he has no friends to help him now

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

You can’t tell me that Fidds doesn’t like adopt Pacifica and she helps him around his new shed and the work together on giant machines. You can’t prove to me that does not happen.

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Pacifica Northwest

Happy 15 million to the community that could always make me smile when nothing else could.

Time to welcome another million people to the JSE community! I’m so glad I can be a part of this ever-growing place that I’ve come to call my home. Everyone here has made me so happy in the midst of the turmoil in my personal life. I’m so glad to be able to be a part of such a loving community, and I will try my best to keep giving back for as long as I’m able to.

Jack has certainly changed my life for the better, as well. He helped me realize that life’s too short to be mean to people, and he’s the one person who makes me smile the most. He’s even helped me to choose what I want to do with my life, which is make art for video games. Jack is a best friend to me, and I hope one day I can meet him. But for now, I’ll keep drawing and making video edits of him for this amazing community.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. I’m not too proud of this piece, but it’s decent.

EDIT: I fixed his mcfreakin tattoo,, I always forget it


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People still think of Lando as “The Guy Who Betrayed The Trio” and that’s some grade A bull. 

I mean what would you do if you had people to protect and Darth Vader, Scariest Dude in the Galaxy, comes marching up to your door with a whole battalion of soldiers? Like? How much choice do you think he actually had here? Not much because Vader literally changes the rules on him every scene they’re together so the deal goes from “Trap the smuggler and his friends” to “Han’s being tortured and frozen in carbonite and taken away and the others that were supposed to be left untouched are also being taken capture indefinitely right now” and Lando has all of no control over any of it.

And then the second he realizes what’s happened he risks everything to help Chewie and Leia out. Leaves his cozy home to help them. Joins the Rebellion? Frees Han? Blows up the second Death Star?

But sure he’s just that sleaze ball who betrayed the gang. Sure. 

Yuuri’s support system: the flaws

Since episode 02 I’ve had some issues with the way Yuuri is supported, and after watching a few more episodes and discussing it, I feel like I can now make a post on it.

To summarize: Yuuri’s family and friends support him, but not the way he needs. While Yuuri has people that honestly support and help him through and through, the way they do it, due to the issues Yuuri already had, has flaws that I believe impacted Yuuri’s career. And Viktor’s support is different, thus he’s flourishing under it. 

To elaborate:

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Hey! YOU! Hey you!!!!

My good friend Girbeagly doesn’t think he’ll hit 20,000 by PAX South (January 27th)

Brian is one of my closest friends and he has helped me immensely over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him.
As of now, I have around 12,000 followers on Tumblr. 2,000 of you can totally go over there and subscribe!
It would be so so cool if we could make this happen for him. So let’s do it! Reblogs are helpful too! The more the merrier!

Brian’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/Girbeagly


okay this is my two cents about isak’s locker.

1) he has so much to tell that he can’t hold on literally but still pushes all his feelings away and doesn’t allow to himself feel something. he just wants to escape from it.
2) maybe now he’s ready to tell what is in his mind but he had to denied himself for so long and now he don’t even know how to open himself to other people.
3) so there is even and he’s ready to help him, he literally helps him to open himself up but isak still doesn’t ready.
4) isak goes through hard times and he really needs a person to talk to but he’s too afraid of judgment and he still needs some time.
5) he talked with jonas and now he doesn’t need to keep his feelings inside of him. he has at least the one supportive friend who is always be here for him. he doesn’t need to hide anything. but this feeling is still new and he didn’t get used to it yet.
6) he not only accepts himself but also he was able to be strong for the boy who he loves so he never was so open to himself and to others like at this moment. he feels alive. 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Does Yuri Plisetsky go to school? Does he get bullied for being a figure skater? Does he get bullied for the way he looks, especially after he begins growing his hair out as he trains to become like a prima ballerina? How much time does he spend in the principal's office for getting into fights or cursing at teachers? We know he's never been asked to become someone's friend before Otabek - has he been pushing potential friends away since he was a small child? How has his family's financial situation and his need to help provide for them impacted his school life? Does he get decent grades? Is he good at any particular subject? Or does he just not care at all because he knows where his future lies? Maybe he's had a private tutor for several years now instead of attending regular school? Someone please assure me that Yurio is getting some kind of education, whether he likes it or not, and that no one picks on him.

