he has to sneak back to his dorm which is the hardest part

Morning Surprise (Remus x Reader)

“Hi! I might’ve already sent this in and I’m terribly sorry if I’m repeating my self but could you do one with Remus where you stay the night in his dorm and when you wake up the boys find you and they are all like shook. :,) thank you! I love your writing by the way!!” this made me laugh out loud when I read it! hope you like it!

Saturday’s were usually spent with your boyfriend in the library or by the Black Lake, curled up with a book and content with each other’s company. Today was no ordinary Saturday, it was a Quidditch Saturday, which meant that you and Remus had to postpone your usual activities and go and support James since Gryffindor was playing against Ravenclaw.

“Hurry up, lovebirds!” Sirius exclaimed, a few steps ahead of Remus and you.

You’ve been dating Remus for a year now, and you both kept the PDA to a minimum, the marauders knew that and often teased you both, but little did they know that behind closed doors, Remus and you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius, sending you an apologetic look.

“Sorry, we don’t take the dog out too often, we think he might get lost…” Remus whispered to you, and you laughed.

Soon you and the rest of the marauders were cheering James on, Gryffindor was winning by a landslide, and somehow Sirius had taken over as commentator half way through the match.

“Ms. Lillian Evans, if the handsome Chaser scores three consecutive goals, you have to go on date with him, it is the law. Dumbledore said so.” Sirius decreed into his enchanted wand, McGonagall stood from her seat and tried to pry the wand from his flailing arms.

“I’m so glad Sirius didn’t meddle with the two of us…” Remus uttered as you nodded in agreement. You witnessed as James scored three consecutive goals and how your roommate Lily was glaring at the boy, you could see that she was trying to fight off a growing smile on her face.

“Well bloody hell, Sirius does seem to have a future in matchmaking.” You said, pointing down at Lily, Remus shook his head in a mixture of disbelief and amusement.

It was no surprise when Gryffindor won, due to that Sirius and James announced that there would be a celebratory party tonight, (they would’ve thrown a part either way).

“What are the chances of us sneaking out of the party without being noticed by those two?” you asked Remus as you reluctantly made your way to the party.

“Just wait until they both had enough Firewhiskey, then we can go to my dorm and relax, there’s this new muggle book my mother sent me, I think you’ll like it.”

“Sounds perfect.” You said pecking his lips as you both joined the party.

It didn’t take long for Sirius and James to finish off a bottle of Firewhiskey, you nudge Remus and he stifled a laugh as he saw how James was drunkenly orchestrating a conga line.

“And that’s our cue to leave, love.” He said, chuckling at his friend’s failed attempts.

He led you up the boy’s dormitories, everyone was having fun so they didn’t see the two of you leaving.

He opened the door to his room which he shared with the rest of the marauders, you were always in awe of the contrast between Remus’s side of the room and the rest of the boys.

“I know what you’re thinking and I agree, they’re pigs.”

“Trewlaney better watch out because you might steal her job, your seeing eye just read my mind.” You joked, he chuckled as he walked towards his drawer, pulling out a jumper and a pair of boxers, handing them to you.

“I don’t think you’ll want to go back to a room full of tipsy girls later tonight and the guys will probably pass out in the common room.” He said as he handed the clothes to you so you could change into something comfortable. You beamed at him and thanked him, and headed towards the bathroom to change. You came out feeling extremely cozy, Remus was much taller than you so you basically swam in his jumper, it came down to your thighs.

“Well that’s not fair.” Remus said as he saw you wearing his clothes. You arched an eyebrow, confused.

“Now every time I wear that jumper I’ll know I won’t look as good as you do right now.” He said grinning, a bubbly laugh left your lips as you ran towards him, tackling him down to the bed.

“You’re so cheesy.” You mumbled as you buried your face in his chest.

“But you love me.”

“That I do.”

You both spent the rest of the night reading the astronomy book that his mother had sent him. Astronomy was your favorite subject, Remus liked it as well, and he loved seeing the way your face would light up as you looked at the pictures of the stars and constellations, and read about them.

Neither one of you realized when you fell asleep or if the rest of the boys came back.

Hours later, you were both woken up by a scream.


“I’m pretty sure that’s Y/N…” Peter said.

