he has it in him to be better~


You may think you’re cuter than Shane or better than him, but you aren’t Greggo. 

Shane is a hell of a lot nicer, sweeter, and makes better content than you. He switches it up and adds new types of videos, while you make the same half-assed shit. 

He has 11+ million subs and can get a million views in a matter of hours, while you can barely get over 10k views on a video in a day, and each of your channels have over 1 million subs.

you call Shane someone who looks like a molester when you look at underage pics of girls. He doesn’t have to shave, that shirt looks fine, and he probably doesn’t reek of insecurity and misery.

He’s in a happy relationship and doesn’t want your narcissistic ass, so stop being so creepy and obsessive

“No one knows anything, really. It’s all rented, or borrowed.”

Part 1

“Hey, Bruce, wait up!”

The billionaire let out a sigh. It was late, and he was tired. It was true that John was, by far, the least bothersome person he could have come across, but at the same time, he was still one of the most energetic people Bruce has ever seen, and that was no mean feat, what, with all the life-sucking socialites he had to deal with almost daily.

Even so, he slowed his pace, allowing John to fall into step with him. He only hoped the other man wouldn’t ask him for more relationship tips, or anything concerning human interaction, really. Considering what happened with Catwoman…

But no. It was unfair to blame it all on Selina. He could have done better as well. It was his own fault to have expected her to be someone other than herself, all for his own comfort. He didn’t even know why he wanted her to change. It wasn’t as if he were a saint. Far from it, in fact.

Maybe they could have worked, had things gone differently. If they were different.

In another life, maybe.


In another life.

“Are you all here?”

Bruce shook his head slightly, chasing the thoughts away, turning his gaze onto John. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, you wanted to talk to me about something?” he asked.

John squinted at him, trying to gauge what was going through his mind. Finally, he said:

“Maybe some other time. You seem preoccupied enough.”


John was getting better at reading people.

Or just better at reading Bruce.

“Well, I guess I better let you be then. I know you’re more of a nighttime person,” he finished with an almost knowing grin.

And as Bruce made his way back home, he wondered for the hundredth time, just how much did John Doe know.

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Now that I look at Louis' team's work, I remember how MANY times and how much Louis has been always thanking us, whenever possible, saying that it wouldn't work without US, and- some things really wouldn't have worked out without us.

I know, anon. Louis has always made sure to show his appreciation for the people who support him.

He’s talked about how that support gives him confidence and motivates him, and emphasized the team work and the real connection and “sense of togetherness” between him and his fans. He even went as far as saying we’re better than his professional team. And knowing his fans’ distrust of his SM accounts he even took up making thank you videos. He really goes above and beyond. I actually worry sometimes that he feels he owes us more than he does, or more than he should, you know?

Meanwhile his team make it as hard as they can for fans to support him and follow what little they set up for him—let alone do anything to capture new audiences and expand his fan base.

Despite that—because Louis deserves it and is well worth it—fans make an effort to stay updated and active, and to spread information among them and outside the fandom within our limitations. And his fan base is still powerful: we’re still winning him awards and polls, and contributing to chart placement. The fact that they use him as a promotional tool and for click bait is proof of it, too.

So absolutely there’s a lot that’s been down to us. Fan support is important for any artist, in different degrees and forms, but in Louis’ case, when everything else is lacking, it’s even more important. Unfortunately there are things we cannot do, for which he needs his label, management and PR: we can’t negotiate radio play, or book him appearances or performances, and we can’t control interview questions or the media.

But even more so in these circumstances our support is crucial. And Louis is so very grateful and appreciative of it. So if I may, I urge everyone to please continue to stand by him and supporting him as much as they can.

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Couple halloween costumes with Crusaders and s/o!!!!

