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Hi! Miss you so much! I'm so confused today. Have you seen new the sun article "Harry Styles wants to erase his One Direction past after publicity for upcoming BBC documentary makes no mention of the boyband". Do you think they gonna push this narrative more deep now? Seems like they try to make Liam, Louis, Nial vs Harry everywhere.

Hey Nonnie!

I have seen the latest fake news from the S*n, and I am unimpressed, but not surprised. 1DHQ tried to push Solo Harry on us for years before the hiatus. This also ties into what we’ve seen from Harry’s promo: Contrary to everything he said/showed us before he went solo, Harry has suddenly decided that he hated being in 1D and is too good to interact with his lowly teenage girl fanbase. ***I don’t think this is Harry’s mindset at all, but I do think it’s what his team is pushing us to believe.*** It’s possible that when the hardcore stunts kicked into high gear in 2013 Harry was given the chance to leave and go solo and he refused to leave his boys. In 2015, I highly doubt that Zayn was given the same option.

It’s also not a coincidence that the members being singled out are half of Larry and Ziam respectively. Zayn leaving 1D effectively squashed a lot of the belief in Ziam, becuase if they were in a relationship, why would he leave Liam behind in the band? Similarly, I think Harry (or HSHQ rather) denouncing 1D is meant to shake up the Larry corner of the fandom. If they can get the strongest Larry supporters to doubt Harry’s character and involvement in the band, his relationship with Louis is just one step away.

Of course, now we’ve got broody Zayn and rockstar Harry to try and gather into the same band. Both are supposedly uninterested in being involved in the band, so it looks like a reunion is out of the question. But wait! Enter Satan Cowell, who will inevitably “convince” the boys that a reunion is a good idea. He’ll get the chance to play hero, and we’ll get our reunion and be so thankful that Satan made it happen. I physically cannot roll my eyes any harder 😩

All of this is carefully constructed to dismantle the fandom imo. Satan is operating under an “If I can’t have you, no one will” mentality. He’s not concerned with retaining the fandom or our wallets because we already despise him, and he isn’t going to see any of it post 2020 (if we are right about their contracts expiring then). The boys’ words and actions now don’t align with each other, and both their current words and actions are different from how they acted towards each other for 5 years in the band. In my professional opinion, Louis sums it up best: It’s all

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Have you ever read 'In Lack of Hearts' by shaggingtomlinson? In my eyes totally underrated too...

I never read  In Lack of Hearts by @shaggingtomlinson (tumblr won’t let me tag wtf) but it sure looks great!

Harry Styles was only 17 when his son Jamie was born. It was literally the best day if Harry’s life. He loved his girlfriend so much and having a baby with her was one of the greatest things in Harry’s life - even if that meant that his parents and his friends would hate him forever. His son ment everything to him.

But about year later something goes horribly wrong and Harry and Jamie ended up being thrown out on the streets where he - by an terrible accident - met Louis Tomlinson, one of four members of the huge boyband One Direction.

What will happen to Harry and Jamie? Will Harry be able to get a job and find a place to live? Will he get thrown back on the streets again when he recovers? Or maybe Louis Tomlinson will manage to charm Harry well enough to trust people again?

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The article starts with “And, yes, there’s no denying it: he was pretty pleased that he no longer had to be in the biggest boyband in the world.”.. I don’t get why they write this stuff? He’s just gonna get hate now cause of it :/

right like i think that quote kinda parallels what he said recently about how he Did lose his head being as famous as he was in the band and it was nice to take a step back from it and kinda…..level himself out? this is one reason that paper/magazine interviews are always eH to me bc the interviewers can take what the person says and present it in a way that might not have been how the person meant it but we won’t ever know

but yeah i think that’s what he meant in terms of being “pretty pleased” like get fucked man and i feel bad too for liam bc he always means the best and Never Ever is rude or nasty about anyone or the band and……has Repeatedly said he’s still in the band, loves his boys, loves the band, can’t wait to tour mitam n write more, etc. so it’s jus…..annoying like liam??? don’t deserve this shit he’s Pure stop

Colton One-Shot

Dalton took his headphones off, letting his head fall to his hands.  He loved rock music and making it and he loved Fly Away Hero, but it wasn’t the same as before.

