he have to save everyone

for your consideration: ikki’s panic / heartbreak when he realizes ken isn’t in the d-isney w-orld game so even if he manages to save everyone, he’ll have no idea what happened to the most important person in his life and he’s effectively trapped himself in a situation where death is basically inevitable it’s p much suicide & he’ll never know if ken is alive and ok, already dead, or worse :*****

Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop


Raymond Reddington in 4x13


chirrut imwe is a blind chinese main character in one of the biggest movie franchises in history!! he is disabled but is never seen as a burden, or at a disadvantage, or even given special treatment!!!!!!!! hes a kickass blind man who more than pulls his weight (HE SAVES EVERYONE LIKE WE LITERALLY WOULDNT HAVE ANY STAR WARS MOVIE WITHOUT HIM) and is an essential part to the rogue one crew, rebellion, temple, star wars galaxy, movie, world, galaxy, universe, etc. he deserves all ur love and appreciation!!!!!!

I don’t know how to say this

But I need help. And just getting to the point that I can admit that out loud has been a long, painful journey.

Here’s the situation: my husband has never been a flexible person, hating to have his routines tampered with and throwing fits when they are. He reduced our oldest daughter to a sobbing wreck on Monday with his fury over her accidentally washing a shirt of his in with the load of our stuff. Up until then, most of his rage was directed at me and I could handle it. But I realized, suddenly, what I was allowing to happen, and that my children were suffering.

I told him I wanted him to move out. He refused and locked himself in his bedroom for two days.  He has not spoken to me since Monday. I have no idea what he’s planning or doing, because every attempt I’ve made at contact has been rebuffed with icy silence.

I am disabled, with degenerative disk disease, narrowing of the spinal canal, and scoliosis, as well as severe arthritis and a severed ligament in my left knee. I physically cannot keep a job, since I can’t stay on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time.

My books are beginning to sell, which is wonderful, but they’re nowhere near enough to support myself and four children yet.  I have filed for disability, which I should have done years ago, I know, but I didn’t need it, right?  My husband supported us all, no reason to mess with the system he had in place.

I was raised to never ask for handouts. And I’m crying as I type this because I hate that I have to now. But I’m desperate. Emotionally, our marriage has been over for years, but things are just getting worse. I can’t live with this man and since he won’t leave, then clearly I have to.

I’m asking for help. I hope I never have to again, I wish it wasn’t necessary at all, but I have to break this cycle of abuse, and I can’t do it alone. The shelter in the county is full and we’re low priority anyway because the abuse isn’t physical, which means that the housing authority is our only real hope at the moment, since their rent is based on income and should be something affordable.  Assuming they have an opening.

If you’re still reading, my Paypal is halcymouse@gmail.com.  Any amount will be a help, but if you can donate even just $5, I’ll send you a digital copy of Coffee Cake or Beignets in tears and gratitude. If you can’t donate a penny but will reblog this so others can see it, you also have my gratitude and I will mentally hug you.

Thank you for listening and I’m going to go cry some more now.

please help me the only thing i can think about is lorelai & luke 


sometimes kitties just can’t help it

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gods, ask me about mortal boys
and i’ll tell you about my favorite
the boy who ate stars for breakfast so he’d burn the rest of the day
he broke his own heart to save a million (1 000 000) souls
gods, he’ll make you wonder, “what use have i for immortality?”
for he’s won wars with courage alone (the kind of brave that only comes with always dying. the deathless cannot understand.)
he is a tragic boy, let me make this clear
(he starts with tragedy, and there’s more in the middle, and there will be more to come)
but he’s a hero with a gun in his hand and his finger on a trigger and his broken heart in his chest and his soul long gone and his mind lost in old greek epics and a promise to save them all 
he is a tragic boy, let me make this clear
but he has saved everyone and
there are GODS who have done less
—  gods, ask me about temporary gods (my bullets are dust #1)

This breaks my heart because the way I played the game, Noct was never sure of his burden as king. Always answering Gladio with “I’m not sure” or “I can’t do it!” but ten years later, and he’s grown up without experiencing it and he looks at this group of friends who have supported him and stayed with him and had faith that he would come back even when he was trapped in the unknown, and he knows what he has to do, he smiles because he knows that his friends are there for him, and even though it’s an awful burden having to die to save everyone, he smiles because after everything his friends have done to save him, he’s making the ultimate sacrifice to save them.

Naruto is wearing mascara and Sasuke thinks he’s being super cute about it.
and yes that is a dog if you can’t tell im sorry its so bad

“Scott should have saved Stiles’ dad-”

“Scott is the alpha he has to save everyone-”

“Stiles was angry him putting hands on Scott didn’t mean anything-”

“Stiles’ father was dying he was angry, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad friend-”

“Scott is a bad friend for not saving Stiles’ dad-”

“Scott is a bad alpha-”

“This is the first time Stiles has mistreated Scott-”

“Stiles is a good friend-”



Only chapter 2, so let’s see if MC can stick to this character development. One of the issues I was concerned about once finishing the liar portions, was if MC would get called out on her lying in her speed dating profile about cleaning and cooking. So this little blurb here made me really happy.

