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Chris Wood SUPERGIRL Interview Comic Con HD 3/3 (Here’s 1 and 2)

He said he wanted to sing in the musical episode and I went awww and his character analysis is spot on and stresses that this season will be about self-discovery and Mon El’s new role !! When he comes back it’s Exciting !! He has been on set already !! He loves Kevin Smith! and START THE CAR !! was totally his line lol!

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Connor Murphy x Cheerleader!Reader hcs

- Connor met you for the first time because you’re friends with Zoe and he had to drive you, Alana, and Zoe to the mall

- Connor really didn’t want to, but he had to

- His parents weren’t able to and he needed the car after, so here he was driving down the highway with 3 teenage girls laughing in the back seat

- Well Zoe was sitting shotgun, but she kept talking to the two girls behind him

- He was trying not to lash out, he wanted to though

- The laughter was like needles on a chalkboard to him

- Occasionally he’d look in the rearview mirror, he’d see your smile and kind of scoff

- But he doesn’t do it cause he’s like ew smiles

- He does it because he thinks you’re beautiful, but doesn’t want to accept that

- When you guys get to the mall, be breaks away from you quickly

- He spends most of his time in Hot Topic or the food court

- The only bad thing about Hot Topic is that some of the employees are dead set on talking to him

- That’s when he retreats to Chick Fil A to get a milkshake

- He sits alone and looks around at all the people

- Then you, Zoe, and Alana decided to ruin his good ole me time and sat near him

- Zoe and Alana went to get food and you kept glancing at Connor

- Not in a bad way, but you were interested in him and you thought he was a little cute whoops

- But Connor took it as you staring at him because he was a freak and weird

- “Take a picture, it will last longer” he barked at you

- you looked away quickly and your cheeks flushed

- after a few awkward moments, you moved to sit across from him

- “I didn’t mean to stare, well. I didn’t mean for you to take it in a bad way. I just wanna get to know you, that’s all. I don’t think you’re a freak”

- Connor nodded in response

- After that minute interaction, you started talking to him more and more

- and badabing badaboom, two months later you two started dating

- When you were nearing the end of your school year, the cheer captain came up to you and asked you to try out to be on the squad next year

- You were confused because you weren’t super athletic, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t excited

- Then, you grew worried because cheerleaders were seen as prissy and you knew how Connor felt about “popular” people

- But still, you hoped Connor would see past the standard stereotypes and support you

- At lunch, you asked him how he felt about cheerleaders, to test the waters

- “You know how u feel. Most of them are just stuck up girls who have no sense got others feelings.”

- “But have you ever actually talked to any of them?”, you retorted

- “No I haven’t. Why do you care?”

- you looked at him angrily, “I just don’t think you should judge people you don’t know. You didn’t like it when people did that to you.”

- Connor felt a flash of guilt, you were right

- “I’m going to try out.”, you said to him

- He was shocked, “Wait, what?”

- “They want me to, so I will. I would like your support on this.”

- Connors attitude took an 180, “Yeah, I’ll support you. I promise.”

- “Wait what?”

- Connor repeated himself

- You smiled brightly and gave him a big ole hug, “Thank you!”

- When it came time for you to try out, you were beyond nervous

- You had been practicing ever since you got asked, much to Connor’s dismay

- He wanted you to pay attention to him and do the things you two normally did when you hung out

- Ex: watch Twilight Zone, read poetry books, make out

- But now almost all your attention was on your routine

- But being near you was good enough for Connor

- When you actually tried out, Connor waited for you outside the gym

- He was nervous for you, not because he didn’t think you wouldn’t make it

- You were in there for like 20 minutes and that made him worried because you said it would only be like 10 minutes

- Then when you came out you had a beaming smile

- You gave him a massive hug

- He hugged back, “Did you make it?”

- “Well, I won’t know for sure for like a week but I think I did!”

- Connor was at an emotional crossover

- On one hand, he was happy and excited for you because you really wanted to be on the squad

- But he was also scared because he didn’t want you to be introduced to this new life and leave him behind

- When you got the results back, you were on cloud fricken 9

- Connor tried to mimic your happiness, but it was hard to

- You could see how sullen he looked after you told him the news

- But, you reassured him that you loved him and you weren’t ever going to leave him

- That settled him for a while

- Sometimes when you had to leave a date early by like 10 minutes, he felt like cheerleading would take over your life

- But he sucked it up and supported you every step of the way

- He even went to the first game you cheered at

- He clapped, while Zoe yelled, “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND”

- lol she had no fear in expressing how proud of you she is 

- ANYWHO after the game some of the cheerleaders wanted you to go to some party and you are like nah I wanna hang out with my boyfriend

- And Connor felt really happy

- He was so giddy because you wanted to be with him

- What??? Did??? He??? Do??? To??? Deserve??? You???

- That night was just cuddles and sci-fi movies

- He was v proud of you

- NOW TO MORE BROAD HEADCANONS (does that make sense)

- Connor is like really jealous of the other cheerleaders

- Because they spend so much time with you

- And he also his very suspicious of the football players because he sees them all as sleazy

- When he’s around the football players and you (which is every seldom) he’s like physical in the sense that he’s holding your hand, or has an arm wrapped around your shoulders or waist

- Like a subtle way of being like back off they’re mine

- tbh he never saw the appeal of the cheerleader uniforms until he saw you in yours for the first time

- he immediately thought you looked smokin’

- he made sure what you knew that (if ya catch my drift lmao)

- Plus he also thought you just looked so adorable when you were cheering with the squad

- just looking like you were having the time of your life

- his heart just swelled with immense love

- he got very worried when you had to do any flips and stuff

- when he heard of it, he wouldn’t stop being paranoid that you’d get hurt

- he’d be on the edge of his seat when you were doing your routine

- when you succeed, he’d let out a breath and smile

- golly gee he loves you and is proud of you for doing what you love and not succumbing to the stereotypes

anyway my friend in psychology and i stayed up a little to talk and stuff and i was saying how after class he didnt take the train with us (with mE because we both go down at the same station and its like,, theres this station where all your friends would get off and i’d just be alone for another few stations and sometimes i get lonely lol but point is he doesnt take the train with us period) and it wasnt like i was upset or making fun of him, i was just purely making an observation

and he started off with

‘being around people makes me anxious’ and he laughed and then continued with ‘like im used to taking the train alone so when i have to take with friends its like shit what do i say what do we talk about’ and never, in my life, have i ever related to something so hard,, and i just,,,,,, 


Supergirl.tv: SDCC 2017 Interview With Chris Wood 2/3 (Here’s 1 and 3)

Again he mentions the hero arc that was already pitched out to him in the beginning. But what stood out was while describing his take on karamel he mentions how he doesn’t think its “Unhealthy” or “Toxic” which leads me to think that the words have surely reached him because he was so specific and that just made me sad because I had thought naively that the hate hadn’t reached him in full.

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from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

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Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks
Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks told us their favorite character moments from Season 2. * ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Gets Season 3; ...

Ok…not to freak out or anything but did anyone else hear that last part Jeremy Shada said? 

Specifically the “shoot first ask questions later” part? 

Sound familiar?

Right. And it was in reference to him flirting….so i’m not freaking out you’re freaking out this is fine.


Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.