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Telling Tom you’re pregnant Final Part

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Author’s Note: Final part guys. Hope you like it. I leave it to your imagination what the gender of the baby is and the name. Next up is another part of “Feelings and Work”.

Part 1 Part 2
The next week you spent with Tom, kissing you every few seconds, smiling like an idiot and calling the whole family over for a dinner. He was so excited about this whole pregnancy, that he couldn’t wait for dinner and told everybody immediately.
The week after that, he was still kissing you every few seconds, that you spent together. While you went back to work, he stayed home, bought thousands of books and stuff and had the whole house baby-safe at the end of the week. You started laughing every time, that he would start to talk and tell you everything he learned and read and did and he would start rambling and you would have to pull him close by his shirt and kiss him to shut him up.
The same tonight.
“Did you know this… And did you saw what I did in the bathroom?… Oh and you know what I saw online today, we have to get it…” he rambles on and on and on.
You smile at him, walk up to him, pull him down to you by his tie and kiss him. He kisses you back and puts his arms around your waist and pulls you even closer to his body.You break the kiss and he rests his forehead on yours.
“I’m rambling again, am I not ?” he asks which makes you smile even more.

“You do my love. I know that you are excited, so am I. But dear god Tom, I just started to show a little tummy and you are nearly ready to deliver the baby yourself. You have to slow down. We have so much time. I have enough time, to read the books you already read. And you know normally it’s the woman’s job to go all crazy and start buying baby clothes without even knowing the gender of the baby.”
You chuckle, looking at the bag of baby clothes laying on the dinner table.He smiles down at you and nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck. You hold him close and close your eyes. He kisses your neck, down to your shoulder and looks back into your eyes.
He caresses your cheek with his thumb and puts a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I love you.” He says, leaning in to kiss you.
You kiss him back and put both of your hands on his cheeks. You pull back and smile at him.
“I love you, too.” You smile.
He kneels down and pushes your shirt up. You chuckle and hold it up for him.
“Hey little baby in there. Your mom and dad are super excited to get to know you and want you to know, that we love you so much already.” He says and start to kiss your stomach.
You giggle, because the scruff he has, tickles your skin.He chuckles, too and purposely rubs his scruff over your stomach. You start to laugh and take a step back from him. But he has this wicked grin on his face, and you know he will not back down from tickling you. So you turn around quickly and run away from him. You both run around the house, laughing while he follows you into the bedroom, making you squeal as he throws the both of you on the bed.
The days go by and you finally tell all your friends, too. They were as excited about the news as your families, but nobody was as excited as Tom. But Ben and Tom were ecstatic together. You knew it would be a very long pregnancy.

Because from that day on, Ben called every day and made sure you ate enough and asked if Tom needed help with something. But it was a few months later that the two of them started to build the nursery together. It was fun to watch and even funnier when the argued about stuff.
Three weeks later the nursery was done and the two of you just needed to wait a little while longer for your baby to arrive.
And that time came soon enough.
You two are out having lunch with Ben and your friends and you need to go to the bathroom. You excuse yourself and waddle over to it. You wash your hands and take another look in the mirror, smiling at the belly when you suddenly feel a wetness between your legs. Your eyes widen and you take a deep breath. You take your purse and waddle back to the table. You sit down and tell the waiter that you would like to pay immediately and that there is no need for the desserts anymore. Everybody looks at you in shock, when the waiter nods and leaves. Even Tom looks at you as if he had seen a ghost. He puts his hand on your forehead and says:
“Are you alright? Why are you denying all of us their desserts?”
You take his hand and kiss it, smiling at him.
“Because my water just broke and we have to leave and get to the hospital as soon as possible.” You said and chuckled at the shocked expressions.
And immediately everybody jumps into action. Tom tossing his keys to Ben, telling him to get the car. He instructs the others to leave and get to the hospital to announce you two. While he handles that, you pay for the lunch and thank the waiter.
You slowly stand up and take Tom’s hand and turn him to look at you. You see a mix of emotions. He is nervous, excited, worried and totally stressed. And when he locks eyes with you he looks confused, too.
“Why are you not freaking out?” he asks.
“You are freaking out for both of us.” You chuckle, making him smile.
He smiles back and gives you a kiss. Just then the first contraction hits you, making you break the kiss and grasp his hand. He whips out the phone and when the contraction is over and he starts to stop the time to keep track of the contractions. Meanwhile Ben arrives and honks outside the restaurant and you two make your way to the car.
A few hours later, the two of you hold your baby in your arms. This is all you ever wanted and needed.
A happy husband, not being able to control his joy, kisses either you or the baby. And the most beautiful and more important healthy baby, you could’ve asked for.

