he has the voice of an angel and i just

What instruments would Hamilton and his friends play?
  • <p> <b>Hamilton:</b> Drums. Loud. Obnoxious. If Jefferson tries to steal the spotlight he casually // throws his drumsticks as hard as he can at him //<p/><b>Laurens:</b> Ukulele, very soft and sweet with that angel voice of his. Hamilton always asks him to play for him in a so //t o t a l l y p l a t o n i c w a y//<p/><b>Mulligan:</b> Harmonica. He keeps it in his pocket at all times and plays it so beautifully people forget how big and tough he looks. He's just a big soft bean<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> He's too busy learning English, do you think he has time to learn an instrument? The answer is yes, he plays the flute<p/><b>Burr:</b> Violin. Elegant and soft, gentle in a way Burr has always tried to be. This is how he got Theodosia to fall for him.<p/><b>Washington:</b> Cello. He doesn't like to talk about it, but Hamilton often here's him softly playing at night after an extra stressful day<p/><b>Eliza:</b> Piano (*gross sobbing* she taught philip piano)<p/><b>Angelica:</b> Harp. She rarely gets to play, but when she does she will drop everything and she can play for hours. She played one at Eliza and Hamilton's wedding when they danced.<p/><b>Peggy:</b> Picollo. vv high pitched, vv trilling, vv bad ass,, vv anD PEgGY<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> Fiddle. Straight outta Virginia, a southern instrument, as well as it gives him the chance to constantly steal Hams spotlight<p/><b>Madison:</b> Acoustic guitar. Can be soft and soothing or loud and very country. Normally plays it very soft, and Jefferson will sit outside of his door and listen but doesn't tell him about it.<p/></p>

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Um???? Louis' voice is so???? Damn like I swear his voice has matured and just gotten better and better and like at first I wasn't even aware it was him until I heard that classic emotional inflection and I had to replay his part like 50 times. That little broken intake of breath at the end??? Iconic.

I KNOW PLS louis literally just sings five words and fucking exhales and yet he somehow puts 348938420 times more emotion into it than other artists manage when they’re really trying and it makes you feel things deep in your gut. ICONIC INCREDIBLE AMAZING ANGELIC PERFECT BEAUTIFUL - those are the words that come to mind from a single line sung by louis tomlinson. our little legend.

Types As People I Have Met
  • ENTJ: Wants to be a history professor, IS AMAZING AT HISTORY like she even beats mE sometimes and I'm the history queen. She can debate really well. I like her.
  • INTJ: Also wants to be a history professor (what is it with you NTJs?) and really egoistic and surprisingly shallow about relationships and...gross...but he's the smartest person I know. Like he wipes the floor with your brain if he doesn't like you.
  • ENFJ: Acts cute and feminine and has a soft voice until she wants to be loud and then EVERYONE IS SHOOk because she's a great speaker and is GORGEOUS. Great performer and she loves Hamilton!!
  • INFJ: Basically an agoraphobic but really, really insightful. Majored in psychology. May be a psychic. One of the absolute coolest people I know and is also my mom.
  • ENFP: Adores ENFJs and one of my best friends. Cries over web comics and fictional characters. Has big dreams and hardly ever sleeps.
  • INFP: Angel. Romantic, sweet, pure soul. Just wants to be loved and be happy. His own emotions torture him and it's so sad.
  • ENTP: Compulsive liar that makes really corny jokes, gym junkie, thinks he's the CEO of NASA. One of my best friends.
  • INTP: Sarcastic-ist person you will ever encounter. Always wears an orange hoodie and plays his DSi on the nearest park bench. Hates weebs but he is one. Super smart but is lazy so he gets bad grades.
  • ESTJ: Thinks his word is gospel. Salesman who knows how to toy with his words to get you to do anything (his Te-Ne is IMPECCABLE). Likes Star Wars and old western movies and AC/DC. Also my dad.
  • ISTJ: Loves other people's drama and has the coolest fashion style. Hates hugs and if you break a rule she breaks your nose. Fierce woman. She's awesome.
  • ESFJ: Wants to be a nun or a teacher or both. Pure human soul. Tries to be as plain as possible but she still is always so pretty because she's so nice. Nods fervently during lectures and tells people they're beautiful all the time.
  • ISFJ: Surrounded by STPs and yet still lonely. Best friend is an ENTP, me. Thinks I'm a genius. Wants to marry an ISTP. Staunch Catholic. Addicted to rules and moral codes. Super, super sweet.
  • ESFP: Always has friends over?? Like they must live in his backyard. Wants the spotlight on him all the time. Always gets lead roles in plays. Is a secret nerd who loves conspiracy theories.
  • ISFP: Weeb who has ISFPs as parents and an ISFP gf. Really pretty, as in she's a model. Always has a different color hair. Good morals and is religious. Hates fighting. My favorite cousin ;)
  • ESTP: Plays it off like he doesn't care; he actually cares. Never does his homework. Attached to his ISTJ girlfriend like she hung the moon. Really romantic. Makes bad jokes. Bad at sports but can't stay away from them.
  • ISTP: Wants to be a construction engineer. Low talker and a slow talker but has a really awesome style. Really smart. Math genius. Nice but can also be SAVAGE. Laid back. Twin brother is also an ISTP.

