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Monsta X as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Thanks @goeffmercantile for the idea!! I hope you will enjoy this if you read it 😃|||

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo:

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  • The leader and founder of the gang.
  • Often not taken seriously in the industry because of his age but these people seem to disappear not long after they make those statements. 
  • He takes care of the whole business and every mission has to go through him first. 
  • While rarely going out on them himself he’s still a very good shot and an excellent hand to hand combatant.
  • His daily activities include scouting new members and making deals with the other gangs.

That’s how he met you. You were the daughter of one the leaders he came to make a deal with and immediately caught his attention. You had that aura of confidence and respect around you. When he saw you standing besides your father he stood up and said.

“I want to make the deal with her and see if she has what it takes.”

You accepted the challenge and the rest is history.

Wonho/Shin Hoseok:

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  • He would be the one to take care of gathering information. He actually has too many ways to do that. From sweet talking to torturing.
  • Looks really strong and confident and even come out as cocky on the outside but in reality is really soft, especially to people he cares about.
  • His soft side doesn’t interfere with his work though as once he has to get something he will do it with any means possible, no mercy.

He met you when the gang kidnapped you to gather info. After a few questions though it turns out they got the wrong person, the gang lets him decide what to do with you since he’s also the one who takes care of the bodies. He gives you 2 options. Either stay with him or die. He can’t let you go because you already saw all of their faces. So you decide to stay and as crazy as it may sound it was one of the best decision in your life.

Yoo Kihyun:

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  • Right hand man of the boss and actually the most reliable member as the others (including the leader) tend to get in trouble a lot and he has to be the one to get them out.
  • Incredibly smart and cunning that’s why his specialty is scamming. Not only ordinary people fall for his charms but also the other gangs. That’s how he gets around town and was recruited in the first place.
  • Although not easily annoyed he does lose his patience sometimes and you better don’t even be near him when he does. 

He actually knew you from high school and promised not as much to you as to himself that one day he will definitely find you again and make you his. And so he did, a few years later, after making a title in the mafia world he waited for you outside your house. When you saw him, you couldn’t believe your eyes, it was him, he was alive.

“Sorry for making you wait this long.” he said with a smile but you didn’t care anymore as you jumped in his arms.

I.M/Lim Changkyun:

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  • One of the top assassins in the gang.
  • When he and Jooheon get together expect no survivors.
  • He’s more skilled with guns and is actually quite proud of his collection.
  • Keep tracks of how many people he kills and tends to brag about the clean shots he made.
  • While not on a job, he looks pretty casual and you would never be able to tell that he is part of the mafia. Also kind awkward when he needs to talk about other topics besides guns and violence.

He met you in a coffee shop right outside his home. He used to spend his mornings there just thinking about ways to complete the mission when he also started noticing you. You also came there almost every morning (he was quite disappointed when you didn’t) and sat at the table by the window. He was mesmerized by you and after a few months finally decided to gather his courage and talk to you.

Chae Hyungwon:

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  • The first person you should come to if you need anything concerning weapons. 
  • Even though his job is to smuggle them to and out of the country to make more money for the gang, he also has a very extensive knowledge about them.
  • He can even advise you which weapon is the best one for certain kills.
  • Doesn’t like fighting himself and actually prefers not to have a weapon on him at all times.
  • But when push comes to shove he has an unexpectedly good accuracy and take cares of the things fast.

You came to buy some weapons from the store he had set up and that’s how he met you. To his surprise you knew everything about the stuff you wanted and couldn’t help but smirk as not often does he meet someone as knowledgeable in his field as you. When he got you the guns you wanted he just casually asked.

“Want to go try these bad boys out with me someday? I won’t be doing any shooting though but I can see you more than know how to use them.”

Lee Minhyuk:

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  • Behind his cheerful exterior there is a fearless drug dealer.
  • He likes to keep it simple and be on good terms with his clients but everyone knows that you will be dead on the spot if you try anything suspicious. 
  • He’s so good with his words that he even made some connections with the higher ups in the city from police officers to judges.
  • Because of that and his skills, making drug deals has never been easier.
  • Other gangs often ask him for advice in exchange for money.
  • He gladly agrees but never tells them his secrets.

He met you at the start of his career when after a deal gone bad he was left all beaten up in an alley. You were coming home from your night shift when you noticed him. You immediately came up to him and asked if he was okay, even though he was barely conscious he just laughed and said that he thought you were an angel as he never saw anything prettier than you. You wanted to take him to a hospital but he begged you not to call anyone and so you dragged him to your apartment and nursed him back to health.

Lee Jooheon:

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  • The other one the most feared assassins in the gang.
  • Unlike Changkyun he specializes more in close range or hand to hand combat.
  • His favourite weapon of choice is knuckle duster knife. 
  • Tends to get to know and earn his victims trust before he kills them.
  • Starts acting all weird and does a lot of aegyo when drunk.
  • Is actually really friendly if you’re not his enemy that’s why he has a bunch of friends and companions outside the mafia industry.    
  • Likes making detailed plans of the missions and often helps Shownu and Kihyun with that.

