he is a blueberry i guess

Remember that old and ugly drawing I did when Judy took Nick back to her hometown which was having a blueberry festival. And Nick ate all of these things that had blueberries in them. Like pie, cake, cookies etc….well here’s some bonus sketches XD Haha these were fun! Poor Nick though, but at least he has Judy to take care of him!

Nick: You will not speak of this to anyone. Got it?

Judy: Sure, well…I may tell Clawhauser…maybe Finnick…and possibly your future kits.

Nick: DON’T.

Cupcake concept:

•Connor Murphy is a black forest cake with dark chocolate ganache and a whipped chocolate icing
-he is slightly bitter, but he has his sweet moments that quickly turn sour.

•Evan Hansen is an angel food cake with a lemon curd filling and a blueberry frosting
-he’s a literal angel, but that lying business leaves a sour taste in my mouth

•Jared Kleinman is a Cinnamon​ and cardomon cake with a coffee frosting, and topped with spun sugar, for the cronch.
-the boy has a sharp tongue and so he gets some sharp flavors to match.

•I call them the Sincerely Three and they can be sold as a bundle or separately.

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Oh boi your art style fits perfectly with UF Pap

Oh boi I am glad to hear that, thanks a lot!

Yet deep in out mind we all know

under those cute faces

he is slowly having problems.

Romanian Fun

Request: Hiii, are u taking request? If you are not feel free to just ignore this ☺️ could you do a Sebastian x Reader where they are in an interview about civil war or infinity war idk and he says something to her in Romanian (dirty or not) and he is surprised when she answers and Romanian because he didn’t know she could speak it

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: fun n stuff, language, hints @ smut

A/N: I get a little uncomfortable when writing for a celebrity. Like I’m fine writing for the celebrities characters that they have played in movies but when it comes to them specifically, I dunno. I don’t really know how to explain it.

p.s. all the Romanian spoken in this is from google so don’t come at me.

p.p.s. the ending insinuates smut so if any of want, you can write it and I’ll be happy to reblog :)

“Now let’s welcome our special guests, the cast of Captain America: Civil War!” you hear Jimmy Fallon’s voice and a crew member gives you a signal to start walking out. “Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Sebastian Stan and Y/N Y/L/N!”

You all walk over to the couches and you end up sitting between Sebastian and Elizabeth. Once you all are situated, Jimmy starts.

“It’s such an honor to have you all here tonight.” He smiles.

“I was debating whether or not to come.” Robert says. “I was gonna blow thing whole thing off for pizza but Chris wouldn’t let me.”

The audience erupts in laughter and Chris shakes his head.

“Chris is one of those ‘keep-to-the-schedule’ type of guy. He keeps us on track.” Jeremy adds.

Chris chuckles. “I’m a proud, organized, team leader!”

“Woah, woah, woah, who said you were the team leader?” Anthony questions and you playfully scoff.

“Anthony, we probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Chris.”

The audience laughs again.

“You make a valid point, Y/N.” Anthony points to you while nodding his head.

The laughter dies down and Jimmy smooths out the front of his suit before leaning against the desk he was sat at.

“Alright, so, tell me about the filming…”

The interview goes on, everyone making jokes and laughing every now and then until the spotlight hits Sebastian.

“So, Sebastian, it’s no secret that you speak Romanian, correct?” Jimmy folds his hands on the desk as he waits for Sebastian to respond.

“Correct.” The brunette nods.

“Would you mind speaking some for us?”

“Right now? Oh, I don’t know I kind of-”

“Aw c’mon!” Jimmy then turns to the audience. “Do you want Sebastian to speak Romanian?”

The crowd goes wild with cheers and whistles and screams – even your friends are cheering him on. Sebastian lets out a laugh and tucks his hair behind his ear before nodding.

“Alright, alright, I’ll do it.” the crowd cheers again and Sebastian looks over at Jimmy. “What do you want me to say?”

“Anything. Say anything you wa- actually, I’ve just thought of something better.” He says. “Choose someone, anyone, and tell them what you’re thinking about this very moment.”

Sebastian smiles. “Alright, should be easy…” he pretends to think about who he was going to choose before shifting in his seat so that he was facing you.

“Oh boy, here they go.” Robert teases.

Now, there’s no doubt that something was going on between the two of you. Nothing major though, just flirting here and there. Your costars could sense the tension between the two of you whenever you were in a room with each other. You liked Sebastian and Sebastian liked you but nothing had come from that. Yet.

“Mă gândesc să scot rochia de pe tine chiar acum.” (I’m thinking about ripping that dress off you right now).

You breathe in sharply, the tone of his voice sending shivers down your spine.

“Ți-ar plăcea asta, nu-i așa?” (you’d like that, wouldn’t you?). He continues.

Sebastian scoots closer and drapes an arm around you innocently.

“Nu știi cât de prost vreau să te duc acum.” (you don’t know how badly I want to fuck you right now).

You gulp and look up at Sebastian who was smirking at you.

Glancing around you see everyone with their eyes on the two of you, waiting for a reaction from you. You clear your throat and smile at the brunette beside you. “Vom avea o mulțime de timp pentru asta după acest interviu.” (we’ll have plenty of time for that after this interview).

Sebastian’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open at your response all while everyone else goes crazy, cheering and clapping.

“It looks like you’re not the only one who can speak Romanian, Seb.” Scarlett smirked.

“He’s speechless, look at him!” Elizabeth points out and your friends burst into laughter.

Anthony waves a hand at Sebastian while trying to contain his laughter. “Close your mouth seabass, you don’t wanna catch flies.”

Sebastian snaps out of it and regains his composure.

“What did you say?” Jimmy asked, still trying to control his laughter.

Sebastian licks his lips, cheeks tinted pink as he steals a glance at you. “I asked her how her pussy was doing.”

Everyone fell back into laughter and Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“Sebastian!” Jimmy exclaimed while laughing. “This is a PG-13 show!”

“Wha- oh come on! I was talking about her cat, you perv! Get your mind out of the gutter!” the brunette joked.

Once the laughter died down, Jimmy moves onto the next topic. While he talked to Robert and Chris about their characters rivalry, Sebastian leans in towards you.

“You and me, after this interview, right?” he whispered.

You giggle. “You gotta take me out to dinner first, Stan.”

Sebastian bites his lip, ghosting over your ear. “You’ve got yourself a deal, baby.”

A/N: I just really love Jimmy Fallon o k a y

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Summary: You’re just ‘one of the guys’ aka: “not considered an option by the guys”. And it hurts. Especially when it comes to your friend and crush Steve Rogers.

Or, Where a drunk Steve tries to break into your room at an ungodly time of night.

Author’s note: I know this has been long overdue😭,

also thank you so so so much for all the support and feedback you guys have been giving me on my imagines, it means a lot.❤❤❤As always feedback is much appreciated!

Warnings: insecurities, language, Steve being a hot ass mess

Steve rogers is a ladies man.

Well kind of a ladies man…The ladies came to him, he didn’t come to the ladies.

Two years ago you helped put the Avengers team back together and then joined it.

Three months after joining the team you realized you had a crush on Steve Rogers.

Nine months later you were in love with him.

A year ago Steve dated Sharon Carter for four months. And has been a ladies man  ever since.

“Damn he’s making a second round already?” Sam mutters under his breath. Bucky muffles a snort. You’re sitting at the kitchen countertop on a tall stool with Bucky and Sam on either side of you. The three of you are currently watching Candice “just call me Candy” Martin run her glossy pink nails up and down Steve’s arm. Steve’s blushing, but he doesn’t stop her. That’s the thing about Steve. He never makes the first move. The girls come on to him and he just blushes in that adorable Steve Rogers way of his and allows it to happen. Then he asks them out and of course they accept- he’s Captain America. You never knew women to be so forward until you had met Steve. They competed with each other for his attention and seemed to relish it.

First there was Candice Martin, the pretty pale and freckled redheaded agent.

Then Freja Hosk, the tall intimidatingly beautiful, Swedish ice blond medic.

Then Paisley Fisk, the gorgeous SHEILD scientist, blessed with flawless dark skin, deep dimples, plush full lips, and waist length braids.

After her there was Biyu Zhou the stunning Chinese agent, graced with an amazing body and a pretty face that always seemed to be flirting with you.

And these were the ones that Steve went on multiple dates with. There was no counting the amount of women he’d only gone out with one time. He’d seemed to have gone through the whole building.

Now it seemed to be back to Candice. You watch Candice give Steve’s arm a lingering squeeze before leaving the kitchen. Your heart twists and you look down at your cereal. You hate feeling this way. Especially for someone who would never feel the same way about you. You and Steve are close friends; you could even call him your best friend, after Sam. But to him you’re just one of the guys.

‘One of the guys’ ….you hate that expression. Because it’s always described you.

You’re not even lucky enough to be one of those cool ‘one of the guys’ girls, the ones that understand men and eventually have one of their guy friends falling for them. No. You’re just one of the guys because guys don’t even consider you a sexual option.

Steve calls you ‘buddy’ for pete’s sake.

Steve wanders over to the kitchen counter and pulls up a stool next to Bucky.

