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[Al-Karim/The Generous/The Most Bountiful] “My Lord is surely All-Sufficient, All-generous.” ‎﴾‬‎27.40﴿‬ Allah has created for us all the things that are on earth. “And He. subjected to you the night and day, and the sun and moon; and the stars are subjected by His command.” ‎﴾16.12﴿‬ His favours are showered on all, - the just and the unjust, the deserving and the underserving. “To each [category] We extend - to these and to those - from the gift of your Lord. And never has the gift of your Lord been restricted.“‎﴾17.20‬‎﴿‬ Allah is most generous in rewarding good deeds. He gives in return manifold blessings. "Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over?” ‎﴾‬‎2.245﴿‬ The Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬ said: “he who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as from ten good deeds to seven hundred times, or many times over.” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim)

random ASD Klaus headcanon:  because klaus has such an insanely good memory, I feel that probably like 70% of his everyday conversation is delayed echolalia and nobody even notices because he’s got so many quotes stored away in his brain, from movies and TV and things people have said to him, that can fit basically every situation. also i feel like sometimes when people tell him he’s done a good job, instead of saying thank you he just repeats what they just told him like ‘good job klaus’ ‘yeah good job klaus’


get to know me meme [6/30 male characters]: Ryan Atwood

“He’s very anti-establishment. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, punching people and not smiling.”

He (Cristiano) has won the Ballon d'Or and had a good season so far. The decisive time of the year is coming now and good players have to prove themselves. I expect him to be in a very good shape.

He is playing closer to the box, which is more difficult. But please - he has still got his potential. Maybe he doesn’t have the pace that he used to have, but that would be normal in his age. And maybe he might not have won as many one-on-one-duels as he used to, but be careful - he has spoiled us too much in the past.

—  Raul
I feel sure that there will be found many graceful and charming girls ready to adopt a costume founded on these principles, in spite of Mr. Wentworth Huyshe's terrible threat that he will not propose to them as long as they wear it, for all charges of a want of womanly character in these forms of dress are really meaningless; every right article of apparel belongs equally to both sexes, and there is absolutely no such thing as a definitely feminine garment.
—  Oscar Wilde, More Radical Ideas Upon Dress Reform

I don’t see why you’re still hung up on him, they’re so many other guys that would be better for you.“ Her bestfriend says, with a little bit of harshness in her voice.

“I know I can find a great guy. I can find a guy who doesn’t drink, has good grades and has never made a mistake in their life. But I don’t want that. I want his messed up, twisted life. he’s not perfect and that makes him perfect for me. So please respect that because I don’t ever want to get over him.” And with that, she went to the same place where she fell in love.

—  They won’t understand but they don’t have to

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-throws a Bible at Gabe- I wanna know your Favorite Bible quote!!!?

“How am I supposed to Chose just one?… There are so many great ones…” He says, bending over to pick up the Bible that ended up hitting him and dropping to the floor. “Also, theres no need to be so rough with this…” he muttered softly before he pauses to quickly skim though the pages for a good verse… “heh, here we go..” he says before softly clearing his throat,“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love…. John 4:18”

Magneto Was right


Your shit is getting too long to drag it to my dash. So I created this to have it simple in my dash. This is more like a continuation.

My poor thing. Let me clear this up for you. There is no misunderstanding. I’m assuming you are the guy from YouTube. I mean, I did say you reminded me of someone on YouTube who called me a troll so I was assuming I was speaking to the same troll here. I guess you didn’t get it. Actually, I’m glad that confusion is out of the way! Let’s move on shall we?

“Magneto is damaged in a similar way. The difference is that humans have the ability to be rational.“

Well, to answer your quote, he can be, and he has been, rational. As I posted many panels from your shitty post, the good things Magneto has done and all the lives he saved is rational to me. Magneto didn’t just save a few people and mutants, he saved many lives. So, I will begin with San Fransisco. With an earthquake inbound for San Francisco, Magneto used his powers to stabilize the city’s buildings, structures and metal vehicles, and to smooth the earth’s movements themselves, thus preventing any major damage and saving many lives. As a result, the city began to favor him.

Your quote “We can go back and forth on that all day, like Magneto’s “mercy killing” of a Genoshan. There was nothing he could do, except to finish removing the man’s life because he couldn’t deal with the guilt that came from looking in his eyes.”

Not true. “There was nothing he could do” right, so he put the man out of his misery. There were no guilt in Magneto except that he couldn’t save Genosha and no thanks to who? Let me borrow your scan.

Since Wolverine wounded Magneto, because he was preparing for war, he couldn’t save Genosha when sentinels invaded Genosha (Sentinels was created by humans to hunt and kill mutants). So thanks to Wolverine this is what really happened.

