he has such pretty hands

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sorry this is very random but i legit never noticed how tiny heejuns hands are? they are so small thats adorable

hes really the smol in knk like from height to size

he really has pretty hands and seungjun likes to compliment heejun’s hands a lot too! 

also heejun’s hand is so much smaller than inseong’s oh my god


A Look™

Am I the only one who ever wonders why he always wears that same ring on his index finger?

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41, jimon

41. Against a Locker kiss

Simon is… not having a really great day. He was late, he failed his math test, and to top it all off he got detention, which is putting a damper on his plans to hang out with Jace after school. He’s making his way through the hallway, frowning at the floor like maybe it’ll open up a portal to another dimension where he will have a better day than the one he’s having now. Suddenly, he’s being body slammed into a locker. He lets out a squeak, and then sighs in relief when he sees it’s only Jace. “Hi, babe.”

“Hello,” Jace says. He has Simon pretty much pinned against the lockers, hands leaning on them on either side of Jace’s face. Jace leans down and kisses Simon, softly, and Simon gladly leans into it. At least not everything about his day sucks.

“I can’t hang out after school,” he tells Jace regretfully, pulling away, “I have detention.”

“I know,” Jace says, still grinning, “Clary told me.”

Simon frowns, “You seem way too happy for someone who just heard his boyfriend can’t hang out with him today.”

Jace shrugs, “It’s fine, really, because I got detention too.”

Simon squints at him, “Please don’t tell me you got detention just to spend more time with me.”

The fact that Jace doesn’t answer him, only kisses him again, is really all Simon needs to know.

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Hey there. Can I get Hanamiya being angry af and holding Reader in place while doing the do and continuing even after them coming? And some overstimulation? THAT'D BE NEAT. Thanks in advance and I hope this isn't too specific or limiting. orz

Surprise surprise, Anon- Chan. NSFW ahead, read at your own risk! 

“Did you really think I wouldn’t punish you for this, kitten? I mean, it’s like you don’t know me at all.” Hanamiya said, purring softly in your ear. 

you took in a sharp breath of air as a reflex, that was a mistake, his hand automatically flew to your throat. He put his hand around it gently, not hard enough to constrict your breathing, but the threat was there. 

“M-Mako-kun I swear I didn’t mean to let Hara-san touch me like that I d-didn’t know what to do he just came onto me and I-” You were cut off by the low growl that left his throat. 

There was no way that you were going to get out of this. Hara had cornered you, and In a moment of weakness you had let him. Hanamiya had stepped out for a moment to look for some footage for the team to study for their next game. Before you could even blink Hara was upon you, his hand slithering up your thigh, his sugar coated tongue trying to coax you with sugar coated words. A blush instantly came to your face and you began stuttering, not knowing how to fix the issue. You knew Hanamiya was going to be furious when he found out, you didn’t think the anger would be directed at you. Yet here you were, pinned to the wall in the boys locker room as Hanamiya breathed down your neck, inciting fear and panic that was evident on your face. 

You felt teeth graze the side of your neck and braced yourself, waiting for the sharp bite to come. Hanamiya loved marking you when he was mad, he always left your thighs neck and stomach black and blue with evidence of his passion. The bite never came, normally this would be comforting, but for some reason the tension felt different. This kind of anger was new, you had heard of this before, it was called the “Killing Calm” where he was past the point of anger, and could think of nothing more than punishing you for your supposed misconduct. 

“I hope you’ve realized that I have something special planned for you tonight pet.” He smirked, making you even more uneasy.

 “Oh, don’t look so frightened love, it won’t hurt if you behave yourself.” a chuckle rang in your ears as the filth spilled past his lips. 

“M-Mako-” he silenced you with a kiss.

“Now now, first rule, no speaking unless spoken too. That mouth of yours has gotten you into enough trouble tonight pretty baby.” He said running a hand through your hair. 

“Are you wet for me? I bet you are, you always were a real slut for dirty talk.” He stated, stepping back to assess your state.

His hands untucked your shirt from the confines of your uniform skirt. His hands skidded down your stomach, obviously he was physically searching for an answer to his previously asked question. 

“Mm, kitten you never cease to please me.He smirked as he ran his fingers in between your folds. 

“Don’t worry pretty baby, I know how much you can handle, I won’t go beyond that.” He comforted you, noticing the fear written on your face.

Normally he wanted you scared, he got off on it even. But tonight, he wanted you to give yourself to him completely, he wanted there to be no boundaries tonight. 

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t walk straight for a month.” He growled into your ear, shoving your legs apart and pressing a knee to your apex with such force that it drove you up the wall a bit. 

