he indeed looks like a vampire

Imagine seeing Elijah again after 5 years.

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Hey guys! So, I’m not at home right now, I’ll be back Sunday and I just wrote this and now that I have wifi for a little while I thought I’d post this. It must have a few mistakes as it’s really late and I haven’t reread it.

Imagine seeing Elijah again after 5 years.

Words: 2529

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Please, let me know what you think. It always makes me so happy :)

I’m also working on The Immortals. I don’t know when I’ll be done.

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“…instead of trying too hard to look young. I want to look my age, but still have some charm. Just looking young as a “frozen man” isn’t as important. I don’t want to dye my hair pink and pretend like I’m young, like someone.” -Jang Suwon, 2016

Should’ve Kissed You

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 992
summary : (sort of) based on ‘I Should’ve Kissed You’ by One Direction
note : this is an old draft i found on my phone and just got it finished around 4AM, hope you guys like it ☺
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Being invited to a party at Elena’s dorm at the end of the weekend, was a surprise for Kai. A part of him thought that maybe after he lifted the spell linking Elena and Bonnie, they were starting to warm up to him so when Damon had asked, Kai had agreed to go but only because there was someone he hoped to see at the party.
The night was dragging itself slowly and he spent most of his time with his least favourite Salvatore, mainly because the vampire refused to leave him alone, probably thinking Kai would murder someone. However the young heretic’s mind was far away from this, completely consumed by thoughts about only one person and he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away from her since the moment she walked in.
   “Does she have a boyfriend ?” he asked, when she looked at him for the hundredth time that night with a smile on her face, making his heart skip a beat.
Damon followed Kai’s gaze and clenched his jaw the moment he saw who the young heretic meant. A few metres away, at the other end of the room stood Y/N, Caroline and Elena. They were talking and laughing at something on the younger girl’s phone, while holding a red plastic cup in their hands.
   “No, no. Don’t even think about it.” growled the vampire. “She is too good for you.”
   “I was just asking.” said Kai, raising his hands in defence. For a second it looked like he might give up on the subject, but then he leaned in a little towards Damon, asking the same question. The vampire gulped the rest of the bottle with bourbon in his hands at once and sighed.
   “No. She doesn’t. Y/N is shy when it comes to liking guys that way. Even if she likes someone, no chance she’d do or say something.”
Kai felt a spark of hope hearing Damon’s words. Y/N was single –
   “Why not ? Who would say ‘no’ to her ? She is so beauti –” Kai cleared his throat, seeing Damon’s expression. “I am just saying. Whoever she chooses will be the luckiest man alive.”
   “Indeed.” the vampire patted Kai’s back with a smirk on his face. “Except, it won’t be you.” he said in a serious tone.
The young heretic looked at Damon as if to say ’We’ll see about that.’ and got up, finishing his cup before leaving it on the table. He took a few steps towards Y/N before Damon grabbed him and whooshed them down the hallway, pinning the heretic to the wall with his hand around his neck.
   “Listen to me, twirp. You are lucky I haven’t ripped your head off by now.“
   “Why haven’t you?”
   “Someone asked me very politely not to, saying that you deserve a chance –“
   “Who ?” wondered Kai, his mind immediately going to Y/N. Who else would ask Damon that ? Surely wasn’t Elena … or Bonnie.
   “Not important.“ grinned the vampire. “Point is – stay away from her. Y/N doesn’t need you hur–”
   “Motus.” muttered Kai, sending the vampire flying away from him. “I am not going to hurt her. I think I might be –” he stuttered and sighed, looking at the ground.
   “Don’t you dare say it.” threatened Damon.
Kai rubbed his neck, glancing at his least favourite Salvatore. He liked Y/N, maybe even more than like her. Out of everyone in the group she was the only one who actually made him feel welcome and appeared to enjoy his company as much as he enjoyed hers. Ever since the moment he saw her, he wanted her to like him, for them to be friends … Perhaps more than friends, if he was lucky. He had spent countless nights since they met, laying awake at night thinking about her and only her, wondering if there was someone in her life. Now that he knew there wasn’t, he wanted to do something and find out if she felt the same way about him. To find out if her she felt like she couldn’t breath when they weren’t together, or if her skin turned to fire just at the thought of being in each other’s arms.
Kai wasn’t good at emotions or feelings but he knew he felt something about this girl and he wanted to be better because of her. When the young heretic had put the sleeping curse on Elena, no part of him had intended on ever lifting it but after learning who the doppelganger was to the girl he liked, things changed. He had done it for Y/N. To give her back her best friend growing up.
   “Once. Trust me just this once. Y/N might not even like me that way –”
   “If you hurt her in any way, I will kill you. Got it ?”
   “Got it.” said Kai, taking a step towards the room while fixing his shirt and hair. He stopped at the entrance and took a deep breath. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when Y/N looked up at him and he could hear her heart trying to leap out of her chest all the way from where he was standing when their eyes met. Kai made his way through the crowd, feeling nervous all of the sudden. wondering what he was going to say to her.
A few moments later, he had shortened the distance between them and was now standing barely a step away from her and Elena, who glanced between them and then went to talk to Damon at the other end of the room, leaving them all alone.
   "Hey.” smiled Kai.
   “Hey.” she smiled back.
Y/N wasn’t like all the other girls he had met, she wasn’t even like her friends. There was something about her, maybe it was her kind heart or the fact she had seen a sliver of good in him when everyone told her she was crazy and had given him a chance, that pulled every fibre in his body towards her and he was pretty sure he’d fight off anyone who dared and tried to steal her from him.
   “What w-were you and Damon arguing about?” she interrupted his thoughts. ”I haven’t seen him clench his jaw like that in weeks…”
   “You, actually.”
Y/N looked at him with surprise in her eyes. “Me ?”
   “He doesn’t approve of me coming to talk to you. He is worried I’d hurt you or something.” sighed Kai. “I’d never hurt you… though, he doesn’t seem to want to believe me.”
Y/N turned in the direction of her friends, who were talking without taking their eyes off her and Kai. Damon smiled at them, waved his fingers in a ‘hello’ and leaned in to say something to Elena. Everyone always assumed Kai had some sinister plan, a hidden motive behind his actions. Everyone but not her. Y/N liked him, but as usual she didn’t have the courage to tell Kai how she felt.
   “Who cares what he thinks?” she muttered, taking a sip from her cup. “I am more than happy you are here. And I um - I like talking to you.”
   “You don’t find my constant talking annoying ?“
   “No. Not at all.” she smiled shyly and Kai smiled back at her.
   “Hey um… D-do you want to dance or something?”
   “I’d love to.” she said, her eyes lighting up at his question.
Kai smiled widely at her and took the cup from her hands, feeling sparks of electricity the second he touched her and by the looks of it, she felt them too. He left the cup on the nearest table and they pushed their way through the crowd, his hand carefully placed on her back while listening to her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. For a while they danced and Y/N could barely tear her eyes away from him, just like he couldn’t take his eyes off her. There was something different about the way she was looking at him in that moment, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Her friends’ kept starring at them, but neither of them cared. Then a slow song started to play. Y/N rubbed her nose just like every time she was nervous and took a step back.
   “Um…“ she started to say, when he placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him again. Y/N looked up at him, smiling nervously. “I am not good at slow songs. I’ll step on your foot and –”
   “I want to dance with you. I don’t mind you stepping on my foot –”
I just want to hold you in my arms, always and forever. he finished in his mind before leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Vampire, remember ?”
Y/N’s lips curled and a moment later her hands hooked around his neck. Their eyes met and her breath got caught in her throat while she got lost in his smoky blue eyes glowing like never before in that instant. They were standing so close to each other, she was worried he might actually feel her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. Kai rested his forehead on hers, her cheeks flushed immediately and she completely forgot how to breath. Neither of them even noticed the song had changed, neither of them cared about anything else but the other. It felt as if the temperatures in the room had gone up suddenly the closer his lips got to hers, their eyes darting between the others’ eyes and lips. His hot breath was intoxicating her completely and just as he was about to kiss her, Y/N’s feet caved in.
   “Are you okay? You look like you might faint or something ?” asked Kai with concern, holding her towards him. “Maybe we should go get some fresh air or something –”
   “Mmmhmmm … s-sounds good.” she said, her eyes fluttering closed for a second while he snaked his hand around her waist. Having him hold her like this was definitely not helping her remember how to breath, or calm down her heart. And she couldn’t stop thinking how it felt as if his hands and her body were two pieces of a puzzle, fitting perfectly with each other.

