he has the best clothes

I’m just imagining at some point in the future where Yuuri and Viktor become parents and it’s all good and they’re aggressively doting Skatin’ Dads and then one day Yurio is like ‘hey when do I get to babysit?’

And Yuuri & Viktor are a bit ??? because Yuri’s never really seemed like the babysitting type, you know. But they’re like, well he seems to do okay when they’re all together we’ll give him a chance. So for their next date night they have Yuri come and watch The Baby. They’re a bit nervous of course, keeping an eye on their phones more than usual, but Yuri keeps them updated and it all goes swimmingly. They’re even pleasantly surprised when Yuri mentions that she didn’t even fuss when he put her to bed. She always fusses when someone else puts her to bed!

And so Yuri sort of becomes their go-to babysitter. Baby likes Yuri. Yuri likes Baby. Yuuri & Viktor get nice, relaxing date nights. Wee!

They also happen to notice new baby things popping up here and there: various toy kitties, baby-sized tiger print leggings, various pairs of animal print neon colored socks. All of which really stand out against all the over priced baby clothes Viktor has bought for her. And then one day Yuuri’s going to dress the baby for an outing and finds a baby leather jacket(complete with a roaring tiger on the back) in the closet.

He of course brings it to Viktor like ‘did you buy this?’

And Viktor is like ‘wtf no, that totally goes against The Aesthetic I’m going for.’

They both just stare at the jacket for a minute and then Viktor is texting Yuri ‘did you buy our baby an ugly leather jacket???’

Yuri replies five seconds later with ‘1st of all: fuck you. 2nd: I’m helping make sure your kid turns out cool, god knows she’s gonna need all the help she can get with your two uncool idiots for her parents. 3rd: fuck you again bc that jacket is fucking AWESOME.’



From top to bottom: Detective Dave Reyes, Deputy Marshal Sam Massey, Reza Fassihi, Nikhil Mantha, Mirasol Bautista, Cassandra Leigh, Ryan Summers

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in honor of Armin's birthday... favorite thing to have on their birthday/favorite kind of cake?

**and Alexy’s*


  • If someone asks what he wants, he will just yell across the house “to stay home”.
  • Always the first to tell Alexy happy birthday.
  • Plays games all morning before Alexy snatches him up.
  • Doesn’t want to leave home for the whole day.
  • Abuses his birthday privileges has an excuse like “Well, it’s my birthday”. 
  • *Still* doesn’t give a crap what he wears out.
  • Always takes advantage of his birthday privileges.
  • Would rather spoil himself than have someone else spoil him.
  • Willfully shops with Alexy, only because it’s their birthday.
  • Hangs out with Alexy for the day even though he’d want have time for himself.
  • Buys Alexy loads of birthday presents, likes spoiling him.
  • Doesn’t care if he’s in charge or not as long as the boy is happy.
  • Spends most of his allowance on video game merchandise and video games.
  • Loves chocolate cake with vanilla batter. It’s like the best of both worlds.
  • Thinks he’s cool as hell lighting up candles with a lighter.
  • Puts Alexy first before himself, regardless of their birthday.
  • Likes a bunch of birthday candles, always blows them out quickly.
  • Thinks that decorations are extra - they’ll only be there for one day of every year.
  • Was probably dragged out of the house by Alexy.
  • Doesn’t want a bunch of gifts ?? he’s not into getting a whole lot of stuff 
  • Stays up all night to enjoy his ‘whole birthday’. 
  • Exhausted after the whole party,, wishes he got more sleep.


  • Always wakes up late but somehow manages to be the first to tell Armin happy birthday.
  • Will honestly find a way to open that locked door, Armin can try all he wants, he’ll find a way.
  • Sleeps very late in the day, likes getting his beauty sleep on the big day.
  • Is in charge of all events and decorations.
  • Wears the best casual clothing he has. Stands out everytime. 
  • Doesn’t really want to hang with his friends ?? Stays with Armin. 
  • Shops for his own presents usually clothes and accessories (hats, sunglasses).
  • Takes funny selfies with Armin, has a picture of them both wearing ‘sexy’ glasses.
  • Likes talking about the memories of their other birthdays bc he’s like that.
  • Tries not to shop for too long so Armin doesn’t get annoyed.
  • Super cautious of what Armin wants to do ?? Wants him to have fun too.
  • For Armin’s sake, he probably took him to some dessert place.
  • Likes being the center of attention, only when Armin’s there too. 
  • Takes a lot of pictures when Armin isn’t looking, likes candid pictures.
  • Takes a picture every year of them on their birthdays. Started when he was in elementary school.
  • Will take any present and any present with open arms.
  • Loves red velvet cake, thinks it’s the best dessert ever.
  • Prefers big cupcakes over cake since it’s like a cake for each person.
  • Buys Armin that one thing he’s wanted that no one else could get.
  • Very awake after the whole party, just energetic. 
  • Ends up staying up with Armin since he can’t sleep.