Because of Wolverine, Sentinels killed billions of humans and mutants and Magneto has nothing to do with those deaths. This is what the (human) government was preparing for, for war. Magneto was preparing to attack first before humans would. Wouldn’t you rather attack first before someone attacked you? So guess what, Magneto couldn’t attack so, humans attacked first (and I don’t care if the sentinels was sent by Cassandra because either way, those sentinels were created by humans for the simple reason of exterminating mutants). Now, I don’t know if you’ve been reading but you’re using panels out of context.

Your quote “He saved Colossus ‘s life, but how many times did he attempt to kill every X-Man? What about the violent and forceful removal of Wolverine’s adamantium?”

And how many times did the X-Men attempt to kill Magneto? Let alone Wolverine, who did on many occasions? The removal of Wolverine’s adamantium was because, like I said, he tried to kill Magneto and I guess he got fed up with his killing and did what he did. He removed it but didn’t kill him. See the difference? And what happened next? Professor Xavier, who should be the most noble man of all time, mind wiped Magneto and left him as a vegetable. Since you post no panel of the incident, allow me to do so………so I can clear up some things.

As many subtly awful things Professor X did during his time running the X-Men, we should applaud him just for the fact that he could have done so much worse. Like erasing the entire brain of anyone he chooses ever. I see to you it’s ok for Wolverine (or even the Punisher) to kill? What about when Cyclops Killed Xavier? Can you excuse him (or them) for his (their) action? I can’t also excuse him (them) for his (their) rage of killing also, because Punisher is motivated for the same reason as Magneto…..REVENGE FOR THE SLAUGHTER OF HIS FAMILY. AND Cyclops did kill many people during AvX when he wanted the Phoenix so bad. I can’t excuse him for any of it. And no Cyclops was not right. As you can see X-men did try to kill Magneto many times only because he believed mutants should be saved from humans. Which in fact, he was right all along as Professor’s spirit told him once he saw Magneto saving the world (during Axis) and the heroes (as usual) from the Nazi Red Skrull, who wanted to destroy the world and kill all the mutants and humans. Magneto created a team of villains (with the most bad-ass villains) to save the heroes because those sentinels was programmed as hero-killers. So, I guess the world needed villains to save the world.

Magneto did save the day, the heroes, and the world and what was their response?

Magneto; all wounded, bleeding, and weak. The heroes truly are hypocrites because if it wasn’t for this man who they called  “villain” THEY would’ve been dead. Not even a thanks, for saving them and the world.

Yeah, Magneto was losing his temper and getting angrier while beating the Red Skull, but how would you be when you find out what he was doing to his fellow mutants?

Killing mutants and inhumans. I’m sure one day Medusa will thanks Magneto.

Those you see sitting there, are actually the same thing Red Skull did to Xavier. Cut his head open and took his brain. No wonder why Magneto goes to extremes.

your panel below

and my panel

Rogue took everything back and ate her words (seriously, what did she expect Magneto to do? Shake hands, hug the man, and forgive him? Red Skull is a Nazi therefore he’s nasty with what he does to humans and mutants). As you can see those sentinels were programmed as hero-killers.

Anyway, the reason for Magneto to go mad on killing the Nazi was because…

Havok, Wanda, and Rogue didn’t know what the Red Skull told Magneto about using his own daughter and everything he was willing to do. Even told him what he did with his long time best friend’s brain. They were controlled by the Red Skull so they didn’t hear or know anything so, for them Magneto did the unthinkable for no reason like, really? I felt so disgusted by Rogue, but glad she regretted it, because Magneto was right on many levels. And the panels of Xavier’s spirit saying so are here below

Magneto is a Monster? I don’t think so. Monsters do not feel the depth of emotion exhibited by Magneto in this issue. Monsters are incapable of sympathy and Magneto clearly sympathizes both with the plight of the mutants and with Charles Xavier’s situation. Yet the Avengers still see him as a villain, which clearly hurts him emotionally. A true “Monster” wouldn’t give a shit. Nor would he finally see the light of reason talking to his old friend Xavier, would still argue with him like the old days, would never agree to lead in peace.

Finally after decades, Xavier came to realize the reality of the world. I’m sure while he was in Skull’s body, he saw the sacrifices in Magneto while saving the world, the heroes, and Xavier himself (with barely powers). Saying that the mutants need him, need to be protected, need someone to guide them, and it was something that Magneto was trying to do almost all his life.