If you ever feel useless, just remember that Kirk Hammett has been doing back vocals for the past 36 years. Do you know what his singing voice sounds like? Neither do I. No one does.

I mean Salvador Sobral

THIS woke boy speaks over 4 languages fluently making it easy for Italian and Spanish press has a degree in psychology, uses his short exposure time to speak about Refugees, has an angelic voice, is all about simplicity, gives 0 shit about judgmental society and is just absolutely fucking adorable… if he doesn’t represent Eurovision I don’t know what does. Europe do ur fucking job and make him win. that’s with the fact that his equally amazing sister wrote a meaningful beautiful song that deserves all the attention in the world❤️

What she says: “I’m fine.”

What she means:
“Lee Seokmin is an actual treasure. He works so hard and you can tell he genuinely loves what he is doing and appreciates everyone who supports the group. He’s so humble. He gets upset when he thinks he could do better and he doesn’t realize just how damn talented he is. If you closed your eyes and listened to him sing you would swear that there was an actual angel singing. His voice is so incredible and the world is blessed that he shares his talent with it.

He is so funny and his smile is incredibly beautiful (not mention his handsome face. His nose is so kissable and his moles are so adorable). His laughter makes you want to laugh along with him and watching him makes your mood brighter.

He’s such a wonderful young man and he has such a happy personality but it makes me sad and a little worried sometimes because I just hope he’s taking some time for himself and not spending all his energy trying to make others happy. I hope he doesn’t put on a large smile and crack jokes when he is stressed and needs rest. I hope that his emotional needs are being taken care of as much as he tries to take care of everyone else’s. Above all else I hope he realizes just how much he is appreciated and how important he is. He is loved by many many people and if he ever feels down I hope he remembers how many people’s lives he shines in.”

From Enemies to Lovers. Pt:3

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Format: Text Post

Pt:1  Pt:2  Pt:3  Pt:4  Pt:5  Pt:6  Pt:7 Pt:8 Pt:9 Pt:10 Pt:11 Pt:12 Pt:13

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I don’t get it, why is he so mean to me? Why does he hate me so much? I should hate him for the way he is towards me, but I can’t help but… like him. There I said it, I like him and it sucks because I know for sure he doesn’t have those kinds of feelings for me. All the times that he’s rude towards me, it hurts. I can’t help but retaliate, but I’d never go as far as he would. It’s almost as if he doesn’t have a filter, he just says whatever comes to his mind. He doesn’t care if it hurts my feelings, he just says it. 