“Keep your voice down you gits, I wanna study them more in their natural habitat.” James whispered.

“I can’t believe he did it, I didn’t think he had it in him.” He continued.

“Our little boy is all grown up.” Sirius sniffled.

You were woken up by Sirius’s scream but decided it was better if you feigned sleep, hoping that they would go away soon. Remus began stirring next to you.

“No PDA my ass, guess his wolf side won last night, huh?”

“Sirius Orion Black, if you don’t stop it with the crude comments I’ll make sure that you never procreate.” Remus snarled, his eyes still closed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“My dear, dear, Remus, how do you possibly expect for us to remain calm when we found you two in such a compromised position?” Sirius quipped back, smirking.

“Oh shut up Pads, nothing happened, we just fell asleep.” You said, enunciating the word sleep.


“SIRIUS, GET OFF HER.” Remus exclaimed when Sirius dramatically threw himself at you.

You were trying your hardest not to laugh because if you did they would continue and you were not going to encourage them, you could see Remus trying hard not to as well. Who knew that the rest of the marauders would make such a big deal about you spending the night in their room.

“Does that mean Y/N is our mummy now?”


After ten minutes of nonstop teasing, they finally left you and Remus alone as they went down for breakfast.

“They are way too chipper considering they probably have a raging hangover.”

“I’m pretty sure the opportunity of teasing us gave them the strength they needed.” Remus sighed.

“If I lock the door, they would just knock it down with Peter or something…how about we get dressed and head to the lake for a bit?” you asked him, sitting up.

“But I’m comfy…” Remus whined, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you back onto his chest, burrowing his head on your hair.  

“Okay, okay! You win, but just until they come back, I don’t think I have any patience left for their teasing.”

“Agreed.” Remus sealed the deal with a kiss that left you breathless.

Luckily the boys found Filch on their way back and he interrogated them for a full hour about the loud noises that were coming from the Gryffindor common room the night before. You and Remus enjoyed a full hour of peace and quiet before they came barreling in, goofy grins on their faces when they saw you and Remus intertwine, sleeping peacefully.

“I guess the shock wears off the second time around.” Sirius mumbled, James nodded from besides him.

You Are My Happily Ever After - Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by interwebber

Requested:Hi, i was wondering if you could write an imagine about Harry. Where you are jays younger sister and you went to auradon with the vks but dont feel like you fit in and want to go back to the isle. You go back with mal and run into an old friend and crush, Harry Hook. When the others come you help with ben you and jay get into a fight and you stay on the isle with Harry? Sorry its so long. Thank you if you can write this. i love your imagines, thank you for doing what you do!! :)

A/N I’d like to thank @kaylantus for the request. Hope you enjoy !! (:

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percabeth fic recs

aka; im too lazy to produce my own content so here’s some good ones

**i included my favorite percabeth fic writers and links to my favorite  ♥  story they’ve posted**

rachel    @rongasm

“Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are soul mates. They know this because the small Timers on their inner wrists tell them that they are meant to be together– and not because they’ve chosen each other. In theory, it will be easy for Annabeth to keep up the wall that surrounds her heart and stop herself from falling for Percy. In execution? Well, that’s a completely different story. “

this is probably my favorite soulmate au?? her writing style flows really well and annabeth’s characterization is spot on

jess   @greenconverses

“Annabeth’s life can be characterized in two parts: before and after the fall. This is the beginning of the second half. Post-Mark of Athena.”

lightly done angst is probably my favorite thing in the world and thiS IS SO GOOD

sri   @piperreynas

“the thing about being on opposite sides of a war: someone always has to lose.” in which annabeth defects to kronos’ side in the first titan war with luke. au.

or: percabeth does skyeward.

um?? sri is most probably the best person in the world and her fics reflect that. just read it and everything else she’s wrote + her femslash stuff is to die for  im still salty about the fact that we’re the same age and she’s 100x more talented hoW

hannah   @ignitesthestars

It’s like this every time. She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn’t know if it hurt more being with him, or without him. And every time the months and the distance stretches out a little further between them, she convinces herself that they’re definitely better apart. That a scarred heart is better than an open wound with him lodged inside it.

And then they see each other again, and she’s pitched right back into that uncertainty. Three and a half years should be enough to get over a boy, shouldn’t it?

