he has it so easy with the ball!!!


It is not easy to best Sherlock Holmes, as he is so very masterful and quick-witted. Sometimes, however, I have found an area in which he has little to no knowledge or skill.

We had just completed a case with Lestrade. It was a day or two after Boxing Day and the Christmas decorations were still in evidence throughout his welcoming home. He showed us into the parlor and offered us each a warming drink.

We had scarcely taken our seats when the sound of little feet approached the parlour door in great haste.

“Daddy! Daddy!” a small boy ran in with a ball tucked under his arm. “Can we go to the park now? You promised! You said we could as soon as you got home.”

Lestrade gave us a look that pleaded for sympathy and then took to one knee in order to look his son in the eye whilst giving his answer.

“Now, Tim, let me just tend to my guests and then we’ll go to the park. All right?”

Tim looked far from happy but he nodded. “Yes, Daddy,” said he with quiet obedience. He then turned to leave the room.

“Come over here, Tim,” Holmes instructed with a small smile and a flick of his long fingers. “Come and sit by the fire, with me.”

The boy did so rather shyly.

My companion slipped a hand inside his pocket for a moment and then crouched so that he was at eye level with the young child. “How old are you, Tim?”

“I’m six.”

“Mr. Holmes,” his father prompted.

“I’m six, Mr. Holmes,” he repeated with polite obedience.

Holmes allowed his smile to broaden. “Would you like sixpence?”

“Now, Holmes,” Lestrade began in protest.

He held up a hand for silence, still smiling at the young boy. “You seem to have something in your ear, Tim. Might I take a look. Ah! I thought that it was…”

To Tim’s astonishment he snatched something and held it up. It was a shiny six penny piece.

“Was that really inside my ear?” the boy asked as my friend handed it to him.

“Indeed it was, so it would be wrong of me to take it from you,” said he with another smile. “Now then, Tim, where is it that you wish to go to?”

The child smiled at my companion as if he were an old friend. “To the park, Mr. Holmes. Daddy said that he’d show me how to play football.”

Holmes pointed toward me. “Doctor Watson is good at sports. He used to play rugby for Blackheath, he has told me.”

How I wished at that moment that I had never mentioned it! All the same, I admitted that although I had once been strong and able, I was no longer the man I had been.

“Come now, Doctor,” Lestrade said with a smile. “I’m sure you and Mr. Holmes would be more than a match for me and my son!”

Holmes suddenly seemed less than enthusiastic about football and I suspected that he had intended for me to somehow entertain the child while he and Lestrade talked in peace. He did not back down however, and the four of us made our way to the park.

Lestrade chose a patch of grass upon which (he said) he had played football with his brother and friends as a boy and pointed out some trees that served as goal posts. The game then commenced.

I did not make a good sporting companion. I was already stiff and cold after the case and my leg and shoulder made kicking, running and stopping goals almost impossible. Holmes was fast and appeared to be almost everywhere at once and yet the ball still seemed to be everywhere that he was not.

Lestrade had not forgotten how to kick a ball and his son, though young and still without a strong kicking action, was not without some skill. They beat us soundly.

Holmes at last had to admit defeat and held up a hand to indicate that he had had enough as he leant wearily on the trunk of one of our goal posts. He was quite out of breath.

“I think we’ve won, Tim,” Lestrade announced, swinging his son up onto his shoulders. “Come on, let’s get back inside. Would you and Doctor Watson like to stay for tea, Mr. Holmes? Mrs. Lestrade will lay on a good spread for us.”

We returned to the inspector’s home to be greeted with the smell of tea, cakes and mince pies.

The meal was a pleasant affair, but Holmes was rather put out when our host boasted to his wife that he and their son had “finally found something that Holmes can be beaten at” and insisted that it was only because we were both so weary after the recent case.

It was of course quite true, but Lestrade was also quite right when he snorted and replied with the indignant words “And how do you think I feel?”

