he has really nice hands can i hook up my pinky with yours

Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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Hi do you have any fics where either H or L is super rich and they just spoil each other rotten? Haha thank you!

Hello love! Here you go:

Motel Tropics by WORLDLWT:

Summary: Louis is a French prostitute and Harry is rich enough to buy him for the rest of his life.

To Be Loved To Be In Love by Angel_Dust:

Summary: At 18, every Sub must take a Match Test to find their Dom.

Poor, Farm kid Louis Tomlinson is matched with Rich, Businessman Harry Styles.

Or, where Harry thinks giving Money, expensive presents and luxuries proves how much you love someone, but Louis is about to turn his world upside down.

Strict by happilylarry:

Summary: 18 year old Louis has just taken the test that would pair him with the Dominant he was supposed to serve. Harry Styles is a 25 year old businessman and mega-millionaire, and very strict with everyone but his new Submissive, it appears. Through a whirlwind of moving in together, trying to please the paparazzi as well as each other, they fall even more in love. However, the one Harry wants to avoid most is the one thing that Louis wants…a baby. Lots and lots of babies.

Open Your Eyes And See The Way Our Horizons Meet by highlinson:

Summary: Louis takes a deep breath and tries to calm his beating heart, and get rid of the, to be honest, pretty slim chance that he’s either getting raped or kidnapped tonight. He is snapped out of his thoughts as a huge hand is held out in front of his face, and he quickly gets up and shakes it.

“Nice to meet you, Louis”, Harry says, and Louis has to admit that his voice is pretty attractive in its slow drawl that rolls like melting chocolate over his words.

Or, Louis is 18, and Harry is 31. Featuring Liam as the worrying best friend, lots of kisses, a little bit of angst and a fair share of buttsex action.

baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out by ballsdeepinjesus:

Summary: And it’s good. It’s really, really good. Except they haven’t really talked about any of this and Harry can’t muster the courage to bring it up. Niall’s words at the bar run through his mind nearly every day. Fresh meat. Is this a thing Louis does, then? Find a toy to play with for awhile until he gets bored?

He knows Louis, though. He’s been friends with him for months now and he knows that he’s not just some heartless asshole. But he doesn’t know if this is just a nice convenient hook-up to him or something more, like how Harry feels. And he knows he should ask, but he’s not brave enough. Not brave enough to possibly ruin everything when Harry can take what he’s being offered without complaints.

[harry and louis meet in a mcdonalds. louis is everything harry needs.]

it’s like i breathe you by adaysworth:

Summary: Louis shrugs, grabbing the smoothie and taking a sip of it. He’s not really bragging. But. “I’ve kind of always had everything I wanted.”

“Everything?” Harry asks, genuinely interested, his green eyes wide.

Louis looks at Harry, smiling at him across the table and twirling a curl around his finger. Not everything.

or the one where louis volunteers to teach high school students about the ropes of business and running a company of your own, but he certainly does not plan on running into harry styles.

Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car by stylesforstiles:

Summary: Louis is a super rich kid, but without the fake friends. Harry however, is not rich. There is a lot of Burberry though.

Let’s Be Alone Together, We Can Stay Young Forever by hilourry:

Summary: “I’m sure they were all pathetic old men with failing marriages, am I wrong? So, I did you a favor, really,” Harry says, giving him a shit eating grin. Louis can’t argue with that, but would never admit that to Harry. He scans over him and sees the gold band on his left ring finger.

“Married, huh? Maybe you aren’t much better than my other clients,” Louis sneers.

“Well, I’ve got to at least be better looking then them, with a bigger dick, I’m sure. Now, you’re pretty when you don’t talk, so let’s get those clothes off of you and put you to work, hmm?”

or Harry Styles is a millionaire in the 50’s who owns hotels in Europe. Louis is a prostitute and they accidentally fall in love.

Two Sugars, No Cream by loveyoulou (orphan_account):

Summary: Harry’s a young, successful, and rich music producer under Simon Cowell. Louis’ a college student, working part time at the local coffee shop while studying to be a pediatrician, just barely making ends meet. He has no idea who the cute boy is that keeps on popping up at his school and work is, or what Harry has in store for him.

I’ve got you in my space (I won’t let go) by niallsayswhaat:

Summary: Louis likes to wear pretty lace panties and pinky skirts, he likes feeling pretty. But since his parents kicked him out, he has to find a place to live just for a while. Harry offers him his place, and well, maybe Harry does really loves Louis in white lace panties. 

OR Louis loves being feminine and gets kicked out of his house after telling his little secret to his parents. He puts a post on tumblr and Harry happens to find out and offers him his place. Harry is like really fucking rich, and Louis really needs a place to stay. Things work out for both of them.


A/N: I hope you like this trash. As always it’s rather long and I am picking up the jealousy theme. Shoutout to @occamy-shadow who has inspired me with her Dean Thomas fanfic. I kinda stole the last scene from her. 

Summary: Fred ad George assign you with the task of designing the outside of their Joke Shop and you start spending a lot of time with Dean Thomas; much to George’s disapproval.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader 

Word Count: 3758

Warnings: none. fluff!

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Help Me Get The Girl Part 3 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2204

Warnings: Language.

A/N: Sorry this took a bit of time to get out.  I’m dog sitting a demon dog who is trying to destroy me.

Your POV:

“Okay.  Well, you got closer this time!” I encouraged Grayson as he plopped down on his bed. The shadow of defeat laid across his face, his hands working through his smooth brown hair.  “If you look at the bright side; this is the first time she didn’t completely friend zone you!  She didn’t call you friend or pal.  She just said, ‘thank you Grayson, you’re too sweet.’ I call that progress!”

It had been two weeks since we started working together to build Grayson’s courage to ask out Grace.  Two weeks of walking through different scenarios.  Two weeks of Ethan torturing Gray for his numerous fails and the proceeding to throw a fit that I spent too much time with Grayson and was forgetting about him.

“I was still shot down.  She just said it as if I was a fuckboy trying to get her number.” A groan escaped his lips as he launched his upper body backwards, hitting the mattress.

           “Grayson, you can’t make someone fall in love with you in two weeks.  It just doesn’t work like that.” My body was now next to his on the bed.

           He turned on his side to face me, “What do we do now, y/n? What do I do to make her think of me as more than a friend?”

           This whole thing was consuming him and I felt like I was running out of ideas.  We had gone through what she likes, what she dislikes, how to approach her, places she likes to go so that he could mention them.  I had managed to get them alone at perfect times!  I had done everything!  Not a day went by where we weren’t trying to get some sort of reaction out of her.  Nothing worked.

           I was starting to think that maybe this wasn’t going to work out.  Maybe Grayson was meant to remain just friends with Grace.  Either way I had to try to make it work out.  I had to hold up my end of the deal.  Since we started, Theo has had no troubles with his bullies. Each time one of them attempted to approach him, Grayson made sure that they didn’t even make it within 5 feet of him. And when Grayson isn’t there, the fear that he might show up is forever instilled in them.  They don’t even try.

           But there was one who still gave him threatening looks. One that always managed to get a bit closer to Theo than the rest.  He was the one who glared at Ethan and I the first day we saw the bullying take place. His name was Connor Eriks and he was the cause of my nightmares.  He was stronger, taller, more athletic than the rest.  He was about Grayson’s size with a sinister personality.  Each night I would dream that I was standing in the middle of the hall watching him torture Theo while my feet felt like they were cemented to the ground.  

           “Y/n!” Grayson pulled me from my thoughts.

           I jumped, my eyes flickering as I came back to reality, “Huh?” I responded breathlessly.

           “I said, what do we do next?” he repeated himself.

           That was a great question.  What were we supposed to do next?  What I wanted to do was take a break from it all.  What he wanted to do was work harder at it until he molded himself into being her ideal boyfriend.  I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t worth it to change himself for something that might not even happen.  And if it did, who’s to say that it would last?

           “How about this,” I lifted myself up, putting my weight on my arm, “Today we just take a break.  We go have fun and forget all about this Grace stuff.  Tomorrow I’m going to her house after school to hang out for a bit and I can see what information I can get out of her.  But, Grayson, I really just want to do something other than worry about this whole situation.  It’s consuming all of our free time.”

           “Okay.  I guess we can do that.  As long as you promise to talk to her about me tomorrow.” He held out his pinky.

           I hooked my pinky with his, “Promise.  Now let’s go!”

           I hopped up from the bed, moving to the door to slide my shoes on.  Grayson looked at me bewildered, unsure of what I was doing.  I gestured for him to get out of bed which he did reluctantly, but he still made no effort to move closer to me.

           “What are we doing?” he asked.

           I shrugged, “I don’t know.  But, we certainly aren’t sitting here.  Even Ethan is out doing something and you know he doesn’t do anything without at least one of us with him. That’s how boring we’ve become.”

           “One second.” He replied, walking over to his closet to grab a different pair of shoes.  “We should go on a walk in the park.”

           “Okay, grandpa.” I sarcastically replied, my eyes rolling.

           “Well, sorry! Sorry for making a suggestion!” he snapped.

           “It was a dumb suggestion.  A super dumb, boring suggestion.” I clarified.  “Let’s go on a quick hike to the pond in the forest off of the highway!  We haven’t done that in a while!”

           His eyes lit up, his frown replaced with a smile. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Let me get my swim trunks.  You know I’m getting in the water once we get there.” He paused, “What about you?  Do we need to stop and get your suit?”

           I waved it off, “I think I’m just going to put my feet in the water.  But do you have a backpack so we can pack some waters and snacks?  A couple towels too I guess.”

           “Yeah, under my desk over there should be one.” He pointed, “Take your time because I’m changing my bottoms.  I don’t feel like changing there.”

“Just let me grab the bag and go before you do it!  Gosh!” I squealed, grabbing the bag and sprinting out of his room.

Once I got downstairs I went right to the kitchen grabbing a few water bottles from the fridge, some granola bars from the pantry, and then two apples from the counter.  By time I had gathered everything up, Grayson was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me.

He had a backpack on also, explaining that he knew I would forget the towels so he just grabbed them for us along with his bluetooth stereo just in case we wanted to listen to some music while we were there.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Born ready.”