They made their way through the crowd and walked outside, sitting on the steps at the entrance of the building. Y/N took a deep breath, feeling the cold air fill her lungs and her mind cleared up a little. Though not nearly enough.
   “Feeling better ?” he asked, not taking his eyes off her.
   “Yeah, yeah.“ she smiled at the ground, hoping her heart would calm down but that never happened. All she could think about was how he had almost kissed her and that out of all the girls who kept making googly eyes at him all night, he only appeared to have eyes for her. Or maybe she was imagining it. “It got too hot in there.”
   “Tell me about it.” he muttered, wiping his face with his hand.
For a few long moments, neither of them said a thing. They only kept stealing glances at the other and Y/N couldn’t help but notice how his eyes sparkled differently in that moment and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
   "So um, are you having fun ? At the party I mean?“
   “No, not until I got to dance with you.” he smiled nervously. “Damon invited me and then pretty much forced me to hang out with him. Makes no sense. He doesn’t even like me –”
   “He didn’t. I mean… I kind of made him invite you. Though I thought I’d be the one hanging out with you all night, n-not him.“ she said quietly, smiling at the ground again.”I got pulled away before I got the chance –”
   “You are the one who wanted me to come ?” he smiled, with a hint of surprise in his voice. “Why didn’t you ask me yourself ?”
   “I um…” she laughed nervously, avoiding his question. “I like being around you. You are funny and –“
– you get my heart racing like no one has ever been able to. she finished in her mind.
Kai lifted her chin up until their eyes met and he could hear her heart skip a beat the moment he touched her, and then her heart rate increased to dangerous levels. “Woww. Does that mean you lik– are not afraid of being all alone with the big bad heretic ?”
Y/N gazed into his blue eyes for a long moment, drowning in them for a millionth time. Had he just almost asked her if she likes him ? Why had he changed his mind mid-sentence ?
   “No. Why would I be afraid being around one of my friends ? I um .. actually, I – ” she smiled nervously, getting tongue tied yet again. I like you and I want to be near you and be in your arms, always. she finished in her mind.
   “I’ve never had a friend before.” he smiled, “This feels nice. Hey, maybe we can go um get some coffee sometime or … go see a movie or something? F-friends do that right ?”
   “Yeah, f-friends do that. J-just the two of us, r-right ?” she said quietly, her eyes darting between his lips and his eyes. Had he just asked her out ? Kai gently brushed his palm against her cheek and nodded, slowly leaning in towards her. Without realising it Y/N slowly leaned in towards him too, her heart beating so fast she was worried everyone could hear it. Kai surely could. They gazed longingly into each others eyes, their lips barely a half an inch away — and then a large group of college students rushed past them down the stairs, nearly trumping them over.
Kai cleared his throat while Y/N blinked fast a couple of times, starring at the night sky. A shooting start glazed across it in a blink of an eye, so fast she wasn’t sure it had really happened, but she made a wish anyways.
   “I should um … We should probably go back –”
   “Yeah, yeah of course.” said Kai, helping her up. “So um, h-how does F-friday movie night sounds ? I can compell the whole movie theatre j-just for … us.”
   “Can I pick the movie ?“
Kai grinned. “Absolutely.”
    “Hey so, what do you want to – “ said Y/N, turning around so abruptly as they got at the entrance, they bumped into each other and she would’ve fallen unless it had been for Kai’s hand on her waist, holding her steady. He pushed her against the door frame, bracing his hand next to her head when another group college students rushed inside. Y/N could feel her heart beats blurring into one and her cheeks were for sure a very bright shade of red in that moment. Kai’s lips were barely a heart beat away from hers and she wanted to feel them on hers so badly in that moment.
    “Whatever you want to … watch.” he replied, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. 
A small smile showed on her face and Y/N reached to touch his cheek, feeling his breath on her face intoxicating her. This time will be different. I don’t want to lose him to someone else. she thought, feeling Kai’s hand on her waist pulling her towards him. I can tell him. Maybe he feels the same. Maybe –
   “Y/N ! There you are !” Elena grabbed her hand. “Come on. I want to show you something.”
Kai closed his eyes and sighed. There it was again. How it was they always got interrupted somehow ? His eyes followed Y/N through the crowd and she turned around looking at him while Elena continued pulling her away from him. It looked as if she was trying to say something but before he had had time to figure out what, he had lost sight of her. He couldn’t help but feel angry at himself he had missed the moment again, still feeling the lingering feeling of her body this close to his. Almost as if she was still in his arms –

    “Why did you do that ?“ Y/N asked Elena, a hint of frustration in her voice. “I was just about to –”
   “No, Y/N. Listen to me. He is bad news.” said her friend, passing her a cup with bear. Y/N pushed it away. Her mind was foggy enough from all that had happened, or had nearly happened with Kai and she didn’t need the extra buzz.
   “That doesn’t mean I can’t kiss him and like it. Or feel something for him for that matter.” she blurted out.
Elena’s eyes widened and a moment later Damon showed up behind her, snatching the cup from his girlfriend’s hand while looking at Y/N. “You have clearly had too much to drink.”
  “Stay out of this Damon. Who I chose to kiss or to whom my heart belongs to is none of your business –”
   “He is not –”
   “Save it.” she turned on her heels, walking away from them. Y/N looked around, hoping that maybe Kai was still at the party somewhere, or near by at least but there was no sight of him anywhere. “Damn it.”

*       *      *

By the time Y/N got home, it was already 1.37AM. She changed into her PJ’s and headed towards the kitchen to get herself some ice cream from the freezer before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. Tom and Jerry was on, but unlike all the other times, cartoons couldn’t distract her from the thoughts drowning her mind in that moment. Kai had almost kissed her three times and each time had been seared into her mind, playing on a loop in slow motion. His lips had been so close to hers, she could almost feel them touching hers. His strong hands had held her towards him so gently, just the thought of being this close to him made her heart race. And his eyes – they had been so insanely blue, kind of like comets in the night sky.
A sigh left her lips and Y/N took out her phone, scrolling down her contacts until she got to Kai’s name. Her finger hovered over the dial button while she tried to decide if she should call him or not. He didn’t sleep so she wouldn’t wake him but what would she say to him ? And they still had that movie night coming –
   “Why are you like this? Why, Y/N?” she said to herself, getting up to return the semi-empty ice cream box in the freezer.” Why can’t you just say ’Hey, Kai. I like you as more than a friend. Do you like me too ?’ but to his face ?”