Thoughts about chapter 859

This chapter was out earlier than I expected but the strategy meeting moves forward and it seems like they are agreeing the methods how they are going to create a unforgettable tea party that’ll be in less than two hours and 30 mins !

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“You look beautiful, darling,” Ethan smiles at you, wrapping an arm around your waist and kissing you softly.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you say, before he takes your hand and leads you into the ballroom. You can both hear Brandt and Benji talking over the coms, but neither of you can risk responding. The man you’re after has eyes and ears everywhere in this room.

The mission is for Benji to get into the computers and gather as much Intel as possible, then shut the power off so you, Ethan, and Brandt can arrest the terrorist and his “friends.” You don’t even have a name to put to the face, which makes it harder, but he’s throwing this party under a false name (Aaron Turner), so he’ll be easy to get to.

You and Ethan play the rolls of a married couple happening to pass through Prague for the ball. You’re to “make friends” with “Mr. Turner”, then take him out when the time is necessary. Until Benji was ready, you just have to look like you enjoy the ball as best you can. Brandt watches the both of you from a distance, playing the hopeful bachelor.

“I’m in,” Benji informs. “This can take to as long as an hour though.”

Ethan nods at a security camera to let Benji know we heard, before turning to you. “May I have this dance?”

You smile. “Of course.”

He leads you into the middle of the dance floor, in view of the host of this party, and a slow song begins to play. Wrapping your arms around Ethan’s neck, he does the same around your waist, kissing your neck softly before looking into your eyes. You place your head on his chest, swaying back and forth as you hear Benji say something about how he wishes the two of you would act like this all the time. You give the camera a glare, not wanting Benji to give away your crush in Ethan, not knowing Ethan’s doing the same thing.

When the song ends, you and Ethan pretend to be lustful, and he pulls you into the far corner of the room before pushing you against the wall and kissing you furiously. You kiss back, hands in his hair, barely hearing Benji as he tells you Mr. Turner is heading your way, and you definitely have his attention. Nodding, Ethan kisses you again, before beginning to pull you away only to be stopped by Mr. Turner.

“Good evening,” he says, smiling sickly as his eyes rake over your body uncomfortably, never once looking in your eyes or Ethan’s. “Who might you be?”

Ethan clears his throat, making Mr. Turner look up at him. “I’m James Garrett, and this is my wife, Sarah.”

You smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh no,” the man smirks, reaching forward and kissing your hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”

You catch Brandt’s eye over Turner’s shoulder, and he winks at you, having just witnessed you and Ethan’s make out session. You blush, and look away, fake-smiling as you step back. Ethan and the man begin to converse, until Benji says, “Got it.” And the ballroom goes dark.

The thousands of people begin to scream, and you put on your small night-vision glasses to see Aaron Turner already unconscious and being dragged away by Ethan. You and Brandt do the same to one of the guards (luckily he only had two), and follow Ethan to the waiting IMF van.

After giving the terrorists to the other agents to be taken into custody, you and Ethan walk alone back to the car where Benji and Brandt will meet you. Brandt went to help Benji get his equipment to the car, as last time the poor guy got caught with his various briefcases, and the getaway was very difficult.

“So,” Ethan says, smiling down at you. “That went well.”

You nod in agreement. “One of the best missions I’ve ever been on.”

“Where’re you headed after this?”

Reaching the car, you lean against the side. “Well, I’m on your team, so I’ll probably just take some time to relax until we get called in again.”

He nods, before fidgeting slightly from where he stands in front of you, leaning against the car in the space next to yours. “Maybe we could do something until we get called in again.”

You cock your head to the side, smiling. “Are you asking me on a date?”

Ethan hesitates visibly. “No, it’s just that we only ever see each other when we’re on missions, so I thought-”

Smiling and rolling your eyes, you reach forward and grab his tie, pulling him close to kiss him. He’s shocked at first, but then his right hand comes to rest by your head on the car, and the other is on your waist. You run your hands through his silky hair, and he bites down softly on your lip before you hear someone clear their throat.

