he has perfect teeth

For real though if you don’t listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me (an advice show for the Modren Era), you have not yet been introduced to the ultimate Unproblematic Faves.

All three brothers:
-are rare examples of straight white male allies to the female, POC, and LGBT+ communities who are Doing It Right and always apologizing/learning from their mistakes if they happen to screw up (which we all do, bc we’re human)
-love their wives and are super proud of them, and frequently criticize the tired “nagging wife/asshole husband” dynamic that is so prevalent
-are always sex-positive and quick to condemn slut-shaming/shaming of any kind when it comes to sexual identity (including the ace community! I remember a specific instance where they were answering a question where a woman’s friend accused her of being “asexual” like it was a personality defect and the brothers were very clear in their response that the asexual community is real and faces a lot of social discrimination)
-have repeatedly denounced the Friend Zone as complete bullshit and are not afraid to let dudes know when they’re toeing that line or being otherwise creepy and inappropriate
-are personal friends of Lin-Manuel Miranda like what else do you want

Individually, Justin (the oldest brother):
-frequently encourages self-care in listeners, from the mundane (learn about new things, eat healthy and exercise, etc) to the less common (this fucking ASMR kick they’ve been on for months now idek)
-is a super cool dad and husband who brags all the time about how smart and awesome his wife (and co-host of Sawbones) is
-most likely to create memorable bit characters (Edward Shnowden, Tiny Amelie, etc)
-is honestly just a ray of sunshine who wants people to get along and not be terrible

Travis (the middlest brother):
-has a Great Beard and some really crazy tattoos
-paints his nails and encourages dudes to get manicures bc they’re relaxing
-co-hosts another show about manners and good etiquette with his wife
-definitely the show’s Butt Monkey but has a good attitude about it
-thank Travis for Travis

Griffin (the sweet baby brother)
-has perfect teeth he suffered to obtain
-threw a rock at a raccoon once
-possibly the most outspoken feminist of the three
-has a really impressive vocabulary
-unironically loves Carly Rae Jepsen and America’s Next Top Model

I could seriously go on for days about how much I love these guys and the podcast empire they’ve created but like… everyone, just please love yourselves and listen to MBMBaM.
**Start around ep. 30 though, not at the beginning. The brothers have said before (and I agree) that the first episodes are definitely not a good first impression. (But you gotta start at 30 to get the beginning of the fursecution arc.)

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Ooh I need more of Tiny Tony and the villains!!

Part I

The main reason I stopped where I did was because I wasn’t sure which villain Tony would run into first. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that the first person Tony runs into upon entering the Conundrum is in fact Batters.

You may not know Batters but I assure you, every one moving in less than legal circles knows Batters. He’s short, bald, has scarily perfect teeth and bushy eyebrows. He also owns the Conundrum, a bar known as a neutral ground for all villains to come and go as they please.

There’s a strict policy at the Conundrum to ask no questions and don’t look too closely at anything you may notice as odd. It’s furthermore widely acknowledged that Batters knows, hears and sees everything.

So when a kid no older than eight without decent clothes sneaks into his bar five hours before it opens, you better believe he notices.

Batters quickly approaches the squirt, before his only customer–he hasn’t opened yet, but nobody can keep this guy out, and not for lack of trying–can take an interest in the kid. Nothing good would come from that.

“We’re closed,” Batters states as soon as he has the squirts’ attention. The boy blinks up it him with huge brown eyes warily. “I think you took the wrong door,” Batters adds to soften his former words.

The last thing he needs is a crying kid.

The boy’s lips quiver dangerously but he shakes his head hard. “No wrong door,” the squirt whispers, folds his arms in front of his chest. “May I stay here please? Just a little?”

The way he stresses each word of the question makes it clear that he’s trying to copy someone, a parent probably. Batters wants to scoff and shrug off the request, but he sees a lot when he looks at the squirt. And he likes none of it.

He’s wearing nothing besides a too big shirt. Is barefoot, his feet dirty. There are scraps on his knees like he’s fallen a few times. And. He looks awfully young.

The way the boy has crossed his arms make the dark bruises on his thin arms stand out all the more.

The squirt is lost, it couldn’t be any more clear, and Batters has made it his mission to care for the lost and the abandoned.

“Why don’t you tell me your parents’ phone number and I call them?” Batters suggests instead.

The squirt frowns for a moment “Don’t know it.”

Batters doubts it. Still. “How are you gonna get back then?”

A shrug. “They find me. Always do.”

Batters sighs, knowing what he’s gonna say next yet certain he’s making a mistake. The kid’s eyes are watering now, though. Batters really can’t handle crying kids.

“You stay here until they come you make yourself useful,” he grumbles. Not like there’ll be much to do, but he doesn’t want the kid running around causing havoc. “Understood, squirt?”

The squirt’s face brightens with a smile, a tentative but relieved little thing that warms the air around him. Batters is reluctantly amused by how open the kid is, how easy to read. It’s rare, with the type of people drawn to his place.

“Thank you, sir,” the kid whispers, ducks his head.

Batters scoffs and hands the boy a cloth to start clean the tables. It’s useless busywork, nothing more, but the squirt focuses on it, the tip of his tongue peeking out from between his lips as he scrubs and scrubs.

Returning to the bar, Batters continues his usual preparations for a long night. He makes sure to keep the kid in his view though. Because Batters doesn’t need his darling next to him, to know exactly what he would say. That the child brings trouble, for children like this one are always in trouble.

The thing Batters isn’t sure about yet is whether or not he minds.


I know, I know, you’re all waiting for Tony to meet his first villain. He will, I promise. I just still haven’t decided who the first one should be! Also for the sake of this story Tony had a habit of wandering off, being forgotten or running away as a child. His parents always found him (once they noticed him missing), though mostly because people recognised Tony and called the police. He’s got a habit of walking towards the closest shop or diner that catches his interest and ask if he can stay here.