Why do I like him you ask? I’ve liked him for a long time now, he has this charm about him that I couldn’t help but fall for. He’s attractive, he’s talented and just perfect, minus the attitude. I’ve seen BTS’s concert and I swear when I saw him perform Awake, I cried like a baby. His voice is so soothing, so angelic and that high note he pulled, boy oh boy did that hit me. He’d never see me that way though and it sucks, but I’d like to be friends at least, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

I’m over at the dorm, bringing food along with me. All their favourites including Jin’s favourite fried chicken. The boys think that I bought it for myself but truth is I bought it for him. Not like that matters though since he’s not going to eat it. He just left the living room and went to his shared room with Yoongi. Not once coming out to play with us.

“Noona why doesn’t hyung like you?” Jungkook asked, whilst taking a bite of the pasta.

“I’d honestly like to know that myself.”

“Don’t you hate him too?” he carried on.

“Of course not, I just can’t help but retaliate sometimes because his attitude is so damn awful.” I say and Jungkook almost choked on his pasta laughing.

That’s when I hear footsteps marching into the living room, footsteps that stopped right in front of no one other than me.

“You think my attitudes awful? Are you deluded? I honestly don’t see how the guys are friends with you, you’re annoying, stupid and ugly as fuck. You’re not welcome here now get the fuck out.” Jin demanded with so much force in his voice, every single word he spat at me I felt as though were daggers hitting me. I looked up at him and his face held such a look that I didn’t think it was human to make such a face. The face filled with hatred and disgust. A tear fell from my eye and I quickly wiped it away. His outburst caused everyone to stop and stare, it was silent until I broke it.

“I’m sorry, see you guys I’m going to head home now.” I say grabbing my bag and rushed straight out the door, I ran down flights and flights of the stairs and didn’t stop running until I was far enough, where there were no people around, where I finally fell to my knees and cried.


Just Jin things

His laugh (he has the most healing laugh that I could listen to for 10 mins…actually I have done that) LONG LIVE THE WINDSHIELD LAUGH. *creek creek hiccup creek* (gifs are not mine)

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The way he blows hand kisses (YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS MAN ISN’T PURE AND THAT THIS DOESN’T KILL YOU) He makes army’s hearts go boom and I will always go boom for Jin.

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His angelic voice, ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND NEEDS MORE ATTENTION. AND HIS SONG WITH TAEHYUNG?! JIN YOU ARE GODLY. His solo song has to be one of my favorites on their Wings album. I even set it as my alarm.

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THE DAD JOKES, (Being an international fan is so hard oml). INTERNATIONAL FANS WE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND IT BUT IT’S STILL FUNNY ANYWAYS. Especially the one about the water cat…army we all know which one I’m talking about…

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HIS UNDENIABLE WAVE OF SELF CONFIDENCE, Oh come on, we love mr.worldwide handsome and he makes me feel more confident <3 Thank you JIN

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Just Namjoon Things

Just Yoongi Things

Just Hoseok Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Taehyung Things

Just Jungkook Things

Just Bts Things

Appreciation post for top 20 eliminated trainees

Kim Jonghyun
- Nation’s leader
- always looking out for others
- always takes the part with the least amount of lines because he has no greed
- leads legendary performances and helps other trainees improve
- amazing rapper (#1 rapper and was overall FIRST place TWICE)
- the most humble human being (he APOLOGISES for taking first place because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it)
-smiling despite being sad because he is still happy for OTHERS
- deserves all the absolute love and care in the world

Kim Samuel
- young but multi-talented, all rounded angel
- amazing choreographer (choreographed the entire song by HIMSELF)
- beautiful voice
- works extremely hard
- lost his chance to debut twice already
- Let’s not forget he is only 15 (internationally)
- deserves way better and more recognition with all my unconditional love

Yoo Seonho
- chick 🐥 baby trainee
- baby of the group that CONSTANTLY gives all his love and affection to all his hyungs
- works as hard
- supports his guanlin hyung 24/7
- extremely adorable and lovable
- has a beautiful voice
- deserves as much love and attention

Jung Sewoon
- has an ANGEL’S voice (an actual angel)
- guitar duo with jaehwan
- takes cares of others and is really responsible
- works extremely hard
- extreme cutie that tries his best at aegyo
- I will miss hearing his singing the most T.T

Just putting out some love for some of the eliminated trainees!! I will continue to support them and look forward to their debut/comebacks in the future
You have worked hard, fighting!🌻

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Just imagine Harry being concerned with your bruises from the night before when you both slept together. Saying to himself that he was too rough with you, but you try to tell him it was okay.

