he has the umbrella

nursey being a good boyfriend looks like: sprinting across campus with a pair of protective goggles in his hands because dex forgot he had chem lab today, standing outside a lecture hall at 9pm because dex had a test at 8pm and he didn’t want him to have to walk home alone, a thread of texts between nursey and dex’s brother coordinating what they’re getting dex for his birthday, packing a bag of two sandwiches, two gatorades, and two bananas for the bus because dex always forgets to bring bus snacks for himself

dex being a good boyfriend looks like: a well-stocked first aid kit in the side pocket of his hockey bag (and his book bag) in case nursey wipes out, checking the weather app before nursey leaves for class to make sure he has enough layers on and snow boots or an umbrella if he needs it, an alarm on his phone set for 7am bc he doesn’t have class until 9:30 but sometimes nursey sleeps through his alarm for his 8am, cans of diet pepsi in his mini-fridge even though he’s a coke guy bc nursey loves pepsi


Takeru jumped from Haikyuu rehearsals to pop into rehearsals THE CONVOY show and spent some time chatting with their choreographers and staff.  Takeru’s not very good with rain, and he hates having one hand always immobilized by the umbrella.  

“I guess it’s not that I hate rain.  I’m just bad with umbrellas.”



there he is

probably a lot plainer than other people’s but heres my taako, i lovb him

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today (June 21st) is the official start of Summer, in the Northern Hemisphere at least!  To celebrate, here is Debo Vacance from 2013′s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger!

He is the monster of Summer Vacation and his entire plan was to never let Summer end so everyone would be on eternal vacation, including our heroes!  It almost worked!

So, enjoy your Summer!  Stay Cool if you can and have fun!  

Oh and here is his initial character design!

I find it really fun that his eye-stalks are palm trees, there is a tiny sun umbrella in the middle of his head, he has ice cream ending in a cone for one arm and beach ball, coconut (with a twisty straw coming out of it) and a lobster claw for the other and his legs are made of water with fish in it ending with coral for his feet!  The toppers though are the life preserver around his waist and the surfboards for shoulder armor! He is the embodiment of Summer fun!

its time to talk about overwatch beach day

so i know this has been talked about but like. i had some stupid ideas.

-Reinhardt definitely wears a speedo. he doesn’t give a shit. 

-Genji wears a shirt to the beach, and no one knows why. He says he’s embarrassed about showing his chest but ?????? he has no pants. also he never wears clothes?

-Reaper is the same except booty shorts.

-76 is dressed like a dad. Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, and a visor. 

-Zarya finds a bathing suit that shows off ALL of her muscles.

-Mei wears those adorable 50s esque two pieces that are all frilly and polka dotted.

-McCree wears like normal swimming shorts but he still wears his hats and cowboy boots. it’s so stupid. 

-Ana wears a bikini because she’s got a hot mom bod and WILL show it off.

-Pharah can’t swim. She wears water wings with no shame, she’s got the inner tube and everything. 

-Tracer can’t go into the water because of her chronal accelerator, so she makes up for it with super adorable bikini’s. She gets sunburned hardcore. goggles tan.

-Widowmaker won’t go into the water, she just tans even though her skin won’t change. 

-Zenyatta just floats over the water. he’s having he time of his life. 

-Hanzo just sits in the shade, he doesn’t like to swim. but he’ll finally reveal his elusive second tiddy. He wears shorts but no shirt. lots and lots of sunscreen.

-Symmetra makes the most beautiful, intricate and amazing sandcastles. 

-Junkrat is the asshole who kicks them but then feels bad later and helps her make a new one.

-Roadhog floats on his back. all day. when he comes out, he’s clean, so he makes sure to roll around in the sand so has another reason to go back into the water. even though he still has his mask, he wears little goggles over top of the mask.

-D.va has a water gun, and she won’t stop spraying everything. Hanzo yells at her a lot because he doesn’t want to get wet but she doesn’t give a shit. She also has a super cute bikini with her logo on it, because why wouldn’t she?

-Mercy is the beach mom. She brings the snacks and 5 bottles of sunscreen. She also brought 3 giant umbrellas. She wears one of those comically large floppy sunhats, and have a very cute one piece bathing suit. 

-Torbjorn competes with Symmetra to make better sandcastles. It’s not a direct competition, but he just tries to one-up her the whole time. 

-Lucio obviously supplies the music, bringing a boombox to listen to his own music. He joins D.va with the water gun shenanigans. 

-Winston floats in the water with Roadhog. he has tiny goggles.

