he has really nice teeth too

Making Out With Day6

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This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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You and Shawn just moved in together

“I told you to put the frames away before someone steps on them,” you gripe, bending to pick up the frames yourself with a little more attitude than you probably should. Shawn shakes his head at you from the other side of the room, annoyed.

“Sorry honey,” he says condescendingly, “too busy unloading a fucking million pound headboard all by myself. But yeah, keep organizing picture frames. That’s really important when we don’t even have a mattress yet.”

You grit your teeth. “Oh really baby, that’s really funny because I happen to remember bringing in one pretty important piece of furniture just an hour ago. Pretty thing that sounds nice and has a long neck? Be a shame if I dropped it.” You shrug and saunter past him. You can almost hear his jaw drop, and you smirk at the sound of his footsteps following you into the bedroom. He catches you against the wall and you squeak at the impact.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

Shawn bites at your bottom lip as his hands travel to your hips and he grips them hard, like he wants to leave a mark.

Then he proceeds to show you why you don’t even need a mattress.

  • Okay, so I was going back through all my humanformer stuff, and I realized I hadn't quite used that much stuff to describe what they look like. So here is a proper list
  • Rodimus: Gangly. Has a birthmark on his face that he claims is shaped like flames, but everyone else sees just a blob. He's Puerto Rican/Korean, with naturally brown hair that he dyes outrageous colors. His hair is never neat, it sticks up and a comb does nothing to tame it. Nor does hairspray or Drifts attempts to flatten it down. His chin is very pointy, and he does have asthma. Hazel eyes. Wears ugly ass bright orange Adidas jumpers. Looks hella good in skinny jeans. Pretty sure he only owns one pair of shoes, orange converse, becasue its the only pair of shoes he ever wears.
  • Drift: Used to be concerningly skinny, but put the weight back on in muscle when he was taken in by Megatron. When he moved into the Lost Light apartment building, however, he lost that weight, and the only person who noticed was Ratchet, who then made sure he was eating properly. Now he's rocking thunder thighs and a killer ass. He's Hispanic, and started dying his hair white, with one stripe of red (Which, unknown to everyone else, is in memory of Wing) in it. His natural hair colour is black. He's got the prettiest chocolate brown eyes you will ever look into. He grew his hair out pretty long, and wears in in either a messy bun or a ponytail. For some reason, his hands are always cold. Wears a lot of baggy pants and Nike singlets.
  • Ratchet: Black. Sort of chubby, wears a lot of orange and red. Has really nice hands. Surprisingly soft too. Thick af. Grows a beard on and off, tried a mustache once and Drift laughed himself silly. Large nose, and when he does smile (instead of scowling or frowning), it's the warmest fucking thing you will ever see in your life. Also has hella dimples. Dark brown eyes. Will pierce through your soul. Gap teeth. Doesn't give a shit about fashion, in the winter he wears what's warmest and in the summer he wears what's coolest.
  • Soundwave: Indian. Hardly ever speaks so you won't ever see those pearly whites. Has a long scar across his throat. Has large, dark blue glasses. Neatly styled hair that never gets messed up. It's always neat and perfect. Even the wind won't move that motherfucking hair. Quite tall and lean, has legs that go for miles. His twins did not inherit his height. Very, very dark brown eyes.
  • Chromedome: Muslim, with a fucking awesome set of hair. It sticks up naturally and it looks good, Rewind is forever jealous. Wears glasses, and has very thin lips and hella good looking jaw line. Super tall, super skinny, except he slouches a lot. He's sort of shaped like a dorito. Broadish shoulders and a body that slowly slims until you get to his twig legs.
  • Wears yellow Nike shoes a lot. Very long, spindly and skinny fingers. Needs to cut his nails. Goldenish eyes. Wears white jeans and actually looks good in them.
  • Sideswipe: People keep asking him 'what he is'. Stop. It's rude, and he'll kick you out no fucking problem. His mother was Japanese, and his father was black/Latino. (They both, unfortunately, died when he and Sunstreaker were young)Black fuzzy curly hair, and killer green eyes. He and Sunstreaker have very dainty hands. Average height, muscled. They both have really deep, cute dimples, and a killer jawline. The twins both have pretty long hair, and they both have a fair amount of scars. Mostly because of some bad choices (also from Sideswipe doing too much stupid shit for the vine) that neither of them are proud of, but they moved on from Megatron, and made their success. Has a nose piercing, and his ears pierced. Always wearing a red cap.
  • Sunstreaker: See Sideswipe XD They are identical twins, who some newer people still think are the same person.
  • Megatron: Polynesian. Fluffy hair, sprinkles of cute moles, and lots of scars. He has one through his eyebrow, a particularly nasty one on his cheek, and others on parts of his body that he can hide with clothes. Very, very tall. Broad, muscled and toned as fuck. Huge hands that will punch you so fucking hard, and then turn a page to a book with the utmost gentleness. Thick lips, mesmerizing. Sort of pointy chin, and a crooked nose from getting it broken so many times.
  • Grey eyes. Has lots of tattoos on his back. Owns many pairs of the same shirt and jeans that he wears every day. Black shoes, jeans, and a tight a grey, long-sleeved shirt. Wears a long black overcoat if it's cold.
Condoms and Toothpaste

A little Sterek drabble based on this tumblr post. Lots of love to @christinewolf​ for letting me bounce ideas of her and also giving me a few in return. She’s a great cheerleader and I love her a whole lot.

Also on AO3.

Derek isn’t exactly what you call a stable human being. He’s pretty messed up. A little bit lonely. Kind of an insomniac. Just a bit.

Usually, when he’s feeling a little too energized at three in the fucking morning, he goes grocery shopping.

Which is what he is currently doing. This happens at least once a week.  He has a problem.

He’s trying to decide between two different brands of toothpaste (it’s a hard decision, they both promise fresh breath and shiny white teeth, give him a break) when he sees someone in his peripheral vision.

Someone really nice looking.

With a box of condoms.

Stiles likes to grocery shop at odd hours. He blames it on college life. The only free time he gets between classes, studying, and making time for Scott is when he’s meant to be sleeping but just can’t.

During these times, he also remembers that he actually has to eat at some point. Something that isn’t pop tarts and cup-o-noodles. Thus the grocery shopping at three a.m.

He’s just walking by aisle ten when he stops short. Because. Because. That guy is very attractive and he looks like he’s trying to will the toothpaste to death just with the power of his magnificent eyebrows.

So. Stiles does the only logical thing his sleep-deprived brain can think of. He walks down the same aisle. And, promptly, grabs the first thing he sees.

Which happens to be a box of XXL condoms.

And Hot Eyebrows Guy is looking right at him.

Stiles searches his brain for something not-stupid to say, but the only thing that comes out thanks to 30 hours of not sleeping is, “Think these are any good?”

Hot Eyebrows Guy just blinks at him for a solid ten seconds with said eyebrows raised to his hairline, looking between Stiles’ face and the box of condoms before replying, “Condoms?”

Stiles feels like a complete idiot. His one interaction with a really hot guy he doesn’t know and he already screwed it up. He can probably fix this. The only way he knows how. Flailing and a lot of talking. “Well, I mean. I wouldn’t really know, and like, a guy like you probably has more experience than I do. You know - in the bedroom, I mean. Especially with this size-” Oh my god, Stiles thinks. I just made it so much worse.

“I mean, not that I would know something like that about you.” Stiles tries to put the condoms back on the shelf, but just manages to make several other boxes fall to the floor. “Shit. I mean, for all I know, it could be a lot smaller than this-”

Hot Eyebrows Guy continues to stare at him in complete bewilderment. Only then does he realize what just came out of his mouth, “Wow, I really need to shut up now.”

Stiles decides to just avoid eye contact and pick up the mess he made.

Derek can only stare as the guy who just implied he thought he had a small penis awkwardly picks up the boxes of condoms that ended up on the floor thanks to his flailing.

He’s obviously trying to avoid eye contact.

Derek has never been more offended and fascinated in his entire life. He didn’t even know that was possible.

This guy is a mess. And, Derek might be a little in in love. What the hell.

He’s brought out of his thoughts by the Condom Guy awkwardly standing up with the box still in his hand, the rest put away on the shelf.

“So, I guess I should just,” he gestures behind him as he starts to walk away.

