he have so much stamina

I’m telling you if Connor was Rich only God knows what he would spend it on

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Hello cutie~! Quick question, how would the UF Sans and SF Papyrus react to an S/O with a Perseverance Soul having a play fight with Undyne/Alphys and winning? Need a bit of badassery today, dear, had a little bit of a rough day~ Ta-ta~! <3

Hiya Nurse!!! I hope your day gets better.


Red (Uf Sans): He’s anxious, yes. But he believes in you. But… he also knows that Undyne plays to win. But… he knows your Soul Color. You aren’t going to give up easily. And as much as he hates to admit it… seeing you suplex Undyne turned him on. Pretty soon he’s gonna be cheering from the sidelines. ‘kick her ass, doll!’ 'yeah, roundhouse! just like that.’ He’s just so proud of you for holding your own against Undyne. After you win, expect an arm around your waist and a kiss promising more when you get home *wink wonk*

Rus (Sf Paps): MY NECK, MY BACK, MY ANXIETY ATTACK. He is low-key (high-key) freaking out. Alphys is kinda intense in fights. He’s worried that you might lose or get hurt. But you keep trucking through the fight. You end up winning easier than he anticipated. See… Alphys… doesn’t have much in the way of stamina. So Rus was thanking every holy being he had ever heard of for giving you a perseverance soul. Afterwards, he treats you to Muffet’s and some cuddle time. He especially likes to comment on how badass you are.


For some reason, I love the word 'suplex.’

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Piggy back scenario because their s/o is tired for Kikumaru, Zaizen, Niou and Tokugawa please? Thank you!

Aww, such a cute request. I hope you like it, love!


Kikumaru skipped around on your way home and you wondered why he had so much energy – didn’t he have a stamina problem?! You were exhausted from spending the day at the swimming pool, your arms and legs feeling heavy. Kikumaru was just complaining about Inui’s juice when you gently tugged on his sleeve. Kikumaru turned his head to look at you, his hair a lot messier than normal and still a bit wet. You leaned most of your weight against his side and whined “I’m tired… I want a piggy-back ride, pleeeease?” Kikumaru’s eyes started to sparkle and he immediately picked you up, spinning around in circles “You are soooo cute, nyaaa!~” It took some time until he finally set you back on your feet and allowed you to climb onto his back “Don’t worry, (Name)! I’m your boyfriend so I’m going to carry you home, no problem!~” You chuckled about your excited boyfriend and rested your head on his shoulder. Surprisingly Kikumaru stayed quiet for the rest of the way home, letting you sleep inwardly squealing about how cute you were.


You drowsily dragged your feet, barely able to keep your eyes open. Zaizenwas already far ahead of you. You accompanied Zaizen to buy a new cellphone, you never expected that it would take the whole day until Zaizen finally had picked out a cellphone. He happily played around with his phone while you had difficulties to even stand upright. After some time Zaizen turned around, his eyes softening when he saw your sleepy condition. With a sigh, he walked back to you and kneeled down in front of you “Come on (Name), I want to finally go home.” You looked confused, but were too tired to question him, so you slowly climbed on his back. Zaizen easily hoisted you up, making sure that you were secure before starting to walk. His back felt warm and you rested your head on his shoulder whispering “Thank you…”. Zaizen could feel how your deeps grew steady and calm when you fell asleep. With a small smile he tightened his hold on you and quietly said to himself “Let’s get you home. Sweet dreams, (Name).”


Niou managed to exhaust you completely by dragging you through town for the whole day and you didn’t even know why! The only thing you knew was that he wanted to ‘buy something important, so you went to tons of weird shops with him, but he apparently he didn’t find whatever it was that he wanted to buy. You really wanted to scold him and ask what the hell he wanted to buy, but you were just too tired. You glanced at your boyfriend, wanting to ask him for a piggy-back ride home or at least for a short break, but you knew that he would only tease you. Niou had already noticed how you glanced at him and how tired you were. He was only waiting for you to ask him for a piggy-back ride, but you stubbornly dragged your feet, trying to keep your eyes open. When you almost ran into a pole he finally stepped in, quickly pulling you out of the way. He rolled his eyes and crouched down in front of you “Geez, (Name)… before you hurt yourself, you should really ask for help.” You still refused to climb onto his back and sleepily mumbled “No, you are going to tease me.” Niou chuckled “I’m serious (Name). Get on and I’m waiting with the teasing until tomorrow.” Your resolve crumbled when you felt your eyelids drop and carefully climbed on his back. Niou easily hoisted you up, tightening his hold on you before starting to walk. When you fell asleep a few moments later he heard you mumble something like “Stupid Niou…”. A grin spread across his face, you were just too adorable and he would definitely tease you tomorrow about dreaming of him.


