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No Kiss List

@lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog

prompt: first kiss

words: 3k

genre: childhood friends/enemies to sweethearts, human AU

summary: Peridot is the only person in the fourth grade that is on Lapis’s ‘no kiss list’ for a kind of underground kissing booth and Peridot is not happy about it, they grow older together and things begin to shift, Ao3

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anonymous asked:

Enjonine photographer and model au


AN: I am a photography rube. The extent of my skills reaches as far as Instagram, smartphone cameras and the automatic setting on my cousin’s DSLR, so hopefully I got this right. Also, I apologize Anon for taking so long on this. I apologize a second time for twisting your prompt to suit the plot bunnies in my head.

Enjolras tapped his pen against his notebook, staring hard at the word ‘INEQUALITY’ written in red ink and underlined no less than six times. He had been thrilled when Combeferre had called him up out of the blue, asking if he wanted to take a break from shooting weddings and head shots for stuck-up wannabe actors and do some real photojournalism.

He couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.

It had surprised everyone when he had decided to switch majors from law to journalism in college. But once the announcement had sunk in, most people had agreed the switch suited him. He’d even enjoyed it for a while. But then Jehan had invited him to a Robert Capa exhibit and it was there Enjolras realized that nothing he could write would ever tell a story quite as well as a picture.

“What’s your angle on the story?”

Combeferre sighed as he took off his glasses, rubbing the fatigue from his eyes. “That’s the problem. It’s all been done before.”

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