“Let me guess, hot date this Friday?” Sam asks.

“Yeah” Steve answers, stealing a blueberry from Bucky’s plate. Bucky halfheartedly swats Steve’s hand away.

“Man even I wasn’t getting this much action in my heyday,” Bucky chuckles. He reaches out and thumps Steve on the back. “Who woudda thought that Stevie turned out to be the biggest lady killer of ‘em all”

Steve shakes his head, and swipes Bucky’s coffee mug, draining it in one gulp. Amid Bucky’s protests Tony walks into the kitchen. His hair is sticking in all different directions and he has that crazy ‘I haven’t slept in 24 hours’ look in his eye. For about a week him and Banner have been hole-ing themselves in the lab with a few choice SHEILD scientists working on some secret ‘important project’.

“Rough night Tony?” Sam asks.

“Yeah,” Tony walks over to the other counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. “And not the good type of rough either.”

“But, even genius comes out of my roadblocks.” Tony sighs holding his mug in his hands and inhaling the coffee’s aroma .

“So you finally finished the project?” you ask.

“Nope.” Tony answers “But while I was trying to work on the project I got to thinking about Cap’s problem…well one of his many problems.” Tony chuckles to himself at his, and pulls something out of his pocket and tosses it at Steve. “And of course being the humanitarian I am, I solved it.”

“What’s this?” Steve turns what looks like a silver flask over in his hands.

“Next time you want to relax, try cracking this open with ice princess over here on a Saturday night. If it works properly you two finally won’t be the only sober ones on our poker nights.”

“Uh, thanks Tony,” Steve says hesitantly, tucking the flask away, but you know he’s happy. Steve’s confided in you many times that he wishes he just could let go, just not think about the fate of the world or what everyone wants him to be for once. He smiles at Tony and Tony flashes a smile back.

“No problem.” He downs the rest of his coffee and pops a piece of chewing gum. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m supposed to get brunch with Ms. Paisley Fisk,” Tony’s grin stretches from ear to ear.

“Never seen you so excited about brunch Tony,” You observe, taking a bite of your cereal.

“Brunch? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about brunch. Now Paisley Fisk on the other hand…?” He gives a low whistle “I mean have you seen her?….And have you seen those knocke-”

You roll your eyes “Alright Tony, we get that you’re a dog. Move along” You interrupt him. Tony smirks and heads out the door.

“Did he just lick his lips?” You ask, but Sam’s too busy collecting the dirty dishes and Steve and Bucky are hunched together, probably discussing the flask, so you don’t get an answer. You sigh and head out, deciding to get some paperwork and training in so you don’t just lounge around all day. As you head down the hallway, a thought strikes you. Not once has Tony Stark, the famous playboy who would flirt with anything female with a pulse, flirted with you. Not one sly remark, cheesy pickup line or cheeky comment.

Damn I really must be ugly’ you think to yourself.  Heavy footsteps jogging behind you interrupt your thoughts.

“Hey,” Steve says catching up to you, giving you that dazzling smile of his.

“Hey” you respond, smiling back.

“We still on for movie night?” he asks

“Of course, I have three picked for you today,”

“Are the going to be as bad as the last ones?” Steve rolls his eyes.

You gasp in mock horror. “Steve Rogers. My movie choices aren’t bad.”

Steve pretends to think “Okay maybe one of them wasn’t bad.” You guys reach the training room. You push open the glass doors and enter.

“Was it the one that made you cry?”

Steve wraps his arms around your waist, effortlessly pulling you off the ground. He starts to muss up your hair. “Take that back! I just had something in my eye.”

“No! I’m telling the truth!” you screech, laughing. Steve starts to tickle you and you squirm. “Stop! Put me down!”

“Oh okay,” he says and makes as if to drop you, making you screech and cling to him. Your stomach hurts from laughing.

“Steve?” A high pitched voice cuts through your happy haze. It’s Candice “Could you spar with me a bit?” Steve puts you down, and you prepare to mask your expression, to smile and say you’ll catch him later, but when you look up he’s already walked away.

That Friday night starts out as usual. You hole yourself up in your room so you don’t have to see Steve getting ready to pick up Candice for their date. But today you don’t even have Sam to keep you from slipping into sadness because he’s out with his girl tonight too.

So you sit and stew .

Listen to sad music and cry.

Watch a sad movie that make your heart hurt.

Eat pizza and ice-cream and stew.

Look at pictures of Steve on your phone.

Zoom in on his biceps and cry.

And then you start thinking about how Candice is probably running her fingers through Steve’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing him. He’s probably wrapping his arms around her waist, and then you start thinking about how he’ll never touch you like that- he’ll never want to touch you like that. How nobody ever does- and then you decide it’s time to put yourself to bed.

 But you just lay in the dark staring up at the ceiling, thinking about all the beautiful women he’s dated and start comparing yourself.  You wish you could be pretty like them. Take their beauty and wear it like a mask- after all how else would  anyone ever notice you? You wish for once someone would see you, actually see the whole you and want you.

Just as your eyes are about to start watering your door shakes. It sounds like someone’s trying to break in. Reacting quickly, you grab your pistol from your dresser and approach the door. The door handle continues to jiggle.

Your mind boggles at who it could be, after all, what intruder would be this loud? And the compound is practically impenetrable, how would they have not set off any alarms? Still, your heart rate rises as you look through the peephole. When you spy a familiar head of blonde hair you huff and put away your pistol and open the door.

“Steve? Wha-“ Steve barrels past you, flicking on the lights and kicking off his shoes. He sways slightly, and turns towards you. You catch the strong scent of something then, like alcohol, but slightly off. He says your name, surprised.

“Wha-wha are ya doing in my room?” He says

“Steve this isn’t-“ you start, but Steve walks up to you and puts a finger to your lips.

“Shh- iss okay, ya can stay” he slurs slightly, and sits on your bed.

“Steve are you drunk?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

Steve giggles “Ya, To-nyyy’s stuff actually worked” he sing-songs Tony’s name. “I feel great” He says laying back.

You hold back a smile, and then a terrible thought crosses your mind. “Steve, where’s Bucky?”

“Oh don’t worry, old Buck’s in his room. Out lika light” Steve snorts “Lightweight.”

You shake your head, wondering what you’re going to do with him, when the sound of movement on the bed makes you look up. Steve’s already stripped off his shirt and is working on his pants. You want to say something- you should stay something, but you’re too distracted by the flexing of his abdominals as he peels off his jeans.

“Steve” You hiss, you don’t think you can say much else. Not when every muscle in his body is standing out in sharp relief.

Steve looks up and smiles widely at you, patting the place next to him. Steve really must be gone. Normally he would be three shades of red if you even mentioned seeing him shirtless. You hesitate for a moment before crawling next to him.  He wraps a well muscled arm around you and pulls you close. It feels so nice you don’t even mind the stink of alcohol on his breath

“So” you scramble for something to say. “How was your date?”


“Oh really?” you ask. You decide to try to fish details out of him. “Candice is very beautiful”

“Yeah not really my type.” Steve snorts.

“Oh?” your fingers decide to do their own thing and start tracing the ridges in his forearm. “What’s you type then?”

Steve’s silent for such a long time you start to think he’s fallen asleep. But then his fingers grasp your face, squishing your cheeks together. He looks down at you, and his big blue eyes look like languid pools of water.

“You. This beautiful face of yours.” He replies. Your heart pounds and you will it to stop. He’s drunk. In the morning he won’t even look at you let alone want you.

“Stop playing Steve,” You turn and start scooting away.

“I’m noooot” he whines, and hooks an arm around you, pulling you to his chest. You try to squirm away but he’s got you in an iron grip “You’re so beautiful Y/n” His large calloused hand caresses your face sloppily.

“Oh really?” you say, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice. “Why haven’t you said anything before?”

“’cause ya won’t let me.” You feel lips at press at the back of your neck, and you have to stop yourself from squeaking “Come’on y/n….just give me a chance… just one chance. I promise I won’t mess it up. I’ll tell ya that you’re beautiful every day…” He kisses your earlobe and sets your skin on fire “I’ll treat you right. I promiiisee. Why won’t you give me a chance?” his voice turns whiney again. He’s suddenly too close, too much and you squirm out of his embrace. He makes a hurt noise in the back of his throat and you hush him, turning off the lights.

“Let’s go to bed Steve.”

“Ooh I like the sound of that,”

“If you don’t shut up…” You snap, feeling your way to the bed. Once you’re under the covers Steve locks you in his embrace again, almost crushing you. You lay on his chest, his warmth enveloping you, your mind racing a mile a minute. Then Steve’s hand slides up your body and starts rubbing your back and you slip off into sleep.

When you wake up Steve’s gone. Your heart drops, but after laying in bed for a bit you decide to confront him. You pull on your favorite pair of high waisted jeans and an over-sized cropped sweater. You look at yourself in the mirror. ‘At least I can look good while getting rejected.’ You head into the kitchen and are greeted with the sight of a busted looking Bucky being served breakfast by Sam. You pause for a moment to scoop a muffin from the box on the counter and to admire the architecture of Bucky’s hair, half of which is standing straight up, the other half is at a 90 degree angle.