A story of how Annabeth and Percy fell apart, and what it took to piece them back together.

break up fics are amazing period, but let’s just say that this is the type of writing i aspire to have

fee   @lesbabeths

another break up fic, but i love everything about this one + fee also has excellent femslash

rachel   @somethingmorecreative1

Annabeth wasn’t sure how she was going to help Percy. How could she get the upset look on his face to go away? How could she get him to feel better and maybe realize that he was okay? In which, Percy isn’t okay unless Annabeth is there, and thank god that she is. Percabeth. Two part story.

she writes best friend mortal percabeth so,, good,, and this is so fluffy and dfhjsdfkf

may   @maydayparade8123​

After a brief, fearful heart flutter, Percy gives her a sidelong glance of recognition. He might still be a little fearful. Sure, the town he and his mom live in now isn’t all that big, but what are the chances of someone else choosing to run on this particular backroad? He’d chosen the one the furthest away from the main road for a reason. “Fancy seeing you here,” he greets drily, not losing step in the slightest.

Annabeth Chase gives him a significant look. “Good runners choose good roads, I guess.”

OR - Annabeth’s the girl who hardly ever loses a race, and Percy’s the new kid who doesn’t have time for track team. It’s a love story waiting to happen.

i don’t think may writes for pjo anymore which is sad but she has so many great stories and i love?? that it’s light and sweet??

ashlee   @bananannabeth​

Percy and Annabeth lean on each other to recover after Tartarus, but as the rest of their friends slowly settle back into a semblance of normalcy they realise that maybe they’re holding each other back from healing. Scared of being too codependent and hurting in ways she doesn’t want Percy to see, Annabeth makes the painful decision to take a break – a choice which impacts Percy, all of their friends and herself in ways she’d never imagined.

another break up fic? who couldve predicted. i also love the balance in this one and it just flows

mina @suchastart​

Falling in love isn’t the hardest fall. A collection of stories that follow Percy and Annabeth throughout their relationship, from the beginning to the end.

these are all so interesting and the contrast between them is nice

annie   @chasejackson​

i came for the pjo, i stayed for the vld

hannah   @ananbeth​

Since the fall of Jason Grace and the Jaeger Bronco Thunder, Percy Jackson seeks a new co-pilot. First Lieutenant Annabeth Chase oversees the cadet trials. She is not impressed by the results.

pacific rim aus are always great, and these fics have really consistent writing 

artemisrae @artemisrae​

He doesn’t tell her because he promised.

i dont really read nsfw stuff so i havent read the majority of these, but the quality is So Good

vani @seaweedbraens​

Annabeth thought she was right on track until the universe just decided to give her a red string that just so happened to link to her best friend, forcing her to face her dormant feelings and effectively screwing up her life for good.

more soulmate au? my longest yeah boi ever. but i love the concept of soulthreads and shes so good at writing best friends

romanitas @romanitas​

Sneaking in and out of Annabeth’s dorm is always an interesting and challenging experience, for all parties involved. Especially with nuns.

some more light stuff, with appearances from the rest of the seven as an added bonus

ashley @gr33kg0ds​

Here, at the very bottom of the world, underneath the waves, was the most beautiful world you could ever imagine. In its vastness there was nothing but peace, cliffs of ice not only reached miles above the sea, but below it as well. Whales ten times his size swam by, giving him nothing but a questioning gaze, and even they seemed to small in comparison to ocean down here.

my edits tag if you’re interested x

The Exchange Student // Tom Holland AU

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader (Y/N)
Description: In which the reader attends a birthday game night and a surprise awaits her there
Warnings: Some cussing (?), drinking
Word Count: 1,207

part 1 /part 2

“Can’t you just forget about Barne’s class for one night? Come on, all of our friends are going to be there. It’s just a small friendly get together, were going to play games and have fun and get tipsy in the process.” Patty begs. She was visiting for the night, and her and Ellis had invited a few people to a game night to catch up and have fun. You wanted to go and join them, but you knew that if you didn’t finish your notes and studied for your quiz on Monday, you’d be hating yourself knowing that your grade could be better.

You let out a sigh, and look up from your computer. “Look, I would if I could, but this is the hardest unit. I really want to make sure I get a good grade.” Patty purses her lips and frowns.

