he is SO CUTE


But can we just talk about this lovable dork?

This man is married to a Beifong. And not just any Beifong, the daughter of Toph Beifong herself. So you’d think, “wow badass power couple” but look at him hugging onto the corner. Most people would think “wow, what a scaredy cat” but I think this scene was so adorable. Especially when Su calls him “sweetie”. She tries to calm him down and reassure him that everything is gonna be okay. She even stayed with him. She could’ve easily left him while Lin tried to grab him but she didn’t. She waited until he was on the other side to leave with Lin. Their relationship is so cute. But anyway:

A lot of people are degrading him for acting this way but he’s not just scared, he’s terrified. Look at how high they are!

He’s scared for his life!

Baatar Sr, from what we know, is just an architect. A simple, “just there” kind of guy. His wife and kids are all benders so I feel that they have some type of security if Lin did drop them (which wouldn’t’ve happened but still). Like they could’ve bended some type of rock out to catch their fall or something. But from what I gather, Baatar Sr isn’t a bender (I could be wrong) so he doesn’t have that security. Su is the daughter of Toph and used to be a rebel which means she probably had many adventures so this was nothing. Wei and Wing seem like they live for adventure so this was probably fun for them. And Huan, I feel like he was just like “just don’t drop me please” to Lin. But this is Baatar. A simple workaholic. He’s not used to this nor was he prepared for it.

But what’s interesting is how much people think he’s a coward yet to me, he’s the bravest man ever.

When his loyalty to his wife and family was tested, he didn’t just bail out, he fucking stood there and didn’t move a muscle.

Baatar is in this prison solely because he chose not to bow to Kuvira, even after Jr yelled at him. He knew exactly what he was gonna go through if he didn’t bow but he didn’t anyway. Because that’s the kind of man he is. He’s a little dorky, yeah, but he’s also loyal to those he loves even if it means putting himself in a dangerous situation.

I don’t care what anyone says, I freaking love Baatar Sr. He is so dorky yet so admirable at the same time.