-Bastion can’t go in the water, so he sits under the umbrellas. He has a little sunhat that Mercy got for him and he loves it. He beeps along to the music, and beeps happily all day.

“See, if I do this, the umbrella won’t get dirty!”

“Woah! That’s so cool! But why use an umbrella when you can just use your powers?”

pjo aesthetics · percy jackson, son of poseidon

marine veterinarian and animal rescuer 🐬🐳🐙🐠🌊

as soon as percy started working with the team, the water was always a little clearer, the patients were always a little calmer, and the number of animals saved grew a little higher

this is an idea i had a while back and tbh i think it fits percy perfectly as far as career choices go

p.s. today’s world oceans day and no one told percy???

hey!! so a lot of you were asking about the day and night universe and how stuff works there and i tried to think of something less half-assed and seriously thought this through. and i would like to warn you if you were expecting some kind of science related explanation or something cries i deeply apologize

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“…and before he finishes his [Edward’s] thought, Taako, your umbrella has turned inside out and it’s pointing in Edward’s direction… your umbrastaff rears up in your… hand and eats Edward whole… And Edward is pulled into the mouth of the umbrastaff and disappears into it. But he doesn’t go down quite as smooth as the wands and staves that the umbrastaff has consumed in the past. It feels actually like he’s getting tossed around inside of there, like he’s banging against the walls of the umbrastaff and it actually goes flying out of your [Taako’s] unconscious hand like really quickly and it is just bouncing around on the floor as he gets tossed around inside of it. And after about ten seconds or so the umbrastaff turns inside out again and shoots him out. And he slides about eight feed down the runway and disintegrates into ash.” [The Adventure Zone episode 57, (The Suffering Game chapter 7)]

“…and she [Lup] felt your [Taako’s] pain in Wonderland. And she seethed in that black curtained place and we can see her there now, she’s just anxiously pacing, tearing at the walls, trying to find some way to break out to save you from this torment. But still, she can’t find any relief. And then she hears a fight outside and moments later she has company. The liche, Edward, drops into the chamber and scrambles to his knees. And he says, “Who are you? What is this place?” And Lup says, “Are you the one who’s been hurting my brother out there?” And Edward says, “Am I…? Where are we?” And Lup grits her teeth and says, “I’m going to fucking kill you now.”“ [The Adventure Zone episode 67, (Of Story and Song-Finale Part 1)]

Cat Tendencies (Adrien)

Jumping onto the band wagon of ladybug and cat tendencies for our favourite duo, I’ve had this head canon for a while and it wouldn’t leave my head 

- Outside of his transformation Adrian has more toned down cat tendencies (but they’re still there)

- So imagine Adrien has the moodiness of a cat or the blatant favouritism cats have for certain individuals

- Like he just rocks up to school and immediately is clinging to Marinette

- We’ll say it’s raining and he got soaked coming into class (cause Marinette still has his umbrella)

- So he’s cold and tired and oh my god there, right there is my favourite person and Marinette pay attention to me I’m hugging you why aren’t you scratching me

- Again, cats are moody by nature so on a separate occasion he’s at Marinette’s house (whether as Adrien or Chat) and Marinette’s designing stuff and Adrien/Chat is there just sitting near her with Marinette playing with his hair and he’s a verifiable puddle of goo

- And then he just flips and bats her hand away hissing and huddling off into a corner or equally closed off space

- Marinette’s just sitting there wondering what the fuck just happened, about 5 minutes later Adrien/Chat is back and wanting pats again

- Poor Marinette is so confused just…what the hell

everyone should closet cosplay taako right now

so I don’t even Adventure Zone because I have sensory issues that mean I can’t listen to podcasts or really watch long youtube videos but I’m seeing this stuff going around tumblr and I’m like 

1. all taakos are valid


2. everyone is taako

i don’t really know what makes a taako mind you? he’s an elf i think? he has a nice hat? he likes fancy things? he has an umbrella sometimes? but anyway i figure that regardless of your gender, ethnicity, body type/size, you should cosplay taako. get your best fanciest hat out of your closet and uhhh whatever else makes a taako and cosplay that guy 

BTS reaction to you being afraid while walking in a coming storm

requested by anon


With Jin you wouldn’t even have to worry about it. He always has an umbrella on him and he would put his arm around you so you would feel safe and warm.

“Hey, it’s okay, love. Hold onto me and we’ll be back home sooner than you think.”

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Yoongi would give you his ear buds and mobile so you can listen to music rather than the thunder. He would hold you until it’s clear outside again and then take you home.