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Kinda random but ?? Misha has the prettiest mouth. Like I swear I have a misha Collins mouth fetish. I just love watching him form words. And he has such perfect top teeth. And such a long tongue. Like ?!?!?! And his lips are so unique. Idk why I'm telling you this. Just had to express my misha mouth love to someone!

I’m still laughing at the fact that you specified the “perfect TOP teeth” because you’re right

^ pretty! (x)

^ crooked (x)

I personally love Misha’s janky bottom teefs. I think they’re cute. I have a similarly crooked bottom tooth in the same spot and it makes me happy. <3


BACK TO THE POINT THOUGH yes, Misha’s mouth is truly amazing. That top lip in particular is incredible.

so shapely! and his mouth moves in some truly weird ways. it’s fascinating to watch.

please stop.

sometimes misha makes some funny sounds with how his mouth moves, too! my favorite is the way he does an “s” sound, which a few other people have noticed too. it’s not quite a lisp, but it comes close. the word “hummingbirds” in this video is a good example!

this would be another:

why you gotta make that shape for a “th” sound. who are you. relax.


jesus christ i mean

your mouth love is not random it is in fact incredibly justified

I love how sometimes Damon looks like he hasnt slept for weeks on end, water isn’t in his diet, his pores are like canyons, teeth arent existent neither are his lips, he has 14 chins and his eye bags are no longer bags but luggage and another photo of him taken in that same week will have his face cleared, evenly colored skin, his body is a perfect weight, he has all his teeth and plump pink lips, wonderful hair and a goofy yet cute outfit


Bruno got here today!!

He’s a dachshund that I bought from Skull’s Unlimited. He has perfect teeth (this is literally the first dachshund skull I’ve ever seen without periodontal disease) and he was only $99 so I had to get him! He’s so cute


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- So fluffy and adorable!1!1
- Loves pastel colors more than life
- Never in a bad mood
- “Smile Joshie, it’s a beautiful day, let’s go take a walk!”
- “It’s raining, Jihoon, and don’t call me that…”
- He loves sweets and anything that relates to candy
- Has perfect teeth despite all the sugar he consumes
- Big sweaters and skinny jeans
- Always smiley and positive
- Will literally cry if someone yells at him
- He’s soft and pure
- Protect this child pls
- Uses aegyo to get his hyungs to do things for him
- Gets mistaken for the youngest sometimes
- You two met at a bakery
- He was with Jeonghan, picking up a cake for one of the member’s birthday
- You were there just browsing about
- He saw you and *bam* ♡.♡
- You had on a big baby pink sweater and some white jeans, and a cute headband with cat ears
- “I wanna marry her..” - him to Jeonghan
- Was way to shy to go up to you himself so he made Jeonghan do it instead
- He was no help at all
- “Hey, so my friend thinks you’re cute and wants to marry you, his name is Jihoon.”
- You were very flattered and went over to him with a big smile
- He was a blushing mess which you found adorable
- You both ended up ditching Jeonghan to go to the park
- When you guys start dating, prepare for constant hugs, kisses, cuddles and visits from all 12 of his friends at the same time
- Has the voice of a literal angel????
- Like everyone’s ears are #blessed
- Has major stage fright tho
- His bed is covered in plushies and colorful pillows
- Likes that he’s short and cute
- Calls everyone by cute (and very cringy) nicknames
- Cheolie, Han-Han, Joshie, Junnie, Channie, Hao-Hao, Kwannie, Soonie, Won-Won, Gyu, Nonnie, and Sunshine
- Most of the other don’t like it but secretly love it
- Can’t sleep if he isn’t snuggling anything
- Thinks the world is all rainbows and glitter
- “Look at that cute mouse Cheolie!” - him
- “Jihoon that’s a rat-nO DON’T TOUCH IT!” - Seungcheol
- Just wants all his friends to be happy and healthy

“And She Was” (Simon x OC, part 2)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn

Art Credit: Art is mine, Simon sadly is not

NOTES: Part 2 of my submission for @simons-thirst-squad ABC’s of Simon! Thank you so much @definitelynotanerd for your lovely comment! Also, I seriously contemplated calling this chapter “piggyback ride (gone sexual)” because I’m awful.

Part 1 is here!

Simon refers to the place as ‘The Sanctuary’, and I clear my throat as the truck growls past a rain-weathered statue of a seraph covered in severed hands. They’re bound to it by rope, strung on it like beads on a rosary and looped around the crying angel’s throat.

“The Sanctuary? Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch?” I say, and he shrugs. Sees me cautiously eyeing the statue as it disappears into the distance. Behind us, someone drags the chain-link doors noisily shut with a resonant clang. Simon’s words linger in my mind, and I feel my skin begin to prickle. Once those doors are shut, I’m here until I’m officially discharged.

“Don’t be put off by the hands. It’s a running joke.”

“What kind of place is this?” I eye him seriously. He worries his bottom lip for a moment. “I’m not exactly picking up good vibes.”

“I’ll let Negan do the talking.” He returns his gaze to the road, shoulders tense. We ride in silence until he pulls up alongside the main building.

I crane my neck to try and see where the sprawling facility ends – it’s an old factory, boasting the imposing angularity typical of 1960’s modernist architecture. Complete with utilitarian iron staircases bracketed to the side of the building and windows fogged by layers of dust and sediment so thick that they seem to be decades old. The sun winks bright off the windows like sharp teeth, and I squint against the dust kicked up by the truck. My heart is racing.

This isn’t what I expected.

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Got7 Kinks

Anon your request got eaten but I know you requested this, along with Block B I think?, so damn long ago and I’m sorry for the wait but here you go. I talk a lot of shit in this just saying, read with caution.