I was just thinking about the first time Jack mentions Bitty in one of his acceptance speeches. It’s been a short while after they’ve came out to the world about their relationship as well as Jack’s sexuality and it’s been a slippery road. There have been many supportive fans as well as people who aren’t all the supportive at all. But they have the help of their friends and families so it makes the journey a whole lot easier when there are people that they can now talk besides each other. 

Jack has done quite a few acceptance speeches but he’s never been able to mention Bitty in them by name. He’s always managed to place Bitty there through the words such as ‘my lover’ or ‘my sweetheart’ but has never been able to say, ‘my wonderful boyfriend, Eric Bittle’ and it has been aching him for such a long time. That people don’t know that Bitty, his little ray of sunshine and everything that is good, has been the one to help, support and love him unconditionally throughout everything that they have been through together. 

So that he can, he isn’t going to hold back and he doesn’t show Bitty his speech like he usually does. He wants it to be a surprise because that is how much it matters. It matters so much, it means everything. 

The moment his name is called, he walks onto the stage and waits for the applause to die down until he begins to speak. He thanks  the wonderful support of his family and his friends, the strong bond that he’s formed with his team and how they’ve been with him, never letting him down and always willing to help him when he falls, how they’re a family of their own. He thanks his manager and everyone who has helped him made this far. 

His eyes then focus on Bitty whose seated next to his empty seat, smiling widely as he watches him on the stage. 

Jack then goes:

“I also want to thank Eric Bittle.”

Bitty’s smile slips from his face as his eyes widen ever so slightly. 

“My incredible and beautiful boyfriend who has been with me every step of the way. Who has always been by my side and has never given up on me. Who has always held my hand when times were so rough. Who makes me happy everyday and makes life so worthwhile and so worth living.”

Bitty’s shoulders begin to shake as he glances down so no one can see that he’s trying not to cry. Alicia, who is seated next to him, comfortingly takes hold of his hand as Bitty continues to tremble because he never expected this at all, sniffling as he finds himself clutching at Alicia’s hand. 

Once they get home that evening, Bitty is immediately in Jack’s arms and softly crying into his shirt. Jack holds him close as he closes his eyes, savoring the familiar feel of Bitty in his arms and finds himself trying to hold back his own tears. 

It may not have been seen as a huge thing to many people but them, it meant so much. This was a way of confirming that their relationship was out there and that they didn’t have to hide anymore. Bitty was no longer hidden and is known as being such an important part of Jack’s life. 

It was a freedom that was sweet and that felt incredible. 

It was freedom. 

Does anyone even realize how important it is that Karkat’s now the troll king?

I mean, he spent his entire life running and hiding from an evil queen, feeding himself with fear and paranoia. But now he’s home, he’s safe, he has his boyfriend and his best friend by his side, nobody is coming after him anymore. He’s in the condesce’s shoes now, but instead of ruling with an iron fist, he’s gonna guide and help all of these new lifes that are his responsibility now. He still blames himself for the death of his friends, but this is his way of making up for that, he’s going to do for this new society what he didn’t manage to do back then. I’m so damn proud of my son, you guys have no idea. His character arc is finally complete.

Luffy’s dazzling smile and words here show just how much faith he has in not just Sanji, but ALL of his nakama and friends.

Clearly, the foremost thing on Luffy’s mind was that Sanji might get tricked by Pudding and in the worst scenario, get killed. But now that Luffy knows that Sanji knows, there’s no need to seek him anymore - he has faith in his cook that he’s wise and powerful enough to work it out himself with a bit of help from his nakama, and eventually come to meet him at the place of promise.