And with that, we were off.


We reached the pond easily.  We had walked through the forest so many times we knew how to maneuver our way through it without hitting any hiccups.  We were stood on top of the rocks that were only about 3 feet above the waterline. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Gray dropping his backpack off of his shoulders and pull his shirt off.

It was nothing I hadn’t seen before.  Sometimes I didn’t know if he and Ethan knew what shirts were.  He jumped down into the water, head dipping under, and immediately popped back up.  His hands pushed his hair out of his eyes, water dripping from his chin down onto his chest.

The pond wasn’t deep; it came up to his chest.  It was just a nice secluded area where we could get away from all of our problems.  We didn’t have to deal with classmates or the drama that came with them.  We didn’t have to listen to our parents nag about how we did nothing around the house.  We could just be alone and be ourselves.

“Come in the water, y/n.  You can’t just stand there on those rocks all day.” Grayson demanded.

“I’m not going to!  I’m going to put my feet in the water and splash water in your face!” I informed him as I kicked my shoes off, dropped the backpack and made my way down to the rocks that made it possible for me to do so.

The water was lukewarm from the sun, moving through my toes as I swished my feet back and forth.  Grayson started to move closer to me like the idiot he is, thinking that I wasn’t serious about splashing him.  Right when he came into range, I sharply lifted my feet, sending water straight into his face.  My laughs echoed through the open area as he made a face that looked like he had taken a bite of a lemon.

“Y/N!” He shouted.

“I warned you!” he tried to come closer and I did it again.


“Then stop coming closer!” I giggled.  “I know you’re going to try to pull me into the water, but I also know that you hate being splashed.”

“Then get in!  I’m not going to stop until you get in, no matter how much splashing I must endure!” he threatened.

“I don’t have a swim suit.”

“Just go in your bra and underwear.”


“It’s not a big deal.”


“I’ve seen you in a suit.  It’s really no different.” He did have a point.

I peeked down through the collar of my shirt to see that I had a simple black sports bra on.  Then my fingers pulled the band of my shorts out far enough to see that I was wearing plain black underwear also.  With both of them matching it did look pretty much like a swimsuit.

He raised his eyebrows at me, waiting for me to fulfill his request. As I stood up he started to float back further into the pond. I took off my shirt followed by my shorts.  Grayson made no effort to hide that his eyes were scanning me from top to bottom.

Lowering myself into the water I kept eye contact with him, moving closer and closer as he halted his movements.  As I was walking closer I was getting ready to throw a bunch of water into his face.  And right when I got to him, my hands started to lift up, but before I could do anything—I got a mouth full of water.  Shocked by what just happened, I tumbled backwards under the water.  I resurfaced to find Grayson’s head thrown back in laughter. As mad as I wanted to be, I couldn’t help but join him.  His laughter was too contagious.

“You thought I didn’t see what you were doing?” he chuckled.

“It was worth a try.” I said as I swam past him.

“Hey, y/n.”  I stopped and turned back to him.  “Thank you for helping me with Grace.”

I smiled, “What are friends for?  And also, you are protecting my brother so it’s the least I could do.”

“So,” he started, “Do you like anyone?  Like… do you want me to talk you up to anyone?”

“NO!” I shouted, my hands up in the air.  “No, I don’t like anyone.  Don’t do anything.” My voice deepened.

“What about Ethan?” he mocked curiosity.

“Just friends.”

“Friends who fuck?” he spat.

“Friends who fucked.  Past tense.” I tried to lighten the mood that had taken a quick dive for the worst.

“How come you’ve never had a boyfriend before or at least gone on a date?” this time I could tell that his curiosity was genuine.

I bit my lip, “No one’s asked me on a date before.”

He furrowed his brows, seeming to not believe me.  But, I was telling the truth.  I’ve had crushes here and there but nothing ever went anywhere.  I tried flirting, I tried casually bumping into each other in the hall, I tried dolling myself up more than usual.  But nothing ever happened.

“One day someone will and I hope it’s the first date that you deserve.  Whoever it is, better make it special for you.” He put his hand on my shoulder.

The warmth of his palm made me feel like my whole body was on fire.  The way his eyes bore into mine made me want them to be the first thing I saw when I woke up.  His presence was making me feel something foreign to me.  Something I couldn’t quite comprehend.  So instead of thanking him, my emotions and my heart built up their wall and went into defense mode.

“Please don’t touch me.” I said quietly, drifting away from him.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” he took a step forward.

“I just don’t want you to touch me.” I snapped.

“Did I do something wrong?” Grayson asked.

I was acting out of character and he knew this.  I wasn’t one to get mad over something so small.  Normally it took a lot for me to truly get angry, but the thing was, I wasn’t angry.  I was scared.

“No.  I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” I faked a laugh.  “Whatever. Mood swings.  What can you do?” I tried to shake it off.

“Yeah…” Gray still sounded unsure.

I clapped my hands together, “Race you to the log over there!” I changed the subject before taking off.


Part 1

Part 2

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zimbits where bitty is ace but jack is not? maybe starting with angst/realization and ending with fluff,

Hey, everyone, lots of feels here. I’m demisexual myself so this prompt def spoke to me and hopefully y’all enjoy! And make sure to watch for the Read More) -avidreader6

Bitty had been home almost a whole month and had been unable to stop thinking about graduation and The Kiss.

Resting his face in his hands, Bitty tried to clear his mind and think clearly. The problem was that Jack was going to be here, in his house, sleeping in the same room with him in two days. He and Jack had been texting and talking almost daily since they’d both left Samwell and Bitty was filled with joy every time he saw Jack smile at him or laughed at one Jack’s rare jokes. Bitty had never felt this way about someone before. He’d never had a problem finding people attractive, but actually wanting them for a relationship or sexually had never entered into any of his fantasies.

Bitty let his head drop to the table and he groaned as his thoughts, once again, turned to Jack. As he and Jack had gotten closer throughout the year, Bitty couldn’t deny he wanted something with him. He was a hopeless romantic at heart and his head was filled of soft candlelit dinners and holding hands and a kiss or two. Bitty loved those fantasies. But his heart fell when he remembered what usually came after all the romantic dates.

A shudder ran through his whole body whenever Bitty tried to imagine sex. He understood the mechanics of it (thank you, mother) and why people enjoyed it, but he’d just never been able to imagine himself wanting that. From the way Rans and Holster went on and on about it, Bitty knew it was something he should want, but no matter what, he just could not seem to find the urge.

Lost in his own thoughts, Bitty never heard his father come into the kitchen. “Somethin’ on your mind, son? You’re not usually the one sitting at the kitchen table with a piece of your mother’s pie in the middle of the night.”

Jumping at the sound of his father’s voice, Bitty sat up and looked down at his empty plate in front of him and shrugged. “Can’t sleep, I guess.”

“You wanna talk about it?”

Bitty could feel Coach watching him, and he shrugged again. “I don’t know. Maybe, Coach, I? I’m a little lost.”

Coach set another piece of pie on Bitty’s plate and refilled his glass of milk before grabbing his own plate and taking a seat. “I know I have not always been the greatest dad to you Eric, but I want to help, if I can.”

Bitty studied his father and saw nothing but an earnest desire to help. Before the whole peewee football incident, Bitty had always seen his dad as this giant who would let nothing bad ever happen. Bitty had wanted so badly to show him he was big and strong too and that he could play football and make Coach proud. After that had ended and he’d chosen ice skating, and no matter how much his mom had said otherwise, Bitty had been sure his dad’s silence was disapproval.

Taking a bite of pie, Bitty tried to find the best way to say what he needed. “Thanks, Coach. I met someone at school and nothing really happened til the end of the year and we kissed and I liked it, but I don’t know if I want…the other stuff.”

Coach took a bite of pie and studied Bitty. After he’d swallowed, he set his fork down and beckoned Bitty over. “Come here, Eric.”

Scooting his chair closer to his dad, Bitty tried to figure out what Coach was going to say. “Coach?”

One big hand settled on Bitty’s shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. “Now, do you care about this person?”

“So much.”

“And do they care about you?”

“They do, dad. I know it.”

Coach swallowed hard. Bitty hadn’t called him dad in quite some time. “Good.” Coach took a deep breath. “I know your mother has given you the talk, and I’m sure she was very thorough.”

Bitty shuddered, remembering his mother’s no nonsense speech and the diagrams she’d brought. “So thorough.”

A chuckle slipped out of Coach’s mouth and they both relaxed a little. “What I’m trying to say is that sex is not the biggest part of a relationship. It’s a small part. What makes a good relationship is all the other stuff. The talking and learning about each other and, yes, even the arguing. It brings you closer together. And if this person truly cares about you they will understand if you want to wait and take things slow, or maybe even hold off altogether. They should want you, Bunny, not just to get into your pants.”

Bitty choked at the use of his old nickname. Many readings of The Runaway Bunny, and the constant presence of Senor Bun had led to it and hearing it now soothed some of Bitty’s nerves because he knew his dad meant every word he’d just said.


Coach stood and gathered their plates, depositing them in the sink. “Remember what I always told you? From that book you loved? When the little bunny says he’ll turn himself into a bird?”

Bitty nodded. “That you’d be like the mama bunny and be a place I can come home to?”

“I meant it, Eric. And I still do. No matter what you. You’ve always got a place to call home. Understand?”

Pushing back from the table, Bitty hurried over and threw his arms around his dad. “I understand.”

“Good. And this person? He, she, they better appreciate you, or I will have to have words with them.”

Bitty laughed. “Oh my god, dad!”

Coach just squeezed Bitty harder. “My son is catch and he deserves to be treated as the amazing man he is.”

Bitty hugged his dad one more time before letting go. “Thanks, dad. I think I can sleep now.”

“Good. I’ll see you in the morning. Your mother has a great list of chores for the both of us before your friend arrives.”

When Bitty’s head hit the pillow a few minutes later, he had no trouble falling asleep safe in the knowledge that things would be okay.

(watch for the ‘Keep Reading’)

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Off Limits | CHANYEOL

Pairing: Chanyeol (EXO) x Reader

Word Count: 743

Summary: Sisters before misters can hurt. 


