he has proven multiple times he can be


#why is it always Damon? #so much freaking pain #my heart can barely take it #he one hundred percent believes he killed Elena #he’s in so much pain #and all he wants to do is inflict more pain on himself #he doesn’t care if he dies #that point already proven multiple times in the latest episode. #it was so hard to watch him #in that sparring ring #take hit by hit #and then to watch him dish everything back to his opponent #to give all that anger but not feel any of it dissipate #he’s hit the ultimate self loafing level #Damon has always taken to taking out his frustrations #remember the scene where Elena walks in on Damon and the crowbar or whatever it was trashing the Salvatore mansion as he decided it was the best way ‘channel’ his anger #his frustration #but this time it’s different #it’s not disappearing #its building up in him and instead of  turning it off #he holds onto it waiting for the pain and hurt explode inside of him #just think about it #not only did he hold it in and not let anyone know #but the first person he told was the person he knew would hate him the most for it

This afternoon I was talking with the lovely @brendaonao3 about how “canon” post CA:CW hasn’t been explored as much with Bucky in Cryo and I came up with the following possible story arc: Bucky finds his own triggers and actively fights for mental betterment while in Cryo.

This uses a lot of metaphor and comparison to sports injuries and healing because that hows my brain works and this is about injury and healing. More explanation and rambling and Bucky Feels under the cut.

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Sign To Remove Donald J Trump from the Presidential Campaign!

This is no longer a matter of “He says what everyone is thinking” or “He speaks his mind”. This is no longer a matter of if you’re tired of “Political Correctness”. He has said multiple times, on camera as well, that he has violent tendencies. When I think of someone running the country, I think of someone who is kind, gentle, yet can be strong. Someone who people shouldn’t afraid of. Someone who people wouldn’t be protesting at their rallies. I have never seen anyone protest at any of the other presidential rallies. And I have definitely not seen any other presidential rallies turn violent. Mr. Donald J Trump has proven he is not responsible enough to be President of the United States of America. Worst of all, he has proven it all himself. He has proven to be a danger to our country, our citizens, and even his own supporters. We must put a stop to this before he does serious damage to this country.

Never in my life have I ever been involved with politics, but the past year has been vastly different. I have been working very hard, researching all candidates, and watching how they treat their supports, their non supporters, and their fellow candidates. I am now making it my duty to educate others on the dangers of Trump and his supporters and keep him out of office. Please do the same and sign this petition in hopes that the White House, and Republican National Committee sees it  and be educated so they can remove Donald J Trump from the presidential campaign!