he hates levi and i worry for him

Living With You

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tags: @beaxnalu, @ftfanfics

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, slight gajevy this chapter, possible mentions of gruvia later on

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

Natsu’s steps echoed down the narrow hallway as he carried a large bag of Chinese food on route to Lucy’s hospital room. Thankfully they got her there in time before anything else bad could happen, and she was safely tucked in her bed sleeping when Natsu had left. Now that he was back, what was he to do about her situation?

Running a hand through his hair and dodging a nurse and three doctors carting around an old man, his own anxiety started to seep through the seams of his carefully planned life. Natsu didn’t think that something like this could have such an effect on him. It was like the night when he found her passed out: she looked so serene that he could have thought she was sleeping if it weren’t for her body being slightly limp. In the moment, Natsu took the lead but he was scared to death. She wasn’t exactly close to him like the others; they were just getting to know one another. But he did know that he enjoyed her company, and that’s what made him so nervous.

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Heichou 4

“Alright, we’re back…need help, Petra?” Hanji glanced back at Petra, who now had her head buried into Hanji’s back.

“Mrrrmmm…” Petra groaned.

“Can you climb down?”


Hanji sighed. “Alright well, just sit tight and I’ll help you. Please try not to fall off.”


Hanji dismounted the horse and jumped to the ground. She looked over her shoulder to see Levi dismounting his horse as well, with Eren slung over the back. Levi looked at Eren, who was still knocked out, and then glanced over in Hanji’s direction with a disgusted look on his face and let out a sigh.

“Hey don’t give me that! You are the one who kicked him!”

Levi only groaned once more.

“Oh dear god…” Hanji sighed and turned back to Petra, who now practically hanging off of the horse now. “Petraaaa!”

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Here it is! The last sentence prompt! Thank you all for sending in so many good ones :)

Trigger Warning: Emetophobia (there’s just a lil’ throwing up)

Ackermans Don’t Get Sick (Except for when they do)

He was definitely sick.

What had started that morning as nothing more than a sore throat had matured into shivers and a festering ache between his eyes – one that left the contents of his stomach roiling.

Holding a hand to his stomach, Levi rested his forehead against his desk, hoping cool wood might mute the sharp ache. Again, his stomach rolled. Pressing his other hand to his gut, Levi swallowed a groan.

He fucking hated being sick.

Luckily for him, he hardly ever was. But when a virus did manage to penetrate the stronghold that was his immune system, it was bad. Really bad.

In hindsight, he should have known better – taken the day off when he’d woken lethargic, his throat raw. But the deadline was approaching for his latest project, so he’d dragged himself out of bed, and into work.

Big mistake.

Clutching his stomach, he pressed his forehead more firmly against the desk as his body gave way to shivers, as though it might be violently rejecting his decision to leave the house that morning. More concerning still, was that his stomach seemed close to even more violently rejecting the bagel he’d stuffed down his stinging throat a few hours before.

Levi shuddered, miserable.

Fuck work, fuck bagels, and fuck the god-damn flu.

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Rivamika prompt: one of them buys or picks flowers for the other, but it backfires because the receiver is allergic.

This is a cute idea <3

Rating: G

Mikasa felt rather nervous.

She stared at the long mirror propped against the wall, wondering if the causal dress she wore either screamed desperation, or if it looked too unlike her. She already had fought over not wearing makeup; settling with lip gloss and a shy dose of blush. The last time she did a full on makeover, she barely recognized herself.

“I’m already unlike myself,” she said out-loud to the reflection, “Having a crush on a random guy who works in the grocery side of wal-mart.”

Her dress chiffon, grey-blue with vintage floral print, layered over a baby blue solid color underneath with floating sleeves. She wore a necklace she found in the bargain bin that she shopped yesterday, it was long with miscellaneous charms of owls.

“Might as well get this over with…” she finalized with a hard glare.

Mikasa walked out of the small house she shared with her two roommates, Eren and Armin, and headed towards the car parked down the street. She passed this yard that had a large clump of tiger lilies blooming wildly over the front yard.

The owner of the house was never seen though it was confirmed by someone in the neighborhood that an eccentric man lived there. She was usually not the type to raid people yards for plants, but the bright orange flowers perfumed the air in fragrant floral scent that deserved to be bottled for perfume.

