he has nice eyes all right


Age: 19 yrs old

- Sans and Papyrus’ adopted son. (NOT FONCEST AT ALL!!!) Took care of him since he was a baby
- Always has a star in his right eye.
- Always wearing a red scarf around his right wrist/ but doesn’t have it when he was baby but later when he’s older he starts wearing it  


- Kind-hearted / always tries to be helpful / he’s just a really nice guy
- Curious
- Active like Papyrus but a little bit more mild down
- Hard-working / always try his best / motivated / determined personality
- His role-model is his dad, Papyrus
- Actually likes Sans’ jokes
- Likes to make spaghetti even though he’s terrible at it
- Hates to see people unhappy or harmed

- Only self-defense ability / good at dodging and deflect
- Has the ability to travel AUs with his eye star
- Can teleport
- Can summon bones but not many
- Doesn’t have the ability to turn things blue

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Okay. Stydia. Reunion.

Dramatic run towards each other. Lydia knows who he is, she remembers. Both of them are out of breath but so happy to be close to one another again. Heavy breathing as they touch foreheads. Stiles has heart eyes as he looks at Lydia and says, “Lydia I could kiss you right now.” and Lydia slowly opens her eyes and looks at the boy she loves and says “stiles, kiss me.”


you know keith would fall so fast for lance n wouldn’t even realize

he would know exactly how many moles lance has on his right forearm and that one eye has more of a tealish hue compared to the other on really sunny days or that lance only uses all natural face products and is also allergic to nickel – just all sorts of useless information he’s stored in his mind ab lance that keith thinks about before he sleeps or while he trains

he would be so head over heels for that noodle boy

My 2p Germany Headcanons

Human name is Lutz Beilschmidt

Younger brother of Gilen Beilschmidt


He’s 60 tall, taller than his 1p, even if they look similar. There are a few major differences though, such as having a small scar on his upper left cheek, and he has three huge scars on his right arm. His hair is more wavy and messy, usually covered up by his hat. His eyes are a violet color. He usually wears tank tops no matter what the weather is outside, but he mainly has this one jacket he always has on him. There is a reason I can’t draw him, his build is literally justmuscle-


Okay, just- *sighs* Look at this goofy dork. He’s always just happy and nice and makes a lot of jokes. He’s a huge tease really but he’s mostly all smiles and laughs

He’s very laid back and relaxedno matter what. Like, everyone else could be really worrying over something and he’s sitting back and acting very calm, like nothing is wrong.

He’s like the nicest person you’ll ever meet. He’s always doing small little gestures and things to make others happier and smile. 

He’s part of my version of the 2p BTT, which also includes Allen and Xiao (2p America and 2p China) because he’s a bit of a flirt. Not like actually flirting though, he’s more just teasing to make the other blush. He’s a huge tease when it comes to that stuff

On the contrary, he will be a blushy mess if he’s actually trying to flirt and tell someone he likes them. Also it depends if someone is flirting with him. If its a stranger or someone he doesn’t have any feelings towards, he’ll laugh it off. But if it’s someone he knows and likes, his face does get red. He’d a bit hypocritical with teasing then, no?

He is the most overprotective person of the people he cares about pretty much. Especially Gilen, Luciano and Kuro (2p Italy and 2p Japan) because he cares about them so much. He’ll be annoying trying to keep them safe but he doesnt care. 

It’s hard to believe that Gilen is the older brother because Lutz just acts like the older brother here. He’s super protective and will defend him and just acts all big brother-y. Although every now and then Gilen will be like that too. Main point, he really loves his brother

He was made allies with Luciano and Kuro during WWII and they’ve been friends every since. They’re a bit of an interesting trio, Kuro is always swearing and laughing over something, Lutz is always pulling jokes and teasing and Luciano tries to be serious but makes the most sarcastic and funny. 2p Axis is also two smols and one very tol and it’s funny as hell. Which also means that Lutz has taken the liberty of being the one who will always pick up and carry around one of the two. Usually Luciano because apparently its funnier when he gets mad over it. 

Over all he’s just a very large child pretty much. 

Yuri!! on Ice Opening

Ok so I’m starting to re-watch YOI for the millionth time (this time for the dub because it just makes me laugh I love it). And while I was going through each episode opening I noticed something that I haven’t seen anyone else bring up before.

