by touching and Will is an angel of healing? Please and thank you!” - @alina-in-wonder-art 

many thanks for the prompt!!!! i ended up really liking this one, so enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Nico walked down the slummy streets of New York City, shoulders hunched under his dark trench coat, leather gloved-hands sitting in his pocket, shiny shoes slapping into puddles left by the rain. He heard the siren of a cop car, then saw it’s flashing lights as it sped past him. He guessed they were driving to the Chinese restaurant he had just vacated, to the body of the man he had left on its steps. Nico kept walking.

He wandered the streets for hours, keeping his eyes open for potential victims. He saw a drug deal take place in the shadows of an alleyway, saw a trio of hookers prance at a street corner and crick their fingers at passing men, but saw no activity that warranted the touch of a demon.

So he continued wandering, until he saw it; the mugging of a young woman. He hid himself in the obscurity of a nearby building, watching the scene unfold. A middle-aged man was holding the young woman at knife point, demanding the contents of her worn purse. The woman, wearing a stained work uniform, relinquished her money with tears in her eyes, then started to scurry away as fast as her tired legs would allow. The man pocketed his knife, then, with a greasy smile on his face, began counting how much money he had collected.

Nico started to approach him, taking off one leather glove in preparation, but halted when he saw someone else reach him first. 

This stranger was a complete contrast to Nico; blonde hair as opposed to dark, airy and white clothes instead of black, hanging fabric, and an ethereal glow rather than a gloomy darkness.

This man was an angel, while Nico was a demon.

The angel advanced to the mugger, grasped his shoulder warmly, and whispered something into his ear. Immediately, the man took off after the woman he had just robbed, apologizing and returning what he stole.

Nico was furious. That man was supposed to be his, was meant to spent his eternity burning in hell. His destiny wasn’t to be saved; he didn’t deserve to have his soul healed.

“Hey,” he called to the angel before he could walk away, “that man was mine.”

The blonde looked him squarely in the face, and said in a challenging voice, “Then you should’ve reached him first.”

He turned around, but before he could retreat, Nico asked, “What’s your name?”

“Will,” he responded, and then he was gone in a flash of light.

Will, Nico thought, as the sun started to make it’s appearance on the horizon. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing him again. And with that, he melted back into the shadows.

The Suikoden (Tales of the Water Margin) is the Japanese translation of a Chinese novel about a band of brigands fighting against the corruption of their rulers. The story became popular in Japan in the nineteenth century. Sanbushō (Chinese: Wu Song) thought he had killed a man in his village, so went into hiding for a year in a nearby province. He was evicted from his lodgings for drunken behaviour and was returning home at night along a lonely mountain path when he was attacked by a tiger. Despite being inebriated, he fought the animal and eventually managed to kill it with one blow of his huge fist.

From the University of Oxford Ashmolean Museum


Arrow x Reader

Requested by : @xsomeonestrongerthanmex

Words: 2,000+

Warings: blood, torture and feels beware my friends.


You gazed at the endless amount of water and prayed that someone would see you or hear your screams. You were on holiday when you bordered the tourist boat hoping to get some photos of the sunset but ended up getting pulled into a rough storm which lead you and a few other people into the middle of nowhere everyone on the boat has either fallen off during the storm or jumped off after losing hope.

Days and nights had passed and you lived off the small amount of food and water you had with you and some left on the boat. You were looking around in the captains cabin hoping you’d find something to help you but unfortunately nothing was there, you made your way out when you suddenly slipped over something which happened to be a pair of binoculars. You walked around on the boat and peered through the binoculars hoping to spot land and then you saw it and gasped.

At first it looked like a normal island but after taking another look you felt a dark auro surrounding it and had a feeling it’s not somewhere people would go to visit but it was your only hope of surviving and so you when the boat drifted close enough to the island you dived into the salty water and swam towards it.

When you finally reached the island you fell hard onto the sandy ground drenched in water trying to catch your breath when you heard some grass rustle.

“I hope that was the wind” you whispered to yourself. You slowly got up and moved your dirty hair out from your face to investigate, you walked towards the bushes only to see nothing you sigh in relife but at the same time you were hoping someone was there.

