he heard her fall off the bed laughing over the phone and hung up on her

Tantalizing: 03

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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toy, Masturbation, Handjob, Oral, Degrading Names, Film, Exhibitionism, Blindfold, Hair Pulling
Word Count: 7,243

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Still Remembering - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,917
AN: So this was a song fic request that @writing-obrien​ got but she wasn’t familiar with the band. Since I am pop punk trash, I love me some As It Is (Patty Walters can fucking get it, let me tell you) so I was really excited about it and I asked her if I could write it instead. Please be aware it’s super angsty and sad and then kinda fluffy and idk what I was doing. And I know the song is kind of a goodbye but I couldn’t leave Stiles like that lol.

Based on the song Still Remembering by As It Is. Listen HERE.

Thunder boomed loudly outside, shaking the window panes, the sharp sound of rain pelting on the roof doing nothing to comfort me. I sighed, burying my face in my pillow, my arms limply at my sides. I couldn’t stop thinking of her, even though she’d left me. She’d gone one day without a word, a note left in her place, explaining that she needed time, that she was afraid. She loved me too much, needed me too much, wanted to find herself on her own. I was pretty sure it was bullshit, an excuse to make herself feel better about leaving me alone.

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New Year’s Celebration(MATURE)

“I am so sorry Justin, but I really can’t make it.” Y/N spoke into her phone, trying to keep herself from laughing.

“But you promised.” Justin whined.

“I know I did and I am very sorry for cancelling the last minute, but I will try to catch a next flight tomorrow or day after.”

Justin sighed, she pictured him frowning and messing his quiet long hair. “All right, okay, fine. But try to come as soon as possible.”

“I promise I will. Love you. I wish you all the best tonight.”

“Thanks babe, love you, bye.”

Y/N couldn’t wait to hung up so she could burst out of laughter. “You know you’re a real bitch, right?” Alfredo asked joining Y/N.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders and laughed some more. “This way is better. Paparazzi won’t expect me, neither will the fans. I can walk freely.”

“But don’t you feel bad, like, don’t know, he will be bummed because you’re not there to support him?”

“I thought about it, yeah, trust me this way is better. He will be happier to see me.”

Alfredo shrugged his shoulders “What do I know.”

Y/N took her phone and scrolled through instagram a little bit. Just as she was scrolling through one fans Bieber page, she got a text from Justin.

Bout to go on stage, really wish you were here.”

She decided not to respond, making it more convenient that she was busy doing, god knows what.

Few minutes later, they landed in Miami. The car was already waiting for Alfredo and Y/N. it was already 11.35 p.m. She was hoping that by the time, they arrive to Fontainebleau, it won’t be past midnight.

She wanted to celebrate new year with him, but considering the traffic, she might be late.

They arrived at 11.56 p.m. Y/N took her hills off and sprinted as fast as she could. In the distance, she could hear Justin’s voice getting louder and louder.

She bumped few people on the way, but thankfully, nobody stopped her to ask who she is. Once she reached the back stage, she gave herself a few seconds to catch a breath and put her hills back on.

That’s when she heard the countdown. “Eight, seven, six.” She fixed her hair and rushed on stage. She was hopping she looks okay. “Happy New Year.” Justin screamed into microphone.

He was about to say something when Y/N hugged him from behind, whispering into his ear. “Happy new year, babe.”

Quicker than a lighting, Justin turned around, enormous smile shining over his face. He placed his hands on her checks, pulling her into kiss.

The crowd behind them was going wild. Seemed like everybody had a great time.

“Happy new year.” He mumbled into kiss.

Once they separated from the kiss, he pulled her into a hug, placing his lips right next to her left ear. “You’re gonna wish you didn’t pull this little prank on me, baby girl. Just wait till we get to the dressing room. If we even make it to there.”

He kissed her ear and moved away, facing her with the most innocence smile. Y/N’s heart started pounding faster than ever, and she felt heat spreading all over her body. She wasn’t sure if she will be able to wait so long.  

She bit her lip, she was speechless. She wanted him, now, and not a moment later.

“Oh don’t give me those sex eyes, honey.” Justin said and turned to face the crowd.

“Give it up from my incredibly hot girlfriend everybody.” Y/N smiled and waved at the crowd.

She turned around and walked backstage, finding a good position to watch the rest of Justin’s performance.

He looked so good while he performed, and also very happy. Her eyes observed every single one of his moves. Soon she got distracted with the thoughts of Justin’s hot and wet mouth, tracing all the way from he swallowed lips to her clit.

She pushed her thighs together ease the urge she felt, just a little bit.

She was so distracted with her own dirty thoughts, that she didn’t even notice Justin’s performance being over, and him now walking towards her.

Once he was standing right in front of her, she lifted her head and bit her lip. He placed his finger under her chin and pushed her up. His eyes focused on her lips, but he didn’t make a move.

When she tried to make one, he simply backed away, meeting her gaze with a smirk playing over his lips.

“You see, you’ve been a very, very bad girl today. Teasing me with “I can’t make it” and your little outfit.” Justin got closer to Y/N, lowering his voice so only she could hear him.

“I know you want my tongue around your little tight pussy, my fingers playing with your hard nipples, my dick in your mouth. I know you want all of that baby girl, but daddy, you see, he wants to teach his little girl a lesson, yeah. Which is, never tease daddy.” Justin licked his lips, once again letting a smirk play over his lips.

Y/N sighed loudly, at that point she just wanted to push him onto the nearest wall and fuck the shit out of him, but that wasn’t possible, considering people in the room and his strength.

She simply nodded, focusing her eyes on the wall behind him with a picture that was supposed to be artwork, but all she saw was one stick and a circle. She really didn’t understand why people called that art.

“Now baby girl, I have to shower, but then we will hit the party.” Justin took her hand and the walked the same way she ran not twenty minutes ago.

As soon as they walked out of the door, she had to put her hand over her eyes, otherwise she would fall from all those flashlights.

Somehow they managed to get to the car without separating and they soon took off. Justin sat as close to Y/N as he physically could, placing his right hand on her thigh, slowly running tips of his fingers over her inner thigh.

The tension was way too much to handle, so she placed her hand on his leg moving it to his dick. She hoped he would change his mind and they would stay in his hotel room.

Justin suddenly grabbed Y/N’s hand, as it was just inches away from his dick and placed it on her leg. To punish her, he moved his hand away and moved in his seat so they weren’t touching anymore.

At that point, Y/N wanted to scream out in frustration, in the corner of her eye she could see Justin smirking before speaking.

“So how did you like my performance?” he turned his head to look at her.

She was pissed and not really in the mood to talk, she only shrugged her shoulders and simply added. “It was okay.” Turning her head towards the window.

By his voice, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the answer. “It was okay?” He asked under the breath. “That’s all?” she didn’t respond.

If he could tease her, she could give him a silent treatment.

“So that’s how’s going to be, huh darling? All right, I’ll take it.”

From that moment on, neither of them spoke a word to each other. Even though they arrived to the hotel in less than three minutes, to Y/N it seemed like it was half an hour.

She quickly opened her door, which usually Justin does for her, but she wanted to piss him off as much as she could. Two can play this game.

She heard him mumble something under the breath but she didn’t bother to wait for him. She quickly walked towards the elevator, waiting for it to open.

Justin immediately caught up with her, placing his hand on her lower back, but just for brief five seconds. The door opened and they walked in, each standing on their side of the elevator.

They quickly walked out, reaching the room number 265. Justin unlocked it and she followed him in. she threw herself onto the bed and closed her eyes.

She could feel Justin’s look all over her body and when she hoped that he would change his mind, he walked into the bathroom.

She groaned and took her phone out. She opened snapchat and tried out which new idiotic filters where there. After she posted few selfies, she saw she had a missed call from her mother, so she rang her.

“Happy new year, honey.” Her mother yelled into phone. Y/N could tell she was a bit tipsy.

“Happy new year, mom. Having fun in LA?”

“Oh it’s great here. There’s a lot of young hot boys here.” Y/N could hear her father in the distance yelling something at her. “Whatever Y/F/N” She simply yelled.

At that point Justin walked out of bathroom, his hair messy and a towel wrapped around his waist. Y/N sat up and ran her eyes all over his body, scanning him, from his head to his tiptoes.

“So are you two having fun?” Y/M/N voice shook her from her daydream. “Mhm” Y/N mumbled into the phone.

“We’re just about to head to the party.”

“Well tell Justin hi and have a good time. P.S. it’s time for me to become grandma.”

“Y/M/N” Y/n’s father yelled and Y/N just chuckled.

“All right mom, have fun. Love you.”

Y/N hung up and look in Justin’s direction. He was now fully dressed, wearing a hat, black shirt, same colour jacket and white shorts.

“Ready?” he simply asked.

“Mom said hi.” He nod and started walking out.

He let Y/N go first and placed his hand on her lower back. This time the ride down wasn’t so unpleasant and soon they were at the party.

They separated very quickly, Y/N headed to the bar, ordering herself a strong Martini, while Justin went somewhere, only god know where.

“What is a girl like you doing alone on New Year?” a deep voice asked Y/n and she slowly rotated herself to face a very good looking guy.

He was tall, bit taller than Justin, black hair with bluest eyes Y/N has ever seen. She shyly smiled at him.

“Well I lost my boyfriend somewhere.” Y/N simply answered, hoping that will send him away.

But he didn’t seem to recognise what she said, rather he showed at the chair next to her, and she just nodded. A little company won’t hurt, she was getting bored anyway.