No matter how hard Kai tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about the moments he and Y/N had almost kissed at the party. Magic could do a lot of things, but couldn’t turn back time like he wished. Instead of going home, he just walked aimlessly down the streets around her apartment, trying to work up the courage to knock on her door. Around 2.17AM he couldn’t take it anymore. All the thoughts and feelings he felt in that moment had consumed him completely and he had to see her, immediately or he’d lose it.
Kai got to the third floor, where her apartment was, and knocked on the door. He could hear she was still awake - the TV was on, then suddenly got turned off and footsteps neared the door. The young heretic took a deep breath, feeling the collar of his shirt tighten around his neck a little… and then Y/N opened the door.
   “Kai ? Wh-what are you doing here ?” her eyes lit up.
   “Hey, um … Can I come in ?” he asked, smiling nervously while his palm pressed against the invisible barrier keeping uninvited vampires out.
   “Yeah, of course. Come on.” she smiled shyly.
   “Cute PJs.” he smiled, touching the loose ponytail as he walked inside. Y/N was wearing short shorts with a top saying ‘I ♡ cupcakes.’ and a drawing of a cupcake with white fuzzy bunny slippers.
As soon as the door closed, Kai backed her against it and placed his hands on either side of her, caging her in with his body. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since the moment the door had opened, listening to her heart beating faster than a hummingbirds at the sight of him. His fingertips brushed against her cheek and the corners of his mouth twitched, noticing how she literally stopped breathing for a second when he gently touched her lips.
   “Don’t freak out.” said Kai, in a hushed voice a second before his lips pressed against hers. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach, spreading the feeling through her entire body and her heart almost burst out of her chest. Kai kissed her. He kissed her !!! Y/N’s mind went on full overload and she couldn’t think about anything but his lips on hers and how soft they were. Or how it felt as if they were literally made for each other. Then, too soon, he pulled away.
   “I had to do that, at least once.” he rested his forehead on hers. “I should’ve kissed you earlier, I almost did. Three whole times I missed every single chance. Y/N, you are all that I can think about. You are always in the corners of my mind, sneaking into my dreams and it’s driving me nuts how much I want to be with you but … Damon is right. You are too good for me.”
Y/N started to say something but he didn’t give her the chance.
   “I am just happy I got to kiss you.” he slowly stepped away from her, placing his hand on the door knob. He started opening the door when Y/N put her hand on his and pushed the door closed again. Her lips curled into a smile at the way their hands looked together, feeling Kai’s thumb lightly rubbing her hand and she looked up at him, her heart skipping a beat, or ten.
   “Kiss me again.” she said quietly.
So quietly, if Kai didn’t have supernatural hearing, he would’ve completely missed it. He smiled at her, cupped her face and took a small step closer until their lips met again. This time Y/N hooked her hands around his neck, pulling him against her until his body was so close to hers, there was literally no space between them. His hands found their way on her waist, moving up and down her back while their lips moved against each other as if they had kissed their whole lives. Everything felt like a dream, like maybe she had fallen asleep on the couch and would wake up at any moment, but she didn’t care. All that mattered were Kai’s lips on hers and his hands on her body.
   “Y/N –” he brushed his palm against her cheek, resting his forehead on hers.
   “I want to be with you too.” she smiled at him. “I – I like you and I’ve never been able to say that to anyone I like, but I’ll be damned if I let some girl take you away from me.”
Kai smiled at her. “No one can take me away from you. Not now, not ever. I belong to you.
   “And I belong to you.”
Kai grinned at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Hey so um, d-do you still want to go on that movie night with me ?”
   “Y-you mean as a boyfriend and –“
   “– girlfriend. Yeah.” he smiled nervously. 
   “Like on our –”
   “–first date.“ he finished for her. Y/N pressed her lips against his. “Is that a ‘yes’?’
   “A million times ‘yes’!’


I have just realised: the vampire who has saved Vanitas and N 71 and who 1) is apparently a woman and who 2) is apparently the “Real”/First Vanitas.

She/He has white hair and dark skin.

Just like Noe.

If this vampire is indeed the first Vanitas, does it mean that it’s a archiviste? That she/he belongs to this clan, just like Noe?

We never see another vampire having this kind of look, so it’s a thing for a specific family/clan?

 Remember that Noe LOVES the Blue Moon, when all the other vampire are scared, except the Vampire Vanitas (who is “tied” to the Blue Moon, right?). 

It’s strange, right?

It could explain Vani’s reaction when he learns that Noe IS a archiviste (the last apparently).

But then what happened to this family/clan then? Who has killed them all?
Why Noe is the only one to have survived?

Owari No Seraph ED 1 Analysis

To start off, I actually skip EDs often, simply because I wanna get on with my bingefest and go to the next episode already but Owari no Seraph’s first season has one of the best EDs I’ve listened to and watched. So much so that I actually rewatched the first season just so I can sit through the ED every episode. It’s a very simple ED and looks like an average shounen ED but if you took the time to read into the ED, there’s a small tale to be told through Mika’s POV.

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DEAN : It means you’re a monster. –When the Levee Breaks 

DEAN :C'mon, man, I’m a monster, okay? This is NOT a problem that you spit-ball. We gotta deal with this before I hurt somebody.  –Live Free or TwiHard

Just noticed this. In When the Levee Breaks Dean reluctantly calls Sam a monster for doing monstrous things like drinking demon blood. In Live Free or Twihard Dean calls his vampire self a monster and asks Sam to find a way to deal with him. In both cases, Dean was factually correct and his words were, indeed true. 

If anything, Dean was harsher or himself than he ever was on Sam. Dean cried and begged Sam to reconsider before he even uttered the word monster to describe Sam. When he did, it was because of Sam’s insistence, because Dean was hurt and had no other choice. Saying it broke Dean. 

But look how different fan interpretations and narrative framing are here? The show and the fandom focused on Sam and Sam’s feelings and decided that Dean deserved the beatings for calling Sam monster. Dean was held in contempt by the show, he was beaten and strangled by Sam, he was lectured by Bobby. And since Sam offered no apology for strangling Dean, we could only infer that the narrative found Sam’s reaction appropriate. 

The Immortals- Part 26- Henry Stinson

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

I really hope you like this!! Please, let me know!

Please, remember that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there and also, I HATE poetry, FYI ;)

Words: 1895

Enjoy :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25

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Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela, chapter 1 (closing part)

Let’s get this party started, shall we?;) I was only going to translate Crowley-relevant parts, but well, the entire novel turned out to be Crowley-relevant, and it just so happened that this part directly follows the part that has already been translated here, and so with this, chapter 1 is essentially complete.

Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela by Kagami Takaya

Chapter 1 (closing part) (volume 1, pages 35-47)

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Raphael sighed nervously as he checked over the hotel yet again. He hadn’t seen you for nearly a hundred years and he was pretty nervous, he’d never tell anyone but he’d secretly been thinking about you for years, if he hadn’t been under the rule of Camilla he would have gone to find you.


Well that’s what he tells himself at least, he looked up when you walked in and instantly the nervous fledgling vampire surfaced, his cocky attitude became even more prominent and it was like the time he’d first met you.

“Raphael, I see the hotel’s improved.” You chuckled when he grinned happily at you.

“Well it was about time we got rid of Camilla’s tacky old stuff.” Raphael hummed.


“Where is my bestie?” You quizzed carefully, you’d only come back to New York to confirm the rumours that Camilla had indeed been shunned by the vampires she once ruled over.

“Gone, hopefully she won’t be back.” Raphael said quickly before pouring himself a drink from an ornate decanter of thick red liquid. “Would you like one?” He asked, holding out a glass for you.


