he has more than just a pretty face

  • nico: I got absolutely, definitely rid of my crush on Percy Jackson. I'm not in love with him anymore. I mean, I know I basically almost died for him and put my life at risk and everything, but really. I have a boyfriend now. My life has changed. I'm a completely different man, who has no crushes on ideal heroes anymore. Jackson has never been nothing more than a pretty face, honestly. That's what is it. We're all overestimating him... that's the truth. He's just a random nice boy.
  • percy: *walks into same room* hey ya
  • nico: *sweats*
I'll Get Over This in a Lily Bit

@inell | AO3Hey inell! Just wanted to let you know that I love your work and I think you’re super awesome! I was thrilled to see you were my secret santa. I really hope you like your gift! Happy holidays :) - @voubledision

So Derek has been Stiles’ number uno enemy since like day ONE okay nothing aggravates him more than seeing Derek’s dumb jock pretty boy face every morning of every day of high school. In fact, Stiles hates that fucker SO much that he’s been on a quest to give Derek the most fucked up flower bouquets for his girlfriend that secretly mean “I hate your guts” or “you smell like a toilet” or whatever.

So here’s the thing. Stiles hates Derek Hale’s guts.

And no, not “hate” his guts where he could probably (probably not?) learn to be civil and talk to him about the weather and shit and pass the time this way until they graduate to never see each other again. No, Stiles HATES Derek Hale. Hates him and his merry band of jocky cocky assholes he calls friends. Hated him since the day he and his moronic band of friends broke into his mother’s flower shop for kicks and ruined her hydrangeas. That shit was hard to grow alright? His mother LOVED those things and when Stiles had walked into the shop the next day he had to stare in horror at the dirt left on the ground and the crushed flowers that were left on the ground by Derek Hale’s ugly gigantic feet.

(It was at this point in the story that Scott stopped him to make an UNNECESSARY comment about the size of a man’s feet and Stiles had to kick Scott to stop him from laughing so hard.)

There was nothing more that he wanted than to walk up to Derek Hale’s face and stuff a Venus fly trap down his tight pants. Would he even be able to fit anything else in there??? How did he walk in those things anyway—

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I love Onion’s little shit eating grin here.

Even if he has motives he definitely enjoys trolling Steven.

Oh god we’re about to see Onion’s house aren’t we.

Also why is that garage open? I guess the SU universe is more safe than the real world.

Oh it’s just a painter’s room….

Why the fuck is Amethyst there.

What the fuck is that face on the clock.




This is indeed pretty weird.

Just a pretty face?

This boy is so much more than just the hottest buttercream bae

He’s so supportive of his friends

He’s never complained abour Conor being more popular/talented

He loves his friends to death and admires them

He is SO chill

Seriously how chill can you be

But even with all this chill, he’s still a classy motherfucker

He is so creative and genuine

He ALWAYS tries so hard to be good

He loves #banter

He has come so far since he first uploaded a video

He loves to help his friends and their respectives carreers

He enjoys doing youtube


(and that includes jack bc I sometimes feel like Jack also thinks hes just a pretty face at times)

Jin getting the love and affection he deserves

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Seokjin -

He wasn’t really sure what to do with himself when you began complimenting him. When you called him handsome he could just agree and act all smug because of course he’s sexy. But when you compliment his hard work, the great effort he puts into everything, tell him that he’s so much more than a pretty face…Jin was lost. He wants to cry he’s so happy, he’s so thankful that he has you in his life. All he can do is hold you in his arms.

“I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, I love you.”

We can all agree that Naruto has had some pretty emotional moments but I think the one that hit me hardest was this tiny pained inhale he does when Sasuke comes at him after beating his face into mashed potato

My boy is so tired. At this point he has been fighting for more than 24 straight hours watching countless people die and saving the world while trying to keep the people he loves the most alive only to find that Sasuke has turned away from him once again in probably the biggest betrayal of all. For all intents and purposes, he literally fucking died a few hours ago when Kurama was forcibly ripped out of him and since then, he’s done the impossible and triumphed over an actual deity as well as said a final goodbye to his father and mentors. This should be his time to grieve, to rest, to make sure that his friends are ok and maybe start picking up some pieces after the war but instead he is forced into another pointless battle with the person he still considers his best friend in order to save everyone. Again.

On his birthday.

All this poor kid ever wanted was his friend back and yet here he is defending not only his own life, but also those of the Kage and the Bijuu and even Sasuke himself who has always been too stubborn to see it. Naruto is fucking exhausted. Beyond exhausted and to make it worse, he thought it was over and everything would be ok. He has no chakra left apart from the bare minimum needed to keep his heart pumping and this incredible boy is still giving everything he has to save Sasuke even though his body is screaming at him to drop to the ground and never get up. He is always so completely filled with determination and he exudes it from his whole body which is why this particular moment is so striking. We’ve never seem him look so defeated before.