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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An Awkward Conversation - Jason Todd x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Requested by Anon -  part two of an awkward convo? Like they actually start dating and superboy isn’t okay with it

Requested by Anon -  a continuation series of an awkward conversation

After a lot of debating between Batman and Superman, they finally came to an agreement. It was decided that Jason would be allow to ask you out on a date as long as the date was supervised. 

Conner wasn’t happy with the idea, spending the rest of his time trying to soil Jason’s reputation. He tried everything from having Wolf trip Jason when you were watching to convincing other people to talk badly about Jason when you were in earshot.

Unfortunately for him, none of these things he did worked and when Jason asked, you agreed enthusiastically. You ran to tell Conner all about it, much to his displeasure. M’gann told him he should let it go, and let you make your own decisions. Conner disagreed with her, knowing Jason was going to try something with you. 

To be honest, he wouldn’t have been so overprotective if you weren’t so innocent. After the incident where you and Jason found two goons in a compromising position, he feared Jason would trick you into something you weren’t ready for. He became especially concerned when you told him how Jason explained to you how babies were made and offered to show you sometime.

That’s why Conner was in your room as you and M’gann tried to figure out what you should wear on your date. M’gann sorted through your clothes while you fussed with your hair. 

“I don’t see why you have to go on a date with him,” Conner grumbled from his seat on your bed. You glared at him.

“I’m going because I want to,” you replied sharply. “Besides, you go on dates.”

“Yeah…,” Conner mumbled, pursing his lips before coming up with another argument. “But you’re too young.”

“Conner, she’s the same age as you,” M’gann interjected, holding up your only dress. “(Y/N), I think we might need to go clothes shopping.”

“Really?” you asked, giving her your full attention. “What’s wrong with my dress?”

M’gann bit her lip before answering. “Well, it just a little neon.” You looked at it, tilting your head. When Black Canary took you shopping for clothes, she insisted you buy a dress. You didn’t like any of them until you saw the neon orange number M’gann was currently rejecting.

“But I thought it was nice,” you pondered, rubbing your chin. 

Conner rolled his eyes, still growling even though he knew he lost your attention. “Dates aren’t that fun anyway.”

“It…is nice, (Y/N). It’s just a little bright for a date that isn’t going to involve a rave,” M’gann explained, smiling when your eyes brightened at the word ‘rave’.

“Ooo, what’s a rave?” you asked, curious to learn a new word. Conner shook his head at your ignorance. 

“If you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t be going on a date with Jason,” Conner commented loudly, catching your attention. You frowned at him, your eyes wide with hurt. 

“Conner, stop it,” M’gann chided him. Conner grunted, crossing his arms. 

“She doesn’t know enough to date,” Conner snapped, getting to his feet. You jumped at the tone of his voice. “He could try something, and she won’t know what to do.”

M’gann sighed, defending you when she sensed your distress. “She’s going out on a supervised date with Jason, for goodness’ sake. You think Batman is going to let him try something.”

“I doubt Batman could stop him,” Conner growled, only stopping when you burst into tears. You escaped into your bathroom, slamming the door behind you. 

“Now look at what you’ve done,” M’gann scolded, pushing Conner out of the room. “You stay away until you can be supportive.” Conner protested, but let M’gann hassle him out of the room anyway. The sound of your tears distressed him, but he knew it was for your own good. He couldn’t let you go on that date.

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ladytharen  asked:

for the prompts, how about jyn/cassian + smoke gets in your eyes?

On a scale of one to excruciating, bumping into your ex at the corner store in the middle of the night while you’re stocking up on PMS supplies is fairly high up.

Cassian’s eyes skim over Jyn’s shopping basket, full of chocolate-covered pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and cheap red wine. She knows he recognizes the combination, but he’s too polite to comment on it or on her sad troll ensemble of ratty yoga pants and a shapeless, faded hoodie that used to belong to him (Jyn had honestly forgotten that until now, and her blush intensifies).

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It’s a Tie- SMUT- Requested

Anon: “Hi I really like your imagines, your writing is amazing. Do you think you could please make a Sam and Nate threesome imagines. If that’s okay.”

“That’s too bad.” 

“I know, but Madi is so sick and her studio time starts in a week, so it seems dumb of her to travel right now,” Gilinsky says regretfully. 

“I completely understand. Let me know when she feels better and we can grab dinner or something. Feel free to call me if you need any advice” I’m a nurse so the guys are always asking me for medical advice and sending me pictures of weird zits and rashes they have.

“Alright. Thanks so much, Y/N. This works out a little because I can pickup Johnson and Swazz when they get back from Omaha tomorrow night. We were really looking forward to the weekend though.”

“Well it will just be me and the buffoons.” I laugh. 

“True. Call me if you need any advice” he laughs with me. 

“I should go pick them up and get on the road. Talk to you later.”

“Bye Y/N” we hang up. 

I throw my duffle into the back of my jeep and drive over to Nate’s where I’m supposed to pick up him and Sammy. With Madison and Jack home because of her flu, this weekend has quickly taken a turn for the interesting. The five of us were supposed to go up to my family’s cabin at Big Bear Mountain for the weekend, but now it’s just me and my two best guy friends, Sam and Nate. I take a deep breath and drive to Nate’s. I honk in the driveway and they come bounding out the door. 

“Y/N!” Sammy smiles and comes up to the window. “It’s gonna be littyyy in ski cityyy” he says and throws his stuff in the back. 

“Shotty.” Nate calls from the trunk and Sammy grumbles, climbing into the backseat. 

“I have some news,” I say as Nate gets in next to me.

“Yeah?” He says, hooking up the aux chord to his phone. 

“Madi and Gilinsky aren’t coming. She’s really sick and Jack wants to stay with her and take care of her.”

“Boy is whipped” Sammy says under his breath and I hit him on the arm. 

“I figured we could still go up to the cabin if you guys wanted, even though it would just be the three of us” 

“Sounds good to me!” Nate says and starts a song. I nod and pull out of the driveway. 

“Hey Y/N? Where’s the first aid kit?” I hear Sam call from downstairs. I am making up the beds in my room and the guest rooms while the boys were supposed to be making us dinner. 

“What?” I rush down the stairs and almost burst out laughing. Sammy is curled up in almost a ball on the edge of the counter and Nate is icing his finger. They look so guilty it’s hilarious. 

“We decided to play a game of darts before dinner and Sammy wanted to play defense” Nate chuckles and I shake my head. I get the band aids from the linen closet and clean up his cut, kissing his finger when I’m done as a joke.

“All better?” I tease and Sammy nods. “Why don’t I do all the chopping for dinner.” I smirk and start cutting up tomatoes for the homemade spaghetti sauce.

A half hour later I’m at the stove stirring the sauce. Sam is upstairs taking a nap and Nate went to take a shower. I always end up cooking by myself. I start to daydream about Nate in the shower. I don’t know what it is, but the past couple months, I have been unbelievably attracted to him. I start thinking about his taught, soapy body, and tattoos. I am so out of it that I don’t hear him come up behind me until I smell soap, musky aftershave, and a hint of weed. “Nate!” I almost jump, feeling the warmth off of his freshly cleaned body. 

“How’s the sauce coming?” He peaks over my shoulder, putting his hands on my waist to be able to lean in further. 

“Good, I think.” I say, my breath shallow. 

He is right up against me as he leans even more and sticks his pinky in the red sauce, then tastes it. “Yum” he says, smiling at me. “I was going to open a bottle of wine, do you want some?” 

I nod, “I think there’s a really nice red and a bottle of Dom in the back of the coat closet. My parents always buy expensive stuff and never drink it” 

“Ooh!” He laughs and goes searching. By the time he gets back with glasses, Sammy has come back downstairs and the pasta is ready. 

“Don’t throw it in the fire!” I’m hopping up and down in front of the fire place. Nate and Sammy got one of my bras from upstairs and are playing catch with it. I grab the lacy, expensive treasure out of Nate’s hands and hide it from them. I come back to the living room and pour myself another glass of wine. We’re about halfway through both bottles. 

“I have a question” Sammy says, flopping down on the couch. 

“For me?” I say as Nate sits down on the other side of me. Sam nods. 

“Which one of us?” 

“Which one of you, what?”

“You know what I’m saying.” 

I shake my head and Sam flashes me his bright white smile. 

“Which one of us? I know you’ve thought about it.”

I look over at Nate for a second and his deep eyes meet mine. I wonder if he can see right through me. 

“I think it’s a tie. I couldn’t pick.”

Sam looks at Nate. “So you want us both then?” 


“You kinky girl!”

“That is not what I meant!”

“Sounded like it to me,” Sam smirks. I look over at Nate. He shrugs and nods. 

“Whatever, you guys are dumb. I think I’m going to go to bed.” I yawn and stretch. I head upstairs and wash my face, brush my teeth and change into my pajamas, but now that Sammy put that image in my head, it won’t leave my brain. The two of them, pressed up against me. 

No that’s ridiculous. You’ve just had too much red wine. You’re buzzed and should sleep. They’re idiots. 

I am reading in my bed when there’s a knock on my door. Still thinking about Nate and Sam now and again, I am quite aroused and my nipples give it away through my camisole. I forget all of this when I open the door and find Nate there. “We were looking for extra toothpaste”. Nate says softly and I catch his focus going towards my nipples. 

I blush. “Uh it’s chilly in here. That’s why my nipples are hard. I wasn’t thinking about.. wait never-mind. Please forget I was talking about your nipples… no! I mean my nipples.” I am so embarrassed I turn away from the door. Nate is laughing. 

“Wait a second. Did what Sammy said before get to you?” I feel his warm body behind me again. He puts his hands on my shoulders. “I know the real answer to the question though.” 

I stop dead in my tracks. He comes even closer and puts his hands on my waist for the second time that night. “You would pick me.” he whispers and I feel the heat from his tongue in my ear. His smell is overwhelming as if taking up the whole room. 

“Uh” I can barely speak and before I know it he is pressing his thick lips onto the space just beneath my right earlobe. I can’t help but sigh and lean back into him. His whole body is rock solid and the scent is even stronger. His fingers start teasing the edge of my shirt as he works his way down my neck. I am about to completely give in to him when I hear another knock at the door. 