“So I take it Stark’s concoction worked?” Sam asks, arranging pancakes on a plate. Both of their backs are to you, Bucky sitting at the kitchen counter, Sam in front of the stove top.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, voice rough, “Who woudda thought Stark could make that good stuff?”

Sam chuckles “So you and Rogers have a good time last night?”

“Ya, well until Steve started getting whiney.” Bucky snorts.


“Buck, why doesn’t y/n like me? She’s so pretty Buck I can’t take it, why doesn’t she liiike me?” Bucky mocks Steve’s voice. “After that I decided to go bed. I get enough y/n talk when I’m sober.”

“Really?” Sam pries, and you smile, Sam knew about your little crush, and like a true friend was fishing for more information.

“Yeah, he’s such a wimp, I always tell him just to make a move-“ Bucky cuts him self off “Sam ya better not tell y/n about this…I swear”

Sam turns around, pancakes in hand “Don’t worry-“ He looks up and meets your gaze “I won’t have to” he laughs. Bucky looks up at Sam and then turns around. He groans.

“Y/n, how long have you been?- Actually nevamind, obviously  long enough. Just do me a favor and don’t tell Steve about this? He’s an absolute madman when it comes to you….” Bucky grumbles, pulling his hood over his head.

“a… madman?” You ask walking up to the counter.

Bucky snorts. “Yeah he practically beat Stark’s ass after he overhead him saying something slick ‘bout ya.”

You lock eyes with Sam. “Go get him tiger.” Sam smiles at you. You wipe your palms on your jeans and turn to head out.

“Word ta the wise, check the roof.” Bucky calls out after you.

You find Steve sitting on the roof, staring off into the distance. His hair is still messy but he’s wearing a clean white button down shirt, and tan pants with those suspenders you always secretly find adorable on him.

“Steve?” you call out hesitantly “Can we talk?”

Steve’s head whips around and his eyes widen. He then massages his temples with a groan. He must be suffering from quite the hangover.

“You don’t have to say it y/n, let’s just forget last night ever happened.” Your heart beats faster and you gather up the last of your courage before it completely slips away.

“Steve-what you said…did you mean it?”

Steve groans again, dropping his head into his hands.

Yes.” He says quietly.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me Steve?”

“Why should I have?” he gives a defeated chuckle. “Ya already rejected me,”

“What?” Your mouth drops in disbelief and you walk up and stand next to Steve, looking down at him “When? When did you even ask me out?”

Steve looks up at you “What do you mean? I tried after every upstate training session.”

Your eyes squint as you think back. A little over a year ago the team met upstate for a four days to train at this specialized facility and test out new weapons. You think back some more.

“You just asked me to ‘hang out’ after those sessions.” You say incredulously, “Not on a date”

“But that’s how people date nowadays.” Steve looks confused.

You laugh “No, not really. And anyways after those training sessions I was so  disgusting that the last thing I wanted to do was go get ice-cream and marinate in my own sweat  for a few hours”

“But all tha other girls took ‘hanging out’ ta mean a date” Steve looks even more confused.

“I guess nowadays ‘hanging out’ can imply a date, but most of the time it still just means hanging out. At least to me” you mutter the last part “Where’d you get this idea from anyway?”

Steve’s ears turn pink “Uh Bucky”

You eyes practically roll out of your head “Steve! You know he only thing Bucky knows about dating is from those stupid teen drama shows he’s obsessed with.”

Steve’s face turns bright red “I’ll have ya know Bucky was quite good with the ladies.”

You can’t help but to burst out laughing. After you calm down you sit down next to Steve. “You going to Bucky for advice on dating is like the blind leading the blind”

Steve chuckles, wiping a hand down his face. After a moment you pause.

“Steve, why’d you practically date the whole building instead of just telling me.”

“I dunno. I guess I just thought you’d already rejected me so I didn’t want to push the issue, and still wanted to be your friend. So I just thought I’d try to find someone else…” he turns his head and looks at you “But damn it Y/n it’s impossible to find someone who even comes close to ya…” His gaze takes your breath away so it takes a moment for you to respond.

“I guess that’s a good thing then…cause I feel the same way about you.”


“Yeah” you laugh and you feel like you’re flying because all the baggage, all the pain is starting to unload. “And if you hadn’t been so dumb and listened to Bucky you would have known a long time ago.”

Steve smiles widely and wraps an arm around you, the other hand caressing your face.

“So. You wanna go on a date with me?”

“Yeah” You pretend to consider it, and then lay your head on his shoulder “Sounds a lot better then just hanging out.”






Dumb idea?

One day, you have told me that SD!Dream can be very nice (when it’s not about his twin)

So here a little thing with a kind Dream.

Ink: BOSS! We have a big problem!!! Well personally I don’t care but if I say it, everyone will call me a jerk.
Dream: Everyone know that you’re a jerk, Ink. 
Ink: WHATEVER. You know the orphans that we have saved from these destroyed timelines.  We have no santa for the biggest Christmas fest, for those orphans (and the previous), that you have planned.
Dream: Are you kidding me? We have like 8 Asgores in JR..
Ink:: One is sick, another is depressed, another is still mourning, another will have a baby and is too excited, another…
Dream:Stop. I get it. (depressed? mourning? Maybe that I should go speak with them)
Ink: So?
Dream:Have you a suggestion? A Papyrus maybe?
Ink:Sure, not like if the kids will understand when he’ll say “I, THE GREAT SANTA”. If we ask to Blueberry…don’t look at me like that, it’s a exemple, we will have probably some case of kidnapping before the end of the feast.
Dream: Valid point. FIINNE I’ll do it!!!


Error *look at the fest from fay away with binoculars* It’s nice from your bro to have do this fest for orphans of the multivers, humans and monsters. Look at those cakes and toys.
Nightmare *mumbles something about manipulation*
Cross: …Can you just cheer up a little? (Also so much chocolllaaatteee)
Nightmare: only if you proove me that Dream in geniuine by organizing this big fest. that it’s trully kind here!!
Cross: look at the Santa
Error: Dude. It’s a nice smile that he has. *still with his binoculars*
Nightmare: of course he’s kind with this kids *mumbles*
Cross: can you stop to see manipulation in everything he does? You have said yourself that he can still be nice.
Error: Well not with you but …

Ink: Guys. I just here for told you: 1) merry christmas. 2)Here Cross!! A gift!! Because it’s a thing that friends do…apparently. *gives chocolate candies to Cross* and the two others, you’re nothing for me so I have nothing for you. 3) I’ll be nice and not tell Dream that you are here.

Ink: bye. *returns to the fest*

Error: Can we have some.

Cross: NEVER!! It’s a gift for ME!!

submitted by @naehja

Holy crap, not only does Dream dress up as Santa but Ink momentarily stops being a sarcastic douche?? Holiday magic, everyone.

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Imagine Steve will 100% do something if Bucky says he shouldn't/won't/can't... and the team tries to see the craziest thing they can get Steve to do.

“No you won’t.”  Bucky pinched his eyebrows together for the most disbelieving expression as he could muster.

Steve scowled and stood, marching off to his suite.  

“Holy shit.  What just happened?  We’ve been trying to get Steve to get some rest for days.”  Clint was glad that he wasn’t the only one looking mildly shocked.  

Bucky shrugged.  “He’s a competitive asshole.  There’s no faster way to get him to do something than to tell him he can’t or won’t.”

Natasha made an interested sound, but said nothing.  


In the morning, Clint arrived at the communal kitchen to see Steve making pancakes, Natasha sat at the table in pjs with a steaming mug of coffee.


“Steve’s pretty sure he knows his way around breakfast, but I guess we’ll have to see.” She smiled sweetly.  

The pancakes were blueberry chocolate chip.  And delicious.  

“Guess you were right, Steve.”  Natasha said not at all begrudgingly and light-as-air.


It seemed unfair how many times Clint was in the medical bay.  But it was worth it, when he saw Steve sitting there, holding a compress to his side, Sam calmly (smugly) reading a book beside him.  


“-Don’t give him any more ammunition than he already thinks he has, Barton,” Steve started, “I’m more than willing to see a doctor if I need to. Especially,” he glared at Sam, “because I know it sets a good example for my team.”

Sam held up a placating hand.  “My bad, man.  Guess I had some confirmation bias going on there.”

Clint sat down in the empty seat next to Sam and wondered whether he’d been hit in the head harder than he’d originally thought.


“I’m just saying.  I get the feeling that maybe you can’t.” Rhodey smiled.  

Steve squared his jaw and stepped decisively in line for the Cyclone.

It wasn’t until after, laughing and dizzy and leaning on each other for support that Steve studied Rhodey and said: “I know what you’re all doing, you know.  I just can’t help it.”

Rhodey shook his head, smiling.  “Yeah. I know.  Bet you can’t eat more fried oreos than I can.”

Steve laughed, and led the way.  

Tainted Love (part 1)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: probably swearing

A/N: Don’t hate me but I deleted ‘Long Way To Go’. I’m sosososososososososososososososo sorry BUT here’s this new Lance AU. I really hope you guys like it :) Also, I know I say this every time but if there are any mistakes, I shall fix it when I wake up (I really need to stop staying up late lol).