And this barely perceptible moment of weakness is all he allows himself to feel and show before going right back to business.

Ummmmm of course??? I will listen the hell out of that

McCree has seen a lot of awful stuff, and probably has a few pretty terribly scarred people in his gang anyway, so Hanzo would definitely find himself feeling much more at ease around McCree than he is around others because that cowboy doesn’t seem fazed by anything. 

Maybe Hanzo finds himself feeling too comfortable and shows him his face in order to affirm his own self loathing, but it spectacularly backfires when McCree just smiles at him and says, “You oughtta take that thing off more often, Darlin’. No point in havin’ such pretty eyes if you’re just gonna go around hidin’ them all the time.” It throws Hanzo totally off balance, and he tries to rationalize that McCree’s nothing more than a common crook and is probably trying to manipulate him into dropping his guard, but it doesn’t change the fact that it makes Hanzo feel almost vaguely human for the first time in years. It’s no Shambali, but it is something.

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Im just realize if furuta really look like princess snow white for me. Or it just im to overwhelming for love him even compare with some beautiful disney? T^T he has dark medium hair, pale white skin, pretty face, sexy red lips (ishida more draw his lip bit detail than other chara so yeah,love apples but he grab green apple instead red one, cuz he anti mainstream), surrounded by V dwarf and love cleaning

…I think I need an au of this

                                   MISTY & TEAM ROCKET

         MISTY DOESN’T acclimate well to becoming a member of Team Rocket.

         THE ORGANISATION stands for everything she’s not; they view Pokemon as things to be collected, as tools instead of partners, and to them innocent lives that get caught in their crossfire are merely collateral damage. It doesn’t sit well with her—in fact, in the very beginning it makes her physically ill. She’s still merely a contact, a grunt that’s at the lowest rank of the ladder but manages to be deemed important because of her Gym. She allows them to utilise her Gym as a front for their illegal operations, going so far as to make her three sisters leave and adopting a cold, harsh persona to help shield herself against their heartbroken expressions and her citizen’s confusion. Her apprentices are all banned. New Pokemon appear, stronger and much more merciless, and suddenly the people of Cerulean begin to whisper: something isn’t right, Misty isn’t using Psyduck any more…

         HER INITIATION was painful, to say the least—she hears through the grapevine that it’s usually pretty standard, however when The Boss takes a particular interest in an individual, the process becomes… a bit more unique. For Misty, it was to watch in dismay as her Horsea, so small and scared, was pulled from her grasp. She was forced to watch as they evolved him, going against his natural evolution cycle in rapid succession. She should have been proud, other grunts told her with somewhat jealous gleams to their eyes, because she got a Kingdra out of the deal.

         BUT HIS suffering shattered her heart.

         HER TEAM is torn asunder. Psyduck is no longer on it, though she still fights to keep her Boss from trying to evolve him, too. Despite not battling for her, Psyduck has remained by her side outside of his Pokeball, forever loyal. Handpicked Pokemon are placed onto her team, with only her most loyal that were willing to put up the necessary front being allowed to stay. She has to be fierce. Condescending. No more teaching new trainers the sanctity of their bond with their Pokemon, no more lectures on respect with a kind smile; all of this is lost, now, as she takes up the mantle of Rocket. She is angry. She wipes the floor with them and sends them on their way without so much as a single glance.

         AND WHEN her initiation to ascend the ladder and become an admin is brought to her, she feels sick all over again. The gun is pressed into her gloved hands and she nods, accepting this duty. Accepting it because somewhere, in the midst of her self-doubt and loathing and bitterness, a glimmer of affection for someone just as entangled as she is still shines on.

         MISTY WATERFLOWER, former sworn enemy of Team Rocket, kills a man in cold blood to become one of Giovanni’s trusted few.

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Did you ever figure out what your partner-in-crime has planned for tomorrow? I know you guys consider the day you met just as important as the day you started dating. Maybe even more than that! So Happy Early Anniversary, you two!!

“Thanks!  He’s been keepin’ his figurative lips seal, and I doube he’ll talk about it on his blog, so I’ll just have to wait and see.  I, eh….  Heh, I’m pretty excited honestly.  I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated something that felt so…  Huge or important.  Sure, his birthday was a great thing, and Gyftmas woulda been great also, but this is like…  One, full, entire year.  Some folks don’t have relationships of any kind that last that long.  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be fuckin’ amazing, no matter how small or extravagant.” 

