he has the most gorgeous profile

i feel like a lot of you truly dont see and appreciate the beauty that is do kyungsoo’s face?? he has the most expressive round eyes, framed by the thickest eyebrows, his nose is both round and sharp creating the perfect balance, the most plump lips that only get more beautiful when he talks, his entire face has all the right angles: sharp when hes focused, round when hes relaxed. and his side profile is the most proportional, gorgeous piece of art i’ve ever seen. everything works so well together. do kyungsoo is truly fine art.

Sucking Too Hard on  a Lollipops

Summary: Phil Lester was the head of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Dan Howell was a broke college student. Both are in need of a little love. 
Word Count: 1,218
Warnings: age!gap, sugar daddy/sugar baby
A/N: i actually had to go on a sugar daddy website for this. thanks and sorry to the profile i based dan’s off of.

Phil Lester was a successful businessman. At just twenty-eight, he was the head of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the modern world. He had maids and secretaries and multiple cars and a huge mansion and millions of dollars coming in every day to support his affluent lifestyle. The only thing missing from Phil’s life was a partner. He was lonely, and that loneliness was the reason from the buzz that had just came from his laptop.

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Cheeky Bastard (one shot)

TITLE OF STORY: Cheeky Bastard
AUTHOR: piggyx3
GENRE: Romance, Humor
FIC SUMMARY: Amy takes a part-time job as a model for an art class. She wasn’t aware that she would be modeling with someone else. 
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Please be nice, this is my first :)
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: again, be nice >.<


Don’t move…
Don’t move…
Crap, my nose itches…

One of the artists looked at Amy with a confused look as she wrinkled her nose.

“What are you doing?” The man with his arm wrapped around her waist whispered quite intimately in her ear.

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Harpers & Queen, January 1987, ‘Queen’s Counsel: New faces for 1987’: the three unknown new stars of Maurice, profiled on the Maurice set by Mira Stout

In January 1987, Harpers & Queen magazine reported from the set of James Ivory’s Maurice with three short profiles of the film’s (then totally unknown) leading actors: James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves.

Tumblr has already seen photographer Perry Ogden’s gorgeous group portrait of James, Rupert and Hugh – but not the text that accompanied it. The actor profiles are quirky, charming, and include some surprises that (as an all-time Maurice fan since 1987) I’d not seen before. So I’m sharing them in a trio of posts.


‘Wilby, 28, is the most highly trained, having been at RADA for three years, and came straight to the set of Maurice from Jane Eyre at Chichester [Festival Theatre]. He played the role of Barclay, the head of house, in the West End production of Another Country, and appeared in the films Dreamchild and Privileged, but this is his first real break. With his clean-limbed elegance and slightly vulnerable gaze, Wilby has the quality of a flawed golden boy, and according to James Ivory he is ‘the perfect Maurice: he suggests an English Everyman. I chose him for his extraordinary look of purity’. Born in Rangoon [Burma: now Yangon, Myanmar], and educated at Sedburgh [public school] and Durham [University], Wilby has manic energy, playing the piano in a romantic way between takes, chain-smoking, and driving his Fiat like a madman.’

New edits/graphics by me.

2/3 Rupert Graves here

3/3 Hugh Grant here

OK sweetsamofmine got an anonymous ask to the following effect: ’rank in order of importance: sam’s hair, his dimples, his moles, forehead crinkle, cute lil nose, unreal cheekbones’ and she invited me to play so YUS here it is. What a treat.

6. Sam’s moles. Most important: next-to-nose mole; joint second most important: chin and next-to-mouth mole; third bonus surprise: BACK MOLES. These are actually pretty sweet (everything about Sam is pretty sweet) especially the face moles (they just make him him) but they’re not something I obsess about to the level of anything else on this list.

5. Sam’s cheekbones. It physically pains me to place these at number 5 in any list but it is a list of Glories of Sam so very competitive. However. Look at these beauties. Chiselled and majestic. Like he’s carven out of SHINING MARBLE. I put in a baby pic from S3 (I think) just to show that even when he was a little fluffy cupcake he had these hidden away but they’ve certainly risen to greater prominence over later seasons (and I expect with skinny Jared will be even more delectable in S10).