“Perhaps.” You said thoughtfully. He swirled the bottle and smiled at you, pouring a glass, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist your favourite blood type.


“I got this in just for you, we heard that you might be stopping by.” He winked at you and poured you a glass, crossing the room in a second, smiling as you took a sip and hummed. “Ohh it’s good huh?”

You smiled shyly as he smiled at you before offering you a seat. You drank with him for a while until the sun began coming up and he led you to a lavish room, a huge queen bed with heavy curtains to block out the sun, matched the beautiful dresser, vanity mirror and wardrobe that lay heavily against the walls.

“This is lovely… who stays here?” You asked curiously.

Raphael froze. He’d had the room put together in hopes of impressing you and convincing you to stay, having no idea how you’d react to that fact, he simply shrugged and muttered that he’d fetch your things.

Always and Forever- Chapter 2

Jungkook x Reader ( Mayze) warlock x vampire AU

genre: Angst x Fluff x Smut

Preview / Chapter 1 / Chapter 3

July 28th 2017 

Looking at him Mayze felt her knees go weak. She was bewitched by his strong manly appearance. From his prominent jaw-line, his big dark brown eyes, his perfectly shaped lips and the mole underneath, to his tall figure, his wide shoulders, he was perfect.

“Hello there hot and sexy warlock. I would love to mess with you a little bit but I am married” She said leaning against her chair. She never acted this bold around a man but just the look of him made her heart beat again. Maybe he could be what she was looking for.

“And here’s the first reason to want him dead.” Hoseok mumbled enough for Jimin to hear.

“Well witch, my first advice for you is :don’t get involved in family problems” Jimin held out his hand and Jungkook gladly shook it. “I am not here to find troubles.” He smiled, his gaze turning towards Mayze that was bitting her lower lip. He couldn’t deny, he felt it too. It’s like the word stopped and he was lost in her eyes. She was indeed a very beautiful creature, too bad she was already taken. Perhaps he was too late.

“I must be the prettiest problem and the sexiest trouble then” She said standing up from her seat. “I am going to bring the food then.” She walked to the kitchen with Hoseok close behind her.

“Are you seriously going to make me look like a stupid vampire in front of a stupid witch?” He whisper -yelled at her.

“I didn’t do anything wrong and he is a warlock” She defended Jungkook.

“You must be kidding me. I did not take you for that kind of bitch that raises her tail at every horny dog that passes by.” he fired back.

“I did not insult you okay? Be careful what are you saying. It’s not my fault you are this insecure.” She took the plate that her and Jimin arranged for the appetizers ready to walk to the living room.

“You do make me feel insecure though.” He grabbed the plate from her hands and placed it on the counter.

“Can we discuss this at home? You had too many glasses of wine.” She grabbed the plate and walked inside the dining room while smiling sweetly.

The dinner finished without any big incidents even if Hoseok was looking at Jungkook with fire in his eyes, almost ready to murder him. He knew he wasn’t going to solve the situation between him and Mayze. He lost her the moment she looked at the warlock. He felt his heart clench inside his chest. For a year he thought she was his.

How pathetic she thought. How can you see a person for one hour and feel like he is already part of you? How could he walk through those doors with his Greek god like figure and turn her world upside down? Was it even possible? If so this was most horrible joke the universe could play on her. Meeting him now? Why now? She will never be able to break the spell that links her with Hoseok and also she won’t be able to cheat on him. Either way this sucked. Why was she creating so many scenarios in her head? What if he felt nothing? But what if he did?

Mayze started turning and tossing around on her side of the bed, her back facing Hoseok that she knew, was wide awake.

“Do you know him?” His voice suddenly cut through the tick silence.

“Whom? Jungkook?” She asked trying to avoid the subject as much as she could.

“Yes, him. You seemed very interested in him.”

“No..I don’t” she murmured wanting to add a but I want to.

For the next months until winter she spent a large amount of time in Jungkook’s house not as lovers but as friends. The tension was visible but neither of them wanted to address the matter. He wanted her to be his and he knew she felt the same but there are many obstacles they need to overcome. He wanted to be with her in the morning when they go pick up plants from the forest. She was still annoyed by bugs but that’s not what she feared the most. She was afraid she might lose another shoe in the mud.

He wanted to be with her in the evening when he would squeeze some of his blood in a cup for her. The image of her lips on someone else’s body was infuriating, even if it was for nourishment purposes. At first she did not want to accept it but after a week she stared coming with packed lunch for him in exchange for his blood.

He wanted to be with her at night when the moon shines through her blonde hair making her look Celeste. She was too pure for this world.

During all this time, he never got to touch something else more than her hand. She was respecting Hoseok and he was respecting her choice. He always wanted to ask if she wanted to break the spell but he was too afraid she might get mad.

December 27th 2017 

“For awhile I taped soap operas and watched them at night when I thought I might be forgetting what it was like to be human. After a while I stopped, because from the examples I saw on those shows, forgetting humanity was a good thing."His eyes were still like caves with ghosts dwelling in their depths my throat dried at this perfect image of his.

“When I’ve meet you I was scared and broken beyond repair. And there is none to put the blame on but myself. I am the master of my own misery. Then I found you and you accepted me for who I was and you put up with my constant whining and my constant need of taking my anger out on someone. Hobi, not one man in a million would have allowed me the time without speaking now that I am thinking he never let me be me. I opened my mind to you, let my guard down completely, and relaxed. "His silence washed over me. I stood, closed my eyes, breathed out the relief that was too profound for words.

I sat on his lap and gently enveloped him in a tight hug.

” You are my beginning . I never thought I would taste love again, but now thinking how I feel about you, was it really love what I felt for him?“ At the same time she couldn’t help but wonder if it was love what she felt for Hoseok too. She did love him in a way but not romantically. Not that type of love that was making her heart jump just by looking at him. She knew she has been selfish until now but letting him go to approach another man wasn’t that selfish too? No. She wasn’t going to cheat on him.

"I need to go out for some fresh air.” He whispered and slowly pushed her up from his lap. He opened the door and disappeared into the night leaving her there with her thoughts. She was feeling her chest cave in, it was as if a piece of her being was ripped off her body.

December 28th 2017 

Jungkook took the sacramental chalice, and stretching forth his bare arm, cried in a loud voice, “Tui gratia Iovis gratia sit cures.“ He then took the snake and cut it open moving his bloody finger across the child’s forehead. Then replacing the sacred vessel on the altar, he drew, one by one, from different parts of his body, from his knotted hair, from his bosom, from beneath his nails, the unholy things which he cast into it just to bring him back to life. Mayze was watching fascinated not daring to blink in order not to lose the magic. The child started throwing up water and he opened his eyes.
” You saved him" She breathed and walked closer to Jungkook, placing a hand on his shoulder. “He was lucky that I was around. Can you please take him home?” She hugged the child close to her chest and in a second she was next to his bed, laying him down. While Mayze was gone, taking the child back home, Jungkook cleaned up the mess from the early ritual and then he went to take a quick shower.
As she was coming back to Jungkook’s she stopped to look over her shoulder. Someone was watching her. 
She slowly closed the door behind her only to see the house empty.
“ Jungkook!?” She called him but there was no reply. “Where are you?” She moved her hair away from her ear and heard the water running. Perhaps he was taking a shower but, why wasn’t he replying? That was strange. After a few minutes he heard Mayze calling him, actually her voice brought him back from his deep thoughts. She opened the bathroom’s door to be welcomed by a naked Jungkook trying to pull the towel around his waist. “ Geez, Mayze can I have a little privacy? ” He laughed as he felt his cheeks getting hotter and hotter. She had her mouth open and her pale skin was now showing some redness in the apples of the cheeks she was just staring at him unable to take her eyes away from the scene. He had such a good body. He wasn’t skinny but he wasn’t fat either , his muscles were defined on his arms, legs, stomach. He was perfect. Her eyes followed a drop of water making its way from his hair down to his abs and dying on the white towel. “ I am sorry” Was all she said then vanished leaving a trail of dust behind her. That was really embarrassing and she needed some fresh air before her mind would push her to do something unholy.