You were actually going to be his next victim. He was hired to kill you by another gang for unknown reasons, not that he asked, he was only here to get the job done and then take the money. He didn’t expect you to be this cheerful and an excellent discussion partner though. This never happened before but he was starting to doubt if he should kill you. When you agreed to him taking you home and were pushed in the alley behind the club you didn’t even flinch or beg when he pressed the knife to your throat.

“Why are you not scared?” he asked.

“Why should I? I did a lot of awful things in my life, so maybe it’s my time to go.” you replied.

That’s when he knew for sure he couldn’t kill you. After he released you out of his grasp he asked.

“Which gang were you from?”

“Why don’t we get back in the club and I will tell you my story?”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed!! Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!  😃


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Requested: hey can u make something like liam and hayden are dating and the reader is his best friend and everyone is trying to protect hayden from the dreddoctors but when the dreddoctors appear they all protect hayden but they take he reader instead cuz that who they wanted and liam tries to stop them but they still take her and during the time shes gone he realizes his feelings for her and he saves her or something like tht

Pairings: Liam Dunbar x Hayden Romero (ew), Liam Dunbar x Reader

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Made of Skin and Bones

(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, make out

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end. ARE NOW CLOSED (sorry guys) I wrote them again one by one I really hope this time they work

A/N: So sorry guys for the delay, here I’m again! :)

9. Shore

Arrows whilst around your heads making you wince and yell every time you hear them nail in some surface. James is dragging you running through the trees, zigzagging and dodging the sharp arrows with difficulty. Your lungs hurt from the effort and the panic.

Suddenly James pushes you under a great hollowed root and covers your mouth with one hand. It is difficult to keep silence because of your laborious breathing and he presses your head against his chest trying to quell the little noises coming out of your mouth. You’re sure your heart is about to explode and you want to cry, who the hell is trying to kill you?

- Shhh - he tries to calm you down 

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Lucky Us: Friendship Tiers
  • Chloe: Here's how it goes. Adrien and I have been friends forever, but I keep his dumb ass grounded.
  • Marinette: Got it.
  • Chloe: Nino has been Adrien's best friend for a couple of years now. He sees to his masculine needs, but he also keeps him grounded.
  • Marinette: Right.
  • Chloe: You've struck this weird balance of grounding him and driving him crazy.
  • Marinette: It's a gift.
  • Chloe: And then there's Prince Ali.
  • Adrien: *grabs Prince Ali's face passionately* I would die for you.
  • Ali: *eyes water* Brother!!
  • Marinette:
  • Chloe: We keep them a few countries away from each other at all times.

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Do you think you could write Lance and Pidge having a cute sibling moment? I love them interacting like siblings and your writing is absolutely amazing so I couldn't help but ask.

-Hi! I love getting asks, it’s the best part of my day! Of course I can do that! It’s totally going to be Langsty though, I hope that’s okay?

Lance stares at his food goo as the other paladins chat happily. None of them really try to include Lance, but it’s okay.

Around most of his team members, Lance feels like a replacement. He knows that it isn’t rational, but his confidence issues from the garrison haven’t gone away. It doesn’t help that Shiro and Allura are constantly comparing him to Keith.

Really, the only person that Lance can be around without feeling like some sort of place-holder… is Pidge.

They’ve grown closer since everyone got roped into this whole crazy voltron business and Lance has come to think of Pidge like a sibling, a part of his family. He knows that it’s weird and that Pidge probably doesn’t feel the same but, it’s what keeps him going these days.

Lance is pulled out of his thoughts when Pidge uses her spoon to fling some goo at him. It hits him square in his freshly cleansed, flawless, glowing… face.

Everyone at the table freezes and turns to look at them.

Lance slowly raises a hand to wipe away the treacherous substance soiling his best feature. This means war.

Lance calmly lifts his bowl in the air, smiles like an angel, and throws the entire thing at Pidge.

The table breaks out in chaos. Food is flying everywhere, the only ones not participating are Allura and Coran. Things are starting to get seriously out of control when Lance takes a hand full of goo and starts to rub it in Pidge’s hair.

They’re squirming vainly in Lance’s grip. “M-matt! Stop!” They breath out between laughs.

Lance drops his hand immediately and the smile melts off of his face. The room falls silent around them. Everyone is staring at Pidge with a slightly horrified expression, everyone but Lance.

Lance just keeps his face blank. He’d talked to Pidge before about feeling like a replacement. They had talked about everything together. Pidge often mentioned how much they missed Matt.

Lance should have known he was just a replacement to them too.

He reaches for the nearest napkin and he cleans off his hands. Lance then heads towards the door. No one moves to stop him.

Lance makes it about half-way to his room before Pidge comes running up behind him. They’re extremely out of breath.

“L-Lance!” They call, bending with one hand on their knee, “Wait a minute!”

Lance stops and turns to face them, his expression is still blank, his posture is stiff.

