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Have fun in Delaware!!

thank u bb !! i had a good time..it was definitely a new experience for me considering i’ve never been camping or to a festival that large. i had a great time with my bff even though my feet hurt pretty much the entire time likee I DEFINITELY WAS OUT OF MY ELEMENT and my body knew it hahaha.

i got to see some amazing bands tho and also there was a tent called ~the brewery~ where they served beer and had FREE WIFI !! and tvs that always showed the world cup games (bless) and AIR CONDITIONING lmao i spent a lot of my time in that tent. i watched the US match and wanted to punch someone after the end - i don’t even wanna discuss it any further L O L

i’ll put some picz and stuff under the cut in case any1 is interested ? ? (edit: ok so i  pretty much put a detailed description of everything under the cut like it is a lot more than i thought it would be so if u read it i love u and if u don’t read it i still love u hehehe)

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