“Please? You can head back here whenever you want. I’ll even help you study tomorrow if you want, but come join us. We’re just trying to have a good time for Ellis’s birthday. You promised” That, you couldn’t say no to. After all, he was your best friend, and it was his birthday weekend. And the thing is, you did promise to celebrate all weekend with him and your friends, and this was just day one of the celebrating.

“Don’t do this to me.” You groaned, covering your face. Patty pulls your hands away and grins.

“Come on, let’s walk there together so no one has to DD tonight.”

With a sigh, you grab your purse and keys, following Patty close behind in the direction of the dorm-style houses on campus that Ellis resided in. You could hear the sound of laughter and talking become louder little by little while you got closer to the living area. Before Patty could even knock, the door was swung open and you blink before noticing that it was the cute boy you typically admired from afar. Shit.

“Welcome to day one of the party, come on in. Everything’s happening in the living room.” He steps aside to let you two in. You look in the direction of the living room, where a few of your friends were sitting on the floor with red solo cups and multiple packs of cards and games. Ellis looks up from his hand and grins.

“Join us for the next round?” He says. Patty goes and plops down next to him, while you stand behind the couch a bit awkwardly and nod. You weren’t sure what to do with yourself knowing that he was here and that only another one of your friends was here. The other two were Elli’s buddies from the out of school soccer team he was in, and you’d only talked to them a handful of times.

You decided to sit next to your other friend, Amie, as soon as the group finished playing that round of uno. The losers took a shot, with the winner being one of Ellis’ buddies. While Ellis and the other boys set up a game of La Loteria, you and Amie caught up and talked about your classes. It had been a while since you two had seen each other, and this chat was much needed.

“Have you noticed Holland over there?” Amie asks while watching Patty shuffle the cards. You frown.


Tom Holland, the exchange student.” She said in a hushed town. “He keeps looking over at you.” You blush, sneaking a quick side eyed glance at the now named boy. He seemed to be thinking about something, but you weren’t sure what.

“You’re just being silly. Come on, let’s begin.” You direct your attention to the now starting Mexican game. Each spot on your card had a tiny plastic shot cup, and for every card they called and you had on your playing card, you had to take a shot. Now this was a wild game. There was no way you wouldn’t end up feeling this tomorrow morning.

At some point you shot your left hand up while taking your last shot. You had cleared the card, making you the winner of the first round. “How does it feel to lose, birthday boy?” You tease your friend. He rolls his eyes and gives you a congratulatory side hug before picking up the deck of cards. You guys play a few more different games, and at one point you give up and sit out for the night. You weren’t sure how much more alcohol you would be able to handle, especially at the wild pace everything was going. You were no lightweight, but you also didn’t want to blackout.

You watched everyone play from the top of the kitchen island, which is where you sat. They genuinely seemed to be enjoying the night, and seemed to have no plans of stopping. Tom approaches you from behind, offering you a cold water bottle. You take it, thanking him.

“How long?” He asks. You tense for a moment. Did he know? Did Ellis tell him that you watched him and thought he was cute and got nervous around him?

“Uh, what?” You say, trying to hide your nervousness. He climbs up and sits next to you.

“You and Ellis, how long have you been friends?”

You sigh with relief and clear your throat. “Since seventh grade. I don’t know if you know what grade that is actually, so um, since we were around twelve. How did… How did you two become friends?”

Tom shrugs, taking a swig from his water bottle. “Met ‘im this year in our core fitness class. We didn’t actually become friends so to speak until earlier this month I believe.” He paused for a second. “He talks about you so much, I thought you two were a thing for a while until I realized he just really cared for you. That, and I met Patty.”

You laugh and shake your head. He wasn’t the first to think that you and Ellis were a couple. The two of you had more of a brother-sister relationship than anything, but it had never come to one or the other having feelings for the other.

“You’re not the first to think that, but no. He’s too much like a brother to me for that to ever happen.” You look over at him and smile gently before looking away and fiddling with the cap of your bottled water. You look at your phone only to see that it was half past two, and you immediately get off of the counter. “It’s pretty late, I should probably get going.” You say. You head to grab your bag from the couch and say goodbye to your friends.