“I didn’t mean to call you Matt, It’s just that, well, I think of you like a brother, and I got so into the fight that it just slipped out. I’m sorry Lance!”

“You think of me as a brother?” Lance’s question is a bit breathless, his face is a mixture of shock and awe.

Pidge ducks their head and nods. It’s conformation enough for Lance. He immediately rushes forward and scoops Pidge up in a hug.

“Then it’s a good thing that you’ve become my sibling too!”

Their smiles couldn’t have been bigger.

-Hey! I hope you like it! :)

Chicken soup | Jeon Jungkook

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❁Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

❁Summary: You were supposed to hang out with your best friend, Jungkook, but to your dismay, you got sick. Jungkook comes over to take care of you, how will this end?

❁Category: Fluff! (best friends to lovers?)

❁Words: 750+

❁A/N: I’m currently having a cold, so I thought this would be a cute idea. Hope you enjoy ^^

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hc that trans peter has days where he doesnt feel like talking, and when he's fighting crime, Karen will say some shitty one-liners that always make him laugh, and confuse the shit out of the Bad Guys (which gives Peter an advantage).

sometimes peter waits by the criminals he’s webbed up until the police arrive, mostly bc he’s trying to heal his relationship with the police and show them he’s a good guy too (probably way gooder than them actually but peter won’t push his luck)

and some days he’s just in shit moods, he’s tired and grouchy whether it be from school or dysphoria or both, and sometimes he just wants to be quiet rather than risk the weight of sound come crashing down on him. it gets overwhelming, all the new sensations firing around in his brain only amplified by his spidey sense. suddenly he understands why fidget toys are so praised, spinning them around in class and at home is one of the few things these days that can just calm him down almost instantly. it’s almost as if it can get his mind to just lull into a hypnosis full of quiet.

but he forgot his spinner at home today, and even if he didn’t he isn’t sure he would want these bank robbers to see him sitting off to the side playing with some toy while they all wait for the cops. he feels like his head is falling into an ocean of black ink.

“peter, your breathing is becoming erratic, you are beginning to hyperventilate,” karen chimes happily. she’s in his suit so he’s the only one who can hear her, but he forgets that and speaks to her loudly as if she’s sat right next to him

“i think i’m going to have a meltdown or a panic attack or something everything feels so loud and bright and –”

“peter, you will be okay,” karen supplies, the same calm and cheery tone. “the authorities are only 2 minutes and 57 seconds away, until then i ask that you focus on my voice. in addition, i shall supply more oxygen to the inside of your suit.”

peter instantly felt a rush of cool air stream over his face, and his mind became slightly clearer. slightly. “okay, karen, just talk to me.” he didn’t notice the webbed up criminals gawking at him wondering if he was crazy, he tried to gather all his haywire thoughts and focus them all on karen. he’s thankful for her, she tries this sort of thing a lot and while she isn’t the best at it he will always appreciate it. over time karen has become almost like an artificial sister or cousin

“knock knock”

peter huffed. “really, karen?”

“knock knock,” karen said more persistently

“who’s there?”


peter groaned, laughing slightly. he didn’t notice that his chest no longer felt as tight. “oh my god. orange who?”

“the orange is the fruit of the citrus species citrus crossed sinensis in the family rutaceae. it is also called sweet orange, to distinguish it from the related citrus crossed aurantium, referred to as bitter orange.”

peter burst out laughing, not really because it was funny but because karen said it all without even a chuckle

“karen you’re so lame, i know you can tell jokes!”

“it is important to have a balanced supply of humor and information on citrus fruits, peter”

peter rolled onto his side on the dirty pavement, chuckling and feeling immensely exhausted – but he felt okay enough to get home

when the cops arrive the criminals don’t put up a fight or even make a fuss, they just climb into the back of the police car muttering “anything is better than being around that kid and his imaginary friend, thank god you got here”

No Hands (M)

Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut. Nothing but filth here.

Warnings: Dom!Jin, master/pet, squirting, overstimulation, ass play, toys

Word count: 4,042 words

A/N: I suddenly got the idea for this filth when I wanted to love Jin more after seeing so many appreciate Jin posts like 2-3 weeks back… Also, thanks to @rielleria and @mylovejhs for beta-ing!

Many see Jin as a jester. A comic, a source of laughter and the brunt of jokes, rarely more. Oftentimes you wonder if the girls who claim to fall for him are simply enamoured because of his looks and nothing else. But he is more than an eye candy. Although many may not realise it, Jin is a person with substance. He has feelings, he feels pain and insecurity, his thoughts run deep, but he only shows these sides to the people who are lucky enough to be close to him. You are one of the lucky ones. Actually, you are even luckier than most because there is a side of him that he shows only to you.