“Harry stop it, I’m fine.” you tell him for what seems like the hundredth time, but the pout and concern still won’t leave his face. With his brows furrowed he looks down where he gently holds your wrist, his fingers tracing the red marks.

“You did nothing wrong. I-”

“No, I shouldn’t have been so fu-.. What the hell?” Harry asks himself when he sees a light purple bruise on your hip. “I did this?” he asks you and you nod, ready to speak, but Harry has his words already dancing on his tongue.

“I’m so sorry, angel. Oh my god, let me make it up to yeh.” Harry starts to hastily get up on the bed, asking you to turn around for him. You don’t obey him, but you can already hear the coming tears in his voice, begging you to turn around.

He feels so bad. He can’t believe he did that to you. But the thing is, you asked him to. You asked him to choke you and tie you up. I guess Harry just doesn’t want to see the aftermath of good pain.

You get on your tummy and you can feel Harry settling himself on your back and pressing small kisses on your shoulders, running his hands down your arms.

“I’m so sorry.. can’t believe I did tha’ to yeh.” he mumbles against your skin as he travels his body down on you, and presses a few kisses on the red hand marks on your ass, making you hiss from the stinging sensation.

“Let me take care of yeh, angel.”

“Cas, it’s bad. She’s—She’s just dying in there and I can’t do anything to help her. We should’ve never let that bastard stay with her to protect her. What was I thinking?” Dean knew he was rambling. He had to air out what has been rattling around in his brain for the past few hours and he sure as hell couldn’t stand there and watch Claire like that. Cas needed to know.

“This guy has never seen a day out of the Queen’s castle and I left Claire in his hands? I don’t trust him; Sam doesn’t trust him, and I know you sure as hell wouldn’t even have let me leave Claire alone like that. And now…” He paused, his voice sharp as he stared out to the bleak night. “Now she might be gone for good and it’ll be my fault. Jody doesn’t even know where she is and I’ll have to tell her another child died because of us.

“She’s family, Cas. She’s part of our family, and she’s fighting like a Winchester to get cured of this. I know you and her aren’t actually related, but man does she remind me of you sometimes,” his tone is a little lighter now, remembering long lost memories of when the world wasn’t as chaotic as it is now. “She would have loved to see you, man. Hell, it’s been days since we’ve seen you, too, and I—“

“We’re sorry, but the voice message box has now been filled. Thank you for calling,” an automated voice cut Dean off, reality once again returning tenfold. It’s been that way for a while now, Dean calling Castiel’s voicemail and leaving a message that is too long. Of all times, now it decides to fill up just when this message was the most important.

Dean’s eyes sting. He knew the message was over, but the phone remained in attached to his ear. “and I need you right now. Claire needs you. Just… just be okay and come back to m—her.”

“Dean,” Sam’s voice came from the room. It didn’t sound good.

Dean placed his phone in his pocket and took a deep breath before returning to the room.

Meanwhile in Heaven, Castiel fights with every last angel to get back to Earth. His family needs him.

Voltron Music Headcanon AKA Lance and Shiro start a band

• so one day Team Voltron (finally) has a day to rest and Shiro and Lance are just sitting in the common room.

• Lance absentmindedly starts humming the beginning to a song (I personally imagine that it’s Floral and Fading by Peirce the Veil. I’m just putting that out there.)

• Shiro starts tapping along to it

• Lance starts singing the lyrics and it is BEAUTIFUL.

• Shiro’s heard Lance “sing” to annoy Keith (He chased Keith through the entire castle singing MCR horribly out of key in a Heavy Metal voice, it was as impressive as it was hilarious), but in reality, saying “Lance had the voice of an angel” is an insult to Lance. Holy quiznak, Lance can sing.


• They finish the song and Shiro pulls a General Shang being all like “You… You sing good.”

• Lance: Thanks, Shiro!