“I am Tony”

“Y/N. Nice to meet ya.”

“Oh trust me pleasure is all mine.” She smiled at his flirtatious comment and carried on. They talked for solid fifteen minutes, he made he laugh so much, her stomach actually started to hurt.

She felt familiar hand on her back. “Hi I am Justin. The boyfriend.” Justin offered his hand to Tony. His face was cold as ice, and Y/n knew he was beyond pissed and jealous.

“So you’re the one that leave this fine lady, all alone. Damn bro, you should keep a close eye on that masterpiece.” Tony said shaking his hand.

Y/n felt Justin’s grip getting tighter after Tony’s comment. She could tell his ego was hurt, and she was hoping he would just bit his tongue and let go. But she knew Justin.

“You might wanna watch your mouth, this is my girlfriend you’re talking to.”

“Hey man, I’ve said nothing bad about your girlfriend.” Tony lifted his hands up, clearly showing he wants no trouble.

“Tony it was nice meeting you, but I think you should leave now. Thanks for the company, I appreciate it.” Y/N said.

Tony nodded and smiled, then walked away. Y/N exactly knew what was following, and honestly she wasn’t in the mood for it.

“So I let you off for five minutes and you already find a new guy?”

She turned her head to face him, with the most annoyed facial expression she could make. “Don’t you even dare to start anything. He was at least making me company, unlike someone here.”

“So you wanna fuck him?” Justin asked arrogantly.  

“Fuck off Justin, go back to those bitches that you were with all this time. You ain’t gonna ruin this night for me.” Y/N said and walked away.

“Where you going?” Justin asked walking behind her.

“Somewhere where no one is going to bother me.”

“Y/N where the fuck are you going? Answer me.” Justin raised his voice. She turned on her tiptoes, lifting her hand to slap him, but she stopped herself just in time.

“Go on, slap me. Go on, do it.” he provoked her, stepping closer to her. Y/N rolled her eyes, groaned and started walking towards his room.

“So you’re just gonna walk away?”

“What do you want Justin? There is no more that needs to be said or discussed.”

“Oh yes there is.”

She picked her pace and walked even faster. Soon she was in front of his room door, waiting for him to unlock them, but he didn’t seem to hurry anywhere.

“And what would we need to discuss anymore?”

“You giving that guy sex eyes.” Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. All night he keeps teasing her, she is about to explode and now he gives her his jealous attitude.

It was kinda sexy, but all she wanted was to cum, not fight. So she pulled him closer, grabbing his jacked and connecting their lips.

He pushed her against the doors, one hand placing on her side, while unlocking the door with other. He pushed her inside, closing the door with his leg.

He moved away from kiss and took his jacket off. Y/N placed her hand around the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. He observed her while her hands traced up and how his chest.

He moved his hands on her back, unzipping her dress, letting it hit the floor and revealing her naked body. “You are so beautiful.”  Y/N felt her cheeks burning up.

Justin pushed Y/N onto bed and climbed over here. He connected their lips once again, while placing his hand over her clit, making little circles around it.

Y/N moaned into the kiss. “So wet.” Justin mumbled into kiss, pushing his tree finger into her. She groaned from sudden pleasure.

Justin moved his lips to her hard nipples, nibbling on each. She pushed her head deeper into the pillow, digging her nails into silky sheets.

He stick his tongue out and slowly traced it all the way to her pussy. He placed few kisses around her entrance, before connecting his lips with her clit.

Y/N screamed out in pleasure, shutting her eyes and enjoying the moment. She pushed her hips higher, but he placed his strong hand on her sides and held her down.

He hummed into her entrance, which only send shiver all over her body.

Suddenly he got up and she whined at the feeling of emptiness. He took his shorts off, exposing his grown length.

He took his dick in his hand and simply demanded. “Suck.”

Y/N got up and quickly took his dick into her mouth, never leaving his gaze. His mouth fell open, little ‘fuck’ leaving his lips.

She sucked slowly, swirling her tongue around the tip, but Justin grabbed her hair and moved her head faster and rougher.

She knew he was close, so he pulled her away, pulling her up for a rough kiss.

Y/N pushed Justin onto bed, she placed her legs on each side and took his dick into her hands and placed it in front of her entrance. She slowly pushed herself down, adjusting his length inside her.

She placed her hands onto his chest and started moving her hips in a circle. He griped her sides, groaning.

“Keep doing that, baby girl.”

Y/N slowly started to bounce her hips up and down, eventually picking up the pace. Their moans were getting lost in hot, steamy air that their bodies produced.

Justin’s eyes focused on her bouncing boobs, moving his hands to cup them, giving them a good squeeze. Y/N moaned loudly.

“You are so fucking hot, you know that, right?”

Justin got up, placing his hands on her back, taking her breast in her mouth, nibbling on her sensitive nipples. Sucking around her nipples, making sure to leave deep, purple marks, only visible to him.

Y/N felt her stomach clenching, her thighs started shaking. She was so close.

“Mhm, s-so cl-o-o-se. Please le-t me c-u-um.” Y/N said quietly, in between thrusts.

“Oh you wanna cum, baby girl? I don’t think so.” Justin picked her up and turned around, hovering her. He pulled his dick out, only to slam into her with his full rage.

Y/N screamed his name, almost cumming, but somehow managing to hold it back. With each thrust it became harder and harder for her to hold back. Because with every thrust he managed to hit her g-spot.

“Please, Justin” Y/N cried out.

“What? What do you want?” Justin demanded.

“Please let me cum.”

“I don’t know Y/N, only good girls get to cum, but you were a very, very bad girl today.”

Y/N moaned loudly, she knew that if she won’t cum in next thirty seconds, she will explode.

“But I think you have learned your lesson. Cum baby girl, cum hard.”

Her orgasm hit the climax, Y/N’s eyes rolled, her back arched, and she digged her nails into his muscles. She screamed his name as loud as she could, feeling like her lounges will leave her body.

“Fuck, you’re so hot when you come.”

He rid of her orgasm as his was close, his thrust became sloppier, harder and deeper. He groaned her name loudly, emptying himself into her.

Justin collapsed next to Y/N, both trying to calm down their breathing.

Imagine Kingsman’s Enemies Break Into Yours and Eggsy’s House

A/N: More Eggsy because I would die for this egg srsly. Also, this is violent and swear a lot so you have been warned! Enjoy :P also - send in a request if you want, I’ll write anything tbh (as long as it’s Kingsman - doesn’t have to be Eggsy!)

“Hey, babe. You alright?”

“I’m good. What time are you getting home?” You replied, 

“‘Bout thirty minutes. I’ll bring take out?”

Now he was speaking your language. 

“Mhm, hell yes Unwin. Knew there was a reason I kept you around,” You heard Eggsy’s mock gasp down the phone, then a laugh. 

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The Persistence of Memory (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

A/N: This was surprisingly difficult to write. Sorry for how long this is, I was originally going to just do smut, then it turned into just fluff then it turned back into smut. Also, all the art talk was self indulgent as fuck, sorry, I’m just an art nerd.

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Proximity (03)-Forty Percent

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Tag List: @sebstanwassup, @starkxpotts, @kyleannsmut, @joshuad-n, @bucky-bear-barnes, @metal-arm-red-star, @dammnnbucky, @crystallimythium, @harleenquinzzel, @camillechan, @marvelouslyloki, @msdrmarvel, @-tulipsunflower-, @shakzer00, @sebstan01, @kitty11223, @one-of-the-boys, @come-and-figure-me-out, @miraisnotavailable, @ladymelissastark, @msharleyquinn, @seargantbcky, @ballerinafairyprincess, @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3

Warnings: some language, upset Seb, jealous Tom

A/N: it’s kind of long but I hope y'all like it. The next part will be (maybe) shorter and focus more on the reader’s pov during this part. PLEASE let me know what you think :)

Proximity (00)-Prologue, Proximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes, Proximity (05)-If You Want,  Proximity (06)-Oblivion, Proximity (07)-IDFC, Proximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1,

For the rest of the night, since (Y/N) abruptly left Sebastian’s apartment, he couldn’t help thinking what went wrong. Each moment of interaction flashed through his memory with excitement and glee. Her laugh, her smile, how perfect it felt to have her wrapped under his arm and leaning into his side. Maybe that was the problem… 

The following morning, Sebastian listened closely for any indication that (Y/N) was awake yet. It was a Saturday, which meant (Y/N) shouldn’t have anything planned and was more than likely still in bed. Just as he made up his mind to text her to see if everything was okay, his phone started to ring in his hand.

“Hey,” she said in an airy tone.

“Good morning,” he greeted, his voice much more groggy than expected.

“I’m real sorry about last night,” she hurried to say.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said as he rolled onto his back and shoved his free hand through his hair. “You’re okay though, right?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay,” she said, her voice softer than normal which only lead him to paying more attention to the rise and fall of her breaths through the phone.

“Good,” he stated before filing the awkwardness of the conversation growing. “I’m sorry if I did anything to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“No, Seb,” she sighed with a forced laugh in her voice. “It wasn’t you. I just had a pretty rough day and–”

“And forgetting about your homework–”

“Did not help at all,” she laughed as they continued to finish the other’s sentences.

“Well, are you doing anything today?” he asked hesitantly, not wanting to know if it was too early to be asking her to hang out again.

