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I used to be a Neo-Nazi who should have been punched in the face. • r/offmychest
The 'Punch Nazis' trend, and people saying 'no don't do that', lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life. Once upon a...

The ‘Punch Nazis’ trend, and people saying 'no don’t do that’, lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a neo-Nazi. As a teenager, I got involved with a guy who also considered himself a neo-nazi and I wound up with a swastika scratched into my leg that fortunately has left virtually no scar. Unsurprisingly, this was a horribly unhealthy relationship for 17yr old me to be in and it didn’t last long. A few years later I dated another guy, and his girlfriend. He was a neo-nazi, and his girlfriend was Jewish, and he got off on having a Jewish girl willing to basically pull a 'Night Porter’ with him. That too, unsurprisingly, was a very unhealthy relationship and was over very fast.

But how, why did I get sucked into that life? Quite simply, I was raised by racist parents. Parents who, though they’ve much improved in their views since my younger years, instilled in me the same racism and prejudices they held, all with the classic phrase of 'but we’re not raicst.’ No matter how rebellious I was in everything from religion to sub-culture to music to w/e, I never felt a need to rebel against that because it had been a part of my life on such a passive, natural level. As I became an adult and became more aware of the world around me and actually STUDIED (after some help) and educated myself, I began to see that what I was buying into, or at that point at least NOT rebelling against, was fucked up. Yet it was still hard to overcome, because hatred and pride are so, so easy to get sucked into. 'Misery loves company’ and there is a lot of misery in the world of white supremacists, so there’s plenty of people to pull you down while making it seem like they’re holding you up.

Ultimately I met someone who was willing to challenge me on absolutely everything and force me to think for myself. Every view I presented was questioned harshly, meanly, and time and time again my views that aligned with racism and nazism were demolished with logic. Soon this logic enabled me to realize 'Holy fuck, I have been a huge idiot, this is wrong’ (to say the least) and the same cognitive dissonance that set in with my 'religious epiphany’ began regarding human compassion. In that moment I swore I would not be party to those views again.

Looking back on it, were it not for the fact that I am A: Rebellious, B: Open to learning new things, and C: had someone willing to be a patient asshole with my stubborn bigotry, there is a chance that even now (I’m 28) I would not have overcome those viewpoints. Shy of someone literally punching me in the face, of someone blatantly and rudely standing up to me, I’d have carried on like I was right to hold those prejudices and ideologies.

And from what I knew/know of people who identify as 'nazis’ or 'alt-right’ or 'fascists’ or whatever fucking label they’re trying to put on their idiocy… they’re terrible people. The vast majority of whom are completely unwilling to entertain the idea they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter how eloquent you are, how patient you are, how peaceful you are, probably 98% of them will not listen and will not change their minds. There is something about the comradery of that hatred and pride that is more addictive than heroine. And that 2% that might be willing? They’ll branch out on their own, secretly, and entertain those ideas. But that 2% isn’t worth holding back.

Now we have the trend of punching nazis. And I love it. I love the fact that I love it, because a decade ago, I’d have been offended because I’d be a target. And yeah, punching their lights out may only serve to close their minds further, but, it does in fact teach them to keep their nonsense to themselves and not spout it publicly, and that they aren’t safe if they do. So, I just can’t get behind the idea of 'no, you can’t do that, it’s just more violence!’ because I’ve been there and know that’s the language they speak, that I once spoke; it was the language I best understood at the time.

If I met 17 year old nazi-me today, I’d punch myself in the face. And I’d have deserved it.

Thanks for reading, reddit. And also, to everyone who has ever been persecuted by fascists, neo-nazi’s and the 'altright’ or straight up racists… I’m sorry. I can’t apologize for them, but I still apologize for anything and everything I ever did to add to that grief.

EDIT Well. This got a bit popular. I’m trying my best to answer questions and messages! The biggest question I’ve gotten in messages has been about how to address people who are racist/involved in white supremacy to help turn them around (without just punching them in the face.)

My advice on this, and what worked with me, was knowing logical fallacies as my 'mentor’ who guided me out of the cave did. And he was a relentless asshole Granted, I was already open to new things and to learning, and without that it would have been a futile effort. One has to be open to and aware of the notion of cognitive dissonance for it to have a positive impact, otherwise they will just run further into the cave out of fear. However, if they are open to it, ask what their views are. Do this several times without criticizing or affirming, just do it to understand. Then go back and each time you speak with them, point out their lapses in logic: “But that’s post hoc… you’re basing that on false equivalence… don’t strawman’ and explain what those are. This took months and also my mentor convinced me to travel a bit with him on his dime. Like, he went above and beyond what most people could ever do. He helped to physically remove me from that life for a short time, but while someone is immersed in it… it’s daunting, and it’s going to take a very long time. I wish I could give you a more positive, instant-gratification answer, but that’s been my experience and that’s what I can convey best.

EDIT EDIT I understand many of you don’t advocate violence/are against the notion of punching people in the face even though they are literal nazis/think violence isn’t the answer… and you’re welcome to that view. However, I was met with those views time and time again, and they didn’t work. Being a woman, I seldom was the one attacked (sexism is a thing everywhere and in many directions… but that’s another issue) but my male counterparts were, and they deserved it. That’s what shut them up, that’s what pushed them back into the shadows. Yes, I am living proof that you can crawl out of that hole without that physical violence, but I also know how much of an anomaly that is (also that the verbal skirmishes with my mentor were far more painful and filled with far more rage than a fist to the face). You can accept the testimony of myself, and others who have posted here who’ve dealt with this lifestyle first hand, and consider it, or don’t. That’s up to you. I’ve posted this to simply express my experience and how I’ll choose to deal with it if needed.

EDIT EDIT EDIT Holy gilding batman! Thank you! And regardless of the mixed responses, even the harassing ones, I appreciate the conversation this has started and the insights that have been shared here.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT This post got far bigger than expected. I’m doing my best to answer questions and messages but I didn’t expect to front page (apparently this did? I didn’t see it but a few people mentioned that) and I can only tackle so much but I’ll try to get to all of it in time!

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All of yuzu's talk about how he doesn't train much doesn't seem to gel in my mind with the perfectionist that he seems to be... do we actually know his training regime? I'm new to figure skating but it seems really odd to me the concept of an olympic level athlete only training two hours a day. is he playing with words and it's only two hours on the ice, with other training off the ice? Is he talking himself down to lower expectations? Would love to know more.

My thoughts are that he understands very well the pressure and expectations others have on him. But he’s said so himself that he enjoys the competition atmosphere. He says what is on his mind very honestly for interviews so I do not believe he is the type to talk himself down for the sake of sounding good. 

Let’s seee…Yuzu has always been dealing with stamina issues due to his asthma. It truly has only been the last 3 seasons or so that he’s dramatically made an improvement on it. Early in his senior years, he was especially affected by the longer free program time requirement and the rough transition to Brian Orser for coaching (he’d fly between Japan and Canada frequently and balance his last year of high school yikes). Seeing him laying on the rink with pale lips was a concerning, but normal occurrence then.  His training time has always been limited due to health concerns. 

Things have changed since then. Brian Orser and Team Yuzu have actively worked to stabilize his condition by doing, yes, off-ice conditioning and directly fixing his basic skating skills to eliminate excess/wasted movements on ice, among other things. This happened a few years ago though. 

If we’re talking about his condition now, it is leaps and bounds better than what it used to be. He has increased his awareness about diet and consistently does physical conditioning in order to keep up with all the quads he puts in his programs. All in all, he’s becoming more well-rounded in his on and off ice preparations for competition. Since we are seeing such positive results, I’m sure the time he spends in the rink is high quality. Yuzu is a very focused athlete! 

He is ready

Since the last olympics, Yuzuru has improved every year. 

- he fixed his 4S

- he improved his stamina (now he can jump 3 quads in the second half of the LP, can you imagine him doing this 4 years ago? )

- this season he learned to take care of himself- not to get injured

Mentally he never really had problems, his health issues and peaking time caused him the most troubles . This season his peaking time was right, i hope they do it right next season as well.

He is going to the olympics with a lot of experiences. He already competed at the olympics and won gold there. He already has that gold, he achieved his dream. He was talking about it in an interview. He says he won't increase the technical difficulty in his programs (well, he doesn’t need to) but wants to focus on other parts of the programs (GOE's and consistency are important these days).

I think the second World championships gold was more important for him than a second olympic gold, i hope it gave him  more confidence.