- Joseph wants to wear something a little revealing and a little bit sexy, but still fun. He and his s/o might end up dressed like a comic book couple in skintight lycra - it’s sickening that, even in his late sixties, Joseph looks better than pretty much any other man who’s bothered to dress up. 
- Jotaro doesn’t want to do anything that will be too much effort. It’s not that he hates Halloween or anything; he just has a limited amount of time and he’d rather not waste it doing anything too fiddly. If his s/o is lucky they might convince him to wear some kind of low-effort costume; a cowboy, a ghost, maybe a vampire if they’re really lucky. 
- Kakyoin, on the other hand, puts quite a lot of store in Halloween. He loves spooky and scary things - it gives him a chance to pull out some of his more unusual stories and knowledge. Kakyoin might like the idea of a mythological costume like Hades and Persephone (substitute the pomegranate for some cherries) or a folktale from Japanese legend; something that only someone like him would get. 
- Polnareff’s probably the most likely to love cheesy and romantic couple costumes - ask him to be the Mickey Mouse to your Minnie Mouse and he’d probably cry with happiness. If not that, though, anything that shows off his sculpted physique and his s/o’s body is also fine with him - consider the French maid and the butler. 
- Avdol’s a patient man. Although he doesn’t have strong feelings one way or another, he’ll let his s/o dress him up as whatever they want if they’re that way inclined. Left to his own devices, though, he might show up in his normal day to day wear with a sly smile and tell his s/o he’s a fortune teller and they can be his customer. 

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hey sorry if youve answered this before, but why do you disregard jervis' pedophilia in canon?

uhhhh probably because 1) it’s not universally canon regardless, 2) i’m tired of schizophrenic people being portrayed as monstrous women-killing pedophile serial killers because that’s a stereotype i’m so fucking sick of as a person w/ the same kind of schizophrenia he’s usually given, 3) he literally has a story that can be summed up as ‘taking HRT specifically testosterone will make you a violent abuser toward women and also kill them ritualistically and make you schizophrenic’ and nobody ever said anything about that one or enforced that as canon too, and 4) i heavily projected onto him and related to him as a child and as a victim of certain things i don’t want to talk about the fact that people like, actually think it’s a valid question to ask me why i change it to make it better and actually not rooted in vile stereotypes says a lot to me about what they care about, plus him being that ~in canon~ is relatively recent and certainly was NOT a focus of his narrative when i was a kid 

considering nobody has a problem changing the stories of every other batman villain, among the lineup that people love to fawn over are also perpetrators of assault, murder, torture, abuse - why is it a problem, or weird, or something that needs to be questioned, that i also take back something from DC 

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This is my own view of Tom's character. Was he a jerk, yes he was. Did he know better? Considering how Star was at the beginning, more than likely he didn't. Has he tried to improve himself over the series, of course he has. We shouldn't forget what he's done in the past, nor should we be judgmental of him when he trips and falters at times. The show has shown us time and time again characters at first considered to be antagonists grow and develop into fleshed out characters, this includes Tom.

Yeah, if Ludo could become such a sympathetic character, everyone can… also I think that Monster Bash once and for all showed who Tom is for the show, right now: not someone who magically became perfect overnight, but a character who still has his flaws, admittedly more, or at least more “impactful”, than others like Star and Marco, but who is still trying to work on them, and other people understand it - neither Marco nor Star lashed out at him during the episode, at worst they were a bit bothered.

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kingsman. i’m ready.

Top 3-5 things I’d change about Kingsman, you say? Let’s go with the full universe for this.

1. Merlin isn’t dead. Duh. Cinematically, I don’t think there was anything wrong with letting us think he died and bringing him back (although there is a post somewhere talking about doing it in the credits that I like better than the original version Vaughn did). If they do a third movie, bringing him back is one of my must-haves.

2. Roxy isn’t dead either. That was shitty, and her death has no dignity and I hate it. You can have more than one female character at a time, dammit (in a similar vein to that, Eggsy’s character revolved so much around his mother and sister in movie one so why the hell aren’t they in movie two at all?).