In front of most people, Jin never stops making jokes, playing and horsing around. Little does everyone know that when he’s alone with you, he still likes to play around. However, his games turn deliciously wicked, the angelic smile he wears in public becomes sinister. The  people who know you would find it even more surprising that you can’t get enough of it. Usually Jin has no problems giving what you want and letting you win most of your arguments, preferring to make his girlfriend happy unless he strongly disagrees with you. He is just as kind and sweet as he looks. However, when you’re in bed… His word is law, and you live to please him. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Loki protecting Jane. (◡‿◡✿)

Just For Me (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Slight cursing, some fluff, drinking, a little bit of angst and jealousy

Word Count: 3.9k+

A/N: This is probably one of my favorite fics I have written so far. I’m SO sorry it’s a little long. I’m really looking forward to writing a part two to this, maybe with some smut ;) Anyways hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it :) 


You and Bucky had kind of history you guess you could say. You had feelings for him but you couldn’t tell if he felt the same way. Bucky is a very hard person to read. A few weeks ago you and him had gotten drunk in the living room of the Avengers Tower whilst playing a drinking game. The game ended shortly after it was starting to get to the point where the two of you were just drinking. So after one too many drinks the two of you both got to talking, mainly about your guys’ childhood, how it was growing up, traditions, stuff like that. Not long after that you had reached a touchy subject in your childhood and there was a moment of silence/pity between you and Bucky. Bucky took advantage of the moment and leaned in and kissed you, it took you off guard at first but you started to kiss back. He was a little hesitant because of fear of hurting you, but you didn’t want it to stop. As the kiss started to deepen of course Bucky’s fear got the best of him and he pulled away. You looked up at him with confusion and longing on your face as he started to stand up. He looked back at you for a second with sad eyes and made his way out of the room without a word. Ever since then Bucky has been avoiding you. You thought that you guys might have had something, but now seeing the way he has been you’re not so sure. Whenever you would try to make conversation with him he would always respond with blunt answers. It was driving you crazy, you craved his attention, you missed him as a friend, even though you wanted to be more than just that. So the past two weeks you having doing things to get his attention, even a reaction out of him would suffice. Things like walking around in nothing but short booty shorts and a fitted tank top, and when you would go swimming in the Avengers pool you would wear the tiniest swimming suit that Natasha lent to you. You were hoping to get some sort of reaction from him but all you got were short blank stares. So you got talking to Sam and you talked him into making Bucky jealous, thinking that might get his attention. At first Sam was skeptical but then after begging him, he caved. It also might have helped that Nat promised to go on a date with him if he helped you out. 

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Rye & Lies | 2

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Part 1

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut, Angst & Slight fluff?
Word count: 7,562

Summary: You’re all kinds of perfect and he wants to get close to you, whether it be physically or emotionally… Preferably both. 

The coffee maker gurgles and puffs steam, brewing a fresh pot of dark roast that’s ready before Dongmin emerges from the bedroom. The bread in the toaster crisps and pops by the time he seats himself in his usual chair at the table and when you have it buttered and set before him with his mug, he’s already engrossed in the morning news articles on his phone.

This is routine, or at least it is when he’s home in the mornings, and you robotically go through the steps for the half hour before he leaves for work.

There’s rarely any conversation, but when there is it’s mostly from your end, only ever garnering a grunt or curt response from your husband. He’s always too preoccupied to give you much of his attention and quite frankly you’ve grown used to it, so it no longer phases you.

Today, however, you are caught off guard when he clears his throat and stares over at you until you’re peeking up at him with confused yet curious eyes, mind racing with thoughts about what he could possibly have to say.

“My cousin is in town,” he takes a sip of his coffee “My father wants the family to gather for dinner to welcome him back, so make sure to clear your schedule next Friday.”

You thought about it briefly, trying to recall which cousin he was talking about and if you’d ever met him.

“Is this the cousin who wasn’t able to attend our wedding?” You ask.

Dongmin nods “Mhm,” He glances back down at his phone, takes one last bite of his food and pushes out of the chair “I have to go.”


Nothing more is said about the matter. What Dongmin says, goes. Especially so when it’s a relayed request from his father.

You know by now not to put up a stink about doing this and that; attending galas or awkward and unnecessary ‘family dinners’ that always end up with more than one person’s feathers ruffled. You can’t say you dislike it completely though because these gatherings are the only times when Dongmin shows you the slightest affection; placing kisses upon your lips, holding your hand and on the rare occasion, letting an ‘I love you’ slip.

It was all bittersweet. For the briefest of moments, you could fool yourself into thinking his actions and endearing words held some truth, yet the wiser side of you knew it was all for show.

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Dating Mad Sweeney would include

Because I feel like there is desperate need for this on tumblr and after this episode we just need it.

• first of all: Sweeney does not date. It’s either the real deal, a man’s one true love or if your lucky a one night stand. There is no in between.

• you getting him out of a fight because “ he’ll no mate I won’t spend all night cleaning up that bloody face of yours

• him getting really protective. Even when there is no threat at all

•you borrowing his shirts and wear them as dresses because the dude’s 6'5

•being totally badass

•hugs always and everywhere and boy can that man hug

•angry sex is the best sex (and he is good in bed. I mean look at him. Of course he is good in bed)

•public sex. Let’s just say there is something about him that drives you crazy. He just has to complement your outfit and that’s it. Like the time when Shadow and Mr. Wednesday were in that bar with you two and you are 99% sure they know what you were doing in that bathroom

•"stealing" his sweatshirts. “You know that is my sweater?” “Yes but you are never getting it back. Ever!”