Growing up, you always wondered who your soulmate was and when you’d meet him. You wondered if he was brunette or blonde; a red head maybe? If he had blue eyes or brown eyes; maybe gray or hazel?

Was he tall or short? Did he have the most perfect smile ever? Was he nice?

So many questions ran through your head as a kid. Either way, you couldn’t wait until the day you got to meet your soulmate. Your parents always wondered when you‘d meet him. Your older sister already had, they’re married now. Your friend since college, Hope, had recently (finally) got together with her soulmate, Ben. Even your youngest sister had already met her soulmate. Now they were waiting on you and at age 28, you still held onto the little hope that you’d meet him.

It was a long 28 years of your life and your soulmate had put you through hell and back. From bruises and scrapes here and there to breaking your arm and leg.

And let’s not forget the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced because of him; that god forsaken tattoo just above your lady parts.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. Everyone was off doing their own thing which left you at home by yourself. You were just watching some movie, relaxing on your couch when you felt a horrible sensation on your lower abdomen and it was getting worse by the second. It felt like someone was stabbing you, more like carving you and you wondered if your soulmate was alright.

Going into the bathroom, you pull down your sweatpants and remove your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and underwear. You hold onto the wall for support, the pain increasing as it got closer to your womanhood. You look into the mirror and see what seems to be a drawing?

Then it dawned on you; that motherfucker is getting a tattoo.

It was the worst 3 to 4 hours of your life.

The idiot tattooed fucking gold medal on him. Why the fuck would he get a tattoo of a gold medal? And somewhere so painful? Needless to say you hated getting undressed. Sex too. And forget about bikini’s.

God, how you wished you knew who your soulmate was so that you could properly kick his ass.

You tried contacting him a couple of times when you were 17. You wrote on your hand with pen, knowing it would also appear on his hand as well. You wrote a simple ‘hello, this is your soulmate.’ followed by a little smiley face. He responded with a ‘fuck off’.

You also knew that he was very sexually active. You loathed the mornings you’d wake up and find several hickeys on your neck. Oh, how you wanted to pummel him to the ground.

Even though you wanted to give him a piece of your mind, you always found yourself caring a bit too much for your soulmate, despite all the shit he’s put you through.

“Get your cock sucking ass in the car, you’re coming with me.” Hope placed her hands on her hips as she glared at you.

“No thank you, I’m fine staying home.” you respond, leaning against the doorframe.

Hope groans. “Can you stop being an asshole for two seconds and come with me to the gym? The new team coordinator is coming by and you’re really fucking nice so you’ll make me look good.”

You let out a sigh. “Fine. But only because you’re shit on your own.”

Hope smiles and you quickly put on your shoes, slipping your phone into your back pocket. The two of you retreat back to her car and you slide into the backseat, being met with some teen.

He smirks at you. “Hey.”

You turn to Hope. “Who’s this asshole?”

“Oh that’s just Maggie’s fling for the week. ” she brushes it aside and you roll your eyes.

“I really like him.” Maggie turns to you with a sweet smile from the passenger seat.

“He’s got to go.” you say, looking at the guy.


“Go, get out.” you nod your head but he doesn’t move. “Don’t make me get out of this car and drag you out.”

The teen’s eyes widen and he grabs his backpack before getting out of the car at which time, Hope starts driving.

“What the fuck was that for?” she glanced at you through the rearview mirror.

“She needs to be on her A game and that little shit would’ve distracted her.”

Hope pursed her lips but didn’t say anything more on the matter.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot.” she spoke, grabbing a cup from the cup holder. “I want that down the hatch before we get to the gym.”

You watch Maggie take the cup from her, noticing it held a greenish liquid and snatched it from her.

“Y/N, what the fuck.” Hope let out a frustrated sigh.

“What’s in here Hope?” you shake the cup around.

“Healthy shit.”

“Like what?”

“Like orange juice and bananas and.. Weed.” her voice got lower towards the end, hoping you wouldn’t hear her.

“Weed?! Are you fucking kidding me Hope? The new team coordinator is coming over and you want Maggie stoned?” you scoff.

“She needs to live a little.” Hope waves her hand at you.

You roll your eyes and roll down the window, throwing the cup.

“What’s wrong with you!” Hope nearly screeched.

“She’s not going to that gym stoned, Hope.”

Hope groans loudly. “Ugh, you’re no fun.”

The three of you walk into the gym upon Ben telling you that the new team coordinator was already there and once Hope sees him, she becomes tense.

The tall man rips his earphone out of his ear and turn around, a smirk playing at his lips. “Well, well, well. Hope Ann Greggory. You’re an hour and three minutes late.”

“What the fuck are you doing here, Lance Tucker?” she barely looked him in the eyes but it was clear that she was annoyed to see him.

Lance Tucker? Hope told you about Lance, mostly about how much of an asshole he was and how much she hated him. Lance was a gymnast as well but you didn’t care for gymnastics much so when Hope would rant about him or gymnastics, you wouldn’t pay attention. You didn’t know a thing about Lance Tucker, only that he was, as Hope says, an asshat.

“Team coordinator.” he responds, holding out what looked to be an I.D.

Hope scoffs. “They offered me that job. I said fuck no.”

Lance lets out a laugh. “That’s bullshit.”

“Your face is bullshit.”

“Something looks different about you. Oh,” he then chuckles. “I know, you got old.”

“Your limp dick disease must be affecting your eye vision.” she snapped but before their insults could go any further, Ben stopped it, asking what Maggie’s first set was to which Hope said bars, still glaring at Lance.

Lance on the other hand took this time to glance around the room before his eyes landed on you. “Oh hi, I’m Lance Tucker.” and suddenly he wasn’t the asshole from ten seconds ago.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” you respond. Lance stretches his hand out to you and you shake it, the both of you immediately pulling away when you feel a shock.

“Don’t fall for his nice guy image he’s putting on Y/N. The guys’ still a dick brain.” Hope rolled her eyes at Lance but he was too busy staring at the hand you had touched.

It was as if time had stopped and all Lance could do was look at you. Why had he felt a shock when the two of you shook hands? Did you feel it too? All too soon, Lance was snapped out of his trance.

“Asshole, you gonna watch Maggie or are you gonna keep staring at my friend with your hand in your pants?” Hope questioned, still slightly annoyed.

“Uh, yeah.” he cleared his throat, looking at you once more before turning to Maggie.

A/N: Just go with the flow, alright? I’m so excited for this one. I’ve been writing this for 3 hours, tell me what ya think!


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I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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Late Night Love//(S.M)