“Come on, Seb, you know I don’t make plans until I’ve had caffeine,” she grumbled. “Want to come down for coffee?” (Y/N)’s heart started pounding as she heard the words leaving her mouth. She couldn’t believe that not even six hours after her bathroom breakdown, where she vowed not to get any closer to him romantically, that she was asking him over to her place.

“I actually got a text from Anthony a few minutes ago; Chris, Elizabeth, and Tom are all in the area and we are going to meet up and get breakfast at Veselka,” Sebastian stated. 

“What’s that?” (Y/N) asked as she rolled over onto her side and shoved her phone between her head and the pillow.

“A little Ukrainian spot on second,” he said, fighting the urge to fall back asleep.

“Oh, well have fun then,” she said softly, trying not to sound upset.

“You do realize I’m inviting you, you dork,” he laughed.

“Well, Sebastian, you did not say ‘(Y/N) would you like to ’–” she was cut short by his groaning from the other end of the line which was completely audible through her ceiling.

“(Y/N), would you like to join me at breakfast this morning?” he asked as his laugh continued to echo through each of their bedrooms.

“Will there be coffee?” she asked back.

“Yes, (Y/N) there will be coffee.”

“Okay, but I’m holding you to it. If there’s no coffee–”

“If there’s no coffee then you and I will find a coffee shop, leave, and then come back with enough caffeine to keep both of us satisfied, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan, Stan,” she chuckled.

“Oh God,” he huffed. “You’re back on that again?”

“Who said I was ever off it?” she teased. “See you in ten?”

“Meet in the lobby!” With that their conversation ended and each returned to their solitary lives. Quickly, Sebastian responded to the group chat.

Chococcino: I’m headed toward the restaurant.

Chrissy Boo Bear: I’ll be there in fifteen

Thin Lizzy: I put in a reservation for five

Vanilla Ice: Make it six, please

Spidey-Kid: Is Robert in town?

Vanilla Ice: I invited my neighbor, if you guys don’t mind

Spidey-Kid: Is she hot?

Chococcino: T.F. Tom!? Have you seen sexy sea bass?

Thin Lizzy: I added another, Sebastian

Spidey-Kid: It was just a question, tweety bird.

Vanilla Ice: Thanks Liz

Chococcino: Come on, kid. Birds eat bugs for breakfast

Spidey-Kid: You can’t scare me into not coming, especially not that Sebastian’s sexy roommate is coming

Chrissy Boo Bear: I believe her name in Seb’s phone is Cute Neighbor, but you were close Tom

Upon reading that last message, Sebastian turned his phone onto silent, slid into a pair of jeans, and pulled a sweater over his head. He snatched his house keys from the kitchen counter, grabbed his leather jacket from the coat hook, dropped his phone into his back pocket and hurried to the elevator, only to be stopped on the floor below him by (Y/N) jumping on.

“Wow,” she sighed upon looking at him. “You’re way more dressed up than me.”

“I’m wearing jeans,” he protested.

“Well normally you only wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Jeans are an improvement.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at her as she filed into the elevator and leaned against the thin rail behind them. He looked over her body as her knee high tan boots traveled along her legging clad legs, a loose burgundy sweater fell to her mid thighs beneath a black leather jacket, and the red, pink, and grey silk scarf he got as a souvenir/thank you gift for watching his house while he was in China, hung around her neck.

“You look great, (Y/N),” he smiled as his eyes finally landed on hers. (Y/N) fought the fluttering of her heart as tickled her ribs the second she noticed Sebastian’s eyes trail her body. Just friends, (Y/N), she told herself. You’re just friends. Realizing they were less than a mile from the restaurant, the pair started walking. It didn’t take longer than for the pair to walk a block down the road before he was spotted by some fans.

“Sebastian!” a few teenage girls yelled while flocking toward him.

“Hi,” he smiled while waving gingerly to them, stopping in his tracks as they tried to take photos. Quietly, (Y/N) tried to hide herself behind Sebastian or jump out of the photo’s frame as the girls approached.

“Do you mind taking a picture with us?” the girls asked.

“Not at all!” Sebastian smiled to the girls as they quickly pressed themselves on each side of him and tried to take a selfie.

“Here,” (Y/N) offered while stepping toward the collection of people crouched, trying to get the perfect shot of their favorite celebrity. She took each of the girl’s cell phones and took at lead three photos on each phone before returning them to the teens.

“Thank you so much!” one of the girls cooed to Sebastian and then turned toward (Y/N). “You’re a life saver!!”

“You’re so lucky,” another started fawn over (Y/N) as she glanced over her shoulder at Sebastian.

“Excuse me?” (Y/N) asked only for the girls’ attention to flow back toward Sebastian.

“We don’t want to keep you,” they smiled before walking past (Y/N) and making obscene sexual gestures with their hands and whispering ‘bag him for the rest of us’ out of Sebastian’s earshot. Quickly, Sebastian slid his hand along (Y/N)’s arm as she stared after the teenagers who had just pranced away.

“Come on, we’re going to be late,” he said while pulling her along and locking his arm in hers, in a protective manner as they passed a number of strangers, all giving her strange looks. She could see the gears turning in their heads: they second guess whether they actually saw the Winter Soldier on the street and then once they realized they had in fact seen the actor, they do a double take only to see the all too young, awkward, and average girl beside him.

(Y/N) had hoped that the negative looks and attention she received would fade as they got to the restaurant, but was sadly mistaken. Of course the group of Avengers casually gathered together for breakfast drew attention to themselves, but the onlookers’ confusion was only enhanced when presented with the newest, most unrecognizable face at the table: (Y/N)’s. Who was she? Was she a new Avenger character being introduced in Infinity War? Was she Sebastian Stan’s latest play thing?

She was thankful as Sebastian pulled out a chair for her that was blocked from a lot of people’s sight due to the proximity of the chairs seated around the rather small table. She slid in gracefully with a shy smile on her face, trying not to stare at anyone looking at her for too long. Sebastian fell into a seat beside her and smiled at his friends as he shrugged his coat from his shoulders.

“Sorry we’re late,” Sebastian muttered as he turned backwards to hang the coat on the back of his chair. “We got stopped by some fans.” (Y/N) immediately wanted to correct him and say ‘you were stopped,’ but thinking back to the interaction, she realized that he three girls said more to her in passing than to him.

“I can see why,” Tom muttered under his breath as his eyes diverted from (Y/N) to the menu in front of him. Is this fucking real? she thought to herself as her heart pounded in her chest. Some random teenage girls encourage her to fuck Sebastian five minutes before Tom Holland inadvertently hits on her…is this the life she’s going to have to get used to so long as she keeps Sebastian in her life?

“I’m so sorry,” Sebastian muttered while turning back to the table and gesturing toward the girl on his left. “Everyone, this is (Y/N); (Y/N), this is Anthony Mackie, Lizzie Olsen, Tom Holland, and Chris Evans,” Seb introduced everyone around the table from his right around to her left.

“Hi,” she smiled lightly and crossed her legs uneasily beneath the table.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Elizabeth smiled adjacent to (Y/N).

“We’re glad you could make it,” Chris’s voice invaded her left ear.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she smiled softly at each of them.

“It was our pleasure,” Tom replied with a smirk. (Y/N) fought the blush that threatened to rise into her cheeks.

“Stay in your lane, Ketchum,” Anthony teased. “She’s not a femme fatale like Hilda.”

“The fact that you knew that both startles and impresses me,” (Y/N) laughed at Anthony’s Pokemon Black and White reference.

“I have three kids; there is no silence, there is only Pokemon,” he groaned through laughter.

“For once you’re the only one in the group with kids,” Sebastian teased.

“Yeah,” Chris added, “normally you’ve got Robert or Jeremy.”

“Now I’ve got a bunch of young singletons,” he chuckled. “You are single, right?” he asked while locking eyes on (Y/N).

“Um, yeah,” she said softly. Anthony tried not to notice the smile begin to fade from Sebastian’s lips nor the one on Tom’s face begin to grow. “I’ve just been really busy and it wouldn’t be fair for me to be in a relationship when I can’t give any more than forty percent,” she tried to explain.

“Forty percent?” Chris asked.

“My schedule is pretty full,” she said and ducked her head, trying not to have the destiny of the situation fall even more heavily on her shoulders.

“(Y/N)’s working at CUNY’s undergraduate English department as a student teacher while working on a master’s degree in forensic psychology at John Jay,” Sebastian explained, lightly dancing around the situation in hopes that the others don’t draw too much into their situation.

“That’s incredible,” Lizzie said from across the table. “Become the female Spencer Reid; men can wait!” (Y/N) laughed as Lizzie smiled. A low, forced chuckle, escaped Sebastian’s lips.

“Isn’t Spencer Reid that skinny nerdy kid on Criminal Minds?” Anthony asked.

“The one who’s a literal genius?” Tom interjected.

“That’s the one,” Seb smirked proudly.

“Damn, that’s a lot to live up to,” Anthony laughed.

“Not really,” Sebastian added while putting his hand gently on (Y/N)’s arm.

“Seb, come on,” she laughed.

“Seriously, though, she has a genius level IQ, give or take three points.”

“Oh gosh this is embarrassing,” (Y/N) muttered as the table laughed At their collective chattering, (Y/N) felt her heart lift and a smile curl onto her face.

