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Gravity (The 100 AU)

I couldn’t get this AU idea out of my head once I saw THIS post by @itsladyhawke - which heavily inspired my own graphics as well.

It’s an AU version of season three of ‘The 100′, with a little bit of fantasy mixed in. This took WAY longer to write than I expected. Happy Easter, everyone.

Beta-read by @brizzbee



Alec and Izzy are running through the Idris camp at full speed because apparently, there’s a grounder at the gates.

They both have their guns ready - the fact that it’s just one grounder doesn’t mean shit, they both know just how much damage even one of them can do. Chancellor Fray is already at the gates, waiting for them, along with Luke - her right hand and chief guard - and Clary. Jace is with them, talking quietly with his girlfriend, his posture tense as they gesture towards the main camp entrance.

“What does he want?” Alec asks, a little breathless as he and Izzy join the group.

“We don’t know,” Luke answers them, “but he’s carrying a white flag.”

Alec’s brain takes a moment to catch up.

“What,” he raises his eyebrows, “like war messengers in history books?”

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