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If he had been offered this as an adult, he couldn’t remember it. He couldn’t remember ever having needed it, except that maybe he had needed it since the bells had rung in Akielos, and never allowed himself to ask for it (p. 197, Kings Rising)

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hi! just finished acomaf and oh Gods my heart is in ruins. could you pls give some book recommendations as I am trying to survive until May.

Oh my god, c’mere–

We have all been there, and know this - it does not get better. I mean. It does. But at the same times, it really doesn’t. Settle in and learn to love to suffer at the hands of our Liege, Sarah J Maas. Welcome into the folds, friend. 

OKAY. BOOKS. Now I am going in blind since I don’t know what you like besides SJM so I’m just gonna throw you a mixed bag: 

– Tales of The Otori: This is a trilogy of historical fantasy novels set in a world based on feudal Japan. Let me say that one more time. This fantasy world is based on feudal Japan. It is stunning and gorgeous and earth shatteringly tragic (it has it’s problematic areas, but I still love and recommend it).
– BRANDON SANDERSON: if you are in any way interested in epic fantasy and high fantasy I recommend any and all books by Sanderson. If you’re used to reading YA I would start with the Mistborn trilogy. But my absolute favourite series of his is the Stormlight Archive. He is the Master, the Sensei, the Jedi, the King of unique worldbuilding and foreshadowing and intricate plots. And the humour in his books are always so god damned on point! He has so many series and books to pick from though, go check him out and see if anything catches your eye!
– Graceling: this a lovely little YA fantasy and a very easy and quick read. Could work as a quick palette cleanser if you’re hung up on acomaf (which we all have been lbh). 
– Six of Crows: YA fantasy, gorgeous characters and AMAZING dialogue. That’s one of my favourite things with Bardugo’s writing. The rythm and pacing in her dialogues are !!!!!!!! And if you’re looking for diversity (skin colour, gender, religion, sexuality, bodies and disability) - this is your book. 
– Nevernight: I have not yet started this book, but I am SO EXCITED TO. It comes with extremely enthusiastic recommendations from my friends and the fanart I’ve seen looks incredible, and the cover art is *HEARTEYES* too. 

Good luck getting over the ACOMAF-hangover! x

Missing you..

Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Evelynn Toms Daughter misses him while he’s away in the states filming. The reader snaps a photo of their sleeping daughter.

Warnings: cute fluff,sad, adorableness

Word Count: 1,500+

A/N:Why I make these kind of imagines more often is because when I was younger the chemo I had damaged parts of me and my ovaries and I won’t be able to have kids unless a miracle happens. I’m living my future vicariously through my imagines when I type these FYI..

-not a part 2 for Double Trouble but I’m tempted to just make a series for Evelynn & Reid’s mischievous adventures.

[Reader’s POV]

    The hard parts are when Tom is away for months. It’s especially the hardest on Evelynn because she is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Whenever Tom was home she fluttered around like a moth to the flame. Currently Tom was in the states working on a film and Evelynn hated it. 

    She would have Tom read to her over FaceTime so she could sleep. He FaceTimed the twins as much as he could. Sometimes he would be so tired and pass out,but would send a video in the morning for both of them. Tom loves the twins so much and it hurts his just as much. He can’t see his children grow up and cause mayhem while he’s away.

“Reid have seen your sister?” you ask cutting some apples in the kitchen. Reid looks up from the book he was reading at the table. Shaking his head no he looks back down flipping a page.

  Setting the knife aside on the counter next to the cutting board. Grabbing your phone off of the charging stand you exit the kitchen. Checking the living room for her little body she isn’t in there as well. Heading up the stairs with Tessa following closely behind.Her tags jingling as she ran up the steps.

    Walking down the hall you check her and Reid’s room. The shared room looking a mess but no Evelynn. Making a mental note of having to come back and clean the mess. Turning to the side you see your bedroom door slightly cracked open. A small enough crack that matched the size of your missing daughter. 