“Don’t think of it as being embarrassing,” Chris encouraged her, “we’ve come to understand Sebastian loves to brag about his cute neighbor.” (Y/N) dropped her face to her menu and Sebastian’s ears turned red. He offered a light, embarrassed laugh as he faced the rest of the table. Sensing the young woman’s discomfort, Elizabeth rose from the table and asked if (Y/N) would join her to wash up before their food arrived. Quickly, (Y/N) left along side Lizzie and the four men continued the conversation.

“Come on guys,” Sebastian groaned.

“We’re just shooting the shit with you,” Anthony chuckled.

“I know what you’re doing,” Seb stated.

“Well then pick up on it,” Chris replied. “She’s great, man.”

“Wait, are you serious about her?” Tom asked hesitantly.

“What do your spidey-senses say?” Anthony teased.

“Why, what’s wrong with that?” Sebastian asked Tom, shocked to find himself questioning the kid for dating advice.

“Dude, she’s like, my age! You guys give me shit all the time for being younger than you and now you’re trying to hook up with someone who’s barely older than me.”

“But (Y/N) doesn’t look like she’s twelve,” Anthony snapped back trying to encourage Sebastian.

“Looking a certain age doesn’t make you that age,” Tom muttered. “She said it herself that she’s not able to give more than forty percent in a relationship and you’re not getting any younger.”

“Thanks for that,” Sebastian grumbled.

“I’m saying if you’re looking for more than casual dating, finding it in a twenty-one year-old probably isn’t the best choice,” Tom explained. “Besides, she’s probably wanting to get another degree after this and focus on her career, and you’re not going to be around much because of yours. You’d really make her chose between you or her job?” Sebastian’s head fell lightly and Anthony glared at Tom as the girls returned.

Sebastian glanced up at the woman hurrying back to his side with a smile on her face. “Hi,” she called to him, a cheery smile pulled across her face. His hopeful eyes flashed up to her and the smile on his face faded as he chewed anxiously on the inside of his lip. He couldn’t get the thought out of his head that (Y/N) may be too young for him. 

Was putting work in front of (Y/N) fair to her? Was it fair to expect her to do the same? Was giving sixty percent in hopes to receive forty worth the risk of them being torn apart or thrust together? “Yes,” he stated to his own thoughts, quickly smiling across at the woman beside him.

{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

t/w: none!

tags:  @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover @alienboymax @hamilbroke @tailored-shirt-tails @wolfphantom-m @moonchildcharm @shadowthepiratecat @english-muffin-top @iamivyfeather @louisianaspell @lastfallenstar @thataudreydork @moonqueerr @niixxo @sarmar29 @a-mistake-tbh @notquiteanobsession @me-idiedforhim @ghostieatemymoxie @arostrolgy @martapetrovic @thomas-jefferdad @justwannaseesomegoddamnlolfanart @that-gay-fangirl

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part one // part two // part three // part four // part five


To Thomas, the days without you seemed to stretch on forever. Thomas woke up with the initial thought to text you, call you and ask about how your day was, try to convince you to quit your job at the cafe you worked at, but he couldn’t. You two were on a break. Now was your time to think.


It felt pointless. He knew what he wanted, but he wanted to make sure you knew what you wanted.

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When your friends are traveling

Alya and Nino are very loyal friends. Even when they are on a trip, they are always ready to drop anything for a phone call from their best friends. Ao3 link.

I finally wrote the story from this post. It is a series of short, silly scenes. Alya and Nino are secret badasses but they always put their friends first. 

“Hey, bro, what’s up?” Nino’s voice came from the cell phone.

“I’m sooo bored!” Adrien moaned, falling back against his bed. He had been so lonely ever since he graduated lycee six months ago. He wanted to go straight to University but he struck a deal with his dad. If he modeled full time for two years, he could study whatever he wanted. He had been managing it until Nino had left two weeks ago for a two month trip around Europe with Alya. He was happy for his friend but he missed him. Life was so boring without him.

Nino laughed. “Sorry bro. It must be so boring being a supermodel.”

“It really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Adrien laughed. “I’m surprised you have time to talk to me. When is Alya going to drag you off somewhere?”

“Don’t worry.” He paused for a moment. “She’s busy.”

Adrien laughed. “What’s she doing?”

“Just making a deal with the mob. I’m keeping watch.” Nino said casually.

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.13

A/N: I wrote this whole chapter while listening to the entire Migos album and a huge bag of hot fries so I’m pretty satisfied with this. The way she reacts in this part is honestly mainly focused on how I would as well as my slang, so sorry if you can’t relate. The main character was supposed to be black anyway and Imma black girl soo…As always get this to 100 notes and feedback is appreciated. This is long as hell with a lot of dialogue too. Hope you like this part, sugarplums💕

**WARNING**: Lots of profanity and small makeout session

One/ TwoThree/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
SixteenSeventeen/ EighteenNineteen/Twenty{END}

~ Blonde Babe: Heyyy
~ Y/N: What do you need? I’m not in a playful mood.
~ Ahhh I see
~ *In your voice* “Who tf we have to fight?”
~ Lmaoo, your bestfriend
~ …Calum?
~ Ding Ding Ding
~ What did he do?
~ He got a fucking girlfriend…
~ Oh wow uh…
~Ice cream on me in 20?
~ Hell yes

You let out an animalistic growl, rolling in your bed until you could gently slither off the side of it slowly and land on the floor with a soft thump. The best way to describe how you were feeling this morning was shitty. Beyond shitty, actually. For starters you were hung over from consuming half a bottle of vodka with Felix, and to top it off you felt like you weren’t worth a damn. Having spent so much time with the bassist you couldn’t help but to fall for his cheeky charm and his kind heart. If only you knew that he’d just toss you to the side, you could’ve avoided this whole situation.

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There are Monsters 

Characters: Dean x Reader, Emmary (Child OFC), Charlie (Child OMC), Sam

Warnings: fluff, brief angst

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic SIXTEEN. The line was, “As long as I’m around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.”  requested by @amanda-teaches . It will be highlighted in the fic. I combined it with a gif submitted by the lovely @chaos-and-the-calm67.  Hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for celebrating with me! Warning: I’ve been sick all day and can’t be blamed for its awfulness. It’s hardly edited or anything. Blah! Whatever… fluff away.

Feedback Appreciated

Tags at the End

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7 years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 4

In all honesty, I don’t know how I feel about how the ending came out. It took me quite a while to prevent it from seeming cliché and even now I get kind of annoyed when reading the end. Hopefully, you guys all enjoy it though. Thanks for reading and supporting. It’s very motivating!

I realise this part came out shorter than normal but I promise the next part will be longer to make up for it.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 - Here  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15

Waking up on Saturday morning, you called Areum to arrange to meet at the local café.  When you arrived there at exactly 11:30 am, Areum was already sitting down waiting for you at your usual window table. After ordering and receiving your caramel iced frappé, you headed to your table and sat down.

“Hey Y/N, I didn’t appreciate you just leaving me to video call myself yesterday. My mum thought I was talking to myself and tried to refer me to a doctor.” You snickered at her sentence and took a long sip of your drink.

“Sorry Areum. I just really needed my beauty sleep.” You couldn’t prevent a smile spreading over your face. However, Areum mirrored it with a sly smirk.

“Ah it’s okay. I know how much you love impressing Jungkook. Beauty sleep is one way to do it.” This effectively made you choke on your frappé and Areum giggled at her comeback. After hitting your chest aggressively to save yourself from choking to death, you shot her a deadly glare. She didn’t take it seriously and turned her attention to the window in front of her. When her eyes widened drastically, you furrowed your brows in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” As you spoke this sentence, your head turned to glance out the window too. Hands grabbing the sides of your face stopped you from actually seeing what was happening.

“Don’t! I mean… it’s nothing.” Grabbing Areum hands, you pried them off your face and focused on what had her so shocked. A moment later your eyes widened and you felt a pang of hurt in your chest.

Jungkook was stood at the other side of the street with his arm around an unfamiliar girl. He seemed to present her with a gift because the girl then squealed and threw her arms around him. You averted your attention and ignored the painful feeling in your chest.

“It’s just Jungkook… why are you so shaken up? Just because we’re friends again doesn’t mean he’s suddenly stopped his playboy ways…” Despite what you had just said, the strong feeling of betrayal was prominent. Areum seemed to notice this and stood from her seat, grabbing her iced tea.

“Come on. Let’s go back to mine.” She grabbed your hand and forced you to stand up, dragging you out of the café. Jungkook was too focused on his company to notice you across the street, even when you bumped into the rival schools gang leader and had him yell at you to ‘watch where you were going.’ Not wanting to get involved with him again, you pulled Areum away and jogged down the street.

Spending the rest of the day at Areum’s house, the evening arrived and you began to get ready for the party that had already started. It was Areum’s idea to be 'fashionably late’ and you decided to just go along with it. When you had both gotten dressed and applied finishing touches, you headed out, the destination being Jungkook’s house.

Arriving outside, it was obvious that everyone was either already half drank or completely wasted at this point in the party. Deciding to ignore the obnoxiously loud teenagers, you let Areum guide you inside. Jungkook was nowhere in sight but that wasn’t your main priority. You were here to have fun.

Areum had left to grab drinks for the both of you and returned a few moments later, handing you a plastic cup which most probably contained a mixture if alcohol and coke. Taking small sips of your drink, you glanced around the room looking for familiar faces. None of the boys had made a surprise appearance yet, which was odd.