•Hugging. Always hugging.

• comforting each other when ever luck runs out. Mad Sweeney may appear as a huge dushbag but he has heart of gold that is easily hurting

• Shadow talking to you after a huge fight you and Mad Sweeney had. (“Y/N please just talk to him. I know he keeps telling me that he is Irish but that amount of alcohol can’t be healthy. Not even for a god! I know he won’t ever admit it but he is miserable without you!”)

• finding him (with a little help from Shadow) completely wasted in the corner of a bar after Shadow convinced you to just talk to him for five minutes

• when you sit down next to him, he just stares at you sadly (and drunk but mostly sadly) not saying anything but suddenly he leans in and kisses you like there is no tomorrow

• gazing into each other’s eyes. Foreheads pressed against each other. Unsteady breathing.

•Never. Ever leave me again! Promise?

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Headcanons for Peter quill when his s/o is badly injured during a fight

Peter when his s/o is badly injured during a fight:

  • Peter immediately zones out, and the only thing he can focus on is you.
  • He feels like he’s swimming underwater; he doesn’t care about what’s going on around him.
  • He rushes towards you and holds tightly onto your hand, because he’s too afraid to let go.
  • Completely abandons the mission. He’ll instruct everyone to go back to the ship and retreat, even though he rarely gives up on anything. 
  • He’ll get Drax to carry you back to the ship while he angrily fires at whoever he thinks fired at you.
  • When you’re safely out of the field, he’ll get Gamora or Drax to pilot the ship and he’ll stay by your side. He tries to help out with your wounds, but eventually Gamora will be the one who has the most medical knowledge. 
  • Whispers things like “it’ll be okay” over and over again, and Gamora wonders if he’s talking to you or talking to himself.
  • You try your best to make him feel better, because you know it’ll destroy him if he loses you.
  • Reaching out to touch his face and squeezing his hand, which makes him smile a little.
  • When you’re resting to recover, he’ll stay by your side the entire time.
  • When you finally wake up, you insist you can get back into the field, but Peter won’t let you.
  • “Are you crazy? You just got hit!” “So what?” “Jesus, y/n…” 
  • He’ll be a little overprotective of you after that, because he doesn’t want something to happen to you again, or worse. 
  • Him saying ‘I love you’ a lot more often, because he needs you to know that in case the worse happens.



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Title : Foreign

Pairing : Jinyoung x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Author : Myself

Summary : You’re supposed to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but you’re a foreigner and you start freaking out, so your boyfriend comforts you.

Red dress? Too fancy. Long skirt? Too Tacky. Jeans? Too casual.

You shook your hands in the air, throwing yet another piece of clothing and hating yourself for not being able to buy one single decent outfit for this important day. There was nothing worth being shown, and even less parade into in front of your boyfriend’s parents. You selected a pair of black pants and took a pale blue embroidered tunic, hoping it would have a girly effect on the people who were pictured as severe and merciless. You checked on your reflection in the mirror and sighed.

You looked like nothing they would love. Nothing at all.

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Of Bunnies and Chewing Gum

He can hear humming, something soft and sweet and totally unfamiliar to his ears, he knows he should be outside with the rest of the kindergarteners, it is the first day and his dad had told him it was super important to make friends but.. he doesn’t want too. He doesn’t want to be friends with stupid head Reggie, and Cheryl blossom chews gum even though it’s dangerous, not to mention Archie Andrews had said he’d save him a seat at snack time and he never did. So yeah, he doesn’t want to be friends with any of those people and.. and he definitely doesn’t want to play outside with them for recess.

So he does what he does best, he listens. His mama always said he was the greatest listener there was. He follows the tiny voice all the way down the hallway, peering through classroom doors until he finds the source of the sound.

Two long blonde pigtails are facing his way, a tiny yellow sundress and black flats with yellow bows, he can’t see her face but he can see the fluffy white tail of Honey, the class rabbit. Jughead pokes his head through the door, Mrs.Nina is sitting at her desk looking over paperwork when her eyes catch the tiny beanie wearing boy, sneakily watching little Betty Cooper.

“Jughead! I figured you’d be outside playing catch.” The young teacher calls out.

Jugheads cheeks blush rose petal pink as he shrinks into himself embarrassed at being caught.

“I umm.. I..” his voice comes out shaky and the pretty blonde girl with the pigtails turns his way, her eyes light up when she sees him and she slowly makes her way towards him, still carrying the ball of fluff.

“Hi! My name is Betty Cooper. I sit exactly four desks away from you. You’re Jughead Jones and you wear a very cool hat.” Her eyes are twinkling as she recites the information back to him, holding out the bunny in her arms. “This is Honey, she’s really soft and she makes a really funny sound if you press your face to hers.” She rambles, placing the bunny on a desk and tugging Jugheads hand down to pet the bunny.