So we all know the first episode’s opening is nice, but it’s kind of barren. Just sort of drifting along without any exciting colors or anything, right? We all also know that each episode the opening has been getting brighter and more detailed right?

So I’m starting to think that the openings are told from either Viktor’s or Yuuri’s (maybe even Yurio’s) eyes, and is meant to represent love. Hear me out.

So the first episode is before they’ve really met, and they both are at a low point in there career more or less. Yuuri, because he just bombed at the Grand Pris and Viktor because he is getting older and has to start looking at retiring soon, and I think he may be low on inspiration, though thats just speculation. Then through a happy accident, they are brought together and Viktor becomes Yuuri’s coach (or will become rather).

So after that they start getting closer and become more like actual friends, and we can see the opening getting brighter slowly but surely. Until before you know it the opening is an explosion of color, you can see their faces better, there are even sketching of a background in a couple of the shots (as of ep 9) So the world around them is slowly opening up.

I think the opening is telling a story, much like how the ending of Steven Universe was telling a story. For those who don’t know: after each episode of Steven Universe we were given a piece of a song, that eventually when pieced all together told a story. I believe Yuri!! on Ice is going the same thing here.

Each opening shows Yuuri and Viktor opening up to each other, and is meant to symbolize the trust and love they feel from each other, and even more; how that love is effecting their outlook on the world.

Without each other the world is nice, but its just simple, clean cut.

But together, the world is bright and beautiful, because they don’t feel alone anymore.

That or I am putting way too much thought into the opening of a figure-skating anime at 4 in the morning. Probably that.

anonymous asked:

hi! I really loved your Gruvia sketch that you did it felt like they were a couple 😄 Do you think that in the film they willl be in a relationship? I really hope so! 😁 Sorry about your art getting deleted I would say to save every so often just to make sure😊

Hiya! 💚

This is a very nice scene, because you can tell that Juvia knows his answer is going to be positive, going by the lil smile on her face with the blushies. He’s basically telling her that he can’t be in a relationship right now bc all the BS with E.N.D and zeref but once all that’s all done and dusted…. 😉

Note that, when Gray had thought Juvia died while begging and pleading her to opened her eyes, he has said that he would take her feelings more seriously if she were to survive-SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER THE BITCH LIVED  😂💚

Nah but in all seriousness, safe to say all the zeref drama is history by the time Dragon Cry takes place, so at this point in time, in theory, gray would’ve given Juvia her answer which is 99.999999999% guaranteed to be a positive one. I don’t think it’ll really focus on their relationship but I think it might just be implied, who knows? 💁🏻 only time will tell x

P.s yeah I know I usually save my art every 15 minutes or so, but the one time I forget to is when it all goes south 😭💀 cheers for the kind words! 💚

I want this one scene I’m the next season of Raphael talking shit about Simon in Spanish right in front of him. He’s going off on him and Simon’s just standing there, so Raphael still thinks he doesn’t know Spanish. He would make fun of him in Spanish while he was in the clan so that he couldn’t retaliate and he just looked so frustrated it was adorable.

Then Simon scowls angrily at him before launching into a scorching tirade the likes of which not even Clary has seen from him. Eyes blazing, fangs dropping, stalking predatorily right up to Raphael. Backing him into a wall. All of this in perfect Spanish.

Raphael can do nothing but look stunned for a moment then. “How? I thought…” “my dad’s family is from Argentina, you jerk. Nice assumption there.”

Then he just walks away all angry leaving a strangely turned on Raphael slumped against a wall.

fleursetmiel-deactivated2017031  asked:

describe your ideal type of guy✨ (ps. luv u sm kourt)

aw love you too!

my ideal type of guy:

- romantic, sweet, caring, blue eyes, messy brown hair, has a smile that could light up a room, dresses nicely, taller than me, intelligent, believes in equal rights for all aka he’s a democrat, has a sweet laugh, loves animals especially dogs, more outgoing than me, positive/optimistic, is always there for me no matter what, likes to kiss/cuddle/touch, has a nice body (doesn’t have to be perfect…just in shape), very understanding of me and our differences, great sense of humor, older than me, modest/humble.

this list is beginning to get long, so i’ll stop! but i know there’s a guy out there like this!! i’ll find him, one day 🔍

hotel gothic

As you’re driving down the interstate, you notice that you are now on a road that is very much not the interstate. You see a light up ahead. You drive towards it hoping it is a hotel after realizing how tired you feel.