4. Sam’s dimples. I don’t know why the left dimple (Sam’s left) has dominated these pics, maybe something to do with his ever-so-slightly wonky little smile. Anyway. The dimples are very important. They have a kind of opposite trajectory to the cheekbones (Sam’s face is either soft and pudgy for mega dimple or skinny and lean for mega cheekbone) but as we saw in exhibit 3, the Purge (9.13), Sam can still whap out the dimples on occasion (in this instance, to remind Dean that he too has had bendy lovers). I would say dimple heaven can be found in seasons 4 and 5 and probably pinnacle of all dimples here presented in exhibit 1, pink-cheeked dimpled sexy Sammy in Sex and Violence (4.14). LUCKY DR CARA.

3. Sam’s nose. These pictures are those with which I am least satisfied I cannot seem to capture the true glory of Sam’s lovely nose! What’s good about it: it’s a little bit tilted and it’s a little bit pointy and he scrunches it in the most adorable way (that’s what the middle pic is supposed to convey). It looks gorgeous in profile and when he’s little bab Sammy like in the first pic (which is from Wendigo) you just want to tweak it OH SAM YOUR LITTLE NOSE.

2. Sam’s forehead crinkle. The forehead crinkle works in tandem with another key feature Sam’s eyebrows and together they make beautiful face music to which I could listen (by which I mean, watch) for ever.

1. Sam’s hair. Obviously. This is probably in the top 5 things about the whole of Supernatural let alone just about Sam. I could have presented approx 50 pictures spanning the whole series but in the limited space available I have focused on Sam’s hair at its most glorious; when I began watching Supernatural I would have told you this was circa season 4/5 but LO it turns out season 8 hair is far and away the best. The middle picture tho is from season 9 (Rock and a Hard Place, 9.08) and is included for all the beautiful golden highlights also its flowing tactility as it falls onto Sam’s bare arm OMG arrrgh yes thank you please. RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH IT oh if only we could.

just a silly little fic of Kurt and Blaine kissing goodnight and Blaine doing the little foot-popping thing (^▽^)

Kurt stares up at Blaine’s house, his thumbs drumming on the steering wheel. The clock on his radio says 11:45, so they still have a few minutes before curfew, but Kurt doesn’t know what to do.

They’ve only been dating for a month or so (not like Kurt’s keeping track dutifully or anything), but Kurt is surprised at how unchanged their dynamic has been in that time. There are a few added bonuses—kissing and cuddling being one of them—but for the most part they’re still the close friends that they’ve been since that staircase.

Kurt looks over at Blaine sitting in the passenger seat, bites his lip and fidgets like he’s trying to fix his plum-colored button-up. He resolutely doesn’t say anything about how gorgeous Blaine’s profile looks in the moonlight, or how Kurt can still taste the sharp mint from Blaine’s ice cream if he licks his lips just right.

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Got tinder because I had a really shitty previous relationship and thought it was about time I met some cute boys, or at least talked to some.

Matched with this super cute guy. Looked tall in the photos he had but also had a really cute smile, his interests were the same as mine, and he had his hair in the “manbun” style. Most gorgeous eyes I’ve seen. Profile said “feminist” and that made me a little wary, but once we got to talking we both quickly warmed up to one another and I went over to his house to watch movies within 36 hours.

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Fic: The Best Part of Waking Up

Kurt and Blaine love watching each other sleep. ~1100 words, PG, sp-oiler free.

There aren’t a lot of mornings when Kurt’s awake before Blaine. Blaine has always been an early riser, thanks to his meticulous hair routine and his love of actually preparing breakfast instead of eating the first thing in sight like Kurt tends to do, so he’s usually up for an hour or so before Kurt can finally force himself out of bed.

For once, though, Blaine’s ended up sleeping late, allowing Kurt to treat himself to the wonderful view of what his fiance looks like while he’s asleep. His head is pillowed on Kurt’s collarbone and one of his arms is flung over Kurt’s torso, and he looks so young and serene that Kurt doesn’t want to breathe too deeply for fear of waking him up. Blaine’s calmer than usual this way, not as fidgety as he can get when he’s awake, but his face still exudes a lively energy that’s just so innately Blaine that it ensnares Kurt to the point where he simply has to reach out and touch.

Kurt starts running his fingers lightly over Blaine’s strong jawline, feeling the scratchy stubble that pops up when Blaine goes longer than about eighteen hours without shaving before moving his hand upward to Blaine’s hair. He smiles at the softness of Blaine’s thankfully ungelled curls, twirling them in his fingers before digging down to the roots of Blaine’s hair to rub his scalp. His other hand starts massaging Blaine’s back in the same rhythm, and he soon loses himself in the feel of Blaine’s warm body against his.

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He is the only person I know who has shadows of his eyelashes on his face. Do you know anyone else ? Those pics are my fav. The twitter profile pic is one of them.