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hello! i was wondering if I could get a match up? im 5'4 and really ticklish. i have been told i have a good sense of humor and i love to laugh. im definitely a extrovert and I can get really loud sometimes. i also love animals. i can be a dreamer and can be emotional sometimes. i also tend to panic quickly when i get scared. i love to help others and it's really hard for me to say no. Also, I play a lot of sports and i'm very intuitive. Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

I ship you with… Denmark (Matthias Køhler)!!
- HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!!! Loves to pap your head and snuggle you and pick you up and he just loves it
- Surprise tickle attacks!
- Tell dumb jokes to him. He’ll quote and come up with stupid jokes back, trust me! He has so many he’s found as well as created.
- Doesn’t mind your loudness. It’d be quite hypocritical, as he’s very loud himself.
- Will bring you to see Hanatamago, Tino and Berwald’s dog, not only for the dog but to bug them about various things
- Despite being a loud and seemingly oblivious to the mood dork, he’ll know when you’re out of it and about to cry. And boy he will comfort you, and let you get your emotions out. He has moments like that too!
- Whenever you panic he will hold you super close and make sure you know you’re safe. Lukas has similar behaviour so he knows how to deal with this!!


Translate, and some new Features!!


Lisette/Lizette: “A cheerful girl who works in the West Town Flower Shop. She was raised in relative comfort, so she hasn’t been exposed to many of the difficulties in life. Her interests are knitting and handicrafts.” 

Quote: “Please feel free to ask me anything about flowers.”


Wayne: “A young man working as a deliveryman in Wes Town. He has a good attitude, but likes to make fun of people, so he ends up coming across as a jerk.” 

Quote: “Good morning. Let’s both do our best with our work today.”

-We can have part time job in three towns (hack yeah, so we can have a job+money on early game like ToT)

 -we can bring our pet to towns (take a walk with pets) 

-Pet contest? we can choose the difficulty like beginner, normal, expert (just like ANB) 

-befriending animals just like past HM/SoS they will live with you if you befriend with them, and bring a gifts (like AP im not really sure) 

-Jump button is back 

-There’s a system called “Farm Circle,” where it seems you plant your crops around a scarecrow (that is movable), and those crops around it get some kind of bonus (we can move our crops just like ANB)

 -Megan and Frank is MC auntie+uncle!!!

(copied from fogu TL by emurii:)

  • Lulukoko Town: Mysterious, exotic, resort-type seaside town. You can get southern fruits and ocean produce.
  • Tsuyukusa Town: Nostalgic, Asian-influenced town with a river and a bridge. Paddy crops. You feel like you want to wear a kimono there.
  • Wes Town: This is the first town you are invited to (implies that there is some kind of unlock order). IT IS A MINING TOWN.
  • FeMC and MC have both wanted to own a farm since they were kids. The FeMC’s personality is described as being a bit strong willed, but kind, and the MC’s is described as kind but kind of wishy-washy/changes his mind easily.
  • There is a feature in character customization where you change what “type” of person you are/what you are good at, and it affects your character’s life.

So I always threaten my students that if they come to office hours with a paper and dump it on me with a ‘what do you think?’ instead of a more specific question ‘how is the paragraph structure?’ ‘did I cite right?’ ‘are my quotes strong?’ ‘I’m worried about my thesis’ and so on, that I’ll drag out a Magic 8 ball, but I never got one. 

Then I found out that this exists:

He’s a bit of a pessimist

Ouch, imaginary student. That does not look good.



He has other more Tony-centric answers about targeting, defense systems, and his servers, and actually, there are as many positive answers as negative but they seem to come in runs. 

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I’m not going to inflict it on students, but I’m feeling good about my $7. There’s also a Batman one here

''Bellamy turned to Clarke. Unlike his sister, she’d refused to look away and was staring at Bellamy so intensely, for a flickering moment, he felt the rest of the world melt away. It was only him and Clarke, just like it’d been when they first kissed on that magical night in the woods when Bellamy had felt that Earth was far closer to the heavens than the Colony had ever been.''

- Kass Morgan, Homecoming
I just want you all to know that he was about to be exucuted in this scene and they didn’t stop staring at eachother FOR ONE FREAKING MOMENT

In order to learn true humility…it is good for a person to withdraw from the turmoil of the world…for in life either the depressing or the elevating impression is too dominant for a true balance to come about. Here, of course, individuality is very decisive, for just as almost every philosopher believes he has found the truth, just as almost every poet believes he has reached Mount Parnassus, just so we find on the other hand many who link their lives entirely to another, like a parasite to a plant, live in him, die in him…. But in the heart of nature, where a person, free from life’s often nauseating air, breathes more freely, here the soul opens willingly to every noble impression. Here one comes out as nature’s master, but he also feels that something higher is manifested in nature, something he must bow down before; he feels a need to surrender to this power that rules it all.
—  Soren Kierkegaard