Pulling apart, the two of you look over to see Benji and Brandt standing there smirking at you. “About time,” Brandt says, while Benji just grins. Ethan rolls his eyes and kisses you again.

That determined look on his face can only mean one thing: They are going to play catch and he isn’t going easy on his kids. 

Silas will throw that ball so hard it’s gonna have both kids turn into dragons and find it in a forest at night. 

Probably beats his kids lv 30 pokemon with a team of lv 100 legendaries.

3-stock them in Smash using Corrin.

Squidbags them after splatting them in Splatoon using E-Liters 3K scoped.

He has no freakin chill.

Happy Dad’s Day

Which “Dresden Files” Characters should you fight?

Harry Dresden: You can try. You’ll fail and he’ll be throwing snark at you the whole time, but he’ll see how weak you are compared to him and let you off easy. 

Karrin Murphy: Ha! What are you crazy? She will kick your ass ten ways to Sunday, and roll her eyes the whole time. 

Mouse: How could you? He is a gigantic ball of fluff, and it would be much funner to rub his belly and get doggy kisses. Also, he’s a gigantic magical dog that can destroy you, but he’s too sweet for that.

Mister: He’s a big, cute kitty! You’re heartless if you try. 

Michael Carpenter: He’s old and needs a cane, but he has angels guarding his ass, so good luck. Also, after you lose he will forgive you and try to help you become a better person.

Charity Carpenter: You will end up beaten, bloodied and comatose. Do not try to fight Charity Carpenter. 

Thomas Raith: Do not fight Thomas Raith you will lose. Have sex with him instead, and you will win. 

Toot-Toot the fairy: He is too small and quick for you to hit him, and he has an army of other fairies armed with boxcutters to cut you up. Do not fight Toot Toot. 

John Marcone: He’s the head of a criminal organization even if you do win he’ll just have some of his boys fuck you up later. Do not fight John Marcone.

Butters: Probably the only person in this line-up you’ll have any chance of beating. Go ahead and fight him. You’ll win, but Polka Will Never Die!, and he does have some powerful friends that might find you and fuck you up. 

Bob the skull: If you make sunlight hit him he will die immediately, so it will be pretty easy, but why do that when you can use him to learn about magic and talk about boobs?

ok i got some new followers so for those of you who don’t feel like going through my about page right now, some very basic info:

  • tsuzuki is japanese and works as a shinigami (basically brings wandering souls to the afterlife)
  • he loves food! and alcohol! and affection!
  • he also loves animals and kids!
  • he was horribly mistreated as a kid bc he’s always been super different from everyone else and his big heart makes him easy to take advantage of
  • he’s mentally ill (major depression + ptsd) and has canonically attempted suicide multiple times :-)
  • he feels horrendously guilty about everything all the time and just piles blame on himself until he can’t take it anymore :-))
  • he’s gay as hell but won’t admit it out loud ever because internalized homophobia
  • he was born in 1900 so he’s very old pls be gentle with him
  • he’s a huge fluff ball who loves everyone but is very successful at pushing people away when they get too close :(
  • he just wants love but doesn’t know how to accept it
  • he hates himself. like a lot. like more than any other character i’ve ever played. the self loathing is very deep and powerful and strong.
  • he’s a functioning alcoholic and self-harms regularly to deal with the mental illness.
  • he had a big sister growing up who acted as his mom but she died when he was 16.
  • he was hospitalized for 8 years before he died.
  • oh yeah btw he’s dead
  • he’s chill tho, he looks like a normal person, you wouldn’t be able to tell he was dead unless he told you or you found shit out about his past
  • love him

Is this me doing fanart wth is up with me.

SO I heard Danny has been. Having a rough time recently and I wanted to draw a lil something for him and since he’s the one playing ALBW, Loafus Danny had to be a thing I guess. And I couldn’t resist an Arin Navi for his comment on a recent episode about knowing how she feels. Sorry Arin maybe I’ll draw u some other time but for now ur a glowing ball.