Only a healthy and confident Yuzuru is the best Yuzuru and he can give his best and be proud of his achievements.

Good luck in the season 2017/18!

Gael Garcia Bernal On Mexico’s Plan to Save Its Image With Documentary Films

The 2017 Academy Awards ceremony was a largely apolitical affair, but Gael Garcia Bernal changed that. Co-presenting the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, he acknowledged the current tension with the Trump Administration over immigration issues, specifically as they pertained to Mexico. “As a Mexican, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I’m against any form of wall that separates us,” he said.

Over the last 12 years, Bernal has been putting that message of unification to work within the boundaries of his native country, pushing a country marred by reports of a drug war and other problems to find itself at the movies. Along with his close friend and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” co-star Diego Luna and the producer Elena Fortes, Bernal co-founded the Ambulante Documentary Film Festival in 2005. The traveling screening series focuses on non-fiction film that brings its vast programming to cities and rural areas around the country over the course of two months.

READ MORE: Mexico Detains, Then Frees, Undocumented Subjects of an Ambulante Documentary Ahead of Its World Premiere

Bolstered by generous government funding and the support of the national theater chain Cinépolis, Ambulante’s 2017 edition featured 106 documentaries screened across 64 days in 42 venues. The lineup is an eclectic blend of highlights from the international documentary scene — from “I Am Not Your Negro” to “Last Men in Aleppo” —to locally-produced projects and students films depicting everyday life in Mexico.

On opening weekend in Mexico City, screenings were packed less with industry figures than curious locals intrigued by the prospects of unfamiliar programming, starting with a free outdoor screening of “The Eagle Huntress” in the city’s plaza. That weekend, more than 300 moviegoers camped outside in the mountainous region known as Los Dinamos for a free screening of the documentary “Brimstone and Glory,” about the fireworks celebration in Tultepec, Mexico, and engaged in a prolonged Q&A session with the filmmaker that ran almost as long as the movie itself.

Such widespread enthusiasm is exactly what Bernal and Luna had in mind. “There’s an interesting dialogue that happens when people are in the same room watching a documentary,” Bernal said in an interview. “The singular discourse disappears. Arguments become more sophisticated. This is what happens when you see a plaza full of people watching a documentary for free.”

Bernal was inspired to start Ambulante after seeing that Eugenio Polgovsky’s 2004 documentary “Tropic of Cancer,” about an isolated community in Mexico in which villagers trap animals to sell them to tourists, failed to get a release in its home country. “It made me feel that there was no chance for someone to see the film — specifically, the people who are portrayed in it,” Bernal said. “Maybe a few film festivals could screen it, but that would be it. So we decided to take that film and others to the places where they were shot. It was more utopian euphoria than frustration.”

Notably, Ambulante receives 44% of its funding from U.S. sources, although some 40% comes from federal and state funds, while an additional 15% comes comes from private sponsors, and just one percent comes from ticketing and merchandise sales. Ambulante has been designed more as a form of advocacy than a business, and that goal has extended to its educational initiative, Ambulante Mas Alla.

The program involves filmmaking workshops in rural areas of Mexico, where participants ranging from teenagers to senior citizens produce short films about topics such as farming and family traditions. Since the program launched with the start of Ambulante, program instructor and documentary producer Carlos Rossini said that he has seen significant improvement in the sensibilities of his students. “It used to be that when I asked what was the last documentary students had seen, they would say ‘Shark Week,’” he said. “Now, after 12 years, that has changed. They talk about the films they saw at Ambulante.”

The communal progress underscores a broader goal for the festival, now run by director Paulina Suarez and director of programming Meghan Monsour: the capacity to push beyond stereotypical impressions of the country and its hardships. “This is the most important thing for us now,” Rossini said. “To discover that people are all on one side. It’s not what everybody says it is. It’s not a war, it’s not that everybody’s a corrupt police officer or politician. It’s a big country working through things, sharing thing. There are many difficulties, but most of us believe that this place has a future.”

For Bernal, the festival allows Mexico both a window into its own identity and the ability to scrutinize other cultures. “Watching otherness, understanding and creating empathy, can only lead to good things,” he said. “All films are political to me.”

The 2017 Ambulante Film Festival runs through May 25, 2017.

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guys…. I did it. I made it through my first year of high school! And guess what else, I met my goal! I ended the year with all A’s and B’s, aced all of my finals except for two and I had a ton of fun while I was at it. I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had the privilege to be a part of this school year, such as being in my school’s production of White Christmas. I had an AMAZING time doing that show and I made so many friends while I was in it. I can’t wait for the musical next year!!! Another thing is I was blessed with wonderful new friends who love and support me through everything and anything. I can’t wait to spend the rest of high school with them. I was also incredibly lucky and got the chance to see the amazing, Hamilton. It was so incredible. One more thing is I met Locker Boy, and yes we still talk. Although he is confusing, I really like him and I’m glad he’s in my life. He’s been by my side this year through thick and thin, he’s also helped me grow in my faith, something I’m still working on. There’s so many other things I could put on this post, but it would be like a three page essay if I wrote everything down. LAST THING: The studyblr community has helped me grow academically so much, my study skills have totally improved since the beginning of the school year due to this account and I’m so thankful for that. :) I can’t wait for next year!

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Your answer to the latest anon about what good it's doing... i understand the answer but nothing has changed for the weird beard in at least the two years since Glee is off air. They can put all the promo effort into it they want but if SHE doesn't do anything with it, what's the point? It's like giving your kid an allowance and them blowing it on the arcade instead of capitalizing on it. Except usually those kids learn over time.

Well true. But you have to look at who you are talking about.

I worked hard to get to where I am. Nothing was handed to me. Don’t get me wrong my parents spoiled the heck out of us. But we were expected to work and work hard. My parents say we are welcome to try something but if we are going to do it we better put our all into it. They won’t support half adding.

Beardy didn’t have that type of upbringing. In fact while everyone tries to liken them, d and von beardy were raised differently. One was obviously pushed to excel, the other was given everything she wanted to avoid dealing with her issues.

My upbringing was very similar to d’s. And i see it within the circle I grew up with. It would have taken very little for any of us to walk the line of lazy brat and hard worker. It really depends on the parents.

Beardy doesn’t have the same work ethic drummed into her. That is why her projects fail. By now, she could have been in music lessons and voice lessons and working on improving.

I might despise the oompaloompa (trump) but he did force his kids to have a great work ethic.

Beardy is more like… a cheap version of Paris Hilton. Except i feel bad saying that since Paris has actually matured quite a bit in the last few years.

[fic] flying planes with paper wheels to the same Achilles’ heels

For someone who claims to want no part in the idea of soulmates, Annabeth’s life seems to revolve around it quite often.

(Have a soulmates!AU for my 800 followers mark fic. Sorry I haven’t been active as often recently. Uni is kicking my ass so hard this year.

Trigger warning for suicide of a minor character. It isn’t explicit but still.) 

In this life, there is only one person who gets to be your other half, and this is decided the moment you are born.

At birth, each person is Marked with something similar to a tattoo on their body. It can be an inscription, an image, or even something as straightforward as a full name. Whatever it is, the Mark is supposed to lead you to your soulmate.

Annabeth Chase does not believe in the concept of soulmates.

To her, having her other half decided for her the moment she was born isn’t hopeful or reassuring like those stupid soulmate commercials peg it as. To her, it’s suffocating and controlling. It’s Fate and the universe trying to take her choices away from her. 

So she tells herself that, no, she will not look for her soulmate. In fact, a small part of her even wants to swear that she won’t end up with her soulmate, just to prove a point. Whenever she tells people about this, they give her bemused looks, like they thought she was breaking some sort of unspoken law.

Well, she has always been a little rebellious; what difference does this make?

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I'm looking for phan fics in which Dan and Phil are teenagers in summer camp and they have sex or something like that.

Camp Gay (wattpad) - Dan gets sent off to an all boy camp for the summer. He never thought that it would be this hard to stay in the closet.

Correction Camp - Just bring your confused teenager here in June and when they come home in August they’ll be the perfectly normal, heterosexual, cisgender, son or daughter they were before they became tainted!

Everline Summer Camp - Dan and Phil had been best friends for as far back as they could remember, but during their third year at Camp Everline Dan is starting to worry that Phil might be more than just a friend to him.

Summer Camp (wattpad) - Dan is forced into going to a summer camp in the country side of Britain, his mother feels Dan is irresponsible, and would only be getting drunk and fucking about if he stayed at home. WRITTEN 2013. (I have since, gone through and attempted to improve on it).

