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Love Pendant - kidge AU

So meanwhile i’m still working on PrincessTutu AU stuff, i came up with different AU for Kidge and maybe pidgexpaladins in the background, i dunno.

Here is summary :
Pidge was helping Coran with cleaning up the lab. While working, she found an old, silver pendant with green jewel in a shape of two leafs and strange flower in the middle. Coran told her it was just a souvenir and part of his old experiment on Galras but it was useless since pendant did not work on them.

Pidge, obviously curious, took pendant with her. Little did she know, this thing would cause her so much trouble, because she thought she was prepared for everything, but not for her friends falling in love with her.

What Coran did not say was it does bring love, but only if user is wearing it,
it won’t work between different species and will not have any effects on people who are already in love with someone or that person…

So basically imagine Pidge running away from cuddly Hunk, flirty Lance and clingy Shiro, only to realize Keith seems to be the only paladin who weirdly enough seems to be not affected by pendant.
She thinks it’s because he is in love with Allura or being half galra, while he is trying really hard to just find a right moment for him and Pidge to be alone.
And the reason why she can’t just throw it off  is, it’s stuck until she will confess to her soulmate, true love.
“(…)Is this because he is half galra? Or maybe it has to do something with things he wants to talk about with Pidge so badly, but gets interrupted everytime others are trying to flirt with her - he thought, watching with anger as Lance leans closer to Pidges face with wide flirty smirk.”

Biden facts:

  • First marriage had to overcome fiancees parent’s unhappiness with their daughter marrying a Roman Catholic (which they did)
  • His wife and baby daughter died, and both sons were injured in a crash just weeks after he was elected senator - an election in which he was the underdog, and his campaign was mostly managed by his family with little funding (1972)
  • Wanted to resign in order to care for his sons
  • For his boys’ sake he commuted an hour and a half each morning and evening to Washington DC  so he could see them everyday
  • Hosted barbecues and christmas dinner annually for Amtrak crews
  • Amtrak crews would sometimes hold the last train for a few minutes so he could catch it
  • Never works on December 18th, the day his wife and daughter died
  • after his first election as U.S. senator for Delaware he was re-elected 6 times - usually with around 60% of the vote
  • May 1999 he set the mark for the youngest senator to cast 10,000 votes
  • Ranked as one of the least wealthy members of the senate
  • Was banned in 2008 from receiving Holy Communion by the bishop of his original hometown, Scranton, because of his support for abortion rights
  • Was caught on microphone telling Obama that signing the ACA was “a big fucking deal” during live broadcasts
  • Obama’s daughter Sasha and Biden’s granddaughter Maisy attended the same school together, which helped form the obama-biden friendship
  • Biden’s friendships on the senate floor were often instrumental in passing major legislation
  • In 2015 he reduced his schedule to spend more time with his son Beau, who was fighting and later died from brain cancer  
  • One of only 4 recipients from the last 4 presidents to receive the presidential medal of freedom with distinction 
  • Dr Jill Biden, his wife, is one of only 2 second ladies to continue her day job - teaching at Northern Virginia Community College - and is founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative (an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer with young women in Delaware) 
  • just a fucking decent dude

I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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  • Gryffindor: Remember we leave for our Hogsmeade trip at 9 tomorrow. So you should probably get up around 8 to shower and eat first.
  • Ravenclaw: I have three alarms set
  • Ravenclaw: 7:43, 7:52 and, 8:08
  • Gryffindor: Why did you have to pick the three most random times?
  • Ravenclaw: They aren't random. I simply made the hour the sum of the two minutes. So 4 plus 3 is 7 which is why I chose 7:43.
  • Gryffindor: Of course you did.
min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: finally my hair doesn't match our albums anymore
  • Jimin: guys check it out i dyed my hair pink now i look like the right version!
  • Yoongi: *already reaching for the blue dye* wow what a coincidence