Derek scrambles for something to say, “You’re a disaster,” is what comes out. Damn it.

Condom Guy looks mildly offended, but also like he agrees with the statement.

Derek smiles a little helplessly, “Wanna date?”

The stranger does a double take at that and looks behind him as if Derek could be addressing anyone else in a grocery store at 3:15 a.m.

He looks completely surprised. Derek thinks it’s cute. He’ll die before he admits it out loud, though.

“Wait, seriously?” Condom Guy says.

Derek nods and digs in his pocket, pulling out his phone.

Stiles leaves the grocery store in a daze, having only bought a box of XXL condoms.

But, he does have Hot Eyebrow Guy’s (Derek’s) number in his phone and plans to have coffee in a few hours.

Later, Scott calls him an idiot for not actually getting anything edible. Stiles counts it as a win anyway. So does Derek.

min yoongi as your boyfriend

if you guys like these, feel free to request the other members! (of any of the 3 groups i write for) 

Taehyung / Hoseok / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- waking up would be interesting because sometimes he would be too far gone in his slumber but also he may be up working still on his laptop, you never know. 

- when you two are getting ready together (which doesnt happen too often) you do it in silence but he occasionally will reach out an arm and just pat your back or something when you’re brushing your teeth idk

- sometimes you dont know what to wear and yoongi is like “i got this” and picks out a bomb outfit tbh he has a really nice fashion sense and it works so well 

- you guys dont have any of the matching couple stuff but you do have identical leather jackets and they are super cute but not cheesy

- tbh both of your diets are pretty crappy because he never is home in time for a home-cooked meal so there is a lot of nights you order takeout and eat it in front of a bad crime TV show or go out to a fast food restaurant at like 2 a.m. and order a bunch of fries. its fun tho

- he’s the type of boyfriend that’s really subtle with his love. like he knows your order at almost every restaurant and he knows all your clothing sizes and such but he tends to blush when you call him out on it

- “i was not blushing, shut up”

- “yes you were, it was cute" 

- when he’s stuck on a song, he calls you to the studio since you guys live close. you’ll come in and inspire him but you dont usually go home. instead he lets you sit on his lap and 9/10 times you end up falling asleep with his headphones in as he works. it’s v cute and warm

- you really enjoy his voice but he is quiet a lot so you purposely poke at him to get a reaction and he acts annoyed, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable af

- he was a little nervous meeting your family but he pretended like he wasnt so you told your family to give him a little of a hard time at the start for a joke and they did and he was /so/ flustered but a minute later everybody was laughing and giving him hugs but he just glared at you with a murderous look

- he is really supportive and encouraging, but he doesnt push you more than needed. like if your boss is demanding you to do something you absolutely do not want to do, he’ll just be like "yah, dont do it. screw him” but when its something you just arent sure you can do, he’s always there like “there is no reason to be like that, you can do it" like honestly he is the cutest lil motivator

- when it thunderstorms and he’s at the studio he always calls you because you get a little nervous and he will sometimes rap softly or hum or narrate his day and honestly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. 

- when you convince him to cuddle with you its really relaxing because he’s warm and cool at the same time and he always knows how to make you comfortable subconsciously and you feel really safe

- kissing yoongi is hard to describe because sometimes his lips are cold and quick against yours but other times they’re hot and slow and honestly it doesn’t stop there, its different every time

- during the holidays he acts like he’s too “swag” to participate in the corny couple things but you always convince him otherwise. on halloween you always carve pumpkins together and drink apple cider but on christmas you two wear ugly sweaters and bake (terrible) cookies that you leave out over night for “santa” just for the fun of it. he pretends to hate it but he really does enjoy ever second of it

- he’s protective but in a way you dont notice like he gives a hard glare to anybody who looks at you wrong while you arent looking or making sure to walk on the outside when you guys venture out 

- and he always makes sure to stash a granola bar or crackers in your bag because you forget to eat sometimes and people wouldnt expect him to be so thoughtful, but he is  in his head a lot so he has a lot of time to think of such things

- he didnt want to introduce you to the boys for the longest time because you were his and he was secretly a little afraid that you would like the outgoing and affectionate members more than him but you assured him that you were with him and wanted to stay with him

- he wasnt quite reassured because he’s that type of person but when he introduced you to them, you always gravitated back to him which gave him peace so he didn’t have to worry anymore

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because you had told a really bad joke but kept giggling and yoongi was just like “you’re so cute, i love you” and then you stopped giggling and stared up at him with disbelief but quickly smiled and hugged him tightly and said i love you back and tbh yoongi was so relieved because he was so in love with you and if you werent he didnt know what to do because he had to protect his “swag” and ya know, pride

- being in a relationship with yoongi would be very calm and comforting and you both were extremely content and very much in love with the other

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Ok for real give it a moment to sink it but... Graham Montague x Katie Bell. Your venue. 🙌

pairing: graham montague x katie bell

setting: modern, non-magical, soulmate au

Graham sustains a mild-to-moderate concussion the first time he meets his soulmate.

He tries not to hold it against her—he’s had “oh, my god, get out of the—move, now!” scribbled in barely legible pink letters across the flat of his right forearm since he was born, basically, and there aren’t a lot of ways to interpret a statement like that—but it’s hard.

Because he isn’t surprised, exactly, that he winds up in a mostly dark hospital room getting penlights flashed in his eyes, questions about his major and the day of the week and the number of cherry flavored Jell-O cups on the bedside table ringing in his ears.  

It’s just.


It’s a little annoying, maybe, that he’d been knocked unconscious for just long enough to completely miss his opportunity to say something back to her.

He was hit by a golf cart, apparently.

A tiny, blue-and-white, out of control, campus security golf cart.

Graham squints incredulously at the nurse who shares this particular bit of information with him, but before he can get his mouth to work—there’s a concerning three-second delay between what his brain wants to do and what his body is willing to do—she’s taken his vitals and rearranged his pillows and disappeared into the hallway again.  

Graham frowns at the black-out curtains on his window.  

He’s kind of bored.

Suddenly, though, a tall girl in nylon gym shorts and an oversized gray v-neck is being shoved through his door, a warbling echo of exasperated laughter trailing behind her.

Graham frowns harder.

The girl has brown hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, grassy clumps of mud streaking her bare calves, and a faint dusting of freckles all across the bridge of her nose. A pair of freshly severed zip-tie handcuffs are looped around her wrists, and he can just barely make out his own handwriting—neat block letters, deep emerald green—printed across the flat of her right forearm.

“Hi, sorry, I’m Katie and I know you’re not technically supposed to have visitors yet but I feel really bad about what happened and I just—I dunno, I wanted to make sure you were going to be okay? And there wasn’t any permanent damage? And, oh, also that you knew the whole…running…you over thing—it wasn’t personal, it just—did you know those little cars have gears? And a clutch? And speedometers that lie?

Graham stares at her—at Katie—as she rambles. She’s pretty, he thinks, vaguely stunned by…something. Everything. She has really long legs, and really nice teeth, and her face is shaped a little like a heart. He bets she tastes good. Wholesome. Like apple pie and vanilla ice cream and the fleeting flicker of warmth he can already feel curling around the base of his spine.

“I can teach you to drive stick, if you want,” he finally blurts out, which is…an idiotic offer, honestly, because he doesn’t even know how to drive stick, but—

Her head jerks up. “You—holy shit,” she breathes, practically leveling him with the force of her smile—dazzlingly bright and slightly too wide for her mouth. “You’re mine.”

“Yeah,” he agrees dumbly. “I’m yours.”

The ensuing dizziness is probably just a concussion symptom, but it’s not like he can prove it.

Severus Snape Headcanons.

- He has dimples.

- His teeth are crooked and yellowed but the rare time he smiles, you know he has a really nice smile. Not too much gums, a nice curve to his lips.

- His lips are overall thin but his lower lip is plumper.

- He has long eye lashes.

- My head canon of him is descendant of Spaniards, which in turn have ancestry from the Middle East. I imagine he is super pale but with a yellowish/warm undertone.

- He is bisexual.

- He has awesome eyebrows. Bushy but sharp and formed for maximum sarcastic/snarky use.

- He looks older for his age, but his eyes still showcase how young he actually was. He has a few more lines across his forehead and his smile lines because of his scowls and his frowns, but he doesn’t have crow’s feet because he never smiled much.