Now here’s the mushy part ok I love Dan he’s a super down to earth dude and has said a lot of stuff that has inspired me during his time w Game Grumps but also said a ton that has been easy to relate to and hit home quite a bit, especially recently. So I wanted to draw something small just to, idk, let him know I’m cheering for him. Cos he’s a cool dude and I love his work.

This got long I’m gonna shut up HOPE U LIKE IT GUYS

harry potter reread: philosopher’s stone pt v
  • after getting the nimbus, ron and harry “found the way upstairs blocked by Crabbe and Goyle.” does malfoy just fucking wait around for harry or what? does he methodically plan his every move based on what harry’s doing? ‘malfoy i’m hungry’ 'HUSH goyle we must wait here on the off chance that potter comes by’
  • wood mentions a quidditch game that went on for THREE MONTHS!!! why can’t wizards just make things easy for themselves
  • ok so wood doesn’t know what basketball is but he pulls out a bag of golf balls to practice with, do you think he knows about golf? or did he just marvel at them when he got the bag like 'what curious muggle trinkets are these' 
  • “Ron, however, was to be paired with Hermione Granger. It was hard to tell whether Ron or Hermione was angrier about this.” YOU TWO GET MARRIED LATER HA HA HA
  • when ron tries the levitation spell he just screams WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA “waving his long arms like a windmill.” you ridiculous tall child
  • on halloween, quirrell doesn’t rush in bellowing about the troll at the top of his lungs, but runs ALL THE WAY to the staff table and gasps it before 'fainting’. do you think when he was down on the floor voldemort was hissing 'YOU FORGOT YOUR STUTTER, YOU’RE NOT COMMITTED ENOUGH TO THE PART!! merlin i cannot BELIEVE this amateur, I CAN’T WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS’
  • when snape gets bitten by fluffy, harry walks in on filch helping to bandage the damaged leg. snape is just “holding his robes above his knees” to treat the wound, which has put the horrific idea in my head that he doesn’t wear anything under his robes. sexy legs snape
  • to cheer harry on, the gryffindors make a banner saying 'potter for president’ which is really cute but you can tell they struggled with that one. 'quick what else begins with p?’ 'uhhh president’ 'what? the uk doesn’t even have a presidency. fuck it we’ve been working on this for hours. dean paint the lion now’
  • “When Angelina had scored, Harry had done a couple of loop-the-loops to let out his feelings.” this is the equivalent of a football player suddenly breaking out into a dance after somebody else scores
  • i’m not the first person to pick up on this but the weasley twins bewitch snowballs to hit quirrell in the back of the head and so voldemort repeatedly gets hit in the face. he must’ve been absolutely livid, just imagine him trying to contain his rage
  • madam pince brandishes a feather duster at harry which means she probably doesn’t use magic to tidy the library. gotta keep busy somehow i suppose
  • i’m SO in love with the fact that molly makes harry a sweater, she is such a wonderful sweetheart. and harry genuinely treasures it because he’s never been given anything made with so much love - the dursleys only give him 50p!!! AND THE TWINS FORCING PERCY’S SWEATER OVER HIS HEAD! look at these children being brought together by knitwear. my heart has grown 3 sizes
  • “Harry watched Hagrid getting redder and redder in the face as he called for more wine, finally kissing Professor McGonagall on the cheek, who, to Harry’s amazement, giggled and blushed, her top hat lop-sided.” STOP IT YOU SAUCY MINXES
  • i watched the last two movies the other night and i love that even this early on in the books the trio symbolise the hallows. when harry looks into the mirror he sees his dead family members, whereas ron sees himself as head boy, holding both the house cup and the quidditch club. harry represents the resurrection stone and ron the elder wand, solace with loved ones and eternal glory respectively. good foreshadowing there
  • ’“I don’t need a cloak to become invisible,” said Dumbledore gently.’ please picture dumbledore creeping along the halls in full camo gear

anonymous asked:

Could I request some cute headcannons involving the boyfriends or any subset of them? I really want to read some random fluff and I'm just finding angst everywhere lately :(

Of course!! I’m just about to head to bed myself, so let’s have some sleepy headcanons for the boys. uwu