The sign from the road has a neon vacancy lit up. As you pull into the parking lot you realize it says nothing else and there is a ring of mushrooms around it.

The nice man at the counter who hands you your key card’s smile is too wild and you can see all of his teeth. There are too many. His eyes are too wide and he looks like he’s in pain. They are bloodshot and watery. His voice is pleasant when he tells you he hopes you have a pleasent stay. Like wind through trees.

There’s a door right next to the elevator with a sign depicting stairs. There is a pool of blood pooling out from underneath the door. You try not to get any on your shoes as you step into the elevator. You feel hungry.

The elevator seems to stop every time you take a breath. People just keep getting on. it’s gotten cramped. Someone behind you buries their face into your hair ad and takes deep warm breaths. there are so many people. You try to stop breathing but can’t. You are all breathing in sync, except for the person behind you. You feel teeth against your scalp. You are only on floor three.

When you finally make it to your floor you are the only one left. Everyone else got off the stop before yours. The back of your head feels damp and sticky. You don’t touch it.

At the end of the hallway there is a baby stroller. It’s bright pink. it’s facing the wall, facing the window. As you approach it to get into your room you realize there is no glass in the window and coming from the baby stroller there is the sound of a lawn mower engine. It makes you feel so sleepy.

You decide to take a shower and while the soap is white enough to make you squint it leaves black streaks on your skin. You’re still too afraid to touch your head so you close your eyes and stand under the water as you feel soft bits hit your calves. You try not to laugh. You fail.

You sit on the bed flipping through channels. The first five: paint drying, flowers blooming, grass growing, clouds moving, waves rolling, and then it’s just static. You sit and continue to change the channel until your bones hurt. Finally, at 9007, the static shifts into a televised church service of an old white man with hair like candy floss screaming about hell. Quickly change back to channel three and watch the grass. Don’t think about the your future too much.

Your hands smell so bad. Like gasoline and bad cigars. You get to wash them but when you sit back down your hands still smell like gasoline and bad cigars. Didn’t you just wash your hands? You get up again.

As you lay in bed you stare helplessly ahead. There is someone on the other side of the curtain. You’re on the seventh floor. Whose shadow is that? You can’t close your eyes.

When you wake up in the morning, you can’t bring yourself to go downstairs for the continental breakfast. Pull the curtain back, and all that’s there is a bloody handprint on the glass. It reminds you of your grandmother’s rose garden. You press your hand against it and cry, ignoring the marigolds blooming at your feet. You clench your toes in the thick grass underneath you though. You’re glad you didn’t watch channel five.

You open the door and there is a breakfast tray waiting for you. It’s steaming, but when you look up and down the hallway it’s completely deserted. Even the baby stroller is gone. In it’s place is a small pile of dirt and a pathetic wooden cross. You can still hear the lawn mower engine. You feel so sleepy you fall to your knees and crawl back into your room, dragging the breakfast tray behind you.

There is a glass cup full of something that looks like orange juice but is foaming profusely, eggs with a sauce that is too red and too thick to be considered hot sauce, and a perfect golden waffle that seems to be breathing. You put it in the bathtub and try not to think about it.

You leave your room and begin to walk down the hallway back to the elevator. You feel hot breath on your ankles. You begin to run. You run past the elevator. You some how run into the lobby. The man at the counter smiles at you.

You hand the key card back. As he accepts the card you see that his thumb nail is cracked in half. As you swallow your bile back, you see something move under his cracked nail. You run out of the lobby and back into your car.

As you’re driving down the interstate, you notice how well rested you feel for having driven through the entire night. You are mildly confused with how many flowers there seem to be in your car that you can see in your peripheral vision and the smell of gasoline and bad cigars and how wet your cheeks feel and how tender the back of your head feels. You decide to stop at the next exit for breakfast. Order a glass of  orange juice, eggs, and a waffle. Delicious.

H & L : One of them is famous / rich. 

Fall Into Your Gravity :   AU. In which Harry is an overnight pop sensation and Louis steals plants, Zayn pulls Liam’s proverbial pigtails and Niall’s really just pleased there are more girls for him.