I was falling asleep, but the movement Shawn was causing kept waking me up. He would switch positions and groan in annoyance, for I was getting fed up. “Shawn stop moving!” I say in full frustration turning around to look at him. “sorry” he mutters a frown on his face as he sees my expression. I immedatly feel guilty and move towards him wrapping my arms around his bare torso. “Shawn? Baby what’s wrong?” I ask worried as he doesn’t say anything. I nudge him in the ribs and try to turn him over on his back, but nothing works until Shawn decides to talk. “I’m hungry” he says a low moan falling from his lips. I laugh a little as he says this causing him to let out a small whine. “That’s it? Come on get ready I will take us to the Bakery down town” I tell Shawn placing a kiss on his shoulder and standing up. Shawn shifts onto his back looking at me with a wide grin and his eyes are big. “Nana’s Delicacies?” he asks throwing what ever is on the floor over his body, I nod as he finishes getting dressed. Shawn runs down the stairs and takes the car keys from the bowl and walks out of the house. I run to catch up with him after locking the door, and Shawn gets into the passenger seat handing me the keys. I reverse out of our driveway and start heading down town and I turn my head to see Shawn and he is bouncing his leg up and down. “baby you okay?” I ask as we near Nana’s Delicacies and Shawn’s sends me a smile before looking at the window. Once we enter the bakery the waitress asks us what we would like, Shawn asks for two blueberry muffins and I only ask for coffee. As the pastires are brought to our table Shawn is on his phone barely paying attention to the muffins infront of him. “Y/N, baby, sweetheart” Shawn says as I finally look up. His phone is pointing at me and I send him a smile before reaching over and taking a muffin. As I’m eating Shawn starts talking to no one in particular. “Y/N is the best girlfriend any one could have as for she’s awake at 2 am” Shawn says and I'm  guessing he is on snapchat. “Shawn stop what ever you’re doing and eat your muffins” I tell him as he starts to play footsie with me under the table. Before I know Shawn switches seats and is on my side of the booth. His head is on my shoulder as he stuffs a piece of muffin in his mouth. One of Shawn’s hands intertwine with mine as he continues to eat. “Didn’t I order two?” He asks looking towards the waitress. He turns towards me and sees me taking the last bite of his second muffin. “Hey that’s mine” he says placing his hand under my chin as if he could prevent it from going in my mouth. I chew it very slowly and make a small moaning sound as he stares at me with a playful glare. “Sorry” I tell him kissing his cheek. “Good thing your cute or else I would have been extremely mad” he tells me hand in my knee squeezing every couple seconds. “Being oddly touchy today” I tell him a he places kisses on my cheek. “How can I not when your the queen of my world” he says resuming playing footsie with me under the table. Shawn takes his phone out again and puts on Snapchat. He goes straight to the filters putting in the dog. “Baby brought me to Nana’s Delicacies at 2 in the morning” he places a kiss on my lips before the snap ends. He starts another video as I go up and pay for the pastries and coffee. “Y/N! Baby!” Shawn calls out and the waitress just laughs “I think he’s tired” she stares as I look back and Shawn is trying so hard to keep his eyes open. When I approach the table again he starts another snap. “My queen is ignoring me and my heart took a major hit” he says grabbing his heart and pretending to be shot. “Oh please,” I say into the camera when he faces it towards me. “Come on let’s go sleepy head” I tell him intertwining our hands together and placing a kiss to his cheek. “Let’s go! Got to get your cute ass home before another guy does” Shawn says lifting over his shoulder. “Shawn ” I squeal as I see he has Snapchat on again and facing me. “Got this cutie by my side, now I’m coming home to a sexy lady every night— you come home to me every night any ways” I interrupt him turning my head. Shawn playful slaps my bum a few seconds before it ends. “Okay put me down, so I can get your sleepy handsome self home” I tell him as he sets me down as I take out the keys he pulls me against him. “Baby?” “Yes?” “I love your cute self” Shawn whispers into my ear before kissing my exposed neck. “I love you too, Shawn” I tell him placing a kiss on his lips. He pulls away and gets in the car leaving me to shake my head. On the drive home Shawn’s head is on my shoulder as he slowly sings Every Time We Touch by Cassandra. Shawn uses his hand to add a visual to the song and at one point he leans back in his seat. The song changes to Grind On Me and thankfully we are at a stop at the traffic lights seeing as they are red. Shawn unbuckled his seat belt and stands up a little when grind on me lyrics starts he actually starts to grind into the air. I giggle as I see him sending me suggestive winks and a smirk on his face. A car horn is heard and I look up at the traffic lights to see it had turned green. “Wow that was fun” Shawn says trying to catch his breath as we park in our drive way. “Yep fun to see” I tell getting out of the car. Shawn runs behind picking me up and taking the keys away from me and opens the door. He sets me down and runs up to the room with me falling him. I go into the room and see him laying in the bed. “Ay baby what does that ass do!” Shawn says as I change back into my pajamas. “This girl with an ass is going to sleep” I tell him as I snuggle into his chest. “I hope so cause a cutie like you deserves a cutie like me” Shawn says with a sleepy voice and his hands caressing my back. “Go to sleep baby” I whisper into his chest my eyes slowly closing also. He hums in response and cuddles me closer. He’s a handful sometimes, but I love when he is all lovey dovey.

This was the cake at my wedding. You can see it has blueberries all around and some carrots on the bottom.

Unfortunately, Judy lost an arm in the line of duty and Nick seemed to have dyed his fur a bit xD

Then on my honeymoon, I happened to find this boat. I guess Nick would name a boat like that if he had one.

And at the beach, I tried to make some figures in sand, this is the best I could do.

And what was my surprise when I found my wife doing this.

She isn’t that much into zootopia but she said I like it so much that she decided to make a sand fox just for me

, and after she finished she started working on my judy sand figure

@cloudyloudy @albinefox @as2015

Don’t Say Anything (part 9)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

A/N: I think this fic is coming to an enddddddd. Also how have you been? Are you well rested? How was your day? How’s school going? How’s your job? I care about you guys, man.

Steve breathed in, opening his eyes and looking at his - very stupid - best friend. He tried very calmly to process all of the information Bucky had just thrown at him all at once.

“So let me get this straight,” he spoke in a soft tone. “You’re dating Natasha at the moment.” Bucky nods. “And all of a sudden you like Y/N?”

Bucky let out a deep sigh. “When you say it like that, it sounds bad. ‘All of a sudden’.” he mocked.

“I’m just trying to understand how one minute you’re happy with Nat and the next you want to be with Y/N.”

“It wasn’t like that.” Steve gave his friend a confused look, causing the brunette to continue. “I think it was a long time coming. At one point in time I had a small crush on Y/N but never did anything about it. I thought she just saw me as her friend so I pushed aside my feelings for her. I didn’t want to lose the friendship I had with her. Then Nat came around and she made me forget about my feelings for Y/N, even if it was only for a few hours.”

“So you’re using Natasha.” Steve stated.

“Don’t say it like that!” Bucky hissed, shoving Steve’s shoulder. “But yeah, I guess I am. I never really got over Y/N. The feelings I have for her just lingered in the back of my mind and I tried my best to distract myself from them.”

“Bucky.” Steve groaned. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why string Natasha along all this time! What has she done to deserve this?”

Bucky sighed. “I forced myself to believe that I liked her in that way. She’s a great person and not gonna lie, the make out sessions were amazing. And don’t get me started on the-”

Steve cleared his throat, bringing his best friend back to reality. Bucky muttered an apology and ran his fingers through his hair.

“You have to sort this shit out, Bucky.” he sighed. “What are you gonna do?”

“I have to talk to Nat first, tell her I’m sorry for everything. I hope I didn’t ruin her friendship with Y/N.” the super soldier responds.

“You royally fucked up my friend.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Yeah thanks for reminding me.”

Bucky thinks back to all the times he’s hung out with you. How much he loved watching movies with you because no matter what, your fingers would always find their way to his hair. He loved calling you baby doll, seeing your cheeks tint pink and holding back a grin but ultimately failing at doing so.

There was a reason he always reminded you of how beautiful you looked because to him, you looked beautiful all the time. In his head, he knew no one could take you from him. He knew he couldn’t be replaced and he knew you couldn’t be replaced - by anyone.

So why had he tried replacing you with Natasha?

Too much thinking made his brain hurt and he let out a whimper. “Tell me how bad I’ve messed up again.”

“You’ve messed up so bad, Nat might cut your balls off and hang them on her wall.” Steve wasted no time. It’s like he was waiting for this moment to come because there was absolutely no hesitation. “You’ve messed up so bad that Y/N might reject you because you hurt her best friend.” Bucky huffed. “You’ve messed up so bad that-”

“Alright, alright, I get it you asshole.” Bucky barked, throwing a pillow Steve’s way. It hit his face and fell onto his lap.

“So you choose Y/N?” Steve questioned to confirm.

“Yeah.” he nods. “I hate to say it but Nat was just a distraction.”

“How long was it going on before you told us?”

“A year.”


“It wasn’t even serious, Steve!” Bucky held his hands up to protect himself from the pillow being thrown at him. “What we had was a fling. All we would do was talk and fuck. That’s it. We didn’t actually start dating until the night we told all of you. We talked about it a couple of hours before dinner.”

“That doesn’t make it okay!”

“I know, I know.” he stands up. “I have to go find Nat and talk to her.”

But before Bucky could walk away, Steve grabbed his arm. “Now might not be the best time to talk to her. She’s in Y/N’s room with her and Wanda. They’re having ‘girl time’. Whatever that means.”

“How do you know that?”

“I bumped into them, taking cookies and other things into the room but before I could ask what they were doing, Wanda said they’re having girl time and not to bother them for the rest of the day.”

Bucky sat down slowly. You and Natasha were going to be in a room. Together. It had only been three days since Nat accused Bucky of liking Y/N and after many, many talks with his friends (much like the one he just had with Steve), Bucky finally figured out his feelings. For both Natasha and Y/N.

He hoped Nat didn’t say anything about their little argument to Y/N. He wanted to talk to her first. Bucky sat back on the couch and looked over at his friend.

“Why does the universe hate me?”

“We haven’t done this in so long.” Natasha sighed as the three of you sat in your room. Nat was painting Wanda’s toes and you were laying down beside them, flipping through a magazine.

“Yeah..” you hummed. You weren’t about to tell her that the reason you’ve been distancing yourself from her was because you were madly in love with her boyfriend and that seeing them together felt like someone was stabbing you directly in the heart with ten knives all at once.

“How’d you detach Pietro from Y/N?” Nat asks Wanda who was munching on a cookie.

“I told Sam to occupy him for the day.” she replied.

“It couldn’t have been that easy. This is Sam we’re talking bout.”

“I have to do his laundry for two weeks.”

You snort as you flip the page. “That’s the Sam I know and love.”

“Speaking of love..” Nat trails off, sitting up and looking at you. “What’s the update with the guy you’re madly in love with?”

You take a bite of your animal cookie, not looking at Natasha as you flipped another page. “There is no update.”

“What do you mean there’s not an update?”

“I mean there’s not an update. He has a girlfriend so there’s no point in pining after him.” you calmly respond.

“So? Y/N you’ve been in love with this guy for years. Break them up and get with him.” she says as if it’s the most obvious thing to do.

You look over at Wanda and give her a look, basically pleading her to change the subject. She understands you immediately.

“I love the color, Nat. What is it?” Wanda spoke as she wiggled her toes.

“It’s called Miss Behave.” the red head winked, causing Wanda to laugh.

“Well I love it. It’s really pretty.” she brings her hand up to her face. “Maybe you could paint my nails to match my toes.”