Jungkook went to his bedroom and put some clothes on him before writing down something on a piece of paper. He fold the paper in his hands and as he spoke a few Latin word the paper burnt to ashes and disappeared.
Mayze was sitting on a bench close to Jungkook’s place and all she was thinking was him. How could a human mean so much to her ? She wanted to go home knowing that her father was waiting her and he will scold her again for being late. And there was the irony, Namjoon was still treating her as a little girl when in fact she could look after herself better than anyone else. But in that moment a piece of paper appeared in her hands. She unfolded it carefully and at first smiled at the written words: “You could have at least said bye. I’m not the first man you saw naked, so don’t be so shy. I would be thrilled if you would come back and spend the rest of night with me. - sexy and hot Jungkook" 
After she read the message, a sharp noise startled her . Again someone was watching her, but before she could do something , the man vanished in the dark. That was creepy. She stood up and walked towards Jungkook’s old house.

"I want to murder him in his sleep, Ah, no, I want to murder him when he’s awake so he can see the joy on my face when I do it. How dare he ask me to sleep with him?!” She mumbled as she tore to pieces the sheet of paper. She opened his door almost ripping it apart.

“ Wow, that was a good entrance” He smirked as he expected her to come. “ How dare you ask for me to sleep with you?” she pushed his chest but he wouldn’t move. He just grabbed her wrists and pulled her close his nose almost touching her forehead . How the hell was he so strong, she was a vampire and he was a mortal. Their faces inches away as he leaned closer, his eyes were fixed on her pouty lips. “ I didn’t mean it that way. Haven’t you ever just slept next to a friend?” He spoke, each one of his words stabbing her in the heart. Friends? That was all she was to him? She tried to pull her hands away, her eyes were wide and she was fighting hard not to cry. Never in her existence cried because of a male. “Let me go!” her voice cracked ,tears running down her rosy cheeks . “ It’s all we can be since you are married” He said as he let go of her hands only to hold her face and kiss away her tears. The intimate gesture made her stomach turn and her heart beat faster then when she was a human. Mayze saw how distracted he was trying to control his actions and took the opportunity to pull away. Her hand reached on the table and threw the first thing she found at him. “ Abfugio!” She yelled at him full of anger, her breathing becoming irregular not from the physical effort but because he had that effect on her. He was breathtakingly beautiful when he was not acting like an ass, like now for example.

His face turned from shocked to amused hearing her words and let out a loud laugh but somehow his heart was beating so fast he could feel it in his neck. “ I am not Harry Potter”. He walked closer to her and wrapped his arms around her tightly , he pushed her head against his shoulder his fingers tangling in her soft blonde hair. “Shhhh. I am sorry”. That was the first time their bodies properly touched but it didn’t feel alien at all. She loved it and he just wanted to bring her closer.

Summary: Raphael is in danger and the Reader saves him after which Raphael becomes angry at her. Confused, the Reader manages to find out that the reason why he was angry was because he was afraid to lose her. (Requested)
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Reader x Raphael Santiago
Word Count: 1288

“God, I hate graveyards.” You whispered to Raphael as the two of you made your way towards the center of the graveyard. Apparently, Camille hadn’t accepted the fact that she wasn’t the leader of the vampires anymore and had assemble a small, but still an army against Raphael and his clan. For a Shadowhunter and a vampire the two of you got along extremely well, and you would be lying if you’d say that you didn’t felt an attraction towards him. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be - you were supposed to kill vampires, not kiss them.

After hearing of Camille’s plan, Raphael came to you, asking for your help. Alec and Jace immediately forbid you to help him, but as a rebel that you were of course you didn’t listen to them. Besides, this was Raphael that you were talking about. A vampire who almost never came to anyone for help, and that meant that things were quite complicated. After all, a war between vampires was the last thing you all needed.

“I find them to be quite relaxing.” He answered back to you as you rolled your eyes. He had accepted the fact that he was a vampire, and even joked about it along with you who liked to tease him quite a lot.

“I wonder why.” You remarked, a smirk on your face. This time it was Raphael’s turn to roll his eyes. The two of you suddenly stopped, looking around your surroundings. For sure there was something lurking in the shadows, ready to attack the two of you at any second now. They didn’t waste any time as they jumped at the two of you.

You were quite busy fighting back two vampires, and because of that you hadn’t even managed to look over to Raphael to check whether he was okay or not. More vampires came as it became a lot harder to fight them. Suddenly, an arrow hit one of the vampires as it exploded into ash. You smiled, seeing Alec holding up his bow as Jace and Clary came to your aid.

Finally finding time to check Raphael’s status, you saw him with four vampires circling around him. They didn’t attack him; in fact it looked like they were waiting for him to attack them first which he didn’t. When you saw another vampire behind him you throw your knife into his heart as you jumped at the other four vampires. All hell broke loose as you tried to fight the two vampires who came at you with full force. You managed to kill the two of them before you killed the final vampire standing.

You looked around as Alec along with Jace and Clary came towards you. You were sure that they would start lecturing you. You were quite surprised to hear that Raphael was in fact the first person to yell at you.

“What were you thinking, Y/N?” He yelled as he came closer to you, his face expressing anger, a look on his face you hadn’t seen before. You were quite surprised, not really understanding the problem here.

“What?” You asked, raising your eyebrow. The trio around you said nothing as they observed you and Raphael.

“You could have been killed!” He yelled, frustrated because of the fact that you didn’t understand what the problem was. Honestly, you were more than confused. You were a Shadowhunter; it wasn’t exactly a safe job.

“I could be killed every day, I’m a Shadowhunter.” You remarked as Raphael let out a sigh before using his extra fast speed to flee the scene. You shook your head as you turned your attention towards your fellow Shadowhunters.

“I can’t believe how blind you are, Y/N.” Jace said as you rolled your eyes at him.

“What are you talking about?” You asked. As a response Jace and Clary shared a glance before letting out a small chuckle. Alec looked at the two of them, seeming to be just as confused as you were.

“You really don’t understand, do you?” Clary asked as you shook your head in response.

“He likes you. That’s why he was so worried about you.” Jace exclaimed. You looked at him before bursting out laughing, but stopped, seeing that he was indeed serious about the claim he had just made.

“You’re serious.” You remarked, making him nod his head. He along with Clary turned around to leave the graveyard while you stood still. There was no way Raphael Santiago, the leader of vampires, had feelings for you. Was there?

You hadn’t seen Raphael for a week now, and honestly, it was driving you quite crazy. Jace’s words hadn’t left your head as you thought about them day after day. After much inner debate you finally decided to pay him a visit and ask him straight whether he had feelings for you or not.

You walked over to the vampire lair, stopping in front of the main door. You raised your hand, ready to knock before lowering it again as you turned around, ready to leave. The door opened, revealing Raphael who observed you with a smirk on his face. You stared at him, your eyes looking deeply into his before he spoke up.