    Opening the door slowly you peep your head into the room. Seeing a bun of curls resting against Tom’s pillow. Your feet sinking into the soft carpet of the room as you walk towards the bed. Her dark rose dress peeking out from the comforter that she was hugging. Looking at her sweet sleeping face made you did a bit on the inside. You created that little human, you can stare all you want.

    Pulling out your phone to open up the camera. Once it’s ready you snap a few pictures of Evelynn. Hitting the share button you type Tom’s name in the recipient bar. Clicking it when it pops up the message forms. The cursor flickers waiting for you to type something.


Someone is sleeping on your side of the bed, she misses you so much baby xx

Your phone buzzes instantly with a response from Tom.

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

She looks so peaceful, how is she doing? More importantly are you still feeling ill?


She had another fit that you couldn’t call tonight for the 4th time this week. I’m not mad baby it’s her that’s fussy. I’m still feeling nauseous and my head is pounding. 

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

Darling please tell her I’m sorry, we’ve been so busy on set sometimes we get let out super late. I don’t want her to be mad at me.. Tell her and Reid I love them so so much. Take care , go to the doctor if you feel worse.. I love you so much 


I love you more,remember to stretch before doing anything crazy xx

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

Of course darling, see you soon 

    Going into our closet I pick out one of Tom’s t-shirts. Picking up Tom’s cologne bottle and taking off the cap. Spraying the shirt once and setting the bottle down. Raising the shirt to your face inhaling the scent. A pang in your chest happens of missing your husband. 

     Walking over to the bed you lay the shirt over her exposed body. Her face scrunches from slightly waking but them smiles as she turns over. Evelynn grabs the shirt holding it to her chest. A smile tugs at your lips at the sight of your daughter. Even though he wasn’t here you could still make it feel like he was home.

    Before the kids were around you would do that. Spraying his shirts would help you sleep better. Of course it helps Evelynn a bit while he’s gone. Reid misses him as well but is afraid to show emotions cause he’s the “man of the house” while Tom is away. Yet he holds onto the s]Spider-Man figure in his sleep. It was the one Tom brought home for him while he was away.

    Tying your hair up into a ponytail you slip on one of Tom’s jumpers. Heading out of the room you make your way back down the stairs. Reid was playing with Tessa in the living room per usual. Reid drops the toy running over to you.

“Mum did you find Lynn?” he asks looking behind you to not seeing his sister come down the stairs. 

“She’s sleeping love, let me finish your lunch okay? I’ll put hers in the fridge for when she wakes up.. Daddy sends his love all the way from the states” Ruffling his hair and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Is daddy ever going to come home?” Reid question makes your smile drop.

“O-Of course Darling, he’s just working really hard with Robbie J’ to make a cool movie.. It’s a part of his job to be away sometimes” Tilting your sons chin up you poke his nose earning a smile from him. 

“When does he come back mum?” Reid asks as you make your way to the kitchen.

“Well if you live everyday without thinking of the time it will go by faster, that’s what I did while your daddy and I dated before we got married” You explain pulling out a plate from the cupboard. 

“How did you get through your days without seeing daddy?” his questions making you smile, he was curious about so many things. That’s why he has his nose buried in a book most of the time.

“Well I got through it by just knowing your daddy loves me very much and I think that’s what you and Evelynn should do too.. He loves you so much and will always come back home to us because we’re what he gets to come home to after all his hard work” explaining to him how you truly felt while you arranged his food. Picking up his plate you walk over to the table setting it down in front of him.

“Mumma I miss daddy” Evelynn’s voice makes you turn around. Her curls were disheveled and a pout on her lips. She was holding onto Tom’s black t-shirt that you sprayed earlier.

“Oh honey, I miss him too.. but hey guess what.. Daddy says he loves you very much and hopes you’re not mad at him” you say picking up your half awake daughter.

“Mumma I could never be mad at daddy!” Evelynn gasps looking up at you, her mouth ajar from shock.

