he is just so me


taehyung eating a burger while giving life advices and being an all-around goodball (aka the 45 minute vlive that made me feel hungry and sentimental at the same time) pt. 1

save him

okay but i found it so hilarious that the master instantly called missy missy because she didn’t make any sort of introduction or announcement like he just knows she calls herself missy which implies that throughout their lives they’ve considered the scenario of regenerating into a woman and picked name for like it didn’t just happen with her regenerating and chosing a name but they had it all planned out in case it happened and that’s both hilarious and amazing

Oh my god guys I’m crying! So as every night I was drawing a bit while listening to CR and when I decided to check up on twitter I see this



Does anyone else ever think about Lucifer sitting at the end of Sam’s bed, docile as a kitten, telling him he wants to give him everything

Because I do. 

I think about it a lot. 

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How many times, do you think, you've accidentally used your ult. It makes me feel so bad, I wish I had a "sorry" line for the characters ๐Ÿ˜‚

One time a lucio or somebody booped me off the map and I used transcendence like that was gonna save me somehow


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I’m back!

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I am back. I’m still alive -barely- and have returned from the two and a half weeks from hell. Finals are not over yet, of course, (why would they be? lol) but the worst part is, so, things will start getting back to normal. I’ll try to start catching up with reading and reblogs and things I’ve been tagged in from tomorrow. 

Also, thank you all for the love you’ve shown Tennessee Whiskey. I will reply to each comment individually in a few days, but for now just know it means the world to me.

Uh, that’s all, I think. I’m just going to sleep now so that, hopefully, I won’t look like a zombie again tomorrow. 

‘Night, everyone!

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