(Being the little shit that he is he would probably turn on Agust D and wiggle his eyebrows to make you laugh.)

“See that wasn’t too bad. Just stay close to me, I’ll protect you.”

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I feel like Namjoon would get flustered when you would cry all of the sudden so he would just throw you over his shoulder and run home. At home he would hug you until you feel better.

“There, there baby. It’s alright now.”

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I feel like Hobi doesn’t like storms either. So the two of you would just hold tight onto each other and start running for the nearest coffee shop.


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Jimin would find shelter and hold both your hands in the front pocket of his sweater while whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

“Look, the storm has almost passed. It’s alright, I’ll hold you until it’s over.”

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*whispering* look at this human sized marshmallow


Tae would grab your hand and start running while laughing loudly.


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Kookie would try to cheer you up by yelling at the sky until you feel better.

“Don’t worry babe, Zeus ain’t got nothing on me!”

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Ripples - Part 3

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Warnings: Angst. Broken Bucky. Conflicted Steve and Reader….I promise things can only look up from here

A/N: This is angsty af….not going to lie all I want to do is hug Mr. Barnes after writing this drabble. Punch him in the face then hug him lol

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Bucky’s POV

Time was irrelevant. It stood still as I sat on the roof of the tower, my legs hanging over the ledge as the rain pelted down on my body. I hadn’t known how long I had been sitting there, or when it had started raining, buts its Sam’s voice that causes me to shift my eyes from the forest horizon and onto him.

He has an umbrella as he walks toward me, a light jacket in tow that he beside me, taking a seat to my right. I look down at the jacket, then at him and he shrugs.

“Y/N,” her name bites at me, like when trying to pull a bullet out of a wound and my arms tense. Sam notices this and gives a slow sigh.

“She…she asked me to bring this out to you. Said you’d catch a cold if I didn’t.”

I don’t want to slip on the jacket but I do. It smells like her, the perfume mingling with the rain and the tears are sliding down my face again. Hot stains that leave me cold inside.

“She’s been working by the roof door all morning. Said she’s worried about you. Wants to talk to you -  clear things up. She’s made me wear my suit just in case you….did something brash. Told her not to worry about that. You know I can’t carry your heavy ass.” he gives a low chuckle but there’s a hint of worry and I turn to him, noticing his flight suit underneath his jacket.

When she did things like this, went out of her way to take care of me and make sure that others did the same, when she did that I remembered why I had fallen for her. When I got to the Tower the only people who spoke to me, really took the time to talk, was Steve and Sam. Everyone else would chat with me for a comfortable amount of time before my silence got to them and they would keep their distance thinking I needed the space.

When Tony hired Y/N, that had all changed. She took her time getting to know everybody but she especially made time for me. She would spend her lunch talking to me - even when i spent months pushing  her away. And why wouldn’t I? She was charismatic and intelligent - beautiful and wise. She deserved better than a broken man who didn’t know his past.

After missions she was the one who always asked how it went for me. No one else - didn’t matter who was injured. She always made it about me.  When I broke my leg a year ago, she was the one dropping off my meals and keeping me company to pass the long hours of being in my head. Going with me to doctors appointments. Helping to heal. Sometimes we would sit in silence, staying in our minds while we did endless tasks. Slowly but surely, she got me to open up to her. She got me to laugh and talk about the old days - another time. She would sometimes speak of her childhood, a glimmer of something happy flickering in those bright of hers.

I got acquainted to her. Got use to her running her hands mindlessly through my hair when Tony and Wanda bullied us into movie nights, my head resting in her lap while she watched some stupid film that Steven and I were supposed to learn about. Got used to her voice when I would wake up from my nightmares, calling her in fear. Only that sweet voice could scare the demons away, her kind words soothing me back to sleep. Got used to the way she started watching me the same way I had always watched her. Those gentle eyes looking at me glazed over with lust, her eyes flicking down to my lips before her tongue licked over her own. Her touches, light yet lingering as she hugged me or sat next to me idly.

In love. I thought that we were both in love.

And then Steve came alone. Perfect Steve.

Why wouldn’t she marry him? He was what every woman wanted. And I was broken.

“And her husband?” I spit out the last part and Sam places a careful hand on my right shoulder.