After all of this, you totally forgot to talk with Tom about your secret candy box. But he probably put it away by now, because it wasn’t baby safe.

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Luke and Mara-☯️

Likes and Dislikes

Luke Skywalker loves water. He’s fascinated by it, takes overly long showers until someone dares to remind the hero of the Rebellion that they are on water rations. He loves sweet cakes with dense crumb and frosted with blue whipped toppings made from the bantha cream–the slight sour tang offsets the richness of the cake. He likes strenuous workouts and sparring sessions, and finds the adrenaline invigorating. And he loves flying, and flying fast.

And Luke dislikes long political meetings, dressing up for formal functions, and the crushing loneliness of being the only Jedi Master left in the galaxy.

Mara Jade dislikes…many things. Most things. But she dislikes carelessness and disloyalty and a lack of a personal moral compass most of all. She detests those who prey upon the young and helpless. But she also hates watered-down caf, blood-sucking insects, and planets with more than one sun–it’s havoc on her fair skin.

And she likes…ration bars. They’re not exactly appetizing, but they are practical and travel extremely well, just like her. She also has a fondness for symphonies and arias from her visits to the Imperial Opera as a child. She loves salty foods and clear, fresh broths with noodles and herbs. She likes throwing knives for target practice and prefers this over using her blaster to hone her aim. She loves high-thread count sheets, though shimmersilk sheets she finds distasteful and tacky, and she hates how it catches on her skin when her hands and feet are too dry.

And Mara also likes Luke Skywalker. It took her a while to admit it, because she did like him far earlier on than she’d ever care to admit, but his earnestness, his goodness, when he has a slight scruff on his face, and his mild insanity, especially in the midst of battle, with which she can so deeply relate, won her over. It’s a rare thing to find someone you like. Rarer still to find someone who understands you and still accepts you for who you are and in fact, admires you all the more for it.

Send me a symbol and a character/pairing and I’ll write a head canon

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Fans say grant looks younger in real life and the camera makes him look older lol is this true? I find grant very handsome 😄 but is he good looking in person too? Does he look different or the same?

I don’t know if I would say younger, but I do think he looks better with the longer hair he has now, and the scruff. 

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Excuse Me

Title: Excuse me

Pairing: Foreign!Reader x Markiplier

Prompt: The reader is on holidays in America with their best friend, they got lost in a shopping center and need help.

A/N For the best friend I just picked a random name and came up with a character

“Okay how are we lost right now?”

“Well Y/N in case you didn’t notice this place is huge and maybe if a certain someone didn’t get distracted by a fountain we wouldn’t BE LOST!!”

Y/N blushed a little at their friends remark and bowed their head in shame.

“It’s not my fault the fountain looked cool..”

Y/N sighed and pulled Shauna over to a brown bench beside a cool fountain. Y/N looked around the mall, they didn’t recognise where they were. Their friend looked at them with a scowl.

“Well, what now?”

Y/N shrugged.

“I dunno’ scream until someone helps?”

Y/N and their friend giggled and thought for a moment while looking at all the people rushing past. There were people walking fast, people walking slow, some people were on their own whereas some people were in a large group. After a few minutes Y/N had an idea.

“Hey why don’t we ask someone where the hell we are and how to leave?

“I don’t wanna’ ask some random person, plus they probably won’t understand our accents anyway” 

“Sure we could talk slowly for them, c’mon’ let’s find someone who doesn’t look too…scary”

Y/N and Shauna looked and gestured at a tall, tired looking woman with two hyper looking children clinging to her legs.

“What about her? She looks normal enough”

“Nah’ she looks like she has her hands full”

Y/N looked away from the woman and nudged their elbow into Shauna’s side.

“What about him?”

Shauna looked at a small old man who was looking into a window of a sports shop while looking confused.

“Y/N he doesn’t even know where he is, I hardly think he can help us”

“Alright, alright I’m gonna’ ask the next person I see just so we can get out of this jam-packed death trap”

Y/N quickly looked to their left and saw a man who had bright red hair, a red plaid top and skinny jeans on, he too was sitting on a bench but he was on his phone. Y/N swiftly slapped their friend’s arm.