Cloud sleeps to conserve heat, a habit born of long, cold winter nights in Nibelheim. He curls himself into a little ball, tugging the blankets around him and clutching onto them for dear life. This can cause some issues with stealing the covers from other boyfriends in the bed, but that’s okay, because there’s an easy solution. As long as sleepy Cloud is clinging to something, he’s happy. Instead of clutching at the blankets, the boyfriends can snuggle up so Cloud clings to them instead, and then everyone is happy. Please picture: sleepy, clingy, snuggly Cloud. uwu

Zack has the opposite problem. He sprawls. He will sprawl right over the top of the other boyfriends. It is not at all unusual for him to end up with an arm draped over Sephiroth, his head on Angeal’s chest, and his legs tangled up with Genesis’. This causes quite a disturbance to the covers, but SOLDIERs tend to have pretty high body temperatures anyway, so a sprawled Zack provides a sufficient amount of warmth. Just as long as he doesn’t accidentally kick Genesis in the stomach.

Sephiroth is getting better at sleeping with the boyfriends. For the longest time, he could only sleep on his back, arms straight at his side, rigid and unmoving, like he was in some military position even when asleep. (There was never much room in the bunks he was provided with. It was a necessity - rolling over would often lead to falling right out.) It was a bit unnerving, at first. He still prefers to sleep on his back, but is open to the physical contact of a boyfriend’s head resting on his shoulder or an arm draped over him.

Angeal spoons, and it is splendid because who could possibly resist having the handsomest boyfriend all pressed up behind them, those big hands curled around their waist? Not that Angeal is always the big spoon. In fact, he’s not fussy. As long as there is some kind of spooning happening, he is happy. It is equally as adorable when Cloud in spooned behind Angeal, clinging to his back. Sometimes when he’s only half awake, Cloud will nuzzle against the back of Angeal’s neck and sleepily play with the strands of his hair.

Genesis throws the covers off in his sleep, but blames the boyfriends for stealing them because he doesn’t realise he’s the one doing it. Out of all the boyfriends, Genesis is the one who likes a bit of personal space the most. He only really enjoys being wrapped up together completely with a boyfriend post-sexytimes. His form of intimacy is more in his hands. A hand reached out to rest on a boyfriend’s shoulder, or their chest, or their waist. Just a small gesture, but important. You’d never get him to admit it, but while he’s drifting off his fingers tend to curl and twitch. He has jazz hands. The best is when he has a hand tangled gently into Sephiroth’s hair and ends up slowly running his fingers through, like a little scritching motion. He still claims he has no knowledge of doing this.


at the end of DGM’s third volume, hoshino states that kanda is the dumbest of the four protagonists, in that case allen, lenalee, lavi and himself. now i don’t think that’s exactly wrong, he’s pretty clueless and often enough seems confused by the obvious ( “hey, this kid is growing a ball on his forehead” being a notable example ). i could probably find more specific examples, but anyone who has read the manga can confirm. but can that truly be attributed to poor intelligence?

it’s easy to forget, between his dashing looks and arrogant demeanor, that kanda is only ‘really’ nine to ten years old ( more on that when i can be assed to make a post about the current/past life thing ). so while he’s learned a lot about mature matters like grief, death, war and other things that are unfortunately part of his daily life, the fact that he hasn’t received any proper, normal education means he doesn’t know much about common things. naturally, this means he’s easily seen as dumb. and it’s true : he’s mostly ignorant, clueless & uneducated; though i personally disapprove the use of the word 'dumb’ in that context, its clear that he’s perceived this way.