• Lance jokingly tells Shiro that they should start a band.

• Shiro seriously thinks starting a band is a great idea.

• Lance mentions the fact that the castle wouldn’t have any instruments to use.

• “Hey Coran, would the Olkari be able to make musical instruments?”

• “Of course!”

• Lance secretly makes Coran SWEAR not to tell Allura or Keith what they’re doing.

• Shiro and Lance ask Allura to make a wormhole to Olkarion. When questioned why, Lance bullshits a detailed “explanation” as to why Lance and Shiro need to be there.

• Allura buys the whole thing and Lance and Shiro are off to Olkarion.

• “Lance, why did you lie to the Princess?”

• “Dude, you can TOTALLY use this as a way to woo her into falling in love with you!”

• “With me? I thought YOU were the one who wanted to be with the Princess.”

• “I like her and everything, but I KNOW you have feelings for her, so I’m gonna help you lock it up, dude! Bros before Hoes, right?” (In truth, Lance wants to woo Keith instead because he’s been pining for him for a while. Everybody but Keith and Shiro are aware of this.)

• “Whoa, don’t call her a hoe!”

• “Case in point!”

• They get to Olkarion and they describe the equipment they’ll need, along with additional instruments they want to have just in case (drumset, guitar, bass, mics, amps, etc.) as best as they can.

• Lance is surprisingly eloquent with the descriptions. The instruments the Olkari make are better than anything found on Earth. Lance tells the Gibson guitar company to eat their fucking hearts out

• Hunk and Pidge HAPPEN to be in the hangar when they return.

• Shiro freezes as the Green and Yellow Paladins spot him walking out of his lion with a fucking bass drum in his hands

• “Don’t tell Allura.” says Shiro looking like a deer in the lights of an oncoming bus

• “…Or Keith” adds Lance sharing the same expression as the Black Paladin

• Pidge and Hunk look at each other for a moment. “Why not?” Asks Pidge.

• Lance tells them the plan of forming a band to win the affections of Keith and Allura.

• “How about we join the band and help you?” Says Hunk.

• “Deal” says Lance and Shiro in unison.

• Pidge finds a completely soundproof room in the castle and watches the security cams so they won’t get noticed by Allura. (Keith spends all his time in the training room, so he won’t be a problem)

• They successfully metal gear solid all the equipment to the room without getting caught by Allura. They spend an hour in the room rehearsing.

• Lance is on Lead Guitar and Vocals (Lance’s guitar solos are what dreams are made of.)

• Hunk is on Bass and backup vocals (okay, listen to a song with vocals only and tell me the bass guitar isn’t important you fricks.)

•side note: they also sing lead vocals for Paramore songs, which they are surprisingly good at.

• Shiro is on drums. (Shiro sweats a lot when he plays, so he doesn’t wear a shirt. He also does that thing where he twirls one of the drumsticks while he plays with one hand. Because of course he can. Space Dad can do anything.)

• Coran calls Allura and Keith to the common room

• They start playing Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low the moment Keith and Allura walk through the door.

• During the verses of the song, Lance gets up close and personal with Keith as he sings, hitting him with the smolder™ (he brings his fucking A-GAME. Puffed up chest, confident grin, the occasional hair flip, and “fuck me” eyes that gave a whole new meaning to “if looks could kill”.)

• Homosexuality, thy name is Keith.

• Shiro decides to wink at Allura, as well as mouth the words “dear Allura, count me in” during the chorus.

• rip allura

• once the song is over, Allura compliments Shiro and caNNOT STOP STARING AT HIS CHEST. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she really enjoyed it and that they should do this more often. (Obviously, she doesn’t know that that sounds really sexual. OR DOES SHE?)

• rip shiro

• the space parents become a flustered, giggly mess. Shiro pulls her into a passionate kiss. Not only that but Allura is also pulled into his sweaty rock hard chest.

• rip allura part 2: electric boogaloo

• Keith starts violently making out with Lance, and they do that thing where they walk and make out at the same time until they get to the hangar, where Keith (who’s still getting all icky-sticky with Lance) knocks on red’s foot so she’ll open up.