“Uh Come in” I eke out breathlessly. 

“Have you seen-Nate?” Sammy looks at him and then at me, still flustered. “I thought you were going to ask for toothpaste,” he says looking at Nate. 

“I got a little distracted” Nate says and looks over at me. I definitely still look red and turned on. Sam narrows his eyes. 

“Was he feeling you up?” Sam says, coming closer to me. He smells more like ocean salt, alcohol, and fresh laundry. I feel his slightly smaller frame up against mine. “Was he” he leans in and kisses the left side of my neck in the same places Nate did. “Kissing you neck?” his hands roam down to my waist. “Grabbing your waist?” I nod almost subconsciously and quickly realize what is happening and how turned on I am. 

“You should both go. Now. There’s toothpaste in the top drawer of my bathroom. You’re welcome to it.” They sigh and leave, shutting the door behind them. 

An hour later, I am lying in bed, unable to sleep. I keep replaying the image of both of them taking me over and over again, getting a little more turned on every time. When, ten minutes later, I hear shuffling in the hall and see the light flick on, I tell myself, fuck it, and strip down to just a thin lacy bralette and thong. I quietly pad down the hall until I find myself in front of their shared bedroom. I think for a second before knocking on the door. 

Yeah I want this so bad 

I knock once, but I think they were already up because it’s enough for them to open the door, finding me leaning against the door frame in my white lacy underwear.

“Holy fuck” Nate says, standing there in his boxers. “Sam” he calls over his shoulder. Sammy’s face appears in the darkness. 

“Wow.” He says breathlessly. 

“You win.” I say and raise my eyebrow, stepping into their bedroom. 

“Oh hell yes” Sammy says and without waiting a second, Nate’s lips are on mine, my whole body tingling. I feel Sammy’s bare chest behind me. Before tonight I never knew I wanted both of them at once, but now it’s the only thing on my mind. 

Sammy’s hands start roaming down my hips and onto my thighs. Nate pulls away from my lips and starts kissing the tops of my boobs before popping them out of the bralette. He takes a nipple in his mouth and massages the other breast while Sammy feels up my ass. 

Sam’s hands roam back to the front and he teases the edge of my thong. “Take it off.” I say breathlessly to him, feeling something stiff emerging against my back. I lean into Nate when he brings his kisses back to my lips and feel his emerging boner as well. He grips my thighs and we move over onto Nate’s bed. 

The boys switch positions so I sit in Nate’s lap, his mouth on my neck and hands around my tits, while Sam begins to tease at my folds with his fingers. Before I know it, he is pushing in and out of me with two of his fingers as Nate moans in my ear, his cock fully hard beneath me. “Fuck” I say breathlessly and Nate slides a hand down to focus on flicking at and rubbing my clit while Sammy fingers me. I’m writhing from their pleasure and can barely keep my mouth shut, breathing heavy. I start grinding on Nate’s lap and just when I think I can get any more, I feel Sam’s hot passionate breath between my legs. 

He’s licking me. His tongue is getting in every inch of me. I begin to shake, Nate’s arm around my waist holding me steady, hips lips on my collarbone. Sam clutches my thighs between his arms as he goes to town. I reach an earthquake of a climax, expletives flying out of my mouth. 

Now it’s their turn for fun. Nate sits on the edge of the bed and I climb into his lap again. Sammy stands in front of me. First I stroke both of their rock hard cocks for a few seconds while I come down from my first high. They are both pulsing and hot in my hands, heavy breaths floating above us. When I’m ready, I position Nate at my already wet tight entrance. He slides into me slowly, taking my tits in his huge rough hands. Sammy keeps eye contact with me while his best friend stretches into me. Soon I am bouncing at a nice slow pace, Nate’s hot breathing in my ear. 

Sammy steps forward and I take his stiff cock slowly into my mouth, keeping the same rhythm as Nate’s fucking. I look up at Sammy and I can tell they are both ready to burst. That is when Nate slaps my ass and starts to speed up. I have already orgasmed tonight but I am already almost at my climax again, moaning into Sam’s dick and out into the night. I hear my ass slap against Nate’s thighs and this drives Sam wild. He grabs the back of my head and begins fucking my throat, wet and sloppy. I feel him twitch in my mouth and pull away long enough to beg for his cum in my throat. Then, I take all of him right back in my mouth, running my tongue along his length. He shoots a huge, hot load down my throat and then pulls out of my mouth, watching me swallow all of it. I pull him in for a kiss so he can taste himself. He lays back on his bed and watches Nate slide in and out of me. 

“Come on. I’m almost there.” Finally Nate is in me. I have been wanting this for months. He is huge and so hard inside of me. I feel him begin to twitch with every pulse. He moans in my ear and speeds up even more. He bends me over to take me from behind, speeding up one last time so that nothing but the sound of our flesh fills the room. I feel my whole body start to twitch just as I get the feeling that he is ready to cum. “i want your load.” I pause and turn back to look at him He grabs my tits hard and thrusts into me twice more before he sends me over the top and we reach our highs together. I let out a long moan and a heavy sigh. 

“Well that wouldn’t have happened if Madison wasn’t sick” Sammy says and we all laugh. 

“Round two tomorrow night” I whisper to Nate as I lay on his chest and his eyes go wide. 

Shit that was dirty and long AF

Hope you enjoyed you kinky mofo


Anything For You

@omgsuchegobang It took me forever to figure out what to write for this, but I hope you enjoy this fluffy shit I came up with for the Fluff Me to Death challenge.

“I’m hungry.” Arin announced, lifting his head from it’s previously precarious position over the edge of the couch arm. Dan glanced down at him, pausing in stroking Arin’s side to give him a quizzical look.

“Dude, we /just/ ate.” He scoffed, gesturing at the take out containers on the coffee table. “You even ate half of my food. How can you /still/ be hungry?”

“That was an hour ago.” Arin said, shifting so his head was resting up against Dan’s side. He pouted, blinking up at Dan with ridiculously sad puppy dog eyes. “I’m a shit /machine/. I need more fuel if I’m going to hit quota, Dan.”

Dan shook his head, unable to stop himself from smiling. “I do know this and I wish I had no knowledge of it, daily.” He absently went back to stroking Arin’s side, relaxing into the sofa. “What do you want me to order, then? I still got Little Chang’s up on my call history if you really didn’t get enough of thier Chow Mien.”

“Uh, well,” Arin eyes flickered to Dan’s chest, his fingers flexing over his stomach. “I was thinking, maybe, we could, um, go out?”

Dan blinked. “I’ve got, like, ten diferent take out places logged into my phone and you want to go out?” He asked, incredious. He pinched Arin’s hip, snorting a laugh. “Who are you and what have you done with my Arin?”

Arin blushed, trying to shrug it off. “I killed and ate him. Cause I’m so fucking hungry.” He ran his other hand over Dan’s shirt, pinching the edge between his fingertips. “You don’t wanna go out, then?”

“I guess I’m not completely opposed to it.” Dan conceeded. “It just seems a bit excessive, is all. But if you wanna go out, we can go out.”

“Okay.” Arin said, taking a slow breath. “Okay, yeah, let’s go out.” He pinched Dan’s shirt tighter, practically curling his fist around it. Dan frowned, slipping his hand from Arin’s side up to his stomach and turning over his more relaxed hand. He slide his fingers between Arin’s and squeezed lightly, making Arin jump slightly in surprise. Dan’s frown deepened.

“Arin, what’s wrong?” He asked, stroking his thumb over the back of Arin’s hand. Arin tentively glanced up at him, teeth digging into his lip.

“Nothing?” Arin asked, and Dan’s eyes narrowed.

“Arin Joseph Hanson, tell me what’s wrong.” Dan said firmly, squeezing his hand a bit tighter.

“Okay, okay.” Arin said, pulling his hand from Dan’s and flexing. “You got a mean grip when you’re worried, damn.” He lay his hand back on his stomach and sighed, refusing to meet Dan’s eye again. “Nothing’s wrong, per say. I’m just-” He paused, eyes moving to the ceiling. “I’m trying to… well, you know how people go out to resteraunts and shit?”

“Yes, people go to resteraunts. That’s how they make money. People eating there.” Dan paused. “Did you get high and not tell me? Cause I think that would qualify as something wrong in your case.”

“In my- why is me being high a bad thing?” Arin asked, finally meeting Dan’s eye again.

“Well, for one, I’d have to babysit you. And that’s supposed to be Suzy’s job.” Dan poked his stomach. “And second, while it’s fun to listen to you ramble about random shit, I do have stuff to do tomorrow.”

Arin shook his head. “Whatever. I’m not high. Pinky promise.” Dan held out his pinky expectantly at that. Arin rolled his eyes and hooked his pinky with Dan, a smile creeping onto his face. “There. It’s sacred.”

“Good.” Dan said, also cracking a smile. “So, what were you rambling about then, if you /really are/ sober?”

“I-” He paused, back to gnawing on his bottom lip. “Promise you wont laugh.”


“Promise, Daniel.” Arin said, giving Dan a pointed look.

Dan sighed. “I promise I wont laugh at you. Really, Ar, whatever it is, it’s probably not that big of a deal.”

“You were literally just freaking out about it a moment ago.” Arin retorted.

“Who was being cryptic as fuck, hm? Actually, you still are.” Dan started to run his fingers over Arin’s side, making Arin twitch as he tried to ignore the tickling. Dan only intensified his movements at that. “Out with it.”

“I can’t- Dan!” He started laughing, trying to push Dan’s hand away. Dan persisted, fingers digging into Arin’s side. Arin wiggled more, barking out another laugh. “I- stop-”

“Tell me!”

“I was trying… To ask… You out!” Arin gasped, finally managing to capture Dan’s hands in his own. Dan just stared at him, lip twitching in an effort not to laugh. He had promised, after all.

“Arin,” He started, barely containing his laughter. “We’re already dating.”

“I know, but,” Arin let go of Dan’s hands. “We havent actually been out on a date yet. Like, a real one.”

“I would think dinner and a movie counted.” Dan countered, reaching a hand up to card his fingers through Arin’s hair.

Arin closed his eyes, relaxing into Dan’s touch. “Not when it’s randomly decided at like 11pm and in sweatpants and shit.”

