he hates when they play dress up without him

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Headcanons for Subaru with a pregnant s/o. How he treats her, does he talk to the baby, does he touch her tummy? Etc. please?

Is so freaked out when you tell him you’re pregnant, no matter how many times you conceive.

He is touching the tumtum from the first minute he finds out, lightly though he’s too afraid of hurting you or the baby.

When you’re relaxing together on the couch or even in bed he likes to lay his head on your stomach and draw circles on it, especially when the baby starts kicking and moving.

Will never let you know, even though you know, that he talks to the baby while you’re asleep telling it how pretty you are and how bad he is but how perfect the baby is… Rip your heart out stuff.

If you want something to eat he’ll cook it or play it safe and have a familiar cook, sometimes order out. Doesn’t mind the weird cravings at all. Grape bubblegum and sweet tea? Okay. Sticky buns and pickles? Sure. Ranch dressing and bananas? He… can work around it.

Takes up the house chores that you were designated to do so you wouldn’t strain yourself.

Hates when you go up and down stairs without him nearby.

More stressed than you about the baby but overall does a great job.

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blurb of you and cal break up and he's really really sad and he starts to tear up during amnesia bc be misses you

awwwwwwwwwwww okay so you guys would’ve probably broken up bc of some stupid fight or maybe just all the hate and what not was just waaaay too much for both of you but i feel like it would’ve been a mutual decision no matter how upset both of you were about it and you would’ve both just been completely heartbroken and mad and upset all the time and he wouldn’t even want to wake up or get out of bed bc he just didn’t want to face the world without you and he would mope around and never get properly dressed or do his hair and you would be the same way and he would be playing a gig somewhere near you and you when you found out you were just like “fuck it i just need to see him again” so you managed to get front row tickets from one of the other boys bc they hate seeing cal like that and aww you would be there and he wouldn’t have noticed you yet bc he’s so lost in his own little world and so out of it and they would start playing amnesia and it would just 100% remind him of the situation and the reality of it all would just hit him full force and he would get all teary eyed and mess up a bit and he would just look down in defeat but VOILA tHERE YOU ARE AND HE’S JUST ASTONISHED AND YOU’RE ALL TEARY EYED TOO AND HE JUST JUMPS OFF THE MOTHERFCUKING STA GE AND HUGS YOU SO TIGHT AND KISS YOU AND TELL YOU HOW MUCH HE MISSED YOU AND THE BOYS WOULD JUST LAUGH AND TEASE HIM A BIT AND PULL HIM BACK ON STAGE BUT INSIDE THEY WOULD BE SO HAPPY BC AW THE PERFECT COUPLE IS REUNITED AGAIN AW AW AWWWWWW

Preference no. 2- Date Night

Preference no. 2- Date Night
Liam- Dinner and Sex. He’ll take you out to a new restaurant every Friday- of course, when he isn’t working. The night usually begins with maybe a drink or two, and a delicious entree that the two of you affectionately share, but by the time the waiter sets the food down, Liam’s large hand has disappeared under your skirt. You’ll hastily eat about half of your food each and then rush home, both of your bodies tingling with excitement and arousal, his pants tight, your panties wet. He’ll have your clothes off in no time, when he’s in a rush he’ll be hasty, his fingers fumbling, but when you make love he’ll take the time to admire your body and unzip your dress agonizingly slow. But not Date Night. He’ll have you everywhere: the bedroom, the living room couch, and then he’ll get creative. He’ll eat you out viciously on the kitchen island, you’ll blow him in front of a window- his kink is Daddy Dominance- and he’ll fuck you in front of any mirror in the house, so he can, in his words, “make you watch his handiwork.”

Niall- Bars or clubs. After much deliberation on what you shouldn’t wear, as Niall hates when you dress sexily out in public, your boyfriend will take you out to a night club or really any place that plays music and serves alcohol. You somehow always end up driving home- he always becomes a drunken mess at the end of each date. But you don’t ever mind much, because you’ll always have fun. Dancing around people who couldn’t give a shit less about Niall’s status in One Direction, teasing your Irish cutie and driving him insane with your movements, it’s always a relief to get to spend time out in public with him without having to stop speaking to him so a fan can snap a quick pic or get him to sign something, usually chests when you’re in pubs. But once you arrive home, the party ends, because you’ll end the night with an endless storm of cuddles and kisses.

Harry- Movie Night! You’ll always watch a film, or films, together on your date night, wether you’re in the cinema or on your couch with your DVD box, snuggled into each other’s bodies while covered in the warm embrace of a throw blanket. You don’t stick to a specific genre, one day you’ll see the new Paranormal Activity and the next you’ll go see Frozen for the fiftieth time. He’ll shower you with candy and popcorn, feeding you and giggling with you as he whispers to you, completely ignoring the shushes from the other patrons. More often than not, you’ll fall asleep on the couch because the buzz from seeing the picture wears off during the drive home, when Harry holds your hand and continually whispers to you about how much he loves you. You don’t even make it to the bed- on nights you go see a movie - because you’re both just content with snuggling each other on the couch until you’re dozed off.

Zayn- Drawing Together. You’re both creative souls, so as soon as you came up with the idea of Date Night, creating art together rocketed to the top of the list. He usually starts by drawing you: a black and white close up of your face. You’re somehow drawn to the idea of drawing his tattoos, so you’ll pick one at random and illustrate it on the paper. You’re never quiet like artists should be, he’ll crack jokes or compliment your natural beauty, and you’ll tell him to take off his shirt or roll up his sleeves so you can select another pigmented piece of tan skin. Then, usually, he’ll beg to draw you nude, and you oblige, usually. You stand up, your cheeks a rosy pink as he quickly outlines you, and sometimes you’ll cover your core if you haven’t shaved recently, which always results in him pushing your hands aside and showing you just how beautiful you are.

Louis- Going to a Game. You didn’t exactly care for football, or sports in general, but Louis loves nothing more than, besides you obviously, a good football match. And he always finds a way to make you have a good time. He’ll mock the other team in quite vulgar ways that make you laugh hysterically, usually involving the sizes of their penises or how much of a pussy an offensive player is being. He always makes you laugh. You end up grabbing something at a diner or drive thru after each match and he’ll either grumble about the idiot refs or glow with happiness and pride in his team. Whenever it’s the latter, he’ll celebrate at home with you in a private after party in your bedroom.