Just as you started walking away you heard a branch snap and quickly turn to the direction you heard it an saw a man staring back at you with his clear blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

You were speachless and suprised after not seeing another human in days.

“Hello…oh my God sorry I just haven’t seen another person in too long” the man says in a soft voice “How did you get here?”

“My boat go caught in a storm and I kinda drifted for a few days” you answered.

“I’m Oliver and that also happened with me ” he introduces himself and slowly makes his way out from under the trees.

“I’m (Name)” as Oliver stepped into the light you got a better view of him and could clearly see his well built body “Is there anyway to get back home? I’ve kinda had enough of my amazing vacation”

Oliver chuckled at your sarcastic comment “I haven’t found anyone other than you” you frowned at the answer ‘I’m gonna die here’ you thought to yourself.

“But I haven’t looked that much so there’s still hope that people might be here” he says with a smile.

“Yeah you might be right” you give a smile back.

After a few days you’d grown a lot closer to oliver and found out he’d lost his father in the shipwreck. You were sitting down next to him as he looked down at his father’s grave when you felt an arrow pierce your shoulder.

“What the!?” You fell to the ground and oliver came rushing towards you only for him to get shot aswell.

“(Na..me)” Oliver whispers your name but you had already passed out.

You’d woken up in what looked like a cave and the pain still in your shoulder but surprisingly the arrow had been taken out. Oliver was beside you still unconscious with the arrow still deep in his shoulder, you moved closer to him and could hear him mubble your name which made you smile.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” you turn towards the Chinese man who had just walked in to see him holding some herbs and bowl of water in his hands.

“W-what do you want?” You sat up and tried not to look afraid.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He says as he nudges the herbs and water towards you and after understanding the gesture you take it slowly and swallow the bitter herb luckily the water helped wash away the after taste.

“I don’t get it first you shoot us then you heal us?” You look up at him but he just stares back.

Not long after oliver wakes up “(Name) are you okay?” He looks at you with a worried face.

“Yeah” you answer him as you help him sit up and when he sees the Chinese man his face turns to pure anger

“Why did you shoot us!?” He asks as he clutches onto his wound.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He once again gestures the drink the herbs and water to Oliver.

“I think he’s telling you to drink it” Oliver looks back at the man and swallow it and gives the same reaction as you did and without warning the man pulls out the arrow from his shoulder resulting in Oliver screaming in pain.

After that he taught both oliver and you to hunt and survive, most of the time oliver would just complain about picking up the dead animals.

“Why don’t I shoot it and you pick up….the rest” the man hands the bow to Oliver.

“Hit tree” he says “breath” oliver misses terribly “you” he gives the bow and arrow to you.

You slowly pull the arrow and take a deep breath and aim towards the tree but notice a rabbit in the corner of your eye and change direction to it instead of the tree making a head shot.

You look back at the two men to see Oliver wide eyed “She survive” the man says.

“I’ll get that arrow” you follow Oliver behind as he walks off but not even a minute later both of you were ambushed from behind by unknown men and you blacked out after that.

“(N……e)…(Na…e)….(Name)!” You slowly open your eyes to see Oliver in tears “Thank God your awake you got me worried” he wraps his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry” you give him a small smile and he slowly helps you up. “What happened?”

“This guy Fyers wants to know where the man whose been helping us is” Oliver whispers into your ear.

“He’s been helping us we can’t” you whisper back.

“I know” as Oliver finished talking a man in a suit and mask came in along with another man.

“Your times up Mr. Queen tell us or my men will get the answer out of you” says the man your guessing was Fyers.

“I don’t know who he is!” Oliver answers back.

“And what about you miss, do you know this man, Yao Fei” he holds a picture.

“No I’ve only been with Oliver ever since I got here” you answer not breaking eye contact.

“Get it out of them” Fyers says as he walks out of the tent.

After he leaves both you and Oliver were tortured by the man in the mask you felt his blade cut deep into your skin several times and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out your wounds.

All you could do was cry and scream
It felt like it was endless pain and suffering but the worst part had yet to come when Fyers ordered you both dead luckily Yao Fei appeared just in time and helped us both get away.

Unfortunately Yao Fei couldn’t carry both of you and Fyers’ men where catching up you knew what you had to do. You stopped in your tracks.

