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Shawn Headcannon where Y/N gets arrested or in a physical fight w/ someone💕

  • Using your one phone call in jail to call Shawn at 2am 
  • Him answering half asleep
  • But suddenly he’s wide awake when he hears where you are
  • “You did what!?”
  • He’d bail you and your two best friends out
  • “What the fuck were you thinking?”
  • He looks like he just rolled out of bed
  • “Resisting arrest, what the hell?”
  • He sounds angry, but you know he’s not really mad
  • You’re friends are a little worried that he is though
  • You’d apologize profusely
  • And your friends would offer to pay him back
  • But he’d just shake his head at the three of you 
  • And then start teasing you about your bad decisions
  • And joking that he can’t date a girl with a record
  • But you know he’s secretly just glad you’re alright
  • You know because he doesn’t let go of your hand the entire car ride 
  • You’re exhausted and you just want to sleep
  • Shawn takes you all back to your shared apartment
  • Mumbling something about taking your friends home in the morning
  • Shawn makes sure your friends have everything they need 
  • Before entering your bathroom where you’re taking off your makeup
  • Just standing there, leaning against the wall, watching you in silence
  • Not taking his eyes off of you like he’s scared you might disappear
  • Or end up back in jail if he does
  • When you’re finished in the bathroom
  • He’ll approach you brushing his thumb lightly over your swollen lip
  • And the bruise forming near your eye
  • Making sure you’re alright
  • Whispering, “You’re a badass.”
  • He brings you one of his tshirts so you can change
  • And pulls you into his arms as soon as you have it on
  • Kissing you on the forehead
  • “I’m going to get grey hair from worrying about you so damn much.”
  • Dragging you towards the bed
  • “You better have a damn good reason for fighting.”
  • Before you respond, he turns off the light.
  • “I wanna hear it in the morning.” 
  • And he’s yawning and pulling you closer to himself
  • He’s snoring before you know it

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Can you make a rfa plus v and saeran watching mc loose to strip poker.

Oh, I’ve already done this. You can see RFA and Saeran here.

But I haven’t done V, so here it is:

V watching MC losing at strip poker (NSFW-ish?)

  • He feels like an old man going through a middle age crisis and crashing to this frat party at your house to feel younger.
  • It’s so wrong to show up like this after being so distant from you, but he needed to see you, he’s tired of being distant from you.
  • He hears people yelling thinks like “High Card” and “Flush” and he assumes people are just playing poker.
  • He’s not really good at poker, but he has a pretty decent knowledge about it. It’s not about luck, it’s always about strategy.
  •  And you probably didn’t have a good one as he hears this guy saying “Straight Royal Flush, MC.”. Oh… he hopes you didn’t lose too much money…
  • “Come on, MC. Time to pay for your loss.” He doesn’t hear your voice, was it that much money? He wonders if he can pay for you…
  • You spot him standing just a few miles from you. Well, he can’t see you at such a deplorable state, at least.
  • “What are you waiting for, MC? Chop chop, your panties will be my trophy! “ Say what now? Ohhhh… this isn’t regular poker, is it?
  • “Dude, you don’t need to yell that loud!” yes, you don’t want V to hear you’re about to be in the buff in front of these people… “Don’t be a bad loser, MC. Just take your panties off, for fuck’s sake.”
  • “I believe pressuring another player is against the rules.” V states standing in front of you, his back to the other players. “It’s okay, V…” he notices your voice getting lower, as you get down… to pick your panties you just dropped
  • “Are you okay, MC?” he asks carefully. “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” “You sounded uncomfortable… or are you uncomfortable because of me?” Both?
  • “Hey, dude! Get away! You’re ruining the view!” V takes the panties from your hands and throws at the guy. “You wanted this is a trophy. She is not a trophy. And… I really need to talk to you alone, MC, would that be possible?” “Yeah, sure.”
  • You take him to your bedroom, you just put your skirt and tank top real quickly, he can’t see you, but this doesn’t mean you don’t feel embarrassed about being naked with him that close to you.
  • “So, what do you wanna talk about?” “I think you already know what this is about. I own you an apology for being so distant and just barging in to your party like this. I made you uncomfortable back there and this isn’t right.” “I wasn’t uncomfortable, V, I was just surprised to have you here. I never thought someone so elegant like you would show up at a party like this, I… I don’t like you noticing how much of a mess I am, and…”
  • Oh, so were you feeling inadequate for him? He smiles softly noticing how amazing it is that opposites attract that much and still can feel the same way… “Why are you smiling? Are you laughing at me?”
  • “Never, MC. I would never laugh at you. I would rather laugh with you, make happy and sweet memories to you. I’m tired of staying away from you, MC.” Oh my… is this a confession? You’ve been dreaming about this for so long, so you hug him, and you laugh sofly as he hugs you back.
  • “Do you want to start making happy memories right now?” you ask. “Of course, my angel.” Then he feels you moving his hands from your back to between your legs.
  • “M-MC?” “Yes, V?” you try to keep it sexy and playful, but if he only could see how much you’re blushing… “W-Where are your panties?” “You made me let them back there, remember?” yeah, he remembered, but enough thinking about what happened, time to focus on what’s about to.