“What qualifies as a date to you, then?” Dan asked. “Like, do we have to each spend an hour worrying over our outfits, go to a fancy resteraunt neither of us can afford, and end up at a movie only one of us is interested in? Cause I have to say, I’m way over that shtick.”

“I just thought we could actually plan something.” Arin said quietly. “And be comfortable, yeah, but like, care, I guess?”

Dan smiled softly and tapped Arin’s cheek to make him open his eyes. “If you wanna go out on an actual date with me, I’d do that. It might even be nice.”

Arin’s face broke out in the biggest grin, Dan’s heart melting at the elation. “Really?”

“But you have to ask me. Properly.” Dan said, poking his cheek. “Like a real lady.”

Arin laughed. “Okay, sure.” He rolled off of Dan’s lap and onto the floor, popping back up on his knees as he held out a hand. “Ms. Avidan?”

“Yes?” Dan asked, making his voice as ridiculously high pitched as he could. He lay his palm in Arin’s hand, fluttering his eyelashes in a way he hoped resembled flirtatious.

Arin was still grinning, eyes dancing with amusement. “Would you care to accompany me for a night on the town? Perhaps, tonight?”

“Why, Mr. Hanson.” Dan slapped his free hand over his heart and gasped. “How scandalous! I most certainly can’t.”

Arin leaned forward and kissed Dan’s knuckles, making Dan giggle. “M'lady, I only wish to show you the best. No one else has to know.” He winked.

Dan sighed loudly and turned his face away. “I suppose. If no else else would be the wiser.”

“Excellent!” Arin said, hopping back up and into Dan’s lap, straddling him this time. “You’re a difficult woman to please, I swear.”

“Mmm but worth it.” Dan said, leaning forward to kiss Arin. Arin made a noise of agreement, leaning into him happily. They kissed softly, relaxed, until Arin pulled back to give Dan a sheepish grin.

“I’m not actually that hungry. You think we can do the date tomorrow night?” He asked and Dan chuckled.

“Sure thing, shit machine.” Dan quipped, laughing when Arin punched him in the shoulder.

In the devastation and ruin of Hell Sam stands before Crowley’s ill-gained throne. Feeling the eyes of the demons on him, that same rush like something golden and forbidden spooling forth from a tight and long-ignored place in his chest. His mouth dry with longing as their blood rushes, iron-sulfur scented, echoing chamber-like in his ears. Powerful as the ocean and twice as compelling.

Crowley is eyeing him with a sort of challenging amusement. Insomuch as they both know Sam cannot physically harm him they are both also aware of why Sam is here, and of the lengths he will go in the absence of Dean. Sam’s boundaries are stretched wide as a chasm when he’s without his brother.

“I don’t suppose there’s any way I can talk you into leaving,” Crowley says. Sam shakes his head. The smile on his lips feels tight and cold and pressed nearly bloodless at the corners. When he straightens up something dark and electric settles at the base of his spine and from the corner of his eye he sees one demon shiver like it’s cold.

“You’ve kept him here,” Sam says, and his voice is very quiet and almost calm but the rage, the rage holds his fists tight, bitten-down nails pressing rough into his palms. “For over a year, Crowley. Like a goddamn animal.”

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Love sonnets

Characters: Jin & You

Genre: romance, slice of life, slight angst, friends to lovers

Words: 4630

Summary: You and Jin have been best friends for years but only when he’s on the verge of losing you, he realizes that you might have been in love all along.

I got quite rusty writing third pov, so this is my attempt to get back to it. I hope it’s not confusing but every other scene is a flashback. Also, check out Pablo Neruda’s poems, they were my inspiration for this fic.

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fic: this is the golden age (of something good and right and real) 

summary: immortals!au in which they fall in love in 1961, fall apart in 1965, and fall again in 2015. 

word count: 10.1k

warnings: the usual swearing/sex, vague descriptions of PTSD, somewhat detailed descriptions of war violence, implied character death 

a/n: WHAT?!?!?!? CALISTA WROTE A ONE SHOT?!?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!! as always s/o to the other half of team sugar spice and everything nice, megan slimeboyhowell for cheering me on and letting me headcanon abt hot Marine phil at odd hours of the morning <33 i was gonna make a playlist for this but nobody ever listens to those, so i come bearing two wonderful songs for u to listen to that remind me of this fic: the song from the title, state of grace (acoustic) by taylor swift + forever and ever amen by the drums

They’re unabashedly in love in the biting New York frost of the winter of 1964, one month before Phil leaves for Vietnam.

Dan is twenty-three and already established as a photographer at The New York Post; Phil teaches English and Art History to thirteen and fourteen year olds at Astor Country Day on the Upper East Side. Their apartment (their, their, their, he loves reminding himself of the sharedness, even now) in the Village is cluttered with scattered mementos of their three years together, photographs framing bare skin, cheap photo booth strips, notes signed with hesitant x’s and drenched in cologne, brochures from the Van Gogh exhibition at the MoMA from the year before. It’s big enough for the two of them to hole themselves in from the tenacious hum of the city below, to hide them from eyes that linger too long on their clasped hands and twin smiles, to last on artist salaries.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 7)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2671

Warnings: Some profanity, what else is new

A/N: This is the longest chapter I’ve written yet, but many important things happen, so stick around! Also, just wanted thank you for your enthusiasm for this story, and for all the likes, reblogs, and lovely messages you send my way :) it really helps me stay motivated to keep writing!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]


It’s been about a week since it happened. Or, nine days, seven hours, and forty-six minutes to be exact. Not like you’re counting or anything.

You’re sitting on the edge of your bed in the cabin, watching Steph apply makeup. It’s Friday, and there’s some social event, movie night-type thing going on in less than an hour with everyone at the camp. It’s optional, however, so you’re definitely skipping out on this one.

Steph, on the other hand, has been freaking out about what she’s going to wear for the past two hours. Apparently Mitch said he would, “see her there”, and so she’s turned into a hectic mess, pulling out every bit of non-athletic clothing she brought with her, trying it on and twirling around in front of the mirror. Eventually, you convinced her that her olive green top and white tennis skirt were perfectly acceptable for a movie night.

She turns to you suddenly. “How does my eyeliner look?”

You glance up briefly. Her wings are perfectly even. “It looks great, Steph. Try not to stress too much.”

“Yeah, but I think my right wing isn’t as thick as my left. I’ve got to make them perfect.” She turns back to the mirror, sticking her tongue out as she drags the liquid liner across her eyelid.

“Steph, Mitch isn’t going to care about your eyeliner.”

“I know, but-”

“But nothing. He definitely already likes you, so he wouldn’t care if you showed up wearing a mismatched pajamas and eyeliner only on one eye.”

“Okay, you’re right” Steph agrees, putting down the liner. “Maybe I should just calm down. It’s just a movie night, not a date.”

“That’s only what I’ve been telling you for the past three hours.”

She rolls her eyes. “So, what are you wearing?”

You glance down at your go-to pj’s: grey sweats and a well-loved Maple Leafs t-shirt. “This?”

“To a movie night?”

“I’m not going.”

“What?” she cries. “Not happening, I am not going alone.”

“Steph,” you say firmly. “I can’t go.”

She narrows her eyes at you. “So what if Auston’s there? You don’t have to talk to him or look at him or anything.”

“Yeah, not like that will be hard or anything considering him and Mitch are attached at the hip,” you point out.

“If you really don’t care about Auston as much as you claim to, and truly are putting hockey first, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But obviously by the way you’ve been hiding from the boy all week, you have still have some feelings for h-”

You stand up. “I’ll go.”

Steph can barely conceal her smile. “I’m assuming you didn’t bring anything cute to wear with you.”

“Are we basing it off your definition of cute or mine?”

“What do you think?” Steph digs around in her pile of discarded clothes and chucks something white and lacy at you. “Put that on.”

Forty minutes later, you’re wearing Steph’s shirt, a white tank top that has a low cut v-neck lined with a tasteful amount of lace, your favourite comfy cardigan, and some jean shorts. Steph had curled the ends of your hair and you’d put on a touch of mascara and brow gel. You felt pretty and confident. So what if Auston was there? That didn’t mean you couldn’t have a good time.

“You ready?” Steph asks, sliding on her sandals. “I texted Alexis and told her we’d meet her and the other girls there.”

“Sounds good,” you say, taking one last glance at yourself in the mirror. Tonight would be fun.

As you and Steph make the short journey from the cabin to the rec hall, where the movie was being screened, you take in the peacefulness of the night. The moon hangs full and bright in the dark sky and crickets chirrup from the bushes surrounding the path you’re walking on. A warm breeze ruffles your hair. Sometimes you forget to stop and appreciate everything that life has to offer. You’re always in such a rush to leap from one goal to the next, that you tend to take the little things for granted - like taking a walk at night with your best friend and teammate, at the most elite hockey camp in the country. All the hours of hard work and dedication have brought you here, and will continue to carry you wherever you decide to go.

You sigh loudly, satisfied. Steph glances over at you quizzically. “What are you smiling about?”

“I’m just so glad we’re here.” You turn to look at her, and you see in her eyes that she understands the significance behind your statement.

“Yeah. Yeah, me too.” She reaches over and squeezes your hand.

You squeeze back before letting go and hooking your pinky with hers. “D’you want to run? For old time’s sake?”

She doesn’t answer but takes off, nearly yanking your arm from its socket. You sprint to keep up with her, the two of you looking like idiots as you make your way towards the hall, laughing and swinging your arms around like little girls.

The hall is already busy, most of the players already milling around, grabbing their seats on the set of wooden bleachers. You and Steph greet Alexis and your teammates before getting in line for snacks. You force yourself to not look around for him, and instead keep your eyes straight forward, trying to decide what you want to eat.

You’re lost in the long list of chocolate bars when someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to face Mitch and several other of his teammates you’ve seen around before, but never formally met. For a half second, your heart drops, disappointed that Auston’s not with them. But why do you care so much? You should be happy he isn’t here.

“Oh, hey Mitch,” you exclaim, nudging Steph with your elbow.

She whips around and blushes as Mitch grins widely at her. “Hi Mitch.”