Being a part of IM5 had changed him.  His bandmates had changed him.  The rock music felt wrong somehow.  As he sat there and edited it, his head started to throb.

As much as he hated to admit it, he missed the boyband and their calm, acoustic pop music.  He missed the group.  Most of all though, he missed Cole.

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Homeless Harry? Please and thanks!

Of course! Here you go…

Home by Ebb_tide [ 15/15 | 23,820 | English ]

Niall, Zayn and Louis are all friends that are starting a new school year. When they bump into a kid named Harry, they have no idea that he’s homeless. As the group become friends, Harry finds it harder to hide his secret. Will his friends still like him when they know the truth?

Falling For Your Hallelujah by whiskeyinthejar [ 1/1 | 19,296 | English ]

There’s a homeless boy who’s made his new place outside Louis’s work. Louis, in unexpected generosity, offers him a cup of coffee and a sprinkle doughnut. No one really expected it to become a Thing. (In which Louis works in a cafe, Harry has no home, and it’s freezing cold but no one cares).

A New Midnight by amory [ 24/24 | 114,166 | English ]

Harry is a homeless boy who has been running from his demons for the past five months, and doing a very good job of it if you ask him. Louis is a uni student set on becoming a drama teacher, a skilled actor with a penchant for alcohol and evading personal questions. On one snowy afternoon they stumble into each others lives.

In Lack Of Hearts by shaggingtomlinson [ 24/24 | 45,212 | English ]

Harry Styles was only 17 when his son Jamie was born. It was literally the best day if Harry’s life. He loved his girlfriend so much and having a baby with her was one of the greatest things in Harry’s life - even if that meant that his parents and his friends would hate him forever. His son ment everything to him. But about year later something goes horribly wrong and Harry and Jamie ended up being thrown out on the streets where he - by an terrible accident - met Louis Tomlinson, one of four members of the huge boyband One Direction. What will happen to Harry and Jamie? Will Harry be able to get a job and find a place to live? Will he get thrown back on the streets again when he recovers? Or maybe Louis Tomlinson will manage to charm Harry well enough to trust people again?

You Found Me by loving1dwp [ 26/26 | 45,367 | English ]

Louis Tomlinson was going for a quick walk after a fight with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, that was when he saw him. The beautiful boy playing the guitar and singing along. His jacket was about two sizes to small and there were holes in his clothes, yet he was smiling as he sang. It was then he noticed the guitar case open at his feet and multiple dollar bills laying inside it. He tried to imagine a way to help him, but what could he do for a homeless boy?

I hope these are okay for you - enjoy :) 

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Zayn and Liam's situations are totally different. Liam got to write more than half of the songs on the album, got a say in the final output, got to produce tracks for other artists. But Zayn can't even write a song without it being shelved. Do you know how hard it is to stay in a situation that you have no control over and feeling helpless and unhappy? Not to mention being the only brown muslim boy in the band. Don't you dare say he and Liam are treated equally.

What crawled up your ass, nonnie?? And why did you send me this? First of all, this is my blog and I’ll say whatever the fuck I want. So don’t you dare say what I can and can’t say. Got it?

Anywayyyy, I never said a single thing about Zayn and Liam being “treated equally”. Wtf are you even raving about? What I said was that the backstory of Zayn’s leaving is a lie. I said that he could’ve worked on solo projects while still in the band just like Liam. Juicy J confirmed that Liam has tracks in the can waiting to be released. And I’m pretty sure Zayn also had tracks in the can before March 25th. What you’re talking about has nothing to do with solo projects. You’re talking about 1D stuff. So what even is your point?? Do you think Zayn was tied up in a basement during his down time while the other 4 were allowed to do as they pleased? That makes no sense. Are you saying you literally think he was enslaved? Honey, I think 1DHQ sucks as much as anyone. But he was in a boyband. He wasn’t the victim of human trafficking. Turn the theatrics down a notch or ten.

