he has such a penchant for the dramatics

Blonde European with a taste for the finer things in life and a penchant for murder become enamored with a younger dark-haired man from New Orleans. The blonde attempts drag the other into a life of darkness, but is met with resistance, as the dark-haired is deeply conflicted about who he has become and is full of guilt over the violence that he has done and that he wishes to do. 

The blonde is of the view that his friend is simply torturing himself, and undertakes a number of increasingly dramatic gambits to convince the dark-haired man to embrace his “true nature” and accept that he is a killer and that that is a glorious thing to be. 

To convince the dark-haired man to stay with him, the blonde arranges to have the family of a young girl killed and positions the dark-haired man to feel paternal and protective towards the girl, while also ushering said girl into the same life of death and blood, to which she more easily adapts than did her other new father. 

For a time, this cements them as a family, but it all ends in a night of bitter pain, resentment and spite, leaving part of the family bleeding out on the floor of their home.  


anonymous asked:

What kind of person is Keith in the manga?? Is he popular?! Do the ladies like him?!

Keith oh Keith. Beloved Keith. Here’s what I can say about our dear Kogane Kei.

If the Service Club is where kids with disciplinary issues are dumped into you bet your ass he deserves to be there. Lucky for him he has Shiro and Aria to guide him. As for his luck with the ladies? Well… let’s just say he’s a bit of a dense dude with a penchant for being over dramatic.

So yeah not very different from his Canonical counterpart. HAHAHAHAHA

- K