now, bear with me here; this is going to sound weird ( “ozzie, i dont think we read the same series”, i hear you say. “this bitch is crazy” ). but i think kanda’s strenght lies in emotional intelligence. i know, i know - he’s rude and tactless and gives no fucks, clearly he’s insensitive, etc. etc. but here it goes.
my use of the term 'emotional intelligence’ is probably broader and blurrier than its true implications in psychology, and for this i apologize & allow psychology enthusiast to throw stones at me. but if there’s anything we know about kanda as an individual, it’s that he feels strongly; often anger, mind you, but also other people’s emotions. i base this opinion on the following facts: his reaction to lenalee about louverrier ( vol. 14, ch. 138, p.10 ) and noticing neah’s appearances in allen’s personality, being one of the first to do so - not that he gave a shit, tough. there may be other instances proving that, despite his usual disregard for them, kanda is very perceptive to other people’s emotions and behavior.

as for the other aspects of emotional intelligence, mostly related to control of perceived emotions… that’s another story. kanda has absolutely no tact, and probably doesn’t even have a notion of what tact is. but nonetheless, for a kid who murdered his best friend before he turned ten, i think he’s taking things pretty philosophically. this is much more in the realm of headcanon than actual canon, but i believe that despite his initial impulsiveness  kanda manages to come to terms with his emotions quile well, seemingly unhindered by any trauma related to his childhood’s events in a matter of a few years and also as a youth, the part of one’s life where memory and behavior are so strongly influenced.  though some people theorize that he probably forgot about those events, the fact that he remembers 'that person’ ( and thus the illusions of his past life ) and yet does not seem to suffer existential crises every morning is something i find admirable.
regardless, i’ve spent way too much time on this, and its probably not as eloquent and clear as it should be, but… it’s something. it makes about as much sense as anything involving “kanda” and “emotional intelligence” should, but i think it tells a lot about my insight on the character. 

My Sterek Time Travel AU tag

Personally I love the time travel prompt, in almost every fandom slash fic I’m in (though the drarry ones are usually too angsty for me to handle), so I thought it was about time I do my own.

1.  Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

2.  Now as Ever (All That Is and Has Been) by venis_envy

Stiles can’t remember what happened to rearrange the time-space continuum, or how he ended up being pulled into the past. All he knows is that he’s there now, in 2003 Beacon Hills, with a teenage werewolf and a possibly-crazy veterinarian as his only allies.

3.  But The World Won’t Stop Turning by thepsychicclam

Derek glances at Stiles, who is watching him with a curious expression.

“Oh shit,” Stiles exclaims as comprehension dawns on him. “Everything makes sense now. Derek, I know what the witch did, she cursed you with – “

But before Stiles is able to finish his sentence, everything fades away and Derek is surrounded by darkness.

4.  Time to Begin by triedunture

Stiles learns some heavy-duty magic, and Derek convinces him to send him back in time to fix all the mistakes he’s made. But Derek ends up making things worse, and Stiles has to think creatively to save him. And everyone else, including their younger selves.

5.  I’ll be right back (in 24 years) by AnaIsFangirling (Ana_K_Lee) 

  When Derek thought about time travel – and he did, a lot – this was not what he’d had in mind. He’d thought he would see his younger self, tell him to leave Paige alone and NEVER trust Kate Argent. He’d thought he’d get to come back once that was done and everything would be perfect. He never imagined having to relive his entire life. 

6.  Misfire by mothlights, unpossible

“The debt must be repaid,” she says, and it has the weight of a vow. The words resonate through him, ringing through his ribcage and the bones of his jaw, and Stiles loses his breath and maybe his grip on reality because she draws herself upright and where there had once stood a supermodel-level MILF now there is Galadriel’s much hotter older sister, a Presence of unmistakable power in their ordinary, smells-vaguely-of-Thai-takeout hallway.

“Oh shit,” Stiles says.