3. Give Percival more of a character arc. The fans like him, and this is a case where listening to your fans could be helpful. In fact, most of the cast of the second movie deserved better character arcs. Whiskey’s is underdeveloped, Tequila is not utilized to his full potential, Ginger was completely flat when she had a love interest (I hate it) and as such is even flatter when all those scenes got cut. I’d like to see Percival mourning so many people in such a short time. I’d like Whiskey to be set up so the plot twist makes sense (more references, more interactions with Tequila in particular). I’d like Tequila in more scenes in general. I’d like Ginger to have her own goals and aspirations, especially as a contrast to Merlin (he wants to stay out of the field and goes in and “dies,” she wants to go into the field but she stays behind her desk). I’d like better fleshed out characters, not cardboard cutouts.

4. Remove the sex scenes. We get the joke in the first one; there’s no need to show it to us. And I have an entire post detailing my issues with the one in the second movie. It’s sexist and I hate it.

5. Make Merlin gay. Vaughn said he would, then turned around and gave him Ginger as a love interest (those scenes got cut, thank god. Not hate if you ship it but I was really looking forward to finally having a canonically gay action hero). While I absolutely want him and Harry to be a canon couple in some capacity, I’m not even saying that much has to happen (it should. It works very well within canon). Just make him gay. Please.

And those are just the top five. I love Kingsman, but I have so many issues with it. Ah well. That’s what fanfiction is for.

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how would the dads react to Latin!dadsona being harrasedbut bigots telling him to "go home" and bullshit like that

Joseph: he wraps his arm firmly around MC’s waist and quickly leads him away, worried that things might escalate beyond hurtful words, as they tend to do. Once they’re in a safe, quiet location, he sits MC down and asks him if he’s ok; his mental and emotional health are his top priority, and he’ll do anything he has to for MC to feel better. He also says a quick prayer for the racists to get hit by a truck or something.

Craig: he stops short, his expression blank as he calmly asks the bigots to repeat themselves. If they do, clearly missing how pissed off Craig is, he promptly walks right up to them, making sure his muscles are on display, and asks them to repeat themselves just one. More. Time. They get the message then, and give a lame excuse before booking it. Craig then wraps his arm around MC’s shoulders, and they leave, Craig staying completely silent until he’s cooled down.

Brian: he pulls MC into his arms and gives the racists his best death stare. He tells them how MC is far more of an American then they are, and if they say even a single unkind word against him, they’ll have to answer to Brain. They shut up quick after that, and Brian promptly takes MC on the nicest date possible to cheer him up.

Mat: much to everyone’s amazement, he gets right up in their faces and starts telling them off. He’s fired up, too; he’s yelling, and he looks about ready to fight them. MC has to literally drag him away for him to stop, and it takes the rest of the day for him to cool off.

Hugo: as much as he’d like to give the idiots in question a stern talking to, he knows better than to try to explain hard facts to someone who thinks Trump is a real American. He instead pulls out his phone, snaps a picture of the bigots, and walks away, MC’s hand firmly clasped in his. The racists’ faces are soon all over the internet, along with a detailed description of what they did. Source unknown.

Damien: he’s horrified that someone could say such horrible things, and to MC no less. He walks right up to them and tells them how appalling their behavior is, and then proceeds to tell them how wonderful MC is and how much he loves him. His speech gets a round of applause from onlookers, and he leaves hand in hand with MC, who’s mood has gone from ruined to giddy.

Robert: he decks them without a second thought. No way in hell is anyone going to get away with saying such horrible things to MC, no sir. He’s seeing red, and it takes several people to pull him off the jerks. Even though he’s the one that earned a black eye from this, the first thing out of his mouth once it’s over is, “You ok, MC?”