- He likes classical and rock music.

- He denies liking beer, as denial of his lower working class upbringing.

- He always wanted to be poised, elegant and cool, but he knows he isn’t, even after he does something petty or vindictive. He knows he is not a nice person, but he prides himself in his self-awareness.

- Around the 1980′s, right after Voldemort “fell”, he put on some weight, at least enough to marvel at his soft tummy. Not pulled tight over his bones anymore.

- He secretly liked his wiry arms from Potion making.

- He took a lot of self-made potions to care for his gastritis, result of stress, his lack of eating, etc.

- He knows it was his Wizarding bloodline that kept his hair abundant, instead of becoming bald from the emotional, physical and mental pressure. Especially because he never really groomed himself, nor did he care to, much.

l’homme de radio (M) | [2/2]


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SUMMARY: All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; the shy, sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty, pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.

GENRE/WARNINGS: College!AU; Filled with a Yoonmin love triangle and a shit ton of smut, angst, and fluff.

WORDS: 14.2k.

A/N: The final part! I had so much fun co-writing this with Dannie aka @jiminables. We were both pretty divided when it came to deciding who Y/N was going to end up with (considering the fact that her bias is Jimin and mine is Yoongi lmao) but we’re both really happy with the way this turned out. We hope you guys enjoy it just as much as we do! :) xx.

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Needy (Mark Tuan Smut)

Genre: Smut

Mark x Reader

It was nearly 1AM when you woke up from your sleep. You were so thirsty; a warm cup of tea sounded nice, especially since it was a chilly night. You got out of your bed and pulled on your boyfriend, Mark’s, dark red flannel that was hanging on the edge of the bed. It was quite cold since you only had on your lingerie, but the flannel helped. Not to mention, it made you feel happy on nights like these that you had to spend alone without Mark by your side. Mark had been practicing late with his friends and he had called you earlier to say that he was going to crash at his friend, Jackson’s, house. You understood completely, but nights without him by your side were absolutely restless; hopefully a nice cup of tea could help.

You headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a tea kettle out of the cabinet. You filled it with water and placed it on the stove to heat it up. Just as you finished doing so, you heard the sound of the backdoor near the kitchen unlocking. You were startled at first, but you calmed down after seeing who it was. It was Mark.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” You interrogated him in surprise. Afterall, he said he’d be gone until the morning.

“Hey, i do live here, you know.” Mark laughed at your blunt expression. His laughter turned into a state of shock when he realized what you were wearing. He thought you looked stunning even though you were casual.

“You told me you’d be at Jackson’s the whole night.” You answered him. Suddenly, the tea kettle began to whistle and you walked over to turn off the stove.

“Well, i wanted to come home to be with you. Jackson isn’t all that fun to cuddle with, not to mention he doesn’t smell as good either.” He leaned against the kitchen counter, crossing his arms and watching your every move as you continued to make your tea.

“Actually, Jackson smelled pretty good last time i was around him.” You laughed as you poured the steaming water into a mug. Mark didn’t respond, but you felt his eyes on you, scanning your body intensely, watching you as you ripped open the tea bag packet and plunged it into the hot water. After a long period of him not saying a word, you began to wonder what was up with him. Usually, he was so chatty and talkative especially with you. You looked up and him and asked, “You okay? Got something on your mind?”

He snapped out of his trance and locked his eyes with yours as he lowly mumbled, “I guess i have a thing or two on my mind.”

You took a sip from your mug and placed it back on the counter. Mark was leaning his back and the palm of his hands against the counter and you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. He was only wearing tight jeans and a plain white t shirt that was tucked into them, but he somehow made something so casual look so inviting. His dark hair was pushed out of his face so you could see every single feature his face had to offer: his dark eyes, his sharp jawline, his red lips that were now parted a little, etc. You walked over to where he was leaning aginst the counter and wrapped your arms around his neck, making him lean back a little bit more.

“So, what’s on your mind, babe?” You glared at him and the minute your eyes met his, you knew exactly what was on his mind, but you wanted to hear his answer.

“Just how cute you look in that flannel. Where’d you get it?” He teased, a slight grin spreading across his lips, his hands gripping your hips.

“Oh, i got it from this guy, he’s pretty cute.” You teased back, fluttering your eyelashes in an innocent manner.

“Yeah? What does he look like?” He asked as his eyes fought the urge to fall down to your body where the flannel was open, exposing your bare skin featuring your black lingerie. His hands locked behind your back, pulling you in slightly closer to his warm body.

“Well, he has these pretty, dark eyes that i adore. He has this really nice chest that he only lets me see, maybe his friends too if they’re lucky.” You began to list off his perfections as you ran your fingers along the line that defined his bicep. “He also has these red lips…” You trailed off into a whisper while you took your bottom lip in between your teeth. You stood on the tips of your toes to bring your face closer to his. There were only inches between both of your faces, you could even feel his shaky breath hitting your top lip every so often.

Mark was the type who still got a powerful rush through his body whenever he was close to you or if the two of you were kissing, or any sort of touching for that matter. Even though the two of you had kissed, touched, and even had sex before, a simple touch could still excite him. He found you so beautiful, almost mesmerizing and he felt lucky to have someone like you to himself.

“…these red lips that could send chills through my body. I just want to kiss them so badly right now.” You continued, purposely licking your lips after you spoke because you knew he was watching.

“Maybe you should just do it.” He murmured in a deep voice that was now full of lust and hunger. You could tell by his tone that he was desperate and you had him right where you wanted him. Taking his suggestion, you slowly leaned in to mold your lips with his. Eagerly, he tightened his hold around your waist and returned the kiss, but it wasn’t as soft as you had started out. He kissed you deep as his tongue brushed pass your lips to graze over your tongue. His tongue wrestled with yours for dominance; of course, he won that dominance. His hands unlocked from each other to move down to your thighs, giving them a little squeeze to let you know to jump. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist as he held you up by your thighs. Effortlessly, still kissing you, he made his way back to your bedroom. It was dark with only a dim lamp illuminating the room, but without fail, he made his way towards the bed and sat you down on it. He pulled away from you to pull his shirt over his head and toss it to the side. He then hooked his arms under your arms and climbed on top of you, his bare chest pressing firmly against your clothed chest. He kissed a trail from your lips, to your jawline, and to your neck. He stopped at your neck to harshly, but lovingly suck on your weak spots. He tangled his fingers into your hair to lightly tug your head back only to reveal more of your neck to him. He loved giving your marks all over your body, it made him feel confident. It was a reminder that you were his and only his to him. As he kissed and sucked on your neck his hands moved from your thighs to your waist. Then, they began to creep up to your chest. He gave your clothed breasts a squeeze that won a soft moan out of you.

“You’re already moaning? I haven’t even touched you yet.” He smirked as he started to kiss further down your body. He pulled open your flannel to expose your almost naked body.

“Mark…please do something.” You begged, becoming needy. You wanted him to quit all the teasing and just love your entire body all ready.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He looked up at you, making eye contact as he began kissing the tops of your boobs and in between them. He left long trails of kisses from the valley between your boobs to your belly button.

“Quit it, you know i hate begging and waiting like this.” You groaned at how painfully slow he was moving. Mark was the type who loved to hear you say exactly what you wanted him to do to you. It made his heart beat faster and his pants become tighter when he heard the dirty little things that could escape a pretty mouth like yours.

“I guess i’ll just have to go slower then.” He smirked against your tummy and that only made you squirm more. You hated the way he teased you so much. He moved down your body a little bit more until he was between your legs, his face leveled with where you were aching for him the most. He softly pecked at your inner thighs as he inched your black panties down your legs. He was going at an unbelievably slow pace, you couldn’t wait any longer. It was almost agonizing.

“Mark, please, all i want you to do is fuck me. Please just get on top of me already.” You whined which nearly made you cringe at how desperate you sounded. You hated begging, but you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was Mark and the dampness between your legs.

“That’s my girl.” An accomplished grin spread across his face as he slid your panties completely off and tossed them to the side. He grabbed your hips to bring you closer to him and without warning he pressed his tongue between your wet folds. You let out a short moan at the sudden connection. His tongue lapped over your sensitive clit. He then slipped two fingers into you which made your back arch. He always knew the right pace to go and exactly where to touch you. It didn’t take him long to find the spot that could have you screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He picked up his pace and just as your first orgasm of the night was about to wash over you, he stopped completely, removing his fingers from you.

