he has to clean out the semen

Unexpected (Part 2)

Yoongi reflects on the events of the night and has to figure out what this means for his relationship.

Warnings: Angst, lots and lots of references to the smut that occurred in Part 1.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

Yoongi couldn’t sleep. The woman he thought he loved was asleep next to him, her thighs stained with semen – his and Taehyung’s – which had dripped out of her well used pussy. Yoongi had told her to go take a shower to clean up, but she had refused because she was too afraid to leave his side for even a moment. She thought Yoongi would disappear if she wasn’t holding on to him. 

Now that she was asleep, Yoongi slipped quietly out of her arms and sat in a chair, just looking at her and thinking about the events of that night.

Yoongi knew he had been aloof and indifferent to her and that it was his fault they had started fighting to begin with. He had ruined several previous relationships by retreating into his work when things weren’t going smoothly. He wanted to be different and be the kind of boyfriend who talked through problems, but old habits die hard.

He loved her more than anyone else he had ever been with.

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I Love the Messes You Make

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Note:  I am so behind on my requests so here is the first one!!  This one is just a short one to get one out there because I’m so behind and working on like ten things at the same time.  Also, I changed the location a little but, I kept it public.


Summary:  It’s so unlike Yoongi to be this public about fucking, but you’re not complaining.  He’d argue that you were the one who started it.




It starts because you tell him you’re not wearing any underwear.  

Yoongi is two shades of turned-on and angry when he hears you whisper those evil words to him while you’re waiting for your drinks at his album launch party.  When no one is looking, you take his hand and shove it up against your bare crotch as proof.   Wet.  He feels your damp center warm and slippery on his fingers.  

“What the fuck,” Yoongi mutters, indulging himself by letting his fingers slip inside you briefly.  “Why are you this wet?”  

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Coffee and Cigarettes (Trixya) Chapter 2

AN: Sorry, sorry , sorry this took so long to update. I wrote the chapter and then scrapped it and rewrote it. I’ve really conflicted about how to take this fic as I had a plan in my head and I’m sort of doubting it now! 

Anyways, here is Chapter 2!! 

TW: Implied Abuse, drug use. Panic Attack

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Bit of backstory, we just finished up a major story arc and or fighter has just been given a package with what seems like his tattooed fathers cut off hand. 

Fighter: “I don’t know what you guys are doing but i’m going to go find him.”

Paladin: “Remember our enemy has used misdirection on us before. We should try and see if the hand is genuine before setting out." 

Paladin (ooc): "We need to Pathfinder CSI this. For example is the ink more bold or faded, if they tattooed a random hand. Is the cut clean like he was held down captured, or more jagged like it was lost in a conflict and he may still be free. How much semen is on the hand, ect. You know, the regular CSI questions.”

So… I just really like the idea of Mizuki thirsting for some Mink. Like. Mizuki gets one look at Mink and is like ….I have to have that.

So I wrote this little 18+ smutfic as a warmup where Mizuki blows Mink in a bar, a la Aoba in the first game (though there are no drugs involved; it’s completely consensual). Pretty rough though. Lots of cum. About 1k and not well proofread though it shouldn’t be super unreadable or anything.

Copying/pasting into the new Tumblr is a real hassle so if I lost some formatting I apologize. I’m sick of fighting with this stupid website.

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