A few drinks later you, unsurprisingly, managed to get tipsy. The same couldn’t be said for Areum as she was beyond drunk. It was shocking really to see the reserved Areum let lose at a party. Dancing with each other, you let loose, ignoring the other students. When you decided to grab another drink, you squeezed Areums’s shoulder, which she returned with a clumsy grin. Grabbing two cups and filling them to the brim with the unknown alcoholic drink, you turned on your heel, set on returning to the dance floor. However, when you made your way back she was nowhere to be seen. The initial reaction was annoyance and you analysed the overcrowded room, searching for her brunette waves. After realising she was no longer here, you decided to search for her throughout the house and headed to the second level of the house.

Peeking through doors, you came to Jungkook’s bedroom. If she was here he definitely wouldn’t mind you entering the room. Or so you thought. Knocking on the door and pushing the door wide open, your eyes were instantly drawn to a drunken Jungkook.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” His eyes were glazed and you paid no attention to his shouting, mainly because he was only sporting underwear. What made you do a double take was the fact that Hye Mi was underneath him, arms wrapped around his neck and legs hooked around his waist, smirking in victory. You had obviously interrupted something intimate.

He seemed to notice who you were because moments later, he wrenched her limbs of him and jumped off of his bed. His eyes were widened in shock and the shadowed look they had sported before was no longer present.

“Y/N? Don’t take this the wro-” You were sure that if you had stood there another second, you wouldn’t be able to stop the hurt tears from falling so you slammed the door shut. Taking a deep breath, you controlled your emotions. The only thing you should be worried about is finding Areum, not crying over unnecessary feelings.

You headed towards the guest room, once again entering the room and found another couple looking for some privacy. Except it wasn’t exactly a couple and you realised this when you recognised the loud giggle that escaped brunette girl you had been looking for. Anger enveloped you as you saw Areum lying on the bed and a boy you had ever seen in your life, evidently trying to take advantage of her drunken state.

“What the fuck! Get the fuck away from her, you bastard!” When his motive was interrupted, surprisingly the unknown boy freaked out and scurried away, leaving you to grab Areum and steady her.

“Areum! What the fuck just happened?” She giggled and softly patted your face.

“He said we… could play.” She slurred her words and you decided that enough was enough. The second part of this party was a complete disaster for you and you now understood why Jungkook tried to prevent you from coming. Helping Areum out of the room, you carefully helped her reach the ground floor.

Making it outside, you called Areum’s older sister, Mi-nah, and asked her for a ride back. Ten minutes later, her familiar car had stopped in front of you and you allowed her to buckle Areum inside. Just as you were going to leave you heard Jungkook call your name.

“Hey! Where the fuck are you going?” Rolling your eyes, you glared at him.

“Anywhere but here. I should have just stayed at home because, to be honest Jungkook, this party has caused so much shit and I can’t deal with it.” He stuffed his hands into his pocket and scoffed.

“It’s just a little bit of fun, why are you so jealous? You’re the one who wanted to come to the party.” Not believing the kind of crap he was speaking, you climbed into the car. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you dialled his number. There was no way he was going to have the last laugh. He picked up immediately after seeing your name appear on his screen.

“Not everything is about you Jungkook. I’m not jealous, heck, you can fuck as many girls as you want! As long as it’s not the one bitch who made the past two years of my life as shitty as they can be.” Not giving him a chance to even think about replying, you hung up and calmly asked Mi-nah to drive.

You watched Jungkook in the mirror who, in his drunken and disheveled state, clearly hated not getting the last word and threw his phone against the floor. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration and turned back into the house. Scoffing at his childishness, you turned your gaze to the passing houses.

“Why is he so dramatic, the phone didn’t do anything to him.” Mi-nah giggled at your sentence whilst Areum howled with laughter.

“You guys sound like a married couple!”  Rolling your eyes, you ignored Areum’s comment.

There was no way you sounded like a married couple.

Well, You hoped you didn’t.

“...Two Of Us.”

Requested by an anon.

Originally posted by highgrnder

You didn’t know what to do. You weren’t a parent. You were the youngest, therefore you saw yourself as a baby. You didn’t want to take care of another baby. You were awkward and scared to take care of a child. Especially since it was your baby was your sister’s child.

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Bad Thoughts

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader (as friends)

Warnings: angst, overthinking, fluff, minor swearing

Request: ‘Hi. I was wondering if you would mind writing a Bucky/Reader imagine where the reader does her best to be there for him and help him whenever he feels down , actually she herself is really insecure.She thinks she is weak, stupid and worthless,and some of her “friends” makes her feel worse because they always have something bad to say about her, but they always claim they just trying to “help” her be a better person. And usually she hides how bad she feels but one day she just breaks down’

Note: I’m sorry if it didn’t live up to what you expected, and sorry for it getting so long! English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. 

Word count: 2342 (I don’t know what happened) 

(not my gif, found it on google. credit to who made it!)

Bucky scooped more ice cream on his spoon, trying not to drop it. You were sitting next to him, assigned to ‘take care of him’. After he was “released” from H.Y.D.R.A., S.H.I.E.L.D. had given you the task of making sure Bucky returned to his old self. At first you had laughed and said “That’s impossible.” But when your bosses kept a straight face, you knew that they were not kidding. Of course, everyone knew that brining him back to his own self was actually impossible after what he had been through, but still, they wanted to try. You had been so angry in the start, which was understandable. As one of the best agents in S.H.I.E.L.D., getting the job of ‘taking care’ of some man, wasn’t what one expected. But when you had met the man, James Buchanan Barnes, you came to think that maybe this task of taking care of him was much bigger than you thought at first. What first caught your attention was that he was wearing a glove on one of his hands and not the other. It had been rather hot at the time, so that he was wearing a long sleeved shirt, made you even more suspicious. Of course you had been handed a load of information on him, but after the first 5 lines you gave up. There was so much about him; you didn’t even know what to think. After noticing the glove, you looked up at him. He was quite handsome to be honest. But the longer you looked at him, the sadder it became. Small scars over his face, pained eyes, how he was always lightly shaking. That made you think; maybe you should have read the information on him?

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A Fathers Purpose.

Anon requested- Hi, I was wondering if you could do a story about Sam and his daughter like fluffy moments that have had from him holding her as a baby for the first time to her coming out to him as bisexual like I said fluffy moments. Thank you so much for listening to this and I LOVE your blog soooo much.

characters- sam x daughter!reader, dean x niece!reader, cas x niece!reader


a/n- yes, I did steal a bit from an episode of Full House, don’t judge me! 

When your mother called him three weeks after they hooked up nothing could prepare him for what she had told him, as soon as those two words “I’m pregnant” flew from her mouth he froze. He was going to be a father, for a moment he was ecstatic but unfortunately that ecstatic feeling was short lived when he remembered the type of life he had, after agreeing to meet up with your mum, he hung up the phone and held his head in his hands… what was he going to to? 

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anonymous asked:

Something with plants prompt?

Well, seeing as this was a pretty broad prompt, I decided to have some fun with it.

“Hey, what’s this?”

Nino glanced over at the potted plant on his windowsill. “Oh, I’m keeping it there for my sister. Apparently, my window gets the right amount of light.”

“Yeah, but…” Chat Noir leaned forward to delicately sniff it. “What is it?”


Chat Noir raised a brow. “It smells really good.”

“I mean, I guess it smells alright.” Nino shrugged.

“No, I mean it smells really good.”

Nino straightened, alert now that he noticed the way Chat Noir’s speech was beginning to slur. “Maybe you should stop smelling it.”

“No, it’s fine.” He gently rubbed his cheek against the plant. “It just smells-”

Nino gently grabbed his tail to tug him away from the catnip. “Okay, I know you keep saying you’re not a cat, but just this once, I think you kind of are.”

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Looked Cute -Simon

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Hey love can I please get a simon imaginewhere you’re in a girl band and you’re friends with JJ and they go around to the sidemen house to film and you and simon are in a relationahip but noone knows. But they all ship you and then they walk In on you and Simon and everyone is so so happy! Love your imagines by the way!!!!!

A/N: Hey babe, I hope you like this, sorry for the wait. I made a tiny change where Y/N is a solo singer but her group of friends still do ship them. I also based this off of the video JJ did with Teala Dunn (Some many POVs im sorry)


I couldn’t get a break from my friends constantly telling me that Simon and I looked cute. Even though deep down I knew that they would freak out when they found out that we were dating, it was better to keep things silent. Being a singer was difficult. I didn’t get to see my friends as much, I didn’t get to see Simon as much but in the long run I got to do what i loved most and that’s all that mattered to me.

My tour was finally over and I had made it home to London. I after taking pictures with fans in the airport, I went home to be greeted by my friends. We all hung out for the whole day. It was around 6 when we decided to go to Stratford to get Nandos. Once we got to our table, we got ordered our food. Half way through our meal, someone had yelled in my ear. I jumped out of my seat and smacked the person behind me.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I turned around and saw JJ clutching his stomach and moaning in pain.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” He exclaimed.

“You yelled in my ear, you idiot.” I laughed, standing up to hug him. He kissed my cheek and greeted the rest of the girls. I looked behind him and saw Simon. My heartbeat sped up at bit when he caught my eye. He gave me a small smile, which I kindly offered back. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug so I couldn’t raise any speculations. Despite the fact the fact that it didn’t look like anything was happening between us, my friends were already cooing. I rolled my eyes to make it look like I was pissed off, deep down I didn’t really mind.

“Well, since your back do you want to come over and film a video?” JJ asked me as he pulled a chair to our table. I nodded finishing the food in my mouth. 

“I’d love to. When?”