- Probably being Bruce’s Spouse, or S/O

- Damian not allowing you to touch him at first.

-So he would crawl over to your room at three in the morning, and just is sleep by your bed on the floor.

- “We have twelve bedrooms, and you choose to sleep on the floor….”

-If you happened to wake up you would scoot over so he could sleep on the other side of the bed without touching you.

- “It’s okay, I won’t move.”

- When he finally warms up to you he won’t stop touching you.

-Him literally hanging onto you as you walk around the house.

- He almost looks like a baby koala, his arms are around your neck, and his legs wrap around your mid section while your arms support the bottom of his legs and his head is snuggled into the crook of your neck. 

-”Damian hang on a little tighter I don’t want to drop you.”

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Prompt: robbie always wonders why sportacus wears his clothes to bed so he decides to be sneaky and find out. He finds out sportacus has various scars, on his body but mostly his back and legs.

[ Evil I say evillllll. I love. Hope you don’t mind me being evil too~]

For the longest time, Robbie wonders about Sportacus’ odd habit of going to bed in his clothes. Surely wearing that skin tight outfit all day was stifling enough and then he’s wearing it all night? Even Robbie has to commend him on his supposed dedication of being prepared at all hours of the night.

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Ok but have you considered the following:

•Even though Hinata doesn’t have the best fashion sense he has to pick out Oikawa’s clothes for him just because Oikawa has such horrible fashion sense

•Hinata having panicked phone calls with Kageyama while Oikawa is in the shower, not knowing whether the pink shirt or the blue shirt will look better with the blazer and they’re meeting his parents in t w e n t y m i n u t e s

•Hinata has no clue how to tie ties or bow ties so when they wear them Oikawa has to stoop down or like. Get on his knees or sit on the bed to tie Hinata’s for him

•Oikawa and Hinata buying matching suits for special occasions

•Oikawa squirming around and complaining while Hinata takes a video and laughs during the fitting for said suits

•They show up late for nearly every event because they fought over Oikawa’s clothes, and despite Hinata’s best efforts Oikawa is stubborn and is either wearing ugly/brightly colored socks under his suit or his tie/bow tie/kerchief is fucking plaid or mismatched pinstripes

•Hinata is s u f f e r i n g

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Do "2p italy father headcanons" pls, (fem child)

2P Italy as a father
I’ve never thought about that
I honestly don’t think any of his relationships could last long enough for a child to come into the picture
He does have a soft spot for kids, tho

•you can bet your ass he’ll be enrol long her in every self defence and martial arts class around
•she will be Buff
•he’d make sure she was proficient in every weapon possible (mostly knives)
•she’s been learning about the Family Business™ since she could walk
•this man is raising a criminal
•on purpose
•he needs to so she can take over as head of the family one day
•he and Uncle Flavio would make sure she has The Best clothes (whether that be dresses or otherwise. she will always be comfortable in her clothes)
•when she brings her first s/o home, there will be questions
•whoever is dating his little girl better be pretty fantastic
•she’d be far from spoiled
•have work for everything she wants
•but Luciano would make sure she knows she deserves the world


This started out as one of those shitty panel redraws that I always do when I have an art block but it turned out MUCH better than planned. Now I want to finish painting it. 

Thanks to Shuggazoom’s climate being tropical, the Hyperforce’s suits were not at all equipped to deal with a sudden climate change, so they had to abandon them in favor of good ol’ fashioned winter wear. At least, that’s my excuse for drawing them all in cute hats and scarves. :D

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Rfa/saeran/v's reactions to the mc being tol

A/N: Hiya cuties! These requests are similar so we decided to combine them, hope it’s alright!

I totally get what you mean! Everyone assumes MC is short, and it’s like???? I’m almost 6 feet??? So how would they react to me??? (゚ー゚;) ~Admin 404

Honestly, I’m not even that tall (I think i’m like 5’8 or something?) and I’m almost get offended when everyone assumes MC is short  ;~; leT MC BE TALL, VIVA LA TALL PEOPLE (imkiddingthankyouforthisrequestthough^^) ~ Admin 626


-Honestly does not mind that you’re taller than him


- secretly loves that when he hugs you, his face “accidently” ends up against your breasts

-The first time it happened he was so flustered!!

