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Sasuke is lucky one because Sakura has seal on her forehead which keeps her in young appearance = imagine how jealous will be other men when Sasuke gets old and has best milf by his side and he has that face expression which says "I will fuck her tonight you dumb morons. She is mine."

You know he aged flawlessly too and they wind up retiring to whatever the ninja equivalent of Boca Raton is and they’re just tan and hot af forever

If I die, I'm going to haunt your ass (harvey/mike) - for anon

“You’re overreacting.”

“I am not, you son of a bitch, and how dare you imply such a thing.”

Harvey smirks. “Okay, I take it back, you’re acting with complete rationality.”

“I hate you.”

This just makes Harvey’s grin widen. “Sure you do.”

Mike turns away, biting his lips. When he looks back he has his best puppy eyes expression on, and Harvey might be in danger of falling for it, had he not built up an immunity over the last few years. “Do I really have to do this?” Mike asks with an exaggerated whine.

“Sorry, Mike, a bet’s a bet. You know if you’d won then you would’ve made me follow through on it.”

Mike’s face slowly brightens, his eyes losing focus as though he’s picturing how the outcome would’ve gone down had he won their wager. “Hell yeah I would.”

Harvey laughs. “Well, maybe if you’re a very good boy,” he says, lowering his voice in a way he knows Mike loves, “and fulfil the obligations of our bet then maybe I’ll do it anyway.”

Mike’s eyes widen in excitement before he turns and walks out of the office, throwing a, “She’s gonna kill me, you know. If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass,” over his shoulder as he leaves.

“You do that,” Harvey calls after him.


Mike’s back less than five minutes later. Even Harvey thought it would’ve taken longer than that. Mike looks … determined, which is not an expression he expected. He thought Mike might come back looking shaken or triumphant or relieved, but determined is a surprise. It’s still a good look on him though.

“So, how’d it go?” Harvey asks.

Mike doesn’t answer, just walks across the room. Harvey, still slightly confused, stands from his desk, but he doesn’t get far. Mike meets him there, taking Harvey’s face in his hands and kissing him.

“Never make me do that again,” Mike says, smiling, before pressing their lips together again.

Harvey chuckles. “You lost fair and square,” Harvey says against his mouth. He deepens the kiss, even though he knows he shouldn’t, that they’re at the office and despite what just happened this is still inappropriate. But once he starts, it’s difficult to stop kissing Mike.

“Okay,” Harvey says, finding the strength to pull away, “what did she say?”

Mike lips quirk. “She said to not bother wasting her time telling her something she saw coming a mile away.”

“That’s it?” Harvey presses, because he can’t imagine that when Jessica was told that they’ve been in a secret relationship for the last three months (secret because of the implied rule discouraging relationships between ranks) that her reaction was so simple and dismissive.

Mike pretends to think about it for a moment, before nodding. “Yup, that was it.”

Mike grins at him, then leans in again for another kiss. Harvey acquiesces, because it’s early on a Monday and no one is around and, as much as he tries, the fact that they are together at all despite so many odds just goes to prove that Mike is near impossible to resist.

“I thought I said no inappropriate behaviour at work.”

They jump apart, turning to see Jessica standing in Harvey’s office, arms crossed and a murderous expression on her face. Harvey turns to Mike, incredulous, and Mike admits, “Okay, so maybe that wasn’t everything she said.”

Modern AU where Les Amis are YouTubers and fans write fanfic about their favorite ship Enjoltaire.

Enjolras and Grantaire are not dating and Enjolras has no idea what fanfiction is let alone what shipping is.

Grantaire, who basically writes his own fanfic in his head about him and Enjolras, is aware of and reads the Enjoltaire fics religiously and saves his favorites.

All the other Les Amis are aware of the fanfic and the ships. Combeferre and Courfeyrac, who are dating, read their ship fics together and are amused at the other people they pair them with…Combeferre being unable to look Enjolras in the face for a couple of days after reading a particularly smutty one about them.

