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This is a fill for the @badthingshappenbingo square ‘Broken Nose’. Scott is like the worst person ever here, so be warned. It’s a little over 2k so watch out for the read more or read it here on AO3.


Stiles wasn’t liking where this pack meeting was going and judging by the tense line of Derek’s shoulders neither was he.

But Scott didn’t seem to realize that something was wrong, that members of his pack were uncomfortable, and instead, he went on and on, telling Liam and Kira just how awful Peter had been before he had died and how he had ruined everything for Scott.

Stiles scooted closer to Derek, pressing their shoulders together, and the way Derek leaned into his touch in front of the others spoke volumes about Derek’s comfort levels.

When Scott kept going on and on about Peter, Stiles reached out to take Derek’s hand. He knew that Derek’s and Peter’s relationship wasn’t easy, even now that Peter was better and on their side, but they were still family and Derek loved his uncle. Hearing Scott go on about how horrible Peter was, couldn’t be easy for Derek and yet he didn’t say anything, which told Stiles more about Derek’s place and comfort in the pack than actual words could have done.

Maybe it wasn’t so surprising that Scott wasn’t picking up on Derek’s discomfort after all.

“Wait,” Liam suddenly said, and Kira was looking a little bit white around the nose, which prompted Stiles to finally pay attention to the conversation again.

“You want to tell me you set a burn victim on fire again?” Kira asked, voice thin and Liam looked a little bit horrified at that prospect.

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I left to protect the person I most love. You.

part 2