-”OH MY GOD! MC! I’m so sorry omg omg omg I didn’t mean to- I just- AAAAAA

-A little sad that you don’t put your head on his shoulder often

-’Cause craning your neck like that hURTS DUDE IM SORRY

-So, as an alternative, you let him put HIS head on YOUR shoulder

-A lil salty that he’s seen even more like a kid because of the height difference

-Also loves when he hugs you from behind and he can bury his face in between your shoulder blades, he can hide from the world back here!!!



-You must be 6 foot+ to be taller than him

-Your legs, yoUR LEGS


-T H O S E L E G S

-He knows the struggle of long legs so everything is roomy- cars, airplane seats, everything

-Also knows the struggle of fiNDING PANTS THAT ARE LONG ENOUGH admin salt

-So he has the best clothes customized to your height!

-Always reminding you to watch your head when you go certain places, and especially when you get in and out of the car

-10/10 always mindlessly drawing patterns along your legs



-Makes sure he picks the best babies to drive you around in so you aren’t uncomfortable at the lack of leg room

-If you smack your knee on a table when you try getting up, he’s immediately dropping down to kiss it

-When you hug him from behind and put your chin on his shoulder he’S DECEASED




-”How’s the weather up there?” jokes

- seriously saeyoung like i havent heard those before

-Climbs up your back all the time! “CARRY ME MC! PIGGYBACK RIDE!”


-S A L T

-He does like the leg aspect though

- its his longest yeah boi ever

-He also likes that you guys have to get bigger blankets just so it fits over you

-Which means he just gets extra blanket room!!! Yes!!

-Also likes when you two are cuddling in bed because it’s easier for him to lay his head on your chest

-Head on chest = He can hear your heartbeat = happy and relaxed Saeran

-HATES when you hold something he wants over your head

- seriously will climb up you to get whatever it is he gives no fucks

- Blushes furiously when he’s the small spoon but secretly loves it



- he’s honestly loving that you’re tall



- kissing you is so easy!!! He doesn’t have to dip his head down, he can just kiss you when he wants and he surprises you with tons of kisses <3

-S N U G G L E

- he loves that he can feel how warm you are all along his body <3


- he’s lowkey salty though???

- he doesn’t like that you’re taller than him in heels



- this little lady has a heart attack when you two first meet!!!

- Her head is barely tall enough to reach your chest??? Wtf mc

- omg she loves it though, yOU’RE SO MUCH FUN TO HUG


- tough days at the office are erased away when your arms envelope her completely and her head is against your chest

- 10/10 nothing is better than being the little spoon, but she loves pressing her face against your back when she’s the big spoon


- stifleshergiggleswheneveryourheadhitsthetopofadoorway

- shesnotsuccessfulathidinghergiggles

- as revenge, you put everything on the high shelves and you don’t take down anything for a week



- You ALWAYS call him a giraffe even though Jumin is taller than him??


- one day you make another blind joke (“Hey V, roses are reds, violets are blue, you’re fucking blind” “thanks MC”)

- he actually laughs and he goes to pat your head!

- “MC why is your head so soft???”

- “That’s my boob, V”

- W H A T

- this guy thought you were like 5’4 because you always call him giraffe???

- But you’re like actually 5’10???

- who’sthegiraffenowyouhoe

- you being tall has like 0 affect on him though? He doesn’t care if you’re short or tall, you’re cutie MC either way <3

- but you can bet your sweet ass this boy is thinking “There’s more of her for me to love!!!” because he’s such a cutie pie

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Logic and Emotion, describe best you can how you feel about Cecil~

Logic: It took time to accept it but to state it simply, I love him.

Emotion: Ohhhh I love so much about him, his voice, his face, his smile, his–

Logic: This will take a while, but we both love him very much. Emotion realized this sooner, I held us back. A battle that just needed to be solved with balance between us. Head over heart, something Carlos has been working with for sometime now. He has made progress and it is for the best. 