Also, note that Luffy says “everything else has been taken care of”, when in reality nothing has actually been resolved. Luffy doesn’t know where his nakama are or what they’re doing, but he still trusts that Brook and Pedro will secure the poneglyph, that Nami and the others will help Sanji keep his promise.

So all Luffy has to do for now as captain… is to believe that Sanji will come back of his own accord, and calmly wait for his return.

Hmm, I just saw a ‘Tony never really knew Steve’ post (pretty much another Tony-and-Steve-weren’t-really-friends post) by an pro-Steve, anti-Tony fan, and…

You know, Tony never really did know Steve, did he? Though not exactly by his own choice. Tony showed every sign of trying his best to be there for Steve and the team. Donating his time, his money, his buildings, all to help the team that he tried so hard to be a part of. In Civil War, we even see him doing his damned best to keep corrupt officials like Ross away from Steve and his team, even though he has to know by now that he’ll never be thanked for it.

Steve, on the other hand, never really even seems to try to get to know Tony. He starts his interactions with Tony by judging him and telling him outright that Steve doesn’t think he’s hero material. Going forward he just keeps on thinking the worst of Tony. When Ultron happens, he turns on Tony so, so quickly, as if it’s just what he was expecting from Tony all along. In Civil War he is blatantly judgmental of Tony’s actions, never seeming to bother to care that there’s a man who thinks of him as a friend who is begging him to listen right in front of him. He gives Tony a hint of grudging acceptance, but turns from Tony at the first hint that Tony’s done something Steve would disapprove of, not wondering for a second if there might be a reason for Tony’s actions or listening when Tony tried to explain. Steve Rogers accepted the resources Tony offered throughout the movies, but he never bothered to care about the man offering those resources enough to try to get to know him.

Who should I be judging for Steve and Tony’s (lack of) relationship exactly? (And there’s always judgment implied in those posts.) Because the thought that Tony tried his fucking best for a man who never bothered to care about him, and who then left him bleeding and broken in a fucking frozen wasteland, just makes me sadder for Tony then I typically am on any other standard day. So thanks a lot for that.

Small bed (Jason Todd x Reader)

So after doing some more research on the outlaws (Because I heard about it but I didn’t really know much) I wrote this one-shot about a badass reader who joins the outlaws and gets really close with Jason. (Ps, I wrote this for a friend who requested it –Ay I SEE YOU <3) –Enjoy love   

Request: (2 mixed requests) 

(- Jason Todd x reader, about a super badass reader who joins the outlaws, like he gets a crush and she helps him mentally.) 

(- Reader being in the Outlaws with Jason Roy and Kor'i and Jason develops feelings for her and one night she has a very bad nightmare and asks Jason if she can lay next to him for a little bit. So she falls asleep next to him and he’s like (•///•)) 

(Imagine is pretty long so I put it under the cut :3)

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can you believe isak valtersen, who spent so long not sleeping or confiding in anyone, who isolated and was alone and didn’t open up to anyone about anything, is now actively asking his friends for help? can you believe how far he’s come, to the point where he is able to confide in magnus about something important and deeply personal to him, and asks eskild if he’s home because he doesn’t want to be alone, and allows himself comfort from the people that care about him? he still has a long ways to go in terms of believing he is worth the love he receives but it’s a process and i’m so proud of him

How Keith Stole Lance’s Heart On Christmas

Pairing: Klance

Rating: T (Minor swearing)

Summary: There is a mistletoe in the kitchen – Keith suffers.

Keith is aware that he’s standing under a mistletoe.

Keith is acutely aware that he’s standing under a mistletoe, next to Lance.


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(Yes, I know that this is pinof 7 friendship yoga)

So, this killed me. But not just because I ship Phan, but because of something else. The first gif shows Dan reaching out and struggling to grab a hold of Phils hand. But then it shows Phil reaching out and their fingers locking together. And then it shows them clinging on to each other, trusting that the other will keep them steady. It’s like 2009. Dan was reaching out for someone to help him and give him love, and then he met Phil. Phil talked to him, brought him to Manchester, moved in with him and made a life for him. He was there with Dan through existential crisis’, the university struggle and just hatred towards himself. When the grip looked like it was about to fall apart again(2012) they still managed to hang on. And look at where they are now. Dan is a confident, beautiful and intelligent person who has his equally as incredible best friend next to him in life, and they’re not letting go. They have a book, a tour, over 8 million phans between them; they’ve been on the radio, on the tv and they still have so much going for them. Phil Lester, took in a broken human and made him into something amazing.