“Steve’s been worried to but I think he’s….he’s trying to figure out his feelings with her too you know? Think he might like her a whole lot then he’s letting on. Probably wants to stay married because it’s the right thing to do…”

I hadn’t realized my hand was knotted in a fist until it slams down on the concrete ledge, startling Sam. His hands instinctively go for his gun before he realizes that I’m trying to calm down, my eyes closed as I take deep breaths. He sighs and shakes his head.

“This is a mess man. I can’t even imagine - listen I know you and Y/N were just two awkward flirty encounters away from telling each other how you felt.”

“Why does everyone know that.” I mumble louder than planned and Sam laughs, uninhibited and full of amusement. A Sam laugh. A laugh that for a millisecond makes me forget how much pain I’m in.

“Dude, you both are not slick. You basically turn into a pool of puddy when she’s around. And god forbid if she talks to you. She could make you her sex slave if she ever wanted to.”

I chuckle, leaning my head down and I’m flooded with memories of her again. Thinking about how she would comfort me right now, how her hand would unconsciously lift to my left arm - not the metal part. She always liked to caress the part where she knows metal meets skin, her small hands tracing over the scarred tissue  as she listened patiently. She’d coax me to lie on my back, my head in her lap as I looked up to her, telling her all the things that had triggered my mood. She’d only rake her hands in my hair after I told her all, reminding me about all the reasons why I was a good person. That a person’s past sins didn’t dictate the person they were today. How we defined that by how we learned from those actions.

And she knows that I’m a good person.

She always bit her lip when she told me that, her eyes far away and I wondered what she hid from the world, perhaps even to herself. But when she looked back down at me, her lips tugged between her teeth before she smiled at me, I knew it wasn’t for me to ask. She would tell me when she was ready. Instead I would preoccupy my mind thinking about how i thought her kisses would taste.  How her body would feel against mine. How it would be nice to have her in my arms as she worked, pen in her mouth as she review the endless amount of files Tony had her managing. Kissing her forehead and telling her how much I loved her. How I belonged only to her.

A future I imagined.  Gone, just like that.

Sam clears his throat, bringing me back to the present.

“You know Y/N can be pretty cold and distant but she’s a softie for you. And not in the way she empathizes with Bruce. There’s always been something else with you. Mention your name and her lips tug into an involuntary smile…..”

Sam hesitates before he says the next part, allowing me the pleasure of his observation for only a fraction of a second.

“But she’s also always been overprotective of Steve. I….I get why she’d drunkenly marry him.”

When I turn to Sam he’s raising his hands in defense, shaking his head.

“Listen man, I know you probably don’t want to hear that. But Steve always had a small crush on her, I just don’t think he knew it. Sharon did. That’s why she broke up with him - the real reason she did. Tired of him giving Y/N those love sick eyes when she walked into a room. And Y/N respects Steve. Admires him….. You guys…..aww shit, I’m just going to say this once but you both kinda balance who she is - you and Steve. Steve represents the person she’s trying to be - the person she’s chosen to turn into since leaving god knows what evil organization. You represent the person she was…probably the true person that she is.”

I nod, my jaw clenching as I look back at the forest.

“What you’re saying is -  she was going to end up with Steve because he’s the better man.”

“What? No!” Sam says, then stands up.

“Listen man, I think you and her fit better together. She may try to be clean like Steve but it’s not her. She’s like you. She’s troubled. But she’s also pretty damn amazing. A good woman. A woman whose history may be bathed in blood but soul is clean as a whistle. A person who is better than Steve because they’ve survived that type of darkness. That’s why you both fit perfectly. You  both know you can’t ever come back from unseeing and unknowing what you know. ”

He slaps my shoulders but the fresh wave of pain has set in. I thought I’d be good enough for her. She made it seem like I was. As if knowing my thoughts Sam mutters,

“You’re a good guy James. Don’t think you’re not good enough for her. Just…go and talk her.” he turns, walking back to toward the roof door, hesitating before touching the handle.

“….Just don’t tell anyone I gave you a compliment. I got a reputation to maintain.”

I smirk as he leaves as quietly as he came.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s right.

I finally move from outside when I realize that the wind  has picked up and despite the jacket Sam left, I was getting chilled to my bones. I walk into the dim hallway, not surprised to see Y/N’s laptop but curious to where she had gotten off to. I debate leaving it and just hiding out in my room but I know that if know one see’s me, which I could make happen, Y/N would park out here all night.

I couldn’t do that to her.

I grab the laptop and make my way to my room, jumping on the elevator and going down to my floor. It was on the 7th level of the large complex and one of the more isolated floors. There were three bedrooms that belonged to Sam, Steve and I. An office that Tony had converted for Y/N because she liked the peace to get work done - the three of us were pretty quiet. 