• they “have a bonding moment” in the cockpit.

• Red is… Surprisingly okay with this development.

• they do the walk of shame™ back to the common room

• Lance [internally]: I have no shame. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

• when they return to the common room, everyone is applauding them. Because red and blue finally made purple. They finally did the mambo with their clothes off. They finally did the bedroom rodeo. They finally did whatever fucking euphemism for sex Pidge could think of.

• Hunk bakes Keith and Lance a “congrats on the sex” cake the very next day.

• this becomes a common occurrence within the castle (the performances, not the sex. Okay, also the sex. You get the point.)

Ah great Hush is sayin stupid shit again

I keep thinking about Black Hat in a AU where he has a twin brother named White Hat, and that White Hat makes products for Heroes out of angelic and goddess shit (and fuckin holy water to spray at Black Hat just to piss him off), and has a voice as soft as silk. And OF FUCKIN COURSE he tries to pursue Dr.Flug into joining his cooperation, but Black Hat goes pissy and is like “DON’T TOUCH MA BITCH” and White Hat, being the calm and collected type, would be like “Tsk tsk brother, if you only treated this poor soul with more respect, I might of not have given him the offer. Then yet again, he’s kinda cute~ If I was to ever sin in my life, I would steal you, Dr.Cutie~~”
And motherfuckin Black Hat would be trippin balls cause Dr.Flug is able to talk to White Hat freely with no fear (plus laughing and having a grand o’ time), and Black Hat starts getting jealous of there close bonding.

But at the end tho, Dr.Flug says he would rather stay with Black Hat, cause he cares about him- a lil too much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

(Plus plus, Dementia would become SUPER PISSED at Flug cause apparently all the people in the Hat’s family wants dat anxious ass)

Just got home from my Tveit concert and lemme tell you I am Shook™. That boy made direct eye contact with everyone in that audience. You felt like he was singing directly to you and it was amazing bc he has the voice of an angel and I hate him so much. I went in with v high expectations and he smashed them completely. He came out and of course he was a giant dweeb and did some weird grandpa dances and said things like “may I get a baritone” and omg at one point he almost tripped over a speaker that was on stage. But yeah it was so incredible and not to sound dramatic but I’m pretty sure he saw my Aaron Tveit shirt and also we made eye contact multiple times and I just want to kick his ass. He was spectacular and such a loser he really made you feel like you were a part of the show it was amazing.

exo-m as dads

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- honestly the softest bean

- would always make them food and feed them even when they say they can already do that themselves

- soccer evenings tbh

- he would also play soccer with them all the damn time

- probably jumps around like a quirky fluff ball when his child says “dad” for the first time

- lu would make stupid faces to make his children laugh

- takes a picture of every damn shit…even their first poo bc he is just THAT sort of proud

- would teach his children all sorts of language he knows

- will deny that he ever had a song named lu when they ask

- would only let sehun or minseok babysit his children

- pinches their cheeks and always say how soft and cute they are

- will probably still look younger than his children (does he even age??)

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- let’s all be real, this is minseok. he’d probably get the best dad award before his child is even born

- most likely to pain the entire children’s bed room by himself and even more likely that the color will be the same as his hair

- piggy back rides…AND A DAMN LOT OF THEM

- will cook for them and tries his best to make it healthy but still tasty (and ofc succeeds bc this is kim minseok we are talking about)

- when the kid gets injured he’d give a kiss on the band aid (which has depending if its a girl or a boy either bunnies or dinosaurs)

- would teach his kids how to ride a bike and make a video of it

- his children are probably going to get a nobel peace prize bc he raised them just THAT well

- would play tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny and whatever fairytale for them

- once they hit puberty he’d be the cool dad and all. would allow them more stuff, but not too much

- would buy them what they want, but will try hard to not spoil them 

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- father to the next generation of super musicians and actors

- is probably trying too hard to be a good father

- often busy, but would call and facetime all the time

- most likely to have his children in the same kindergarten, elementary and high school as baekhyun’s