Hiding Out In The Kitchen : Harry’s in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he’s headed to Australia in a week. He doesn’t need anything else, and he certainly doesn’t need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that’s all it is. Right?

If I Could Hold You :  Louis isn’t a fan of popstars. Unless the popstar has curly hair, green eyes, and is named Harry Styles. He really likes that popstar.

Empty Skies :  For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.

Even As Young As You Are :  Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital.

Feels Like We’re Falling In Love : Louis knows he’s in trouble as soon as their lips meet. He had known from the second he laid eyes on Harry that he was different, that they were different. He had felt a deeper connection with him, within minutes, than he felt with people he’d known all his life. Kissing him just seems to solidify that what he feels is right. It makes Louis believe in all the things he’s never believed in, like soul mates and destiny.

Louis reluctantly accompanies Eleanor to the Bahamas for a One Direction concert, only to stumble across a curly haired boy that turns his world upside down.

The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats : “Mate, you can dress him up in a tutu and upload it to YouTube, I don’t care as long as he’s alive when I come back." Harry gasps. "How did you know I have three tiny cat tutus?”,“You sound like the crazy type.”

Or, the AU where Harry is a pet-sitter for the rich and famous, and Louis is rich and famous.

I need Home (Our Tangled Bones) : Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other.

Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.

(There you go shaylarry !)

CEO!S.COUPS ► When Seungcheol is your boss
  • casual af and wears t shirts to work
  • hella nice and chill to everyone tho and treats everyone the same even if its the janitor
  • on your 1st day at work you thought he was an intern whose main job is probably making coffee for everyone
  • so you guys started chatting casually in the break room cuz you had no idea and coups didn’t mind
  • but then he was like ‘oh by the way I’m seungcheol’ and you’re like ‘nice to meet- OH MY GOD’
  • and you became super embarrassed that you were just having the most dandy conversation with the fucking CEO about groceries or something
  • but coups just laughs and is all like ‘it’s okayyyy don’t worry about it (:’
  • you were still forever embarrassed cuz this is your first job and you were raised to always be courteous to your higher ups but you fucked up on the first day lol
  • and it didn’t help that your work space is right outside his office and he always has his door opened
  • hence SO MANY intentional and unintentional eye contact between you and coups
  • one day you had to be his emergency secretary cuz Hoshi (his actual secretary) felt sick that day got super turnt the night before at vernon’s bday party
  • you and coups had to stay over time to finish paper work
  • by the time you guys were done it was like 7:58pm
  • coups was about to get on his knees to thank you but you were like ‘OMG NO please this is part of my job and I’m always glad to help’
  • and then coups was like ‘then at least let me take you out to dinner because you just saved my company’
  • you tried politely denying the offer like three times
  • so coups had no choice but to say that you must attend this “business” dinner with him because of work reasons
  • you obviously had to agree and he took you to this RIDICULOUSLY fancy restaurant like holy crap the furniture in this place is probably made of gold and jesus tears
  • the restaurant employees recognized coups right away and gave you guys the best seat with a great view
  • since you really didn’t know what to order (the menu was basically written in french) coups just ended up ordering everything. literally.
  • you were like BUT WHY THERE’S NO NEED
  • ‘meh you should give everything here a try’
  • despite having a million plates on your table you guys actually had a great time chatting
  • you’re seriously wondering how someone so chill and so nice and so young became CEO because he’s literally a human puppy
  • he keeps on trying to make you talk about yourself and won’t stop cracking corny jokes
  • drove you home that night and made sure you were safely inside your apartment before driving away
  • from that point on you would sometimes catch him looking at you from his desk and he’d have this goofy smile on his face
  • and your heart would start acting crazy because HIS SMILE
  • oh yeah, and these “business” dinners with coups are starting to happen more often
AU where Harry is out to take Kingsman down

Inspired by ongoing convos with @agent-eggy of band!Kingsman and very roughly edited (bc Azilver is virusy):

Devil Within by Digital Daggers just makes me think of dark undercover Harry.