Moxiety: Christmas Movies and Cuddles

Hey guys! This is just a random fic I suddenly thought of when I was suggesting a art piece for a friend to make. I think this turned out pretty good! I really hope you guys like it, so please, enjoy! <3

Ever since the new game from the Pokémon franchise came out, Virgil has not left his room until he was done with the game…however that didn’t stop him from trying to get the legendary Pokémon he’s heard so much about in the ultra-wormholes part of the game. Getting through ultra-space was getting easier since he was able to switch it to the stick shift, and he was getting better at dodging the electric balls that slowed him down. Letting a triumph grin cover his face as he finally caught the last Regi, Regirock, Virgil quickly saved the game, and turned off the device. It was time to rest since his eyes were starting to get tired from staring at a screen for so long…and his thumbs were aching from spinning the joystick so much trying to avoid the evil electric balls. Stretching out from his hunched over position, Virgil cracked his knuckles and fingers, before he got up off his bed, and cracked his back. Letting out a yawn, the Anxious side creaked towards his bedroom door, and opened it, peering out. It was honestly quiet. No signs of Roman singing Disney songs at the top of his lungs, no sign of Logan either. Frowning, Virgil stepped out of his room, and slowly walked towards the stairs to the mindscape. Hearing the sound of the television playing, the Anxious side let out a sigh of relief, and descended the stairs.

                       “Hey Kiddo! It’s about time you came down! Have you been playing that new games of yours in the dark again?” Patton asked, smiling happily as he noticed Virgil walk down the stairs. Nodding slightly, Virgil glanced around and furrowed his brow. Where was Roman and Logan? Shrugging, Virgil gazed at the television, and noticed that, ‘A Christmas Story,’ was playing on the television, and the smell of hot cocoa, and cookies hovered in the air. Patton grinned when he saw Virgil sniffing the air, and the sound of the side’s belly grumbling filtered the air. “Yes, I made cookies and hot cocoa! Come on! I was just about to start, ‘A Christmas Story’! Come get some cookies, and I’ll make you my special batch of hot cocoa!”

Keep reading

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I'm a little confused, why does it seem like the current DC (for the past decade) tries to downplay/neuter Dick Grayson's importance/standing in comics? They try to kill/phase him out until writers/fans protest. Now he's getting back more pre52 stuff but DC doesn't seem to care to return his past hard earned respect that he used to have. Even though he's only behind 5/6 characters in comic sales. Has a lead live action movie and series coming. A lot of animated showings. What's the deal? =/

Dan Didio, one of DC Comics’ publishers, has been trying to kill Dick Grayson off for the better part of the last 15 years. 

I’m not entirely sure why. 

Other than that, DC has had trouble in the past marketing Dick and differentiating him from Batman. The original New Teen Titans did this best by having off in a different department, disconnected from the Batbooks, and functioning as a team leader as opposed to Batman running alone with only a sidekick over in Batman and Detective Comics. 

Modern Batman is a bit more blurred, as the books have a much larger supporting cast, although it’s got much less of a team feel so it’s still possible to make them different enough. The problem is that Nightwing’s been back in Bat editorial since his initial solos, which removed his stronger ties to the Titans and put him back in both a subservient role to Batman, with much more crossover in supporting characters. They’re kind of shooting themselves in the foot by forcing him to remain in a certain place

Oh, You Wondrous Creature - Ginia - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 21/?
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
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Relationships: Gladiolus Amicitia/Ignis Scientia
Characters: Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia, Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Cor Leonis, Clarus Amicitia, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Angst with a Happy Ending, Protective!Gladio, Brotherhood-era, Bullying, Slow-ish burn, Chill XV

Ignis Scientia had learned at a young age to perform his duties quietly and flawlessly. He learned not to draw undue attention to himself, as attention had often lead to pain and humiliation at the hands of those who considered themselves to be his betters.

He has no idea what to do when the attentions of one Gladiolus Amicitia are directed at him. He expects harshness and cruelty, but is met with something quite the opposite.


WTF did I just watch?