He stiffens under her touch but the second his fingers meet the soft white fur he feels himself relax, his nerves lessen and he looks back up at her with a shy smile

“Yeah, soft.” He mumbles

The tiny five year old beams back at him
“I know! And listen, get real close.”

Jughead does as he’s told, he doesn’t think he could say no to Betty Cooper if he tried. Suddenly she’s humming again and Jugheads face is pressed into the bunnies fur. At the sound of Betty’s humming, Honey starts squeaking, a high pitched kind of chirp that makes Jughead smile. When he lifts his face Betty’s is practically wiggling in excitement.

“She likes you! Right Mrs. Nina, if she squeaks she likes you?” Betty is clutching his hand now and dragging Jughead over to the teachers desk.

“Of course! You guys are really great with Honey, what do you say I make you two the official Honey watchers. I know it’s a lot but if you guys can do it together..”

Betty is looking up at Jughead with hopeful childish eyes as her hands grip his shoulder, she’s relying on him, she wants his help. The swell of pride he feels in his five year old chest is new and he quite likes the feeling.

“We can do it.” He answers the teacher firmly.

Betty squeals and clutches his hand in her own, a tingly feeling shooting through both their bones.

“Okay then my little bunny parents, lets show you how to feed her.” As Mrs.Nina shows them the ropes of Bunny watching Betty stands I. Her tiptoes to whisper in Jugheads ear

“I’m gonna be a great bunny mom and you’re gonna be a great bunny dad.” Her breath smells like strawberries and cheerios and it smells so good he just wants taste it. Instead he just mumbles.


By the time recess is over Betty has moved her books over to the empty seat beside Jughead and is organizing her pencil case. He finally gets the nerve to ask the question that’s been on his mind.

“How come you weren’t at recess with everybody else? Don’t you wanna make friends?”

Something saddens in the tiny blondes eyes before she’s shaking her head and grinning again

“I did make a friend. You’re my best friend Juggie.” The nickname spills from her lips so casually Jughead finds he likes it. He likes it a lot.

“You’re my best friend too.. bets.” He can’t keep the crazy smile off of his face as she taps on his spelling book, giving him a stare eerily similar to his mamas.

After a few minutes of working he feels Betty lean over

“Besides.. Cheryl chews gum and that’s very dangerous.” She smiles at him and continues writing.

His jaw drops at her ability to read his thoughts and he shakes his head turning back to his work.