An AU where somehow Kingsman fucked his family over or something and he makes it his life’s mission to become an agent and destroy them from within. At some point he realises what a stranglehold Chester has on the agency, like some sort of deadly plant that looks all nice on the outside but inside it’s rotten. The missions are chosen by Chester and who will take them, Harry even finds out that he’ll create missions for the right bidder. Learning more about the F-up of the mission that killed Lee, say Harry and Merlin weren’ t the ones to take Lee and James into the field but other agents, Harry decides he will need help so he decides to bring in Eggsy- knowing the shit Kingsman was capable of he kept the occasional eye on the Unwin’s and when he realised Dean’s game Harry stepped in.

They tear the organisation apart.

and when they’re finished with taking Kingsman apart they take the pieces that are left and re-build the organisation to use it for their own good

(yeeeesss! can’t decide whether I want them dark- like they use the resources to make themselves powerful- or something else- like Kingsman had turned bad under Chester and once they take over it becomes an organisation for good

it is a hard decision, as both ways would be great! i’d also love a middle way, where they take Kingsman and make it their own and something good - from their point of view.)

Harry and Eggsy don’t use it for power, but it’s still dark!hartwin because their point of view on what is “good” and what is “bad” is so crooked. Also, for the cherry on top, add dark!Merlin who at some point turned his back to Chester  too when he somehow found out about what Harry and Eggsy really plan on doing and teams up with them, as a powerful partner in taking Kingsman apart and then as a helpful hand when they took over.

(ooo! now I’m torn between hartwin- where Merlin has seen so many candidates killed and agents damaged by Chesters orders, seen how the rot as turned the organisation on itself, the idea of even using his skills without dangerous limits intrigues him - and merhartwin- where Merlin is seduced by Harry and Eggsy, who he can’t refuse, finding something in their dark possessive passion that calls to him.

i like both!! but i think i prefer the hartwin version and then either added roxlin where Roxy wasn’t a candidate in the first place but they stumble upon her when they already took over and she’s into shady business anyway or aro Merlin who lives for his work and has no interest in romantic relationships, maybe with merhartwin threesomes thrown in every now and then)

Roxlin where Roxy was a candidate that Merlin was fond of but Chester sent them on a test that was pretty much nearly a dead drop, of the 5 candidates only 3 got out alive and you bet your ass Charlie was given the heads-up. Roxy survives but scarred (like a burn or something on her face) which Chester declares makes her value as a spy useless- not pretty enough anymore, too recognisable- and fails her. After Harry and Eggsy take over Merlin asks them to bring her back, they trust his judgement and go looking for her.

Her family weren’t supportive and uncle Percival was the only one who tried to help, giving her a place to go and support.

(omg yes! and she’d be such a great addition to their team, bitter from Chester’s judgement and her parent’s disapproval who had wanted her to go into modelling which she couldn’t do anymore either because of the scar and now they see no worth in her either, bc she’s “just a girl” and girls are supposed to be pretty and marry rich. and so she’s more than happy to join them when they find her


And Percival is also twisted by it all, hating the treatment of Roxy (by their family and Kingsman, who are all connected) and despising how Chester left the old Lancelot/James a paraplegic from a mission gone wrong, the 3 of them so scarred and damaged, that when Harry pitches up at their modest flat with a proposition Percival smiles for the first time in years.

And James would take over the shop, the tailor from before had left when everything in the former Kingsman had started to crumble and the shop had been closed. Now they take it up again, using it to get clients again but also for weapon and drug dealing, still with the outer image of a tailor’s shop ofc.

Many of the other agents are weeded out for loyalties to Chester- only those who were outright supporters of the man or knew to pretend lived- anything seen as rebellion was punished: James pissed off Chester once too often and found his chute malfunctioning on a mission; his survival pure chance.

When they take him down Harry offers Valentine the choice to either work under Merlin designing tech or die. Gazelle isn’t certain and then she meets Roxy and sees how she’s treated with respect, her ‘deformities’ taken as a strength, and then Gazelle decides that while she will always be loyal to Valentine she wouldn’t mind being part of Kingsman

Merlin would design more badass protheses for her, with the newest Kingsman tech

Merlin convincing Roxy she’s still beautiful and that she doesn’t need to cover the scar- she refuses surgery even though her family ordered it and her refusal was what lead to her disowning.

Her and Gazelle bonding over stories of douchebags being assholes about their disabilities and Gazelle giving her tips for coping with everything and telling her she’s very lucky to have a supportive boyfriend like Merlin (and Roxy blushing all over bc ‘we’re not a couple……..yet.’)