“You guys go ahead I’ll distract them” you say as you leant against the tree for support.

Both Yoa Fei and Oliver looked shocked in the words you’d said.

“We keeping going” Yoa Fei says.

“(Name) don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you behind” you could hear the footsteps coming closer and pushed them both behind a large bush and started making your way into the opposite direction.

“I see them!” One man shouts and you try to pick up your pace even though you were pushing your limit even with all open wounds. Suddenly you foot gets caught by a tree root and you tumble down the hill into a high current river.

Oliver was about to shout for you but
Yoa Fei stopped him they both assumed that you’d fallen to you death and they had every right to believe it. All oliver could do was cry he would never see you again, your smile, your beautiful (colour) eyes.

—–Years later——

Central City

You didn’t remember much of what happened on Lian Yu, after you’d fallen into the river everything blacked out and next thing you new you woke up in the hospital bed at A.R.G.U.S. and was told to keep what happened on that island to yourself and it’s not like you had a choice most of your memories had been lost when you hit your head.

These days you’d work alongside the CCPD as a police detective with Barry Allen and Joe West and in secret help out Team Flash.

You were at your desk filling a report when Joe came running towards you.

“Everything ok Joe?” You asked as he took a few deep breaths.

“We have to head to STAR labs, Cisco and Caitlin need us” he answer holding up his showing a message from Cisco and you both quickly head there.

You rushed into STAR Labs where Cisco and Caitlin were.

“We got your message, what’s up?” You ask Cisco looking a bit worried.

“We’ve detected a new Meta-human and he’s pretty strong like super strong! And Barry can’t take him on alone so we need as much back up as possible” he answers.

“Sure thing you know where he might show up next so we can ambush him?” Caitlin starts to work on her computer.

“I’ll search through the cameras and see if I can find anything” you nod and look around the room for a certain speedster.

“Where’s Barry?” You ask.

“He’s getting some more backup, he should actually be here by now”

—-Barry POV—-

“Oliver please, remeber how awesome our last team up was!?” Barry says to Oliver who was trying his best to ignore him. “ Oh and you can meet the newest member of Team Flash, she’s super cool I’m sure you’ll like her”

“Ok I’ll go, only because I know you won’t shut up if I say no” Barry’s face lights up.

“Ok I’ll see you there later guys” and he speeds off back to central city.

“I’ll never get used to that” Diggle says.

—-(Name) POV—-

You were sat next to Caitlin when Barry zoomed into the room.

“Hey guys I got Oliver to say yes” he says trying to catch his breath.

“Oliver” it felt like you knew someone with that name, someone you didnt want to forget but unfortunately you couldn’t remeber.

“I mean Arrow” Barry corrects himself.

“Awesome I still can’t believe you’ve worked with the Arrow he’s like super badass” you start fangirling

“What about me?” Barry asks in a fake sad tone.

“Your cool” you pause when he smiles “But not as cool as The Arrow” everyone in the room start to giggle.

Not long after a set of footsteps could be heard in the hallway and a man in a leather suit with a hood over his head and a mask over his eyes came in.

He hadn’t looked at you yet but you couldn’t take your eyes off him and for some reason he looked very familiar.

“Hey Oliver took you long enough” he gives Oliver a cheeky smile.

“I got here as fast as I could, what are we dealing wi-” he stopped talking when he faced you.

“You ok Oliver?” Joe asked. Barry looked in the same direction to where Oliver had become frozen and saw you.

“Oh yeah that’s (Na-)”

“(Name)?” Oliver cuts Barry off.

“Wait you know (Name)?” Caitlin asks. Everyone was confused including you.

“(Name), I thought you died…on Lian Yu”

Then it all came back, your memories started coming back the shock was too much and your head suddenly felt faint and you started to fall.

Oliver acted fast and caught you before you hit the ground. Caitlin led Oliver into the medical room with you in his arms and placed you on the bed.

You slowly opened your eyes and met Oliver’s.

“I’m so sorry I forgot you Oliver” you felt tears slowly stream down your face.

“Don’t be I’m just glad your alive and I have the chance to tell you something I should have told you on the island” he slowly wiped your tears away and kissed you.

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and I never stopped loving you” he says caressing your face.