“What about today? After dinner?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Yeah why not!” We finished our meal and I hugged my friends and said goodbye before joining the two boys. We walked to Simon’s car and got in and drove home. It took everything for me to take his hand in the car at every red light an drub his knuckles. The tension between Simon and I was evident but JJ didn’t see to notice because he kept yelling and screaming. 

We arrived at their house and I was greeted by Josh, Vik and Ethan. The three of them gave me a tight hug. I smiled once we pulled apart. I didn’t realise how much I missed all the guys and how much I love London.

“Aw guys, I missed you all.” I said as we walked into the living room.

“We missed you too.” They all said. We sat down on the couch and talked for a bit until Simon announced he was going to his room. We all looked at each other in confusion but continued on with our conversation. I was waiting for JJ to finish setting up, so I could sit down and we could start the video straight away. My phone vibrated, I looked down at it. JJ sent me a message telling me that I could go upstairs. I said my goodbyes and ran upstairs.

I passes Simon’s room, making me want to run in and give him the biggest hug I could muster but I had to keep it a secret. The only person that knew was JJ and so far he was good at keeping that secret but I knew soon enough he was going to spill.

I sat down in the chair next to him and  took the headphones put of his hand. “Simon is proper upset that you haven’t talked to him today.” He laughed.

“Well, I can’t blow our cover. I’m not ready yet.” I sighed, he shrugged.

“Understandable, he should know this but we both know how Simon is.” We laughed and he pressed the record button his phone which was connected to his camera.

He did his intro and welcomed me into the video. I introduced myself. We then got into how much I missed home and I was happy to be back. Once that was over with we got into the video. We were going to be reacting to cringe videos. To say I was prepared was the biggest lie. We got through the first couple of minutes, uncomfortable wasn’t the word to describe what I was feeling. 

We got through the rest of the video and decided to order pizza just before I was going to leave. I told him I was going to Simon’s room, just so I could chill out before I could leave. I walked towards his room and knocked on his door.  I waited for a reply until I heard a muffled sound.

“Hey.” I spoke softly, opening the door slightly so I could pop my head in. He caught sight of me and rushed to pull me in and give me a heartwarming hug. I swayed us a little and placed a kiss on his jaw. He carried me bridal style to his bed, making me laugh slightly when He struggled to grasp my legs and almost dropping me. He gave me a smile and plopped us down on the bed, our noses almost touching. My heart fluttered with love and excitement. I full five months without him was painful. I was grateful for the time I was spending with him now. 

“I missed you.” His voice croaked, making my heart break into pieces. 

“I missed you too Si.” I gave him a passionate kiss, it made realise how much I missed him and how happy I was back in his arms. Skype and FaceTime didn’t do me enough justice, especially when I was upset, stressed or when I just need him most. The last time I saw him when I was going through my Europe leg of the tour.

“I watched everyone of your videos and live streams. It kept me going a lot even when I was bored.” I giggled, he smiled.

“Always, my number one fan.”

“Always.” We kept on talking, not running out of conversation. I told him I was going to stay awake for as long as could, so we could eat pizza together and watch Netflix but my exhaustion got the better of me and I ended falling asleep

Simon’s POV

I watched as her chest rose and descended softly just as it always does. Her hair fell to her shoulders, her eyelashes fell on top of her cheeks, the smallest of details all came back into my mind. I missed all the little things about her. I put my arms around her waist and tried my best to fall asleep with her but I could help but take in everything about her.

A couple hours had passed and she was still asleep. Only God knew how exhausted and tired she was. JJ had walked into the room laughing loudly with a pizza box in his hand. “Sorry man I forgot about you guys.” I shook my head and laughed quietly. I pointed at my desk to where he could put the box.

“The girls will be over soon to get her. I don’t know what time though.”  I nodded, he smiled and walking out, shutting the door softly. I ended up falling asleep after about twenty minutes to then wake up two hours later to cooing and aweing at the door.

“He’s waking up, go!” A voice squealed. I groaned and ended up falling back asleep. 


I opened and looked over my shoulder an saw Simon, fast asleep. I smiled and looked over at his desk the pizza box I was supposed to stay up for. I sighed and stood up. I look over at the door slightly cracked open. I walked over and heard giggling and laughter the closer I got the door. I whipped it open and was greeted with the screams of my three friends and JJ clutching his heart. I laughed at their initial reaction and then realised that they all had their camera app open.

“What were you guys doing?” I looked down at their phones. They all made a run for it down the stairs. I called out for them but they weren’t going to come back. I ran back inside, grabbed the box and flopped on the bed. I ate half of the pizza and left the rest for Simon. Once I was done I started scrolling my social media. I noticed that my Twitter notifications were going through more than usual. 

I started through my mentions and saw that all the pictures I saw were of Simon and I. I groaned when I saw the picture that JJ has posted on Twitter. I turned over on my side to wake up Simon. He woke up abruptly and looked over at me.

“What is it? Are you ok?” I shook my head.

“I’m fine but look at Jide’s Twitter.” He grabbed his phone of his bedside table and rushed to Twitter. He looked over to me  his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“I’m going to kill him.” I laughed.

“You’re going to do absolutely nothing! We’re going to talk and that’s about it!” He sighed and gave me a kiss. He called JJ up stairs on his phone. He walked in cautiously as if one of us were going to launch at him.

“God JJ, you can walk in.” Simon laughed.

“Alright, so what is it?” I rolled my eyes.

“You know JJ.” He laughed.

“So I posted the picture, you guys looked cute.” I rubbed my face.

“You should’ve asked first. Next time please ask.” He nodded and apologised before walking out. 

Simon and I talked for a bit more before deciding it was time to officially publicize our relationship. To say we got the best response was a understatement. Majority of the response was good but obviously there was going to be hate. Simon told me to always dismiss it and never listen to it.

“I’m glad he posted that if I’m being honest.” He smiled, lacing our fingers together.


“Now I don’t have hide my love you.” I hid my face in my hands. He pulled my hands away from my face.

“I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you Simon.” 

The Pinky Promise

When El told a slightly crestfallen Holly that, even though she had to go home, she’d come over to the Wheeler’s house tomorrow and play an extra hour of Barbies, she didn’t expect the younger girl to hold out her hand, tiniest finger extended outwards.

“Pinky promise?” Holly looked at El with wide and hopeful eyes. For a brief moment, El pursed her lips, unsure what a pinky promise was and how it differed from a regular promise. Tentatively, El offered Holly her own small finger and watched, with interest, as Holly intertwined their pinky fingers, squeezed them together gently, and nodded happily.

“See you tomorrow, Ellie!” Holly grinned toothily up at her before skipping down the hallway towards the kitchen, where El knew Karen was beginning to prepare dinner before the rest of her family returned from work and school. As she let herself out, fishing around on her keychain for the key Karen had made for her, El could hear Holly joyfully telling her mother all about the day she and El had spent together. She heard, and returned, Mrs. Wheeler calling out a goodbye to her and dragged her feet to the end of the driveway where Jim sat in his idling truck, waiting to bring her home for supper.

“Mike, do you pinky promise that we’ll always be friends?” El asked, the phone in her bedroom pressed between her ear and her shoulder as she lay on her bed, snuggled in a collection of pink and purple blankets, safe between the canopy posts and curtains that hung around her—they reminded her so much of the blanket fort Mike had once built for her, nearly two years ago now.

“I, uh…” Mike racked his brain for the proper way to articulate what he was thinking. He had just finished answering El’s question, explaining what a pinky promise was. “Of course, El. But I need to see you to really pinky promise. Definitely yes though…” he paused for a moment, trying to still the beating of his heart. Why had her request to always be friends sent his stomach into backflips? Why was the phone in danger of falling from his suddenly clammy palms? Mike gulped—he knew perfectly well why. “Hey, El, I have to go. My mom’s calling me. Can I call you back before I go to bed?”

“Of course,” El laughed softly. Mike always called before bed to tell her a story and help her fall asleep—it was their tradition, “Bye Mike.”

“Bye, El.”

Hearing the click that indicated the end of the call, El hung up the phone and returned it to its place on her bedside table, reaching for the book that also lay there, a paperback novel she had borrowed from the library earlier that week. El opened the pages to the spot where a fancy metal bookmark—a birthday gift from Nancy—kept her place. Her eyes ran over the page several times before she could focus on the words, thinking instead of Mike and the strange tone his voice had adopted at the end of their conversation. She wondered, with some worry, if she had upset him by asking him to make a pinky promise.

El had only managed to read five pages before she heard a light tapping sound on her window. With narrowed eyes, she sat bolt upright and looked over to her pink curtains, behind which the tapping sound got slightly louder. El pushed herself out of bed and crossed the room, peeking out of the fabric of her curtains to see Mike, panting, with his face nearly pressed up against the glass. When he caught sight of her, his face lit up into a bright smile and he waved eagerly. El shot him a sideways glance, confused as to why he was there—and how he had managed to bike over so quickly—as she lifted the window and stepped backwards, her bare feet warm in the soft mauve carpet Jim had installed for her room.

“Hey,” he whispered as he slid his upper half into the window, leaning forward slightly. He was tall enough now that his legs didn’t dangle off the ground, but his height meant he had to lean in at an awkward angle. “Sorry if I scared you.”

“What are you doing here?” El asked in a low and amused voice.