“Ow what the fuck Y/N?”

Y/N nodded their head in the mans direction. Shauna looked over at him.

“Hmm, he’s wearing plaid…he looks like he knows directions”

Y/N rolled their eyes.

“You want to ask him just because he’s wearing plaid?”

“Emm yeah pretty much”

“Well I picked him because first of all his hair is amazing and second of all he is pleasing to the eyes”

Shauna laughed and stood up with Y/N. 

“So Y/N I bet you want to ask him for the directions?”

Y/N nodded their head quickly in agreement. They both giggled and walked towards the man.

They both stopped in front of the man. Y/N stepped towards the bench the man was sitting on, Shauna stayed a little bit behind Y/N.

“Excuse me, sorry to bother but can I ask you for help?”

The man looked up from his phone and into Y/N’s eyes. His eyes were a warm chocolate colour and he has some scruff on his chin and around his lips. Up close his hair looked even more vibrant and soft, fluffy even. Y/N wanted to touch his hair but restrained themselves. The handsome man looked kind and curious.

“Could you repeat that?”

Y/N stood straighter and tried to ignore the tingle they felt when he spoke. Y/N tried to talk just a little slower this time.

“I was wondering could you help me and my friend, if it’s not too much trouble”

“Oh yeah sure, what do you need help with?”

The man stood up from his bench and Shauna walked closer to them. Y/N turned to her friend and smiled and winked when the stranger wasn’t looking. This caused Shauna to smile and wink back.

“Well we are both lost actually, we’ve never been here before and we are looking for the exit” 

“Oh yeah I was just gonna’ leave now actually, I can show you two the exit now”

“Thank you so much, if it weren’t for you we probably would’ve been here for hours. By the way I’m Y/N and this is my friend Shauna.”

Shauna gave the strange man a small wave and a quiet hello. The male returned the wave and smile.

“Hey, my name’s Mark, nice to meet you”

Mark walked with Y/N and Shauna. Mark seemed very nice and friendly so Y/N liked him even more than before. They looked at Mark and examined his face. He had a natural smile on his face, a smile that looked as if it rarely ever left his face. Y/N noticed how smooth his voice was, how calming it was. Mark looked up and saw Y/N looking at him, he looked into their eyes and gave a wider smile. His eyes scrunched at the edges and somehow it made him more handsome. This made Y/N smile back at him and they continued walking.

“So where are you guys from?”

“Me and Shauna are from Ireland, we are here on holidays.”

“Oh, how long are you guys here for?”

“We are here for another two weeks, we want too look around as much as we can” Shauna piped in.

“Well I hope you guys enjoy it here”

“Yeah maybe we can enjoy it if we don’t get lost in another shopping center”

Mark laughed and before they know it they reached the exit. They all slowed down until they were outside the exit. Shauna looked over to Mark and gave him a smile.

“Well we better get going, thanks for the help Mark.”

“It was no problem at all, have a nice day guys”

Mark started to walk to the left while giving Shauna a smile. He looked at Y/N and gave a wink. He laughed when Y/N blushed and he walked to the left.

“Oooh, did Mark just wink at you Y/N?”

“Oh my God I can’t believe he did that”

Shauna laughed and walked to the right, while Y/N was still standing there. They were looking at Mark walk away and their chest was still tingling from Marks wink. Y/N knew that they were attracted to Mark for definite now, which sucked because they thought that they would never see him again.

Shauna ran back to Y/N and grabbed them by the wrist and hauled them to the right.

“I’m sure you will see him again Y/N, somehow”

Shauna gave her friend a smile and walked them towards their hotel.

i just realised that he shaved on the pictures for internet but he has a scruff in the interview and i am personally thankful that he kept the scruff for the interview bc he’s so beautiful and also thank u jesus for the bonus: grey hair in the scruff 👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏💯💯💯✨✨


The 5 o’clock shadow on the new BHG pin was confusing to me at first but then I noticed that they also used the same color for around his eyes so I forgive them. Bowler Hat Guy absolutely has a grey/pink skin color and while it does look on the pin as though he has some scruff they must have meant it as his skin coloring.
**Fun fact: I chose the above images at random to try and show what his skin coloring is like in the movie and accidentally made it look like he was looking at himself! Ha!