This is why 1DHQ gets away with telling huge, illogical lies. Because of emo, dramatic fans like you. Newsflash: I’m pretty 5/5 have felt “helpless and unhappy” with the way their careers were being handled at some point over the past 5 years. Another Newsflash: There’s no way Zayn quit because he hated the music or wanted to be a “normal 22 year old” or to save his “relationship” or wanted to work on solo projects. All of those have been media whoring fake narratives that silly fans like you have eaten up without giving any critical thought as to why none of those stories add up. Because business is business and contracts are contracts. He would’ve and could’ve finished the tour and fifth album–he literally only had months left to go. I have no idea why you’d accept that 1DHQ oppressed Zayn to the point where HE WASN’T ALLOWED TO WORK ON SOLO PROJECTS AT ALL but those same oppressors LET HIM OUT OF ALL HIS CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS TO GO WORK ON SOLO PROJECTS. I’m baffled that you actually believe that. He was kicked out of the band to help sell the 1D-is-falling-apart narrative, to punish him for rebelling and to promo Perrie Edwards.  

Why are you even here in my Inbox? Why? Do you even know? Do you know anything about this blog? I don’t think you do. I think you need to go think about it. Think. No sending asks. Just thinking. Thanks.

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This does look like Sabotage.. There making Louis look like some washed up old boybander has been that has no career left, and no more aspirations just his gf and his kid and our baby is only 24, and he is in his prime right now that 1d is on hiatus to venture out make solo stuff, but that's not what we are being sold.

I hate it. My bitterness level is at an 11. Can Louis and Liam somehow personally and publicly bring this whole thing down? They don’t deserve this.

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Maybe it's because I'm fairly new to this, or because I'm a bit older, but I'm seriously pretty chill. I'm so sad for Louis and pissed at those assholes but also see the end. Mostly I'm just looking at Louis and thinking, damn. He is that strong. He is that powerful. And he has pissed them off so far that they feel they have to do this stuff. It must suck to be them. Because he can handle this. He can. He and Harry can. He and his family can. He and his band mates/brothers can. And he will win.

He is strong and I do still believe he can win. But I just…I’m so sad for him too. I think about the fact that the past five years of his life and Harry’s life have been ruled by their closets. I think about the fact that they have made the last six months for Louis into absolute hell and I hate that we spent time thinking after Elounor that Louis was going to be free soon. I hate that he has had to go through this every day, that it was a weight on his shoulders even when he wasn’t actively participating. I hate that Harry had to watch it while still dealing with his own bullshit. It’s disgusting. It’s so disgusting, too awful to really put into words, what they’ve done to those boys.

And for what? Why did they do this to them? Because Harry and Louis fell in love while they were in a boyband. Because 1DHQ looked at them and saw dollar signs instead of human beings. I’m just so sad right now.

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would you do a part 2 to this drabble post/108974535112/22-for-bellarke-i-hope-im-right-and-thats-the? i really liked it!

cupcakesinnewyork asked for a continuation as well.  Enjoy!  It’s so fluffy it made my teeth ache.

Boyband avoided them until the cake was served.  Clarke had just stolen Bellamy’s last bite of cake with a triumphant “You snooze, you lose,” when she stiffened.  Bellamy read the signs and carelessly draped his arm over the back of her chair.  It was territorial without being too aggressive, and Bellamy noticed the way Boyband’s eyes tightened when he saw.  Good, Bellamy thought a little irrationally.  He probably shouldn’t hate a stranger this much, but he did.

“Hey Clarke,” the interloper started.

Clarke made a big show of chewing and swallowing her last bite of cake (which was actually Bellamy’s, but for some strange reason he wasn’t too annoyed) before she answered.  “Hey,” she said flatly.

“How—how are you?” he asked, flicking his eyes back and forth between Clarke and Bellamy.

She shrugged.  “I’m good.  This is Bellamy, by the way.”