Jackson: Thighs, Dark Skin, Sweat; Jackson’s the only one I know for sure, and that’s why he has the most and he’s first up here. I don’t really think he has a kink for dark skin, but I know he love love loves him some beautiful tan girls. We all know he loves thighs, he makes sure to tell the fandom every single day. Thick thighs would get this boy so fucking horny, he’d love to just squeeze at them and bite and suck and leave really dark marks. He said, somewhere, that he likes girls who sweat and workout once, and what better place to do that than in this kids bedroom. He’s a steamy, hot, slow, loud sweaty sex kinda guy. Plus I’m just going to casually slip in the daddy kink down here. Jackson is so daddy af it’s not even fucking funny, plus it’s fun to call guys daddy so.

Mark: Biting, Bondage, Hickies; I literally only chose biting for Mark because his mouth is just so god damn pretty. I fucking can’t with his perfect teeth okay and whether he has a biting kink or not, who fucking wouldn’t want those pearly whites all over their fucking body? If you don’t you’re crazy. He’d be such a tease too, knowing you like the biting as much as he does and he’d slowly bite your bottom lip, slowly tug on your nipples, just slowly bite every god damn fucking thing he can while you’re tied up to his bed and helpless. Can you imagine him just fucking biting onto your shoulder when he comes? Fuck. He’s the jealous type who wouldn’t let you leave the house unless every fucking inch of your skin was covered in bright purple bruises, just so no man talks to you.

Youngjae: Bondage, Whining, Slut Shaming; Uhhh this is like the best combination of fucking kinks I swear okay. Bondage, you know tying your hands up, or your legs up, handcuffing you. I also feel like blindfolding would be included in that, but it’s iffy af. On to whining, I can just see him getting so worked up with your high pitched whines, and that could easily bring him to the edge, no problems. He’d do extra little things like twist your nipples and maybe spank the side of your thigh so you’d whimper even louder. We all know what slut shaming is right? We should but I’ll explain anyway. It’s simply shaming a woman for being a slut. I’m not meaning slut shaming in a bad way at all, nor would Youngjae use it in a bad way, little sentences like ‘That’s right slut, suck my cock,’ or ‘You little slut you couldn’t even wait five minutes for me?’ Would give him the extra push to come, there’s a little dominance in there as well.

Jin Young: Daddy; I feel like he would rather have a mommy kink, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing so we’ll go with daddy. Everyone knows how the daddy kink works, and with Jinyoung it would definitely come with all the perks. Calling him daddy outside of the bedroom, letting him pamper you like a baby all the time, bending you over his lap and spanking you, just everything you know. He’s so sweet so he’d probably feel bad afterwards and make it up to you by fucking you really slow and lovingly. Baby girl and Princess are his favorite nicknames for you.

BamBam: Orgasm-denial, Teasing; Whoo alright here we go. Bam Bam is fucking bae, just wanted to throw that out there first. He’s such a little fucking tease as well and ugh. He’d ghost his fingers and lips all over your body, loving the way you’d squirm under his light touches. As for orgasm denial, this lovely fuck fuck would happily pound into you and pull out just when you’re about to come. Then start fucking you really fast again and instead of pulling out, just slow the pace of his thrusts down. Your whines and whimpers would go straight to his cock and he would quickly fuck you both to release.

JaeBum: Dominace, Hair Pulling, Spanking; Alright another hella good combination of kinks so le go. Dominance my lord he’d be so god damn dominant and if you disagree I’ll fukkin fight you. I can see him not letting you touch him, and when you tried he’d grab your arms and slam them down to the mattress, punishing you(not really) with a sharp, deep ass thrust that makes you squeak. If you couldn’t keep your hands off, that’s when he’d flip you over and hold your head to the bed with his hand curled into your hair. He’d fuck you hard and fast from behind, pull on your hair a little bit, spank your ass and groan at the way it blooms red. He’s the full package okay, get with this one if you down with rough shit.

Sorry about Youngjae’s essay but also not really.

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Glass drippin’ honey (NCT). Episode 3.

Pairing: NCT x Reader (giant mess with multiple options romance).

Characters: Reader, Ten, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Taeyong and Johnny.

Warnings: Cursing words, violence, death mention and sexual innuendos.

Modern angel/ Demon AU.

Word counting: 2.083

A/N: Yes, now i decided that i’m going to update this on both wednesdays and saturdays.

Summary: The summer break after your high school graduation is coming to an end but an unexpected occurrence makes your life turn 180º. You get immersed into a new sphere where you can trust no one and the good and bad guys can’t almost be told apart. 

Ep.1- Ep.2- Ep.3- Ep.4- Ep.5- Ep.6- Ep.7- Ep.8- Ep.9- Ep.10- Ep.11- Ep.12- Ep.13- Ep.14


When your eyes open that morning, your body is absolutely relaxed. You feel that your system has rested well and you are calm. The fruity aroma still floating around you like a white cloud that embraces you. Instantly, this makes you feel in an optimistic mood and you kick the blankets with energy to go to the kitchen and have a nice latte for breakfast.

While the coffee maker lets the coffee drops fall in your mug you wander around opening the cupboards on an expedition to find something to eat, maybe you can cook french toasts. It almost feels like it’s your own house so it’s not awkward to do it. Soon it becomes obvious that Ten is running out of groceries and there’s not much to eat so you finally grab a simple cereal box and nothing else, but this doesn’t reduce your happines. 

It falls short that the first time you have to wake up on Ten’s bed is without him and because you can’t throw your life together out of a sudden, but as you don’t want to ruin your good vibes you avoid thinking about this.

You take the hot mug in your hands and head to the couch to drink it while watching TV, you’ll feel better with sound in the background, it won’t feel empty this way.