Oh Nonny - he has the most gorgeous eyelashes - and they DO cast shadows.  His face is incredibly expressive and he uses every muscle, every movement to convey emotion and thought while acting.  When he lowers his lashes … wow!  Just WOW!  (Thank you Mr. Ascroft, Clouston and Mezibov for capturing a little bit of this wow factor)

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Hi, i just wanna ask you something (you're free not to answer) why do you love Im Jaebum so much? I mean, what make you love him that much? I'm new in this fandom so i just wanna know a little bit more about JB please. :)

This is the best question ever and thankyou for asking, this is going to be long so sorry in advance.
I love Im Jaebum because something just prominently stood out about him, despite his good looks, his personality and his talents it was something that is unexplainable for me still to this day. At first sight I fell straight in love with him and I’ve never looked at anyone else since then. Most people usually have bias wreckers but for me its difficult to bias anyone else because everyday I have new reasons to fall in love with him.
One of the things that caught my heart about Im Jaebum was his soul. Since I’m a big music junkie, personally I don’t feel like there’s many artists in the music industry globally, who perform from the heart and with all their soul, until I found him. He gave me the reason to believe that their are still artists today who indulge in their music. Every performance of his I have seen he becomes this whole different person, to me this is when Defsoul appears. The emotion and heart that pours out of his striking facial expressions, powerful dance moves or his soulful voice makes him so passionate as an artist/performer. He’s always talking about how much he wants to compose and produce his own songs, he is always singing at fan signs purely because he loves it and what I find beautiful is that he does it all out of pure joy. His voice is heavenly and one of my most favourites, it’s so different and unique compared to a lot of other idols in the kpop world and in general. When he sings, a lot of the time he just closes his eyes and sings away and in that moment I feel like he takes himself to a wholenother world, it is something gorgeous to witness. I then couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he loves the genres “Rnb” and “Neo Soul,” 2/3 of my fav genres. I haven’t come across an idol yet that has said they love these genres especially “Neo Soul” which is so different to hear. Hearing him sing songs from some of my fav artists like Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo and India Arie etc was overwhelming to think they had an influence on him like myself. What I’m trying to say is that even though he has reached what he wants to do in life, he still continues to keep pursuing in his career like it’s just the beginning. To find an artist like himself who is endlessly passionate and continuously hard working towards his music career is breath taking. Jaebum does it not out of force or to be recognised but purely because he loves it. To elaborate on his performance on stage, it is incredible. He has a very outstanding, charismatic and sexy appeal when he performs. You can feel how strong his presence would be through your computer, laptop, mobile screen. It’s the little things he does like facial expressions, the slightly changed dance moves to make it his own and so on that attract him a lot of attention.
Apart from how much I love his passion for music I love his personality. Although people think that he is cold hearted and mean he is the total opposite. I have noticed that Jaebum is not someone who likes or needs to express his feelings or himself to the world resulting that people would be stuck with this impression. He is someone who you would refer to that does a lot of the “behind the scene” things. We don’t see everything that he does for more specifically his members, and how virtuous he truly is. The things he has done for his members are heart touching and unforgettable as he has helped them in hard times. He is the type of person that makes a solid impact on someone when he helps or cares for them. Jaebum is a very down to earth person with a quiet, warm, affectionate heart who’s actions are always humble. He is a leader that holds the group together, carries the burden of being relied on from the members, is the source of guidance and help and leading his members to success in everything they do. At the end of the day I strongly believe jaebum would give up everything and anything for his brothers no matter what, as he’d put them first before ever thinking about himself. Overall his relationship with each member is strong, not with just one but all 6. I see the way he looks at them like they’re the most valuable and precious things in the world. But people don’t exactly notice his acts because he works in silent. What people don’t understand is that Jaebum has a major responsibility to uphold and I respect him for how well he does. His actions are always done quietly but are what makes him stand out the most when people realise. I appreciate him and acknowledge his efforts as I was able to take it on board and be able to do the same when I have had to manage a leadership role. I think Jaebum doesn’t like for the fandom and his fans to know everything about him, I think there are a lot of things we don’t know about him that make him more valuable than what we know.
And I cannot explain to you in words how perfect and how beautiful this man is. Jaebum has had caramel brown, light brown, chocolate brown, blonde, blue, grey, purpley-grey, black, orange-brown, red, pink and dark brown hair and let me tell you he has looked amazing in all! He has also had so many different hairstyles and has looked more than charming in each and every one. You would think that a man could not pull off all of these colours and styles but he’s proven he can. His hair has been dyed a ridiculous amount of times and yet somehow every time he’s had it dyed his hair ends up being healthy, smooth looking and silky again? and let me tell you if forehead jae appears soon well prepare yourself for a riot. His hair is that incredibly gorgeous that this feature alone could amount to 100 beautiful men at the least. His eyebrows are goals, he has one of the most wonderful eye smiles you’ll ever see, he has this cute not too pointy nose, his lips are the perfect size not too big not too small, his skin is flawless without makeup, his cheekbone game is hella strong, his jawline could slice a glacier in half, his side profile is more attractive than me looking at my best, he has these cute ears that have piercings (his piercings are hot asf) and my most favourite features of all. Jaebum’s 2 dots under his eyebrow and his smile. I never thought I would be so attracted to his beauty spots but they’re such a pretty distinct feature. And the smile of heavens light, I swear he has one of the most beautiful smiles you’ll ever see in your life. It is the smile that can rid all your troubles and worries and make you feel at ease in life. It’s one of those kind of smiles that are so genuinely happy, the kind that you can’t help but love. His teeth are like pearls and its shine is brighter than the moon, stars and sun together. I also love the way how he wears rings on his fingers it’s different and I’m into that. I will not go any further about how sexy his body is but know that his broad shoulders are no joke, his abs are like a chocolate bar, his arms are toned nicely and he has thick thighs. Everyone in the fandom acknowledges that he is beautiful and know him for the charismatic and sexy leader. Im Jaebum’s beauty is on a whole different level, it shouldn’t even be considered real because he’s that perfect looking, honestly his beauty will be something that you’ll never be able to understand so don’t even bother questioning yourself about it. All you need to know is that he’s Gods perfect masterpiece.
I think what sets him aside from other men. Is that overall he has a very “different” denounamur as he is a very captivating person whatever he’s doing. Whether he is singing, dancing, acting, walking, sitting, eating, talking, staring, smiling, laughing, down to the point where if he’s just breathing it’s like HOLY SHIT JAEBUM, UGH WHY R U LIKE THIS!? It’s the “unexplainable” thing he has that I mentioned earlier that no one knows why he is just so idk…perfect.
In my eyes Im Jaebum is just something else, he will always be unexplainable, he’s always exciting as he is very surprising a lot of the time. Everything he does is done with heart and soul, he stands out the most when he’s not trying too, he is known as the most sexiest, most naturally cutest, most biggest 5 year old dork who is a beaver speaking grandpa that holds the title of being the Bboy King and Body Roll King. I love Im Jaebum for all of him, he is my biggest inspiration and role model and I am forever grateful and thankful of his existence. He is gods gift to humanity and the love of my life. ❤️