Summer Skin - Phil had never been one for rule-breaking. But when an opportunity arose to do the unthinkable, to be more than ordinary, he found his bad side was more dominant than he thought.

The Summer - Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery  for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life.

- Eliza

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Hey!! I just followed you and I absolutely love your blog!! Can I request a headcanon where it was an established fact that like 90% of (at least slytherins and ravenclaws) girls had a crush on Snape? I am legit surprised it's not an actual canon! Like sure he was a meanie and a tough teacher, but like isn't every single girl in a high school likes "tall dark mysterious bad boys"! I am surprised it was never mentioned since it would certainly be the case for me and everyone I know.

Thanks for the follow – and I’m glad you like it!

Snape’s attitude is certainly off-putting enough, but the interesting thing to me about Snape at Hogwarts is that he’s an exceptionally young teacher when he starts there.  As a Head of House, he appears to be an outlier when compared to McGonagall, Sprout and Flitwick; even more so when you consider that prior to him, Slytherin was led by Slughorn, and prior to McGonagall, Gryffindor was led by Dumbledore.

In canon, he seems to have not been dealt the best of cards in the attractiveness stakes – his hooked nose, his sallow skin, his greasy hair, his uneven, yellow teeth – but again, what’s intriguing is that Snape does so little about any of this.  His nose can’t be helped, but it seems incongruous that a Potions Master is incapable of whipping up something to keep his hair clean, or that given Hermione manages to have her teeth corrected with magic, that Snape doesn’t do something about his own.

And I know there’s a billion of fandom explanations, ranging from Harry’s viewpoint being skewed by his hatred, the way children perceive adults, various excuses for his hair being lank, his yellow teeth actually being nicotine stained…  But given your prompt, let’s have a closer look at another idea…

“Do you have any trouble with your Muggle electronics?”

Lucius gave him a sharp look.  “My Muggle electronics?  Have you somehow mistaken me for one of those foul Weasleys, Severus?  Mistaken this Manor for the joke of a hovel that they reside in?”

“I only wondered.”

“You only wondered.” Lucius eyed him critically.  “What is it that you’re missing from your Muggle abode, Severus?  Don’t tell me that you’re addicted to something on that ridiculous wailing box your mother was permanently attached to?”

Severus glared at him. “I don’t appreciate you speaking about her like that.”

Lucius gave a feral grin. “Touched a nerve?”  Severus’ fierce glare didn’t abate.  “Right, forget I said anything about your dear mother.” He clapped Severus on the shoulder, and propelled him towards a chair.  “Sit, and tell your good friend Lucius what’s ailing you.”

Severus remained standing, but glanced away.  “I’m having trouble with the shaving spell.”

“Shaving spell?” Lucius’ eyebrow quirked.  “You don’t use that, do you, old boy?”  He peered closely at Severus’ uneven stubble.  “Although yes, on second thoughts, you obviously do. You have looked a bit rough since moving back to Hogwarts - I merely assumed Dumbledore was working you too hard.”

“My razor from home doesn’t work at Hogwarts.”

“Doesn’t work how?  It’s the same, isn’t it?  Lather up, and slide it over your skin.”

“It’s electric, Malf,” Severus corrected.  “You plug it in the wall, and the blades turn for a closer shave.”

“Curious,” Lucius said, feigning disinterest.  “You mean to say that you’ve never shaved with an ordinary blade?”

“I thought wizards used the spell Pomfrey showed us in third year,” he said, defensively.  “We all did at school.  It was rubbish, so I asked my dad to show me how he did it.”  

“He was good for something then?”  Lucius opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out a business card.  He pressed it into Severus’ hand.  “You should take a trip to Twilfitt and Tatting’s.”

“The robes shop?” Severus stared at the business card, confused.

“They have a barbershop upstairs,” Lucius said, indicating that he should turn the card over to the other side.  “For the discerning client.  Tell them I sent you.”

“I see,” said Severus, reading the details of the card with interest.  “Thanks, Malf.”

“My pleasure,” Lucius intoned.  “Oh and Severus?”

“Yes, Malf?”

“Do yourself a favour and get a decent haircut whilst you’re there.”

Minerva peered around the door of the hospital wing, and frowned.  “Is Severus not with you, Poppy?”

Poppy bustled over to the door, wiping her hands on a towel as she walked.  “Were you expecting him here?”

“Not particularly,” Minerva said, “but he’s not in his office, or his quarters, and I know he used to bring the potion supplies up to you on Sundays.”

“He hasn’t done that in weeks,” Poppy said, with a half-smile.  “Not since Albus said that Severus required a break.”

“He’s a wily old dog,” Minerva sniffed.  “He told us he’d employed Severus because he was willing to provide high quality potions to the hospital wing.  If he’s not supplying them, who is?”

“We’ve gone back to St Mungo’s,” Poppy explained, ushering Minerva through to her office.  “Like we did when Slughorn was here.  They’re very efficient, and reasonably priced – but the quality isn’t quite the same.  Still, for simple coughs and colds, the difference is negligible, and for anything more serious, Albus has assured me that Severus will still brew.”

“Oh, has he now?” Minerva raised an eyebrow.  “I think I shall be having a word with our esteemed Headmaster.”  She turned to leave, and then paused.  “Poppy?”


“When exactly did Albus suggest that Severus required a break?”  

Poppy pulled a ledger from her bookshelves.  “I can’t tell you offhand, but I can say when the first order went through…”  She flicked through the pages.  “Six weeks ago.”

“Six weeks ago,” Minerva nodded, with a smile.  “Would that be six weeks ago when our young Potions Master cleaned himself up a bit?”

“I think, Min, you might be right.”  Poppy gave a wide smile in return.  “He wouldn’t want to be hanging that nice new hairstyle over cauldrons all weekend, would he?”

Poppy looked up, surprised at being disturbed twice in one hour.  “Severus!  I didn’t expect to see you in the castle.”

The young man blushed. Out of habit, he tossed his head, as if his hair would cover his embarrassment – and then his cheeks grew even brighter as he realised his hair was now too short to hide his face.

Poppy bit back a smile, and pushed a chair out for him to sit at.  “Did you know Minerva was looking for you?”

“No,” he said, rubbing his hand over his cheek self-consciously, urging the burning to abate. “I’ve been…out.  What did she want?”

“She didn’t say,” Poppy replied.  “I’m sure you’ll catch up with her this evening.  So, what can I do for you?”

He looked ashamed, his black eyes focused on the floor.  “Do you know much about dental spells?”

Poppy fixed him with a piercing stare.  “I know that you need to stop smoking those dreadful Muggle cigarettes, if you want to do anything about the state of your teeth.”

“I have,” he mumbled, feeling like a recalcitrant child.

“You have?”  Poppy’s eyes widened.  “I never thought I’d see the day.  I remember a rather petulant 14 year old sitting in this very office complaining that I simply didn’t understand addiction.”

He took a breath.  “Yeah…well…I was a bit…”

“It’s fine, Severus,” she said, with a genuine smile.  “I was rather fond of that stroppy 14 year old, his distasteful habits aside.”  She paused, aware that he was still staring uncomfortably at the floor.  “Just like I’m rather fond of the slightly less stroppy 24 year old who is sitting in front of me now.”

He smiled at that, and lifted his gaze from the floor.  

“Show me,” she said, and he obligingly opened his mouth wide, allowing her to peer at his teeth. “And now close,” she instructed, stepping back.  “They’re structurally sound.  A little uneven, but I think the yellowing has improved since I last saw you.  How long ago did you stop smoking?”

“A few weeks.”

“I should think we could do something to aid the process along,” she said, running her finger along the shelf behind her desk.  “These,” she said, pulling a jar from the back and setting it before him.  “Two at night, and,” she paused, reaching to the far side of the shelf, “this paste once a week.  No more than once, else you’ll ruin your teeth.”

“And the uneven appearance?”

“Magical intervention is always a little mixed,” she admitted.  “I hate to say it, but Muggle braces would probably yield better results.”

He snorted.  “Wearing those whilst teaching a class full of witches and wizards?  I don’t think so.”

“I didn’t think you’d like that,” she smiled.  “Try the whitening,” she said, “and we can always look at straightening them later if you’re still unhappy.”

He stood, and pocketed the jar and the tube of paste.  “Thank you, Poppy,” he said, giving a half nod as he exited from the room.