You let out a sigh of relief as Natasha agrees to paint her nails. You wait a few seconds before relaxing and trading out your magazine for another one.

You silently thank Wanda when Nat starts speaking again. “How about this: you tell me who this guy is an I’ll talk to him. I just wanna talk.”


“It’s just a talk, Y/N. I won’t even bring my gun.”

“No, Natasha.”

“This guy broke your big heart, let me avenge it.”

You started to get irritated and you got up, placing the magazine on your nightstand. Stay calm, Y/N. Just. Stay. Calm.

Wanda notices the look on your face and licks her lips. “Uh.. Hey Nat have you seen the new episode of Law & Order? It’s absolutely crazy!”

“Not now, Wanda.” she turns her attention back to you. “You’re obviously not over this guy, Y/N.”

You whip around. “So what if I’m not? It’s just a little crush. It’ll bypass in no time.”

“Guys..” Wanda’s voice gave off a warning tone.

“It’s been five years.” Natasha reminds you and you clench your fists. Stay calm and don’t cry.


“So this isn’t ‘just a little crush’. You’re in love with this dude!”

“Natasha, just drop it.” Wanda says in a soft tone. She knew where this was headed and she tried shutting it down.

The red head looks over at the brunette and glared at her. “No, I’m not going to just drop it. Y/N’s wasted five years on this asshole, Wanda. We’re her best friends. We need to teach that douchebag a lesson.”

“She’s right, just drop it. Nothing will change.” you spoke, trying so hard not to break down. You were afraid that if she continued to push the subject, you’d tell her everything. You didn’t want to break her heart; to betray her. What kind of person likes their best friends boyfriend? How fucked up is that? She couldn’t find out.

“Just tell me who he is!” Natasha was beginning to get frustrated. After all, she just wanted to make the guy pay for hurting her best friend.

“No!” you shout. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Fuck! Your eyes fill with tears and when you blink, they roll down your cheeks, staining them.

“Nat she’s crying, just leave it be.” Wanda grips Natasha’s forearm but she yanks it away, not listening to her.

“Why won’t you tell me who he is!? It’s fucking simple Y/N!” her arms are waving all over the place and her face is as red as her hair from yelling. “You know about me and Bucky so why can’t I know who this dude is!?”

“Stop pressuring her!”

Your tears blurred your vision so all you could see was a red blob and you sobbed loudly before shouting; “Because it’s Bucky!”

A/N: ohhhh noooo oh my gawd. Tell me what ya think!



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Fuck this one customer

Ok so i work at the place of Banera Pread and usually i have pretty good control of my attitude, however there’s always the regular customer who literally comes in every day and is so disrespectful to all the staff. (shoves past our table cleaner and demands to have everything taken care for him, Banera Pread is a seat yourself and take your plates to your dish bin when you’re finished) Lucky me, i had to take him at my cash register and let me just set this up, the bagel wall is directly behind me so customers have a clear view of what we have and what we DONT have. And let me just point out that this was around 6 pm so we of course didn’t have every single bagel in stock. Well this customer gives no fucks whatsoever and goes ahead and orders an everything bagel, sliced, toasted, and with cream cheese. Ok, once again the bagel wall is behind me, and i point out that we don’t have that type of bagel and apologize for the inconvenience.

customer: “ well why don’t you have that type of bagel”
me: “i’m sorry sir, we’re just out of stock”
customer: “there’s a better reason than that, you still have the bagel in the menu! that’s false advertisement! why don’t you have that bagel”
me: “there’s nothing i can do to change the menu if we run out of something sorry. we make a certain number and that’s what we have, if we run out, then we’re out”
customer: “well why don’t you make more right now”
me:“sir, we just don’t have any for today, sorry”
customer:“i think i need a better explanation than that, i’m a customer”

at this point i was literally ready to lose it and i pulled out my attitude because this man comes in everyday and complains about something, whether it be that the bagel is too light, or it’s too dark, or if the sweetened iced tea isn’t sweet enough (i’m sorry? we have a measuring guideline on the amount of sugar to put!?!?)

me:“sorry is there anything else i can help you with instead of the bagel?”
customer: “just give me a blueberry bagel then”
me: “ok fine… total is $1.49”
customer:“ i asked for a bagel!”
me: “and that’s what i got for you, a blueberry bagel is $1.39 plus our tax!”
customer:“no that’s wrong” he started looking at the menu and saw that it was indeed 1.39 “oh it’s 1.39”
me:“ yes sir. ”
customer:“never mind then” literally storms away then comes back 20 minutes later and refused to come back to my cash register.

another incident with this same customer: we were nearing our closing time and we still had some pastries left over in our bakery, and Banera Pread donates all leftover bread and pastries to shelters, churches, people in need, schools, etc… anyways, the customer decided to come up to my register and i of course greeted him politely and asked if he wanted to order anything
customer:“since you’re closing, give me one of your leftover pastries for free”
me:“um sorry, i can’t do that, you could buy one if you’d like to”
customer:“you’re closing, just go ahead and give me one, you’re gonna throw them out anyways”
me: “we donate all leftovers to shelters such as food banks or salvation army”
customer:“ok well donate one to me”
me:“… sir i can’t just give you one, sorry”
customer:“i want to speak to your manager”
my manager came up and told him the exact same thing and he threw a fucking fit about it, like you are a grown fucking man, act like it.

He likes to act like he deserves to be treated highly which is pretty fucking funny considering i went to take my truck to a car wash and guess who washed my truck? that same fucking customer :) so i guess it works out in the end when he decides to treat my coworkers and i like shit.

My Anchor - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: So this is just an idea that crossed my mind. I’m not really proud of it but I just wanted to write something. So here it is. I also hope it is okay to tag some of my favorite Blogs in this imagine. If you don’t like being tagged please tell me, then I will remove you again.

A soft knock on my door was what woke me up this morning. I tiredly rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with my left hand.

“Come in”, I called through my apartment in the STARK Tower. I wouldn’t call it my home yet, because I’ve been here barely six month and it still felt strange sometimes.

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Y/f/n = your friend’s name

“I bet when Y/n smells hers it’ll smell like Ha–”

I dug my elbow into y/f/n’s side, stopping her from saying anything that Harry, who was sat a table away from us, would hear.

“Y/f/n, for the last time, I do not like him!” 

Y/f/n and her friend shared a look and I rolled my eyes and stepped back to my cauldron. I leaned in to waft the potion inside and immediately recognized the scent. I smelled fresh grass, pumpkin juice, and broomstick polish. 

“Hm…” I thought, “Grass, pumpkin juice, broomstick polish… grass… broomstick polish… BROOMSTICK POLISH.” My eyes widened and they went straight to the head of messy black hair that was just four feet away from me. Harry suddenly turned, his eyes as wide as mine, if not wider, and our eyes met. I blushed and looked away, back at my cauldron.

Y/f/n nudged me, “What does yours smell like?”

I stuttered, panicking, “Uh… um, just, you know. Blueberries.” She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously and nodded her head slowly. “Right… blueberries.”

When she went back to her seat, I glanced back at Harry. He was still looking over his shoulder at me and when he saw me look at him, he smiled an amused smile. My face grew hot and I smiled back. I guess y/f/n was right.

So I told @the-ice-goddess​ that I’d post a blurb of the Stuckony A/B/O that I’m still working on. Probably not as sexy as you guys would like but it’s hilarious to make up for it.

A lot of lingerie boxes were showing up now. Bucky and Steve had apparently taken the original gifts to mean ‘okay now that we know he’ll wear it he needs all of it.’ He could never tell who had ordered what; Bucky and Steve were both equally ecstatic when a new box showed up and insisted he try it on immediately. Honestly it was getting ridiculous, how often they dragged him out of the workshop to model his new lingerie. He’d almost given them strokes when he mentioned that he didn’t mind wearing garters and stockings just to get them to stop buying panties and nighties. ….Maybe he should let the alphas rip some of them off him. He was getting enough of a surplus.

Tony paused in front of the mirror again to admire the blue lace peeking out from under red silk. He ignored the scar on his chest. He’d had enough of that for one month, thank you. Instead, he fiddled with his makeup bag, wondering if he should add a little mascara or something. He decided against it. It was quite possible that one of the men would make him cry today. He didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of his mascara running. (They’d once threatened to throw out his waterproof mascara. Luckily he’d had Natasha and Pepper to go into a frothing rage over it with him. Makeup wasn’t cheap.)

“Pancakes are done, sweetheart!” he heard Steve call from the kitchen.

Tony took one last long look at his reflection, taking a second to fix his hair, then made his way to the kitchen where he could smell hot blueberry pancakes. “Can I sit on someone’s lap? Otherwise this plug is gonna be a little uncomfortable.”

Bucky spread his hands out immediately. “Yes. Sit on my lap. This one. Mine.”

“I’m not even sitting down yet, idiot,” Steve exclaimed, setting down a platter of bacon. “Of course he’s going to sit on your lap!”

Bucky still made grabby hands.

“You giant dork,” Tony said, amused, but sat in his lap. He squirmed around, trying to get comfortable, and smacked his hands away when he tried to help. “No, I’m hungry and want to eat before we have sex.”