“Maybe you can say that in a video to reassure him, he feels bad he hasn’t been able to read to you these past few nights..” Pulling out your phone you open up the camera. Clicking the reverse button so it’s now facing Evelynn. She presses the record button grabbing the phone from your hands.

“uhm hi daddy! It’s one of your twins and I wanted to say I love you and I miss you lots, so much it’s crazy.. I’m not mad at you daddy, Reid and I just want you to come home.. Mumma cries at night so I think she misses you mos-”

“Evelynn oh jeez” you face palm from her saying you’ve been crying.

“before Mumma interrupted me daddy, know we’re all missing you.. even Tessa bear” Evelynn smiles showing her missing tooth. She presses the stop button handing your phone back. Sending the video to Tom so he has something to watch later.

“Can we make a drawing for daddy and Robbie J?” Evelynn asks as you set her down on the floor. Nodding you walk to the closet in the hall. Grabbing some craft stuff you bring it to the table along with her food.

“I call the Spider-Man coloring book!” the twins shout simultaneously. Watching the both of them reach for it. Evelynn and Reid having a staring contest as their hands grip the book.

“You two there are two sides to a coloring book, what do we do? You ask looking at the two of them. They both sigh looking over at you letting go of the book.

“We’re twins and there’s two sides cause sharing is caring” Reid and Evelynn speak at the same time with smiles on their faces. There we go, go mom.

Just have to keep them busy and distracted till he comes home.We’re missing you around here Tom..

shinee moves out


  • wearing one of his face masks bc of the dust they’re going to kick up (*faintly from another room* minho: aCHOOOOOO / key: bless YOUUUU)
  • his eyes are watery af tho 
  • taemin keeps patting him on the back like there there hyung we’re going to a better place (”you’re making it sound like we’re dying taeminnie and it’s the dust ok”) 
  • ok it’s mostly the dust and a lil sentimentality 
  • cleaning out the fridge and half repulsed by v gross food that should have been thrown out a WHILE ago but is also eating things that he has sniffed and deemed still eatable (onew: *shoves a peach under jong’s nose* can’t tell if normal peach fuzz or fuzzy mold, does it smell weird / jong: it’s fine hyung i bought it like two days ago)
  • vacuum sealed all his clothes so his packing was ez peasy 


  • in denial that they’re actually moving bc this is HIS room and he can’t leave he lives here 
  • “joking” that he’s absolutely not leaving (key: this is happening, go pack / jong: ㅠㅅㅠ) 
  • sitting on his bed just looking at his stuff bc overwhelmed by the prospect of taking all his things and having to put them somewhere else 
  • snaps a picture of his desk bc he likes this set up 
  • has so many books and they’re heavy af and don’t all fit in his box bc they’re all different sizes
  • also so many cups that he’s wrapping in tshirts so they don’t crack 
  • twenty polaroids of his empty room that he uploads onto insta
  • lying on his floor like BYE MY ROOM 


  • has been packing his clothes for the past few hours and his room still looks untouched 
  • it’s kind of incredible
  • bc he has BOXES of his shit around him that are FULL and how is there more to pack 
  • wow he really should not live like this
  • pulling around all the random stuff he’s compiled  
  • when did he buy 15 pairs of colorful polos and why 
  • are those corduroy pants 
  • pulls a bin from a high shelf and it falls and he yells “MY HATS” as he is bombarded in the face with snapbacks
  • finally done
  • and then he walks into his bathroom 
  • oh no


  • vacuuming and herding taemin closer and closer to the closet 
  • closes the door casually (taemin: *stands in there like …. rude dude is you*)
  • disassembling his desk and something made a snap sound and he just froze
  • but everything looks fine which freaks him out more 
  • srsly guys he’s been done with packing for a week get your shit together
  • get it all together
  • and put it in a box
  • so they can move 
  • has rubber gloves on as he’s furiously cleaning everYTHING