“Do what do I owe this honor?”

He led you inside, telling you to follow him into the main room. The two of you walked inside, you behind him. He dropped onto the couch, observing you closely as you stood there awkwardly. Without thinking you bursted out the question you desperately wanted an answer to.

“Do you like me?” You bursted out as you waited for his reaction. For a second you thought that he would start laughting, but he didn’t as he sat there silently, his face looking completely emotionless. Or maybe it was just hard for you to read his expressions.

“You’re a great person.” He answered as you let out a low chuckle.

“That’s not what I meant.” You remarked. Raphael let out a sigh before standing up and taking a step closer to you.

“Why are you asking me this?” He questioned, his eyebrow raised. Now it was your time to sigh as your eyes travelled around the place. Now you going to his place seemed like an extremely bad idea. You mentally cursed Jace for putting this idea into your head. You were definately going to give him a piece of your mind when you go back to the Institute.

“Jace thought that you were so angry because you liked me. As in romantically liked me.” You lowered your voice with every passing word before your eyes landed on him. He took a step closer to you as you stood still, not sure what to do.

“He’s right.” He quietly said, looking at you, waiting for your reaction. Now that you had heard him say it you weren’t sure what to do with that information. Sure, you also liked him, but a Shadowhunter and a vampire? If someone were to find out that you liked a vampire, you would be cast out of the Institute. As you stood there Isabelle’s words came to your mind: ‘Love conquers all’. You weren’t sure whether you loved him or not, but there were definately some strong feelings involved.

Suddenly, your lips crashed into his. It felt like the world around you stopped existing. When you pulled away he had a smile on his face as he slowly opened his eyes.

“I guess that means you like me too?” He asked jokingly. You nodded, a wide grin plastered onto your face.

“You’re damn right I do.” And that was the moment you knew that you had made the right decision.

Love conquers all.

I did it...for you.

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BTS Au (werewolf…and more)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 /

A/N: I had this idea awhile ago, but because of the Jimin werewolf Au I couldn’t start writing this one. But after i reached part6, I think it is time to introduce werewolf Yoongi to my masterlist. I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open. 🙂

Word count: 2,339

Warnings: Swearing and feels .

   We all have that special someone and yours happened to be a werewolf.Dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin. I know it’s sounds like Snow white, but it’s not. Even if he had difficulty expressing his feelings for you sometimes, he was very loving.

  You remember the very night he showed you his true form.The full moon was shining onto his fur, illuminating every strand of hair he had.It was obvious to you how scared he was ,that you were going to run away and leave him, but you stayed. Hugging his big and strong body ,you reassured him that nothing in the world would make you leave him.

 You were always together, even his pack members were your close friends.

“Hyung Y/N is here!”yelled out Jungkook, the youngest one in their pack

“Hey.”you passed him a box “I made cake.”you smiled and went to find your boyfriend

  He was as always sleeping. You sat on the couch where he was and after he noticed your body next to him, he placed his head onto your lap.He was cute, but manly when he needed to. Yes ,his name was…

“Yoongi.”you looked down at him “You have to get up already.”

“Why?”he asked you half asleep

“We will be going out soon hyung.”said Jimin walking with the boys in the living room

“Where to?”he asked again, trying to buy himself some more time to sleep

“Outside Yoongi. You will get more lazy if you don’t see the moon once in awhile.”

 Jin pulled you off the couch so Yoongi would get up. He did, but quickly pulled you into his embrace.

“Why are you touching her like she is yours?”he asked with an angry look ,as he pulled your face into his chest

“Be careful hyung.”said Hoseok playfully “Yoongi hyung is angry.”

    Yoongi was about to hit him, but he looked at you suddenly.You were planing to ask him what was going on, but he did first.

“Jagya.”he sniffed your shirt ”I don’t remember you having a dog.”

  Your eyes widened and you started panicking a bit “Ah this! Well my friend has a new puppy and she wanted me to meet him.”you smiled

“This is not the first time I smell this scent on you.”he tried to pull you closer, but you walked towards the door quickly

“L-let’s go before it gets dark.”

   Yoongi forgot what he was talking about and walked over to you with a confidant look in his eyes, as he picked you up in his strong arms.

“Don’t worry jagya, I will protect you.”he smiled and walked out of the house 

  The club you were going to was very famous among magical creatures, like werewolf and vampires and others.

   At first you didn’t want to go there because of that, but Jimin and Taehyung were able to change your mind fast. You were walking hand in hand before stopping at the entrance. Yoongi let go of your hand ,so he could open the door for you.

“What a gentleman.”you said, giggling a bit

“For you always baby.”he intertwined his fingers with yours again and walking in the noisy building.

   Namjoon had reserved places for you guys.The only thing you had to do was to sit down and order. The club was full of people, I should say magical creatures. Humans weren’t able to go there, you see…

“Here are the drinks.”Jin placed them on the table and sat down next to you.

  Picking up your glass, you took a sip and looked around again. It didn’t take too much time before Hoseok heard a song he liked and ran to the dance floor to show off his killer moves. Jimin made fun of him, saying that Hoseok couldn’t take alcohol well, but after sometime he himself was jamming to the songs next to his hyung.

   Taehyung went to flirt with some girls at the bar and Namjoon just started talking with Jin about all kinds of things. Jungkook…well as someone who was new to alcohol, he fell asleep on the leather couch you were sitting on.

   Even if it was very noisy, you were able to be with your boyfriend.Why? Well you couldn’t meet with him everyday because of your family. At first ,once you started dating you told him that your dad wouldn’t let you date until a certain age, but after he told you what he was, you said that it would be difficult for your family to react to this news…so you were waiting for the perfect time.

  Nonetheless Yoongi never stopped asking you when that time was going to come. And each and every time you weren’t able to answer him.

“Jagya.”he placed you to sit in his lap

“Yes.”you leaned your head onto his shoulder

“When am I going to meet your parents?”he started placing little butterfly kisses on your neck

“It’s not the right time yet oppa.”you whispered leaning to him more

“When will the time come?”he asked you

“Don’t worry about that.”you reassured him, trying to change the subject 

 Yoongi pushed you back a bit ,so he could look into your eyes.

“Jagya, I want us to be always tougher no matter what.”he looked down “With my age and kind it will be difficult ,but I will try my best for you.” his grip on you tightened “I promise that when the time comes I will leave this world with you.”

 Upon hearing him say this ,your hand cupped his cheeks and with an angry voice you said:

“Min Yoongi don’t talk all this nonsense.”you pulled the drink out of his hand, placing it on the table behind you “This is why I don’t like you drinking. You always get depressed.”

   He did indeed look a bit drunk, but with his organism it would last only a couple more minutes. As you were turned around and placing the glass ,certain words escaped his lips.

“It’s not because of the alcohol is it? You are afraid of something…”

  Your head snapped back to look at him. “W-what did you just say?”you asked him with a serious voice

“Did I say something?”

  Once he sobered up ,he forgot what he said in his drunk state of mind. But was it really just words under the influence of alcohol? It was bugging you, but you couldn’t just ask him directly ,or he would notice and start asking questions again. 

  You were kissing and just enjoying each other’s company, until a sudden sound hit his ear. Someone was expressing their disgust to what you were doing and that certain someone were the vampires.

  Ah yes, werewolves and vampires, each other’s natural enemies. They were always causing trouble when you saw them, but Namjoon and Jin found ways to not get it to a fights. But with them talking somewhere in the club and the others not here, nothing was stopping Yoongi from attacking them.