I knew the real reason was that it also hosted a large patio deck and she liked the view of the forest. And having quick access to an exit if necessary.

Subconsciously always thinking like a killer. A trait we both tried to disguise.

It was also the main reason why Y/N and I had become friends. Couldn’t avoid her beautiful face when it was one of the first things you walked out to.

I had almost made it to my room when I heard whispering and for a second I think Sam has left his TV on again.   But inching closer to Steve’s room I recognize his dark voice tangled in her soft one. I know I should turn and walk away.

Something pulls me closer.

I walk to the entrance of the door, barely peaking through the cracked space. Not wanting to be known.

Y/N was standing against Steve’s dresser, her arms crossed over her chest. She had changed into capri leggings and a large workout tank top that fell over her body, her chest catching the large fabric and folding against it. The sports bra she wore looked like something Natasha wore and my guess was she borrowed her clothes.

She looked damn good.

Steve had changed into sweatpants and a fitted work out shirt, his hands in his hair.

“Would it really be that crazy Y/N? We did get married.”

She gives a sigh before biting her lip.

“Steve….you literally just got out of a relationship. We got married drunk on Asgardian Ale. I can’t validate staying married when I don’t even know how I feel about you. How you truly feel about me. That’s not even factoring my feelings for…you know no. And don’t say you care because you’re as noble as the energy that lights up a most of New York.”

Steve is silent before saying

“I know that…listen I know that the circumstances aren’t the best. But….I couldn’t forgive myself if I never told you.”

Her eyes furrow together as she places her hands on his dresser.

“Tell me what Steve?”

He gets up from where he was sitting, walking toward her. His eyes betraying something else that Y/N didn’t see. Then he shakes his head.

“Nothing I just - I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a divorce knowing I didn’t try to work on this. Despite the circumstances wouldn’t it be remissed if we didn’t give this a shot”

Of course he was trying to convince her to stay married. Of course he wouldn’t tell her how he felt about her. 

That would just not be the Steve Rogers way. 

Despite my frustration with him, I can’t help but smile. Only one guy like Steve. 

“Steve…” she starts but he steps closer to her, cutting off the space between them.

“I’m not saying that you should drop everything for me. I know I should just pretend that this marriage thing never happened and let you and Bucky figure things out. But Y/N don’t tell me you haven’t felt this feeling between us before.”

She bites her lip and his hand caresses against her cheek.

I know the spark he’s referencing. I had noticed it before, before I admitted to Steve how much I truly cared about her. Before I even admitted it to myself. I had warned him that he had feelings for her and he always shook it off with a light laugh,

“A lady like that Bucky, a lady like that needs a man like you. Not me. Besides , I’m with Sharon.”

So much for that.

“You want us to have some weird sister wives situation? But like brother husbands…” she bursts into laughter but the reference is lost on both of us.

“Whats a sister wife? Or a brother husband?” Steve asks confused and she laughs harder, shaking her head in his hand.

“Don’t ever worry about it Steve. Its this stupid thing that bored people in Utah have created and now market out to the public via television”

Steve’s face is still complex but the smile tugging on his face reassures her. Better to go in now, when the tension was less thick and leave.

I round the corner, expecting to find them still standing there laughing and shaking their heads. Instead, Steve bends down to kiss her. It catches her off guard. I can tell by the way her limbs instantly tense up, the hard muscles pulling against the soft skin. Her eyes are wide open before the close, her hands rising up to his shoulders.

I take a small swallow, feeling my throat constrict with the motion.  I should walk away. Her hands run down his chest and she pushes away slowly, shaking her head.

“….. Steve, please don’t make me choose.”

He looks down at her as she continues, her eyes glued to his chest.

“We’ve already created a mess. Don’t complicate it with feelings.”

He swipes his hand across her face and she gives an involuntary shiver,

“I’m not trying to make this more complicated. But wouldn’t it be lost if we didn’t give this a try. Even if its for the month. If I can prove to you that I could make you a happy woman - a happy wife, wouldn’t you want to give that a chance?”

She gives another long sigh, her lips between her teeth.

“I don’t want to be your rebound Steve. I never wanted to be anyones wife so playing as rebound wife just sounds like…..hell.”

“You’re not!” he yells this and she chuckles, shaking her head.

“I may be the biggest idiot allowing the most naive man to try to talk me into saying married. But…I’ll think about it ok.”