  • very carefully packed his crucifix 
  • but as been not packing other things bc “i can totally pack in like an hour” 
  • no taemin that’s your entire life and it took him like …. significantly longer even with everyone pitching in (ot4: you suck) 
  • has been sitting in a large box just waiting for footsteps to pass by 
  • pops up and screams, waving his arms at jong who yelled which startled him and so he yelled back (jong: ??? WHY / taemin: your freakout scared me)  
  • has so many package boxes stuff in his closet it looks like he’s hoarded them 
  • packing his shoes like a puzzle (ming: impressive / taemin: i was really good at tetris as a child) 
  • proceeds to play pokemon 
Character Names in Fantasy

Anonymous asked: “I’ve been making my names for my main characters, but should I have a balance of ‘normal’ names and unusual? It is fantasy, so would I be able to have many made-up names?”

When naming characters in fantasy, while you do want the names of your characters to fit in with the world, you still want to strike a balance between belonging and memorable. Memorable in this case means, not out there and otherworldly, but easy to pronounce and recognize within the story.

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Okay but the real reason Peter has so many books in that scene is cause he was carrying Ned's books for him like a good boyfriend

peter has super strength so after awhile ned and mj realize they can get peter to carry all their books no sweat, but they forgot the fact that peter is still a massive klutz, and he repeatedly drops their books on the ground and one time even into the sewer grate

and mj and ned try and tell their boyfriend that they don’t think he should carry their books anymore, but now it’s Personal™ and peter is determined to carry their books, their lunches, their bags, and their band instruments too

it only ends in disaster

Jaime 👏 Lannister 👏 would 👏 never👏 leave 👏 because 👏 “fuck 👏 loyalty” 👏


♚ kate daniels series → villains → roland

There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.

I love all the little details that crop up in Fruits Basket about Shigure being a writer.

Like when someone brings over a pile of books and he gets excited and starts reading them instantly.

Or the fact he has so many books that half of them are in Kyo’s room.

Or when he wakes up in the evening and someone criticises his lack of a normal sleep schedule and his response is, “I became a writer so I don’t have to have a normal sleep schedule.”

Or when his editor is screaming at him to demand to know why he’s missing his deadlines and his response is basically a cheerful shrug and, “Who knows?”

And not to mention that he writes serious books but then writes smut for fun.

Feeler Post for Fic Books!


I think I may have very breifly mentioned this before, but. In February, I am going to Kupocon, and am sharing an artist alley table with lilly-white. Lilly would obviously be doing her proper arty thing, but the idea of me being there was that we would collaborate to create printed compilation books of my fanfics illustrated with her drawings. Basically like the doujinshi artists who produce novel doujinshi.

The longer I have to think about it, the more I worry that the endeavour is going to be a whole lot of work for no return. Printing books is expensive, if they don’t sell I’m going to end up a good £100 or so at least out of pocket. And if the books won’t sell, Lilly could use that time to be working on her projects that will sell instead of the illustrations for my dumb-ass shit. 

I was always planning to offer up any left over for people on Tumblr to buy, but I don’t even know if anyone here would want such a thing! Hence, feeler post.

Details are below the cut (including approximate prices, page counts, and what stories would be included). IF YOU THINK YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN BUYING ONE, PLEASE LIKE THIS POST.  If it’s not your thing, that’s cool, feel free to ignore this post and just keep on scrolling.

(Don’t worry, I’m not holding anyone accountable for this (I’m automatically going to assume the actual of number of takers would be half of the response I get, because shit happens and not everyone will have the funds at the right time or whatever), it’s really just to see if it’s viable or not. If I only get two or three responses, even on Tumblr, then it might be time to put the project away.)

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modern au reading headcanons


-doesn’t really read actual novels that often but he’ll read poetry books for drawing inspiration

-bought milk & honey for that Art Hoe aesthetic

-will draw in the pages of books

-it pisses davey off so much

- “jack. jack. you’re ruining the book. jack. i’m never letting you borrow any of my books again”

-really into vintage books too


- always !!! reading !!