“Let me walk with you. It’s pretty late, and I’d feel bad if anything happened.” Tom suggests. You bite your lip, having a moment of indecision. It wouldn’t be the first time you had walked alone at night at this hour, let alone back to your dorm. But then again, it might be nice to get to walk with him.
“I guess you can come along.” You shrug casually. Tom grins, going in and opening the door for you. You head out, and he follows right behind.

Nyerus’ Victuuri Fic Rec List

These are in no particular order, really, just a list of my fave Victuuri fics—some of which I think a little less well known (but idk). I’ve been sitting on this for SO LONG that some of the “lesser known” ones are huge now hahaha! I’ll probably make a page for this or something later.

I pulled the “genres” mostly from the tags, but basically winged it based on what felt right. Most fics rated as “Explicit” in this list have smut in them so keep that in mind, but I’ve made special annotations as need be. I’ve also mentioned if there are any significant side pairings.

I’ve added mini-reviews (kinda) as well, which are just my personal thoughts on a fic without getting too spoilery, but you can feel free to skip them.

Current count:


AU: 21

(Quite long, so under a cut).

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anonymous asked:

Could I ask for a 2jae fic where one of them texts the wrong number and they get to talking and stuff, and just lots of fluff? Thank you!

Warning: None

Author: Mel

Word Count: 4k

Oh man, first of all I’m sorry that this turned out to be so long! ;; Hope that it’s good enough, though, and that it’s not just mindless word vomit. 2Jae is such a cute ship and I really liked this prompt so I kind of got carried away ;; Anyway, enjoy!

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Falling In Love With Jeon Jungkook Would Include...

(Hehe welcome home, @jimjammed. I’m glad you enjoyed London so much, it must have been a wonderful trip~~ I hope that everybody likes this~)

-After coming home from a long day, walking in and finding a colorful water gun sitting on the couch instead of Jungkook. As you walk over it, you’d find a note from him stating something like “I’m hiding somewhere around the dorm with the other one. Come and find me ;)” A giggle would erupt from your lips and your previous tiredness would melt away as you picked it up and began to search for him. A minute later, he’d jump out from behind the couch and squirt you right in the face with a goofy grin stretching his lips. A full on battle would ensue.

-Jungkook every night and without fail singing you incredibly tender lullabies to sleep gently in your ear. On the nights where he can’t sleep with you because he’s busy with work, he’ll sneak away from everybody else for a solid twenty minutes and sing to you through the phone until he’s sure you’re asleep.

-Him still having that endearing awkward, teenage boy gawkiness as he sloppily kisses your cheek, squeezes your hand a little too tightly when he’s holding it, and always ending up with a face full of hair when he cuddles you. However, he would just insist that the two of you needed to ‘practice’ all of these things more, so that he could become more experienced.

-Jungkook really feeling so secure around you that he isn’t embarrassed to do dumb things to get a laugh from you. He wouldn’t mind showing his not-fresh-morning face to you or doing a particularly image damaging gag when you’re around, simply because he know that you’ll love him even if he’s looks like a complete dork. Jungkook knows that no matter how he looks or what he does, you’ll still think he’s the coolest.

-Having a front row seat to one of his lip-syncing shows. You’ll watch as he has a rock concert, is in a screamo music video, or mouthing along the words to some old trot song that he likes. When he notices you there, giggling brightly at his goofiness, he’ll take your hand and pull you up to come lip-sync too. After all, you’ve heard all of his favorite songs enough to know how to lip-sync along with him perfectly. 

-Jungkook being endlessly fascinated with your feet. As you’re sat on the couch and your feet are draped over his lap, he’ll bend each of your toes all the way forward and all the way back. He’ll think the joints move so cutely and will laugh every time he runs his finger along the sole of your foot, thinking it rather adorable how each of your toes stretches outward. When you’re asking what he’s doing, he’ll give you a sheepish bunny grin before kissing your ankle and shaking his head.

-Jungkook being a little bit awkward when the two of you are around the rest of BTS: he wouldn’t know if it was okay for him to show affection with you or if he should just stick to cutely talking to you. This is especially true since, when you leave, he gets teased mercilessly for having a girlfriend by all of his hyungs. However, he puts up with the abuse and embarrassing questions, because you’re simply worth it to him.