Part 1 of Misfire ‘verse

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someone's probably done this but Undertale bowling headcanons
  • i went ten pin bowling the other day and i was thinking about this
  • Frisk: the little bab often ends up with a few gutterballs but sometimes Toriel will come and help them bowl. the time Frisk gets a spare everyone cheers.
  • Toriel: nothing special but she can bowl pretty well. she sometimes goes a bit easy for Frisk's sake.
  • Sans: has no form whatsoever, but actually bowls fast and knocks out a majority of the pins. his score ends up at least over 200.
  • Papyrus: is basically the opposite of Sans. puts a lot of focus on his form but doesn't do as well. he's not terrible, but he'll often miss on a few frames.
  • Undyne: bowls so fast and strong you swear she'll either send the ball through the floorboards or shatter the pins. she'd definitely give Sans some competition.
  • Alphys: puts a lot of focus on aim and speed, but sometimes it doesn't translate well to arm movements. whenever she gets a split, which is often, she'll probably shrug and toss the ball knowing she won't get all the pins.
  • Mettaton: is far too concerned with posing dramatically as he bowls. any pins he knocks over is out of sheer luck.
  • Asgore: a very formidable bowler, but his score depends on how much he wants to beat you. if you want him to go hardcore, he will basically leave you in the dust.
  • Napstablook: bowls once and doesn't hit anything. they sadly realize that ghost balls can't knock down the pins.
TMNT 2014 “Hashi” scene

“I… Don’t really have anything for the turtles. But I do have some experience with martial arts, and the various endurance trainings that they’re doing here. 

Each one is separated accordingly. Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, and Strength. Raph has balance, as he’s on one foot on a tricycle while having to knit. Knitting itself is easy and repetitive, so the real challenge is staying on that trike. Splinter constantly shifting it around makes balancing that much harder. 

Donnie has coordination. Standing on a balance board, again, isn’t very hard for a ninja like them. The real challenge are those ping pong balls. Tap it a little bit too hard and it goes flying, and since he has to constantly adjust for turning, it requires him having to be able to use that big nerdy brain of his to calculate where the ball will end up for him to rally it. Not to mention that it requires a great deal of multitasking, kind of like hopping on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your tummy all at the same time. He’s also not just standing on that plank. He’s doing the Horse Stance, something that’s been known to actually break the femurs in your legs. 

 Leo has flexibility. Doing the splits is hard enough, but being able to keep the ligaments in the rotator cuffs of your hips constantly tight to keep your legs from folding upwards and dislocating requires a lot of strain. The constant shaking in the legs are what’s making him balancing those eggs on chopsticks so hard. Even if he’s hardly supporting any weight, it’s still making him shake. 

And finally, Mikey, who is strength. Again, it might be a bit disorienting for him to be upside down. But if you look, he’s not really spinning too fast on that swivel chair. And once again, being a ninja, he’s got an excellent sense of balance. So the challenge for him is to be able to actually support his entire body weight on his arms in that hand stand. He even spoke about how he was “In the zone”, and the only reason that he couldn’t go on was when Splinter offered him that fabled “99 cheese pizza”. The endorphins probably kicked in for him from the constant use of his muscles. 

 Also keep in mind, they’ve been doing this for ELEVEN HOURS. Shaolin Monks are known to do endurance training like this, but they usually keep it down to maybe three or four hours. As ridiculous as this “Hashi” may be, there’s still some methodology behind it. He’s punishing them, and at the same time training them. That’s how good of a sensei Splinter is.”

Just a lovely comment I read on YouTube pertaining to the Hashi scene in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 movie. Thought some of you might appreciate it as much as I did. Kind of a nice insight.

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Here’s a link to that scene in case you want to watch it again.


Excuse me for writing this very late, but even though I’ve watched TWD from day one, Richonne has just really hit me hard in the last month so I’ve been thinking about what Andrew said at SDCC.

While I don’t doubt it’s his mom that said what he said she did cause it’s easy to see why she feels that way, he clearly co-signs those thoughts as he mentioned. 

But, what really strikes me is him saying “the political balls” to do Richonne. Like, it’s clear Andrew is aware that the only reason Rick and Michonne aren’t together isn’t because of some lack of chemistry or lack of compatible or it not making sense to the story, but because the people in charge don’t have the political balls to do the thing. Andrew, and his mother, are saying almost plainly that the only reason Richonne isn’t show canon is because of race (because what other issues politically would come up here?). 

It amazes me he said that and it amazes me that he said it in front of fans and press, but it’s glorious that he did. 