One day Enjolras comes up silently behind them while they are reading a Courferre one together on the couch and quietly reads along asking at the end “what is that?” causing them both to jump. They hurriedly try to come up with an excuse but ultimately decide to just tell him the truth. Enjolras is baffled and wonders how it doesn’t bother them that they write these things about their relationship and loudmouth Courfeyrac starts to say “well they don’t just write them about people who are actually dating…” before Combeferre elbows him in the side.

Enjolras is silent for a minute before asking “do they write them about me paired with anyone?” Courfeyrac and Combeferre exchange a glance before Combeferre responds “uh, yeah! There are ones about us. They like to imagine we are more than just best friends.” He has an amused expression on his face. “Yeah,” chimes in Courfeyrac, “there was even one that almost made me start shipping you two!” before he receives another elbow to the side.

“But you’re my best friend! Why would they write about us being in a relationship?” Enjolras asks with total confusion.

“Well that one wasn’t so much about a relationship as it was about you doing dirty…OW!” Combeferre’s elbow really is a little too boney.

“There aren’t really any about us though,” says Courfeyrac with a mock pout on his face. “Probably because it would be too HARD to write,” he adds wriggling his eyebrows. Combeferre’s elbow really is getting a workout today.

Enjolras rolls his eyes before saying “I hope you’re not offended Combeferre, but I’m not going to read them, for the sake of our friendship.” He pauses and then adds “do they pair me with anyone else?” surprising himself with the slight hopefulness to his voice.

Combeferre and Courfeyrac exchange another look before Combeferre responds “Well they write them about all of us paired with one another, there’s just some pairings they ship more than others.”

“Ship?” asks a confused Enjolras. He realizes they keep using this word and he’s not entirely sure what it means.

Combeferre and Courfeyrac both sigh before launching into a detailed explanation of what shipping people together means, which ends up leaving Enjolras with a slight headache. He leaves Combeferre and Courfeyrac to finish their reading. He hears Courfeyrac exclaim, “Ohhhh, we should try that!!” as he leaves the room and he doesn’t even want to think about what ‘that’ is.

Back in his room he answers emails and finishes some work. Feeling restless he moves on to tidying up his room. It’s when he starts organizing his sock drawer that he realizes he should just stop avoiding what he really wants to do.

He grabs his computer and goes to sit on his bed. He has no idea how to even find what he is looking for so he just ends up Googling ‘Enjolras ship’. Whoa. He’s not even sure what to click on first. He skims the first few options and sees one that has his and Combeferre’s names and he just can’t. He does not want to start having sexy dreams about his best friend. Once was enough. He starts looking again and then a name catches his eye ‘Enjoltaire’. What?? He thinks for a moment…. “Enjoltaire…Enjolras…taire…TAIRE…R…GRANTAIRE!?” WHAT?? He clicks on that link.

Hours later Enjolras has read three rather lengthy Enjoltaire fanfics. His mouth is slightly hanging open and he is definitely the color of his favorite jacket. He finds that his heart is beating a little faster than normal and his stomach is attempting to do some sort of gymnastics routine.

Enjolras softly says out loud, “I ship myself with Grantaire.”

it upsets me so much to see so many people fawning over jungkook’s looks and how much he’s matured physically while still putting him down for getting more lines or saying he’s hogging attention with his recent confidence… jeon jungkook is so much more than his looks and i hate that there are some who only like him for that

When you type “Zero SPG” into the gif search, there’s only one result and it’s centered on The Spine. Now, this isn’t a complaint or accusation… it’s an observation. Zero is too new to have many reaction gifs. But I wanted to just mention that little fact for any and all people who know how to gif and enjoy doing so, for the next time you’re asking yourself, “Hey, I have some down time… what I should gif next?” We would all be delighted to see any y’all might make. He has the best facial expressions. Well, some of the best.

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