As soon as you enter the room you notice the warm atmosphere around it, like it has not passed the whole night since you came in. There is a lump of messy blankets on top of the sofa that you don’t remember seeing when you arrived too. It takes you less than a minute to understand how Ten should have come in at night and find you sleeping on his bed so he must have slept on the sofa. “For god’s sake” you think “this boy is unbelievable”. He could have woken you up, anyways, you would have loved to see him.

Well, at least you know that he is okay. That’s what you think at first but then you fall into the reality that he is gone again and you are still unable to guess where or why. Did you do something to piss him off? No, it can’t be, he is never pissed off by you.

Everything gets more and more confusing as you analyze it. Waking up in the floor is not normal, Jaehyun was not normal, Ten missing is not normal… and you wonder how this happened. It has to be something beneath all the layers of weirdness. A reason that caused you to faint you can’t remember. This missing thing must be the base and all the consequences are building a tower on top of it. It feels like a novel to you but you have to know what happened to you and how to put things back to the normal course. The problem is that you don’t know where to start searching for the answers. To beging, you don’t even know the question. 

The need of clearing your mind gets you out of the building without a fixed location. You are just walking through the clear morning breeze. It seems to be a fresh morning but hot enough to wear shorts happily. It’s tuesday and the stands are placed on the street with the shoppers talking here and there trying to get the people to buy their products. You randomly decide to purchase a box with strawberries, Ten loves them and you have the intention of coming back to his house so you can bring him the tiny red fruits, because of curse you expect him to reappear at some point.

After that you keep looking at the vivid stans and enjoying the environment. You should buy food or something if you want Ten to survive his careless diet. Stan after stan you keep looking for something tasty to cook. 

In this happy mood you keep going and then you notice you are humming a song. This is a fact that wouldn’t have intrigued you in other situation but the thing is that you actually don’t know this song. You don’t know where you heard it before to get in your head but you keep singing it for several minutes. Making memory, you don’t think you have ever heard it before. It gets annoying and aching in your brain to the point that you need to find where does it come from.

Your head turns from side to side looking for the origin of the sound. Finally, your eyes catch a silver haired boy singing on a corner, all distracted. It may sound absurd but you flow following the rhyme till you are there, standing in front of him.

-H-hello- the silver haired boy turns his face to you, obviously stopping his distracted song. His hair is so straight and even that it almost covers his eyes, which looks at you shining with curiosity- Can i ask… what are you singing?

-Me?- you nod slowly. He has the appearance of a nice and friendly young boy- “Bamboo leaves are sighing”. Why?

-I don’t know… i have the feeling i have heard it somewhere

-Well, i think you are mistaking it with something else

-Why? Is it unpopular?

-No - he says- but only in the case you are familiar with japanese nursery rhymes.

You don’t know how to answer to that but you are clearly embarrassed. Searching for something to say becomes your priority before he notices how stupid you are. Happens that he is as friendly as he looks like and he is the one to speak first, charmed by your kindnes.

-Do you have japanese friends?- his question gets you out of your daze

-…No…- he laughs subtly at your embarrassment. You notice he has a wide smile with a perfect line of white teeth.

-Geez, you are adorable. My name is Yuta, i can be your first japanese friend if you want- he says offering you a hand that you take and shake shyly. At least he has sympathy for you to not feel totally stupid at your acts- Do you like strawberries?

-Hmm?- you remember you are carrying the transparent box of strawberries with you- Yeah. Do you want one?

-Sure- you take one of the little fruits and hand it to him who seems to eat it cheerfully- What is your name then?


-Ah? It’s really pretty, like you.

-Oh, thanks- you said a bit flushed- I like yours too, it seems to fit you well- His wide smile shows again. He must be a super optimistic person.He is the very opposite from the blondie prince last night.  Yuta is just like a distracted and bright kid.

-Not really, i have a very tranquil name for what i am, but don’t worry, i like it

He takes another strawberry and that act somehow triggers your panic. The relaxing effect of the song disappears to let you feel the displeasing feel of something dark lurking in you.

-Sorry Yuta, i have to go now- you say grabbing the strawberry box with such energy you almost squash them against your chest- It has been nice meeting you.

Because it kinda feels like a betrayal to be here giving something you specially bought for Ten to a stranger. It’s not because the strawberries, it’s not that you two have an special and closed thing, it’s just because it feels wrong to share something you do with him with someone else. It feels out of place.

Or maybe it’s just that you are not used to boys that are not Ten.

-I also think it has been nice. You should give me your number- you stare at him taken aback at first but then again you remember it was you who simply came to him with not an apparent reason and that he was only being friendly. At the end, you hand him a little note with the trail of numbers because c’mon, he is a good person to hang out with. He waves it happily- Cool! Maybe we can meet some day! 

You wave him goodbye after that, feeling unwell with the overthinking about sharing old habits with new people. It has been too long since you know your best friend, he is like your home, and when another boy catch your eye like this, you feel a huge vertigo.

You got so shook that you slightly ask yourself if it was a good idea to go out in the first time. The trail of events is getting crazier each time and you swear to yourself in that exact moment that you are going to find the core of the tragedies, because you can’t live like this.

Just an hour earlier you were going out of the house and now you are coming back inside. It did not take too long since you left, yet when you put the first step in the house you are received with an anxious hug that almost makes your organs move out of your body at how hard you get pressed.

-Ten- you can’t contain your smile. You weren’t waiting for this welcome, together with this unexpected and intense approaching it raises your blood preasure alarmingly fast.

-Do not disappear like this never again.

-Me? It was you who went missing!