-Early evening Thursday dates at amusement parks, puppy parks, and ice skating. The feel of the wind blowing through your hair at impossibly high velocities, the rustling of fur against your fingertips, and the wonderful uncertainly of staying planted on your two feet.

-Being able to see the earnest smile come over his face every time that you call him ‘oppa’. It wouldn’t matter if you were older or younger than him, it would fill up his heart with a bold, happy-go-lucky, green colored happiness to be able to earn the word for somebody he regards as perfect: namely, you. The idea of taking care of somebody is foreign to him since he is the maknae of BTS, but it means the world to him that you’re willing to trust him enough so he can try his hardest to make you happy and feel as if you could depend on him for anything. Jungkook would want to give you the world, it might just take him a little time to learn how to.

-You constantly loosing little pieces of jewelry that aren’t terribly important to you, but just important enough for you to notice they are gone. However, next time you see him, you notice one of your silver chains poking out from his the collar of his oversized shirt or that he’s wearing one of your crystal ear studs.

-Being in the living room of BTS’ empty dorm, your body pressed up hotly against Jungkook’s. He’d pin you down slightly to the couch, his big hands clumsily tracing over the fine curves of your body, and him placing one of your legs to hang around the highest part of his hip. He’d hesitantly move his hands up your top to the bare skin of your sides, teasingly tracing up your jawline with his tongue, and allowing his breath to fall against your sensitive neck. He’d groan lightly at the anticipation and the pressure felt in his pants, tugging slightly on the elastic of your underwear down towards your feet as if to ask for permission, and his ears keenly perked up and listening to see if any of his hyungs are coming home.

-The rest of BTS would look in on your relationship with Jungkook, impressed by you because of the fact that you make him really want to mature more and grow as a person. They would see Jungkook each day trying a little bit harder to be able to somehow provide you with something you need or something that you want. They’d be amazed, seeing how he’s slowly drifting away from his teenage like attitude to becoming more and more selfless. You’d be the person that he’d really strive to impress and take care of, which makes him less of a boy and more of a man.

-Being able to have a full conversation with Jungkook from across the room, without ever really needing to say a word. Jungkook would be so in tuned to what each expression on your face meant and what his meant, it would be very easy to pull this off with him.

-Having to kind of keep him in check. You’d be getting ready for a beach date with him: you’re in your cutest swim suit, you’ve got a bag packed with essentials like sunscreen and snacks, and you’ve got towels you’ve got draped in your arms. As Jungkook comes to you, he’d be wearing his board shorts, huge sunglasses, and neon fins. Smoothly, he’d lift his sunglasses to reveal to you too tight goggles that are making his eyes bug out slightly. You’d giggle at his cuteness, but then remind him that he still needs a shirt and regular shoes, too. The expression that would come on his face implies that it hadn’t even crossed his mind.

-While the two of you are long distance away from each other, Jungkook constantly have Skype running. While he and the boys are eating, he’d have a video chat running on his phone or computer set up so it’s like you’re eating with them too. While everybody is changing, he’d cover the camera of his phone and joke that “He has to cover your eyes so you’ll only look at him.” He’d want it to feel as much like as you’re there with them as he possibly could and probably annoy his hyungs as he’s always asking for WiFi passwords, wanting you to be able to join in on the fun as much as possible with the distance. During the times that you couldn’t video chat with him, he’d take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures. However, they wouldn’t be of himself but of all of the boys, moments they are sharing, and back ground scenery so you wouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. He’d want to give you the experience as much as he possibly could.

-Being at his dorm and searching for something in a hurry so the two of you can run off to a date, looking under his pillow to find one of your shirts folded neatly under it. As you bring it to him and ask him about it and his face would flush slightly. With a sheepish grin, he’d explain that he likes to hold it close to his face when the two of you have to sleep apart since it smells like you. In response, you’d admit that you’ve stolen one of his oversized white shirts to sleep in when the two of you have to sleep apart.

-Cotton candy flavored, riding bicycles together through a lane of tall weeping willow trees towards a glowing pink sunset type of happiness.

Mr. Sunshine Part one

lokaneship it took me a week but i finally edited it! im sorry if it’s corny or terrible. here’s part one of my Tom x reader fanfic.

i plan on starting part two soon. let me know if you have any ideas.