Eggsy bonding with Roxy and Gazelle over assholes and being awesome and falling for older men, taking Roxy to have her haircut so it doesn’t cover her face anymore and buying her a gorgeous dress before dropping her off on Merlin’s doorstep with a “Get in that mans pants already! Harry had me bent over his desk a week in!”

And then he comes home, to Harry already in bed with a book and he lies down next to him, cuddles up, and they start gossiping whether or not Merlin and Roxy will finally manage to hook up.

Harry doesn’t even look up from his book, “and what have you been up to, darling?” “…nothin” “nothing? so Merlin calling and profusely thanking and cursing you is because of nothing?” “weeeeell, I may have givin Rox a push” Harry puts his book aside, before grabbing Eggsy and rolling on top of him “you are a terrible horror, love”

and just as Harry’s throwing Eggsy’s shirt out of bed Eggsy’s phone starts ringing and he takes it cos it’s Roxy, she went to the loo at Merlin’s to ask him sth about the date, how she should react to sth. ofc Eggsy helps her, assures her that it’ll all go well and puts the phone aside so him and Harry can resume what they’ve been doing - just to be interrupted again a few minutes later. Turns out Roxy is all confident and shit at all times - except on dates, where she’s a nervous mess, especially when she actually likes the guy and she keeps phoning Eggsy for the smallest things but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her to stop while Harry’s already getting pretty frustrated because he still didn’t even get Eggsy naked in 20 minutes

And Harry grabs his phone while Eggsy is trying to calm Roxy down and calls Merlin and tells him to get in there and sweep his woman off her feet and make love to her, he then turns off his phone, grabs Eggsy’s “Roxanne, you are amazing and Merlin knows this, he is head over heels for you, if you can’t trust yourself trust him and let him take the lead.” he then turns off Eggsy’s phone and proceeds with debauching his boy.

When Eggsy turns on his phone again afterwards he has 6 missed calls and 3 messages consisting of “Eggsy?? don’t do this to me!!!” “oh god he’s knocking at the door what should i do?? help me!!!!!” and the last one “tell Harry thank you and sorry for interrupting <3”

Harry has one voice message of Merlin swearing at him for 2 minutes before a deep breath and then “if she kills me, I will haunt you arse, Harry.”

The next time Eggsy sees Roxy he can’t help but smirk and ask “so, when’s the wedding?”

And Roxy flashed a ring and just deadpan’s “next summer” and can’t help but laugh loudly at Eggsy’s dumbfounded face before she explain that this is not in fact an engagement ring but just a ring of hers she happened to wear today- but she only gets to tell him that later since Eggsy takes one look before storming off to Harry’s office, bursting in (Roxy follows, shocked and worried because wtf????) and starts demanding Harry propose because no way in hell is his baby girl Roxy getting married before him!

And Harry just stares at Eggsy, then at Merlin who’s standing right before him at his desk, then back at Eggsy, at Merlin and goes “what the hell Merlin?? i said "make love to her” not “make her your wife”?!“

Merlin kinda being shellshocked and starts spluttering before looking over at his …girlfriend? ladyperson? Because Merlins fairly sure that refering to Roxy as a girl like she’s a child is somehow insulting. "what did you do, Roxanne?”

All the while Eggsy’s still non-stop going on about wanting a proposal

Percival comes in to deliver some papers and just stops, watching the crazy. “WHY THE HELL IS MY LITTLE GIRL GETTING MARRIED WITHOUT MY BLESSING!?!?!”

And Merlin’s just dying a little inside bc yeah he likes Roxy but wtf he’s not ready to marry her??? how did that happen anyway??

(like, sure Merlin)

Roxy breaks down in laughter and everyone just stops dead when she starts laughing, after a moment Harry just sighs. Percival’s urge to kill is soothed by seeing Roxy laugh like he hasn’t seen since that mission test went tits up.

Roxy explains this whole mess (Merlin relaxes and takes a deep breath) and when everyone understood and had a giggle about it, Eggsy turns to Harry and says “I still want a proposal tho. wasn’t that bad of an idea i think” and grins and walks out of the office

Percival decides to grab James and get him to join him for the prerequisite shovel talk they owe Merlin. Harry says fuck it and takes the rest of the day off to go have a talk with Michelle.