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Justin in a turtleneck is the sexiest thing ever!!! He has the most perfect bone structure and let's not forget his handsome profile... he's just so beautiful and gorgeous <3

What, you mean this handsome devil?

With this beautiful profile?

And this killer bone structure?

Hmmm, yeah. I guess I can see it. 

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prompt idea: kris is at a fashion show and one of the models in a long gown and heels turns out to be suho. they engage in a conversation (and maybe things get a little out of hand because ex problems)

Who is that fine human,” thinks singer/songwriter Wu Yifan as he slinks toward the most gorgeous profile at the fashion show. Besides him of course, he winks at his own joke. Successful boy band member turned comedian Wu “Kris” Yifan.

“Hello beautiful,” rapper turned model says to the red dress clad figure, “Like as in you’re beautiful not like the Jonas Brothers song which is great by the way.”

Suho turns to him suddenly, tears rushing down his face. “How many more times are you going to look at me on my face with your eyes and tell lies?”

Vogue China cover star Kris Wu conveniently remembers that he has an appointment at anywhere but here at anytime o’clock. “Would you look at the stars haha I have to go home and to the cleaners right this very second.”

But Suho follows him out, “Where are my sons?”

“I don’t– I suddenly forgot how to talk I’m so sorry Suho. I must go.”

Enraged, Suho climbs on the runway, knocking over models, to be eye level with Kris even in heels. “Here I am, keeping the family unit together, working hard and there you are wearing a long purple wig and forgetting everything that we’ve been through.”

Kris races outside, raising him arm, “Taxi!” He climbs into the yellow car and says, “Take me somewhere that is preferably one million miles away.”

Suho kicks off his heels and chases after the cab. His feet springs rockets and he soars alongside the cab, “AND ANOTHER THING!”