“Mark, what the hell?” You groaned at the unwanted emptiness between your legs. He returned back to his position on top of your body.

“I want you to save it all for me, i’m sorry, princess. You’ll be thanking me later.” He promised you as he tinderly kissed your lips again, giving you a taste of yourself. You flipped him over to change positions so you were now on top of him.

“It’s your turn now.” You smirked, ready to please him better than anyone else ever could. You straddled him and ran your hands against his smooth, fit chest and abs. He sat up for a moment to take your flannel and your bra off of you in which he placed beside him. You were now completely naked on top of him. You kissed his collarbones down to his defined abs, lightly sucking on his torso to create your own marks on him. You were now between his legs. You slid his jeans off of him as he watched your every move in anticipation. You pushed his discarded jeans off of the bed and began to work on his boxers. As you removed his boxers, his hard on slapped against his torso.

“Glad to know i’m not the only ‘eager’ one here.” You giggled as you dragged your fingers across his large length. The only response he gave you was a shiver from your touch. Now he was the one desperate for your touch. Mark was always the dominant one in bed but there were times like this where you had him bounded down, hungry for your touch. Unable to resist any longer, you licked him from the middle of his length to the tip. You sucked on his tip for awhile until you took all of him in at once. You bobbed your head, twirling your tongue around his soft tip. He began moaning and breathing unsteadily. He reached down to your head to form a makeshift ponytail as you sucked him off.

“Fuck, come ride me baby, i can’t wait any longer.” He demanded as he pulled you by the arm on top of him so you straddled him. “Wait, but put this on.” He grabbed the flannel you previously had on and tossed it over your shoulders.

“Why?” You questioned as you slipped yours arms back into the sleeves.

“Because i love fucking you while you’re wearing my clothes, it’s so damn hot.” He explained and he slowly pushed into you without a warning. You let a loud moan of pleasure at the feeling of him filling you up. You held him down by placing your palms against his chest. You began to bounce and grind down him, his hands gripping your hips hard to keep your motion going. You sped up a little which made a loud, deep moan escape from his parted lips. His head was now dipped back and you could tell he was close to finishing, so you slowed down because you wanted the moment to last longer. Unable to deal with your slower pace, he flipped you back over so you were beneath him once again.

“Only i can do the teasing, babe.” He said as he aggressively yanked your head back to kiss on your neck. As he did so, he bucked his hips into you with a steady, deep thrust. Each thrust almost made you bite down onto your lip hard enough to bleed.

“Go faster, please.” You begged him and he actually listened to you. He picked up his pace and slammed into you even faster than before, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin and harmonized moans. When your moans became out of control, he returned his lips to yours to soothe you. It only worked a little. “I’m so close.” You said, out of breath.

“Cum for me then.” He whispered in your ear and that was all you needed to hear. The mixture of his voice and him hitting your weak spot made the tight knot in your core unravel as euphoria washed over the both of you. Moments after you came, he finished too, filling you up completely with his warm liquid. He moaned a line of profanities as he slowed his pace down to a stop and pulled out of you. He rolled off of you and pulled you into his sweaty chest, the two of you attempting to catch your breath.

“I’m glad i decided to come home.” He smiled an innocent smile. You looked up at him and he looked back at you, his dark lustful eyes were now replaced with soft, caring ones. It was amazing how he could be so aggressive one minute, but so innocent the next.

“I’m glad you came home too.” You cuddled closer to his body as his fingers ran over your shoulder and your arm. “Also, you shouldn’t lend this flannel to Yugyeom, Jackson, or anyone else anymore either.” You blushed.

“You’re probably right. They’d be so grossed out if they borrowed it and later found out i made love to my girlfriend in that.” He laughed against your cheek, giving it a few sweet kisses.

“And don’t you dare give them in it on purpose as a prank either.” You scolded him as if you could read his thoughts.

“I swear i won’t! Even though it’d be funny, i won’t.” He promised. Despite him being the oldest out of his friends, he sometimes made the most childish decisions, even if they were funny at times.

“Also, Mark?”


“I still want my tea.” You said which only made him giggle.

“Of course, i’ll go make a fresh cup for you okay? You want anything else, princess?” He asked. He was such a caring boyfriend, he took great care of you.

“No, i just want you and some tea.” You responded and he giggled against your forehead.

“No problem, i love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You responded and gave him one last kiss on his lips.

Luke drunkenly confesses his love for you

requested by: anonymous

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” Your best friend Luke asked you through the phone. It was a Friday night, and he was going to a party that one of his other friends was throwing. When he asked initially, you had just changed into sweatpants and a tank top. You decided then that you weren’t going to give up your newfound coziness to have cheap booze and someone else sweat all over you.

“Nah, I’ve got a date with my couch and Netflix.” You said, and he laughed on the other end. “Take a shot for me, ok?”

“Will do, princess.” He told you, and you rolled your eyes at the pet name.

After he hung up, you settled into a blanket nest that you’d made for yourself with a bowl of popcorn, ready to stream your favorite show for the next few hours.

You periodically checked your phone, watching Luke’s snapchat story as it showed up in your recent updates, and you were happy to see videos of him goofing around and having a good time. Thinking to yourself, you fully expected that you would hear from him in the morning when he would be complaining about a headache, or maybe a hickey someone left that was in a super-visible place that he would get hassled for.

You ignored the warm wash of jealousy that spread over your face as you thought of another girl with Luke. You actually liked him a lot. Way too much, probably, but he had no idea, and you did all you could to keep it that way. You didn’t want to confide in him and then have it turn out that he didn’t feel the same, because then things would get weird and you’d lose the awesome friendship that you had.

Call it a cliché, but it was true. The friendship with Luke was perfect. He was always willing to hang out, watching movies, eating junk, and goofing around, but he was also willing to stay up all night with you to talk about nearly everything and cuddle with you when you couldn’t sleep. Admitting your feelings wasn’t worth losing that, and you’d told yourself that numerous times.



At about three in the morning, after a bunch of just one more episode’s, you were surprised to hear a knock at your door. You reluctantly untangled yourself from your blanket nest and padded to the door, gazing through the peephole. Luke was standing outside, swaying on his feet.

You quickly opened the door, and Luke stumbled inside. “Luke, it’s balls AM, what are you doing here?”

“I was at that party y’know,” He slurred, plopping down on the couch. He purposely avoided your carefully constructed fort, which you appreciated greatly. “And I like,” He burst into a fit of giggles. “I couldn’t remember how to get back to my house so I came here instead.”

You climbed back into your blanket nest. “You’re not going to throw up on my floor, are you?” You asked. He shook his head. “Good. C’mon.” You coaxed him in next to you, and he joined gladly, pulling you into his lap without a second thought and resting his head on your shoulder.

He joined you for the next episode, and it was nice to just be close to him. His breath was warm as it fanned softly out against your collarbone, and even though it reeked with liquor, it was still comforting. Once the show was over, you looked back at Luke to see that he was staring at you, his drunken, glazed-over eyes watching your face like he was waiting for something.

“What?” You asked, averting your gaze as your cheeks flushed.

He flinched a little bit, like he had suddenly realized that you had reacted, and a dopey grin spread across his face. “You’re like, super pretty.” He slurred.

“Thanks, Luke.” You tried to keep your tone playful even though butterflies were stirring in your stomach.

“And you’re super nice.”

“Thank you,”

“And I like you.” He murmured.

“I like you too.” You answered softly. He was a quiet, soft drunk, and you didn’t mind it.

“No.” He shook his head slightly against your shoulder. “I mean like, I like like you, Y/N. I have for a really long time.”

You had barely enough time to register that Luke has a crush on you before his hand was on the back of your neck, pulling you in so that he could press his lips to yours. It was clumsy, his teeth knocking into yours eagerly, but once the initial shock wore off, he slowed it down. You rested your hands on his chest, and his heart was racing, much like yours was. It was everything you had ever wanted for so long.

But it felt so wrong.