  You placed your hands on his chest, to try and make him relax. If he got angry, everything was going to be over. The vampires made a rude remark towards you, which made Yoongi’s patience vanish in thin air.

  He stood up and pulled you behind him, exposing his fangs at the vampires. You didn’t notice when you exited the club and were in an alleyway, covered in darkness. 

“Long time no see Yoongi.”said one of them looking at your boyfriend “I wouldn’t have expected this of you.”he pointed at you “Not to mention she is a human.”

“A very delicious looking one.” said another vampire, that was walking towards you ,until the first one stopped him “Why are you stopping me Aron?”

“You won’t be able to win against this one here.”he said “But I on the other hand ,can.” he took a few steps towards you two ,but the sudden slam of a door stopped him

“Well ,well what do we have here?”the boys walked out of the back door of the club 

“If it isn’t the mosquitoes.”laughed out Jimin 

“Watch your mouth dog!” yelled out the same guy, who was looking at you like a dish awhile ago

“Or what?”asked Jimin grinning, obviously trying to piss him off more

“Be careful hyung.”said Jungkook ,joining in the fun Jimin was having “If he bites you, you will get a very itchy bump on your hand.”

“That is all they are good for anyways.”Taehyung finished off  

“You little.” the vampire they were angering tried to attack ,but Jimin hit him and he flew into the fall

“Opps, my mistake. Now I have to clean the wall, because of that nasty thing.”

  Jimin had a very bad mouth indeed, but no one was ready for what this night was going to bring to the table of your lives.  

 “If it is a fight you want pups, then a fight you shall get.”Aron waved his hand and a battle started 

  Yoongi pushed you back so that he could protect you and swing his arm with out hitting you in the process. Jin and Namjoon were pushed back in another alleyway, Taehyung followed to make sure Hoseok was alright, because he was fighting 3 vampires at once. 

  Jimin, Jungkook and Yoongi were standing tall in front of you. 

“Don’t worry Y/N, we will keep you safe.”said Jungkook smiling 

“We will see about that.”said Aron and looked back “Get rid of these two for me, will you Azalea .”

  A girl with light pinkish violet color of hair appeared, her eyes green. Indeed like the flowers name she was carrying.In seconds the girl grabbed Jimin and Jungkook by their necks and pulled them away in the darkness. Aron clapped his hands together, pleased with what was happening.

“What are you going to do now Yoongi?Can you still protect her?” 

“I can and I will.”he sounded so confidant, even if in front of him were 10 or more vampires

  You wanted to say something, but he didn’t let you. With another clap the vampires attacked from all sides. Yoongi was fighting with every drop of power he hand, until one man was able to hit and wound his leg. You quickly tried helping him, when Yoongi stood up again.

“I want you to listen to me Y/N.”he looked deep into your eyes and you knew he was serious “I want you to run and not turn back…even if you hear screams, even if you hear my voice. I want you to run.”

“Yoongi no!” you tried to explain something very important to him, but he didn’t listen, he just didn’t 

  Yoongi pushed you to run, but you looked back…then something happened. The moment your eyes made contact with his, you saw fear. Aron had appeared behind you ready to kill, but the body that dropped motionless on the ground was not yours…but Yoongi’s. 

“AAAA!” you screamed out holding him in your arms, tears falling from your eyes onto his skin, which was getting colder 

  Aron cleaned the blood from his hand “I didn’t think he was going to go this far for you.”he laughed out “Oh well, you are nex-”

  Your calm voice cut him off fast “Is this funny to you?” your hand touched the hole in Yoongi’s chest, which was made from Aron’s hand

“Isn’t it?”he asked amused

“It is not!”you hissed out 

“Oh, aren’t we scary?” he was looking at you, with his underlings behind “Let him go already, it is just a lifeless body.He won’t come back anyways.”

 Your head leaned towards his and your lips slowly kissed ,the cold body of your beloved.The moon disappeared behind a cloud for a second, but once it illuminated the world around you again, a truth was revealed as well.

  The vampires were laughing, but one of them pointed towards you with a trembling hand.

“Aron look!”

“What is it?”

  Everyone’s heads turned towards you.Eyes widened as much as they could, breaths stopping and mouths open.What a view they had.The wound on Yoongi’s chest started closing itself, until only a scar was left. The color of his face returned and so did the warmth of his body .In seconds he started breathing again, but was still unconscious.

“He was dead! I saw it!”yelled out everyone  

“Aron she brought him back to life!” the vampires yelled out 

“What did you do! How did you do it!” Aron ran towards you ,wanting to grab your hand 


  You looked up and saw the boys. Thank goodness they were ok. Jin picked up Yoongi and Jungkook grabbed you. The vampires were still in shock and couldn’t react on time to stop you from escaping.

“Hold on tight.”said Jungkook and prepared himself 

  Before you disappeared into the night ,you noticed a very familiar pair of eyes looking at you from the distance.After reaching their dorm, the boys placed Yoongi on his bed and Jin proceeded with treating his wounds, but…

“There is nothing on his body!”Jin gasped and the boys came closer to check themselves 

“You are right hyung.” Hoseok looked at you “How did this happen?”

“D-don’t ask me.Don’t you werewolves have healing abilities? “ you panicked a bit, but was able to take control over your emotions fast

“Yes…but this is too much even for us.”everyone left the room”…or a full moon…”whispered Jin in the dark, as he closed the door behind himself.

  You came out of the room shortly, getting ready to leave. Your parents were going to get suspicious and plus that Yoongi was ok, he just needed sleep.

“See you.”you said ,rejecting their wishes to escort you home  

  The whole walk back, you were thinking about those mysterious eyes.You couldn’t remember who’s they were, but you could feel something was about to happen, something really really bad.

  The windows in your house were dark. Maybe no one is home yet. you thought as your eyes looked at the door, which opened up slowly.So there is someone home, maybe it is…  your mind stopped working ,once the same pair of eyes looked at you Kenan! you yelled out 

“Welcome back miss.”


*Requested* Imagine confronting your former stalker with Vincent, after you spotted him in town. 

(This is Part 2 to: Imagine where the reader is mysterious and avoids the supernatural . Of course a certain Mikaelson isn´t far from the action either. I might write a part 3 but it´s not really necessary. However if you have any ideas let me know. I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Vincent, Kol, vampire stalker

Story Title: “Stalker”

Word count: 1366

Your name: submit What is this?

Vincent: “I´m so sick of this blood sucking infants in this town!!”

He flips the table over and the candles on it create a mess on the floor. He places his finger against his mouth like he always does when he´s desperately trying to figure out what to do. After minutes of pacing up and down the tomb he finally speaks again.

Vincent: “I´m sorry, Y/N. I thought the cloaking spell I casted back then would keep you hidden.”

Y/N: “No it´s not your fault. Maybe Finn did something to the spell when he inhabited you.”

Vincent: “Why would Finn want to reverse the cloaking spell?”

As always Vince asks the right questions.

Y/N: “I don´t know. I don´t have the best luck with vampires, remember?”

Vincent: “Speaking of; What are gonna do? I know something simple ain´t your style, so what do you have in mind?”

He knows you all to well. Upside of growing up together, right?

Y/N: “I don´t know, you´re the witch/warlock. Whatever.”

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Wolf Pack [GOT7 AU - Chapter 3]

 You Don’t Know My Feelings

Part1 / Part2

As soon as you opened the bedroom’s door, all the boys turned their heads to look at you.
Damn, what took you so long?” Jackson asked with a smirk.