“I love you too Oliver”.


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Yesterday we celebrated what would have been Vincent Chin’s 62nd birthday. He was a 27 year-old Chinese-American man raised in Detroit, Michigan who was severely beaten to death with a bat by two white autoworkers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz, who thought Chin was Japanese. During that time, many Americans blamed Japanese folks for the ailing U.S. auto industry. He was murdered a week before his wedding on June 19, 1982.

This heartbreaking incident became a catalyst that sparked the first pan-ethnic Asian American civil rights movement. #VincentChin #AAPI #ActToChange

anonymous asked:

How would the allies plus canada react to their s/o wearing something of theirs?

America: He would feel a sense of pride seeing his s/o wear his bomber jacket. It let people know that you were officially his. A huge cheeky grin never left his face whenever they wore it. There’d also be constant compliments thrown their way stating you were drop dead gorgeous. 

England: Spotting you in his green coat England’s face would flush red. He’d be a stuttering mess adverting his eyes away while you simply laughed. As badly as he wanted to scold you his thoughts of how adorable you were would get in the way. Eventually the Brit would give in to looking at you and surprisingly things would get very heated. 

France: This romantic dork wouldn’t stop fawning over you once he saw you in his blue coat. His compliments would be never ending from how beautiful and sexy you looked to how you should both go out to show the world. France loves when you wear his clothing.

Russia: The over grown teddy bear would be confused at first. Wondering if all your clothes were dirty and that’s why you took to wearing his. But once he found out it was because you just wanted to see what you looked like he’d smile cutely. It would make Russia happy to know that you were so comfortable in his clothing. He’d pick you up and wrap you in his coat to cuddle you on the bed. 

China: He’d scold you for taking his clothes but once he saw your sad look his heart would melt. The Chinese man would take a second look at what you looked like and he’d realized just how good you looked. He’d apologize and pull you into bed for cuddling while telling you how cute and adorable you looked.  

Canada: His sweater with the maple leaf on it had disappeared. He’d be confused and a bit sad but once he found you curled on the couch in his sweater he’d blush. When he asked why you and found that you were just cold he’d spoon you on the couch. He’d call you his cute adorable maple while placing soft kisses on your cheeks. 

okay but please imagine

lao as a dad

imagine lao being the embarrassing dad that takes photos of anything and everything his kid does

imagine lao being kinda standoffish and awkward around people but?? as soon as his daughter shows up?? he just SMILES and LAUGHS and everyone is like… what is this witchcraft…

imagine lao hauling charmaine and chenshi along for a FAMILY BONDING CAMPING TRIP but none of them have a clue on how camping works and they just cuddle up in the suv for the night

imagine lao and doug meeting up for coffee and lao is just ‘lemme tell you what chenshi did today YOU WON’T BELIEVE’
'did she look at you’
'she was CUTE ABOUT IT’

also imagine

imagine lao always hugging his kid because he’s a softy and she’s embarrassed by it but!!! she loves it really!!

imagine lao seeing a bit of his daughter in lin and him trying to look after her when it’s actually… her… looking after him…

just imagine

papa lao

and then
imagine him after his family dies

Okay so I made the mistake of imagining Adrien spotting Master Fu in crouds a lot, probably because he was raised by a very paranoid person, and has a habit of remembering faces, especially people as distinctive as a small Chinese old man in a bright Hawaiian shirt

And then I imagined it coming up in conversation, because let’s say Chloe notices Marinette staring at Adrien and very pointedly and loudly exclaiming that it looks like he has a stalker.

And Adrien’s just like “Oh so you’ve noticed him too?”

And she stops, and stares at him, as does everyone else in hearing range.

“Him who?”

“The little old man in the Hawaiian shirt who follows me around sometimes.” Adrien says, as if this is the most normal thing in the world.

“What are you talking about?” Nino stares at his frankly oblivious about all the wrong things friend, considering everyone present can tell Chloe was trying to embarrass Marinette, except Adrien.

“I helped him up when he fell once, and now I just kind of see him everywhere? I think he’s lonely.” Everyone’s trying to figure out whether or not Adrien’s messing with them when he says “Look, see, there he is across the street.”

Sure enough, there is a small Chinese man in a bright red Hawaiian shirt exactly where Adrien points.