- doesn’t really have a favorite genre she’ll read anything and everything except dystopian ya novels with love triangles

-seriously she hates love triangles

-if a book has a love triangle she’s throwing it out

- Respects the Books but isn’t afraid to throw it at a wall if it’s making her mad

- if it’s a nonfiction book she’ll highlight information that she’ll probably need later


- dont draw in this boys books

- mostly reads nonfiction but has a lil book club thing with kath where they recommend/lend each other books

-he doesn’t lend kath nonfiction bc she’ll highlight stuff 

- really love history books

-never re reads books so once he fileld 3 bookshelves esther made him stop buying books and start checking them out from the library instead

-he reads like three 500+ page books a week


- re reads the same 10-15 books every year

- their genres vary like a few are ya a few are thrillers etc

- loves re reading books but if they ever come out with movies for those books she won’t go see them

- “c’mon sarah it’s just a movie” “les it’ll ruin the story for me. if you really wanna know the story without reading it i have it memorized. Chapter one-” “SARAH NO”



- while reading tfios he bought a pack of cigs to Not Smoke bc he wanted to be poetic

- after he finished tfios and looking for alaska spot had to hold him for like six hours because he would not. stop crying

- Giant Sap who’s also into poetry

- he and jack trade poetry books sometimes

- dragged spot to see tfios and had to hold spot while he cried for an hour 


- fantasy ?? yes

- he loves series like hp and pjo

- he re reads them once a year and pulls an all nighter to finish the series

- gets Way too into the book he’s reading and will tune out everything else

-seriously he’s literally comatose while he’s reading unless you touch him and thats startles the shit out of him


- you think he wouldn’t read but

- he reads like 5 crime thrillers a month

- really good at predicting the endings/killers too

-a Huge agatha christie fan

- people think he knows so much about crime bc he grew up in the foster system / on the streets bc of his  “tough guy” facade but really he is a Giant Nerd

- pretends not to like the occasional romance but it has to be a Good Romance

- collects old books. he has so many. his oldest is from 1868

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Heya! Can I ask for RFA+Vanderwood+Saeran (autocorrect made it Satan...wut) where MC loves to read and often takes her books with her. (I have this prob where I take my book and read it as I'm walking down the stairs, as I'm taking a dump, while going to bed.) ? I love your blog btw!

I actually love reading myself so this is perfect for my first request aha 👍🏻
hope you like it anon!
(V can see in this, let my poor bby live)

When you first start visiting frequently, he doesn’t really notice. He’s usually procrastinating doing homework, probably to impress you, or gaming on his computer, per usual. He really starts to notice when you’re bringing in more and more books each day, piling up and often leaving a few at his place. He decides to take you across campus to the library, hoping desperately that you’ll enjoy it and this can be something the two of you could enjoy together.
You freak out, looking through books you’ve read and books you’ve never seen before, so many books, so many books… You both spend all day there, looking through different books together. Yoosung actually finds a few fantasy books he REALLY enjoys, and learns to love reading with you

You two actually bond over it a lot, considering he has so many books for practicing his roles and free time. He shows you some of the scripts and books he has for his parts he’s had over the years, encouraging you to read them all.
“Babe, look at this one~!” The words you hear repeatedly as paperback books are thrown at your feet.
It’s also a good opportunity for you two to practice his lines together, considering you enjoy it so much. Not to mention him constantly sneaking up behind you on the couch and reading a line from the page you’re on, trying to get you’re attention. Or he’ll just hug you from behind

She first notices when you both go to take a break one day, she sits down beside you instead of sitting by herself, and notices you pull out one of many books from your bag.
She smiles, as it is actually a pleasant surprise to her.
She explained how she actually used to read a lot when she was younger, how it brought great comfort to her, especially after the death of her mother.
The two of you spend most days off at the library or gossiping about the books you two are reading over a coffee at the shop.

He never really acknowledges it,
except maybe once when you’re reading a romance
-He has to work a lot, so it makes him feel a lot better about leaving you alone to yourself.
As he did before, when you can’t sleep, he reads to you from the current book your on, or one he picks out himself to read. Other nights when you just want to sit alone and read, he tries to do the same and leave you in a calming solitude. The director is also constantly trying to catch up on the book or series you’re reading.