Bellamy knew that was his cue to stick out his hand for Boyband to shake, but he didn’t.  It was stupid and petty, but when Boyband’s hand started to raise Bellamy just stared him down and jerked his chin in the tiniest of nods.  “Finn,” Boyband said and Bellamy smirked in response.  He was laying it on pretty thick, but Clarke didn’t seem to mind.  “Do you think we could talk?” he asked Clarke, glancing warily at Bellamy. 

“Maybe later,” she said dismissively.  Her words were nonchalant but Bellamy could practically feel the tension radiating off of her, so he stroked her shoulder comfortingly.  Finn looked at her for a moment longer and then walked off, dejected.

Clarke let out a heavy sigh.  “Thanks—that wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

“No problem, princess,” he replied with a wink.  He might have imagined it, but it seemed like the tips of her ears burned a little in response.

An hour later, Bellamy still couldn’t believe how much fun he was having at this wedding that he’d dreaded for months.  He returned from the bathroom (as it turned out, Clarke could drink) and scanned the reception for a light blue dress and blonde hair—he probably should spend more time with the other squad members, but he didn’t really feel like it.  Pretending to be Clarke’s boyfriend was more fun than he’d had in a long time, quite frankly, and he intended to make the most of it.  He spotted her near the bar and immediately knew something was wrong.  Her shoulders were slumped and her head was tipped down—and in front of her, speaking earnestly and quickly, was Boyband Finn.

Bellamy hurried over and curled his arm around Clarke’s chest, drawing her back against him.  Clarke melted into him almost instantly, which quashed his remaining doubts about seeming too possessive.  (I don’t belong to you, Roma once screamed at him, during one of their worst fights.  Bellamy had thought dating the female version of himself would make things easier, not harder, but he soon learned that when you’re both prone to jealousy but hate being possessed, things did not end well.  Oddly enough, he sort of felt like maybe he wouldn’t mind if Clarke was possessive of him, but that wasn’t the point right now).  He rested his chin on her head and smiled politely at Finn.  “I think I’m going to have to steal her away for a dance,” he said and Clarke turned sharply and led him to the dance floor.

“You okay?” he whispered in her ear as he drew her into his arms.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  He just wanted to apologize.  Again.  Like that would change anything.”  Clarke curled into him, burying her face in the crook of his neck.  Bellamy followed suit and pressed his cheek against her temple, trying to ignore the fact that his heartbeat had kicked up several notches in the last few minutes.  Etta James’ voice wove around them and he felt Clarke smile.  “I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have a wedding and not play this song,” she mused.  Bellamy grunted in response because he seemed to have lost the capacity for speech.  His hand stroked her back as they swayed and he realized he hadn’t even noticed Roma in the past hour.

The song ended and Bellamy didn’t let go right away.  He couldn’t.  Clarke tipped her head back and wrapped his tie around her hand.  She tugged lightly and rose up on her toes to brush her lips against his.  Bellamy fought back the urge to kiss her harder, to crush her against him and kiss her until they both forgot to breathe.  He surreptitiously glanced around the dance floor, but he saw no sign of Roma or Finn.

“Who was that for?” he asked.

Clarke’s blue eyes were clear and steady as she smiled.  “Me.”

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Harry went to Kendall's party, another lose for the larries. If they weren't so vile and nasty to innocent people I'd almost feel sorry for them

Anonymous said:richard lawson spoke up against larries fantasies and how unhelthy it all is and now they’re shitting on him! sad.

Anonymous said:LOL Richard Lawson is now a “Houis” Larries are very angry at him!!!!

Damn, the Larries are having a really bad few weeks! 