Emotion: His clothes, his little snore, how he snorts when he laughs–


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asadaisuga for the domestic thing,

My OT3, Asahi/Daichi/Sugawara: 

  • Who’s more dominant:

The individual partner with the most influence over the other two would probably be Suga, because he is simultaneously the best at reading people and the one most willing to be blunt about what he notices or wants. Daichi has the most commanding disposition but his intuition is the weakest of the three, and he doesn’t really use his “Captain voice” once he’s not their captain anymore (and even when he does, only Asahi still responds to it that way). Asahi doesn’t have an interest in being “dominant” anyways, and a lot of his endearing traits come from his passivity and compassion. 

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Suga is the most tactile one. Asahi appreciates cuddles the most, but he’s also the shiest about reaching out, even after they’ve been together for ages he only really takes cuddles when his mental state is frazzled or needy. And Daichi has learned to love being held or holding the others overtime, but initially he had the strongest sense of personal space. 

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Asahi grows up to be the largest physically, so it’s easiest for the others to cuddle into him and make themselves little spoons. But Daichi has learned that letting Asahi be little spoon after a rough day can bring him down from feeling anxious. In general they have to trade off, with three people in one bed. Suga only wants to big spoon when he’s feeling horny and wants the freedom to touch all over his lovers. 

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Watching movies is one they can all agree on pretty easily. They just become a cuddle pile on the couch and run a commentary if it’s a movie they’ve seen before. Suga is the one who talks most during a movie. 

  • Who uses all the hot water:

Asahi is the worst offender. He claims his showers take the longest because his hair takes a lot of time to wash and condition, and “don’t you want me to have nice hair?” Daichi is also pretty bad about this because he insists on shaving nearly everyday “so that he’s not whiskery like Mr. Goatee.” 

  • Most trivial thing they fight over:

Absolutely everything. Their relationship is built on a lot of playful ribbing and teasing even before they get together romantically. But in terms of an actual fight where feelings get hurt, it’s probably a fight about what pet they’re going to have. Suga wants cats, Asahi wants a dog, Daichi insists the vote needs to be unanimous, and can’t we get a smaller mammal, anyways?  

  • Who does most of the cleaning:

Asahi is the most domestic in the manner of keeping a clean house. Daichi tries to clean up after himself at the very least, but Suga loves having someone else to count on so he can be as flippant as he wants about the state of his stuff. 

  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue:

All of them contribute to the Netflix queue and there’s a rule about not skipping anyone’s pick when they get to it (unless someone’s had such a shit day that the other two are willing to defer to his choice). They also have a small DVD collection that’s mostly Ghibli and Disney films, and movies they watch frequently.

  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  

Daichi. Asahi is convinced their landlord doesn’t like him (with good reason).

  • Who leaves their stuff around:

SUGA. Every room is Suga’s room. Suga’s socks, his keys, his clothes, his books – he leaves pieces of himself everywhere. 

  • Who remembers to buy the milk:

Suga! Grocery shopping is one of his favorite chores, probably because he’s the most extroverted of the three of them so he loves having an excuse to go out and talk to people. He strikes up conversations with cashiers all the time and it kind of drives Asahi crazy.

  • Who remembers anniversaries:  

All of them have such competitive personalities, overt or not, that forgetting an anniversary would be grounds for a year of being messed with and it never happens. 

  • Who cooks normally:

They trade off. Asahi is the best cook of the three, but Daichi handles breakfast. Suga is the type who will attempt to cook to give the other two a day off, and it’s always appreciated, but he’s not as practiced. 

  • How often do they fight:

Big fights are uncommon because there is always a third party to mediate when things get heated between the other two. Their biggest fights probably come about when one of them is about to give up a really good opportunity (for whatever reason) and the other two can’t let him do that. 

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other:

Text messages. They have one group chat but also chats happen between each separate pair therein, and they’re basically always in touch when they’re not at work. Suga jokingly refers to this as “evidence of our co-dependence”.

  • Nicknames for each other:

Daichi gets “Dai,” Suga is already a nickname but he also gets “Kou”, and Asahi gets the opposite of a nickname: whenever Suga and Daichi are teasing him or pretending to scold him, he gets called by his family name. 

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner:

Daichi. He’s the most likely to have the most money in his wallet. Suga is an impulsive buyer of cute little things, and Asahi just carries the amount of money he thinks he’ll need and not much more, relying a lot on ATMs. 

  • Who steals the covers at night:

Asahi, the human bean burrito. Suga complains that as the biggest, he should already have the most body heat, and give the blankets to those less fortunate. Asahi will counter that he’s practically a furnace with how much heat he gives off, and he needs the covers as protection from Suga’s icy hands and feet. 