He was drunk, and chances were, he wouldn’t remember this once he had sobered up. You liked him a lot, but this wasn’t right. You tightened your hands in his shirt and pushed him away, and his face spread into a dopey grin. “That was awesome.” He murmured, nudging your jaw with his nose.

“You’re an idiot.” You murmur, starting to climb out of your nest. “C’mon, you need to sleep this off.” You said, turning off the tv and padding toward your room. You smiled to yourself as you heard him follow.

He was asleep the minute his head hit the pillow, and you settled in next to him. You drifted off to his soft snoring.


You woke up to a groan the next morning, and rolled over to see Luke rubbing his hands over his eyes. “What the fuck,” He hissed, pulling a pillow over his face to shield his eyes from the rays of sunlight that were filtering through the blinds of your bedroom window.

You got up to close them, and he hummed a thank you from underneath the pillow. “Good morning, sunshine.” You huffed out a laugh, and he flipped you off. You disappeared for a moment into the bathroom to grab a bottle of over-the-counter pain meds, and you threw them at him once you got back into the bedroom. “C’mon, I’ll make some coffee.” You said, tugging at the duvet on your bed, and he grumbled as he clamored out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen with you.

After starting a pot, you lifted yourself onto the counter, crossing your ankles and gripping the edge of the counter. He leaned against the wall across from you, crossing his arms. “So what exactly happened last night?” He asked slowly. “I remember being at the party and then I woke up here.”

“Yeah, you showed up here, drunk off your ass and said that you didn’t remember how to get home so you walked here instead.”

He nodded, thinking for a moment. “I didn’t throw up, did i?”

“No, you watched some Netflix with me and then, um,.. we went to bed.” You told him, looking down at your feet. The coffee maker went off and you hopped off of the counter to fill the mugs.

Once Luke had his mug in hand, he smirked. “There was something else, wasn’t there?” He asked, and you blushed. You jumped back up to your previous position on the counter.

You stared down at your drink, and Luke took a sip from his. “Um, well, you told me that you liked me and then we kissed.” You said quietly.

Luke choked.  “What?” He asked, sputtering. “What did I say?”

“You said that you like like me and you have for a long time.”

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He murmured, setting his mug down.

“For what?”

“For making things weird.” He replied. A small smile spread across your face.

“You didn’t make things weird, Luke.” You told him, and he raised an eyebrow, confused. “Come here.” You said, and Luke walked forward to stand between your spread knees. “It so happens that I like like you too.”

Luke raised his embarrassed gaze to yours, and his eyes were hopeful. “Really?” He asked, and in response, you cupped his face in your hands and kissed him.

When you pulled away, Luke was grinning. “Okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You answered, then giggled as he bumped his forehead into yours.


the-asexual-sloth  asked:

Any hcs for (all TYL) Mukuro, Gokudera, Bel, and Xanxus sleeping habits? With or without a s/o?

admin adelheid


  • He keeps three pillows in his bed at all times. One for his head and two on either side of him.
  • Mukuro can’t fall asleep easily, especially at night and has a habit of moving around before going to bed.
  • Spending almost half his life in a state of semi awareness pickling in a water tank made him restless in closed spaces so he likes wide open windows in his bedroom. He would sometimes spend hours looking out of them to help him sleep.
  • He would get up and usually take a quiet walk through the neighborhood or surrounding area making sure no one can see him if staring out the window didn’t help. Here he relishes reality as though he still can’t believe he’s free while hiding this vulnerable side of him.
  • If he does not achieve these quiet walks he doesn’t sleep at all. It is an imperative part of his sleeping ritual that he gets this time to himself no matter where he is or who he is with.
  • He dislikes sleeping in a bedroom lying down. It made him feel vulnerable and easily ambushed unless Chikusa and Ken were surrounding him.
  • He would usually sleep sitting on the living room couch, his arms hanging off the sofa’s back looking much too awake for someone who is resting.
  • The only way anyone would know he was sleeping when poised like this was if his shoes were off. No matter where he was, optimum sleep involved him being barefoot.
  • On the off chance that he was too dead tired to dream about his demons, he sleeps on his side holding on to a pillow. When he meets you and you two start sleeping together then you become his favorite huggy pillow.
  • Mukuro can sleep for as little as four hours each day and keep going with only twenty minute power naps as long as Chikusa and Ken are there to guard him while he sleeps.


  • Hayato likes sleeping as much as the next person but his sense of duty could keep him awake for days at a time.
  • He likes sleeping curled up with his hand under his pillow and his blankets covering him alllllllllllll the way up to his chin.
  • He likes really big blankets.
  • He has taught himself to take energy out of twenty minute power naps scattered all throughout the day.
  • During crisis or hectic situations, he can be found living in his office. So you make sure you keep a nice, fresh blanket and pillow in there to help him with his naps.
  • He gnashes his teeth while sleeping.
  • He snores a little. (just a little)
  • During lulls and when the workload is not too hectic, he still keeps up with his favorite childhood past time of watching sci-fi and occult documentaries till late into the night before going to sleep making it difficult for him to catch up with his rest.
  • He has someone grow jasmines outside his bedroom window. The scent helps him sleep and calm down when he’s upset. He did this when Shamal once said Hayato’s mother smelled like jasmines.
  • Warning. He is a notorious snuggler.


  • Bel is a night owl.
  • Even with his sleeping habits he is infamously obsessive compulsive.
  • Despite his profession as an assassin, he sleeps like a baby given the right conditions. This demonstration of his lack of apathy for human life has contributed to his notoriety.
  • He likes to keep late nights and sleep throughout the day.
  • He hates going out in the sun and keeps thick, heavy drapes in his bedroom.
  • He cannot rest if he is not sleeping on a king sized bed covered in linens made of a hundred percent Egyptian cotton.
  • Without the hundred or so perfectly fluffed swans-down pillows surrounding him, sleeping is impossible.
  • This makes it difficult for him to get any rest during missions when the sleeping arrangements are less than satisfactory to his sensitive Royal senses.
  • When with Squalo during these missions, it is common for the Varia Rain Guardian to knock the Storm user unconscious just to force him to go to sleep. (done for his own good, of course)
  • Belphegor sleeps on his belly with his arms resting on each side of his head and his legs spread out under him.


  • Xanxus is a flexible sleeper. He can sleep practically anywhere as long as he was on a cushy chair hence why Levi makes it a point to carry one around if he could.
  • But though he may seem a heavy sleeper he is actually someone who is filled with too many angry regrets to sleep soundly. It is for this reason that he imbibes copious amounts of alcohol.
  • He would empty a couple of bottles of either vodka or rum (he saves tequila for when he wanted to be rowdy) before he goes to bed to be able to fall asleep. He said the alcoholic buzz makes his brain too confused to be mad anymore.
  • His bed is plain but very comfortable. He dislikes beds that are either too hard or too soft.
  • He prefers the smell of sun dried linen sheets.
  • He has a little known habit of rubbing the bottom of his feet against the sheets. The sensation helps lull him into a much more comfortable rest.
  • He likes to sleep naked.
  • He makes sure to keep a gun under his pillow at all times.
  • If he’’s drunk enough? He snores. Loudly.
  • Xanxus likes sleeping flat on his back as though in attention but can switch to lying on his belly in the middle of the night.

anonymous asked:

Hi! This is pretty random but I really wanna say this & you seem so nice! Have you ever noticed when Tarjei smiles his gums show & sometimes only his gums show? Like when he just lets his lips quirk up a bit? I Do that too. My sister has made me feel pretty self consious by saying I have more gums than teeth, but then here comes this beautiful boy & his gums show too! Idk it just made me so so happy because his smile is my favorite & I love when his gums show and now I no longer hate my smile :)

hiii! im glad that he could make you more confident about your smile! bc u should always smile!!!:’)

anonymous asked:

A fic request where yurio goes to a dentist just for a monthly check up (y'all know his teeth is so nice and shiny) and the doctor keeps sticking the tools in too deep, causing yurio to gag but the doctor tells yurio to endure it. But yurio is unable to put up with it much longer with the mirror being stuck down too deep and stuff and he feels vomit rising up his throat. He thrusts upwards into a sitting position and throws up all over his lap and legs.

sorry this is so short!  i’m not sure why, but teeth and dentist-related things kind of squick me out >.<  i did my best here, and i apologize if it’s not up to par with your expectations of me in any way!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit  and dentists below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic if you’re sure you’d like to continue reading!