Aaah, so I spoke with @fanciful-follies about a high school au a few weeks back. (It’s based on this music video.)

So picture this! Aaron and Maria are best friends, they have each other’s backs, have been through thick and thin with each other. 

Now, Aaron has this huge crush on Angelica, and Maria has a crush on Alexander.

When Aaron tries to talk/impress student council president Angelica, and somehow always makes an ass out of himself. It usually ends with Aaron having his foot in his mouth and just ”Maria, please, just end me now.”

When Maria tries to talk with Alexander, but it seems like whenever she tries to talk to him, someone always interrupts him. One day it’s his group of friends, another day he has to run an errand for debate club, or he has to help Professor Washington out, or he’s just so focused on other things that he actually forgets Maria was there. (”Hey, at least Angelica notices you”)

So one day, Maria and Aaron devise a plan together where Aaron befriends Alex and Maria befriends Angelica. They can get to know each other’s crush’s better, create a relationship, and slip in the “hey, so I know someone who’s interested in you” kinda deal.

So Maria joins the student council meetings (which Angelica loves seeing another student being interested in helping the school), while Aaron joins the debate team (which Alex raises his eyebrow at because Burr has an opinion?). But sooner or later they become friends with them, and Maria and Aaron update each other about their likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

But somewhere along the lines, as Aaron tells Alex to get to the point faster with his arguments, he can’t help but be in awe of Alex’s way with words. Or how his eyes lighten up when he’s taking a stance. Or- oh shit. And meanwhile, Maria can’t help but just love how Angelica takes note on student issues. Or how much she’s willing to help out her sisters. Or how she smiles and her nose crinkles up a bit- oh shit. 

Now they’re in a dilemma because “I can’t believe I’m crushing on my best friend’s crush”. So both of them feel guilty - like SUPER guilty. And so as they hang out, they still tell each other about Alex and Angelica, but it gets more hesitant. And both can sense the tension between them, and so “I have something to tell you” “No, I have something to admit” “Me too” and both blurt out how they have a new crush. And they kinda stare at each other before they start laughing.

So later on, Maria is hanging up posters/banners with Angelica (most likely to set up for prom or something). And as they take a break, they’re talking and what not. And Maria kinda leans in before backing off because, oh god, maybe Angelica doesn’t want to be more than friends. But then Angelica gently caresses her face and leans in to kiss her, and it’s wonderful.

As for Aaron, he works on another debate case with Alex. As they read over the documents, Alex and Aaron are in each other’s bubbles, leaning over as they point out certain information and what not. And then their eyes lock together. And we don’t know who initiates it first, but their lips are on each others.

Everyone ends up happy, no friendships are severed, and all is well!

Not a fuck customers, but more of a praise awesome patient understanding bosses!

Now this isn’t my story, but it is my little brother’s and it’s great!

So my brother had aspergers (on the autism spectrum, but quite mild. Mostly it affects social aspects of his life. He doesn’t really know how to behave in strange social settings and can get overwhelmed). Now my dad has always had little projects going on around our house (renovations and things like that) and my brother has always helped him. He likes doing that sort of stuff and being helpful. He’d always take toys apart and put them back together and help with construction.

Now we’ve always known my brother could NEVER work food or retail. It would be WAY to much for him emotionally and he definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with asshole customers. He’d get upset and take it personally.