L . O . V . E


* tada now we have ghost!jaehyun and basically he is like casper the friendly ghost tbh
* but the thing is jaehyun doesn’t even know what happened to him or when it happened he’s just so clueless
* and like jaehyun can’t even remember what had happened before he was a ghost and of course that made him upset but he kind of just had to roll with it
* but of course that didn’t stop him from doing his best to research as much as he can to understand even in the slightest bit what happened but he never really gets anywhere???
* and jaehyun basically woke up in the field by the monster!nct house and so he assumed that this area would have to have something to do with it???
* and jaehyun’s kind of like the founder of the house and was the person who recruited everyone into the house
* like he found taeil in the library and was just like hey this kid is a vampire and saw yuta’s eye literally fall out and he pretty much figured it out that they were monsters too
* and so he’d go out every other month trying to find other monsters to offer them a place of shelter when he sees you huddled over a bench
* and you’re crying for some reason and you know jaehyun’s just a softie little ghost so he just kind of stands over you
* and you can’t see him because jaehyun can choose when to be visible even though only for a short time which ten envied before mark helped him
* and jaehyun usually all of his energy to appear and although in the right light he’d look transparent he looked real enough for you
* and of course you were shocked because hey this man just appeared right out of thin air!!
* and so you scream which startles jaehyun and his face just drops because he didn’t mean to scare you!! just trying to check up on you!!!
* and so now you’re upset and sacred and now jaehyun feels so horrible because he just cares a lot and he tries his best to apologize
* and he goes to put his hand on your shoulder to console you BUT IT JUST GOES RIGHT THROUGH YOU AND NOW YOURE SCREAMING AGAIN
* and jaehyun has realized that in the attempt to try and calm someone down he had ACCIDENTALLY MADE IT WORSE
* and he’s like no need to fear i’m just friendly neighborhood ghost and of course you’re over here freaking out EVEN MORE BECAUSE WHO IS THIS CUTE GHOST BOY
* and then he’s so tentative when he sits down by you still keeping enough distance so you’re not frightened and he just asks you if you want to talk
* and at first you’re like ??? but then you’re like oh yeah you are crying on a park bench and if this cute ghost wants to listen to you go for IT
* and so you explain to jaehyun that school was just rough today and you were feeling down and you just needed a good cry in the park
* and if JAEHYUN HAD A HEART IT WOULD BE SO SAD because right now all he wants to do is just give you a hug but he can’t obviously but he wants too or just hold your hand
* and so he just really wants to make you feel better to the best of his abilities and he can’t really do the whole physical contact thing so he’s like !!! and has the idea to do what he knows would cheer him up
* and this would in fact be ice cream
* so you’re like uhhhh jaehyun and he’s just like shhhhh and you don’t want to stop him because he just seems so excited to cheer you up??? so you kinda just let him
* and his eyes are sparkling as he points to all the flavors and he’s like a little boy in a candy store and so you just tell the guy behind the counter to get a scoop of everything jaehyun pointed too
* and you’re like jaehyun can you even eat??? and he’s like of course if he focuses hard enough and your heart is already swelling because he’s just so precious??? and him just being there makes you feel better???
* and so you two are sat outside and sure to anyone else they would have wondered why you got two spoons for a big ice cream when it’s just you but you’re just very discreet about it all let me tell you
* and jaehyun’s actually really happy for some reason??? he hasn’t felt like this in a really long time like he can’t even tell you when he remembers it last
* and that poor longing feeling is stuck in his heart again because something just feels so right???
* and you can tell jaehyun’s kind of spaced out so you wave your hand in front of his face and you’re pretty sure you must look crazy but hey you’re trying at least
* and suddenly jaehyun’s eyes light up because now it is around the time of a sunset and the place where jaehyun woke up just has the best and if there’s something he can show that makes him happy surely this can help you
* so jaehyun reaches for your hand and you almost feel his fingers wrap around yours before you’re running after him
* and you’re so out of breath but the smile on jaehyun’s face is just worth it?? and he just points excitedly at the sunset and you understand why you did rush so much because WOW
* and for a few seconds of seeing your smile jaehyun can almost see himself on this field a long time ago with some other girl
* and it’s just so vivid and bright that it kind of knocks the breath out of jaehyun like the boy falls to his knees and is just shaking
* and now it’s your turn to be concerned because you’re asking him what’s wrong you keep saying what’s wrong jaehyun and he just won’t talk his lips shaking just as much as his body
* and you didn’t expect it to work but you just closed your eyes and pulled what you imagined his body would be closer to yours and you just can feel him for a few seconds
* and you’re mumbling in his ear that it’s alright and that you’re here and that you’re not leaving anytime soon and that he’s okay
* and he finally manages to spit out that he remembered something and you’re just very ??? because you don’t know what he means until he explains to you and now it’s your turn to have your heart ache because this poor baby
* and jaehyun can’t explain again why he feels so comforted by you but he just does?? and eventually he looks at you and something in your eyes just kind of calms him down
* and jaehyun can just kinda feel that you’re part of the key to figuring out what had happened to him as cliche as that sounds
* and he didn’t even have to ask you twice before jaehyun felt your warm gaze of your eyes and he knew he’d finally get the answers he was looking for

another part with @dest-writes

the one with no title, but with five lava lamps (or how Root found herself with a collection of lava lamps)

A/N: First, I know I’m going to fuck up this post so I’m sorry in advance. I know html, but I don’t know tumblr. Second, a huge thank you to @kate-the-rabbit for her help and for the prompt. The prompt was “ Shaw coming home to the subway and finding Root has a collection of lava lamps “ and that’s…not what I wrote. Because of personal issues, I gave up writing. Now I’m trying to start writing again so if you like what you read, leave a prompt. 

Shaw comes back and Root only has one lava lamp.

That number will change in the following months.

Shaw wakes up to sheets that a) aren’t white and b) don’t smell that fresh, and for a moment she thinks she’s inside a simulation. Her heart rate goes up and for a moment (just one moment) she panics.

And then she sees Root stretching to the light of a lava lamp in the middle of the room, headphones on, hair up in a messy ponytail, as she tries (and succeed) to touch her knees with her head. She holds that position long enough for Shaw’s body to start to ache.

“Hey,” Shaw says and when Root doesn’t hear her, she clears her throat and tries again, but this time waving her hand. “Hey, hey, Root.”

Shaw doesn’t know if she got her attention or if the Machine told Root that she’s awake, but Root takes her headphones off and smiles, but doesn’t stretch up. “You know, while you were away, I had to go undercover as a prima ballerina and I must say, I was really good.”

6, 741 simulations and not once had Samaritan gotten Root right.

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anonymous asked:

everyone says roan is the biggest bellarke shipper? what r some examples of that?? LOVE your blog sm!!

Omg thank you sm! That means a lot! 

 I’m SO glad you asked. Lemme tell you something about Roan kom Azgeda. This man was a Bellarke stan from the get-go. Idc what anyone says.  I’m not going to post every instance that I saw it, because honestly I was probably reaching at some points. But I will give you the best examples I can. Note, I am awful at edits so I borrowed some gifs and sourced them for you, be sure to check out their blogs and shoot them a follow.  

Example 1: The first time he ever sees these two in a room together, this happens:

Originally posted by killiancomeback2me

Like the great Wanheda is literally begging for this mans life despite having acted like such an uncaring hardass thus far. 