You were desperate, you needed him NOW. There was no waiting, if you didn’t feel some form of friction you were going to lose your mind. You began grinding yourself against his leg - letting out a breathy moan when you receive satisfaction at last. When you realized what you were doing you had stopped and looked up at your beloved’s face, he had an eyebrow raised and a sexy smirk across his face. 

“Look at you, fucking yourself on my leg like a cat in heat. How…pathetic.” these words dripped from his tongue like poison. 

You should have been repulsed, but his words went straight to your core, making your body ache with more need than you thought possible. 

“Now, I think further punishment is in order. Because last time I checked, I didn’t tell you to do that.” Hanamiya stated in an uncharacteristically sweet tone. 

“Look at the mess you made, you horny slut.” He emphasized this by dragging his finger through the wetness on his leg, and slipping his fingers past your lips. 

“Oh? Did that turn you on? I didn’t think you were narcissistic enough to get off on the taste of your own cunt.” He let out a bellowing laugh, bringing a blush to your cheeks. 

You had never tried so hard to keep yourself from speaking before, you wanted so badly to beg him for it. The heat was slowly rising, a knot beginning to form into your stomach. 

“Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, hm?” He proposed, his hand going to his waist and removing his belt.

You instantly knew where he was going with this, and didn’t see the point in protesting. You raised your arms above your head as he smiled.

“Good girl, stay still.” He said, raising the belt to your wrist and wrapping it around them. He made sure that there was no room for you to get loose, and smirked to himself.  

He was going to ruin you, and you were prepared to let him. 

“The more you struggle the worse it gets. You know this game very well my love.” He turned you around, pressing your chest up against the wall.

Your skirt was practically ripped from your body, the only thing left on you was your uniform shirt, that had been unceremoniously ripped open, and your underwear. A pretty matching lace set that Hanamiya had gifted you. You heard a grunt leave his lips.

 “Oh really now, you little whore - what if he had lifted your skirt, everyone would have seen this pretty ass of yours. I didn’t give you this for you to flaunt it to everyone and their mother.” he emphasized this by running a hand over the curve of your behind, bringing down a smack on it so hard that the slap echoed in the empty locker room. 

“What was that? You want it harder? Oh baby.” He chuckled to himself as he brought his hand down on your ass a second time. He took note of the wet spot forming on your panties. 

“How am I supposed to punish you when you’re so weak to everything I do to you kitten. All I can think of his that dumbass having his hands all over you.” He purred. 

He went on like this until your behind was so red, that there was practically a handprint left, your underwear having been discarded around the 15th time his hand came down across your globes. Your head was spinning and the knot in your stomach had tightened even more. Your head felt as if it was going to explode.

 “Oh baby, you look so pretty like this. So helpless, so…mine” Hanamiya smirked

Your eyelids felt heavy, feeling tired from Hanamiya’s violent ministrations. You were so tired you didn’t even notice your lover unzipping his pants.

“Oh pretty baby, don’t tell me you’re all tuckered out. I haven’t even gotten to the best part. You haven’t learned your lesson: Your body belongs to me, nobody gets to touch it. But. ME.” Hanamiya said rubbing the tip of his member between your folds growling the last word into your ear. Your eyes widened and you bit your lip.

.“Do I have your attention? Good, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.” Hanamiya whispered into your ear. 

Hanamiya dragged you over to the bench and bent you over it. He slammed himself inside of you, and began rocking into you with such force that you came undone within minutes. As you came around his member you felt Hanamiya reach around you and grab your breast. 

“Oh kitten, did that feel good? I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t figured out what I’m playing at here. I’m gonna show you who this little cunt belongs to” He continued to thrust into you making your tired body twitch. 

“I’m not stopping for the world kitten, I want you to give yourself to me. Now, how about another round, I’m still itching to go.” He purred into your ear.

You were in for a long night. 

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Jonas having tiny hands compared to mitch tbh at first he was annoyed but he then realizes He likes how his hand gets swallowed in mitchs he feels safe

this is so soft…..

Jo has pretty small hands, average, but Mitch is a fuckigngn Freak Giant and his hand engulfs Jo and they’re both……….. So Soft and Gay


Requested By Anon

Aiden x Fem!reader

Warnings: Smut, Wolf/Werewolf talk, Semi Public Sex, Sex At School, Almost Caught By Stiles

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my mom has a bunch of pretty rose and heart tattoos and im kinda jealous

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Wow. Defending telling an orphan he'd be well-served if he died like one of his dead parents, that's a new low for you. Defending it bc Snape was "upset" and "no filter" and too fucking stupid to listen to 5 people telling him the same thing, even worse. Oddly, having ostensibly good intentions doesn't make it ok to treat kids like dog shit, that's sick. And no, even the Dursleys never told Harry he'd be well served if he died. Umbridge, maybe. So Snape's competing w Voldy, Umbitch and Draco.