  • What would they get each other for gifts:

Daichi gives practical yet personal gifts, like monogrammed journals. Suga gives sentimental gifts or novelty things (especially ones that will benefit him in some way), and he’s the person most likely to give clothes as a gift (he has the best eye for fashion). Asahi is the sort of person who will remember something you expressed a passing interest in months ago and then go back and get it for you as a gift.

  • Who kissed who first:

Suga kissed Asahi first. Daichi’s stomach absolutely flipped and he probably got a little hard just watching the two of them kissing. 

  • Who made the first move:

Probably some combination of Asahi and Suga. I am partial to my headcanon that Daichi lacks self-awareness about his romantic leanings because he relies on Suga to keep track of that stuff for him, when they’re in high school. 

  • Who remembers things:

Asahi has a particular memory for times where he felt really loved, or else really hurt. Daichi has a very good general memory of things the way they actually happened. Suga’s memory is the weakest, and is tied to sensory triggers like smells and tastes. 

  • Who started the relationship:

Suga was the one who took the initiative of bringing shy Asahi and clueless Daichi into the same place and saying “I’m pretty sure we’re all in love with each other confirm/deny?” 

  • Who cusses more:

Daichi. Asahi is notable for rarely cursing unless he’s caught off-guard (and that becomes a game of seeing who can get him to do it the most). 

  • What would they do if the other one was hurt:

Having known each other so long they have all seen the others in pain at some point, so while it is always alarming and concerning, there is a sense of confidence in each other’s will to get better. But having two lovers also means having two nurses whenever you are down and out. 

  • Who is the dirty talker:

Suga Suga Suga. Not even just “dirty talk,” he’s the one who has the easiest time talking about sex in general. But definitely also a dirty talker. 

  • A head canon:

Despite knowing there are multiple reasons they can’t get married, sometimes they will trade family names between them in conversation. 

 People are constantly comparing Phil to Dan. How he doesn’t have as much subscribers, how much more attractive Dan apparently is. I have nothing against Dan, it’s not his fault. But people are always saying that Phil is immature and childish. People are always talking about how he isn’t intelligent or articulate, and that he’s ugly. I just don’t understand?? It’s okay if his videos aren’t your type, but when you hate him because he is ‘ugly’ or ‘worthless compared to Dan’ then I just ????? Have you ever stopped to think that Phil is a real human being that has feelings and isn’t Dan Howell?? ????? Let me just say a couple of things:

1 He is intelligent. He went to the University of York, which is ranking 14th in best universities in U.K, the only university to have ever taken over Oxford University, when it came second to Cambridge. He has a degree in English Language and Linguistics and a post graduate in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects.

2 He is really kind and caring. He never swears, and he tries his fucking hardest to keep us happy. He doesn’t make videos that are serious and sad because he wants people to watch his videos and feel happy. He has saved so many people and done so much.

3 He is FUCKING ADORABLE. Yes, he may be 28 years old, but he has a cute little giggle and squeak and when he’s scared he hides behind his hands and he wears cartoon shirts and eats Lucky Charms cereal. He owns little minifigures and plushies. He looks so fuckign cute. (Especially in the TABINOF book process video when he is balancing chairs and says how it’s a typical day like honestly he looked so cute and chubby and I died).

4 He is hot as fuck. He has a great fashion style and looks good in everything like seriously, he looks good in t-shirts, button up shits, shorts, jeans, suits, without any clothes on costumes, basically anything. He has the best fuckin face, honestly he has pale skin (but like a natural pale ya feel me), high cheek bones, blue/green eyes and black hair. Are you kidding his arms are just hnnnnnggg and his fucking legs and he is secretly flirty as fuck but hides and pretends he’s ‘innocent’ which just makes him 100x hotter I swear to fuck.

I swear to fuck I will defend Philip Michael Lester with my life. He has helped me through so much, and he doesn’t deserve all this hate. 



Buck-Tick, Imai Hisashi

Everyone has shared Atsushi Sakurat and the BT group  photos from FT.076 but as far as I can see, no one shared the photos of Imai from this shoot and I think of them all, Imai has the best costume. He looks awesome here :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE his clothes here and I want them! :-D

I’ve read and seen quite a few reviews of Psycho Pass, and one common complaint I see about it - especially when considering Makishima - is that it’s “overly pretentious” and too full of “hipster book references” or what have you. Which always seemed weird to me, because I always felt that the narrative portrayed this as a negative aspect of Makishima and a subtle jab at people too into the past.

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