- would always tell his children how beautiful they are

- always proud. literally. child fails a subject? no problem, he’d say they’ll do better on the next test

- very likely to have more photos of his children in his purse than cash

- would drive his children anyway and sing during the drive 

- would believe his children over anyone

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- the type of dad to scare his kid’s friends away at first, but then turns out to be the softest potato in the kettle

- kids will speak english, chinese and korean before they entre kindergarten. safe call

- suho is the mom. fite me

- would be a rather chill father tbh

- when suho flips his shit about his children failing a subject or getting drunk kris is like “hey, we used to be children, too. and we were wild”

- first present is most likely a telescope so they can watch the galaxy

- burned toast for breakfast basically

- everyday is selca day

- philosophical quotes in the birthday cards bc why not

- would prolly communicate with emojis 

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- oh god this is going to be a ride

- too swag to change diapers he says, but he’d do it still

- tries hard not to cry, squeal or lose his shit when his child does something utterly cute

- death glare @ everyone who wanna mess with his children

- never ending competition on whose baby is better with sehun

- “My kid can already count.”

- “Well, my kid already knows the principle of pythagoras”

- designer diapers provided by gucci much

- gucci barbie dresses

- gucci toothbrush

- gucci everything

- probably the kid’s middle name is gucci

- kids will prolly get into martial arts

- a lot of dog x baby pics on his instagram

- disgusted faces at poop and puke but would judge everyone who’d say “ew” and look at them like “dat ew is my child u wanna fite?”

- if he doesn’t get gucci stuff at father’s day he is gonna be one sulky individual

- at first he would be very much confused and would call luhan to help him bc he clearly doesn’t know what to do to calm a baby down

- when the child hits puberty he would involuntarily witness that there exist more salty people than him and would cry and then ground them

- the only one cooler than him has to be his child ok

- random nicknames given that he’ll forget the following day tbh

- has no chill when his child causes trouble, prolly turns into a drill sergeant when he is pissed 

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- what do you expect, he is a beagle

- prolly pouts when the child gets more attention than him

- the kid is likely to be more mature than him

- 5000 watt smile children

- excited over everything

- clingiest dad alive

- “dad, it’s just a sleepover…”

- “i know, perfect for father-son time!”

- his, bbh’s and pcy’s child would definitely become the new chaos trio

- angelic voice much

- would lose his child in the ice cream parlor 

- and then piss his pants bc wow he really managed to lose his child

- turns out child makes a public announcement in the mall

- “hey, i lost my clumsy dad, pls return… or no, just keep him.”

Lie about love - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Lie about love

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Castiel x Reader (slight, not really)

Warnings: Possessed Reader

Prompt: Reader gets possessed and tells Dean lies about reader&cas just to hurt him, but then cas comes and exorcises the demon and Dean thinks that what the demon said was true (bc of huggin etc) but then time skip reader tells the truth about her feelings?

“Do you think she’d ever have feelings for you? Dean Winchester?” she scoffed, spite in her voice but Dean couldn’t bring himself entirely to hate it because it was your face, it was your voice, it was your eyes- your everything that he actually loved. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong an face the monster because he was actually facing the woman he loved more than anything. She laughed. But it was not the same laugh that would usually make his heart skip a beat because unfortunately it was no longer you that laughed.

“Like hell” she scoffed “She’d rather kill herself than fall for you, much less get any closer as far as a relationship is concerned.” she said in a hiss “You’re one big damn flaw, Dean. Broken, in every possible way. You are a mess, a man with daddy issues, womanizer and an alcoholic. What would she ever want to do with you?” she scoffed and Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat.

He fought so hard to not let it show how much your words were getting to him.Because he knew it wasn’t yours words exactly it was her words because she was the one speaking. But in the very end she was inside you, she could see all of your thoughts and feelings. How could Dean be sure she was only lying to him?

“Shut up.” Dean growled, his hands not even flexing to throw the holly water at you like he would do with any other demon. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you not even when it wasn’t actually you.

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Bathroom Phone Call

12x11 coda

They were in the bathroom, Sam labelling various objects as Dean ran through things he thought he ought to remember. His mind touched on one in particular, something that stood out as important.