“Filius,” Pomona shouted, as she pushed her way into the staffroom.  “Clear the board, he’s coming!”

Filius quickly erased the sweepstake from the board, full of odds and bets about who exactly had caught Severus’ eye, and when the happy pair would announce their union to the wizarding world.  A moment later, Albus swept into the room with Severus hot on his heels.

“It’s oddly quiet in here,” Albus observed, as the staff all pretended to be absorbed in various journals and periodicals, the board now completely clear.

“Research,” Filius said, quickly.

“Fascinating article in this month’s Transfiguration Today,” Minerva added.

“Mammoth strides being made in Mandrake harvesting,” Pomona said.

Rolanda grinned, and slapped the Daily Prophet on the small table before her.  “And the play-by-play of Ireland’s defeat of Sweden was an engrossing read.”

“You’re all more transparent than the Bloody Baron,” Snape grumbled, settling into a chair in the corner of the room, pulling out a copy of his favourite Potions periodical from his robes.  “What have I done now?” he grumbled, flicking through the pages, but his eyes were flitting between the people in the room.

“Nothing,” the group chorused.

Severus slat the magazine across the room, and stalked out, banging the door loudly behind him.

Rolanda burst into fits of laughter as Pomona retrieved the magazine from the floor.  “I guess we need to work on our subtlety,” she said.

Albus watched as Filius reinstated the sweepstake on the board.  “Ah,” he said, understanding dawning.  “I see our Potion Master’s makeover has not gone unnoticed.”

“How could it pass anyone by?  New hair, new teeth, new robes.  He’s like a whole new person.  Well, apart from his temperament.”  Minerva passed Albus a cup of tea, and settled down on the sofa next to him.  “Do you know who he’s interested in?”

“I believe he has been seeing someone,” Albus admitted.  “Although I am not at liberty to say who.”

“Which is why you’ve given him a reprieve from brewing for the hospital wing,” Minerva announced triumphantly.  “I knew it.”

“The boy is allowed a social life,” Albus said, sternly.  “We’re only young once.”

At that, the staffroom fell silent.

“I think you should consider a transfer to Durmstrang,” Lucius said loudly, across the table.

“I’m quite happy at Hogwarts, Malf,” Severus said, raising his glass.  “Quite comfy there, once you get past being surrounded by Gryffindors.”

“Karkaroff is at Durmstrang,” Lucius continued.  “I’m sure we could put a good word in for you.”

Severus gave an involuntary shudder at the mention of Karkaroff.  He knew from Dumbledore that the man had offered his name in return for his own freedom.  “I’m sure you could, Malf,” he said.  “I’ll talk to you in private later.”

Lucius gave a curt nod, and turned back to his direct neighbours.

“That’s the politest ‘shut up’ that anyone has ever said to Lucius at one of these functions,” Narcissa observed, taking the vacant chair next to Severus.  “Do you mind?”

“Feel free,” Severus said, sipping from his glass.  “Yaxley has headed to the loo, and then I’m sure he’s intending to find someone more powerful and influential to sit with than Hogwarts’ shabby Potions Master.”

“Hardly shabby these days,” Narcissa observed, feeling Snape’s robes between a delicate finger and thumb. “These are impressive quality. Not Malkin’s?”


“And your hair,” she said, reaching to run her hand across his parting.  “It’s very neat, and…clean.”

“Thanks,” he said, trying desperately not to blush.  Narcissa gave him a puzzled look, and he inclined his head.  “What?”

“Your scent.”  She leant towards him and sniffed.  “What is it?  You always used to smell of day old cauldrons but,” she took another dramatic sniff, “this is delightful.”

This time, he couldn’t stop the blush from filling his cheeks, and even turning the tops of his ears pink.  “It’s aftershave.”

“Where from?  I shall order some for Lucius.”

“I made it.”

“You did?”  Narcissa beamed at him.  “You should bottle it.  Sell it.  You’ll make more than Dumbledore pays you.”  She took in a deep breath again.  “Gorgeous.”

“Gorgeous is he now?” purred Lucius, who had left his chair on the opposite side of the table, and was now standing between his wife and his friend.

“Just his scent, dear,” Narcissa said, standing, and allowing Lucius to wrap her in a tight embrace. “I was trying to convince him to make me some for you.”  She looked back at Severus.  “Would you?”

He nodded.  “Of course.  Anything for you.”  He looked at Lucius, whose gaze had hardened.  “Both of you.”  

With that, Lucius gave a satisfied nod.  “An after dinner brandy in my study, Severus?”

“Have you noticed the hourglasses?”

Minerva gave a slight smile. “Yes, they’re looking rather healthy, aren’t they?”

“The fifth years tell me that he gave out some points on Tuesday,” Filius said, leaning across Pomona.

“He didn’t?  Severus gave points?”

“Impossible,” Minerva huffed.  “He doesn’t know how.”

Filius laughed.  “I said exactly the same, but the Hufflepuffs who share the class confirmed it.”

“And he gave extra tutelage last week,” Pomona said, lowering her voice so as not to draw attention to their conversation.

“Yes, well he does for the Slytherins,” Minerva groused.  “Says it’s his non-discriminatory version of Horace’s Slug Club – only he misses the fact that he’s omitting three other houses of students in the process.”

“No,” Pomona corrected, “you misunderstand, Minerva.  He set extra sessions for all of the houses.”

“It’s true,” Filius chipped in.  “Curiously enough, all of the girls from my house in the fifth, sixth and seventh years have signed up.”

“And in mine.  And a few of the boys, for that matter.”

“I hadn’t heard from my students,” Minerva said, “but they are unaware that Severus and I are relatively friendly away from the public eye.  They rather assume that we’re darkest enemies, so they wouldn’t immediately tell me if their opinion of him had altered.  I shall check tonight.”  Minerva frowned.  “But why the sudden interest?  Especially from the girls!  He’s not teaching them love potions or something equally drippy, is he?”

“Who knows?” Filius shrugged.  “But he is very talented at Potions,” he added.  “I suppose they could learn a lot, especially if they can see past his grumpy demeanour.”

“Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?” Pomona huffed.  “He isn’t grumpy anymore.”  She took a long swig of her pumpkin juice.  “I’d have set him up with a girlfriend years ago if I’d known it’d have had this impact on my house,” Pomona said.

“Or boyfriend,” Albus whispered, as he passed the conspiring group on his way out of the Great Hall.  “Let’s not make assumptions.”  All three teachers were instantly wide eyed, and looked over at Severus, who was sitting at the opposite end of the table, absorbed in animated conversation with Rolanda about Quidditch.

“Really?” Filius squeaked, but Albus hadn’t broken stride.

“Surely not,” Pomona said. “Not Severus?”

Minerva raised an eyebrow. “Who knows?  That boy is full of surprises.”

Albus flung open his office door, and waved Severus in.  The Potions Master walked in, his head bowed – and it was obvious he was missing his long hair.  

“Chin up, Severus,” Minerva said, kindly.  “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“I haven’t done anything,” he said, quietly.  “I don’t understand why she would say such things.”  He lifted his head until his gaze met Minerva’s.  “I don’t remember anything happening like this when I was at school.”

“You’re very young,” Minerva said, softly, taking his hand.  “No youth is going to fantasise about sleeping with me, are they?  Or Pomona?  Or Filius?  Or Poppy? Or Albus?”

“But I’m old enough to be-”

“Their boyfriend, Severus,” Albus interjected.  “I know it seems alarming to you, but you’re a handful of years older than these students. Wizards and witches live well into their hundreds; an age gap of ten years is not unheard of.”  

“But she’s 15!”

“I am not suggesting an age gap of ten years is appropriate now,” Albus said, sternly.  “But if you were 39 and she was 29, would there be such a protest?”

Severus scowled.  “I suppose not.  But that’s not what’s happened here.”

“I know.”

“Why didn’t this happen sooner?”  Severus looked confused.  “If the attraction is because I am a few years older than them, now that I’m 25, why didn’t this happen when I was 21?”  Minerva shifted uncomfortably in her seat, but Severus caught the movement.  “Come on, Minerva, you obviously know.  Tell me!”

“Severus,” Albus indicated that he should sit down.  “A few years ago, you were teaching students who knew you from school.  I fear, to those older students, you held no mystery. They remember you from the Great Hall, from the Slytherin common room-”

“From being hung upside down and stripped naked by James Potter,” Severus angrily spat.  “You can say it, Albus.”