  • They found evidence that Louis and Cowell are both still on his imprint on Syco’s label and the band they’re working on is very much real and coming together.
  • Harry does in fact have a half a heart tattoo but it’s with Nathan from Kings of Leon and his band mates claim they have a “strange” relationship.
  • Through invasive stalking of Louis’s younger sister they found out that Louis has a new $7 million home in LA. They have to pretend to believe anyone buys $7 million worth of property as “instagram/snap” background stunt homes to throw fans off. Danielle has moved in with him. It’s now clear the $10 million home actually belongs to Liam the way we’ve said all along, and is not a secret Larrie love nest. 
  • Louis and Danielle flew into England together and she attended Lottie’s make up launch and even had their make up done together by the same artist beforehand.
  • Danielle was his date at a major British charity event. The Larries had such a bad night they had to edit Louis and Danielle’s interaction on the red carpet to 1 second in order to claim he hates her.
  • Contrary to Larrie’s claims that she hates her, Lottie shared photos of her being cute with Danielle on snap at an after party, and Louis held both their hands on his way out to the car with them. 
  • Harry has been in LA during this time.
  • Briana’s fam have shared dozens of adorable photos and snaps of little Freddie living his life foot loose and Larrie fantasy free.
  • Cheryl appears to be pregnant with Liam’s baby, forcing Larries to claim that there are now 2 babies potentially being faked by a boyband for reasons nobody knows.
  • After leaving Larries for dead for months, TMZ shared a story about how they think Louis and Freddie look alike.
  • Larrie’s favorite Vanity Fair gossip columnist Richard Lawson disses and dismisses them for good, calling them out for using their fetishized fantasy as a type of gross activism.
  • Harry attends Kendall’s birthday party.
  • Larries have now started to feel more comfortable to voice their doubts and issues about the Larrie fandom and break free from them, leading to Big Larrie bloggers being forced to take Anon off because they can’t handle so many people now coming to them with questions.

How many more L’s can they take, seriously. This cannot be healthy.

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How do you feel about Ashton calling his girl fans "chics" and degrading the female fanbase when he was only asked about his drumset? I feel sort of hurt :/ And that's what he actually said, right? Not just a false gif set?

Idk what happened, I’ve been out tonight, but I’m getting really tried of this kind of stuff. Ashton saying he wants more male fans does not mean he hates female fans. It means he’s tired of being seen as just the next boyband. Bands that have only teenage girl fans aren’t respected in the music industry. It sucks but that isn’t Ashtons fault. He just wants all kinds of people to like their music. He wants to stop being marketed only to girls. At this point people are choosing to misunderstand this because they’re LOOKING for a reason to shit on 5sos and I’m really really over it. There is nothing more frustrating than willful ignorance.

said: Personally I think Louis and Zayn are genuinely on the outs. I don’t think this will fix anything between them.

I don’t think they are not friends anymore but I do think a lot of dynamics in the band changed because of what happened (and it’s normal because Zayn pulled a very shitty move when he decided to quit leaving them in the middle of a world tour pretending he was too stressed when actually he had already decided that months and months earlier. He acted super unprofessional and repeatedly lied to fans about not leaving the band and being “here with them” until the last day. He didn’t even say thank you nor goodbye to fans before going, he just disappeared from one day to another blaming it on something he made up at the moment to justify the fact that he had enough of being in a boyband and wanted to make stuff with NB and his crew). The comment he made on twitter trying to shut Louis up might have been publicity but it was a shitty move especially at that time where a lot of people were still bruised about his leaving. I am sure Louis doesn’t hate Zayn and Zayn doesn’t hate Louis but I don’t think they are the best friends bro pal laddy lad they were before. And you know what, I am glad to be honest because Zayn is just acting super shitty and I wouldn’t like Louis to be around people like this to be fair. 

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it makes me so pissed off that he was like "oh im leaving to be a normal lad!" WE'RE NOT FUCKING BRAIN DEAD. YOU WERE LEAVING TO BE A SOLO ARTIST AND I DOUBT YOU'LL LAST ANYWAY. he could have just been HONEST with everyone instead of lying. the fact that he a louis were WEED BUDDIES and now it seems like they hate each other. i just want to know why everything feels like it's crashing and burning in 2015

I think he left bc he hated being in a boyband and naughty boy chatted in his ear for months about how he’s way to good to be in a five piece band etc and his head blew up and he thinks he can do it alone which is fine go for it he was very unhappy you could tell