“I guess that’s alright then,” the brunet sighed, even as his hands hovered awkwardly with the want to help. “So you know the plan, right?”

Tony nodded, finally getting comfortable, and reached for the pancakes. “Steve’s gonna go on his run, and you’re gonna stay here with me. Then Steve’ll come back, you’ll go do… something. I don’t know if you’ve decided yet. And then you’ll come back and hopefully we’ll have some slow, gentle sex where I don’t have to do anything because I bet I’m gonna be exhausted.”

“Sounds about right,” Steve said, shrugging. “What are you going to do while you’re gone, Buck?”

“Probably get Natasha to kick my ass, I dunno,” Bucky mumbled, eating slice after slice of bacon. “Nowhere I really wanna go unless I got one of you with me.”

Tony turned to frown at him. “Because you’re getting anxious in public again?”

“Because everywhere I wanna go is a date spot,” he corrected. “I don’t wanna be that sad creepy guy just lurking around.”

Steve snorted as he finally sat down with a plate of hash browns and snatched some bacon before Bucky could eat it all. “You’re the sad creepy guy lurking around even when it’s not a date spot.”

“I’m gonna wreck his ass and you won’t get to fuck him today,” Bucky threatened.

Tony rolled his eyes and sighed. “We’ve planned this for a month. You are not going to wreck my ass so he can’t fuck me.”

“I could,” the alpha mumbled, burying his face in his shoulder. “I could send him pictures of it, too, just to prove it.”

The omega rolled his eyes again, so hard it almost hurt. “You don’t get to send each other slutty pictures of me on your phones.”

The alphas scowled petulantly, because they wanted to, but when Tony had fretfully admitted that he didn’t want to have another sex scandal this late in life and his phones were great but not entirely hack-proof, they’d hurriedly agreed. He’d had his trust broken and his sex tapes exposed without his consent enough times already. It helped that he’d explained that JARVIS could take pictures and video and keep them safe for them, but it still made them foam at the mouth a little to know he’d been hurt that way, more than once.

“…You could go to a flower shop,” Steve suggested after a moment. “Pick up a bouquet for our pretty omega.”

Bucky hummed and looked the brunet up and down thoughtfully. “…Maybe I will.”

“I like lilies,” Tony offered, grabbing more pancakes.

Steve suddenly snorted, covering his mouth. “Oh my God. The sad creepy guy lurking in a flower shop.”

Bucky glared at him. “Wreck. His. Ass.

“Just don’t kill the flowers by scowling at them,” Tony added.

Bucky whined. “Not you, too!”

“Honey, you have a resting bitch face.”

“I’ve been practicing smiling in the mirror…” the alpha mumbled, brows furrowing together.

“I know, and you’re doing such a good job!” the omega praised. “You look slightly less angry when you’re not thinking now!”

Bucky frowned, because it sounded sincere enough, but the words… the words seemed like a joke. “…Thanks?”

Tony turned to press a syrup-sticky kiss to his cheek. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Keep practicing.”

Bucky turned to give Steve a besotted look because their omega was the sweetest in the weirdest ways. He was gratified to find Steve staring at Tony as if he’d hung the moon, sun, and stars. Tony was a gem. Their gem.

Tony yelped when he felt teeth close on the back of his neck. “Oh!”

“Are we starting now?” Steve asked, mouth full of hash browns. “I haven’t even finished my breakfast.”

Tony grabbed a napkin, frowning as he reached down to try and blot the blueberry stain out of Bucky’s pants. “Bucky, you made me drop pancake out of my mouth!”

Bucky snorted and let go of his neck, laughing.

By the cover {Part 1}

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Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting: 2.819

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else. 

[pt.2]  [pt.3]

There are two rules dictated by everyone’s freshmen year self. Number one: Don’t piss seniors off or you are dead. Number two: Be cool or you are dead.

Of course, that is just a stupid mindset but is the only thing in our minds when we are young. Luckily, you haven’t had to do much when you reached high school or pit effort to stick out. One step inside the halls and you were automatically crowned as a popular person. No, is not that you are this full of yourself but it’s just what happens when you are known as Johnny Seo’s best friend. Exactly, Johnny and you have been friends since kindergarten because your parents worked together. He was pretty, he knew how to act cool and he was the foreigner mysterious student. He didn’t need anything else to have almost all the girls letting sighs out for him when he walked around. He was popular and you hanged with him so you were popular in extension.

And like this, you pretty much accommodated on the “popular girl” kind of life; your own bubble of comfort and pretending. Inside this bubble laces with people formed a royalty class without a way to stop it. Untouchable kids, that’s what you became, untouchable and hella elitist. Because even if at first it’s just a stupid game for children, growing inside it is dangerous and easy at the same time.

Well, easy, at least for the freshman and sophomore year.  In the junior year things started getting wilder. Two words: Oh Sehun. He was a senior, the most popular kid of them all, a blonde tall and handsome model with a golden booty who also could buy everyone’s ass with his parent’s money. Somehow Johnny befriended him and the complicated web of contacts made you befriend him too. And everything went uphill like a fucking rollercoaster. Parties, reunions, more parties, betrayals, spite and, of course, love affairs.

You never wanted to enter the flinging mess but shit changed in the moment that Kim Yugyeom broke up with you to seek after other chicks. The bastard! And what did you do? Like an Untouchable Kid, like everyone that grew up in such a way, you showed everyone, and especially him, that you didn’t care. One after another you noted the boys that you made fall for you in a list. Oh, if you only made them fall… you used them like tissues and threw them after it. Is not that you were the school hoe but they were enough to get yourself the “heartbreaker” title, which was good because if you are a heartbreaker you are not a heartbroken.

Oh Sehun was finally retained in 12th grade so when you became a senior he was still there and in your class, indeed. That was the cherry on top when talking about danger. Suddenly, and without you noticing, you are immersed in a delirium of excess. Why? You only want to have fun, damn, you are 18! As soon as Sehun’s parents left for a business trip his house filled up with people dancing, making out and being too close of an ethylic intoxication for their age. You know… High School stuff.

You are there, cool kids’ protocol followed from head to toes. With a pink dress tight enough to make your curves be seen, lashes longer than your skirt and a red cup in your hand containing whichever booze Sehun bought in the nearest market. The plans of what you can do over the night are being examined by you carefully while Johnny stands by your side checking one by one the numerous assistants to the party. Judging by the look upon his face you can say that he hasn’t find something fun to do yet in the crowded mess.

-Let me ask again. What are we celebrating today?- he asks raising his voice over the noise and the music

-Jaehyun’s birthday?

-Jahyun’s birthday?

-Or maybe… Taeil’s birthday?

-Humm… i’ll go with that one. Did Jaehyun even come?

-He sure did, don’t you heard the rumor about he dating Rosé?- Rosé is a princess. Everybody loves her since she is smart and pretty and she was voted to be in charge of the students council by an absurd mayory- I’m sure it’s true and she is here so he must be here too i guess.

-Rosé with Jaehyun? That’s a power couple. I ship it.

-Yeah, they look like a movie romance- you take a ship of your verbiage before continuing- And Lee Taeyong is there too so Jaehyun is definitely here, they are best friends.

You turn around to mix the bitter taste of the alcohol in your cup with whatever you have in hand. But otherwise, Johnny keep his attention on the young man sitting on the couch. Blueberries juice? You roll your eyes, it is so typical of Sehun to buy something so over sweetened. You don’t think about it too much and pour it in the cup because it can’t taste worst than the cheap gin you are drinking.

-Don’t you think Taeyong is too boring?

-Boring?- you echo returning to your place by Johnny’s side with your drink in your hand - No i don’t think he is boring

-Nah, Y/N, look at him. He is sitting right there quietly. In a party!- you nail your eyes on the pink haired boy

-But do you really think he is boring? A boy with that appearance can’t be boring, it’s like written on the manual- Johnny arches his eyebrows

-Excuse me, i think i just heard you insinuating that Lee Taeyong is your type

-He is not my type, I’m just pointing that he is handsome- Johnny dramatically starts shaking you by the arm emitting a drowned fanboying sound

-You are not serious!

-Tsk- you blurt out- what are you doing i’m not a 15-years-old madly in love, i said he is handsome

-Handsome?- he wrinkles his nose- Maybe, but he looks like he has never broken a plate. You like cuties? Cute boys?

-I don’t think he is as cute as he looks, Johnny.

And it is true. A person who has the possibility of entering Sehun’s parties can’t be just innocent for various reasons. Lee Taeyong built a layer of mystery around himself when he came to High School last year. As cliché as it is, he was the transfer student and just a few people got to be close to him and see what he is up to. Of course, nor Johnny or you were that people.

-Listen, you know what would be funny?

-I think i’ll regret to ask but: what?

-If you tried to hit on Taeyong. I would prove to you that he is boring

-You are not hearing how stupid you sound?

-Oh my … you may commit a homicide!- Johnny keep mocking him -He might die of embarrassment, Y/N!!   

-Johnny stfu. I’m not hitting on him what are you saying?

-Just as a joke, have sense of humour!