“Severus,” Minerva interrupted, “that’s not what he means.”  She adjusted the sleeve of her robes uncomfortably, “I appreciate that might have been a factor, but when you started here, you were very…”

“Introverted,” finished Albus.  “And your self-care was not the best.”

“What are you suggesting?” Severus said, his eyes narrowing.  

“Merlin’s beard, Severus!” Minerva exploded.  “Take a good look at yourself!  You might not be winning a centrefold in Witch Weekly like Gilderoy Lockhart, but now you’ve got a smart haircut, and you’ve stopped smoking those foul cigarettes, and you’ve adopted a more cheerful personality, you’re not half bad.”

“…is that supposed to be a compliment?  Or a criticism?”

“Minerva doesn’t mean it like that,” Albus said, soothingly.  “What she’s trying to say is that this castle is full of hormonal teenagers. I’m sure you remember that from your own schooldays?”

Severus stayed silent.

“And the sudden caterpillar to butterfly transformation of their young Potions Master, with his dark and mysterious past was sure to cause a few hearts to flutter.”

“It wasn’t my intention,” he said, quietly.

“We know,” Albus nodded.

“What are we going to do about the rumours?”

“The rumours will die down,” Albus said, taking a seat at his desk.  “You do understand what the governors will request of you?”

He nodded.  “I want them to see the truth.  I want you all to see the truth.  I didn’t encourage her,” he said, looking fierce.  “I didn’t even know-”

“We know, Severus,” Minerva said, squeezing his hand again.

Albus stood.  “Shall we away to the Ministry?”

He’d been tried once before, and he wasn’t keen to repeat the experience, even though this time he had both Albus and Minerva by his side.  Thankfully, he wasn’t in chains – but it had been a long time since he’d felt quite so small.

He’d provided memory after memory for the Ministry pensieve, and he’d spent over two hours in the interrogation suite with the Head of the Auror department.  

Thankfully, albeit with his legs wobbling and his head feeling drained, the deliberation came back that he had no case to answer.  The student who had made the accusations couldn’t provide any proof, and Severus had numerous cast iron alibis – even without his testimony under Veritaserum.  

He still felt sick to his stomach.


Minerva stood in the doorway to his office.  “Can I come in?”

“Do what you want,” he said, sulkily.

She stepped through, and looked at the cauldrons littering the room.  “Brewing for Poppy, are we?”

“It doesn’t make any sense to buy from St Mungo’s when you have a Potions Master on site,” he replied.

Minerva flicked her wand at the door.  

“What did you do that for?”

“I don’t want to be disturbed,” Minerva said, approaching him.  She ran her hand slowly through his hair, and winced when she felt the familiar layer of grease.  “Growing it again, are we?”

He nodded sharply.

“My Gryffindors have told me that you’re no longer offering extra-curricular tutoring.”

He nodded again.

She lowered her hand, and ran it down his face, caressing his jaw, his rough and uneven stubble scratching her palm.  “And you’re no longer going to Hogsmeade?”

“The barbershop is an extravagance.  Poppy’s spell is sufficient for my requirements.”  

“No more aftershave?”

“No more aftershave.”

Minerva held his jaw firmly, and tilted his head so she could stare him in the face.  “Don’t punish yourself like this, Severus.  You did nothing wrong.”

“It’s not worth the risk,” he said, quietly.  “I have spoken extensively with Albus, and he has suggested that given my past…”  He paused, looking pained.  “Given my past, I should endeavour to go unnoticed.”

“And what of your lady friend?” Minerva enquired.  “Or…male friend?  We weren’t sure.”

Severus looked stunned. “How did you know?”

“No young man overhauls his appearance without motivation,” she smiled.  “And you haven’t answered my question.”

“We broke up,” he said, quietly.  “Said the scandal would bring shame on the family name.”

Minerva stood for a long moment, and then wrapped the younger man in her arms.  He felt frail.  “I’m so sorry.  I’m so so sorry.”

Severus closed his eyes, and with his fringe falling across his brow, allowed himself to be firmly held in the older woman’s warm embrace.

After a few minutes, she pulled away, and looked at him critically.  “You smell of cigarettes and day old cauldrons,” she said, grimacing.

“Just the way I like it,” he smirked, pulling the packet out of his robes.  “If we’re done, I’m off up to the Astronomy Tower.”  At her shocked reaction, he barked a laugh.  “To have a smoke, Minerva,” he assured her.  “I’m not about to throw myself off.”  He paused.  “Not this week, anyway.  Not after our chat.”

Minerva watched helplessly as the young man swept out of the room, knowing that was as close to a thank you as she was going to get.

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Jimin and Yoongi first kiss after a show

Kissing Park Jimin feels nice, the way bubble baths and chocolate ice cream feel nice.

one shot, idolverse!YoonMin

“That’s a wrap!”

“You don’t need to tell me twice,” Seokjin says, draining his water bottle while eyeing to check if the kids have their own too.

“Good job out there, hyung,” Taehyung manages out panting, his awkward Daegu accent slipping in between the cracks when he’s too tired to cover it up with his acquired Seoul dialect.

“Thank god, I thought I was going to die,” Jungkook mumbles, pushing past Yoongi covered in sweat and Yoongi can’t say he doesn’t agree. Yoongi cannot remember the last time he wasn’t tired; not for the past year anyway, definitely not since their debut. This comeback has been taking its toll on all of them though, stakes rising with every stage they perform, more eyes on them, more people to impress, mounting expectations of a forever hungry crowd. There’s never an end to things they need to improve; that rap Yoongi isn’t doing quite right, that move Namjoon cannot make himself accomplish. Yoongi will be the first to admit it wasn’t always just him noticing the way all their feet drag a little more than usual after rehearsals at 2 AM or the way even Hoseok can’t bring himself to choke up his terrible gags from the corners of his mouth behind pained wide smiles at 5 AM dance practices these days. 

It’s lucky Yoongi doesn’t really remember a time before all this without the haze fogging up his brain any longer or else he might have lost it a year and a half ago.

“I messed up again.”

There’s a twist in Yoongi’s heart as his body responds to the voice before he comprehends it, turning towards the owner even though he already knows only Park Jimin would say something like that.

“Jimin, we talked about this -”

“I really messed up. I got none of that choreography right, Hoseok hyung was looking at me like he was about to kill me after all the hours of practice we did. You don’t understand, hyung,” Jimin mumbles, lowering his head, sweat shining on his skin under the shabby dressing room lights, making his hair look a lot more orange than it really is. The other members have already gone, leaving the dressing room deserted, shuffling to the van in slow steps and Yoongi has the vague urge to turn away and follow them.

Except Jimin isn’t okay.

And something about that makes Yoongi feel like the world is slipping under his feet.

Yoongi’s no good at comfort, but he’s never done trying when it comes to Park Jimin.

“Look at me,” Yoongi commands, voice steady but gentle, so that Jimin’s gaze slowly finds its way to Yoongi’s and there’s a light in them that hits Yoongi in the stomach. It’s hope mixed with a little bit of apprehension and a whole lot of disappointment, the kind of turbulent emotions that take Yoongi’s breath away.

“You did perfect. You worked your ass off and don’t let anybody else tell you different. Even yourself. Especially yourself. I look forward way too much to keep that stupid smile on yourself for you to go tearing it down, you know,” Yoongi says, trying the words on his tongue he’s never said out loud before so that he even surprises himself.

Jimin’s gaze flickers, unconvinced and Yoongi has no more words to say.

And maybe Yoongi doesn’t remember a time before he was a sea of endless sighs and ‘I can fit ten minutes of sleep’s into any given schedule, but Park Jimin was different. Different because he still woke up every morning and wrestled Kim Taehyung awake with the same enthusiasm he did three years ago when they first met. Different because he took took one sugar with his coffee because he was forever ‘watching my weight, hyung’ but eventually slipped in two more because he was never a black coffee person. Different because Yoongi can remember a time Jimin was actually happy and the light in his eyes was that same lost sixteen year old boy from Busan who only knew dance to make his way into a harsh idol world.

And Yoongi can’t lose that Jimin, even if he’s lost it in himself.

There’s really no connection to Yoongi’s thought process in that moment except Yoongi places a firm hand behind Jimin’s neck and pulls him towards Yoongi’s own lips till they’re kissing, because his brain has suddenly decided to put all the words he cannot say to just do the work this way instead. 