He used to read in his spare time often as a child, so this does bring back memories of then. He asks how long you’ve been reading yourself, you answer since your childhood, and he smiles happy with the same response as you.
If you got onto a new book and he noticed, he would take the one you read last and look at it, flipping through the pages and getting into the story, but never finishing a book.
It really brought back the few good memories of his childhood, and made him happy.

You’re sitting down on the couch with your legs crossed, looking down at the hardcover book you got from the library
Walking past, he notifies and calmly asks what you’re reading. You explain it, he gets interested and asks you questions about the characters and the story. The tall, blue haired man listens closely and sincerely and is genuinely interested. The two of you go to the book store together and he gets his own copy for him to read on his own. The two of you actually end up reading together a lot.

He never really asks or notices, until you mention it to him.
One night when he decides to stay over, you lay down on the couch and throw your book to him. He catches it, a look of confusion in his mint coloured eyes.
“Can you read to me?”
He’s a bit flustered at first, but reads a few chapters out loud for you. He actually really enjoys it. His voice is so calming, so quiet, so…
you lean your head back and close your eyes. A few moments later, Saeran peeks up to see you sleeping on the couch. He actually keeps reading the book until he falls asleep as well, book in hands as he leans against the couch you passed out on.
The two of you talk about the book the entire next day, the characters, the story, and Saeran had found a hobby he can truly enjoy with you.

He’s usually quiet, even when the two of you are alone together, so he doesn’t really say anything about it either.
One night you start rambling about someone in the book you’re currently reading, shouting out about something going on with them as you pace back and fourth.
He’s half listening
You try to explain it to him in detail, before noticing he actually fell asleep in his chair. You smile, picking up your book and continuing to read.

- admin tay

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natasha and pierre doing things You Should Not Do at a party (stealing away to another room, a broom closet, anything you pick tbqh)

(ft. college AU)

She hasn’t been to a party since…before.

It’s technically an apartment-warming for Marya Bolkonskaya, who’s finally managed to save up enough money for six months’ rent so she doesn’t have to go home to her father over the summer.

The party also happens to coincide with the end of finals.

And the annual neighborhood block party.

There’s no way Natasha can miss it, and in any case she doesn’t want to. She and Pierre are both thrilled for Marya, who’s waiting for them on the back porch, arm-in-arm with Nikolai. 

“I’m so sorry we’re late!” Natasha cries, throwing her arms around Marya. “Pierre and I were packing his things and we lost track of time. He has so many books, Masha.”

“Don’t worry.” laughs Marya, “things have just gone full swing.”

“Sonya just arrived,” says Nikolai, “with that girl from her English class, are they…?”

“Katya, and yes, finally, it happened like a week ago,” Natasha explains. “Aren’t they the cutest?”

“They are,” he agrees, a smile spreading across his face.

“Go in, go in,” Marya urges. “Everyone…everyone’s here.”

Everyone is not here.

Andrei is stationed at a military base in Germany, Natasha knows. 

Natasha checked.

Pierre knows where her mind is, slips his hand into hers. “C’mon, Tasha. I heard a rumor there would be ginger beer.”

“You heard correctly,” Marya says. Pierre’s been sober for a year now.

“Congratulations, dear Masha,” he says, dropping a brotherly kiss on the top of her head since her actual brother isn’t here to do it.

The apartment is packed. Marya Dmitryevna is already two beers and one shot of vodka in and is standing on a coffee table declaiming something in Italian. Language majors.

Evening shades into nighttime as the sun sinks below the roof line. The air turns cool and the sounds of indie folk music float up from the bandstands to Marya’s sixth floor apartment. The alleys are strung with fairy lights.

Natasha and Pierre are out on the front balcony. A bottle of Blue Moon dangles from Natasha’s hand, nearly empty. She and Pierre lean on the railing, arms pressing against each other, saying nothing, just listening. Existing together.