-Well, it depends on the point of view- you laugh at his occurrences

When he pulls you away, leaning his hands on your shoulders and analyzing you with his eyes, carefully, from head to toe, he looks concerned, for real. You want to believe that he is overreacting as he always does. He is the mom friend type and you know it but with your last night incident, you fall in doubt. You don’t believe Jaehyun but the voice remains there. “What if it’s not a lie”  

His eyes eventually reach your bandaged hand. You had forgot about it until he gasps and holds your arm carefully.

-What did happen to you!?

-Well, that- you sigh- Tennie, do you remember the last time you saw me?

He stares at you blank, worried, intrigued and sad all together and at the same time.

-How can i forget it?- the answer comes confused enough to make you see that he is as surprised as you are about the situation- I mean, it was yesterday, you are talking like it was a year ago.

-Can you refresh my memories?

-I dropped by your place, you said you wanted to see “The Beauty and the Beast” and you suborned me with hot dogs to watch a girly movie. I cried, and i want to clarify that it was because it was a beautiful love story and Belle deserves better. Then my mom called me to go and have dinner with her so i left you in your house and went to slept there. Isn’t it like that?

-Thats what i remember- and it’s the absolute true. Maybe knowing where you left him was not the clue.

-Then…? Did something happen, Y/N?

-Nothing hahaha- you laugh it off and smile to him who was confused like anytime before. You don’t want to make him worry because of your nonsense speech about your chain of weird moments since yesterday. It must be just bad luck. 

-Really? You are scaring me. 

-It’s nothing, seriously! And look- You shake the box in front of his nose- I got you strawberries.

The box is quickly removed from your hands by a very joyful Ten. Something keeps smelling fishy for him but he let it slides anyways and hugs you tight again.

-You are the greatest, Y/N!

-No, you are just bad at living by yourself. I tried to have breakfast this morning and i almost have to eat the cardboard of the cereal box. I just saved your ass from starving!

-You are exaggerating! I’m sure that if i open the fridge right now it wouldn’t be that bad. I have… chicken nuggets, bananas, humm…- you raise your eyebrows giving him the evidence of how poor his householding is- Okay, thanks

And he gives you a peck in your cheek before running to the kitchen claiming that you are going to taste the best strawberry-banana smoothie of your life.

You follow him with a smile shinning in your face due to his mere presence. Because, honestly, it can’t be for the smoothie, you know he can’t cook at all.

Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


[Previous part]  [Next part]

Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 2120

Originally posted by wildling-heart

It’s been weeks or a month, I don’t really know.
That stupid hideous song kept playing loudly all the damn time.
It didn’t really bother me.
Not the cold empty lonely room I was in.
Not the loud same song that was kept of repeat.

When Rick and Lori gave me up to some girl to take care of me,
She used to held parties in the house all the time
Loud music was her thing
I was homeschooled so I never had any friends either.

I used to stay in my room for days
So I was used to the lonely part
Of course the loud music I used to tolerate when I was a kid, was totally different from now.

That time I could yell at her to lower it or take my frustration out on something, but here I couldn’t.
I had continuous migraine, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.
I was used to sleeping in the loud music so that also didn’t matter.

What mattered is, I never actually slept.
My body would lay down and rest
But my brain was always active.

I could feel everything happen around me, every single foot step pass by my door. Every single noise
My body would take rest, but my brain wouldn’t.

And that wasn’t because of what happened to me or what I witness or how I grew up.
It started when I killed the first human, back at the prison.

When the governor was going to kill us all.
15 humans, 160 walkers.

Under all the dead, those walkers were still humans, people with lives and back story, people who were once doctors, children’s, parents, lovers, and god knows the list goes on and on.

Since then, it’s just my body sleeping not my brain.

What was really bad was the food.
I owned few pets so I know pets food when I smell it

Fucking Dwight
I’m going to fucking kill him
Keeping me alive was a mistake.
A very big one.

Would it kill them to get me some cereals? Some human food? Probably.
I know if I stayed any longer here, I would lose my sanity, I could act all tough, but deep down I knew I’m nothing.
I’m just a scared little girl, who was abandoned by her parents.
And this is why they kept me in this empty room, so that these kind of thoughts, kill me and break me, I was my own greatest weakness
Negan was smart, he knew how to bend me
It’s just that I won’t bend for him
Not now
Not ever

My door was yanked open, the light that rushed in made me blind, I could only see white
“Get up!” Dwight said as he yanked me up by my arms
He walked and I followed, he knew I couldn’t run, where would I go?
We reached a room, he opened the door. It looked like a clinic
I stepped in and there was a familiar face there
Oh god
That bitch
Dwight’s wife I think.
I will kill her too
Just for the fun of seeing Dwight suffer

“Hi Dee” she said as she saw Dwight.
’D’ that’s what I used to call Daryl too
Both of them will pay
She stood up, glancing at me like she recognized me
“Y/n!” She exclaimed
“Don’t talk to her!” Dwight scowled and I rolled my eyes.
What was I gonna do to her? Stab her with my sharp words?
“Whatever they say, just do it!” She told me and I shot her a glare
“I said don’t talk to her!” Dwight scowled again

The doctor said some trash, i dont know I wasn’t listening, I was fine, they were just annoyed that I didn’t pull my hair out yet. They knew me so little and I knew them so well
Cold blooded killers
That’s all they were
We walked out of the room and suddenly I was shoved to a wall, a hit in the back of my leg twisted my leg, forcing me to kneel, but I wouldn’t.
I tried to stand up again but Dwight’s bloody hand was pushing me downwards

I heard chuckling and looked up, there he was, Negan!
I looked around everyone was on their knee
“Dwighty boi!” Negan laughed and walked past us
Some guy stood in front of me with a gun pointed at me and Dwight shoved me into a seat
I could take out that guy easily, but he wasn’t my concern
Dwight. Negan.
Those two fuckers!
Dwight pulled me up and took me through a door that led somewhere outside

There was fence, and a lot of walkers around it, and people dressed in grey with big orange mark on there chest.
Dwight took Daryl’s bow and shot one walker, he snickered
“I’m getting the hang of this thing!” He told me. Oh I will kill him slowly.
He suddenly pulled me and shoved me towards the fence
A gasp escaped my mouth, startled by the sudden movement
“That’s you bitch, unless you are smart, your choice!” He said thoughtfully “You could be like them, or me!”

