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Honestly, Elizabeth.  It astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.

Sybbie and George in the Christmas Special.

Avengers Preference: Helping a Blind Teammate


Bruce would be very helpful when it came to equipment and uniform design for his teammate. It presented a rare challenge for him! He took their blindness and found ways to build a suit and weaponry (with plenty of help from T. Stark) that worked to strengthen their other abilities and adjust for a lack of sight. 


In the beginning, Bucky kept his distance from the new teammate. He had seen too many men and women die in battle, and in his mind, their blindness was going to get them killed eventually. Boy. He was wrong. After warming up to them, Bucky began to actually seek them out curing combat training. The two of them can relate because they both have equipment designed to accommodate a disability that may otherwise hold them back. His teammate makes Bucky feel more included and less alone in the group. 


Clint is already familiar with the experience of being an Avenger with a disability; his deafness. It’s something he has had to work around in order to do his job, but he has a lot of advice for what to do. He never treats his teammate as if they are less capable because they are blind. He knows they are just as capable as any of the rest. Just look at him!


Although at her heart she means well, Natasha sometimes comes across as a little harsh during training. She wants her teammate to be able to protect themselves in the field, with or without sight, so she pushes them. She is never, ever cruel. But she doesn’t mess around!


Pietro would look to have a sibling-like relationship with their team member. His favorite game is to see if he can move quickly enough that his teammate loses track of him. Pietro always loses; he underestimates just what a badass they are. Just because they can’t see doesn’t mean they’re not still quicker than he is on the draw. But at the end of the day, Pietro cares a lot about them. He does his best to keep them safe without treating them like they are incapable. 


Sam, ever kind and understanding, is always keeping an eye on his teammate, on and off the field. He knows they can take care of themselves- if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be here. But he is still cautious of their whereabouts and well being. He would also be a great friend off the battlefield, offering any assistance they might require. 


Steve would be a worried father. It’s one thing he and Tony firmly agree on; their concern for their teammates safety. At first he would be insistent that the new teammate was unfit to go into battle. It’s for their own safety, he believes. But with Nat’s insistence that they are ready, Clint’s assurance that it CAN in fact be done without sight, and Bruce’s quiet two cents on his newest state-of-the-art equipment, Steve can’t deny that the newest member, blind or not, can keep up on the field.


Thor wouldn’t think much of it. To him, if this new member can hold their own on the battlefield, why is something as trivial as human sight going to hold them back? He has seen many great warriors overcome the enemies they face with no problem, regardless of whether they can see, hear, etc. He was one of the many team members vehemently supporting the inclusion of their new member in battle. He hardly feels they need “help” at all!


Tony would seem almost nervous around his teammate, always being weirdly strict about safety. It comes from a place of concern and caring; Tony often feels that the responsibility rests on him to keep everyone alive and well on missions. So he is always a little wary when they all go into battle, although he does respect his new teammate’s abilities despite being blind. 


Vision is fascinated by his teammate; that they could be such an impressive warrior without their sight! He loves to sit and talk to them, voicing his praise and asking questions about what it’s like to go through life without being able to see. He, of course, has their back when they need it. But he is always surprised by how little protection they need in battle. 


Wanda, like Bruce, want’s to use her abilities to help her teammate in any way she can. She tries to find a way to use her powers to show them visions of what she sees around them. Wanda would probably get very close to the new member and spend a lot of time with them on and off the field. She respects them so much for their strength and abilities despite being blind. 

BONUS: Scott 

Scott completely underestimated his teammate when they first met, but quickly learned just how wrong he was. They have saved his hide on multiple occasions during missions. By the time they really got to know one another, Scott had an incredible respect and admiration for his teammate. When they aren’t kicking ass on the battlefield, they’re usually comparing cool gadgets on their personalized suits!