You were in your second year of university and studying to become an English teacher. You loved your campus but the moment they offered you a trip to study abroad at Oxford, you couldn’t possibly turn it down.

For the rest of the semester you’d spent your time packing and planning. You knew it would be an adjustment going from your suburban life in America to the bustling cultural hub of the U.K. But you wouldn’t let your fears put a damper on the possibility that lay before you.

A few days before your departure, you’d gone down from your dorm to visit your mom one last time. You weren’t fond of coming “home” because it meant seeing your older sisters. You were the youngest of three and 7 years separated each of you. You loved your whole family but being the only one with an Anxiety disorder, you easily felt distant.

When you entered your childhood home not a single soul greeted you. You sighed softly as you entered. A part of your heart sank. Of course she forgot. Since your sister’s babies were born your mom had been in full grandma mode. She often forgot when you were coming down or your other important events. At your graduation shed even forgotten to come because your sister had and ultrasound at the same time.

The next days went by in much the same way. You gave your goodbyes and your best friends had come pick you up. You’d obviously miss your family, but you were happy to be with the ones you’d miss the most. At the drop off zone you all hugged and cried and exchanged promises of skyping weekly.

And then you were on your way to the UK.


The first few weeks were hard. Had it not been to your friends’ words of encouragement over Skype and your love of your new classes you would’ve gone home right then and there. The nights were the hardest. The anxiety led to long vivid nightmares. The most reoccurring of all consisted of failing your classes and being laughed out of Oxford. Always leaving you in the end utterly alone and too broke and to ever fly home. You knew it wasn’t a logical fear… But nonetheless the nightmares weren’t something you looked forward too.

Things were finally looking up after the first month. You and your roommate had grown quite close. Her name was Jessamine. She made you tea every time your nightmare hit you particularly hard. The only down side was her boyfriend Mark. He was a great guy whose father ran a local theater which led often to him getting you all in for cheap and you adored them as a couple. That being said, you didn’t like being the only single one of your friend group. Back home you hadn’t really dated much. Truthfully you weren’t really a major fan of it. The boys back home were just that… Boys. The majority of who frequently told you how much you weren’t the typical girl of their desires.

A few hours ago Jessamine had returned to your flat with Mark. There clothes were in a slight state of disarray. You could tell they had been making out in her car. You’d smiled politely and rushed out the front door to give them some alone time.

You were on your way to your favorite tea shop around the corner when it started raining hard. You’d come to love the rain. It was starkly different compared to the aired desert of home. It was so fresh and clean but today it made your heart sink and the sharp pellets slapped onto your skin. You’d made the most newbie Londoner mistake ever. In your haste to avoid the awkward make out session back home you’d forgotten your umbrella.

You clothes were flush with your skin and drenched to the point of near see through. You were chilled to the bone. A small awning came into view up ahead. You dashed towards it and huddled desperately under it. “May be it’ll pass over soon?” You mutter to yourself as you hugged your arms tight to your chest.

“From your accent and optimism, I can tell you’re new here.” A small chuckle sounds from next to you. You instantly knew the laugh. Instead of starting with a ha it began with an eh. You turned and saw a mess  of auburn curls. It took all you had not to let your jaw drop. It was Tom freaken Hiddleston. And he was talking with you!

He noticed your shock and his face dropped slightly. “I’m sorry. I’m being rude. I really shouldn’t sneak up behind ladies… It’s not kind.”

You immediately start to laugh yourself. “No! You’re fine. It’s just one doesn’t  usually meet their favorite actor on the street every day. I’m (y/n) by the way. ” You extend your hand out. He swaps hands on his umbrella handle before he took yours and shook it firmly.

“I’m Tom but you already know that, eheheh.” You cheeks began to heat up as you looked into his mesmerizing eyes. “Now, darling, I was going to ask if you’d like to use my umbrella. I’d hate to leave you stranded under this awning till the storms passes.”

“Oh! That’s so kind… But I couldn’t possibly take it and let you get your suit wet!” You couldn’t help but let your eyes fall and roam over his figure and his well-tailored suit.

“I’ll tell you what (y/n),” the sound of your name on his lips sent a rush through you. He seemed to notice and his smile grew wider. “How about this, there is just enough room for two under this umbrella. I’ll walk you to your destination and then we both stay dry.”