lmao you didn’t read that post at all did you????

snape isn’t “too stupid” to listen to five people. two people are kids who literally treated him like shit for years and he has pretty first-hand evidence of how likely it is that sirius black could be a murderer so i’m hardly surprised he doesn’t listen to them. the others are all thirteen year olds, dude. of course snape isn’t going to listen to them.

uh the dursleys regularly tell harry that he’s going to end up like his trash (dead) parents so….. whatever u need to tell urself to float ur boat anon i guess? and no umbridge doesnt actually tell him that hes going to die like his parents…. instead she just plain tortures him and tries to force him to take truth potions. but sure, snape’s mean comments are definitely as bad. right. okay.

dude when did i say that it was okay for snape to talk to harry like that? explaining what i think he’s saying and why he’s saying it doesnt automatically mean that i think that’s the proper way to talk to a child. i just didn’t think it was bad enough to warrant the idea that snape (and snape alone) traumatized harry sooooo much with that comment. i mean yeah, it’s a bad thing to say. but the original anon (who is probably you tbh) was misreading it to make it seem a lot worse than it actually was. 

finally can you pls go fuck yourself instead of dropping by my inbox to call me sick i’d really appreciate that thanks

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Headcanon for 7 playing cards together? Who wins? Who sulks as they lose?

Sorry this is so late! Also, pretty much everything I know about playing cards is from watching James Bond so no promises on the accuracy of this ;)

Sam Chisolm: First thing that comes to mind is: hella good poker face. Seriously. No one has any idea whether he has an amazing hand or a terrible one, so he’s a pretty formidable opponent. He doesn’t tend to make big bets, and it’s impossible to rile him up or get him to do something stupid; because of those things also, he doesn’t mind much if he loses. He doesn’t always win, but he’s always one of the best players. 

Joshua Faraday: He’s used to winning, but that sometimes requires cheating. However, this group is sharper than most, so he pretty much always gets called out when he cheats, and then he’s a sore loser, usually ending up sullen and cranky, requiring a good deal more alcohol before he’s up for another game. He also usually blames whoever beats him of cheating, even though he knows it’s not true.

Vasquez: He doesn’t play a lot, so he’s way too easy to read. His emotions show on his face and his tells are obvious- he chews his lip if he’s got a bad hand, he drinks and laughs more if he’s got a good one, etc. He’d be decent if it weren’t for that, but he gives away what his cards are, so he usually loses, and starts to fold earlier and earlier in the game the longer the night goes on.

Goodnight Robicheaux: He takes it easy; he doesn’t particularly care much for cards but he’ll play if the others want to. He’s all right at cards, but he has a very relaxed attitude and like Sam, and he doesn’t bet much, so he doesn’t care much if he wins or loses. He never found cards worth spending much time on.

Billy Rocks: He’s not very good at cards. However, he has a totally imperturbable poker face, so it’s a shame he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He usually only plays one or two rounds and then stops because he hates doing stuff he’s not good at in front of other people, especially ones he respects.

Jack Horne: He’s surprisingly good at cards, and his performance in the first couple rounds takes everyone by surprise. According to the book, he does everything wrong, and he seems easy to read because he shows a lot on his face, but it’s incredibly hard to interpret. He might smile at a bad hand because he finds it amusing that his luck was so bad, or he might frown at a good hand, trying to strategize the best way to play it. He ends up winning a lot more than anyone expected.

Red Harvest: Similar to Billy, he has a great poker face, but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Faraday offers to help him out, and he’s about to take him up on it when Goodnight points out that Faraday is just doing it to see what his hand is. After that, Red Harvest gets defensive and doesn’t accept help from anyone, but he keeps playing until he gets good at it.

Comparing Hand Size (BTS)

“Hello~can you do a bts reaction to their gf comparing how small her hand is to theirs, thank you🙈”

(gif credits to the original owners)


Rap Monster:
He’d gasp as he examined the size of your hand. When he placed his hand in yours, it felt as if you were so delicate. He’d carefully weave his fingers into yours, embracing the moment in which he could hold your hands for longer than need me. He’d mutter how cute it was with that dorky smile of his, but you’d have to remind him that his hands make everyone’s look small.

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(this is where we found out how in love livvi is with joon’s hands and him)

He’d chuckle a little, squeezing your lil’ hands in his. He’d play with them, almost childishly, and swing them all around. You laughing would break him out of his trance as he stopped examining your hands, focussing back onto you. He’d peck your nose and mumble that he loves your hands. Well, he’ll admit to loving all of you - no shame in being greasy.

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(highkey LOve Jin’s hands. even tho he said he’d rather have jimin’s)

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