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hello! hahaha can i get an imagine where their s/o is trying to remove a facemask (for blackheads) but its so damn painful to remove so they start screaming? (there is a legit video about a girl doing this and its hilarious)

2D: When he hears you screaming, he bolts towards the sound. “Y/N?!” He says as he swings open the door to the bathroom. In front of him, you had a towel wrapped around your body and a pitch black mask halfway off your face. You looked over at him with watery eyes. “It’s so painful!” you grunt as you continue your pursuit of peeling it off. 2D tried to cover up his giggles as he walked over to you. “Why woul’ ya do dat to ya-self?” He shook his head at you. “BEAUTY IS PAIN!” You screamed as you pulled it all the way off.

Murdoc: Murdoc didn’t understand why you used that face mask but when you convinced him to try it, he didn’t oppose. What you didn’t tell him was that it would hurt like hell when it came off. When it was time, you started to peel his off for him. Murdoc jumped back and yelled in pain, “Ow! What the hell?!” You laughed and said, “It’s going to hurt, baby.” His eyes got wide. “You didn’t tell me that!” He started to panic. “You say you’re a tough man, prove it.” You smirked at him and he glared. You both challenged the other to see who could cry less while peeling it off.


Noodle: Noodle giggled as you grunted in pain. “Don’t laugh at my pain!” You yelled as tears formed in your eyes. “Is good skin seriously worth this much suffering?” She asked you. “YES. ALWAYS.” You screamed. Noodle rolled her eyes and decided to help you peel it away. She pulled gently and you flinched. “Sit still or it’ll hurt!’ Noodle laughed. “IT HURTS ANYWAY!” You screamed. She just laughed at you and continued pulling.

Russel: Russel cringes as he watches you peel the mask off. Your eyes squeezed shut trying so hard not to cry. He kind of doesn’t want to watch but he can’t turn away. “Oh my god I can’t do this.” You say panting. Russel walks over to you and examines your face. “Do you want me to try?” He asks. You nod and he tries ripping it off really fast but ends up ripping the mask. You screamed in pain and he apologized. You rubbed your face and looked at yourself in mirror. “I’m doing this dammit!”

NCT's reaction to their crush confessing first.

Request: “NCT reacting to their crush confessing first?”
A/N: I hate it when this shitty computer hates me so much that the fucking post dELETES ITSELF WHILE I’M CHOOSING THE GIFSSS.

This cutie would be in extreme shook when he hears you, raising his eyebrows and opening his mouth a little while you can see how a smile is slowly forming in his lips.

“Are you for real, y/n?”
“Of course I am, Taeil.”
“I feel the same for you.”

Originally posted by neoculturedaily

This baby wouldn’t be able to believe it at first, asking you to repeat your words again, and then hugging you because of how happy he is.

“Really? Do you really like me back?”
“Like you… back? Did you just confess?”

Originally posted by debuthansol

Other giant which would jump over you, hugging you and probably would tease you a bit before confessing.

“Why are you so red suddenly? You love me that much THAT much?”
“Shut up, Johnny.”
“I like you back, though.”

Originally posted by withsuh

He would be so surprised by your confession that after your words he wouldn’t even be able to listen nothing else.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same, I just thought that it was something you should know.. Taeyong? Are you even listening to me?”
“Ah~~sorry, y/n. I-I like you back.”

Originally posted by taellynn

He would act in a similar way than Johnny, teasing you but then hugging you and then whisper his confession in your ear.