“It’s so beautiful…” she breathed.

Mikasa opened the fence gate and walked over and started plucking a couple to form a small bouquet. She smiled to herself as she walked the rest of the way to her vehicle.

Now, she really felt like she stood out as she stood at the entrance way of the superstore with lilies in hand. For the sake to avoid further embarrassment to herself, Mikasa ended up taking a cart, and dumping the rolls of toilet paper that were on the entrance display. Wandering into the grocery section, she managed to find her crush zoning the cans in the condiments aisle.

He was mumbling words to himself under his breath. He looked he was having ‘one of those days’. Mikasa palms gripped tightly on the handle of the shopping cart, taking deep steady breaths. The lilies resting gracefully on the front portion of the cart.

Here it goes.

Mikasa pushed the end of the cart into him.

His head snapped towards her direction, “Can I help—oh, it’s just you…”

“Yeah. So?” She said rather coldly, “I’m here to pick up some tea.”

He spoke calmly while he face remained in his usual deadpan expression, “You know that’s like five aisles down, right?” He kept an eye on the flowers in the cart.

“No. I don’t work here, you do.” She blurted.

“You come at here at least twice a week—that’s not counting the midnight runs you make on the weekends.”

She shoved the cart into him, he ended up grabbing the end as reflex.

“Watch it,” He said with a solemn glare. He gave it a sudden push, Mikasa felt the cart press against her body as a result.

Why do I even like him?! Half the time he’s this huge asshole…

“I got you flowers,” She said plainly throwing the words in a plain statement.

“No thank you.” He blurted. In a split second he could see her eyes flicker an upsetting look. He really didn’t want to tell her the real reason, “I just don’t do flowers. I can smell them from here. Those shits on steroids or something?”

Mikasa picked off one, and twirled it in her fingers, “There’s a bunch blooming off a person’s yard so picked out a couple.”

His eyes were on her the entire time. He glanced away when he saw her start to walk over.

“I don’t think so, they bloomed on their own, the person doesn’t care for the yard.”

Levi cursed to himself as she stood on close proximity to him with the flower in hand. The lily had these long stamen each charged with dark red pollen. It made him sweat at the thought of his reaction.

“Ah… I see…” he replied. The strong scent of the flower was starting to get to him.

“Well, I’m not going take much of your time, since I know you have to work and all… So, um… I don’t know exactly when I’ve started feeling… the thing is, I like you and I—,”

Levi abruptly shoved her away with a harsh push of his hand against her chest. She stumbled back, the flower falling out of her hand to the ground, spraying pollen into the air.

Mikasa was in an utter state of confusion but then quickly realized that Levi was wheezing as he walked off in the other direction.

“Levi….?” She asked suddenly worried.

He patted his pockets finding and then pulling out what resembled asthma pump. After a quick puff he gripped the edge of a shelf as he waited for his airway to open up.

Mikasa horrified looked down to the flower she dropped and then back at him.

No, no… it can’t be…

He turned toward her, he looked aggravated, his lips squiggled in frown because he hated to be found out in this way.

“I get really bad reactions to pollen and other flowery shit.” He said, “Bringing those lilies are the worst thing that could possibly happen to me.”

“I-I’m so sorry!” Mikasa stammered.

For some reason he felt guilty for getting her so distressed. But before he could say anything she snatched up her cart and rapidly exited the aisle.

From the distance he stood from it, he looked at the flower, “I didn’t really hear what she was trying to tell me… I wonder what it was?”

I don't know

I’m laughin g so ha rd i can’t believe I made this, wha t a loser.

Levi dreaded this moment during the entire afternoon, his face contorting painfully with frustration at the thought of his own stupidity—the reason why he was outside of the commander’s office. His black eye and broken lip seemed to sting more every time he remembered that stupid series of events that have been taking place in the past week, his mind put to the test with his own…ridiculous clumsiness, especially a few hours ago when it reached its highest point in the most unfortunate…and embarrassing way so far.

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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 231 : Freddy

“Tell me you’re not playing another horror game,” Levi mutters.