Yurio had in his heart no special love for the dentist.  It was a hassle to go in every year, for one, not to mention the fact that getting poked at was never fun, and he always went home with his mouth aching from holding it open for so long.  And yet, he had never been scared of it the way some people were; he’d been through much worse elsewhere, and he figured that if the cost of having nice teeth was a bit of discomfort, he could manage.

That was before he had his monthly checkup performed by a clumsy, unpaid intern.

Any level of comfort Yurio had regarding going to the dentist went down the drain the moment he started gagging on the intern’s hands.  As if that weren’t enough, as the aspiring dentist moved to pull away, an older man instructed him to keep working on the cleaning.  Yurio gagged harder.

“He’ll just have to endure it,” the older man said, as the intern shoved a mirror deep into Yurio’s throat.

Yurio tried his best, he really did.  He lay there right up until he felt vomit rising in his throat, and then his instincts took over.  He sat up quickly, retching more fiercely than ever, and the intern removed his hand from Yurio’s mouth just in time.  Vomit sprayed from his mouth, and as he coughed, it exited from his nose, too.  Once he got started, he couldn’t stop, and Yurio was stuck throwing up on himself for a solid minute before anyone thought to bring him a bucket.  He retched into it, but by then all that came up was a few splashes of bile and sour-tasting air.

When he was finally able to breathe again, Yurio sent a scalding glare in the older dentist’s direction.  He then turned the same look on the intern before standing up an leaving in search for a bathroom to get cleaned up in and to call his grandpa to take him home.  It had been an unpleasant experience to say that least, and Yurio would never again look at dentists the same.  Still, he was somewhat content in the knowledge that the intern was probably even more traumatized than he was.

Mission Prep || Deadpool x Reader

A/N : so I’ve finally decided to stop avoiding that deadpool request. I hope this is okay.
ORIGINAL REQUEST : prompt 23 with Deadpool.
Prompt 23: . “I love you.”

“Thank you.”

“Aren’t you gonna say it back?”

“I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Like sure I’d roundhouse kick someone who tries to hit you but I’m not sure about love. Or about a roundhouse kick cause I can’t do that.”

Being an Avenger and working with them meant having a varient skill set including , skill precision , top notch training and also patience. Because , as an Avenger , one had to deal with a lot of shit. Which was exactly what Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were doing right now. Dealing with a lot of shit , also known as the most recent Avengers Ally , the Merc with a Mouth , aka Deadpool. And really his shit wasn’t ending.

When you entered the room , you were greeted with the three sitting on the conference table , Deadpool talking with extravagant hand gestures , Tony trying to talk and Steve just sitting there clenching his fists. Quite frankly you never much minded the mercenary much , you found his antics rather amusing but clearly Tony and Steve did not share that sentiment.
“Now ” Deadpool exclaimed , slamming his palm into the table “ Where is my Spidey ”
“Peter Parker ” you interjected as you took a seat next to Steve “ is in school , because he , infact has a life ”
“Ah , if it isn’t my favourite Avenger, (Y/N)” he said and you nodded at him.
“What’s up , Wade ?”
“Well it’s really nice finally being written about after being avoided for so long ” he said nodding , looking into the distance. You just nodded in response ,Wade’s nonsensical words barely had any affect on you anymore so you just went along with it.

“(Y/N) can you please just ask Deadpool here if he will accompany us on the latest mission ” Tony asked , gritting his teeth together.
“Only if my baby Spidey will come too ” he said and you shook your head as Steve let out an exasperated sigh.
“Alright , alright , I’ll talk to Peter to see if he can come to the mission with you guys ” you said and Wade clapped,
“I love you , (Y/N) ”
“Thank you ” you nodded and he gasped really loudly , bringing a hand up go his chest , knocking a chair off in the process.
“Aren’t you gonna say it back ?!” “ I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Like sure I’d roundhouse kick someone who tries to hit you but I’m not sure about love. Or about a roundhouse kick cause I can’t do that.”
’‘Oh alright then. That’s good enough ”
“It should be ” you deadpanned as you got up “ alright then , I’m going to prep for the mission now ”
“And call Parker ? ” Wade asked , his voice laced with hope.
“And call Parker ” you confirmed.
“Good. Although I suppose you’ll call the new Spidey , I really miss Andrew’s Spidey , he was so cute , but no one got me a movie while he was still Spidey ” he mused and you quirked an eyebrow,
“Alright then , can I go now ?” You asked and he nodded,
“Don’t forget to call Spidey !” He called after you and you shook your head. This is going to be a long , long mission.

Ryden Stuff #1

Ryan’s laugh.

Ryan’s laugh is really, really nice. Leaving behind the thought that it sounds like a harmony, pleasant, there’s a bunch of more things quite nice about it.

It can have a lot of different tones, like, when he’s happy, you can’t really know until he smiles and laughs for a good 45 seconds. When he’s nervous, you can tell by the silly way he laughs, and if he’s sad, you know too. Because his face and expression might stay the same almost all the time, kinda serious, kinda confused, but you don’t get to know the real way he’s feeling until he laughs. Amazing.

Also (going back to the harmony part), when he’s happy and he laughs, it sounds really nice. Ryan’s face stays like a little kid’s, even if you know he’s 30 years old now. So when he laughs, he still has this childish kind of thing he does, where he smiles showing all his teeth and squints his eyes. That’s really beautiful. The way he smiles is really cute, too.

His laugh makes you feel like you’re on a safe place, just, having fun. It’s like a warm wind, breeze, in summer, that makes you turn back to smile at the sunset. It makes you feel comfortable, even if you don’t know him well.

Ryan’s laugh is a kind of… Gift. Some… miraculous thing he was born with, to make everything else a little bit happier. Even when he felt like he had a hell of a life (some days, he truly did), a little laugh would always be there to help. And sometimes, when he turned to the dark side of the moon, it would be a hell of a luck if you heard him laughing, genuinely.

That’s why Ryan’s laugh should be appreciated, like the gift it is. Wonderful. Pleasant. Genuine. And maybe, just maybe, deep into Brendon’s mind, he still remembers about it, how Ryan was. Maybe he wonders when was the last time he heard that lovely laugh.

Who knows?

Me and You and You and Me

Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: T, Word Count: 925
Fluff, Canon Universe, Future Fic, Scott POV

Read on AO3

‘You make a cute couple,’ the waitress says as she hands them their milkshakes.

Scott smiles at her. Stiles ignores it in favour of wrapping his lips around his straw and enjoying the cold, strawberry goodness. It’s not the first time they’ve heard this. People have been thinking they’re dating since they were fourteen. It doesn’t bother him, and he’s sure it doesn’t bother Stiles either.

Lately, though, things have felt different. It’s not that Scott suddenly realizes how beautiful Stiles is or how much Stiles makes him laugh. He’s not surprised when thoughts like “Stiles looks hot in that shirt” pop into his head. He’s always known these things, but lately his feelings behind these thoughts have shifted. Or perhaps he’s just acknowledging what those feelings really mean.

After their milkshakes they drive to Stiles’ place, Stiles chattering about a movie he wants to see, feet on the dashboard, and Scott already trying to figure out when they’ll be able to go see it, moving around their busy schedule of swimming, gaming, and lying around. He thinks they might squeeze it in next Saturday, after swimming, and before Stiles’ attempt to finally win at Mario Kart. They’ll have to skip their ice-cream-shop-hopping, though.

Stiles’ room is too warm in summer, so they decide to watch TV in the living room. Glasses of iced Coke are on the coffee table and Stiles is jealously guarding the gummy bears.

‘Does it bother you?’ Scott asks.

‘What?’ Stiles turns to him, his cheeks bulging from the candy.

‘When people think we’re boyfriends.’

Stiles snorts. ‘They’ve been thinking that for years, why would it start bothering me now? You’re my best friend, which means that I’m at least a little gay for you, dude.’

Scott chuckles. He glances at Stiles and Stiles is looking back at him. Their hearts skip a beat at the same time. He knows Stiles can’t hear it, but he likes to think Stiles still knows.

‘Maybe more than a little gay,’ Scott grins, raising his eyebrows.