Natasha takes one last swig and sets the bottle on the ground. She leans more emphatically against her boyfriend and rubs her head against his shoulder like a cat.

“What’s up with you?” he asks, laughter edging his voice. 

“I’m just so happy,” she sighs, looping one arm around his shoulder and pulling him down to her. 

“Tasha, sweetheart, maybe…not here.”

“Why not?” she murmurs.

“Anyone could come out…”

Half of the people in the apartment wouldn’t care, and the other half are probably making out in front of the first half as they speak, but Natasha knows that Pierre is less concerned about other people’s embarrassment than he is about his own right now.

“Then let’s find somewhere more private,” Natasha says in that slow, lilting way that tells Pierre she’s managed to get tipsy off one beer.

“I’m not ready to leave yet.”

“Use your imagination, Petrushka.”

“You and my imagination are a dangerous combination in public places.”

“Oh come on,” she says with a smile, taking him by the hand and pulling him inside.

“It’s Masha’s housewarming,” Pierre reminds her, bending low to speak in her ear as they move through the crowd.

“And despite that, I’ve already had the tour. Which means…” Natasha stops in front of a door and looks around quickly. Everyone else is either in the front room or the kitchen. “Spare closet.”

The door is opened, Pierre follows behind her, the door is shut.

It’s snug, but not cramped. Pitch black, but they’ve spent enough time in the dark together by now that it doesn’t make any difference.

“Hello there,” Pierre says.

“Dear Petrushka. Kiss me.”

He finds her face with his hands and she goes up on her tiptoes. They meet halfway.

Natasha knows what raw physical attraction feels like, how it burns from the inside out. She felt it once for a man who behaved like a child, who said he loved her, who lied. And for so long she was afraid of ever feeling it again, because of what she’d done because of it, how she’d justified it to herself, how she’d ruined everything.

Well, apparently not everything, because here she is in a closet, her body pressed flush to Pierre’s, her lips opening and closing against his, her tongue in his mouth, that tingling hunger starting in her center and spreading through her whole body. Giving in to that same attraction she first did not understand, then despised. 

Now everything is different. Everything is Pierre.

“Natasha,” he sighs, “Natalya, you’re killing me.”

He’s sucking at her neck now, his hands are clasping her waist, one of them sliding higher. She nods and pulls at her shirt, the neckline of which has been torturing Pierre all night.

And then the door flies open.

“We are so sorry!” Natasha blinks against the sudden light and finds Marya, eyes wide, her hand pressed over her mouth.

“Oh, Bezukhov,” says Nikolai, “I really could have gone my whole life without seeing you feeling up my sister.”

“You didn’t knock!” Natasha cries. “You never knock! Remember that, Masha, he’s the worst about it, he always has been, I had to put a sign on the door of my room at home.”

“Why would we knock on the door of a closet in Marya’s own apartment?” replies Nikolai.

“Why wouldn’t you sneak away to Marya’s own bedroom, Nikolenka, like a sensible person?”

Pierre suspects that the Rostov siblings are making a scene on purpose to distract everyone from embarrassment. He glances at Marya. Judging by the heat of his own face, they’ve both flushed an identical shade of red.

“Don’t worry about it,” Pierre says, cutting Nikolai off mid-sentence. “We should–the polite thing is to return to the party, of course.”

And then they hear giggles.

“Shh, I’m pretty sure there’s a closet this way–” Sonya and her new girlfriend round the corner, hand in hand.

Sonya stops short, her mouth forming a perfect, silent “O”. “It appears we are not the first people to have this idea.”

“WOULD YOU ALL GET A ROOM?” Marya Dmitryevna’s voice booms from the other room. It might be the first sentence she’s spoken in English for upwards of five hours. 

“You’re a Linguist? How Many Languages Do You Speak?”

Linguists get this question quite often whenever they reveal their field of study. 

There are as many reactions to the question as there are linguists.