“I am indeed playing another horror game,” Eren replies with a smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t make you watch this time if you don’t want to.”

Eren says that, but he plants himself on the couch right beside Levi. “I hate you,” the raven says.

Eren grins at him.

“What’s this monstrosity called?” Levi asks.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

“Like Freddy Krueger?”

“Not even close.”

“So what’s it about then?”

“I’ve been told you play as a night guard guy at a place like a Chuck E. Cheese where the animatronics move.”


Eren chuckles as Levi goes back to working on some paperwork he brought home. Eren turns the sound down a little so he doesn’t bother Levi too much. However, it’s Levi who ends up looking up at Eren’s screen when his boyfriend jumps at something. “What?” he asks.

“Uh oh,” Eren says, panic in his voice.


“I lost one of them!”

“What? Who?”

“One of the things!”

Eren flips through the camera screens in a panic and before, with shaking hands, he moves the check the lights inside the doors in the room. “Fuck! Why aren’t the lights working?!”

“Try the doors!” Levi shouts.

“Fuck, they –“

They both scream as the animatronic’s face takes up the screen and a scream sound effect screeches. Eren frowns at his computer and Levi punches his shoulder and shoves him. “Why the fuck do you keep playing these fucking games?!”

Eren laughs, shutting his laptop and hugging Levi. “Sorry,” he says. “Maybe we should try scary movies instead.”

“Fuck you,” Levi replies, looking away.

Eren starts to let go but then suddenly they hear their door rattle. “Oh fuck…” Levi whispers.

“On three?” Eren whispers in reply.



“They never lock the door,” Erwin mutters, jiggling the handle again.


Erwin hears running, but no one comes to the door. He sighs and texts Levi.

One of you come get the door right now. You left a vibrator on your desk again.

Yeah about the infamous court scene. We’re all aware that the purpose of that scene was to send a message to the public that Levi can handle Eren. To kill him if he loses control or betrays humanity. But it turned out to be a ruse, not just to everyone that was present during the court scene, but to the readers as well. Ever since we were introduced to Levi, the person in charge of Eren, we all assumed he was gonna be this evil person who was gonna hurt Eren every time he made a mistake. I think that was what Isayama was going for. To fool the readers, like he did with the politicians, into thinking he’s this  condescending snob. 

But immediately after the trial, he was worried that Eren would hate him and was glad to hear he didn’t. I mentioned in a previous post that he doesn’t have to do the things he does for Eren since he’s his superior so Eren just has no choice but to be obedient. Yet he’s not like that. He’s a man of free will. It’s adds a nice twist to his character along with his heart of gold. Because when you look at his exterior you would assume the opposite. But that’s not to say he’s a pure angel. He’s rough around the edges, tough, and downright intimidating. But he still tries his best to support Eren as a person and a soldier. Levi’s one of the few people to care about Eren to that extent and I find that very sweet. 

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Could you do a prompt for Gajevy? "There is a creepy guy following me and I'm too drunk, then a reluctant hero saves me and I wake up in my hero's arms with a slight memory of what happened" please and thank you!

I really love this prompt a lot lol. It ended up being a little different, but it is the same idea! I hope you like it :) Please let me know what you guys think! It really really does help me out when you tell me what you liked, it gives me encouragement to keep writing! Thank you so much for submitting a prompt!

In the Dark of the Night 

Levy could feel him watching her every move. When she turned, he turned. When she sped up, he sped up. When she stopped, he stopped. If she wasn’t 2 sheets to the wind right now she would have done something about it, but she knew that a 4 foot 11 drunk girl was an easy target. So she did the only thing she thought would work. She ran.

Picking her feet up off the ground, she took herself as fast as her leg would carry her. Trying her hardest to see through the haze of her drinks, squinting her eyes, rubbing them, doing really anything that would maybe help her see, but nothing really helped. 

She could tell the running wasn’t helping either, the man was running at the same speed, if not faster, than she was. She knew she was in a world of trouble, she turned her head back over her right shoulder and saw the tall man was, in fact, catching up to her. She could feel tears starting to burn her eyes, she knew that if he got her, she was not going to be able to fight back.