“That’s all I’m asking.” he lifts her up, her frame light in his arms and she laughs, wrapping her arms around him.  I can’t handle any of it anymore. Like hell I was going to stand around while they slowly fell in love with each other. I clear my throat, pushing my way into the room.

“You left your laptop upstairs.” I mumble, placing the thin metal on his desk. Trying to ignore how my metal hand - my curse- has left imprints on it. They both snap their head at me, Steve instantly placing Y/N down.

Our eyes meet and I know he knows I heard everything.


“Save it Steve,” I looked over at Y/N who has moved past Steve and was walking toward me.

“Wouldn’t want to distract you from winning the heart of your wife.”

The last part hits Steve the way I want it too. I see him flinch from the action and Y/N turns to him briefly before following me out the door, my name on her lips.

I don’t slow down until I hit my bedroom. By this point she’s run to catch up to me, stopping the door with a new form of strength I didn’t think she possesed.

“Can you stop for two goddamn seconds and listen to me.”

“You want me to be courteous to you when you go  and marry my best friend. And don’t have the decency to warn me until he’s telling the whole damn world.”

“I was going to tell you,” she says, pushing her way beyond me and turning around. “Steve was planning on telling the team. We didn’t want you to find out the way you did……you know Steve. And he’s damn good honesty policy. Didn’t think he’d blab to them before I talked to you”

“Then why were the damn wedding band into the house? At least pretend you wren’t happy in love.”

She crosses her arms in frustation.

“Forgot I had the damn thing on to be honest. I’m not accustomed to having jewelry dictating my commitment  to someone else.”

“You appeared to have forgotten a lot of things in the past 24 hours.”

“That’s not fair.” she whispers and I roll my eyes.

“You think finding out my best friend married the person I -” I stop myself. No need to betray something that no longer had the potential to live.

“I know that’s not fair either.” a step toward me. Its calculated but I take a step away from her, turning to shut the door.

“You think finding out that the only two people that I care about, that I trust, decided to get drunk together and go off and get married. Did he seal your union last night too?”

She shakes her head.

“…I don’t think…I don’t remember.”

I snort.

“Perfect. So you probably fucked my best friend and then you expect me to be okay with it.”

“I don’ tknow what I did Bucky. I just remember going off to check on Steve.”

“Leaving me for Steve. Should have seen that coming. Golden boy has an army of women after him now - why wouldn’t you be a part of that group?”

Bitter words that I didn’t know lived in me were coming out. I had to get a handle on this.

“Its not like that! Besides, I know you fucked that stupid little blonde from accounting. Had to go through the security footage to figure out what happen between Steve and I. What about that James? Wanna explain to me why you woke up with some stranger?”

Her eyes were like daggers, glued on me. Knowing good and damn well that she was right. I had no right to demand anything from her when I did stupid shit like that.   

“Fucking some stranger is different than going off and marrying my best friend.”

“Is it Bucky? Because for someone who is always claiming they give a damn about me, seems awful unfair that I’ve been the one alone night after night while you nurse some dumb ho that has flirty eyes for The Winter Solider. In the one who has to deal with escorting them off the premises in the morning and hearing their stupid snide remarks. I’m the one stuck flirting with you, wondering how the fuck you feel about me. You wonder why I went off with Steve? Maybe I was tired on waiting around on you and wanted to be with someone who cared about me. You know what - fuck this Bucky. I wanted to apologize. But fuck this. You should be apologizing to me.”

She’s crying now, the tears consuming her. She was right. I had slept with those women to distract myself from her. I didn’t think I was good enough for her. It was easier to have one night stands with someone I wasn’t invested than thinking about rejection with someone l loved. 

I was just as much as a mess as Steve.

She tries to walk past me and  I grab her out of instinct, my-hands wrapping around her waist.  

“Let go of me.” 

Her voice is venom. Its dark and icy and promises pain. 

“Tell me why you don’t want to marry Steve.” 

She grabs my wrist, I know to pull away but my hands just dig deeper into her flesh. 

“Tell me. Please?” 

Before I can respond she’s twisted my arm behind my back, moving fluid and precise. She’s freed herself as her other hand pushes into my neck. At a pulse point. 

For a second I’m stunned and impressed. She never trained with us -  we didn’t know her potential. Of course she was probably some goddamn top assassin.

“You don’t have that right anymore. You lost it the moment you thought I choose to marry Steve.” 

Then she releases me, exiting my room quickly. I groan, sitting on the bed and putting my head in my hands. 

How the hell was I supposed to navigate this mess and win her heart?