I do want to talk about this question, because I believe that linguists can often be unnecessarily harsh about it.

Here are some important points:

Linguists are not translators or interpreters.

Linguists are scientists who study phenomena that take place within languages.

In order for a linguist to do his/her job, he/she does not need to fully competent (able to speak, read, and write) in the language of his/her study.

There are probably two main types of people who ask “How many languages do you speak?” 1) The ones who believe “linguist” is merely a fancy term for “translator” or “interpreter,” and 2) those who believe that in order to do linguistics one has to have some level of competency in various languages.

The first people are simply mistaken. It is, true, however, that the term “linguist” is used in that manner. Normally a response with an elaboration of one’s job will clear that up.

The second people are onto something. And this is why I believe people are often unnecessarily harsh about it. 

Here’s why I believe they’re onto something:

In order to do research, one has to be able to understand data and other research. If someone is studying, say, something about Spanish syntax, then either 1) one is working with raw Spanish data, 2) working with Spanish data that has been interpreted in a language that is not the one’s language, or 3) working with Spanish data that has been interpreted in one’s language.

In other words, either you yourself are dealing with a language foreign to your own, or you are reading someone else’s research which the researcher (or someone else) translated into your own language.

Given that 2 of those 3 options involves having competency in another language (and here I openly admit we’re disregarding research into one’s own language and other forms of communication that do not involve spoken language), it’s not irrational to expect a linguist to have some competency in another language.

I’m not here to claim that any one form (or part) of research is more valid than the other, mind you. I’m just stating facts.

We’ll also add that the farther one goes in academia (particularly in the humanities,) the more languages one is expected to have some competency in, in general.

For example, philosophers are expected to have proficiency in German, French, Ancient Greek, or Latin. At the doctoral level, you have know at least two one modern language (German or French) and one ancient language (Greek or Latin.) Other fields that often have language requirements are International Relations, Political Science, Business, Sociology, and Religion.

In my personal experience:

My mentor is a person who has commendable competency in perhaps a dozen languages. He has refused to list off all the languages he has studied. I believe one of the reasons he is so good at his job is because he knows so many languages and that he has access to a myriad of books and papers and data that one cannot have access to when one hasn’t studied a language for acquisition purposes. 

Research, for me, has tended to lead me to raw data. Translated materials start with more than basic information start to become scarce very quickly. 

Then one enters a phase where everything one reads is raw data or research papers written in a foreign language (either the language one is studying or a common research language like French or German.) [I once had to read a Latin text talking about Byzantine Greek. That was rather… unpleasant.] 

Then the third phase one enters is when one is reading very recent research papers, which are often in English or in the language one is researching. The trade-off here is that they’re so technical that you often understand each word individually but can’t make heads or tails about what they’re talking about all together. 

The fourth phase is when you want to start truly doing pioneering work where you’re either studying very historical things, so looking at an old version of a language (like Middle English, Old Japanese, Classical Armenian, etc.) or a regionalized version of a language that nobody really writes down very often. People who are interested in Kansai-ben, the “Western dialect” of Japan, often spoken by one or two characters in any given anime, quickly discover that there isn’t a lot written in Kansai-ben, that it is not really taught as a language, and that almost all information on it is in Japanese. It’s at this level that you really have to be competent in another language. There is no getting around it. 

In conclusion,

It’s very likely that a linguist has to know another language. I’d personally bet that on average a linguist has a high proficiency is one other language and a minor proficiency in yet another. The linguists who know a huge amount languages are in the minority, but they do exist, and this ability of theirs does help their research.


Okay, so how many languages do I speak? Since I’ve been writing about this, it’d be wrong for me to not speak about my situation. The short answer is that I speak four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Japanese. I can also read German and Ancient Greek. 

What languages are on my learning list? For work reasons, I will eventually need to know Middle Japanese, Old Japanese, Middle Chinese, Classical Chinese, and Korean. I don’t have to learn these. For personal reasons, I will probably eventually end up studying more German, French, and Latin. 

So that’s eight more languages.