Adrien waves.

Master Fu waves back.

Everyone else gapes.

“He seems nice.” Adrien remarks. “But if you didn’t know about him, who were you talking about?”

And no one ever jokes about Adrien having stalkers again, lest he start listing them.

  • Adrien Agreste is dead.  He was killed on his eighth birthday in the same automobile accident that crippled his father and drove his mother into an obsessive fury to find the one thing that might undo this tragedy: the power of the Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculouses, combined.
  • Obviously, dead is not the same as gone.
  • Adrien grows up as a ghost, alone and isolated from everyone in the world.  All he can do is float around in the streets; while he can enter public places like malls and libraries, people’s houses are off-limits to him (yes, I’m running off of Dresden Files rules for magic, ghosts, and shades here).
  • He reads a lot.
  • One day, when he’s (as far as he can remember) around fifteen and a half, he notices a girl beginning to cross the street.
  • He also notices the truck about to run her down.
  • Out of force of habit, he screams, “Look out!”
  • She jumps at the sound of his voice.
  • The truck still hits her.
  • Marinette spends a couple days in hospital, but it isn’t fatal.
  • She’s slightly preoccupied because she’s trying to convince herself that she’s not going insane and that she is not hearing voices.
  • For his part, Adrien is busy trying to decide between being very confused and very happy, because HOLY SHIT SOMEONE FINALLY HEARD HIM but he has no idea why the hell this is happening.
  • He gets a bit of a clue the day Marinette is discharged.  One of the patients gets akuma’d and she transforms into Parisian superhero Ladybug.
  • He tries to help, but all of his shouting is probably distracting her more than warning her.
  • She’s about halfway through getting her ass thoroughly whupped when he notices a little old Chinese man standing calmly in the middle of the chaos and destruction with his hands clasped behind his back, staring right at him with a little calm smile.
  • “Do you want to help her?” he asks.
  • “Um, yes?”
  • The old man cocks his head to the side, turns slightly, then chucks a ring into him.
  • INTO.  HIM.
  • God, it hurts.
  • When the pain fades, he’s vaguely aware that he can actually feel things again: the breeze on his skin, the vibrations of the street below his feet, so on and so forth.
  • He also aware that he looks vaguely like a solid shadow, or a human-shaped column of soot.  But that doesn’t seem to matter; he can touch things again.
  • Fight happens, Chat saves Ladybug, Ladybug saves city.
  • “Who are you?” she asks after the fight.
  • He opens his mouth to tell her.
  • He finds himself completely mute.
  • It’s because where his mouth should be there’s a blank expanse of black.
  • It’s about then that her Miraculous beeps.
  • Ladybug thanks him and turns away, but when he tries to follow she warns him off.
  • All Adrien can do is watch her as she leaps away and out of sight.
  • He decides to follow suit a few minutes later as reporters start to converge.
  • As Marinette comes out and is picked up by her parents, he decides that he might as well follow along and make sure that she’s all right.  It’s an odd feeling having a body again, but it isn’t as though he can act on most of that list he’d developed while he was a ghost, most of which required actually being able to eat and taste again.
  • It goes decently well up until he lands on her terrace.
  • Marinette pops her head up through the trapdoor, sees him, screams, and in one swift move scythes his feet out from under him and rams her knee into his throat as he falls.
  • Discorporating hurts almost as much as incorporating does.
  • When he looks back up, Marinette is staring at the little silver ring lying on the deck.
  • “I really am going insane,” she mutters.  “I’m hearing voices, I just attacked a hallucination, I’m going completely insane.”
  • “That hurt,” he complains.  “And I’m not a hallucination, thanks.”
  • “Yeah,” Plagg chimes in, “he’s not a hallucination.”
  • It takes a while and Tikki’s intervention for both of them to calm down, but it happens eventually, and somehow without alerting Marinette’s parents.
  • So the girl he’d kept from being run over by a truck is the superhero, Ladybug.  He’s apparently her counterpart, Chat Noir, who is also a ghost.  And dead.  And apparently there’s a tradeoff, because, in Plagg’s words “there’s always a price in these things”: he can’t be heard as Chat Noir, and he can’t be seen as a ghost.
  • Which blows.

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