You blushed and looked away, not wanting even to look at JB in the eyes. Mark looked at JB and then at you and when he exchanged glances with the leader again, he gave him a look as if he was asking ‘what happened?’ but JB only shook his head, he didn’t wanted to talk.

You sat near the window and hugged your knees, before resting your chin on top of arms.

Come sit with us, you’re not hungry?” Youngjae asked softly.
You shook your head and looked away from them. The sky was beautiful, it was snowing. The dark forest was now covered in a white sheet.

Smell of food came in contact with your nostrils and you sighed.

Join us, c’mon.” Yugyeom smiled.
I’m not hungry.” But your stomach started to growl and you blushed, embarrassed.
All the boys started to laugh and you couldn’t help but to smile as well.

You decided to join. The table was full of delicious food and you just wanted to eat it all by yourself. Wolves do really eat a lot.

JB hyung really is a great cook, right?” Jr asked with a grin.
You nodded and licked your fingers. That ramen was delicious, was even better than the one your mom uses to do. In a blink of an eye, all the food was gone and the seven wolves were already lying on the sofa, patting their full stomach.

Aish, this boys.” You mumbled. “I never knew wolves could eat normal food.

Do you think we eat human bodies?” Mark asked with an eyebrow raised.
You waved your hands and shook your head. “N-no, not like that, leopards, panthers, that kind of meat.

All of them looked at you with a “are you kidding me” look and you looked down.
You watch a lot of movies, don’t you?” JB asked with a smile.
No genius, I have classes and we learn how animals survive and feed themselves”. You said.
JB shrugged and looked at the moon through the window. Almost full.

So, it’s almost time, should we go?” Bambam asked, dressing a warm jacket.

All the boys started to run around the house to grab their coats and you were just there in the middle trying to figure out what was wrong?

You grabbed JB’s wrist and looked at him with confused eyes. “Where are you going?”

He gently pushed your hand away and smiled, leaning down to stay eye to eye with you.

Tonight is full moon night, we need to go to the forest, reunite with the other pack. We are going to come back tomorrow at dawn, don’t worry.” He said, running his fingers through your hair.

I can’t stay alone, I’m scared.” You whispered the last part, gripping his shirt tightly. “Please stay.

He sighed and looked at the boys. Mark approached you and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Jaebum, you are the leader, you have to be there, but I don’t. I can stay here with her, just to assure her safety. Go.” He nodded with a smile.

JB looked at you and you slowly lost your grip on his shirt. “I guess it’s ok.” You nodded.

Mark squeezed your shoulder and you leaned your back against his chest. He was so warm, guess it’s a wolf thing, because JB is pretty warm too.

JB looked at Mark and then back at you. “Just don’t try anything funny, tonight is a dangerous night, don’t leave the house, just stay with Mark, he really has a huge control over humans, so you are going to be fine.” He said, before leaning down and pressing a kiss on your forehead.

Be careful boys.” You said with a smile.
Jackson smiled back at you and said goodbye with a soldier sign.

When they closed the door, the silent was awful and uncomfortable. Mark rubbed the back of his neck and looked at you.
So…what do you want to do?” He asked.
You shrugged and looked around. There was a small and old television at the corner of the room and you looked at Mark. “It works?

He laughed and shook his head. “No, not really, we don’t watch TV that much.

You guys are boring.” You said, crossing your arms and sitting on the couch, hugging a fluffy pillow.
Mark sat next to you and flicked your forehead. “Boring, us? We are werewolves, there’s nothing boring about that.”

Yeah, he was right, indeed.

Hmm, now that we are here and there’s not much to do, can I ask some questions?” You asked, looking at him.

Mark shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

So, us humans, already heard many stories about wolves, fairies, witches and vampires. Werewolves really hate vampires?” You asked, leaning closer to him, curious.

Mark looked at you for a few seconds before bursting into laughs. You blinked, hitting his arm.

“What’s so funny?”

Vampires doesn’t exist, silly.” He said, wiping a tear from the corner of his eyes.

“They don’t?”

No, fairies doesn’t exist either. Just witches, and they are normal human beings like you.” Mark said.

You just ruined my whole childhood.” You mumbled.
Well sorry about that.” He laughed.

“But wolves are also immortal?”

Mark nodded. “I have this appearance for about 400 years now, it’s tiring but I can’t complain. That’s why we are always moving. We can’t stay in the same city or country for a long time, people would start to notice that something was wrong. We settled here now because of you.

You looked up at him and sighed. “Because I’m JB’s mate?

Mark nodded and patted your head. “We’re sorry for putting you in such a dangerous situation, really.

You shrugged and played with the hem of JB’s shirt. “That’s ok, I think. I just miss my family and my friends. By now they have the police looking after me, I’m sure.”

Mark smiled and pulled you closer. Both of you stood there, looking at the moon slowly becoming bigger and bigger in the sky. When Mark felt you trembling next to him he bit his bottom lip and slowly wrapped his arms around you. You blushed and looked at him with widened eyes.

W-what are you doing?” You asked.
Mark gulped and looked at the moon outside. “Keeping you warm.”

JB is going to kill you.” You muttered.
He’s not here to see.” He shrugged.

You slowly wrapped your arms around Mark’s waist. He was warm and comfy.

Why are full moon nights so dangerous?”

Mark sighed and tightened his grip on you.
“Wolves become needy and dangerous. And by needy I mean…sex.”

You remember how JB told you that to become official, he needed to have sex with you, but you didn’t wanted it, not now. You nodded and closed your eyes, the full moon light shining on you. Slowly, you drifted to dreamland.

Mark looked down and smiled, stroking your hair. “I don’t know what is this feeling, I never felt this way before. Why do I feel like I have found my own mate? JB, I’m sorry, let me be selfish tonight, she’s in my arms, and feels so good.”

5. “You can’t even look at me!”

6. “Stop looking at me like that!”

9. “I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

10. “All I wanted was the truth.”

11. “Why are you pushing me away?”

with Raphael


You were friends with Clary and Simon, neither shadowhunter nor vampire but somehow you had still managed to peak the interest of Raphael. Which was a bit irritating sometimes ‘cause he had a habit of showing up unannounced.

You heard a weird rustling noise when you walked into your bedroom and almost jumped when you saw a shadow. Someone grabbed your wrist and you smacked him with the nearest thing you could find.

“Why are you pushing me away?” You hear Raphael saying in an irritated tone.

“Heavens! Raphael don’t just appear in my room out of nowhere.”

“I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you were okay.” He comes closer and stares at you as if to make sure you really were okay. His intense eyes bore into you and you felt a little uncomfortable because you could never figure out what he was thinking when he looked at you like that.

“Stop looking at me like that!”


“I don’t like it.”

“So you are okay?” He asks and you roll your eyes at him.

“No a creepy vampire is standing in my bedroom I am indeed not okay.”

“All I wanted was the truth.” He says annoyed.

“Yes I am quite well. Why are you so worried about me all the time?”

“I like you.” He simply says.

“W-what?” You can feel the heat rising to your cheeks.

“I like you and you like me too.”

“No I don’t.”

“Please.” He rolls his eyes at you this time, “You can’t even look at me without blushing.”

The Vampire Chronicle Characters

Holly Grainger as Bianca Solderini
That Botticelli hadn’t painted her was a mere accident. Indeed he might well have done so. She looked so very like his women that all other thoughts left my mind. I saw her oval face, her oval eyes, and her thick wavy blond hair, interwound with long strings of tiny pearls, and the fine shape of her body with esquisitely molded arms and breasts.