It’s a lot warmer than Yoongi expected; no fireworks or shots of electricity shooting through Yoongi like the Fourth of July. It’s silent symphonies and a heat in his body warmer than lying under the sun on a summer’s day till every inch of Yoongi’s skin is filled with a warmth named Park Jimin, liquid elation under the edge of his fingertips. 

There’s a small fist clenched tightly against Yoongi’s chest; Yoongi can feel the knuckles press against his beating heart. It’s nice kissing Jimin, Yoongi thinks. Nice is a good word for it; not too fancy or stripped down but realistic, like the way bubble baths or eating chocolate ice cream where nice. Jimin isn’t hurried or slow, just gentle, like he’s afraid that if he presses to hard, Yoongi will fall apart (like Yoongi is the one that needs taking care of) and god, Yoongi wants to keep Park Jimin in his heart forever and never let him go.

They break apart to the harsh ringtone of Yoongi’s phone and Yoongi knows the moment is lost, that it’s probably Namjoon asking where the hell he is. Yoongi sighs and puts the phone to his ear.

“Where the hell are you?” Namjoon’s voice blares through the speaker and Yoongi flinches.

Two minutes later, Yoongi and Jimin are pressed thigh to thigh against each other in the van and Jimin is nodding off, head placed on Yoongi’s shoulder and there’s something so comfortable about the whole thing that Yoongi can’t get enough of.

He doesn’t try to explain away to Taehyung’s raised eyebrow later the way Jimin’s fingers find Yoongi’s in the dark.

It’s nice.

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Can I have a scenario when Strawhats meets their S/o after time skip on Sunny go


  • Would pull them into a gomu gomu no hug.
  • He’d say something about how strong they have gotten and make his s/o blush.
  • He would make sure he was sitting or standing neat his s/o at all times.
  • Squishy cuddles at night.
  • This may seem out of place, but I think when the two of them reunite after the whole Sanji rescue thing, he’ll admit how hard it was for him when Ace died and he didn’t have any of his nakama.
  • His s/o would admit they had always felt guilty about never being able to be there in marineford or even afterwards to comfort him.
  • Luffy would tell them it doesn’t matter anymore, because he is surrounded by his favourite people in the world and that’s all that matters.


  • Will act completely nonchalant, no different from how he reacts to the others.
  • That is until he says some offhanded compliment about how much they have improved over the two years.
  • Really, I don’t think they would be able to get a proper romantic moment until after the Dressrosa arc (it’s not completely his fault, they have been busy after all).
  • In which Zoro, while their all alone, quite randomly starts a heart-to-heart with them.
  • And then the two of them are just whispering a heartfelt discussion between the two of them, all the trials they had to face, how sometimes they wanted to scream because they felt like going no where, Zoro might even mention what happened to his eye.
  • By the end of it though, they have started cuddling each other, and actually get to have some romantic time together until, unbeknowst at the time, they have to split up again at Zou.


  • Would immediately pull them into a hug.
  • Then would remind them of how much debt they have developed over the past two years.
  • Then would pull them into another hug.
  • Then point out any new scars they may have developed.
  • Then kiss them on the cheek.
  • A lot of mixed messages really.


  • Would start to cry and give them a big hug.
  • Would beg them to show him their new moves.
  • Would display some of his own.
  • May have some anxieties about whether or not his s/o fell out of love with him over the timeskip.
  • Obviously, that’s not a problem. :)


  • Would die of a nosebleed.
  • Mulitple times.
  • It is only until the incident with Shirahoshi and he goes back to his normal level of pervertedness can they finally have a proper reunion.
  • He would spin them around in his arms saying how even more beautiful they have become.
  • How that even the two years of Hell he had to endure was all worth it to see them again.
  • Would probably get another, albeit minor, nosebleed.


  • Similar reaction to what happened with Franky.
  • But also might cry and ask for a hug since he was so upset when their fake version rudely told him to get out of his way.
  • Cuddles all around!


  • “You’re weren’t horribly murdered or injured over the past two years. How wonderful.”
  • Would give them a quick peck on the cheek and make a comment on how much they have seemed to have improved since last she saw them.
  • As soon as they have some alone time, they would have private coffee and reading and cuddling session to catch up on lost time.


  • Very similar to how he reacted when he first say Robin.
  • Would waste no time in showing off all his ‘upgrades’.
  • Would go on about all the SUPER things that his s/o has done.
  • He would probably have tears in his eyes at some point.


  • He would either sing them a song or ask for their panties I’m not sure which first.
  • Would quietly whisper what a relief it is to see them again, as he is too use to never seeing his nakama again.
  • Before his s/o would ask him about it, he would go off to his crewmates about the new song he wrote right at that moment.
  • His s/o would be left to wonder if they had just imagined it.

Wayne Brady may be in joining the cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s über sold-out musical Hamilton, but that doesn’t mean his friends can expect free tickets.

The 44-year-old actor — who begins performances as Aaron Burr (sir) in the Chicago cast of the historical hip-hopera on Tuesday — recorded told TMZ that he’s not the one to come to for handouts.

“I don’t get no damn comps,” he said in the clip. “Specifically, let me repeat that now: I don’t get no damn comps. Either you have to be related to me by blood or we’re sleeping together, and then you will get a free ticket.”


Brady, an Emmy winner for his work on the improv hit Whose Line Is It Anyway?, is scheduled for a three-month run in Chicago’s Hamilton — which opened Setember 27 at the PrivateBank Theatre. His last performance is set through April 9.

“I have been ready for this role since I saw Leslie [Odom Jr.] do it when it first opened,” he told TMZ. “I’ve wanted to do this so, so badly.”

His 13-year-old daughter, Maile Masako Brady, has also wanted her father to do Hamilton so, so badly. A Hamilton-superfan, Brady recounted how she jumped out of bed screaming “Oh God — we’re going to Chicago! We’re going to Chicago!” when she learned the news.

“That was our Christmas present,” Brady joked.

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"Lady Mathilda." Even though they've known each other since the Deliverance's inception, Lukas still bows his head upon meeting her. It's only polite to bow before your social betters, after all. "I'm happy to see you hale and healthy. How have things been since we last spoke?"

ah, lukas. ❞ she greets him in turn with a smile; in the years since she’s met him, her opinion of him has only improved. for his poise and clear-sightedness — traits rare among soldiers his age — he has proved invaluable during increasingly tumultuous times. her expression takes on a hint of amusement at his respectful bow, and comes accompanied with a soft laugh. ❝ still so formal with me? i’ve been well  dreadfully busy, but i suppose that’s true for everyone. and yourself? clive hasn’t been working you too hard, has he? ❞

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i read Wong is a master sorceror in doctor strange is that true? im glad marvel are finally giving us some asian charaters.

Yes, that’s true. Wong will have a substantial role as one of the Master Sorcerers in ‘Doctor Strange’. Elektra is Asian in the Netflix shows and her story is likely going to be a major upcoming plot line based off how the last season of ‘Daredevil’ ended, Jessica Henwick has also been cast as Colleen Wing on Netflix, Mantis will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy in Vol 2, Ming Na-Wen and Chloe Bennett are still the female leads on AoS, and Kenneth Choi will appear in ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’. It’s not perfect but diversity (not just asian) has definitely improved in a major way since Kevin Fiege took control of Marvel Studios from Ike Perlmutter late last year and should continue to do so going forward. Ike Perlmutter is the one who vetoed a Black Widow movie (Which Fiege has now said he’s committed to), he’s the one who prevented female merchandise (which there is now a lot more of), he’s the one who prevented a female villain in Ironman 3 (There will now be female villains in GotG2 and Thor 3), he didn’t want any female led solo movies (Kevin Fiege fought for Captain Marvel and later added Wasp to the Ant-man sequel), the list goes on and on. The MCU is now 100% in Kevin Fiege’s capable hands and should be better than ever going forward.

In the Gardens

AO3 Mirror

Damen could feel eyes on him.

This, of course, was not uncommon; being the Crown Prince meant that there would always be someone chancing a look. But a single look was all it ever amounted to. One could steal a glance at the Future King, but one also knew better than to stare.

And yet, even through all the party and celebration around him, Damen could feel that someone was staring. Damen, in conversation with one of the many lords from the north, allowed himself a moment of distraction. He turned his head quickly, and easily met the blue eyes that had been so focused on him. A smile found its way onto the Prince’s face and he returned to his conversation, only to politely excuse himself.

As Damen approached, Laurent made no attempts to hide his gaze– eyes locked on him as the space between them lessened.