-No. A million times no. Why don’t you hit on him if that looks so funny to you?- he arches an eyebrow again

-He doesn’t look like he liked the D’s. Get it Y/N, he is from the basket team, the gay team in our school is the baseball team… duh!- he starts pissing you off with a friendly tone

-Imma knock you down, Mr. Seo

-Key, calm down- he laughs together with you- Let’s find Jeffrey i wanna ask him if he is sleeping with Rosé?

-Why so interested?

-I like Jisoo and they are friends, you know… things come easy

-Really? Jisoo?

-She looks like a kitten


And as well as the rumors are saying, you find Jaehyun flying around Rosé. She is looking as flawlessly as she tends to do, chatting and dancing at equal amounts but the first one seems to have a bit less of tolerance against alcohol that he wants to show. He is standing perfectly straight but judging by the way his sleeves are rolled up and that he is brushing his hair back nervously you would say that his ship is going into a storm, in terms of balance.

-Hey, Jae, how is it going? I find you kinda… heated- Jaehyun laughs welcoming you and Johnny into the conversation

-Listen, is not me, the fucking Sehun always with his stupid blueberries liquor. You know if you mix sugar with alcohol shit gets pretty real sooner.

-I told him “buy tonic”. Did he listen? He never does- the three of you laugh for a while until Johnny decides to ask The Question- Talking about candies… what is it with the president, huuuh?

-Rosie?- Jaehyun’s lips slightly reflect a smile which already makes you confirm every theory you had

-Yeah… Rosie- says Johnny mimicking Jaehyun’s sugar coated tone- Girlfriend or hook-up?

-Johnny i told you to not ask him like that!- you scold him hitting on his arm and making the other boy laugh- Sorry Jaehyun…

-It’s ok, it’s ok… she is a girlfriend, Johnny

-Congrats or something? She is really pretty

This goes followed by some short explanation of a romantic scenario with Rosé as main character but Johnny has already found out what he wanted, therefore, he is not listening. He makes an expression that is, in part, undecipherable, but the way he grins to himself and quietly takes a long ship from his cup makes the other boy suspicious even if he is half drunk to register it.

-Oh boy, what is that face about?

-Isn’t your Rosie a friend with Jisoo, the one from the school choir?

-Mmm…I guess? That one? - Jaehyun turns his attention to his girlfriend who is now dancing alone with some friends and points to a brunette small woman. Your bestie nods already implying what he wanted to say with a smirk- You are interested in her?


-I don’t know, she is a bit like… classy, i don’t think she wants to…- he directs a look to Johnny gesturing over him with his hands- …that

You burst into laughter at how fast Johnny’s expression changed as his hopes slightly dropped. And honestly Jaehyun is laughing hard too, probably the half of that laugh is just because of how drunk he is and not because of the joke but who cares at that point, you aren’t sober either.

-Hey!- the tall silhouette of an almost 2 meters tall boy makes a sudden appearance by your side.

Rowoon Kim, more known as the handsome face of the basketball team. He is a kind, apacible guy from the 3rd grade but he keeps being as eye-candy for the girls as the others. The tall tanned boy leans on the wall with a wide smile, holding a couple of bowls with a lot of folded papers inside that makes you die of curiosity.

-Hey Rowoon!- you salute him cheerfully- Want to join? We were about to roast Johnny

-Hyung, what did you do now?

-Nothing, they are just shaming me. Wassup with that?- Johnny points at the crystal bowls asking what everyone was thinking

-This?- he says making the papers move inside the recipients- Well, Sehun has the worst ideas so he asked me to make people put their names in this to do a Super Lotto Show.

- Lotto? What is the price then?- you say curious

-7 minutes in Paradise


-One plate for the girls and one for the boys. Then a paper is chosen from each bowl and the winners get a ticket to Paradise a.k.a the closet

-Sehun has the best ideas- Johnny blurts out with a grin understanding the system

You also perfectly catch the idea that is running in Sehun’s machiavellian mind. If you want to keep your reputation as a king of hosts and parties you may want to make people talk about such parties for at least a week. And you need to put sauce on them to make that happen. The fuel of making a memorable party is the gossiping, after all.

-People call a Paradise the first thing they see, nowadays- exclaims Rosé with a humorous tone joining the conversation

-President! let me tell you that a real man can make a paradise out of any place

-Johnny cut it out- says Jaehyun who is already hugging his girlfriend

-Well, guys, do you want to play?

-Sure- Johnny doesn’t need more time to write his name with a clear handwriting and put it inside the bowl under the amused look of Rowoon- Tell me, president, are any of your friends participating?

-Nayeon, Jisoo and our Jennie- there is an exchange of mischievous looks between the three present boys and a small chuckle from your side

-Jaehyun?- continues Rowoon dissimulating

-I don’t think so

-And i guess Rosé doesn’t want to play, either, for equal reasons…-the girl shakes his head- Y/N?

-Yeah, i don’t know…

-C'mon, it can be fun- He encourages you- I put my name too because what can i lose?


-Ohg- Johnny grunts and, taking a paper, he writes down your name fast and ads a little heart by its side as if he wants to make everyone believe that was written by yourself. And then he shoves the paper into the bowl mixing it with the thick amount of names and losing it forever- There you go


-What? Imma quote your words before we came here: “I’m in the mood for an epic party, i’m wearing this skirt i bought for 40 bucks i'ma slay!”

-I didn’t say that. Not the last part

- “Johnny put my name in the goblet of fiyaaaah”

-Okay whatever- you say amused handing him your empty cup- But please refill that, just in case our names came out together i need to be at least a bit drunk

-Bish!- you blow him a sarcastic kiss and watch him go to fill the cups under the persistent and funny eyes of Rowoon who murmurs something about seeing you later and disappear into the crowd to collect people’s names.

The poor boy has caught the burden of helping Sehun around for one night which must be tiring and mostly annoying.

Until 12pm the party can be resumed with three words which are dancing, drinking and talking. Jaehyun endured it well all night and kept his “i’m a manly man and i’m not affected by alcohol” facade but he suddenly hits rock bottom with the ethanol level on his blood and he practically carries Rosé to the dancefloor to get lost in the mass of moving bodies. The most probable thing is that they won’t come back in at least one hour and that they are going to spend some quality time somewhere they consider a good emplacement. But this is something that none of you give importance to.

It’s only midnight and the party is decaying inside your group of friends due to the high number of cups you have downed. And you know it when you see Johnny bet with Taeil who of them two can reach the highest note while singing “My heart will go on”. Thankfully, the prince party Sehun makes his entrance in the room and gathers everyone’s attention before they have time to start screaming.

To be honest it’s the first time you see him since the night started, no matter if it is his own fucking house. He walks to the center of the room and with a click of his fingers the music’s volume drops to a soft background music and the DJ hangs him a microphone. He taps it a couple of times doing a not necessary but very flamboyant mic check.

-Goodnight people. I hope everyone is having the time of their lives- the noise of people cheering sounds loud- As you see i prepared a game with all my heart because Jesus knows i love to play- people in the crowd giggle to the comment and cheer again-  Good luck to everyone. Now Rowoon, honey, can you make the honours? We need an innocent hand

The junior quickly mixes the papers and pulls out one from the bowl marked with a pink sticker. The note is ripped off fast from his hand by the oldest. He unfolds it and giving everyone their spoon of expectation tapping the mic again.

- “Y/n  Y/l/n. Heart”- you half smile at the calling and wave your hand towards the host who waves back understanding your presence. Johnny’s attention comes back to you jiggling- She is a very pretty friend of mine, people, lets see who is the lucky guy. Rowoon please.

Again the same process with the paper and the incertidumbre and this time you can say it’s worth it because you almost choke at Sehun’s voice.

-”Lee Taeyong”

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I guess the blueberry thing started with the color of his eyes??? But still you’re right, blueberry is the right word to describe the many shades of his personality

you have disgruntled blueberry

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focused runner blueberry

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manicure king blueberry

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determined blueberry

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nobody can drag me down blueberry 

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smiling blueberry (???)

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power serve blueberry

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milky blueberry

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creepy blueberry

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sleepy blueberry

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dancing blueberry

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and probably one of the most precious versions: in real life blueberry!!! 

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Blueberry Muffins || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Please write about a Reader that bakes to calm down, but lately she’s super stressed and bakes a lot and every time she gives Peter some of her muffins. He eventually notices her stress and comforts her. With a lot of Fluff please :D]]

time to work on more requests~ also my ask box is closed for requests since I have so many I have to catch up on ;w;

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warnings: none

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**don’t repost/plagiarize this plot**


For some odd reason, there was a strong scent of blueberry muffins detected in the air that spread throughout the hallways of Peter’s apartment complex.

This wasn’t to say that Peter was complaining or anything, since the scent was positively delicious to him, he just wasn’t sure how and why the smell of blueberry muffins baking started filling the air.

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Saturday | 12:00am 

“Of course Robin would say telepathy is better. His whole family is telepathic. Why does he always smell like blueberry gummy bears?Can telepathics read minds? Oohf I shouldn’t have cleared out that last hit. Anyway, I guess it’s time to meet the Eye herself”