One of my dad’s best friends works in the warehouse of a furniture store so he moves and assembles things. Our parents have been friends for YEARS with him and his wife (she and my mom go WAY back, they were besties in high school). And he offered to talk to HIS boss and see if they could get my brother a job. He said “school comes first, so just on Saturdays and school holidays” (awesome right?). And when he called to arrange my brothers first shift he said “let’s just make sure he likes it first before we make it a commitment.”

So my brother had his first shift on Saturday and he LOVED it! My dads friend said he did more work than the other two guys he usually works with COMBINED! Honestly, praise bosses and people who are patient towards and understanding of and accommodating for their employees!

EXO Reaction when a fan they met at a fan meeting becomes a new idol year later

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Composes something for you* “She supported me so much, I should do the same. I hope she likes this song… would be nice to hear her sing it”


*Always shows his support and admiration* “You did it man! You made it so far, I’m proud of you!”


*Enjoys the music so much* “Woah~ So good… that face looks familiar tho… wasn’t she.. an EXO-L? Woah… our fans are so talented.. this is amazing”


*Hugs him every time he sees him at events* “Look at you! I still remember when you were a baby. Now let me hug you my friend!” 


*Become friends real fast* “Hey! Are you practicing? Do you want to practice together” *And he always helps*


*Has been there since she told him she wanted to become a star* “Wow! Look at you! You look like an idol now! No… you are an idol now!”


*Gets ready for his fan and meet* “I wonder if this is okay… will he recognize me? I hope he does, it’s my turn to support him now.”


*Gives him advice from man to man* “And this is how manly man look even manlier”


*Who’s the fangirl now* “Ahhh she’ so pretty! I want to talk to her more… her music is everything!”


*Even though they aren’t that close, he knows it’s hard the way to become a star. He he is always silently supporting and slowly becomes like a mentor*


*Really excited* “Omg it’s you!!! We met remember?! I’m so happy that you are here, we’ll be best friends!”


*Everytime they ask him about you in interviews he says how proud he is of you* “We met a while ago but she never told me she was auditioning. Now that I see her here I’m so proud that she made it so far…..”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Alright, Serious Talk.

So I’ve been talking to this fellow for 3 days now, asking him to stop reposting my art and remove it. He’s been stalling and ignoring my request, trying to slip in a few excuses to try and continue posting my works. (Not to mention he posted other works of mine that we never agreed on when he asked me to post my art with credit given)

The reason I have asked him now to remove it is because I’ve grown VERY uncomfortable with him posting my art. (not to mention he doesn’t seem to want to correct anyone who claims the art to be his which is one of the reasons why I’ve become uncomfortable with it.)

I don’t understand why it has taken three days for him to just accept that I no longer give him permission to post my art, but I’ve finally had it and am now FURIOUS to no ends.

My friend helped me come to the conclusion that it is now THEFT. I no longer give him permission, yet he still stalls with me wanting to keep the art that ISN’T HIS on his account. 

So I will be reporting and blocking him on this site and DA. 

I am rather fed up with this type of stuff: It isn’t your art, it isn’t your blog, IT ISN’T YOUR AU. What gave you the right to think that you can ignore me like that and try and direct me to do what you want me to do?! 

I’m done. Really. I’m done letting people push me around like this. I am a kind and very, VERY patient person. I really am. But I have a line AND I AM PISSED. I am still a person. I have FEELINGS. I work my ass off making those drawings and making this AU. I’ve spent WEEKS thinking up plot and designs. This right here has pushed me over and I’m FED UP.

I’m not a door mat for you to walk on. I’m not a robot who will do everything you ask. Treat me with respect and I will do the same. 

Back in April I lost my grandfather which was a hard loss. A friend and I drove to the hospital one last time before they pulled the plug the day before and I talked to him, told him I was playing the ukulele now. I told him about Twenty One Pilots and how I was going to see them in August. After we left I broke down in the parking lot and my friend had apparently brought his ukulele with him because he knew I’d be upset. The song we played and sang to was House of Gold. Since then the song has such an impact on me. The song has actually helped me get through losing him.

So, just like I did with my other grandfather who passed last year, I dedicated a tattoo design to him. I honestly can’t wait to get this done.