- The AU world and AU!Michael don’t make any sense. Like, at all. What happened to Archangel “I’m the good son” Michael to make him act like he does here? Why can’t he fix his own world, if he’s so fucking powerful? Why does he act like he doesn’t even know what the normal world looks like? I thought the only different between this world and AU world was that Dean and Sam don’t exist there.

- Yay, Kevin, though!

- Apparently Bucklemming decided to write depowered!Lucifer fanfic. Great that they’re contributing to something the fandom has been doing since season 5. Better late than never, I guess.

- Cas and Luci working together was actually nice.

- Lucifer being a proud and worried dad was actually nice, too.

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ok but consider for the alice au: jeremy grew up really secluded from any kids his age, and he had private school lessons at his house, so when he fell down the rabbit hole he was really excited to meet people that at least looked to be his age (i have so many headcanons for this au i fell in love with it)

Everyone in wonderland loves jeremy and jeremy lives all of them and he never has friends he likes nearly as much as the ones he has in wonderland. They convinced him to leave when he was younger, but when he returns he stays for good bc what else could be better than being with his cat boyfriend and all his amazing friends!!

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden ☆Translation☆ Shu Maniac 04

Yui: Haa……The wind is quite strong today, it feels good……

(I thought that staying inside for a long time might hurt my body.)

(Although I came outside and called out to Shu-san……)

Shu: ……

Yui: (Shu-san has been staring at a musical score for quite a while. Even though I want the two of us to talk together……)

(Could it be, he finds it more distracting to look at this musical score than to talk to me……?)

=>Leave him alone
=>Talk to him

=>Leave him alone

Yui: (Then……It’s a bit lonely, but I’d better leave him alone……)

Shu: ……You’ve been staring at me this whole time, what do you want?

Yui: ……H-Huuum……

(He noticed……)

Shu: If you have something to say, why don’t you say it?

=>Talk to him

Yui: (But I’m feeling lonely, after all. If it’s just a little bit, it’s okay to disturb him, right……?)

Hum, Shu-san……

Shu: ……

Yui: H-Hum……

Shu: ……Haa.

Yui: (Ah, he looked my way!)

Shu: ……I hope you have a good enough reason to disturb me.

Yui: (H-He’s angry……I have to say something……!)



(The wind blew Shu-san’s musical score off the balcony……! I-I must catch it!)

……Uh……Caught it! Eh……!

(Oops, I leaned out too far! I-I’ll fall……!)

Shu: Haa……What are you doing, playing alone since a while ago?

Yui: (Shu-san grabbed my arm, he saved me……)

Thank you very much……

Shu: Come on, hand me this musical score over.

Yui: Y-Yes……

Shu: Then, hang on to the ledge.

Yui: ……? Yes.

Shu: Fuh……I’ll sleep a bit.

Yui: Eh……!?

(Shu-san, could it be……He’s planning to let me hanged to the ledge……!?)


Shu: Haa……You’re noisy. What do you want?

Yui: H-Help me, please……! It’s scary, at this rate……!

Shu: Hee, it’s scary? Then……I’ll scare you even more.

If you were to lose your grip, you’d fall head first. Nnn……Nn……

Yui: ……Uh!

(With him licking my fingers like that, I feel like I’m losing……Strength……!)

N-No……Uh! Shu-san, please……Uh!

Shu: …………

Yui: Shu-san, help me, please, I beg you……!

Shu: ……If you beg me in such a way, I’ll help you, remember that well.

Yui: (H-He finally pulled me up……)

(Moreover, he’s carrying me princess-style……I should be angry, but somehow I don’t really feel like that……)

Shu: You’re shivering. Are you still scared?

Yui: Yes……

Shu: ……That’s your fault for having stirred me up.

Your frightened face is arousing me. Nn……

Yui: Nnn……

Shu: Nn……

Yui: (My neck, cheeks, ears……He’s gently kissing them……)

S-Shu-san, that tickles……

Shu: Do you dislike it?