“Hey Steph.” Mitch looks down at his feet, suddenly reserved. “You look um…you look great.”

“Thank-you,” Steph says, tucking a strand of her hair shyly behind her ear.

“So Mitch, are we going to get an introduction, or are you going to stand around all night embarrassing yourself trying to compliment a pretty girl?” one of the blond teammates teases.

Mitch’s face goes red and he scowls at the blond guy. “Shut-up.” Mitch jabs a finger towards him. “Steph, Y/N, this obnoxious Swedish prick is Willy-”

“That’s William to you.”

Mitch ignores him, pointing to the second guy, who’s also blond, but has thicker, slightly wavy hair. “This is Kasperi, or Kappy as we call him.” Kappy is quiet, but gives a little wave hello. 

“And Brownie.” Mitch throws his arm around the redhead standing beside him.

“My actual name’s Connor, for the record.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you all,” you say, smiling. You turn to Steph, “What do you want to eat? It’s on me.”

She glances over at the concession. “Oh, um, I’ll have-”

“No, Y/N, don’t worry, I got it.” Mitch pulls his wallet out of his shorts’ pocket.

“So, you’re paying for us as well?” Will asks, raising his eyebrows.

Mitch gives him a look. “I think you can answer your own question.”

Will walks up to the concession stand. “Hi there, could I have a large coke and some sour cherry blasters? Oh, and could you throw a twix bar in as well? It’s on the guy behind me with the hat.” He grins and points to Mitch, who is not impressed.

The rest of the guys order their snacks, all the while Mitch scowls at them.

“Are you sure, Mitch? I don’t mind paying for myself,” you whisper.

He smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks for the offer, Y/N, but it’s alright. I’ll get them back for this, trust me.”

Once you all have your food, you make your way over to the bleachers. There aren’t many seats left, so you let Mitch and Steph squeeze into the space for two people on the lower bench, while you, Kasperi, Will, and Connor sit on the bench above them.

“So,” Will says, rubbing his hands together. “Let’s make a bet on how long it will take for Mitch to get the balls to ask Steph out. Thirty bucks on the table. Losers pay ten each.”

“I’m going for two weeks,” Connor says, taking a sip of his drink. “He always delays.”

Kasperi nods in agreement. “Same, but I think not until camp is almost over. Mitch…he overthinks things. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.”

“Okay, solid guesses boys, but for myself I’m gonna go with a week and a half. What do you think Y/N?” Will turns to you.


“Ooh, damn,” Connor exclaims.

You roll your eyes and continue, “Steph will ask him out before he does. Boys can honestly be more indecisive than girls when it comes to dating.”

“True,” Kasperi agrees. “That’s probably why Auston took so long to make a move, right?”

You freeze. Kappy notices and appears slightly perplexed. “I mean, you are Auston’s girl, no?”

“Um, no. I’m not.” You feel like you’re about to cry.

“Oh, I’m sorry. He just talks about this girl, Y/N, all the time, so I just assumed-”

“Kappy, shut-up,” Connor interjects.

“No, it’s okay.”

An awkward silence falls over the four of you.

Will steps in and directs the conversation elsewhere: “So has anyone seen the prequel to this movie? I thought the acting was terrible.”

Immediately, Connor pipes up: “Are you insulting my man Chris Pratt?”


With that, Connor goes off on a tangent about how excellent Pratt is in a number of films. The conversation is relieved of its tense atmosphere and you feel yourself relax again.

You catch Will’s eye and shoot him a grateful smile. He nods and winks.

The movie isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. Will’s sarcastic commentary makes up for the film’s lack of a plot line. You find yourself bursting out laughing one too many times, earning you glares from the other players seated around you. By the time the film ends, you’re both giggling at something stupid one of the characters said in a dramatic moment.

“Who even says that? His freaking cat just died!”

“I know. And he says it so seriously too. He’s all like…” You imitate the dumbfounded look on the actor’s face and Will cracks up.

“Whoever the casting director is, they should be fired, honestly. We could do a better job.”

“I really think we could. Screw hockey, Hollywood, here we come!”

You both laugh and then sigh. The hall is clearing out, and out of the corner of your eye, you catch Steph and Mitch walking out of the door, holding hands. You smile to yourself, happy for them.

“So, do you think I could get your number?”

“Huh?” You look up at Will, realizing he’s been talking to you.

“Your number. For casting purposes, of course.” He winks.

“Oh. Um, sure!” You dig your phone out from your back pocket, unlocking it and handing it to him. He does likewise, and you type your name into his phone, putting a little film emoji next to your name.

“There you go.” You hand his phone back. He grins at you, and places your phone in your hand. ‘Willy’ is his contact name, alongside a smiley face sticking its tongue out.

You’re about to say something else to Will when you see him. He’s standing near the exit, glaring furiously at Will’s back. The smile slides off your face.

“Hey, I gotta run. Steph just said she needs me to help her with something - girl emergency.”

He frowns. “I didn’t see any text on your-” Will starts, but you cut him off.

“See you later, bye!”

You speed walk around people standing and chatting in the hall and slip out the exit door, pointedly not looking in Auston’s direction.

You’re walking quickly towards the cabins, hoping you can avoid him, but you hear his footsteps crunching on the gravel as he breaks into a jog.

“Y/N!” he calls.

You ignore him and walk faster.

“Y/N, I know you can hear me!”

You stop and swing around to face him. “What do you want Auston?”

“I just want to talk.” He stands in front of you, his brown eyes so earnest and hopeful that you can’t say no.

“Okay, so talk.”

“Can we go somewhere else…like, a more private place?”


“Is by the beach area okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

You both walk in silence. You can feel Auston glancing periodically over at you, trying to gauge your expression. However, you purposely keep your face blank of any emotion. You have to be strong.

When you reach the beach area, he stops by one of the benches facing the volleyball court. “D’you wanna sit down?”

You don’t answer but sit down on the bench, keeping your eyes forward and away from him. He does the same.

There’s a long pause. “Listen, Y/N, I just want some answers. You’ve made me very confused, and I’m not sure if it’s something I did or said that upset you, but I-”

“No - Auston, I already told you that you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But I had to,” he insists, looking at you very seriously. “Why else did you run away from me? I thought everything was going great and then all of a sudden you just went cold. Unless…” he pauses, putting it together in his mind. “Unless you like Willy. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. Oh man, I feel like a total idiot.”

He goes to stand up but you stop him. “Auston, no. I don’t like Willy that way. He’s nice, but I literally met him today.”

“So you don’t like me is what you’re saying.”

“No, Auston, I do. You’re a great guy, it’s just-”

“It’s just better if we’re friends, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give me the speech, I already know it by heart.” He starts to stand up again, but you grab his wrist.

“Auston!” you shout, more harshly than you intend. “Would you stop jumping to conclusions for one minute and just let me explain?”

He sits down, very quiet.

You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. “Auston…I like you. More than a friend. I think you’re funny and incredibly talented and not to mention crazy hot. I don’t think I’ve ever been more attracted to someone in my life.” You drop his gaze, a sudden wave of shyness coming over you. “I can’t believe I just said that,” you laugh to yourself.

“So what’s the problem then?” Auston asks softly.

“The problem is…the problem is that I can’t be distracted. I’ve given up my entire life to hockey, and I’m finally on the verge of obtaining my goal, the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. I got into this camp, and I was so excited, because here was my big break. But then you came along, and everything changed. Suddenly, all I could think about was you, not hockey, and that scared me. It fucking terrified me. I thought to myself, what happens if I miss my one shot at my dream because I’m pining after some guy? And if that happens, I know I will regret that for the rest of my life. I will never be able to forgive myself.” You pause to take a breath. Auston’s face is unreadable, his eyes cast downwards as he takes everything in.

“So that’s why I ran away. That’s why this,” you say, gesturing between the two of you, “isn’t going to work.” You stand up, giving him one last apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”

And with that, you turn and walk away, leaving Auston alone on the bench.

[Part 8]

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hiiii could you pls write some jealous craig ??? obvs for tweek, i love jealous craig plsss thank you !!

(yes, yes, yes! this one was so fun! thank youuuuu PS. requests are still being accepted~ haaa)

God damnit, Tweek is being really fucking slow. It always takes Twee three minutes to meet me in front of our lockers and it’s been five minutes and he’s not here. I’m not trying to be a controlling asshole of a boyfriend or anything but I hate school and I count down the seconds until I can leave this hell hole.

Tweek is usually the same way. We rush to meet up at our lockers and head straight back to my house to watch our daily dose of red racer. This is just how we always do things. And now he’s not here. And I’m ready to go home. And Red Racer starts in fifteen minutes.

God damnit.

I can’t help but worry that something happened to Tweek. The blonde just managed to attract trouble. Once before school he wasn’t texting me back and I was outside his house waiting for him for a solid fifteen minutes before I finally went inside in search for him. It turns out he got his hair stuck in the door hinges of his bathroom door. I found him in his towel with tears in his eyes. We had to cut his hair out and we were half an hour late to school.

I feel like it’s justified for me to constantly worry about him after that incident.

I’m pulling out my phone when I finally catch sight of Tweek. I’m happy and pretty relieved to see him but I’m also not enthusiastic to see who’s walking by his side.

Kenny McCromick.

Kenny’s alright. I mean when you need weed or alcohol he can always hook you up but besides that he’s a nosy, touchy fucker. I like neither nosy nor touchy people so he’s just one of those people I tolerate. Also Tweek is actually friends with him. Don’t ask me why. So I really have to tolerate him.

Kenny is carrying Tweek’s textbooks and they’re walking awfully close together. Tweek is waving his hands around as he talks, which is something he always does when he’s super excited. It’s one of my favorite things about Tweek, and it’s also something he usually does only around me.

Tweek is so invested into whatever him and Kenny are talking about that he doesn’t even seem to notice me. He’s walking a few steps in front of Kenny so he has to turn and look over his shoulder as he talks.

Tweek should really watch where-

And he’s tripping.

I start to dart forward to try and catch him but Kenny has already beat me to it. He manages to shuffle all of Tweek’s books into one arm and then use his free hand to reach out and snatch Tweek.

Show off.