Merlin is overly uncomfortable through the whole talk; he’s worked with those men for decades and now he’s boning Percival’s niece, that’s fucking awkward.

James spends most of the talk grinning like a shark because he is very aware of how uncomfortable the man is.

Merlin probably spends 90% of the times he talks with apologising, he doesn’t even know exactly what for himself, but he feels like he needs to

Harry and Michelle have tea and Michelle- because in this verse Eggsy told her everything and Harry got them all away from Dean early on when he first recruited Eggsy- just giggles at her son demanding a proposal and declares it a fine idea, afterall, she knows how much they adore each other and little Daisy squeals, as she can’t talk yet, which both adults take as a yes from the small one too, so Harry got the blessing from both Unwin ladies. They share smirks over Merlin and Roxy getting together finally.  Michelles goes to get sth and then she gives him an old looking ring and explains it’s the ring Lee proposed with and his dad before and so on and yeah, it’s not the traditional way that he proposes with Eggsy’s family’s ring, but he could have it if he wanted

Harry is practical and also likes to surprise Eggsy so he proposes that night- Eggsy wouldn’t expect one so soon and probs thinks Harry would do the whole fancy candle lit dinner- instead Harry makes a lovely dinner and they go to bed and it’s when they’re kissing that Harry asks. Eggsy’s a bit gone on hormones and HARRY, it takes a moment for the question to compute and then he sees THE RING and he’s sobbing yes and yes Harry and omg i love you!

About an hour after the proposal he sends a picture of the ring to Roxy and she just texts back “haha good one” and it takes Eggsy 30 minutes to convince her that this is not a joke about that noon but that Harry actually proposed!

aaaaaaaaaaaand somehow we landed up back in shmoopy Hartwin, go fig ;P

okay i’m a little too emotional right now but i need to say something about cory ‘the dude from the states’ hong

remember back to the ‘pops in seoul’ interview and the request portion where the members were asked to rank each other’s looks? (why do ppl request that??) all the members ranked cory last, including cory himself. they even pointed @ the same fucking time and cory was expecting it…and his face just fucking dropped. (daeil saved their asses by saying he has an attractive personality…but he said his attractive point was not his looks so…)

like?? have they fucking looked @ the man?? cory’s prominent features are his nose and eyes, right?? his nose may not be thin or w/e but it’s so nice?? and his eyes?? what great eyes he has?? and when he smiles…he has the greatest eye smile. god he looks like puppy sometimes?? how is cory not handsome??

and the man is trying his damn best @ being a foreign leader to the group…don’t be like that?? i know we joke about him but he’s such a great guy like respect him more pls

honestly i love cory hong and everyone should too tbh…

also can we please destroy the trend of ranking members’ looks in kpop

Reminds You of Innocence (Jikook)

002 - “You smell nice”

word count: 896

Well, it certainly has been a while hasn’t it. I’m sorry for that. This is pretty short, but I’m trying to find motivation ^.^ But I hope you all enjoy!

Jimin wakes on his own, the sun shining light into his room. He blinks blearily, eyes closing to protect themselves from the light. It’s not often we wakes to light, or without the blaring sound of an alarm ringing in his ears. He’s confused for a moment, unsure of why Seokjin hadn’t woken him up sooner.

“Oh right. Day off,” He mutters to himself, voice still rough from sleep. The sheets are thrown away, but immediately pulled back over him when the cold air hits him.

“Fuck,” He hisses, goosebumps trailing his skin, even under the three blankets he has piled up on his bed. Jimin looks around for warmer clothes. Spotting sweatpants laying on top of his desk chair, he takes a breath before darting out of his bed to get to them. He grabs them and pulls them on sloppily, hopping on one leg at a time. A hoodie catches his eyes and he grabs it without looking, pulling it on as he stumbles out of the door.  

The scent of bacon hits him in the hallway, making him jog to the kitchen, grabbing a plate out of Taehyung’s hands and trotting happily over to the table.

“Hey! That was mine!” Taehyung whines, and Jimin pops a piece of bacon into his mouth.

“Not anymore,” He says, smiling around a mouthful of food. Taehyung follows him, trying to grab his plate back, but stops mid-grab and sniffs.

“Since when did you start wearing Jeongguk’s cologne?” Taehyung says as he moves closer to Jimin, sniffing more deeply. Jimin raises a questioning eyebrow.