Originally posted by bellarkesdaily

He looks at them like “oh…oh I see here.” And that’s the start of it all. Their dynamic isn’t really explored until s4, especially since most of Season 3 Bellarke spent apart and Clarke was with L/xa. But this moment, Roan remembers. And he fucking USES it. 

Season 4 tho….season 4 my friend. Lemme tell you. So…okay. First of all, like I said, Roan remembers that moment in the cave. He knows how to hit Clarke where it hurts when he needs to. This mother fucker takes Bellamy hostage and he knows what he’s doing.  Just for dramatic effect, look at these two when he rips the bag off Bellamy’s head.

And this motherfucker  sees it. He’s testing her because he knows she can’t just follow through with her plan, not with Bellamy in the line of fire. 

So anyways, moving on. The next scene occurs, and the whole scene is just really important so I linked a youtube video instead of gifs.

She seriously says she was willing to sacrafice her mother to beat ALIE and he’s like, yeah same. So I guess we’re fighting then. he DOESN’T eVEN MAKE IT TWO STEPS BEFORE SHE’S READY TO BARGAIN. GOTCHA BITCH!

Moving on to my favorite episode, aka MAD MAX: BELLARKE EDITION. Bellamy and Roan are forced to go on a mission together, thanks to BFF Clarke. The first good scene is this:

They’re bickering, as expected out of them. Bellamy is still iffy with grounders and really the only thing they have in common is their relationship with Clarke. Except Roan knows that with Bellamy, it’s more. He says her name like he’s’ testing him. The way he looks over at  Bellamy and is like “except maybe…CLARKE!” And Bellamy deadass side eyes him like…bro…for real?

(Last 3 Gifs: source)

So then, not long after this, they find the body on the beach. Bellamy uncovers it, literally TERRIFIED that it’s Clarke. But it isn’t, of course.


Roan saw the way Bellamy’s hands SHOOK when he lifted that tarp. Then he sees the sign of relief on Bellamy’s face and he KNOWS that Bellamy feels the same way Clarke feels about him. He’s like, “SIGH these crazy kids.” 

But for real, I’m no good an making meta posts. This is the best I  could come up with off the top of my head. If anyone has any BONUS material, feel free to add. These are just my personal favorite moments that show #RoanKnows.

ask-whistledixie  asked:

Since you asked: RID15 Sideswipe, Grimlock, Drift, and Strongarm reactions to hold a human baby for the first time? Bonus Fixit with the addition of baby's first word.



- Oh god, what does he do. Denny. Denny please help– Denny stop laughing! Help him out here!

- He’s so jittery about it. Human sparklings are so tiny and fragile; he’s never had to be so careful with something before. But, eventually, he does get the hang of it; especially when the baby starts cooing up at the brightly-colored person holding them. Sideswipe melts.

Once he gets the hang of it, he’s a full-fledged mom-level baby holder. 


- Oh, jeez. Everyone has their eye on Grim for this.

- … But, ironically, he’s the best with it.

- Grimlock has a dino-based alt mode, which means he gets the instincts that come with it. He’s holding the kid like a pro, cooing at them and making silly faces. Everyone’s thoroughly surprised.

- Whoever the kid belongs to now has a possible babysitting option in a giant, caring dinobot who adores the little baby so much


- He seems like he would know what he’s doing, but he really doesn’t. He’s just calm about it.

- Drift holds the kid really stiffly, not trying to move his arms at all. The kid gets kinda uncomfortable, too; looking up at Drift like he’s a crazy person.

- Eventually, Slipstream and Jetstorm hop in to help out, directing their sensei on what to do to the best of their ability. Drift eventually learns how to properly hold the kid, and that’s when he eases out a bit. He’s much calmer about it now that both he and the baby are comfortable.


- She goes through every manual on holding kids there is to go through, but she still ends up holding the kid in an awkward way that makes them huffy. She has to be directed, either by someone who already held the kid or the parent of the kid.

- Once she gets the hang of it, she kind of sits there in awe for a bit while looking at the kid. She flickers her lights a few times at the kid to make them laugh.

- Is now considering having kids of her own one day.



“Hello there, little one!” Fixit excitedly played with the human baby, lifting and playing with their tiny hands as they laugh. “How are you–? Wait, human infants can’t speak as this age. My apologies.” He “ahem”s into his fist, continuing to play with the baby with the other hand.

“My name is Fi–Fi–” Fixit was caught in a glitch for a couple seconds, the baby stopping it’s laughing to tilt it’s head at the minicon. The baby, almost telepathically, understood what they had to do; and reached over to hit the minicon in the side of the head with one of their toys. After doing so with a clank, Fixit caught back up to what he was saying. “– Fixit!”

The kid let out a laugh at the flustered minicon, scrunching their nose and rocking back and forth. Then, they surprised everyone in the general vicinity, when a babyish little voice spoke up. “Flicks-i!”

The chorus of “awww!”s was drowned out by Fixit’s squeeing.