When finally they were close enough, Laurent lifted a hand, a dangerous twinkle in his eye.

Damen laughed lightly. He took Laurent’s long fingers against his palm, light as he could, and brought the hand gently to his lips. Smiling wider against Laurent’s skin, he took great amusement in watching the other fight to keep his composure.

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Jung Min on MTV Taiwan’s “I Love Idol”

English Translation by Yuk Yuen

JM: This is Park Jung Min, you are now watching “I love Idol”. yeah ~~

SS501 member Park Jung Min commenced his solo activities since 2010, besides releasing his solo albums and music, he had also gone to Taiwan long stay, filming a Taiwanese drama “Fondant Garden”.

This long stay allows him to improve his ability in Chinese tremendously. Last couple of years, he has been going to different countries to hold his solo concerts. Besides South America; he had gone to perform in France, Germany and Russia. This year, he participated in his first movie. 

He loves Taiwan a lot, and of course, he will visit Taiwan again to meet his fans who have been waiting for him for a long time. “I love Idol” is taking this chance to interview Park Jung Min.

We haven’t seen him for a long time, and he has a lot to say to us. Lets all welcome Park Jung Min. 

Ken: to day, “I love idol” welcomes Park Jung Min
JM: hello everybody, long time no see, this is Park Jung Min
Ken: right, this Park Jung Min even though has not come to Taiwan for a long time, his Chinese is still good. Just now, before the formal recording, he was reading from my script, and quite fluently. The 1st question, you read the 1st question now
JM: welcome to our long time no see Park Jung Min, firstly, say (…………) to everybody? ……(hu sou..) (**** JM read it wrong, should be jiao hu)
Ken: please say hello to everybody; Park Jung Min comes again~~~
JM: I am here
Ken: yeah, its been a long time you haven’t been here, right?
JM: long time no see, how long has it been?
Ken: Taiwan to Park Jung Min is a very familiar place, in here, #1, he has been here many times; #2, due to his filming, he had lived here for a long time; so, is there anything you love to do here?
JM: This time, a lot of staff members have not been here before, so, I really want to introduce Taiwan to them.
Ken: so, this time, the main purpose is to meet your fans again; and, you would also be a (little) tour guide for your staff members, and show them a round; so, next time, if I want to go to Russia, I have to go with you?
JM: correct, I previously did a European tour, and I was the first Korean artist to hold a concert in Russia. For me to be setting such a record means a lot to me - Russia
Ken: In Russia, you have to say annyeonghaseyo to fans
JM: Russia - hello - I forgot how to say it
*** both laughing off *****
JM: But I have to say thank you. I know how to say it
Ken: yes, you can say in English
JM: spasibo - (спасибо)
Ken: spasibo
Ken: so, that time, you were the first Korean artist to perform in Russia, how did you feel?
JM: I thought it would be very cold there; but it wasn’t, in fact, it was very warm; and of course, the fans are very enthusiastic. Before I went, I was told its really cold, and I was very worried. But when I got there, it was really warm. We were shocked.
Ken: we cant imagine, the problem is not whether its more cold or not. Yes. Good. Its because; you, who had gone to Russia, and held a fan meeting; and you had also done your European tour; and this time, you came to Taiwan again, to meet fans that you haven’t met for a long time; right, we all miss you a lot; 
JM: really? Show me your enthusiasm; show me your love~~
Ken: right, yes!
JM; Your love, I want to see ~~
Ken: after he said this, even the interpreter said “yes!” - so amazing!
Ken: this time, how did you feel towards your Taiwan fans?……(reading question#2 with Jung Min). What is most impressive?
JM: they made me feel very secured. I miss them most. My Taiwan fans, no matter where, is a group of supporters for me. When I see the fans who are at all times waiting for me wherever I go, I feel very secured. Its like seeing old friends, I am full of heart-felt warmth. 
Ken: when you fully support a certain artist, every time when you see him, and when he sees you, he feels very secured; all of you are very important, so, no matter whether its greeting at the airport, or during events, please try your best to attend. 
JM: This time, its my first time to perform the 2 sides of me
Ken: how do you feel about Park Jung Min?
JM: I hope he is a very passionate person
(** translator - Park Jung Min wants to be a passion………) (**** interpreter has not finished sentence)
Ken: what if its not Park Jung Min?
JM: No, no, if its not the real Park Jung Min, what kind of person would that be? Dark, dark…
Ken: dark, dark
JM: dark, dark; sexy sexy
Ken: sexy; sexy …. ah~~~
Ken: that is the other side of you that nobody knows
JM: that I dont know, its still unleashed …..
Ken: haha, unleashed?
JM: since have to go on stage, will be unleashed
Ken: ah…understand, understand. That is, (privately) you are still unable to do that. But on stage, you can be dark dark, and sexy sexy. This is because he told us he is unable to do that privately. But during your activities, you speak very good Chinese already. Do you want to learn some Taiwanese native dialect?
JM: Taiwanese native dialect? Taiwanese native dialect? I…… a little
Ken: Taiwanese native dialect? 
JM: I know a little. Its true
Ken: what do you know?
JM: “bor lo yong” (useless)
Ken: oh, bor lo yong - means useless
JM: more…more… “da bu man”
(Interpreter - ah - bad word, dirty word)
JM: bad word; dirty word..
Ken: this one, how come I dont understand?
(*** Ken and JM whispering and laughing)
Ken: oh, you sounded so accurate!
JM: haha
Ken: dont say it just like that, you will be beaten!
JM: really?
(commentator: so, looks like when everyone learns a foreign language, all start with bad words…..dear fans, dont try to guess what bad words Jung Min said, lets concentrate on teaching him some Taiwanese native dialects")
Ken: This is our usual native rap - Taiwan, like your “gong jang jang ….” (korean rap)
Shiu Zhai Shiu Zhai kia mei long long lai…..
Di Mei din bua lo lai bua ji lay jin lai hai
Tsui ki Ti-an go-a-hai ma-ju-ti-an gu-ma-mai
Mua Dua Ti-an go duo zhai hey! Jin li hai
(** Jung Min repeats after Ken)

Ken: Shiu Zhai, in modern terms, means a doctor (scholar)
Kai mei long long lai
JM: kia mei? 
(** JM points to the word “mei”)
Ken: mei, mei, do you know what that means?
JM: (**points to himself ) (** its mal)
Ken: oh yeah, yes, ah, congratulations, this is year of the mal
JM: right, its me, my year!
Ken: wish you all the best year of the mal 
JM: thanks thanks
Ken: this is your year, right
JM: its mine, its true
Ken: kia mei long long lai
JM: kia mei kia mei kia mei
Ken: yes, right, kia mei long long lai
(*** Jung Min repeats, then said the whole thing once)
Ken: wow, so impressive
Ken: Tsui ki Ti-an means tooth ache
Ken: ma-ju-ti-an means eyes ache
Ken: gu-ma-mai means put ointment here
Ken: Mua Dua Ti-an means…eh?
(JM touches his belly)
Ken: eh, you understand?
JM: yes
Ken: he recognises that word~~
Ken: go duo zhai - do you know what “duo zhai means”?
(Ken pointing to belly, JM also points to belly)
Ken: duo zhai means belly, right?
JM: belly
Ken: duo zhai Jin li hai (really impressive!)
JM: hey, jin li hai 
Ken: hey, jin li hai
JM: (raps) Hey!
(** Ken raps the whole thing using JM’s “Hey” tone)
JM: haha
Ken: hip-hop
JM: haha
Ken: Taiwan hip hop
JM: really?
Ken: you want to try? the ending here, if you know how, you can definitely stay in Taiwan, everybody will love you, adults and kids
Ken: (** raps, JM follows)
Ken: you can do it! you are awesome!
(commentator: Dai hao ren (Ken wu) - you are so talented! you can turn this rap into a hip-hop version, and Park Jung Min is really so good at languages; pretty good after learning it once only; and, perhaps, he’s even better than the average teenagers in Taiwan. Wonder if he wants to take part in a native Taiwan drama !)
Ken: Having such a busy schedule, and everybody really wants to find out , in your personal life, are you keeping contact with other members constantly?
JM: sometimes I do. Earlier, I went to Hyung Jun’s Fan Meeting, ah, its concert. I also went to record a drama OST in Korea
Ken: who do you contact most?
JM: Mostly contact person, should be Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong. 
Ken: so you are in contact with Hyung Jun.
Ken; good, in fact, there are a lot of supporters for SS501, and your Wan Dao princess (green peas); and of course, there are supporters for solo members, do you have anything in particular to say to them?
JM: thanks to all supporters of SS501, from now on, no matter whether its our solo activities, or one day, when we can all perform again on stage, please wait a little longer, please wait for our performance, I will deligently transform into a forever hardworking Park Jung Min; the other members would also work very hard, please support the other members as well. 
Ken: So. I know Park Jung Min loves to draw. Today, do you have anybody in mind that you want to draw?
(** JM nods his head)
Ken: do you want me to be your model?
JM: (nods) hmm
Ken: do you want me to? (trying to take off jacket)
JM: take off jacket?
Ken: oh, no need
Ken: I am sorry, can it be this way?
JM: (starting to draw) hmm, normally, Jeom Raeh, our little doggy at home
(** interpreter: their doggy at home is called “Jeom Raeh”, he is drawing his doggy Jeom Raeh)
Ken: so, I am your first model, first human model for you?
JM: correct
JM; finished
Ken: this is drawn by Park Jung Min, this is Ken Wu, drawn by Park Jung Min
JM; (clap hands) yeah
Ken: do I look like this?
Ken: unreal?
JM: unreal?
Ken: (referring to drawing) this looks a little better?
(commentator: Park Jung Min really knows how to draw, even though its first time drawing a human being, he’s drawn a much more handsome Da Ho Ren. Let Da Ho Ren keep that drawing. Hi fans, dont be impatient, we have asked Park Jung Min to draw another one for you! This one, he is drawing his doggy Jeom Raeh, isn’t that very cute. Whoever wants this, please log onto “I love idol” s FaceBook page, you may have a chance of taking this picture home. Today, we are really happy that we can meet with Park Jung Min, and we hope he can come to Taiwan for his future development. 