Stiles’ smile widens. Scooting a little closer, he holds out the gummy bears for Scott. Scott takes only one, but Stiles shakes the bag, indicating he can have as many as he wants.

With Stiles closer than before, Scott can feel the heat radiating of Stiles’ skin. He wants to lean into it, press against Stiles’ side, but their sweaty skins will melt together within a minute, so he stays where he is.

‘Hey, Scott? Wanna make out? Just a little?’

They look at each other and burst out laughing, remembering when Stiles had asked him the same question years earlier.

Scott puts his half-empty glass on the coffee table, then plucks the gummy bears out of Stiles’ hand. Before Stiles can protest, Scott presses their lips together. It’s clumsy, too wet, too much teeth, their noses bump, and when Scott tilts his head he’s suddenly making out with Stiles’ chin. It’s bad. It’s really, really bad, and not in the “it’s bad but nice because it’s you” kind of way.

When he pulls back, Stiles is looking at him in horror.

‘What the hell?’

‘Of all the thing for us to suck at,’ Scott agrees.

‘We should try again.’

‘Okay. Don’t move.’

He knows it’s the wrong thing to say. Stiles freezes, determined to not move a muscle, and before Scott has pressed their lips together again, his leg is already twitching.

It’s just a light press of his lips, but Stiles relaxes immediately. Scott presses a little harder and Stiles tilts his head so their lips fit together. And suddenly it’s perfect.

Scott slides his hands into Stiles’ hair, which Stiles takes as his cue to start moving. He crawls between Scott’s legs and presses him down into the seat of the couch. They don’t really fit, both of them too tall and bulky, but they make it work. Scott wraps his legs around Stiles waist, pulling him as close as possible. Stiles is leaning on one forearm, his other hand wandering to the hem of Scott’s tank top.

Their racing heartbeats set the rhythm for the melody of their moans and sighs. It blocks out everything else and Scott doesn’t want it to ever stop.


They freeze, then start moving again at the same time, trying to sit up. Their foreheads knock together and they fall off the couch. Stiles landing on his back on the floor with a groan, and Scott on top of him, barely avoiding kneeing Stiles in the crotch.

‘Oh god,’ Stiles groans, hiding his face with his hands.

Scott moves to get up, but Stiles grabs his hips to keep him in place, giving him a pointed look. Okay, staying where he is might be the better option.

‘You staying for dinner, Scott?’ John asks, voice laced with amusement.

‘That would be nice, sir,’ Scott smiles up awkwardly.

‘You haven’t called me sir in years, son. No reason to start now,’ John snorts, disappearing again.

Scott looks down at Stiles. ‘You ready to sit up?’

Stiles hooks a leg over Scott’s hip and grins. He drags a hand through Scott’s hair, and pulls Scott closer.

‘Why would we do that?’ Stiles mumbles against Scott’s lips.

Scott honestly can’t remember.

‘You boys okay with pizza?’ John asks from the kitchen.

Scott pulls back and looks wryly at Stiles, who is pouting. They untangle and stand up, but keep their hands clasped as they sit back down on the couch to continue watching TV.

‘Sounds great!’ they answer in unison.

Terushima getting ready for a date; headcanons

My friend asked for these a while ago and since I’m only slowly getting through the requests you guys sent me I thought this could bridge the time a bit :)

  • he probably only takes lilke an hour tops
  • really stylish but the casual kind of stylish, it’s kinda easy for him to pick something to wear so it just takes a few minutes to throw something nice together
  • this nerd winks at himself in the mirror and nobody can convince me otherwise
  • likes being clean shaven so that’s definitely sth he’d do before going out
  • does that while rocking out in the shower
  • uses aftershave but like exactly the right amount that’s not too overbearing and not too light
  • brushes his teeth a few minutes before he has to go so his breath is really minty
  • I can just imagine him smelling really nicely okay
  • hair gel because he has really bad bed hair
  • he gets really pumped and forgets the time so he manages to come a few minutes late he’ll make up for it don’t worry
Beauty Gurus- Bucky Barnes


Word count: 1K

Warnings: Mention of smut

A knock on your door makes you get up of the couch and go answer the door. When you open it, you smile widely, quickly jumping to meet Bucky’s lips. He’s been on a mission for the past three days and you haven’t heard of him during the whole time. Bucky kisses you back and he chuckles when you break the kiss to wrap yourself around his body like a monkey. He walks and closes the door with his left foot and then goes to the living room.

“Where you about to film a video? I can come back later if you want.”

“No! Actually, I have an idea for this video.” You bit your lip, a big grin on your face.

Bucky raises his eyebrows at you, an unsure look on his blue eyes. You’ve been a beauty guru for about five years and you have a great amount of followers, almost six millions. Of course, your relationship with The Winter Soldier was very polemic at first, but a lot of people was asking you to do a video with him. When you read the tweets and comments, you immediately thought of what can you do with Bucky.

“You are scaring me, doll.”

“It’s nothing, I swear. And we will only do it if you are okay and comfortable with it. So, I though about doing a video with you!” Bucky’s eyes grow wide at your proposal. “But like I said, you don’t have to do it.”

“I think I wanna do it?” Bucky doesn’t look really sure about it, but a small smile appears on his face.

“Really? Because if you say no, I won’t get mad or anything!”

“No, no. I would love to help you with the video. What do you want me to do?”

“I thought about a ‘My boyfriend does my make up’ video? If you’re cool with that?”

“Sure, but I have absolutely no idea of how to do make up.”

“That’s the fun part.” You smile at him and hold up your hand.

Bucky grabs it gladly and you bring him to sit on the floor, right in front of the camera. You go to your bathroom and pick your make up bag. Walking back to the living room, you put everything in front of Bucky and sit down, your body facing the camera. He tells you that he is ready and you start the video, a big smile on both of your faces.

Bucky starts doing your make up and, God, he was being completely honest when he said he had no idea about all the products and how to apply it.

“What am I supposed to put first? Everything looks the same!” You laugh at his face.

“Bucky I am supposed to not say a word to you! But… How about if you start with the foundation?”

“Foundation…” Bucky mumbles while grabbing it.

You laugh when you see he has applied much more than what you need. Bucky grabs a brush that is clearly not for applying foundation and starts spreading the cream all over your face. You feel like a cake and can’t avoid a little giggle coming out of your mouth.

“Am I doing it great, doll?”

“No! You are doing it horrible.” You chuckle and Bucky looks at you with his mouth opened, an offended look on his face. “Okay, okay, I’ll shut up. Just keep going!” You bit your lip to stop a chuckle and close your eyes.

After some time, Bucky sighs and you feel his fingers on your face.

“Buck, baby, you are supposed to use the brushes.”

“These things are impossible to work! I’m using my fingers.”

“Okay…” You smile and close your eyes again.

You see Bucky messing up your Naked palette and you ask yourself if this was really a good idea. His fingers full of powder touch every single color on the palette and you close your eyes, trying to stop the desire to snap your make up away from him. But, the worst part comes with the lipstick. Bucky keeps telling you to open and close your mouth and you end up with your teeth redder than your lips.

“Okay, I’m done!” Bucky has a big smile on his face, clearly proud of his work.

Slowly, you grab the mirror. When you look at your face, you gasp and immediately start laughing like crazy.

“Bucky this is seriously awful! My God, even my grandad would do it better than you and he can’t even see properly!”

“Hey! That’s not nice!”

“I’m sorry babe, but this is really horrible.” You can’t stop laughing.

You have too much foundation and powder on, making your face look extremely tanned. Bucky put some purple eyeshadow on you, but the color reaches your eyebrows. A crappy, thin black line covers your eyes and Bucky says that it is the eyeliner. You laugh while touching your eyebrows, he didn’t do them as bad as the rest of the make up. There’s more mascara under your eyes than on your eyelashes and your lipstick is spread all over your chin. You look at him and chuckle, how can he be proud of this?

You do the outro for the video and stop the camera. Bucky is still smiling at you and you shook your head while laughing.

“This is the last time I let you do my make up.” He just laughs at you and kisses your hair. “Did you like filming the video?”

“Yeah, I actually loved it.”

“Good, because we can do another video another time. Maybe a ‘Girlfriend does my make up’ video?” You smile devilish at Bucky and he laughs nervously.

“Doll, with all that lipstick and that smile, you are really scaring me.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna take it off. My face feels like a cake.”