Shoved me back into my room, I fell to the floor glaring at him, I wasn’t going to speak, to him.
They were trying to break me
I don’t break easy
“Make it easy on yourself!” He said looking at the ground
The nerve of that bitch
“I ain’t going to kneel!” I hissed at him, bloody idiot
“I said that too!” He glared
“I ain’t no bitch like you!”
“You are gonna.” He said as he slammed the door shut and the music was back playing

I clutched my hair tight
I can’t handle this bullshit
I started hitting the wall
This is bullshit!
Fucking idiots!
Get control of yourself! I scolded myself
This is what they want
Then I won’t give in
Calm down

Few days passed, and the guy who pointed the gun at me few days back opened the cell, giving me a sandwich, I hate their bloody food!
They called him fat Joey, I think
He looked at me, giving me pity looks and then closed the door

I don’t hear it locked
This is a trap

But I did

I went and checked and it was really unlocked
Every bone in my body screamed ‘trap’
But I couldn’t take another day in this hell hole
If I stayed longer I would break.
I couldn’t break
I needed to kill them

I walked through the corridors, trying to escape, being as quite and as sneaky as possible.
A hand on my back made me turn and launch my fist in the person’s face
Ouch, my fist

Looking up, I saw Dwight’s wife, holding her bleeding nose, looking at me through her fingers
Yeah take that bitch
“Go back.” She whispered and I gave her the Are-you-fucking-kidding-me look “Go back while you sill can”
“Shut up!” I hissed at her “I will kill you all!” I spat “For what you did to Daryl, what you did to me and my family!” It was the first time I spoke in a while, my voice didn’t sound like my own anymore
“Whatever he has done to you, there is more. There is always more. You won’t get away and when you are back it will be worse!”
“I won’t be back except to kill you!” I said as I left her and rushed towards the door, I saw the light, Dwight brought me through here before
I ran out and there were bunch of motorcycles waiting
I tried to get on any but the doors busted open and men with guns walked out
All pointed at me
And then that whistling sound came
Negan was behind me
He chuckled, Fuck him
“Are we pissing our pants yet!” He beamed

He stared at me sizing me up and down
I was scared, oh hell I wanted to cry, something I normally never do
But I had to pretend to be strong
Try not to break
He wanted me to break and I wasn’t going to break
I tried to look anywhere but him
Avoiding his gaze
I wasn’t scared of him oh no
I was scared that he would kill someone else to punish me
I was scared to be thrown in that empty room again
I might be used to loneliness but the past six years I stayed with Rick, Carl, Daryl and the rest, I got used to company. I had a family and now he is ripping it all away

“Who are you?” He asked as he pointed Lucille behind him at Joey
“Negan!” Joey said
“Who are you!” Negan said as he pointed it on another guy
“Negan!” The guy answered
“Who are you!” He asked no one
“Negan!” All the guys around me said

I looked up at him, meeting his gaze for the first time
Now I saw him better, the sunlight kissing his face
The salt pepper light beard he had
The dimples that were clear as sun
The light brown chocolate eyes that bore into me
I want chocolate, I’m hungry!
I cursed myself for thinking all that now
But if it made me look less afraid, then chocolate it is!

“See! I’m everywhere!” He smiled
And he has perfect set of white bright teeth! Where the hell does he get tooth paste from, during a god damn apocalypse?
“–which sucks because your life was about to get so much cooler!” Oops! I missed half of his boring speech, thinking of toothpaste!
“Am I right?” Negan gloated
“Damn right!” Joey smiled, Joey is going to die soon, I could see it!

Negan walked closer to me, almost making our chest touch, pulling his tongue between his teeth and smiling at me. Fucking hell, what a fucking smile!
He could do ads for Colgate and those other companies if he wanted!
he was so tall compared to me
I didn’t even reach his shoulder
I looked like a fucking baby next to him
I had to strain my neck and my back bone to look at him as he hovered over me
Bloody universe

“Dwight gave you some options!” He said as he moved away “I don’t think you get it, so I will break it down to you!” He smiled “you got four choices!”
“One, you end up on the spike and you work for me as a dead man, or women! Whatever helps you!” He chuckled
“Two, you get out of your cell and work for points but you would wish you were dead!”
“Three, you work for me! You get yourself Anne pair of clothes and lipstick, and you live like a Princess!”
“Or four, you marry me! You don’t work, you don’t do shit other than sit around with a tight sexy black dress that brings out your eyes and your perky ass! And you live like a mother fucking queen!” He winked at me and I was in shock, Dwight certainly didn’t tell me about the marriage portion, not that I was considering it, oh no of course not!
“But you should know! There is no door number five! This is it! This is the only way!”

I stayed silent
He was a manic
Some psycho
I ain’t playing his stupid games

“Or you know what? Screw it!” He said, and everything went in slow motion again
I saw him launch towards me, but I did my best not to flinch or turn away because if this was it for me, I wanted him to remember the look on my face, I wasn’t afraid, not from him
He stopped inches away from me, Lucille hanging right above my head
My breathing stopped
He was so very dangerously close
Fuck him

He started laughing in front of my face
“Wow!” He said amused “You don’t scare easy!” He said as if he just realized it
Well well
Happy late realization!
Thank you for stating the obvious!
You did a very good help to the society!

