he has such a perfect side profile

like they’re cute and everything but literally every raven cycle “x’s Instagram/camera roll/snapchat” is so organized and aesthetically pleasing and its soooo inaccurate… let’s be real:

Ronan’s IG would be low qual car pic reposts, shaky videos of noah and him doing dumb shit while Gansey and Adam shout offscreen

Gansey has 3,000 followers, perfect professional level-photos of squad mountain climbing or in nice libraries, a lot of smiling side hugs with people he doesn’t really like or know, captions are fcking Walt Whitman or crappy inside jokes that the rest of the squad continues in the comments

Adam would set up an insta and leave it on private and not even put up a profile pic, like he’d have one over-filtered photo of a field with a long ass caption

Blue would post once every 3 months and it would be like a cool bug, a low qual picture of a smoothie, and one blurry dark photo of the boys with the caption “prep lozers”

and Noah would post bad old memes and everyone would roast him in the comments