“Well, you still look beautiful.”

“C’mon, Barnes, if you want to get laid just get naked and wait for me in bed.” You wink at him and he laughs.

“I didn’t say that to get laid, (Y/N). But I won’t refuse that offer.” He gets up and walks to your bedroom. “Don’t take too much!” You hear him screaming and you just laugh.

Running to your bathroom you quickly take your make up off, you really missed him during these three days.

anonymous asked:

heyo! I'm a "beginner" EXO fangirl and I wanted to ask, could you give me a little bit of explanation and stuff I should know and such? (like a small introduction sorta) Because the wikis aren't really helpful and I tend to forget stuff easily ah. thank you so much :')

ooh ok

as you probably know, exo is divided into two sub-groups: exo-k (promotes in korea) and exo-m (promotes in china)

i’m gonna start with exo-k:

1. Suho:

his real name is Kim Joonmyeon (but it can be written differently like junmyeon or joonmyun) he’s the leader of exo k and nicknamed the mom of exo (but he was blonde for a while and suddenly became daddy). he’s rich af and the members make fun of him because he looks ugly when he’s crying

- he’s a vocalist

here’s my fave video of him, you should watch it: xxxxx it explains him well.

2. Baekhyun:

His full name is Byun Baekhyun, he has really pretty hands and a reeeally nice voice. he tries to be funny too hard, invented the word ‘kkaebsong’ and he often wears eyeliner (so it became one of the fandom jokes) he’s dumb

-he’s the main vocalist

fav video: xxxxx

3. Chanyeol:

full name is Park Chanyeol and if Baekhyun is dumb, then he’s the dumber, he talks all the time (his voice is really deep like whoa pls) and is called the ‘happy virus’ because he has like 1165113 thousands of teeth and he smiles all the time. also he and baekhyun are kinda gay

-he’s the rapper

fav video: xxxxx

4. D.O:

his name is Do Kyungsoo ok, no one in the fandom calls him D.O, he’s either squishy cutie or satan, there is no between. He hates and hits everyone (except for jongin or minseok), especially baekhyun and chanyeol. his eyes are really big and when he smiles his lips form a heart (it’s really cute) also his voice sounds like sex

-he’s the main vocalist

fav video: xxxxx <- that’s probably the best video on the internet ok, you have to watch it

5. Kai:

his real name is Kim Jongin AND HE’S MY BABY and he looks like a sex god when he dances, but off stage he’s an adorable cutie. he loves fried chicken and puppies and he’s sleepy 90% of the time and he’s in love with kyungsoo his jawline is so sharp it could cut through butter

-he’s the main dancer and ‘the face of the group’ (whatever that means)

fav video: xxxxx

6. Sehun:

full name is Oh Sehun. He’s got the nicest butt in the world (really) and he looks really cute when he smiles. He and Tao are bffs (boyfriends forever) and they are acting like white girls together. Sehun came up with words ‘yehet’ and ’ohorat’. he disses his hyungs a lot

-he’s the maknae (the youngest member) and lead dancer

fav videos (i couldn’t choose just one): x, x, x


1. Xiumin:

His real name is Kim Minseok and he’s korean even tho he’s in exo-m. He used to be really cute but now he’s hot as fuck like wtf (you should see hiS GUNS) he doesn’t talk much and he’s really shy. There is this thing called the ‘xiuharem’ because all the members (and other idols) are lusting after him (especially luhan)

-he’s a vocalist and a dancer (a really good one, i wish he’d get more lines, poor bby T^T)

fav video: xxxxx

2. Lay:

his real name is Zhang Yixing and he’s the ‘healing unicorn’ (because his super power is healing and his sign is unicorn) and he looks stoned 90% of the time. He’s really forgetful (he even forgets his stage name jfc). He’s a kawaii cutie pie, but when he dances he turns into sexy beast //sweats

-he’s the main dancer

fav video: xxxxx

3. Chen:

his name is Kim Jongdae and he’s also korean. His voice is smooth af and his face has been sculpted by gods i mean have you seen it??? also his veins pop up on his neck when he sings and it makes me really happy *u* he’s an actual angel (he’s also really loud and together with Baek and Chanyeol they make the ‘beagle line’ - the funny members, sehun is slowly joining them tho)

-he’s the main vocalist

fav video: xxxxx

4. Tao: 

Huang Zitao, actual white girl. He’s called the ‘kung fu panda’ because he has dark circles under his eyes and he does wushu. lots of secondhand embarrassment, he sounds really hot when he talks in chinese, but once he talks in korean, his voice goes higher and it makes him sound like a pre-teen girl. Gucci lover.

-he’s the rapper and maknae of exo-m

fav video: xxxxx

there were also two other members, but they left this year:


he left in may in order to pursue a movie career and he’s doing really well right now, and i wish him all the best c:

anyway he was reeeally dumb and unintentionally funny it was the best

and Luhan:

he left because SM ent. is shit and they were treating him (and the other chinese members) badly. he was (and probably still is) lusting over minseok and he’s the president of the xiuharem

if you want to know the members better i recommend watching ‘exo’s showtime’ *u*

So here’s the play by play
- Mark was supper happy like he was smiling from the time he came out. He’s also VERY pale. He has a very long neck and a LOT of teeth but in a good way lol he looks unreal to be honest. Like a little prince. He’s VERY small too. Seeing him in person and how genuinely happy he was to be there and perform made me like him even more if that’s possible. Shout out to that pink suit lol was cute

-Yug is pretty tall VERY CUTE nice thighs. He was very playish and happy the entire time. He has a really nice body. Very proportionate :) Man he came out in some leather pants and I swear my life got a little better. I think he could make a good model once he gets his man stature lol so cute and fluffy!

-BamBam…oh BamBam…HE DONT CARE ABOUT THE HATERS! He was very fun to watch. He acts very much like a typical teenage boy. He did this dance on the floor and slid his hand between his legs and told everyone over 20 to dream about it tonight. Jackson mocked him after. They nasteh. Also I ain’t never in my life seen legs that small on a boy his age but he’s still very young. He will get his man body eventually even though he wants to be full grown now.

-Jr surprised me. Idk if it’s because I never payed close attention enough to him but he a low key freak trying to poke people’s eyes out with his hip thrust lol. He also gives off a vibe that they know not to push his buttons LOL my hand bigger than his too. Just wanna throw that in there

-JB man JB real sexy TBH like he was looking so good tonight with his killer thighs. I guess I use to think he had a very hard attitude but I can see he just gets shy really fast. He has a BEAUTIFUL smile up close omg! Like it’s one of those smiles that makes you melt.

-Yungjae was definitely still sick and I worried for him the entire night and I think everyone else did too. He is a precious person and He looks even more handsome in person. I was shocked he is SO cute omg. But I wanted to give him medicine and a blanket so he could sleep. It seems as though he was taking it very slow tho. His throat seemed very irritated. His members and the back up dancers would constantly see if he was ok or just rubbed his back and such the entire night

-CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HEART THROB JACKSON WANG! MAN THIS DUDE IS AS AMAZING AS YOU THOUGHT! He is so passionate and funny. I don’t think he should be first tho in Hi-Touch. I literally saw him and everything else was a blur. Man if I ever met my perfect man it would be him. I always thought he was prettying thick but he’s actually very small VERY small.

-The Walk Through…One thing I would have to say is that the fans were way over the top when the members walked through. like I started having anxiety just watching. I was constantly counting them to make sure nobody got pulled out of the group. People were running from their seats and at one point Jackson was two arm lengths away from me and I couldn’t even see him because of the girls. Security could have been better but at the same time these fans are way to old to not have self control. Other than that it was fine. BamBam told everyone to go back to their seats for safety. Jr looked a little eh when he got back on the stage but I think that’s just how he is lol Yug looked happy the entire time tho LMAOO!

Over all they kill everyone when it comes to fan service and I think that comes from the diversity in the group and where they come from. Yes they are all short lol well yugs tall but I’m 5'9 and They were all around that height or shorter. They truly made the money I spent worth it. I would definitely go see them again it was amazing. Their talking portions was like watching the live taping of their YouTube channel show lol just crazy. I had an awesome time. SubK did a great job as always. I would never be able to deal with some of the fans there but they kept their cool.