“I love that!” He said proudly “but Lucille find I disrespectful, you are lucky she ain’t feeling thirsty today!” He said as his face changed moods, his face turned sinister and his eyes narrowed at me he came so close once more and I pushed my face away from him
“But I’m” oh fuck! He will kill me!
“I’m gonna go! GET ME A DRINK!” He jumped and I let a breath of relief
Fucking hell.
“Get her back to her room and when Dwight is back tell him to bring her to me and come!” Negan said as he walked away and Joey pushed me to go back to my room

Few hours have passed and then the door was yanked open.
Dwight was standing there, he had a sandwich with him, I should have a talk with whoever is in charge of the food around here. I’m fucking gonna die from hunger soon

I didn’t reach for the food, he threw it next to me
“Eat” he ordered “you got your friends killed” he said and in that moment I never hated anyone more
I shot him a disgusting glare as I reached for the food and threw it at his face
He kneeled next to me
“You should be dead! Negan should have killed you!” He said as he reached for his pocket and stuck a picture next to my head
I knew it too well
The remains of Glen and Abraham
That bastard
And after a month of keeping it together I finally broke down, I cried.

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The Boyfriend Tag

OR: The one where Jack finally makes an appearance on Bitty’s channel.

tw: swearing, but no more than usual. super duper fluffy, you might get diabetes, also kinda long, ~4.5k, so i would recommend reading on ao3!

The second you see the notification, you click on it instantly.

Eric Bittle: “The Boyfriend Tag", it reads. You can’t help the grin that spreads on your face—you’ve been waiting so long for this.

“C’mon, sweetheart, it’s not that bad, I promise!” A grinning Eric says to someone behind the camera. The focus is a little off, but it’s enough to see that his arms are outstretched, gesturing excitedly to the space on the couch beside him. There’s some shuffling and a sigh before another figure steps into frame. He’s tall is the first thing you notice, much taller than Eric. He has dark brown hair that falls on his forehead, striking blue eyes, a jawline that was most likely carved by the gods, and cheekbones that could probably cut glass. Even slightly blurred, he is, in every sense of the word, gorgeous. He looks sort of familiar, but you can’t place where you’ve seen him before. Probably one of Eric’s previous vlogs, or maybe on his Instagram?

He takes a seat beside Eric, their shoulders touching. The corners of his mouth are turned down in a grimace, but his eyes are bright. “You know I only do this stuff for you,” the man says, nudging Eric gently. You squeal, because what the fuck, this is going to kill me.

Eric laughs, nudging him back. “And I love you for it,” he reassures him, patting his leg.

You think, Christ, they’re adorable. I might never make it.

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Artemis has silver eyes that make it seem like she's always to be glaring. Like she's always looking for prey. Apollo's eyes are gold and seem to has a twinkle in them all the time. Like mini suns. She has teeth that are crooked and some are missing. Many are sharp and pointy. He has perfect teeth. They look like a model's. She gets scars for she refuses his healing. He has no scars for he healing himself so there will be none. The only feature they share is their freckles.

shark teeth artemis

I have two Carlos headcanons:

1) Carlos could have been a model. He may have even been one to pay for college tuition when he was younger. He has gorgeous everything and he wears cute dorky glasses and lots of button down shirts nerdy t-shirts and galaxy pants. He’s also the one of the kindest people in Night Vale. He always feels bad about being too obsessed with his work, so he likes to go out of his way to make people smile when he can. He loves life and the universe and nature, and he tries to share his enthusiasm with everyone. Cecil thinks he’s perfect. 

2)  He isn’t conventionally beautiful at all. He’s a little short, chubby, has untamable hair that is everywhere, left over acne scars from his teen years,  and may have a bit of a problem with dark circles under his eyes. But gosh darn it he has the brightest smile and the sweetest voice. His eyes are so big and gentle and soft and he’s just so dang friendly that he’s everyone thinks he’s the most beautiful person in Night Vale. Cecil thinks he’s perfect. 

 I love both headcanons with my entire being and I refuse to give either of them up. 

“Falling”- Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

“Part 3”

He’s on the Washington Capitals? The hockey team, I can’t quite get this out of my head. Why the hell is he interested in me then? I’m a pretty insecure person, given everything that happened with my ex and coupled with years of shitty self esteem you create the mega self doubter that is me. I look over at him while he’s driving, he’s so relaxed. His non driving hand is rested on my thigh, and wow are they big, I giggled to myself. He looks over smiling, “What are you laughing at?” “Nothing, just happy to have met you I guess” we’re stopped at a red light so he turns to me and gives me a genuine smile, “And you have no clue how happy I am I met you”. His smile makes my stomach do little flips, my ex never made me feel like this. And the way my name rolled off his tongue in his accent was easily my new favorite thing in the world, or the way his eyes light up when he talks. I could go on forever about what I love about him, and there’s still so much to learn.

“So do you like hockey” his voice breaks up my thoughts, “Uhm well I don’t not like it, I just I don’t know much about it” he lets out a laugh. “Wow I wonder if there is anyone out there who could teach you, well if you wanted to learn that is…” his voice trailing off at the end making my heartbeat speed up, “Of course I want to learn about hockey Andre! If you look this good off the ice I can’t imagine how you are on it” I say a little flirtier than I intended, shocking myself even. “Number 65 on the ice number 1 in your heart” he says laughing, I let out a laugh too. I guess he’s number 65 then I think to myself, good to know when I’m googling him later. I don’t even know his last name, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that if he’s on the Capitals it won’t be hard to find out.