Just as she was about to give up, she stopped. Now this was not by choice however she was stopped by what she thought was a wall. She was knocked down onto the cold concrete ground, she looked up at to see what she ran into. 

It wasn’t a wall, it was a man. “Hey there, you okay shrimp?” the tall man asked. The man was tall, easily 6 foot if not bigger, with long black hair, he was wearing an outfit that Levy could only describe as a biker outfit. What Levy really took notice of was all of his piercings, it seemed like if it could be pierced it was done. 

Levy stopped her own thoughts as she remembered the man coming after her. She got to her feet and whipped her head around to see the man standing no more than 10 feet from the two. Levy backed up, not knowing if she should run or just sit down and cry when she felt a hand push her behind the long-haired man’s back

“Is this guy bugging you?” he asked. Levy gave him a very small and shaky 

“Y-yes, h-he’s been following me since I left the bar,” she couldn’t help herself, she grabbed onto the man’s arms. She wasn’t sure why she did this, maybe it was a way to put herself at ease knowing that he was real.

“Gee-hee, don’t worry, I’ll make him regret even thinking of following you,” he turned his head and gave Levy a devilish smile. He turned back to the stalker cracking his knuckles and started to approach the man “So, you like to scare women, huh? Well I’m going to make you wish your hadn’t gotten out of bed this morning.” he moved even faster to the man when the man put up his hands

“W-wait I’m sorry, I just wanted to maybe get her number! I promise I wasn’t going to hurt her!” he yelled at Levy’s hero.

“Yeah I’m sure,” and with that the black haired man’s fist made contact with the stalker’s face, knocking him to the ground. “Now get the hell out of here, unless you have a death wish. Oh, and if I see you again I will not hesitate to kill you.” After the man finished his threat, the stalker got up off the ground and ran like a mad man.

Levy couldn’t believe it, a man she has never seen before in her whole life, had protected her. He had nothing to gain out of helping her, but he still went out of his way to make sure that she was safe.

“Hey,” the man started “are you okay?” he put his hand on her shoulder, his hand even if it was rough felt so soft and caring.

“Y-yeah I’m okay…I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough. I was so scared…” Levy told him as he felt tears starting to burn her eyes once again.

“Hey, don’t cry. He’s gone now, and I promise he will not be coming back anytime soon, Gee-hee.” the man’s laughter put Levy at ease and made her smile. “There you go, what’s your name?” 

“My names Levy, Levy McGarden.” Levy said lifting her head to meet his eyes. The man’s eyes were a ruby color, they were so bright Levy couldn’t believe that they were real.

“Well Levy, my name is Gajeel Redfox. It’s nice to meet ya,” he told the smaller girl 

“Thank you Gajeel. Like I said I don’t know how I could ever thank you-” 

“Don’t worry about it, shrimp. I hate when men think they can just harass women like that. Besides you looked scared out your mind.” Gajeel was smiling again, Levy really liked his smile. His teeth were so white and straight, his smile was so bright she thought it would blind her if she looked at him for too long.

“Um…I’m sorry to ask you this, but would you be willing to walk me home? I’m not too far away…I think. I guess I got a little disoriented while trying to get away from that guy.”

“Gee-hee, sure thing, Levy. Ya look a little out of it anyway, I would worry too much about ya if I let you leave like this.” Gajeel put his arm around her shoulder and begin to walk her out of the dark street. “We are on Adams street, is that close to where you live?”

“Yeah! I’m only about a block or two away from my apartment.” Levy said the strange thing was that she really wished they were further away from her home. Maybe she could convince him to stay over.

Late Night Snack w/scoutingheichou

When you’re eight months pregnant, you’re never comfortable. Never completely satisfied. Armin was doing a good job of keeping it in check, but she had her moments. Currently, she couldn’t sleep, and that was bad for the baby. That was her excuse for what she was about to do.

“Levi…Levi…” She whispered softly, nudging his shoulder to wake him up. Armin had no idea what the time was but probably somewhere in the early morning. “Levi….I need cinnamon rolls.” This was the absolute worst part; the cravings. Well, the extra weight she had to tote around and the mood swings were just as bad, but Armin absolutely hated having to wake him up or, during the day, even bother him because her body wanted it so badly. If she got up now to get the cinnamon buns, then he might get worried. She was heavily pregnant at this point.