“I like you too, y/n. Date tomorrow?”

Originally posted by taei

He would give you the best reaction, lmao. His eyes would get bigger and his smile would be huge, making you laugh with his cuteness.

“Wae~~ really? For real? You’re not kidding, right?”
“You’re so precious.”

Originally posted by yonges

He would go blank for like two whole minutes, not hearing anything else after hearing those words coming out of you. Also, he would get really nervous and won’t be able to make eye contact with you, playing with his fingers insteaded and smiling with his bushy cheeks.

“Are you serious, y/n?”
“Of course I am, you silly.”
“Do you want to go on a date with me?”

Originally posted by pourup

This baby would get so excited, he would start giggling and jumping around you, probably saying his iconic “everybody say my name”, lmao.

“That means that means my girlfriend now? Are we dating now? Do you want to date me?”
“Ten, you’re adorable.”

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He would be flustered, smiling and giggling cutely. Showing you that cute dimple of him and his eyesmile.

“Do you really? Can we go on date? You’re not going to reject me?”
“I would never, Jae!”

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This angel would have the biggest smile in his face, you know that thing that he does when he smiles and at the same time he bite his lips? It’s so adorable, omfg. And then with his blushy cheeks he would look at you with his shiny eyes, confessing back.

“Lets go to the cinema for a date tomorrow then, y/n!”
“Sure thing! Just, don’t bring Taeyong like you did last time, okay?”

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He would be really similar to Doyoung, without being able to believe it at first and getting really surprised, his cute reactions making you giggle.

“Really? Do you seriously like me? Seriously? I-I mean, I like you back y/n…”
“You’re an angel, right?”

Originally posted by onceagainnct

He would smile widely at you and even giggling a bit, showing you that little eye smile of his. After your confession he would hug you and probably invite you to a cute date in that exact moment.

“Would you like to go and watch Moomin with me at the dorms now?”
“I’d love to! You can be Moomin and I’ll be Snorkmaiden.”
“But they’re a coupl…”
And your like ;))))))))

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His smile would be huge and he would be confident enough to grab your hands and make eye contact with you while confessing back.

“We’ll be a great couple, don’t you think so?”
“I guess so, hehe.”

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He would get all soft and flustered, and he would do nothing else but cuddle with you for the rest of the day.

“You’re so soft and squishy, we should stay like this forever.”
“Or until Taeyong decided to separate us for cuddling in front of everyone.”

Originally posted by 127boys

He would be really similar to Jeno, blinding you with his smile and without feeling nervous at all confessing back while innocently playing with your fingers or your hair.

“Then, would you want to be my girlfriend, y/n? I have been liking you for some time now.”

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His and Ten’s reaction would be exactly the same, lmao. But he’s going to be a lot more energetic, running around and screaming without stop for the rest of the day, making all the members low-key hate you, lol.

“Chenle, shut up already she confessed to you like five hours ago.”

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He wouldn’t know how to react at all. He would blush like crazy and he wouldn’t be able to get concentrated in anything for the next three hours because he’s thinking about you constantly.

“I-I like you back, noona.”
“What about a date tomorrow after practice, uhm?”
“Ah~ sure.”

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Even if we get a text between Sana and Even we won’t know what happened because they know what happened and they are not going to narrate the whole situation to each other

It would rather be something like Sana saying “I think you should tell Isak, he has the right to know and it’s better if he hears it from you and not from somebody else”

So again mysterieeees

Makkachin the Extra-Ordinary (and his extra-extraordinary owner)


“Well he wrote the songs for Moana as well - Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Hamilton and wrote the musical, wrote the songs, is now in the Mary Poppins movie…”

In which David Tennant is all of us.


who thought it was a solid plan to put Anakin in charge of thousands of impressionable 12-year-olds honestly i ask you


I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport

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Every time you post an interaction between you and Rob, I gain 5 years to my life


at every con, i go out of my way to try and distract his handler. she’s a really kind and laid-back person, but at cons she’s super focused and v serious so i like making her laugh

during the swain autos at nash i did everything i could to stare her down….which….NORMALLY works



i got the wrong person


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

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Edgy Oscar trying to impress Ruby?

I… I Tried  ;w;
This took me way longer than expected lol


My cat scared the living tar outta me today, seems like a regular problem that would pop up when living with a Tamaranean