You held onto the back of Tokugawa’s shirt while slowly walking behind him. You had never been so tired before and your feet hurt. Actually you were the one who begged Tokugawa to come along with you for a school project where you had to climb up a damn mountain to take photos of some damn plants. While you were completely exhausted Tokugawa was still fit and would probably be able to jog back home without problems – damn athletes. You swayed a bit and immediately Tokugawa’s hand was on your waist, steadying you. He innocently tilted his head and peered down at you “Are you okay, (Name)?” You nodded your head, but a tiny yawn escaped your mouth. Tokugawa didn’t really seem convinced, but accepted your response. Instead of walking in front of you he chose to walk behind you, letting his hand hover over the small of your back. After a few more steps you stumbled over your own feet, but Tokugawa could easily stop your fall. You let out a small sigh “Can I get a piggy-back ride home, I don’t think I can walk anymore.” Tokugawa’s cheeks flushed, but he quickly crouched down to allow you to climb on his back. When he felt your arms wound around his neck, he stood back up. For the rest of the way home there was a small blush on his cheek, but he couldn’t deny that he loved the feeling of your warmth against his back.

Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final?

I was thinking about the possibility of Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final with his score lagging behind Yurio’s by 20 points.

I have already ruled out the possibility of JJ or Phichit winning because it is impossible to catch up 40 points unless Yurio completely messed up his FS and Phichit won gold in the China cup, I do not believe it is very likely for him to beat Yuuri again.

Now with my current knowledge (hem hem, very small) of figure skating, 20 points is a lot to catch up to. So, if we take last year’s Grand Prix Final scores as an example.

So if we look at last year’s Grand Prix Final, Viktor got about 335 points. So if he got about 116-117 (best case scenario), he would have gotten around 220 for his FS. However, that is unlikely because Viktor isn’t at his peak (being 27), meaning he probably achieved something closer to 230. To beat Viktor’s total score, Yurio would need to get around 220 points for his FS. Which would mean Yuuri needs to get 20 points above that, at 240! Yurio will definitely not come close to beating Viktor’s world record in the FS yet. As we see in his previous FS, even when he pushed himself to the absolute limit, he didn’t scratch the 200 mark. Sure he may have improved but there are also varying factors, so the highest he can achieve is most likely low 200s. Yurio is only 15; he still has a whole decade ahead of him to develop more quad jumps like the quadruple Lutz to add to his programs to increase the difficulty. Please note that Viktor has done four quads from what we’ve seen; quad toe-loop, quad salchow, quad lutz and his signature move, the quad flip. Thus he would achieve a higher technical score, making it impossible for Yurio to beat his score.

In the Short Program, there are requirements so it would depend on how well the individual executes the moves which determines the score as well as the extra moves added to increase difficulty but the Free Skate is what it sounds like. A FREE skate.

Please note that my knowledge of figure skating literally comes from the anime and the 5 minutes of research I did; so don’t trust it and feel free to point it out if what I’m saying is wrong. ANYWAY, that got way off track. Yuuri has the potential to beat Viktor’s world record, by placing the quad flip right at the end of his routine where the most points are available (I think? I know there’s a 10% increase in points if it is in the second half) he could gain enough points to do that. Otabek and Yurio both only seem to have 2 quad jumps, while Yuuri and Chris both have 3 which gives them a higher technical difficulty. So, I believe it would be less likely the former two to win, but the former two also have a large point gap between them and Yuuri, which may prove hard to close.

However, while Chris is able to deliver a perfect quad lutz, Yuuri has a low landing percentage of his quad flip. His advantage is his stamina; Yuuri has the ability to land a quad jump at the end of his program while Chris did his in the first half of his FS as we saw in the China Cup. So, if Yuuri lands his quad flip perfectly, he has the possibility of beating Christophe; and if he delivers an emotionally moving and flawless FS he may break Viktor’s world record.

So, all in all, I think Yuuri is the most likely candidate to win the Grand Prix the Final.

1. This is his last season (and possibly his last time he will skate competitively because he stated that he will retire after the Grand Prix which is NOT at the end of the season). Although it has little to do with the actual ice skating itself (beside the motivation factor?), I do not think the anime would end without him achieving gold.

2. 3 quads. Although Chris and JJ have 3 and 4 quads respectively, Chris doesn’t have as much stamina as Yuri, so therefore he will not get as many point (but he IS several points ahead of Yuri already…) and JJ is lagging behind due to his SP.

3. The setting up of episode 11. Episode 11, is just setting up the scene for the big performance: the Free Skate. They are making things emotionally tense between the two so Yuuri can deliver a emotion filled FS because as I have said before and as we all know, Yuuri’s performances rely heavily on his thoughts and emotions.

This is just my opinion! Hope you win gold in the Grand Prix Yuuri!



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