“C’mon…wake up…I’m gonna die.”


Rivamika Week: Day 5 - Four Seasons

Sorry for it being so damn late. Ugh. But okay, so I had no idea what to write for this prompt until I started listening to some music from the Hana Kimi OST and it reminded me of this movie I saw a while ago– can’t remember the name for the life of me, but it had Amy Adams in it. ANYWAY. I took the premise and played with the idea and found this is just to damn cute. And so… I give you today’s prompt. 

Title: Proposals in Seasonal Lieu
summary: Modern AU. there are many things that are socially acceptable to ask a complete stranger. Things like, “Hello, where is…?” Or, “Could I buy…?”, you know things like that. That’s okay. Now, saying something stupid like, “Will you marry me?”… that right there… that is a huge no-no. …Basically.
Rated K+: for some language
Slight Jeankasa implication at first before we get to the Rivamika. 

She was happy.

Mikasa Ackerman was perfectly happy.

So happy.

She knew she was happy.

She had to be happy.

Jean Kirschstein had been her childhood sweetheart for years. He was sweet, kind, generous, handsome, and funny. Jean Kirschstein was everything a girl could want. He had always taken her out, always treated her special and when they would argue he would always give in first and ask what he could do to be better. Their relationship spanned 3 years. Three perfect years.


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something i hear often and get quite defensive about, is when people say that they can't see levi and erwin as friends. who was at erwin's bedside post-amputation apologizing and worrying, even taking on extra responsibilities just to help erwin? levi. the political arc showed that the nobles are aware that levi is erwin's confidant, not to mention they also went hard and tried to use erwin's life to sway levi when bargaining for EH (isayama pointedly followed this threat with a closeup panel of

levi’s darkened eyes). in the au stories, not only is he shown worrying over erwin, he even goes a step further to push erwin into taking some pleasure for himself. erwin in turn has said levi is a kind and good person and makes allowances in the sparse budget to get levi tea because it gives him some happiness. they may be men with emotional baggage and responsibilities beyond their personal lives, but i think these are signifiers of some sort of emotional attachment.

definitely. people who dont ship eruri are totally okay and obviously thats fine and well but thinking that levi doesn’t care for, or hates erwin because of ACWNR really do not analyse his character properly. it’s common knowledge everywhere that levi and erwin are work partners, they’re paired together a lot, and erwin always, every single time, mentions levi, mike, and hanji as his “closest friends” in stories and interviews.

in erwin’s “good night sweet dreams” story, erwin dreamt about himself being chided at and blamed by the ghosts of dead soldiers, and almost swallowed whole by a titan - and it was levi who not only saved him but also told him to ‘keep moving forward.’ obviously its just a dream but ya know, it shows their friendship is viewed

and yeah basically levi hobbled around for the week in which erwin was out cold, even though his ankle was injured wtf. also this is extremely important because levi states himself he has no fcking idea whatsoever what politics works or what the hell erwin is doing but he still made decisions and plans just because he’s the only one that erwin can trust to do that stuff???

also oh my GOD i loved how both sides bargained about each other. they tried to sway levi by talking about how they’d kill erwin, and they tried to break erwin’s morale by mentioning how there was a warrant out for Levi and although hange was officially vice commander, levi is still the person they refer to as “erwin’s right hand” 

so yeah i cant see either, how people think theyre not friends wtf

bfketh  asked:

If you feel like it (it's okay if not since I've already sent one in) eruriren or hartwin - "I’ll never unsee that."

I sort of forgot this was here >.> Sorry. Anyway, eruriren it is, since it’s still eruriren week. ETA: so I wrote this, and uh, somehow forgot to use the actual prompt. I hope it suffices regardless.


Erwin paid the taxi driver and looked up at the building in front of him, double checking the address. The sky was grey and threatening, and there was a good chance of snow, and he pulled on his gloves before pulling up the handle on his wheeled suitcase.

There was a plastic wreath on the door to the apartment building, and there had been Christmas music piped in at the airport. Christmas was only two days away.

He pushed the appropriate intercom button and waited.

This was going to be weird.

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