OKAY HERE IT IS. Last night we waited outside after the concert for like 2 hours until they came out. I made a collage for Dan so when he came over I said “I’m really embarrassed but I made you something…” And I gave it to him and he kinda turned around to see it in the light and he was just looking at it so I said “You always say you’re such a pessimist so I wanted to make you something..” And he said “Thank you! This is so great! I’m gonna go put it in the bus so it doesn’t get wet, hold on” and then when he came back he said “Everyone on the bus was looking at it!” And then HE GAVE ME A LONG WONDERFUL HUG AND THEN HE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK ASHDKAJ AND THANKED ME AGAIN. He is the loveliest human being I can’t get over how wonderful he is or possibly describe how happy he makes me ♡

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Are we sure the big foot pics are of Harry..we know she is a scammer and will lie if need be. I think it might have been chef Corey he has a scruff beard and similar body shape pics are grainey so easy to not be able to see in detail. Would make sense having pics of Corey in the lane if he had lived there, Meghan has been setting things up for ages prob even bought harry the shoes and told him to wear them for her on Sunday.

Could be anybody

A list of reasons why should all stop sleeping on Marude Itsuki and love and appreciate him instead 

Canon reasons: 

  • He called Tsuneyoshi Washuu a demon (which is an undeniable truth)  
  • Yoshitoki calls him Maru 
  • He calls Yoshitoki by his first name too
  • Yoshitoki told him to be casual when it’s the two of them 
  • Their friendship lasted for about 20+ years 
  • Itsuki blushed the first time he met Yoshitoki and he still blushes and sweats when Yoshitoki compliments him (20 years later) 
  • Itsuki blushes very easily and was (besides Haise) the only investigator that got flustered when he received chocolate for Valentine’s day
  • He has 0 filters 
  • He has 0 chill 
  • He’s scruff but he cares about his subordinates 
  • He owns a bike (pls no jokes about the fallen) 
  • Yoshitoki trusts in his skills and said that he puts all of his trust and faith in Itsuki 
  • He trusts Hide and has 0 doubt in his intuition 
  • His own intuition is amazing 
  • He puts the well being of other people above his own 
  • He wanted to trust Yoshitoki until the very end 
  • He is a hero, even though he doesn’t want to be one (by taking action against a person he was close with for over 20 years + the organisation that basically rules over Tokyo) 
  • He has a very strong sense of justice and is willing to change his ways if he has to 
  • He’s the realest CCG investigator out there 
  • He never conceals his emotions 
  • He sweats when he’s nervous (he’s not an ice cold killer like some people tokyoghoulwiki like to paint him)
  • He was worried about young Arima and scolded him for being reckless 
  • He risks his life for the greater good 

Fanon reasons: 

  • MaruChika were in love with each other 
  • His hair looks like Seidou’s 
  • He’s such a dad™
  • He has a nice ass™, which should go on the canon list but I might be biased 
  • He has tattoos, everywhere EVERYWHERE (thanks to @mildsurpriseatthedisco for that one  (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡) 
  • I love him to death and I want people to appreciate him too because he’s great (´。• ω •。`) ♡


Preference #15: Stubble

request: Maybe where he has scruff you know and you really like it or something

Harry: “Harry please shave. That little peach fuzz you have, makes you look creepy,” you insist, pulling Harry into the bathroom. “Heyyy, I thought it looked good. It took me a long time to grow this you know, don’t make me stop now,” Harry refuses, turning whiny towards the end. “Harry it just looks creepy and the fans are editing weird pictures of you because of it,” you laugh, hopping up on the bathroom counter in front of Harry, “And if tickles me when we kiss.” “It does? Well now I’m not gonna shave it. Love how cute you get when you’re getting tickled.” “Nope, you can be as cute as you want, but you’re still shaving that.” “Fiiine.

Louis: “Louis, stop that tickles,” you giggle pushing him away. “You love it,” Louis tease, pressing kisses to your neck, his stubble scratching against your skin. “No I don’t,” you argue back in between giggles. “Alrighty then I’ll just go ahead and shave since you hate my beard so much,” Louis sing-songs, getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. “No, no, no. Come back, I love your stubble, don’t shave.” “That’s what I thought, love.”