This was the first time taichi talked to suo meijin and the first time the meijin was introduced to us. But why was this scene not included in the anime? Also I think it hurt taichi’s pride a bit when suo refused to give him sweets because he wasn’t an A-class player. Even while playing the B-class finals, he remembered him asking “are you an A class player?”. Now, after reading 175 chapters, I wonder if suetsugu sensei had already planned on building the suo-taichi friendship/student-mentor pair while drawing this chapter 40. It is because the author has shown a lot of suo-taichi development that I feel positive that it is taichi who will face suo in the meijin finals. After all this development and struggle that is shown in taichi’s karuta, it would be pretty disappointing if he looses against arata in the coming meijin qualifiers. I am not saying that arata is not a hard worker. But it is just that I feel the manga has focused more on taichi’s karuta than arata’s. Arata has time and again shown as a person who will become a meijin, but at the same time taichi has been shown as a dark horse. So, all this expectations by people in the chihayafuru world maybe have built to broken by taichi. I can’t imagine the surprised faces everyone will make if taichi defeats arata in meijin qualifiers. Also, right now at the moment I don’t think anyone is stronger than suo san….not even arata .So, I feel suo can only be defeated by someone who knows him and his karuta really well. We saw a similar thing in the yoshino tournament in taichi vs chihaya match. Also being a biased taichi fan I do want to see him in the meijin finals (*fingers crossed*)

Casual Kylo Ren with a palette :B

honnestly, Ren with a man bun is way too hot. (and that’s what he’s listening to. ;D)

I might do Hux next. °3° but I have work to do first.

laid low

screwsfalloutt said: If you were so inclined to write a sick!tony fic I would probs shed some tears.

The skin around the arc reactor has to be pretty carefully looked after, and following a particularly hectic week, Tony looks down and finds the edges are inflamed, which explains why his chest aches more than usual.

“Shit,” he sighs.

He’s so tired, he ends up calling everyone, instead of just Bruce, the way he means to.

“Oh, uh, hi,” he says, when they start trooping in, expectant looks on their faces. “Shit, I sent out an all-call didn’t I.”

Steve gives him a look, eyebrows creeping up his forehead. “You didn’t mean to assemble?”

“Shit,” Tony says again. “No.”

Funny enough, it’s Clint who notices first. “What’s going on with that?” he asks, pointing at the arc reactor. Embarrassed, Tony considers just yanking down his shirt until he can get rid of them, but Sam’s eyes land on it before he can make a decision either way and his eyes go wide.

“Is that infected?”

“I don’t know,” Tony admits. “I was gonna call Bruce and have him help me with some tests.

Bruce makes a noise of exasperation. “Tony, how many times do I have to tell you. I’m not a good substitute for one of the numerous doctors we have here in the Tower—”

“Not for the arc reactor,” Tony says, and that’s that.

Sam kneels down on the floor in front of him to get a better look. He’s careful not to touch without getting permission first and Tony’s painfully grateful for it. He frowns. “It doesn’t look like there’s any pus or anything, but it’s definitely inflamed. Bruce, you know enough to do a swab. Let’s do that and get it tested.”

They don’t have to wait that long though, because just a few hours after they shuffle him off to bed, Tony wakes himself up coughing.

Natasha, who’s sitting by the window painting her nails, quickly puts the polish aside and walks over on her heels. She feels his forehead and says, “Yikes, your temperature’s definitely up.”

Tony just groans, because no shit. His head is throbbing and he aches all over. His skin is uncomfortable. Particularly the skin around the arc reactor, which is redder and more inflamed than before. He ends up stripping out of his shirt because the fabric against it is unbearable.

He spends awhile tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, and only seems to get more miserable. Natasha sings something throaty in Russian and cards her fingers through his hair for awhile. That’s almost nice.

Then Sam comes with Bruce and they make worried faces and end up making him lie flat on his back until that exacerbates the coughing. Then they prop him up with a bunch of pillows and lay cool cloths over the angry red skin around the arc reactor. That is not nice. He sleeps for awhile.

When he wakes up, Natasha’s gone and Steve’s sitting in the bed next to him, doodling in his sketchpad. “Hey,” he says, softly, when he sees Tony’s awake. “How are you feeling?”

“Like roadkill,” Tony rasps. His voice sounds horrific.

“Hungry roadkill?” Steve asks hopefully.

Tony shakes his head. The thought of trying to eat anything makes him queasy. Steve nods, disappointed, but not willing to force the issue. He holds out a sippy cup—like a real, actual sippy cup with a straw, unbelievable. “Gatorade,” he says, “mixed with a little Sprite. You need to stay hydrated and have something in you to fight this off.”