Tweek just gives off his little nervous laugh of his where he smiles sheepishly and his shoulders shake as he brings one hand to cover half his face all shyly. Tweek laughs like that around me all the time.

Okay, but seriously, has Tweek even noticed me yet? His boyfriend? Seriously.

“Oh, m-man! Jesus. Thanks K-Ken.” Okay, really, Ken? Tweek is calling Kenny Ken now? Who the hell needs a nickname for their nickname? Only pretentious dirtbags have a nickname for their nickname.

What the actual fuck.

“No problem Tweekers.”

Again, what the actual fuck? I call Tweek Tweekers, other people do not call Tweek Tweekers.

Kenny’s stupid blue eyes move to meet mine. He’s smiling with that stupid easy going smile of his. “So, Tweekers, we still going over to your house, right?”

“Y-Yeah, of course! I’m so excited. You’re going to l-love this episode. I can’t believe y-you’ve never seen it! P-Pinkie Pie used to kind of freak me out b-but now I really like her.”

Wait- Pinkie Pie? Are they seriously talking about My Little Pony? I know Tweek loves that show. Something about how everyone is so nice and positive and they always work together to make things better. I don’t know. Tweek just likes perfect world kind of shows.

I’ve tried watching it with him before but it really weirds me out. Like isn’t this a show six year old girls watch or whatever? I always managed to fall asleep when we watch it so eventually Tweek gave up and he watches it on his own now.

Well he’s supposed to watch it alone. Watching it with Kenny, though? Like hell does Kenny like My Little Pony. What is that bastard up to?

“Really? Aweosme! I’m excited.” Kenny glances at me and his smirk just widens. He very casually slings his arm over Tweek’s shoulder. “Maybe we should just marathon it. It is Friday after all. We can just stay up all night!”

Tweek gets super fucking excited at this idea. He grins like none other. “Y-Yeah! That’s a great idea! I can g-get my mom to make some cookies too. Cookies and c-coffee.” What, nooo, his mom makes me and Tweek cookies and coffee. That’s our thing.

“It’s a date.”Kenny winks at Tweek but I think it’s more directed at me.

“Yeah, it’s a d-date!” Tweek giggles and finally he looks over at me. His smile lessens a little. “Oh hey Craig.” He sounded so neutral. What the fuck. He sounded so animated and excited when talking to Kenny.

“Hi,” I manage to spit out through clenched teeth. Because, I mean really. Really?

“Ken and I a-are gonna go to my house and w-watch My Little Pony.” Tweek starts opening his locker but it takes him a while. He doesn’t trust school locks so he put two of his own combo locker locks on it. With his constant shaking thought it always takes him a while.

“I heard.”

“I’ll see you t-tomorrow then?” Tweek asks, glancing at me briefly. Kenny’s leaning against the locker next to Tweek. They’re standing awfully fucking close. Goddamnit.

“We were going to watch Red Racer.”

“Yeah but we w-watch Red Racer every day. We’ll watch some t-tomorrow.” Tweek gives me a little smile. I do not want Tweek hanging out with one Kenny McCormick all fucking night. God fucking damnit.

“I want to watch My Little Pony too.” I finally spit out out of impulse. I don’t want to watch that stupid show but even more I don’t want to watch those two blondes walk off together.

God fucking damnit.

“Huh? Really? Craig you d-don’t like MLP.”

“Yeah, well maybe I do now.” Kenny looks like he’s about to laugh. Tweek shoves his stuff into his locker then launches himself at me.

He quickly hugs me and then pulls back. He’s smiling even bigger than he did with Kenny and it fills me with smug pride.

“R-Really? So you’ll marathon with us all night?” God fucking damnit.

“Yeah Tweek, all night.”

“Oh!” Kenny suddenly gasps. He’s wearing a shit eating grin but when Tweek looks at him he frowns. “You know what Tweek, I just remembered there’s something super important going on tonight. I don’t think I can come over.”


“Oh n-no, really?” Kenny nods solemnly. Tweek sighs then shrugs. “Oh well, maybe another t-time. It’s alright, Craig w-will watch it all night with me!”


“Wow, Tweek, you’re right!” Kenny gasps and grins at me. “Alright, I gotta get going, see ya Tweekers!” Kenny waves, turns and leaves.


Tweek locks his locker shut and turns to me with that same huge grin. He reaches out and grabs my hand.


“Are you excited C-Craig? I am.” Tweek keeps talking as he leads me towards his house but my mind is still trying to catch up with what just happened.


And then it hits me.

“Kenny, you bastard!”

Soooo that’s how I ended up being tricked into watching My Little Pony for thirteen hours straight on a sacred Friday night. FML.

First Impressions

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Pairing: Draco X Reader

Word Count: 2812

Type: Fluff I suppose

Description: Due to her bad reputation at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Y/N was practically forced to transfer to a new school, which happened to be Hogwarts. Upon her arrival, gossip about her spreads like wildfire, but it somehow passed right by the Slytherin Prince. When his friends inform him of the false information, he sticks up for you - a girl he barely knows. A friendship develops, but do extra emotions come along with it for both of them… or just one?

A/N: Idk if I like this one a lot but I worked hard on it so I suppose it’s worth reading.

Warnings: (One swear maybe)


It was your first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You were starting half-way through the first semester, mostly due to the issues you were having back at Ilvermorny. Your ex-boyfriend had spread some nasty roomers about you there, and they stuck. You attempted to wait it out.

“It’ll blow over in a week, you watch and see Ms. Y/L/N. Next week I tell you, it’ll all be in the past. No one will even remember.” Your house elf, Juno had told you. You told her all the issues you were having at school. She was a very wise old elf. The only problem was that she told you that for five months, and then another two when school started up again.

In a frantic effort to spare you the pain, your guardian had shipped you off to London to get on an empty train to get to a school where they had been in classes for two months already. You’d be joining year six two months late.

You had a private sorting with the headmaster and head of each house, and you had been (after much contemplation by the sorting hat) sorted into Y/H. You weren’t overly excited, in fact, you were a bit embarrassed by the whole situation.

Now you stood outside of Professor Snape’s potions classroom. The class was already in session, and you had a note held tightly in your hand from Professor McGonagal which excused your tardiness to this class. As far as you were concerned, no one cared much that you were there if they even noticed you at all. Little did you know, the students of Hogwarts already had some theories as to why you were now all of a sudden just… there, out of nowhere.

“Calm down Y/N.” You whispered to yourself, placing your hand on the handle to the classroom. Without another thought, without giving yourself time to change your mind, you pushed open the door. You regretted it instantly as all eyes turned to you, and the whispers began. One boy, in particular, had his eyes glued to you, an almost astonished look behind his eyes.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Snape welcomed with a warm tone. He had taken a liking to you during the sorting when you brought up the research of an up and coming herb in potions, which could have miraculous effects. You walked to the front of the classroom shyly, for no other purpose than to hand Snape the note excusing your tardiness. “You can take a seat in the back.” He gestured toward the table where the only group of three sat. “You can work with Mr. Malfoy.”

You were unsure of who exactly that was, but you hoped he would introduce himself before you had to make a fool of yourself. You walked towards the back of the class slowly, clutching your books to your chest for dear life. Class resumed as you approached the table. All the students seemed to suddenly lose interest in your presence, all but that one boy, who had platinum blonde hair and those silvery blue eyes,

“I’m Draco. Draco Malfoy.” He stuck his hand out for you to shake. You looked at it for a moment before hesitantly extending your hand to shake his.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You greeted, placing your items down gingerly on the table, placing your wand down securely beside them. You could still feel his eyes burning into you. As Snape dismissed us to go work on our potions the short girl with dark hair spoke from across the table.

“As I was saying,” She picked up wherever she left off, “I’m absolutely positive that she was giving me a nasty look. She was being overdramatic. I didn’t do anything wrong! Either way, I went right up to her face and gave her a nice reminder that she was mud blood scum and had no right to be acting the way she was.” You were taken aback, yes people were mean at Ilvermorny, but you couldn’t recall ever once hearing of something so… discriminative.

You would have spoken up had this been Ivelmorny, but you weren’t sure how the social hierarchy worked here, and you didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. Or be noticed at all for that matter.

“Bold move Pansy.” The dark skinned boy beside her spoke, his words dripping with sarcasm.

“Well someone has to put them in their place.” She came back at him, as though it was his job and she was doing it for him. He said nothing, only rolled his eyes. You paid no mind, only went to gather the ingredients you needed.

As soon as you were out of earshot, Blaise spoke up.

“You best not be taking interest in her Malfoy. Filthy blood traitor that one is, like those bloody Weasleys.” His voice was dripping with disgust. “She’s a direct descendant of Merlin. Could you believe it? A bloody descendant of one of the most powerful wizards ever sympathizes with muggles.”

She doesn’t deserve to be a wizard if you ask me,” Pansy spoke up. Draco could feel his blood boiling. How dare they talk about you that way. They didn’t even know you! “I heard she was hooking up with teachers at Ivelmorny for good marks, disgusting don’t you think Draco?” She looked to him, but his eyes were glued to you. He could sense that you weren’t like that. He knew somehow that what they were saying couldn’t be true.

“Those are just nasty rumors, you idiots! Stop spreading that shit. You didn’t like it when the entire thought you had the clap now did you, Pansy? Hmm? Was that fun for you? No.” Draco rolled his eyes at the pair across the table from him, looking down and focusing on the directions.

“Hey,” You greeted the group, “I got your guys’ ingredients too, I noticed you hadn’t gone to get them yourself and I was already over there so I just grabbed them.” You smiled sweetly, separating what you had collected between the two groups. Draco smiled at you, then looked across the table and raised his eyebrows as if to say ‘look at her do you really believe that shit you were spewing?’ The pair looked down in shame.

You and Draco hit it off instantly, you stayed quiet mostly, but he engaged you in conversation, asking about your old school and your life at home and such.


A month or so later, when you had told him that you had to stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas break because you couldn’t go back to America for only a week and fly back. He instantly insisted that you come spend your time at the manor. You were hesitant at first but accepted his offer eventually.

You and Draco were now waiting to be picked up at the platform by his mother. You were nervous. You had heard about what his parents were like. You knew they were hard to please, or at least… his father was.

