he has too many names


*sobs violently* I’VE BEEN HO-WRECKED.


Jimin: Our Own House-Misterwives. Choreo by Lia Kim. 

Hoseok: Down The Road-C2C. Choreo by AssAll crew.

Jungkook: Time for Love-Chris Brown. Choreo by Junho Lee.

Taehyung: Runaway baby-Bruno Mars. Choreo by AssAll crew.

Namjoon: Dessert-Dawin ft. Silento. Choreo by Lia Kim.

Jin: Rude-Magic! Choreo by Junho Lee.

Yoongi: IDFWU-Big Sean. Choreo by Jiyoung Youn.

lionel-13  asked:

What if the squad named their weapons ?

Ooh, I like this

Well, I think Floyd has too many to name…But he’d probably name one after Zoe: like his favorite sniper rifle or something that he really likes.

Harley definitely names her stuff. Like, maybe her bat’s Ms. B, but not for ‘bat’, no that’s too easy. It’s B for Breaks your bones. Her revolver’s Smokey. IDK why, I just think it’s something she would do.

Digger calls all his boomerangs his 'lovelies’ or 'babies’, but he has a special one named Sheila.

Katana doesn’t name her sword, but sometimes she’ll slip up and accidentally say her husband’s name while referring to it.

Rick, like Floyd, probably has too many weapons to name. But he has a special connection with the assault rifle he brought on the Enchantress mission, since it holds a lot of memories. He name’s it 'union’ or 'federation’. Or of you really want a heartpull: he name’s it after someone he knew that was killed during the mission.