Tony just moans something in response, but he takes a sip out of the cup. The first few are actually good, then it seems to sour in his mouth and he pushes the cup away.

Thor and then Clint are there, the next few times he wakes up, and as shitty as he feels, it’s nice to come out of it and have one of his teammates there, waiting with crackers and more of the Gatorade/Sprite concoction to ply him with. He feels awful, but a small part of him kind of enjoys it, the way they let him curl up around them and the way they’ve got it all organized to make sure there’s always someone there to take care of him. And it stays that way until he starts to improve and gets too antsy to stay in bed anymore.

He goes back to his routine, except he keeps falling asleep mid-task and waking up to find he’s moved onto the nearest couch, his head pillowed in one of his teammates’ laps.

It’s a relief, when two weeks later he hasn’t fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon two days in a row and Sam takes a look at his chest and says, “Looks like the infection’s all gone. Glad we never had to deal with it getting to your heart.”

“Yeah, that would have been a bitch,” Tony says and pulls his shirt back down. He looks around at all of them, because of course they’re here, hovering like the mother hens they’ve been since that first accidental call, and then glances down at his hands. “Thanks,” he says, and waves a hand absently. “For, you know.”

“We are your shieldbrothers,” Thor says, “we would be here for you in your time of need.”

Tony smiles down at his own interlocked hands. “Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, that’s… Thanks,” he repeats, and this time, he looks at each of them in turn, steady and sure.

It’s nice to know there’s someone looking out for him.

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Hey Dark, do you like Jack? Hey Anti, do you like Mark? (insert lenny face here)

“Jack is far easier to deal with than Anti, though, he’s just as loud. But, what would you expect.” Dark shrugs. “I could certain find out 

“Oh hell yeah! Mark as far more emotion than Dark, do of course he’s great. He also has nice eyes, but I’m waiting for the perfect time to snatch ‘em!” Anti snickers, playing around with a knife. This boy has a weird fascination for eyes, so you better watch out, he’ll come for you if you have pretty eyes; he like collecting them.

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Fic idea: Superhero AU where the main team is Hajime, Komaeda, and Chiaki. Hajime has no idea when he got powers but seems to have all of them. Komaeda's power is his luck and he considers himself nothing more than a sidekick. Chiaki is the mission control, and no one's actually met her face-to-face. At the end, Hajime and Komaeda go to meet Chiaki in person and find out she's just an AI who has no idea she's an AI.

im not sure what you mean by “seems to have all of them” but besides that I think it’s a pretty cool idea and i am all for it !

Mallard headcanons (largely influenced by @andthentherewastrouble‘s interpretation of him in her first fic)

He used to also be a pretty strong (and surprisingly fast, naturally) guy years ago.  But since he hasn’t run since the late 80s, he’s lost a lot of his strength and has trouble even standing and walking now and a lot of times he leans on others for support or gets carried around by someone strong enough to support his weight.  He’s the same height as FS and Gordon, of course, but has always been physically smaller.  Really doughy and soft just about everywhere as well due to his inactivity, but he’s not really fond of being touched since he’s really insecure about this.  I haven’t tried drawing him to really cement my mental image of him, but for now I’m going with her interpretation of him with a pretty sharp, thin face. I’ll also tentatively say that he’s more rectangular than FS as he has narrower hips, but I’m not totally certain.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

More Than Just a Pretty Face; written by Dezziebelle, art by Reaperlove77

Track: Big Bang
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Minor sexual language, minor foul language

When ‘Beauty and the Geek’ comes back for its sixth season Balthazar begs Dean to send in a casting tape. Dean does with no expectation to actually be on the show. He pairs up with Castiel Novak, a professor of theology that has almost no social skills and little “nerdy” knowledge, and they nearly instantly take a dislike to each other. However, there’s a mutual attraction neither can deny there, too. Can they get past their opinions of each other in order to win the cash prize and, maybe, find out you can’t always judge a book by its over? [AUBB 2016]

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i was rewatching 1d on ellen and i can't get over when they're playing never have i ever and harry basically says he hooked up with a fan like.... AKSJFJHSK do you really think he did bc i mean we all know how he likes to gas us up so maybe he just did that for our imagination lmfao you know what i mean??

oh my god he was such a little shit that whole interview bless


i see what you mean he’s looking right at the fans in the audience. he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. 

anyway yes he totally has maybe more than once i’m sure he gets flustered over us too (example: remember how red his cheeks got when he called that one girl pretty in concert) who wouldn’t when you have millions of girls screaming your name, ya know? 

anyway, i fucking hate harry styles. so much. LOOK AT HIS FACE. FUCK YOU, STYLES. FUCK YOU.