“I came to give you that pinky promise,” Mike said, looking at her with a goofy smile and a wink, holding out his hand. “But,” he continued, his expression changing slightly and his cheeks turning dark red, “It’s just…I can’t promise to be only your friend forever. I want to be…I mean, maybe you want to be…maybe we could…” Mike grimaced, his tongue suddenly weighing a hundred pounds in his mouth and his throat dry. Could he screw this up any worse?

“Mike,” El raised her eyebrows, “You want to be my boyfriend?”

“What? Yes!” Mike smiled, the tension in his body immediately giving way to relief and his cheeks burning brighter, “I mean, uh, sure, definitely.” He couldn’t believe that El had just used the B-word; the same word he had been wringing his hands about for weeks now. “So you’ll be my, uh, girlfriend?” The word was odd in his mouth, but he liked the way it sounded.

“Yes,” El smiled and leaned forward to wrap her pinky finger around his, “I promise.”

“El,” Mike chuckled a little, before turning serious, looking her directly in the eyes he had grown so fond of. “I promise to always be there for you.” He squeezed his finger against hers and then looked up at her beaming face and shining eyes. He wanted to kiss her then, but there was a sharp, quick knock on El’s door.

“El?” The Chief’s voice sounded from the other side of the door, “You busy?”

“One minute please,” El squeaked, pulling away from Mike and working to hold back a giggle at the look of sheer horror on his face as he hurried to remove himself from the window.

“It’s nothing,” Hopper continued, his voice light and teasing, “But tell Wheeler he’s free to use the front door.”

With that, El flushed and heard her adoptive father’s footsteps retreating down the hall.

“Maybe you could…” she began, but Mike—her boyfriend—was already nodding furiously.

“I’ll go ring the doorbell.”

Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Word count: 3.4k 

Genre: High school au, angst

one | twothree 

It was the day before Halloween, it had been two weeks since you and Jungkook kissed and neither of you hadn’t spoken of it. It wasn’t that you hadn’t wanted to, you were just hoping that he would bring it up first. You had still been closer than ever though. Still tutoring as well, he was getting much better at forming sentences and focusing on main points but he had still spent more time than necessary at your house, not that you minded. You even had started to call him Kook again, which he loved…a little too much.

You hated that your mind would play against you though. Jungkook was a very big part of your brain lately. You hadn’t thought about a boy this much in a while, unless you count celebrity crushes. Speaking of which, anytime you would start to have a fantasy, (sexual or not) somehow in the end the person would become Jungkook. You had been thinking about Dylan O'Brien the other night, wanting to run away together and when you packed and ran outside, Jungkook was there waiting for you with this ‘hot rod.’

You and Yoongi had been spending a lot of time with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin. Yoongi had started to hangout with them even more on his own. You still did try and make him spend time with you, when you both weren’t doing other things.

Like now, it was Wednesday and Jungkook had just left a few hours ago, after staying for dinner. Your parents were in bed because they both and to fly out tomorrow, your dad had a case to try and your mom had a conference.

You walked up to your room where Yoongi was laying on your bed watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yoongi loved Will Smith. You hopped on the bed falling on him and cuddling, you being the little spoon. He put his arm around you and said, “Once you start dating Jungkook we can’t do this.”

You turned your head to look at him, “What? Of course we can, you’re my best friend. I mean it’s not like we’re making out each other, you’re my family Yoongi. Plus, who says we’ll date?”

He smiled and then rolled his eyes, “Everyone, duh.”

“Yeah, whatever.” you answered and looked at the TV.

“People talk about it at school and shit you know.”

“Really?” you asked confused, turning back to him.

“Yeah, plus Jungkook never shuts the hell up about you.”

You tried to hide your blush but right then your phone started to ring. You picked it up seeing it was, Jimin. You smiled, you had become a lot closer to Jimin in the last couple of weeks. He was always with Yoongi so you were becoming more used to him. You answered, “Jimin! How are you bud?”

You could hear him giggle, “Y/Ny~” he sang. “I’m good. I was trying to get ahold of you and Yoongi. I tried calling him.”

“His phone died,” you answered.

“Sounds like him,” he retorted, but kept on. “I got our costumes for tomorrow, Ninja Turtles. You’ll be April O'Neil our trusty human sidekick.”

“Awe, we’re not going as The Spice Girls!” you whined, sarcastically.

He laughed and said, “Maybe if we’re all close for college. I call Sporty Spice!”

“Dammit, fine! I’ll be Ginger.”

“Ha ha, good.” He said.

“I’ll tell Yoongi and we can get ready at your house after school right?”

“Yes ma'am, I’ll see you at school.”

“Bye Jimin, goodnight.”

We both hung up and you turned to Yoongi. “You boys will be the ninja turtles and I’ll be April O’Neil for Halloween.”

“Awesome, that should be fun.” He yawned, “I’m too tired to move, I’m going to sleep in here.” You nodded moving to turn off the light and get under the blanket. “Also Y/N, you need to make a move on Jungkook.” Yoongi stated.

“No, I couldn’t, i’m chicken shit.” you turned off the lamp and left the TV on. You laid down, facing him.

“I believe in you, plus, when girls make a move it’s hot. You have to do it, Jungkook won’t expect it and you two can work this shit out.”

“We’ll see, night Yoongi.” you kissed his head and he yawned again, “Night, little lady.”

You and the boys were all at lunch, talking. They were talking about tonight and the costumes. “I’m Leonardo, with blade skills.” Jungkook said, flipping around an invisible sword, making weird faces.

“Well I’m obviously Michelangelo. Duh,” Taehyung said.

Yoongi spoke up, “I call Raphael, I mean who else would be him really?” He took a bite of his sandwich. “Yeah, cool but rude.” Taehyung added with a laugh and Yoogi shot him an, “Exactly.”

“Good, I was going to call Donatello either way. Cantina Strike!” Jimin said, pretending to hit Yoongi.

“Well you are a nerd like him,” Jungkook giggled.

You spoke, “Yeah, you’re kind of a party pooper too.”

Jimin pouted, “Hey, Ms. O'Neil. You’re our human companion, you should be nice.”

You pinched his cheek and smiled, making him smile. “You know i’m kidding, you’re the sweetest person I know.”

You all went back to your food until Yoongi spoke, “So are we supposed to go to that girl’s party?”

“Yeah,” nodded Jungkook.

Right then Rebecca walked up to the part of the bleachers we sat on. “Jungkook, are you going to Chloe’s party tonight?”

Jimin rolled his eyes and you nudged him. “Yeah, we are.” Jungkook answered, not looking at her.

“Awesome, do you have a date?” she added, twirling her hair.

“Yeah, these guys.” Jungkook answered again, pointing to all of us. Taehyung and Yoongi busted out laughing until Rebecca shot them looks.

“Well maybe we can meet up,” she put on a fake smile.

“Maybe,” Jungkook said, mumbling, practically telling her the conversation was over.

“Great,” you heard her mumble as she walked away.

“Damn, I love your sassy side Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispered, as she walked off.

Jungkook chuckled, “I wish she’d take a hint.”

You all got up and threw your remaining lunch away. We all were going to our lockers. Once you and Jungkook got to yours and he spoke, “Sorry about Rebecca.”

“Why?” you got out your book and shut your locker, turning to him.

“Uh, I just - I know you don’t like her.” He answered, still getting his books out. He put his penguin lunch box in his backpack. You smiled, how did anyone think he was cool?

“You don’t like her either,” you retorted.

“Well, I wish she’d realize that.” He said closing his locker, walking you to class. You couldn’t stop smiling, especially, at the gesture. He also gave you a side hug and before he kept walking.

You were all at Jimin’s house, getting dressed and goofing around. Once it was time we all got into Jimin’s car, since it had the most room. We got to the party and mostly stuck together, yet you all weren’t really having much fun. The party was pretty boring, we had been there almost an hour. You were talking to Jimin and his friend Jackson, you could see Taehyung and Yoongi chatting up some girls dressed as the Powerpuff girls. You couldn’t spot Jungkook though, so you gave Jimin a look and he nodded. You guess he was getting to know you better than you thought.

You started walking around and spotted Jungkook almost instantly. He was up against the wall being cornered by Rebecca. You rolled your eyes and walked over to them, throwing her hand back. He better thank me for this.

“Jungkook, there you are. I thought you were getting me a drink?” Rebecca gave you a horrible look, still holding up the hand you threw back at her.

“Um, uh- I was trying.” He grinned.

“You better try harder,” you smirked. You took his hand and you both hustled away, laughing.

You both ended up going outside, trying to hide your giggles. “God Y/N, thank you, she had me pinned against that wall for three minutes. It felt like three hours, it was awful. She was telling me all these things she wanted to do to me. I just,” he shivered and you giggled at him. He was so adorable, especially in that Ninja Turtle outfit. He looked like a 6ft 12 year old and you just wanted him to be yours. You had Yoongi’s voice in the back of your mind, 'You need to make a move.’

So you did.

You cupped his cheek and brought him down to you, connecting your lips. He immediately kissed you back, you moved your hand from his cheek to his hair and he moved both his hands to cup your face. He then licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth for his tongue.

This felt better than you could have imagined, it was better than the first time you kissed. You instantly felt like that’s how these kisses would always feel, somehow better than the last.

You pulled apart, his hands still cupping your face. “Wow,” Jungkook whispered. You smiled and opened your mouth to speak when you heard some cat calls and whistles.

You and Jungkook quickly tore apart and turned, you both let out huge breaths seeing it was your three best friends. “Get it Y/N!” said Yoongi while Taehyung yelled, “About damn time Jeon.”