Out of everyone on the show Rick and Daryl are the least likely to get killed. They are the least disposable. While I would love to say that it’s a big duh that Michonne is third in the holy trifecta of “not going to die”, I never say that Black women characters aren’t disposable because so many times we see they are, even when in the position of leading lady. I *hope* Michonne is one of the characters that only goes if the show ends or Danai vocally wants out. I’d like to say Carol (who is my fave), Glenn, Carl and Maggie, and to an extent Morgan, might stay for a bit (I like the other newbies a lot too just that I can see the show offing them in a big dramatic thing). 

But back to my point. Andrew is safer than Danai in being able to speak out about Richonne and any reason why they aren’t happening. He’s the safest out of all the cast in terms of character position and privilege. If Danai had said what Andrew said, I think the framing around those words would have went way differently from fans and the media. Andrew is great for saying what he did. Not just because I like Richonne, but because he was able to use his position to say what needed to be said while shielding Danai from any backlash. I like that. 

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5 or 22 (because I feel like that would be hilarious) for the fic party

You just moved into my building, so I’m gonna bring you something you probably already have just so I can meet you. 

A/N- This has a very shy!Killian :) 

He hums a tune as he scans through his mail. Rejection letter… rejection letter. Making his way in the music industry was proving to be very difficult.

He hadn’t expected it to be easy, but so far he’d only had two paying gigs. Both of which were birthday parties for little kids. His stomach tightens as he crumbles the letters up into a ball.

“Hold the doors!!” A female voice cries out and he is able to stop the elevator door just in time. “Thank you! It would’ve been a bitch to wait any longer with this box,” she sighs deeply as she sets the box down. Her hair is long and blonde. She has the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen. His eyes widen and his mouth goes dry.

All too soon the elevator dings.

“Well, that’s me,” the girl says. “Thanks again!”

And then the door closes again. For a moment he just stands there staring at the backside of the silver doors.

“Damn it, Jones! You couldn’t have said one damn thing to her? NOT ONE?”

He curses at himself all the way back to the apartment. Where Liam is sprawled out on the couch, still in his dress slacks from the office. “Any good news?”

Killian scowls as he tosses the envelopes onto the table near the entryway.

“You look like hell,” Liam interjects.

“Thanks,” Killian seethes.

“Another rejection letter?”

Killian nods and grabs a beer from the fridge. Not another word is spoken the entire night.

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This whole Seungri fat comment issue during the fan meet was just plain disrespectful and not funny at all. I know that VIPs always like treat Ri like their kid brother, because he is always easy going and very friendly, however, calling him fat during a fan meet is just crossing the line. He is a professional artist and an adult, not a clown. 

Ri being the professional and the easy going person that he is clearly took everything in good humor and in an easy manner. He clearly even tried to make the situation less awkward and keep the show moving. Cause, that is Ri a professional who always tries to keep the ball moving even in the most awkward moments.  

Can someone picture a fan calling Tabi, Ji, Bae and Dae fat in a fan meet? and think they could get away with it, i don’t think so. Yet, Ri is the one who has to put up with all the bad jokes and be disrespected. 

I’m not saying this because Ri is my bias, but I would have been equally upset if someone would have stood up and call Dae ugly to his face. If something like that would have happen I would be ready to punch someone. It just pisses me off how fans feel they are entitled to freely insult their bias in social media or in fan meets.

Fan meets can be a double edge sword, they can be fun and cute, till something awkward happens to a fan or an artist. At this clearly was very awkward to watch and read. 

This is all i’m saying about this issue. I’m not reblogging anything about that “fat comment” cause it makes me uncomfortable and is not funny at all period.    

  • me, talking about my fave michael gordon clifford: most magnificent, beautiful creation that God has gifted us with since before the dinosaurs and so important to ending feminism as a hatred towards men and he's just a ball of sunshine too good for this world and he's just trying to live and be happy and I support him 100
  • people: lol u mean the ugly one
  • me: lol u mean my fist meeting your face if you don't shut up?