“I…don’t?” It comes out as a question. Taehyung sticks his nose into Jimin’s shoulder and sniffs dramatically.

“That is definitely Jeongguk’s cologne,” Taehyung nods, laughing as Jimin shoves him away with an elbow.  

“I’m honestly not wearing-”

“Hey, that’s my hoodie,” a half-asleep Jeongguk murmurs, stumbling in from the hallway. He plops down beside Jimin, thanking Seokjin has he brings Jeongguk a plate of food. Seokjin laughs at the sight and ruffles Jeongguk’s hair.  

Jimin looks down at the hoodie he’s currently wearing. Fingering the strings, he pulls the fabric away from his chest, sniffing it lightly.

“Oh. That makes sense then,” He mumbles, mostly to himself. Jimin reaches for another piece of bacon but Jeongguk bats at his arm weakly.

“Don’t get syrup on that. I like that hoodie,” He gripes. Jimin glances down at the hoodie and snorts.

“Then why was it under a pile of my clothes?” Jeongguk shrugs and goes back to his food. Jimin eyes him for a few seconds before shaking his head and returning to his own meal.

The day is spent lazily. No one leaves the dorm, opting instead to mill around, doing their own things. Jimin and Taehyung decide on watching a movie when Jeongguk trots in, throwing himself on the couch between them. Jimin muses at the thought that they should be annoyed, but instead they just scoot over and make room for him.  

It only takes five minutes before Jeongguk is blinking sleepily. His head drops naturally on Jimin’s shoulder and Jimin doesn’t even flinch, just shoulders further into the couch to a more comfortable position.

“You smell nice.” The words, slightly muffled, are muttered into Jimin’s neck. Jimin’s eyes flick to the side and he snorts.

“I smell like you,” he says. Smiling lazily, Jeongguk nuzzles further into Jimin’s neck.

“Exactly.” Hands twist nervously in sleeves that are way too long. Jimin turns back to the TV.  

“What is that supposed to mean?” He whispers. When he doesn’t get a response, he glances back over to Jeongguk to see him already asleep. Jimin sighs and tries to concentrate on the rest of the movie, but it’s mostly white noise.  

Most everyone has gone to bed, but Jimin sits awake, shifting a certain hoodie between his fingers. Steeling his nerves, he gets up and walks to Jeongguk and Namjoon’s shared room. Namjoon is asleep but Jeongguk is still up, writing something in a notebook. He looks up as Jimin enters, eyes immediately narrowing in on the hoodie in Jimin’s hands.

“I thought I’d return it.” Jimin gestures to the hoodie in his hands. Jeongguk shrugs, looking back down at his notebook.

“Keep it.” He tries to sound nonchalant, but Jimin catches the small frown tugging at his lips. It gives him the courage to keep going.

“I’m going to wash it, you know.” Jeongguk looks up again, a confused look on his face. Jimin lets one corner of his mouth turn up.

“So if the plan was for me to smell like you, you might want to wear it again.” He throws the hoodie and Jeongguk catches it on instinct, his cheeks heating up.

“What? I…no…what?” Jimin giggles and turns to leave. He spots a sweater lying on a table and snatches it as he walks out.

“I guess this’ll have to do for now, huh Kookie?” He doesn’t turn around to garner Jeongguk’s expression, but he doesn’t have to. He already knows he’s won.  

Lets talk about Phil Lester, shall we?

We all know about Phil Lester, right? This dork?

Here’s a better picture

Look at that face. That’s a nice face

Here’s an even better picture

And it’s not just a good face, because it belongs to an even better person

and look at this face

That obviously has to belong to a pretty amazing person if you ask me

and his eYES

even closer

Those are some pretty fricken awesome eyes man, I’m just saying

so thats phil lester, he’s an awesome guy, he’s funny, he’s nice, and not to mention he looks like this

So what else can i say?

Larry stylinson fic

The Prince and The Nice Neighbor

“Harry is helping Lou keep an eye on her daughter, and all the girls she invited over for Lux’s birthday party, when he has a vision. The kind of vision that makes you spit your strawberry flavored juice all over little 8 years old girls’ dresses.”

Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

1.3k words

No one went over my grammar (but someone is right now) and i’m gonna post the edited version the second i have it. So you can wait if you want :)