Yui: I don’t……Dislike it……

Shu: Kukuku……Then, just keep quiet and let me kiss you……

Yui: (This time, on the lips……)

Shu: To apologize for scaring you, I’ll kiss you wherever you want, so……

Think about the place where you want me to kiss you……Nn……

Yui: Nn……

(No matter how horrible he is to me, when Shu-san gently kisses me like that, I can’t help but forgive him……)

i mean the thing that’s most disgusting about this is that rebecca only knows about the scam

the audience however, knows that robert has tried to kill lawrence, led him on and assaulted him, that he actually said he hated seb and wished him dead AS WELL as everything that he’s done in the past that means that he should never be allowed to be a father ever

and people are defending that?? people are acting like he and rebecca are equal when rebecca’s made some mistakes and robert is literally pure evil

i need to scream about something real quick

Ryan Magee is doing so good and I’m so proud of him that he’s giving it his all to lose weight. In the video cooking with fin wolfhard just seeing Ryan really gave me a boost to go out and aim toward my goal of stabilizing my weight. He’s going through so much and to see his hard work show is just the best thing to me right now. I want Ryan to gain that confidence to rock nice clothes and feel better about himself. I honestly I don’t know how to put it he’s really a fucking champ because don’t get hear to many guys trying to lose weight or talk about their input on fashion and incesuries as genuine as he does. He’s no extraordinary billion dollar net worth celebrity he’s just a normal guy just everyone else but also has the balls to say what’s really eating at him. I struggle with my weight a lot too and hearing Matt and Ryan’s opinions/obstacles they had to say really made me open my eyes to both sides of the spectrum. He’s talented and does so much work along side Matt in the office but he’s also taking it that extra mile to work toward his goal of getting into a body he’s more content with. He’s definitely one of the top people I look up to. I don’t normally talk about shit like this but it’s really really really important to me.

so uh, you guys remember Jaune of Bark, right? that kid who has a great sense of style and also reminds me a bit of Ryunosuke? yeah so upon getting to know him better, I’ve come to the conclusion that while he resembles Ibuki physically, he’s actually a seamless blend of Okita and Harada on the inside. and if you’ve never met someone with Sanosuke’s compassion and charm juxtaposed with Souji’s wit and mischief, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or envy you.

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Oh man, I'm so worried about Amon killing someone important the next time he uses his berserk kakuja. Imagine him killing Akira or killing Seidou while trying to stop him again. The last time Seidou had the advantage of the RC suppressors against Amon, I don't know if he will have that advantage again, which makes me worried, because as we saw in the fight, Amon have a superior destructive and defensive power and because of this he was doing better than Seidou during the fight.

I’m worried about Amon too. However, I do think Takizawa and Akira are unlikely to be killed by berserk Amon. Takizawa especially I don’t think is at risk: he has that cross he has to return to Amon, and given the reasoning behind why Amon gave him his cross in the first place, I think it stands to reason that Takizawa would return it to him when their roles have reversed (aka, Takizawa would save Amon. They already fought though and Takizawa had an almost fake-out death then but then noped off so he couldn’t confront Amon after the fact; I don’t see Takizawa dying in a fight since they still are owed that conversation by the narrative). 

Akira I suppose would be sliiiiightly more at risk, if only for the fact that Amon’s ignoring of his own issues and his telling Akira to just look at the emptiness and face it, but not move on, has contributed to Akira stagnating in her arc. But I truly don’t think she will die since she, too, has plot armor named Takizawa. If she gets hurt, I think it’s far more likely Donato will hurt her to provoke Amon’s frame out (that’s something I almost expect at this point). 

If Amon does kill anyone in a berserker mode, and I’m not sure that would happen but hypothetically speaking, the most likely candidates I think would be Donato, Juuzou’s squad (yes, again because I’m a broken record and the CCG needs consequences), etc. 

Thank you for the ask!