He looked at you with his gorgeous pleading face. How could you say no to those eyes? How could you say no to Tom Hiddleston? It was easy. You couldn’t. As you agreed and joined him under the umbrella he put his suit jacket over your shoulders to cover up your still quiet see through shirt. There was no way this guy was real! He made your insides tingle and sigh.

And so that’s how it started. You joined Tom under his umbrella and he walked you to the tea house. Sat with you for a small cuppa and then took you all the way back to your flat. There you shook hands once more and then just before you walked inside he kissed your hand. Your cheeks blazed and with a small laugh you departed. You doubted you’d ever meet him again. But at least this once in a life time moment would stay with you till the grave.


A week passed and you’d been kicking yourself every day. You lamented to jessamine near incessantly. She equally teased you for meeting the hot ass famous man of your dreams and failing to even get a photo with him! He’d practically been a freaking knight in shining armor and you had been so anxious that you hardly did more than make small talk.

In the end Jessamine had sympathized somewhat. She even offered to take you to see a Shakespeare play the following night at Mark’s father’s theater. She’d figured taking you out would get your mind off things. There was something leading in her offer and in the way that she refused to tell you which tale from the Bard they were putting on. However, your desire for a girl’s night led you to choose to ignore the worry. You too hoped that eventually this feeling of a missed opportunity would fade. So you’d agreed of course. Nothing could ever make you turn down Shakespeare.

Thanks to Mark you’d been able to get amazing front row seats. You could see and hear everything. It allowed you to become absorbed into the production. To feel the acts.

Just as the production began you started to feel ecstatic . The element of surprise from the prospect of not knowing the play allowed you to regain that childhood Christmas morning excitement.

You had been hopping for Richard III.  It was by far your favorite of Shakespeare’s Histories. Yet as the first act began and the minor characters began speaking of the young Prince Hal turned King you realized it was Henry V.

Your slight disappointment was short lived for that’s when you saw him again. Tom, as handsome as ever, reprising his role of Henry V from Hollow Crown. He entered from stage left and you couldn’t help but feel a giddy swell in your chest.

A soft gasp escaped your lips, the noise caught his attention. He looked down at you and a soft smile played upon his lips. Had he really recognize you? No way. There was nothing memorable about yourself, or at least that’s what the boys back home had always made you believe.

After the heart wrenching performance, you and jessamine stood to leave when a stage manager rushed to your side. “I’ll need you to please come with me. Tom is quite insistent.” Her smile was kind and your curiosity demanded to be answered. So naturally the two of you followed the manager back stage.

“Hello ladies!” Tom greeted you both warmly. Something about his presence put you at ease. He was your opposite. Calm where you were anxious, extroverted when you were introverted. Posed where you were awkward.

He placed a hand on your shoulder. “(Y/n), I have been kicking myself for not getting your number. I thought I’d never see you again and here you are! Did you both enjoy the show?” Your heart flutters even more. Not only did he remember you but he also had been upset over the lack of continued contact.

“We loved it.” You answered back softly. You knew your cheeks were red and jessamine  laughed softly from behind you.

“You know what,” she spoke up, “I’ve got somewhere to be. You stay (y/n). Tom, do you promised to get her home safe and no earlier that 6am tomorrow?” She gave you a cheeky wink and nudged your side before taking her leave. You felt borderline mortified till Tom started laughing.

You looked up and saw him smiling sweetly at you. “Only if the lady (y/n) wishes it herself.”


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Operation Pumpkin Spice
Lily gets more than she bargained for when she meets a handsome soccer captain scooping ice cream for girls in the Cafe because now she's running around campus pretending to be a secret agent with his mates to get her hands on pumpkin flavored ice cream.

A long line had formed along the cafeteria’s back wall.

Lily Evans wasn’t very surprised, as half the female (and even some of the male) population had noticed the boys with the cute smiles and wicked hair at the ice cream station. There were four of them all-together, the ones causing the hold up at the small ice cream freezer.

Lily knew one of the boys from around campus–he was the soccer Captain. Potter, she believed, was his surname. He had messy black hair that always looked perfectly windswept, thick-framed glasses, and rather large feet to coincide with his tall figure. Potter was at the head of the line of girls, scooping out ice cream for each girl like a gentleman.

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