Found you … !!

so i was watching [S] Collide again and my little brother wanted to watch it w me so we watched it and then my little sister jumps in wanting to watch it too and fyi they have NEVER read homestuck so we all watch it till the very end and now my little brother is STILL watching it and he’s watched it 3 times already and then my sister comes down for dinner aND TELLS ME SHE’S READING HOMESTUCK FROM THE VERY BEGINNING ANd tells me its BORING and i fUCKING LAUGHE D and my brother is STILL watching the flash and honestly i hope homestuck gets him into reading cuz he can’t rlly read much and i just want my whole family to b trash w me

basically i love having younger siblings just to drag them down w me in hellish fandoms

So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….

so i found a meta i wrote a while back

FUCK, i finished the dead’s man chest, i’m in the middle of at world’s end actually, and all the JACK FEELS i get, ok, what is this, i remember being a child in 2007 and i fucking CRIED in the end, who didn’t??

jack ran for his life, i know that, life taught him to fight, to leap at the tiniest opportunity, but he saw his ship being taken apart, HE SAW HER IN AGONY, his compass told him that he wanted to be with her the most, so he came back, HE FUCKING DID, he saved everyone because elizabeth wouldn’t have missed, but she would have undoubtedly made a shot at the wrong time

and all the jack/elizabeth feelings, when she was talking about choosing the right thing and jack just laughed and stared at the sea, I CAN SWEAR that his mind went to the past, when he made a right choice and got to live with the consequences, his soul for ONE HUNDRED freed ones, quite a fair deal, is it not?

and when she was kissing him, trying to distract him… i mean, he realized what she was up to, how could he not, he would recognize the feeling of metal on his wrist anywhere, but he didn’t fight her, didn’t tried to stop her, didn’t damn her or scream for help. jack just smiled at her, and his smile was forgiving because he UNDERSTOOD that they wanted and deserved to live, and this smile must have haunted Liz in her sleep because he looked so FUCKING PROUD OF HER. and he was tired from running, from lying and twisting his own words, he was tired of being captain jack sparrow, reputation and all that, and he faced his death with his usual attitude “oh, ok”

and he must have heard her telling the crew that he stayed to give them a chance, and he did, didn’t he, he could have screamed, could have found his way out, but i think he just closed his eyes and breathed in the sense of sea for the last time, marveled at his beloved ship for the last time

and in the locker… FUCK, he couldn’t even believe that they came for him at first, why should they, four of them tried to kill him, one of them succeeded. but look at him, LOOK AT HIM, he’s not angry at her, he’s the first to brake the news to her about her father being dead, and his words are tentative and careful, he doesn’t hate her for what she did


shin soukoku (akutagawa/atsushi) in ep 10

- i got buried in soukoku, so my shin soukoku thoughts are late;;;

- atsushi being so preoccupied with why akutagawa hates him, even while akutagawa’s beating him up (dun worry, atsushi, just wait until chapter 33-36……. orz)
- atsushi saying that akutagawa could have said something else to kyouka, about people needing to be told they’re worthy of being alive by someone else so they can keep on living.
- atsushi saying this line is only made all the more sweeter when in ch33-36, someone DOES tell him (even if in a roundabout way) that he’s worthy of living and that line gave him strength to go on and keep on fighting
- and that someone happens to be AKUTAGAWA himself, which is a++++++ character and relationship development
- (well akutagawa says something like atsushi’s already “good enough” despite being naive and stuff and that he doesn’t have to keep saving everyone to be considered worthy)
- but atsushi will eventually use that line to summon the strength to keep on fighting so.
- also, the line about the I WON’T FORGIVE YOU!!! and I’M GOING TO KILL YOUUUU between them - and then ch33-36 comes along and we have the two of them working together and akutagawa saving atsushi—
- i see this episode as one big set-up for their season2 development AND I’M EXCITED FOR THESE TWO ♥___♥
- also, kensho ono is a++++++ as akutagawa. since i love him so much as kuroko & tanaka & hakuryuu, hearing him as akutagawa is just ajdsa;ldadahfa

- also, i belated noticed how the dazai/chuuya & the dazai/akutagawa fights went. we both have one guy who disses the other’s ability, kicks the other’s ass, literally kicks the opponent to the opposing wall.
….did dazai learn his moves from chuuya hahaha (the way he kicked akutagawa and the way chuuya kicked him are such good parallels!)

I am far too emotionally invested in Tony Stark and it makes me really sad to see all the hate of him ‘cause I just… I get it. I get him. He feels so fucking guilty, and he’s doing everything he can to make things right again, and every time it just blows up in his face, and then that makes him feel guilty. 

Tony Stark feels guilty for being a hero. 

He feels guilty for saving the world. 

And he’s drowning in everything, and his rock left him, and his team is falling apart, and people have died, and he didn’t save them, he didn’t save everyone and he fucking created Ultron to begin with, and he’s so far gone that he’s practically curling up in the fetal position even when other people are in the room

when Ross is telling them about it, Tony is curled up in a corner

he’s tired

he’s tired of fighting and he’s tired of everything going wrong

and he wants to make the world better, but people still die, and he wants to do something to make it right



and he wants to sign the accords, because for once, he wants the blame to be on someone else, he wants to not be drowning in the guilt

because that’s what’s happening. Tony Stark is drowning in guilt. Tony Stark has always been drowning in guilt, since the moment he saw that missile with his name on it blow up. 

Guilt for the people who died because of his weapons. Guilt for the people who’s lives were destroyed. Guilt because the Avengers brought all this to the world. Guilt because of Ultron. Because he created that. Because people died. Guilt because of the worrying he puts Pepper through. And then Rhodey falls out of the sky, and he’s got guilt from that too. Guilt for not saying goodbye to his parents, for not telling him he loved them one more time. 

And the only thing that was keeping Tony Stark afloat in that sea of guilt, was Pepper Potts and the idea that maybe he could be a hero. Maybe he could help people. 

and both of those are gone. Pepper is gone. And every time he tries to save the world, something goes wrong. People die. Like that kid. 

He’s drowning, and he’s grasping at straws trying to keep himself a float. 

And no one, not a single one of them, seems to really notice that. No one says, hey, Tony are you okay? No one seems worried about his mental state. In fact, the only person I remember seeming concerned is the person who forgot to change the teleprompter and had it mention Pepper.