They walked over to you two and Jungkook took your hand in his. You looked down at your intertwined fingers, blushing.

Jimin spoke, “This party is lame, let’s go trick or treat.”

“Really?” you asked. They all gave you looks, “I just meant most houses might be closed for the night.”  

“We can still try,” Jungkook squeezed your hand.

“Yeah, let’s just walk around here. These houses still look alive,” Taehyung alleged. So you all agreed and walked around.

You all had gone to about 20 houses and 14 of them had actually given out candy, a lot of candy actually. This was sort of a rich neighborhood and most everyone was giving what all they had left over. You had candy for weeks or at least three days, knowing you.

You had two more houses when you tripped on your stupid high heel. “Fuck!” you exclaimed, landing on your ankle weird. It had hurt so badly, so you took the shoe off and started rubbing your ankle. The boys all gathered around you. “Y/N, my god. That looks like it hurts.” Yoongi cringed.

“Noona, are you alright?” Jungkook asked.

Noona? You’d always liked that nickname but no one ever called you that, you did think it was sexy though.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just a little swollen. I think I can-” you tried standing up and fell back down. “Shit!”

Jungkook started rubbing it, making sparks shoot up your leg.

“I guess we need to get her up.” Jimin spoke up.

“You guess?” Taehyung chuckled.

“Come on guys we need to get her up.” Yoongi huffed.

“Look, I don’t mean to keep you from going to the last two houses.” You said, feeling like you just ruined the night.

“Y/N, that doesn’t matter.” Jungkook said. Yoongi put his candy in your lap, “Jimin, give me your keys. You guys get me more candy and I’ll take her to the car.”

Jungkook started to pick you up, “I can-”

“No, I can get her, just get me more candy.” Yoongi said, grabbing the keys, making sure you had your stuff before picking you up. You put one arm around him and had the other holding your candy. You were surprised by how strong he was, but still was afraid he was going to drop you.

Jungkook picked up your shoe and put it on your bags of candy. You mouthed, 'thank you’ and he grinned looking more like a bunny than a ninja turtle.

Yoongi started to take you to Jimin’s car. “So Noona,” Yoongi mimicked. You looked at him and blushed, whining, “Yoongi, don’t.”

“You kissed him and you liked it, he called you love, you want his dick.” Yoongi singed.

“Whoa, could you maybe grow up. I don’t want his dick.” you lied.

“At least not yet,” he murmured. You smacked the back of his head with your hand and Yoongi scoffed, “Abusive.”

You got to the car and Yoongi sat you down on the trunk. He put your stuff in the car and then came back over to you, putting his hands on either side of you, “You know if you date Jungkook we won’t see each other as much.”

You gave him a confused look, “Why do you keep saying stuff like that? We don’t see each other as much already, since you’re always with the boys.”

“Well I thought you wanted me to,” he stated.

“Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, that’s what it seemed like,” he interrupted. You opened your mouth to speak but he kept going. “You know you’re the only person I spend time with. I always have to do girl shit and you even made me lose my first relationship. I need the guys sometimes, okay. I can’t always be there for you and do everything for you.”

You were actually stunned, you didn’t know what to say but you were angry. “What?” you hissed, pushing him away from you, “I have never made you do anything you haven’t wanted to do. I asked Jungkook to hang out with you because I felt bad that you always spent time with me. That 'relationship’ was you fucking some girl who you hated. I had nothing to do with her dumbing your ass, you did that to yourself. Where the hell did this even come from?”

“Oh, why do you care? You’re just going to fuck Jungkook like you made me fuck you. ‘Oh Yoongi, I don’t want to be a lonely virgin.’ He mimicked.

Tears had started to spill and you yelled something you planned on taking to the grave. "I liked you that’s why I wanted to sleep with you, you asshole!”

He just stared at you, quiet and you covered your face. You were embarrassed, angry and most of all sad. Why would he say those awful things to you? How could he, he was your best friend.

“Y/N, I” but Yoongi was interrupted.

“What the hell is going on?” Taehyung said.

“Just put me in the car,” you stated, trying to be calm. Yoongi went to reach for you but you hit his hands away. He stepped back silently and Taehyung walked silently toward you, picking you up. Jungkook was already in the backseat, helping Tae get you inside. Yoongi and Jimin both got into the front seats. Taehyung got in and shut the door, Jimin started the car and you all went back to his house. The ride was silent except for the radio, lightly playing Vampire Weekend.

You all finally got to the house and Jungkook spoke, “I’ll take Y/N home and help her.” Taehyung opened the door and you grabbed your shoe, clutching onto it. Taehyung picked you up, taking you to Jungkook’s car. Yoongi came over and Jungkook started the car rolling the windows down. You looked down at your shoe in your lap and Yoongi spoke, “I’ll bring your car back tomorrow.”

You didn’t look at him, in fear of crying again. “Whatever,” you whispered.

Jungkook got you home, helping you inside. You could tell he was having a little trouble carrying you, this made you smile slightly. “I can sleep on the couch,” you said.

“Nonsense, I can get you up the stairs.” Jungkook insisted. You gave him a thin smile and let him take you. He got you to your bed and ran back downstairs saying something about an ice pack.

He got back with a bag of frozen peas and you huffed out a laugh and he propped your leg up with two pillows and put the peas on. “Thank you,” you said, rather weak, you felt wracked with emotion.

“Are you alright? Not just your leg.” He added.

“No,” you shook your head, not looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” he rubbed your leg.

“I got into a fight with Yoongi, we never fight. Yeah, we have little arguments but that’s it.”

“What was it about?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you answered and shook your head.

“Okay, well. Is it alright if I ask you something else?”

You looked down at your lap, playing with your thumbs. “I guess,” you answered.

He stilled his hand and took a deep breath, “I want to ask if you’ll go on a date with me?”

Your head shot up, “A date?”

He scratched his head, “If you want to. I uh, don’t want you to, uh - think you have too, I just.” You grabbed his face and kissed him. “Of course, I will,” you said in between kisses.

“Really? I mean great, I have to go on that trip with my dad and brothers tomorrow. The one I was telling you about.” you nodded, “Next weekend then?” You nodded again, “Friday?”

After setting the date, you two talked for a while in bed. There also had been a tad bit of making out, until you both fell asleep in your bed.

The next morning Jungkook woke you up, saying he had to get home for the trip, pecking your lips with a smile. You fell back asleep until later, when you felt someone lightly stroke your arm, speaking your name softly.

You woke up seeing Yoongi and took in a sharp breath. “What are you doing here?” you sat up, rubbing your eyes.

“I brought back your car and candy, I wanted to make sure you were doing better.” He sat on your bed, touching your ankle. You flinched and he took his hand away. “I’m sorry about last night, I can’t believe I said those things. I was scared about losing my best friend, I didn’t know how to act. I guess I’ve never felt like this because you’ve never been in a relationship. This jealousy was weird, I’m not in love with you or anything. I do love you. God, so much, I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t always with me. We’ve never fought like this - I mean, last night I cried to Jimin, while Taehyung was asleep.” You realized you were crying, just a little, happy tears. “No, no don’t cry. Cause I will and you know I’m an ugly crier.” He interjected.

You laughed, “I understand. I mean I got jealous when you were with Cindy. That was when I started to like you,” you sighed and went on. “I didn’t want to tell you, then you broke up and I had to try something. Once we did it a week later I realized i was just a crush and I just wanted to keep my best friend.”

“Are you trying to say, I was that horrible in bed?” he gave you a look.

You laughed and shoved him, making him grin. “No, I just realized that I loved you but I could never be in love with you.”

“So are we alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, alright,” you nodded.

“Alright,” he said again.

You chuckled, “Alright!”

“Maybe, alright will be our always.” Yoongi smiled.

“Shut up, Suga.” you rolled your eyes, hiding a grin.

He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “I missed you, I know it was it was only a couple of hours but still.” He sighed, “So did you and Jungkook talk last night?” He asked as he let go of you.

“Yeah, he slept over, left this morning to go on a trip with his dad and brothers. He also asked me out for next Friday.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened, with a smile. “I hope you’re going. Trust me, I’ll be happy. Just as long as you make time for me, I have to watch 80’s movies and eat monstrous amounts of food with you, all the time.”

“I did say yes, and of course. I won’t abandon my best friend, don’t worry about that.” you chuckled.

“I’m holding you to that,” he pointed a finger.

You took hold of his finger, “Good. Now speaking of chicken.” Before you could even finish, Yoongi picked you up taking you downstairs screaming, “Food time!”

31 Days - Part 1

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.8k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You weren’t sure what you expected when you landed in South Korea. You’d been here once, years ago, when you were young. You didn’t remember much, other than the fact that you went over the summer and that it was really hot and that you hated kimchi.

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Distance - Brady Skjei

distance makes the heart grow fonder

for anon

lowercase intended

word count: 1789

warnings: suggestive comment, two (2) cursewords

note: tumblr keeps glitching and taking this out of format, so that’s why it may not look like the others/have a read more cut

a/n: i’d be lying if i said this wasn’t inspired by hey there delilah. and i know it’s “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, buuuut this works better in this case ;) also, i’m posting this because I’m not so sure how I felt about the stromer one. you have my full permission to go and drag me in my asks if these imagines ever start sucking

Originally posted by wonthetrade

you hiked your knees up to your chest and pulled the hood of brady’s rangers sweatshirt over your head. your phone sat in front of you, face up.

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