Liam: “Li, I feel like I’ve forgot what you look like without your beard,” you blurt out. You and like we’re currently laying on your shared bed, him running his hands up and down your sides, you combing through his beard with your fingers. “Really now?” Liam laughs, “Do you want me to shave, so you can see?” You quickly shake your head no, “no, I like how it feels when you kiss me. I don’t want you to shave, ever.” “Whatever you say, lovey. Whatever you want.”

Zayn: “Have you ever thought of dying your beard, too? Like when you dye your hair all those colors, why not your beard?” you sleepily slur. Zayn lets out a small laugh shaking his head, “I’m just going to chalk that one up to you being tired and sick.” “What do you mean? That’s a good question,” you argue back. “No it was just weird sweetheart,” Zayn teases. “Well I’m sorry. I was just thinking about how pretty that would look. And I don’t think I would be so funny about you kissing me, and it tickling me if it was a cool color.” “I didn’t know it tickled you.” “Oops.” “Well now I’m just gonna have to kiss you till you like it.”

Niall: “Niall, the inside of my thighs are all red from last night. Your little beard scratched and tickled me too much,” you whined. “I’m sorry, petal, didn’t mean to. Jus’ got to into it I guess,” Niall replies. “You’re not sorry are you?” you ask, breathing out a small laugh. “Nope. Not at all. Kinda proud of myself, actually. First, I actually grow out a beard. Second, i make my girl feel real good all night and give her a reminder of what happened.” “Okay, your cocky ass is coming upstairs with me. I want you to give me another reminder.”

help. Anyway thanks to loverofthetomlinson for requesting ((I’m counting it as one I hope you don’t mind)) Thanks for reading and please request

Get What I Want - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt #9: If your still taking requests I was wondering if you could write a thing where you’re a cat burglar and you were paid to steal something from Derek’s loft but he catches you and it’s super sassy and cute by then you both kiss cause you entertain him and its fluffy and cute? OH also you’re writing is awesome-sauce;)

A Little Note: Dear Anon, I’m not good with sassy, and I don’t think this imagine was sassy enough, or as sassy as you probably wanted. So since I couldn’t contact you, I tried my best and altered it a little bit by making the reader more of a bold character instead. Very bold. I hope you don’t mind and still enjoy my very first Derek imagine/prompt.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

When someone names a price how far are you willing to go to get the cash? Are you willing to kill someone, steal something, or manipulate someone for the right amount? If you are, do you have the cold heart to pull the trigger, shoot the arrow, or push the blade and take someone else’s life? Do you have the quick five-finger discount to steal anything without a guilty conscience? Would you make someone fall in love with you just to get something from them?

With me it’s simple, give me a reasonable price and I’ll get whatever you want. It’s nothing personal, its just business. More importantly it’s good business with the Calaveras.

Working for the Calaveras is what pays the bills, buys food, and allows me to spoil myself with the latest gadgets and weapons. It’s more than enough for me to work just for them and not worry about working other jobs.

I don’t work for them every day, at the most maybe 4 or 5 times a month. They call when they need something and I deliver. Then they wire a five or six digit number to my bank account. It’s an agreement we both like and it’s certainly one I don’t have trouble with. 

Tonight is nothing different. I broke into a loft, Derek Hale’s loft to be more specific, to steal something. I’ve never heard of him and I don’t plan on getting to know him either. The Calaveras called saying they needed what’s called a Triskelion. It’s a medallion that supposedly helps werewolves control their shift. The Calaveras hunt and kill werewolves, why they would want something that helps werewolves is beyond me. I don’t ask questions. The less I know, the easier it is for me to do my job.

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We can share the myths the dream the prayer

It’s alilactree’s birthday and early Klaine always hits the right button, doesn’t it? ^^

Title inspired by Tracy Chapman’s song entitled “New Beginning”, for obvious reasons ;)

Kurt wakes up in his dorm bed like he always does, and it takes him a moment to remember, for the smile to spread on his lips.

It did happen, didn’t it?

Blaine kissed him–and more than once, too–and they talked, and maybe they’re boyfriends?

Kurt lets himself fall back in his pillows, shamelessly kicking his feet against the covers.

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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: when did luke get so buff? i mean he's my little noodle. my tiny son. my precious baby. i could fit him in my pocket but now the tables have turned. he has scruff now. his voice and dimples are deeper than the pacific ocean. his arms have gotten bigger and his shoulders have gotten broader. not that i'm complaining but a little warning in advance would've been nice.