“Draco!” Narcissa exclaimed when she found her son, wrapping her arms around him, and though he resisted slightly, he allowed the exchange to take place. She released him, finally meeting your gaze. “Oh my! Is this her?”

“Yes mother, this is Y/N.” He smiled at you. Narcissa gripped your hands, looking into your eyes. Narcissa spoke;

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! Draco has written to us all the time about you, telling us about -”

“Okay mother,” Draco interrupted, “Y/N is quite tired, we best be getting back to the manor.” He chuckled nervously and hustled everybody along.

Upon arriving at the manor, you had grown nervous to meet Draco’s father. Narcissa was very kind and very interested when it came to you talking about your life in America. She seemed pleased that you were a descendant of Merlin, which was, in fact, true.

“Now don’t be nervous okay?” Draco spoke in your ear quietly, “He’ll love you I’m sure of it.” You smiled at his attempt to comfort you. As the door opened, you saw him. He stood supporting himself with a cane, his hair was light and long, his eyes were cold and his face was set in stone. “Father, this is Y/N, I’ve told you about her.”

“You have.” He looked at you, seemingly unimpressed. He ignored your presence entirely, “Is she pureblood son?”

“Impressively so.” He smiled at you, linking our pinkies together, where his parents wouldn’t see, in an effort to support you.

“Very well. Dinner will be in two hours, I expect you to be timely.” He spoke, then walked away, paying you no mind.

“Do you think he likes me?” You asked quietly as you picked up our trunk and followed him to the guest room where you would be staying.

“I’m sure he will, in time. He’s not very welcoming to new people, like my mother is. But I’m sure he’ll come around.” He smiled at you as he pushed the guest room door open.

“What was your mother saying at the platform? You know… about what you told her about me.” You smiled softly, beginning to unpack some of your things as Draco sat on the bed, watching you. You noticed his face get a little pink at your question.

“Oh, nothing.” He laughed nervously, tearing his gaze away from you.

“Okay, I know it’s something.” You let out a little laugh, “But I’ll let it slide… for now.” He smiled at you, and as you looked away his gaze stayed locked on you.


You’d sat next to Draco during dinner, your hands close enough so that any time Lucius made a crude comment Draco could reassuringly squeeze your hand.

“You don’t look pureblood Y/N.” He eyed you, “You haven’t deceived my son for our fortune have you now?” You were flabbergasted by his statement. Draco took your hand under the table in a comforting way, but to him, it was a small way of protecting you from his father.

“Lucius!” Narcissa exclaimed from beside her husband, “That is no way to speak to our guest! Especially someone of such noble blood! Even more so because our son has-”

“Mother!” Draco stopped her before she could continue, you couldn;t help but wonder what she was going to say. “May we please be excused, I feel this conversation has gone stale and Y/N doesn’t need to be exposed to that.” Narcissa smiled at the two of you, beginning to speak;

“Of course Draco, if you two need anything at all just let me know, and I mean anything. I’m sure you two know of the dangers of-”

“Goodnight mother!” Draco exclaimed, standing up quickly, dragging you out of the room before you had a chance to say goodbye to your hosts.


It was growing to be nearly two o’clock in the morning, and thunder was rattling the house down to the foundation. You had a stifling fear of thunderstorms, you always had, though you were unsure of why. Your wand was somewhere unknown to you, somewhere around the room but you didn’t want to get out of the sheets- your only protection - for too long to find it. However, if you could pull off a mad dash to Draco’s room, you could most likely make it in time before the next deafening clap of thunder.

You waited for the next loud clap of thunder before you violently threw back the sheets, dashing to your door, throwing it open and darting down the hallway. You lungs burned as you threw open his door.

He shot up in his bed as his door opened. He didn’t have a shirt on and in a panic, he pulled this sheets over his body. He looked at you confused, but he understood when there was another bone-rattling clap of thunder and you collapsed to the ground out of fear.

“Y/N!” He shouted, throwing his sheets back and dashing to your rescue, hoping that it was too dark for you to see the dark ink on his left arm. He scooped you up, taking you over to his bed, laying you down next to him, his left arm tucked under you as you two faced each other. “You’re okay, Y/N, you’re safe, I’ve got you.” He could feel you shaking, your arms quivering as you laid with him, terrified. You tried to thank him, but you couldn’t muster up the words.

You went to roll over to spoon but he stopped you so you wouldn’t see his dark mark. When you gave him a questioning look he let you go. You turned over in his arms, pushing yourself closer to him.

You could just barely see it in the dark, the deep colors on his forearm against his pale skin. You couldn’t quite tell what it was. You mustered up your voice the best you could.

“Drake… what is this?” You touched it lightly and you felt him tense. He remained silent, hoping you would fall asleep and let it go. “Dray.” You spoke firmly, turning to look at him. “What is it?”

With no explanation, he began to cry, letting out soft sobs. Thought you were confused, you hugged him close to you, holding each other tight as you shook when thunder boomed and he sobbed into your shoulder.

“What’s wrong Drake? Please tell me.” Your voice shook lightly as you held his face and looked into his teary eyes.

“I- Y/N, You don’t- I-” He took a deep breath and looked at you with  sorrow in his eyes, “It’s the d-dark mark Y/N.” His voice shook, tears slipping from his eyes. In a panic, you scrambled out of the bed, falling on your back as you made an effort to get away from him. “No. Y/N! Please!” He pleaded, crawling after you. “I’m still me. I’m still you’re Dray. I didn’t want to do it Y/N. They made me.“ He sobbed quietly, watching you closely as you repositioned yourself to be on your knees, looking at him. Even now the thunder shook you senseless. Yet you were scared of him as well, unable to move from your spot on the cold floor.

“Drake-” You spoke weakly, watery-eyed and nearly unable to breathe.

“Please. Y/N. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be scared. Of me. I knew you would be.” He scrambled to the floor to hold you, but you were so in shock you molded into his form. “I’m never going to hurt you Y/N I could never hurt you. Y/N you are my everything. You’re so important to me Y/N, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have you in my life.”

“Dray-” You tried to interrupt but he wouldn’t let you.

“No Y/N, I love you and I want you to know that. I understand if you want to leave and not be involved with me anymore. I just can’t let you leave thinking that I wanted this or that I would ever do anything to hurt me ever.”

You froze, replaying what he said over again in your mind.

i love you and I want you to know that.’ 

You…” You looked into his eyes. Even in the dark, they shined like diamonds. “You love me?” Without hesitation, he spoke;

“Since the moment I laid my eyes on you.” He felt you relaxed his arms as the two of you were splayed out on his floor in the middle of the night. Despite all the voices in your head screaming at you to get away from this boy, this death eater, but you stayed. He could be a creature who swam at the bottom of the black lake for all you cared.

“I love you too Draco.” He smiled at you, leaning down and pressing his lips gingerly to yours, fireworks going off in your head. A clap of thunder sounded and you tensed in his arms.

“Come now darling, let’s get to sleep now alright?” You smiled at his words, nodding as he lifted you off the ground and together you laid on his bed and shared the sheets as he held you close, and in his comforting grasp, you were able to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Lilies and Zeppelin: Part 3

Previous Parts

Pairing: Punk!Dean/Reader

Tags: HS AU, Punk!Dean, fluff, Dean’s the cutest, Y/N’s the best, Sammy’s adorable

Words: 3347

Notes: sorry this got kind of long, let me know if you want more/what you think please :) 

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My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 5

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a/n: yeah i know it’s short, but idgaf, enjoy

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Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count:  3,450

i saw the sky split in two
one half jealous
and one half cruel

“So, Mott,” Nike began after a lull in conversation. My head snapped up looking to the tall woman, she was a few years older than me, as was Kelly, who’s kitchen we were standing in around the island drinking. They were both friends of Mae who was next to me, munching on some crackers as I took a sip from the bitter brown spirit in my glass. I had been quiet for most of the evening, not really familiar with anyone here.

I wasn’t sure why I had let Mae drag me along. I had been planning on curling up after finishing my dinner when Mae sat down across from me in the mess hall. It was a spur of the moment decision, she asked me to join her and I thought it wouldn’t hurt, but now I questioned that.

“Is it true?” Nike asked, raising her eyebrows so they disappeared under her bangs. I looked to Mae unsure of what Nike had meant, “The stuff everyone’s saying about you and Eric.”

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Pretty Man

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Pairing: Bruce Banner & Reader (Friendship), Chris Evans X Reader

Genre: Humor

Prompt: Hulk strays from the remains of the battle because he spots Chris Evans. Reader has to try and convince the Hulk to leave him alone. “Pretty man pretty.” “Yes I know Hulk, but let’s leave the pretty man alone, alright?”

by: bigeyes-redmouth

After the disastrous relationship between Natasha and Bruce had ended, the Avengers had been looking for a new member that could potentially wrangle in the Hulk after a mission – a Hulk whisperer Tony had coined it – and eventually found you.

You were an empath. You didn’t really do anything with your powers before you met the Avengers. Not because you were resentful or scared of your powers, but you just didn’t feel right using them on people without their consent. Manipulation was manipulation in any form and you didn’t want to go down that road.

You weren’t even living in New York when the Avengers found you. You had been catching up with your best friend and she had suggested going to a nearby cafe. You were an hour in to the conversation when chaos broke out.

Giant robotic spiders had been attacking the city. Of course, the Avengers came and defeated them, but no amount of pleading or bribery could get the Hulk to turn back.

You had witness the Hulk throw Thor into a nearby building and nearly knock Iron Man out of the sky, that’s when you decided to step in.

“Ma’am, no!”

“Is she fucking nuts?”

“Tony get her out of there!”

You ignored them, even managing to side step Captain America’s attempt to grab you, and walked straight to the green giant. He noticed you, dropping the car he had been inspecting.

The Hulk roared in your face, nearly knocking you off your feet, but you regained your footing and your bearing. You could do this. You stared him down.

“Calm down. You said, sending him waves of calmness. He cocked his head at you, the scowl he had been sporting disappearing, and plopped himself down. You watched in amazement as he began to shrink and shrink until the Hulk became a befuddled naked man.

The rest was history.

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