Clearing his throat, Dean tried to sound nonchalant as he asked, “So, uh.  Do you know who Cas is?”

Sam looked even more sad, so Dean hastily added, “He sounds important.”

“Right. Uh. Well,” Sam was clearly trying to think of how to explain it, “Do you know what angels are?”

“Dicks,”  Dean answered with ease.

“Yeah. Except, one of them isn’t. His name is Castiel and you two are…close.”

“Like friends?” Dean asked.

“Like brothers,” Sam corrected him, “Or…” he paused and Dean can see he’s trying to decide whether or not to speak, “More than brothers.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Is he my boyfriend?”

“It’s…complicated,” Sam says reluctantly, “Cas is awesome, he always comes when you call. Saved our asses more times than I can count.”

“So he loves me,” Dean made the logical conclusion. Sam stared at him, pad of paper and pen forgotten in his hands, clearly trying to come up with some sort of diplomatic retort. His mouth opened and closed for a moment before Sam finally replied.

“Yes,” Sam said softly, “I think he does.”

“And I love him back?”

Sam smiles sadly. “Yes.”

Dean pondered this point. “I wanna call him.”

“Dean, he can’t help. I’ve already asked.”

“Yeah, but…” Dean sighed in frustration, “You said I’m gonna forget, right? And…and something else bad…”

Die. Yeah, Sam didn’t want to think about that. “So?”

“So, don’t you tell people you love goodbye?”

Don’t say that,” Sam shouted. He backed off at the look of pure sorrow and confusion in Dean’s eyes. Dean didn’t really understand what was happening, but he looked so heartbroken at the prospect of not being able to talk to Cas…Sam could explain it later. To Cas. What had happened. But for now…

Sam tugged the phone out of his pocket and dialed Castiel’s number. “Don’t leave the bathroom,” he ordered Dean, handing him the phone. Dean nodded solemnly. Sam took that as his cue to leave, not wanting to listen in to a private conversation.

Still, the motel’s walls were paper thin and Sam, despite trying to label other things in the bedroom, could hear the whole conversation.

“Hello, is this Cas?”

Dean, Sam told me what happened, are you okay?

“Woah. You have a deep voice,” Dean chuckled nervously and began to mimic it, “Sexy voice. Real sexy voice.”

Oh, Dean. I’m so sorry. The pain is evident in Cas’ voice.

“Sorry for what? Sam told me everything ‘bout you.”

You must be furious. Of course Cas would assume Sam had replayed his worst moments. Castiel wasn’t one to handle guilt well.

“Furious? For bein’ in love with a badass angel? ’m just a human, but a kickass angel with a sexy voice is 'n love with me!”

Oh, Dean.

Dean’s voice wobbled. “Wait, do you not–”

I do, Dean. I love you more than anything. And it hurts so badly knowing I cannot help you.

“It’s okay! I have a kickass brother named S…Sam! And he’s gonna save me!”

I’m sure he will. Sam has always been capable.

“So I’ll see you soon?”

Of course. I love you Dean. Cas must know Dean will likely forget all of this. Sam wondered if the thought made it better or worse.

“I love you too, Cast…Cas.”

BTS react to their idol gf being in a very large girl group with sub-units

Requested by @xyourpinksky:

Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a very large girl group with sub-units like exo or seventeen for example?

A/N: Hi sorry this took so long!! I’ve been quite busy with assessments and what not, but hope you like this! x Remember requests are open


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin would instantly learn all the members names and pay close attention to your sub unit in particular. He would get all excited when he sees you in the mvs with all the screentime you’re getting unlike him. He’d be quite proud that you’ve made it. 

“Do you see her? Isn’t she pretty? That’s my girlfriend”


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Secretly your biggest fan. Yoongi would tell you that he is a fan obviously but he wouldn’t tell you that he’s obsessed and loves your group A LOT. He’d be quite supportive of you constantly telling you how proud he is of you. And he may or may not want to collab with you ;)

“Babe we should collab, we would be the ultimate rap duo”

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