“Turn here?” he asks once again snapping me out of my daydream, “Yep just right at the end of the street on the left is my building” I say pointing down to where Emily and I’s place is. I feel like I should be embarrassed that I live in an apartment half the size of his, no where near as nice, and not in as nice as an area, yet I didn’t. Andre made me feel relaxed, he definitely didn’t have an ego or an attitude that you would think a professional athlete would. My ex certainly did, and let me tell you he was no professional athlete.He stops the car and I feel him turn towards me, “It’s been quite the 24 hours huh?” he says laughing, “Not even 24 hours” I say making the both of us laugh. “I have practice today and then a game tomorrow night, I would love it if you came. After tomorrow night I have to go on the road for a couple of days so I won’t be able to see you..” he says looking down. I don’t know what overcame me but I reached forward and grabbed his hands, “Andre I would absolutely LOVE to come” I say laughing and I see his smile light back up, “I’ll lose my Capitals Virginity” he laughs, “I think you might’ve already lost that” he says and I laugh, really truly laugh for what feels like the first time in forever. I’ve been doing that a lot with Andre. What the Hell why not (Y/N) I tell myself as I lean forward pressing a kiss on his lips, “I’ll see you then Andre, practice good you better score me a goal tomorrow night” he bites his lip, he must be trying to kill me is all I can think. “I’ll try just for you, I better hear you yelling ‘let’s go caps’” I laugh, “Oh you’ll hear me” “Oh I know you’re loud” he says with a cheeky grin. I blush and feel my heart flutter, “Well let’s just hope you’re as smooth on the ice” I say pulling him in for one long last kiss, I gotta get out of his car before this gets anymore heated. He pulls back smiling, “See you soon (Y/N)”, “Bye Andre” I say placing a kiss on his cheek and getting out of his car.

Walking up to my building I feel like I’m on cloud nine and walking on air, it’s been such a whirlwind but something about this just feels so right. I open the door to my building and I hear his car start to backup, what a gentleman waiting for me to get inside before leaving, I turn around and toss him a wave and his smile lights up and gives me one back. I get in the elevator and press the button for the fourth floor, I really hope Emily is home, I’m dying to talk to someone about this.

Opening the door I see her keys hanging up next to the door and her shoes thrown across the floor, “EMILY” I let out a loud yell letting out a giggle and almost instantaneously she comes rushing out of her room, “YOU’RE HOME” she says laughing and wrapping me in a big hug. I laugh, “I am home, in one piece, and completely on cloud nine” “You better tell me fucking every last detail (Y/N) I was about to call the police I was worried sick!” “I know, I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again”. We go into her room and settle on to her bed sitting in our usual girl talk time places. The last couple weeks our girl talk has been me crying over my ex, so I was really excited to be able to share good news.

“You’re going to think I’m completely insane..” I say laughing, “(Y/N) I am passed that honestly, but I am proud of you because 1) you finally confronted the asshole who should not be named and 2) you had a one night stand look at you go!”. I laugh, “Em it’s not a one night stand..” “You didn’t bang? Then what’s the point of being out with him all night and all morning! (Y/N) come on he was sexy!” I laugh, “no no we did, I guess I mean I was drunk but we both woke up half undressed so I guess so. BUT we have plans to hangout more. We talked a lot this morning, Em he’s really great”. Her face lights up, “I want to meet him!!! (Y/N) I am honestly so happy you deserve a great guy after that asshole you spent way too long with” I smile, she was never a fan of my ex, like at all. “Yeah well there is one more thing about him..” I say letting my voice trailed off and I see her face contort to a puzzled look, “What?”. I take a long breath, “Long story short, he’s in the NHL like he’s on the Capitals” “WHAT” I see her jump up and run for her laptop, “(Y/N)! Are you serious! Have you looked this up like are you sure it’s true I mean why would he lie but holy shit (Y/N)” her face was in total shock and I can’t help but crack up. “What was your reaction?” she asks me excited, “I don’t know I mean definitely confused but I didn’t let him see that you know? He’s just a regular guy I don’t know”. It’s true, I don’t know what to think. Going into it I didn’t know he was, I mean he’s just a regular guy if you ask me. 

Before I know it 2 hours have passed and I’ve learned all youtube, google, and tumblr could tell me about Andre. That he is completely and totally the guy I met earlier, he’s kind and funny and from what I can tell, good at hockey. Oh and his last name is Burakovsky, and he is number 65. “You know I always figured hockey players were like toothless savages” Emily says laughing, “but he totally has like perfect teeth” I laugh too, he does have a perfect smile. “He asked me to come to his game tomorrow night” I say and Emily’s face lights up again, “(Y/N) that is really amazing, like honestly. Go and have fun, I didn’t know you were a hockey fan though?” she says laughing, “Well now I am! I have a lot to learn though” I say with a laugh.

Emily had to go out and run errands so I had the place to myself so I decided to optimize my alone time googling everything hockey. I know Andre said he wants to teach me about it, which is so adorable, but I figure it can’t hurt to know the basic rules so I’ll at least know what’s happening tomorrow. I feel like I have seen every single youtube video there is on the rules. “Okay so offsides is when the player goes into the zone before the puck does and there’s all sorts of penalties that are like usually only two minutes unless it’s a major penalty?” I say to aloud to myself, I was quizzing myself. I was right so I smile and shut the computer, it wasn’t much but it was certainly a start. I look down and let out a laugh when I realize I’m still in Andre’s sister’s clothes. Taking a shower and changing seems like a good idea.

Andre is all I can think about, the way his hands lingered on my body, to the way his lips were the softest I’ve ever had, and the way he says my name, trust me, it would drive you crazy too. I hear my phone go off from in my room so I walk into grab it- it was a text from Andre.

“It’s Andre, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, the game is at 7. If you wanna see me in warmups, be there at like 6:20” I laugh at his use of tongue out emoji after that bit, “I left you a ticket at will call under my name I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”. I text him back, “I can’t wait to see you either!” hitting send made my stomach do a little flip. He really is on the Washington fucking Capitals.

To be Continued.