Hyuk does need more lines but seriously, give it sometime. It’s been a year and a half since they debuted and he doesn’t get much lines but we gotta keep in mind that he was the last to join VIXX and it was because of dancing. so he really didn’t have much vocal training. He has a good voice but isn’t stable live. He definitely is getting training and I bet he has improved a lot. In fact, just like Taemin, I think he will be the most improved in VIXX in a two years time. Give it sometime, he will get his chance to shine.

High School Bucket List

au by me and kanginfucker
pairing: markson 
rating: pg-13 for swearing
word count:14000
warnings: uhhh none i dont think!
summary: Jackson has always wanted to know what it’s like to be an average high school student, and Mark has been an average high school student for four years, so they’re kind of a perfect match.


“Are all high school boys this beautiful?” Mark startles, looking over at the boy who’s staring at him with wide eyes from two feet away. While Mark would normally appreciate and thank the awkward compliment, he is standing in front of a urinal with his dick literally in hand, looking at an awed boy he’s somehow never seen before despite spending almost four years in the small school. Mark gives him a long once over, trying desperately to find something familiar about him. It’s hard to really tell, the boy’s face mostly covered by the snapback pulled down over his eyes and the thick rimmed glasses that are making his barely visible eyes bug out a little. The bottom half of his face is partially covered, not necessarily on purpose, the large hood of his over sized sweatshirt bunched up around his cheeks. He has on nice, expensive shoes and jeans that Mark vaguely recognizes as designer, something even more unusual in his school than being semi-approached in the boys’ bathroom.

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Interview with the Chinese Coaches

Zhang Xia: I think she’s more mature this year, training is going well

During the press event at the Beijing Training Center, Zhang Xia expressed confidence in Shang Chunsong, “I feel that she has made improvements to the metal aspect.”

This is the third time Zhang Xia is leading her gymnasts to the Olympics, her team members Deng Linlin and Zhang Yuyuan have grasped gold in the previous two Olympic games.

This Augest, her gymnasts Shang Chunsong and Tan Jiaxin will both head to Rio for the Olympic games. “This is my third time preparing for the Olympics, and I am very clear about what I should be doing and when.”

When it comes to Shang Chunsong, Zhang Xia was frank, “in 2012, she was just preparing for the selection process with her older teammates, and now, she’s one of our main competitors. She’s grown a lot, and recently, she has been very consistent in training. If she can stay in her current level of preparedness, that will be enough. In addition, she is currently adjusting to the timezone of the the Olympics.”

And how about Tan Jiaxin? “She is doing okay, her vault and uneven bars are both relatively normal.”

Wang Qunce: I want to be an evergreen, but my time is up.

During the training session on July the 13th, coach Wang lost his temper at Mao Yi. He angrily picked up the chair and threw it on the ground, Mao Yi stood not far in the distance, completely silent. Coach Xu, sitting on the side, spoke quietly, “her execution probably was terrible,” she theorized about her coaching partner’s outburst.

A couple of minutes later, coach Wang had recollected his emotions, he picked up the chair from the ground and sat down, ready for Sina’s interview.

He is a competent coach, but is incompetent as a father. Because he had placed so much of his time on his team members, his son often complains about him to coach Wang’s friends. Whenever he hears those complaints, his heart aches. He not only feels guilty towards his son, but his wife and family as well. “My hometown is Yunnan’s Pu'er, but ever since I started training gymnastics, I haven’t gone back for Lunar New Year for 40 years,” he said. Coach Wang has dedicated half his life to the sport he loves.

Coach Wang analyzed each of his gymnast’s current levels of preparedness individually. “After training in Jixian, Tianjin, Wang Yan’s beam, floor exercise, and vault have improved greatly. Her consistency certainly will be improved compared to last year’s World Championships. Fan Yilin had some changes to her bar routine from last year. Last year, we had to change her dismount, and she has been doing the skill better ever since. If she can keep the dismount consistent, she can reduce the possible deductions to her routine. In addition, she made improvements to her beam. There were also slight changes to Mao Yi’s floor routine from last year, and our next step it to make sure that they peak at the right time.”

Besides the gymnasts mentioned, there is someone else always on coach Wang’s mind, that someone is Yao Jinnan. “Nannan unable to make it to Rio is one of the biggest blows in my coaching career,” coach Wang spoke frankly, “I was thinking, maybe after this Olympics, it’s time for me to retire. I’ve trained her for seven years, and during these seven years there was so much ups and downs. Sometimes, she would sometimes experience inexplicable pain; some things, she did not even practice much and had much repetition, but somehow she would feel pain. This child has her stubbornness, but during training, she put her best effort every single day. However, the tricky recovery for her shoulder injury and subsequent surgery led to her defeat in the selection process.  Life truly hasn’t been easy for her, but even though she failed to be selected to the Rio team, she is perfect in my eyes.”

“When we got news that Nannan didn’t make it to the Rio team, coach Xu started crying, but I didn’t. Even though I managed not to cry, my eyes were surely red. The gymnasts from our team, anyone of them unable to reach their goals would make me sad. Besides Yao Jinnan, I was also sad for Huang Huidan. I was thinking, maybe I’m too old now, and getting too sentimental. Perhaps it is time to retire. I want to be like an evergreen, but the passage of time is a cruel thing. A lot of coaching is hands-on, and sometimes I really feel my body cannot do what my heart wants.”

There was another reason pushing thoughts of retirement into coach Wang’s mind, his family and his lack of involvement in their lives, “my son is 23 this year. Seriously speaking, how he grew up, I have no idea. It’s the same situation for a lot of coaches on our coaching team, we know everything about our gymnasts, but when it comes to our kids and how they are doing, how they grew up… we have no idea.”

While coach Wang is reluctant to let go of the gymnasts he raised, there was also tiredness on the man’s expression, “someday, I want to make it up to my family.”

Source: Sina Sports, Dong Zhengxiang

Side note from 33:

While the official statement is not out yet, the fact that these interviews with Chinese media have no mentions Liu Tingting whatsoever probably means I can confirm it to you guys now… Liu Tingting suffered an injury that involves a broken bone in either her palm or forearm, and she had gone back to her provincial team (Guangdong). The mysterious user on baidu (that could be anyone on the team from a janitor to a doctor) has heavily implied this in a thread made after the last internal test. It has also been confirmed by Tingting herself via weibo to one of the fans. My heart breaks for her. However, she has so much potential and I’m sure she will comeback stronger than ever. 

According to insiders on tieba, Tan Jiaxin is also nursing an elbow injury, which took her out of training for a week and she had 2 falls on her UB at the internal test. Everyone is quite mum about the extent of her injury (ie. if it’s just a strain or a tear of something). Here’s to hoping all works out at Rio.