he has like big manly chests

Up10tion @ the Beach

Jinhoo: makes sure everyone has sunscreen and has extra toys and floaters in case anyone needs them :)

Kuhn: jumps right in the water *squeals like a little girl* (even though it’s pretty cold) because he’s “manly”.

Kogyeol: sitting on the side on a blanket with a book and a big sun hat looking dazzling but of course it’s just for Kuhn.

Wei: remembers he can’t swim so he’s flopping around in the shallow water like a beached whale  *Wei-il.

Bitto: surfing the waves (without a surfboard. wuht?)

Wooshin: sitting on a rock with seaweed in his hair and starfish on his chest like a bra.

Sunyoul: laughing and splashing around in the water like the happiest little sunshine ever while also trying to drown the rest of his members ^^

Gyujin: just standing there in the water with a smirk on his face I think he might have peed

Hwanhee: building a sand castle for Xiao.

Xiao: even though he’s not in the water, he’s got on all the floaters because jinhoo said “just in case”