he has hair there

Date a boy who’s skin shimmers in the moonlight and who’s eyes sparkle like a stream. Braid flowers into his raven hair and listen to the stories he has to tell, his favourite is the one he’s creating with you.

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥

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I know someone who has a thick streak of white hair in roughly the same place as Shiros and she got that white hair when she was in her twenties and the door to the boot of her car hit her on the top of her head and cracked her skull there. It's basically a scar - I've always figured that's what Shiros white has is about too and that he has a scar under it/must have experience some kind of head injury.

Great point! I was just reading yesterday that anything that causes melanocytes (the cells that produce hair color) to die in that area, the hair will turn white. Not immediately, of course, but really fast compared to aging or what have you.
From what I’ve read this seems to happen fairly frequently as a result of injury, so it’s entirely possible Shiro could have gotten a head wound! Maybe he has a scar under his hair somewhere too. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Narutos Sasukes Madaras and Tobiramas reaction to their s/o braiding their hair when they wake up 😍

I don’t know if you expected these to be cute- but I thought they were all kinda comical- this was fun to make. 

Did you want gifs- I didn’t read this right and I made it gifs anyways…


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  • Haha- he’s kinda surprised and confused, because his hair is so short. But he’s also a bit impressed, because you’re managing to braid it somehow??


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  • Sasuke actually has a soft spot for his S/O playing with his hair. He’s also more affectionate in the morning right after he wakes up, so he’ll probably cuddle more and just be really content. Keep playing with it, he’ll be happy. 


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  • He already knows he has the hair of a god, so he’s used to you messing around with it. Normally, he tries to limit how much you play around with it, but the fact that you have resorted to messing with it even when he’s asleep leaves him with this expression. Expected better of you, but man, who can resist the mane?


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  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Braiding your hair-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Tobirama-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Oh c’mon-”
  • “Don’t make me say it a third time.”

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Congrats on the followers!!! can you write either #228 or #223? (I'm sorry I can't choose they're both so cute)😊💕


#228: robert is the type of person who has to sleep with at least a little light on so that he can get to sleep. aaron of course lives for complete darkness and always reaches over and turns off the amber glow, moving his body closer to robert and wrapping his arms around him whispering “i’ll protect ya from the dark if ya like” teasing and kissing his fiancé’s shoulder lightly before closing his eyes and relaxing as he feels robert finally sleep soundly against him.

Robert’s got into the habit of reading before bed, propped up against the pillows, head buried into some Stephen King book that Aaron’s never heard of.
Aaron comes through the door, has a towel through his hair as he attempts to dry it and then looks down towards the bed. 

“You reading that book, still.” Aaron makes a point of it, looks right at the cover and then shakes his head as he sits on the bed with a thud. Robert can’t take his eyes off the page and gives his Aaron a little hum which is supposed to be a sufficient form of reply. 

Aaron gets into the bed, does this annoying thing, leans right over and rests his head on Robert’s shoulder, nearly blocking the light. 

Aaron feels his eyes grow tired and then lets out this little yawn which makes Robert turn towards him.

“You go sleep, I’m just finishing this last chapter.” Robert mumbles out, keeps his attention on the book and then presses a little kiss to Aaron’s head. 

Aaron frowns, feels silly for not wanting to go to sleep without Robert laying down beside him, his body so close and warm.

Robert notices the way Aaron doesn’t move and tries to fight the smile on his face because he knows why the younger man won’t lay down properly yet. 

“S'alright.” Aaron whispers before fighting back a yawn. “’M'night tired.” He lies. 

Robert doesn’t believe him but chooses to just nod his head as if he does, feeling Aaron rub a hand up and down his arm lovingly and suddenly reading quicker. 

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ok ive been on spring break and im kinda dead art wise rn but ive been considering. a zamasu/shin fusion bc theyre my favorites and uh… kibito/shin was a cute fusion so it got me to thinking. shimasu is their fusion name and hes literally gorgeous. probably has trouble concealing his emotions and is very concerned abt being a good God. a good man

also he has a lot of hair and its kinda wavy but REALLY luxurious

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people are saying katakuri looks like law and now i'm just picturing law showing up at the wedding to follow luffy around and glare at this punk that thinks he can copy him

he’s got his stupid fucking dressrosa stache on again w/ the sunglasses in the nicest ‘wedding’ outfit he can muster (which is completely black w/ a long coat and looks like he’s going to a funeral - which is kind of apt)

just pacing around seeing luffy and co sneaking about getting ready to crash the wedding, hissing to himself what the fuck are they doing bc luffy is planning some sort of stupid fucking entrance quite clearly and he’d very much like to not let mugiwara-ya kill himself during this

and then he spots katakuri who eyes him up disdainfully w the exact same expression he’s wearing. 

and for a second he just thinks. ‘what the fuck have i walked into. this dude has tattoos. he’s got the same colour hair. who the fuck’

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Oooooooohhhhh quick painful af concept: having a serious relationship with Harry when he had his lion mane and breaking up because distance and fighting but he sees you again maybe after filming Dunkirk and he's slightly shy and insecure cause he has SHORT hair and he (even though he shouldn't care) is worried that you'll think he looks foolish or won't like him as much with his short hair and he hopes you will because he's still harbouring feelings for you and is working up the nerve to talk to

you at a bar he’s seen you at

Mmm and of COURSE he is sexy as hell with his new hair, but his biggest concern is you and how you’re going to feel. And whenever he catches you watching him, his stomach flutters and he can’t help but smirk a little…

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now that i read ur translation for jin's chatroom.. that's why he went into vlive??? why does he have to train hard? because of his confidence or? aw jin i hope he knows he is perfect no matter what :((

Anonymous said: thanks for translating btw!!!

Yes. His VLIVE was titled as, “boost confidence”. What he means by train hard is to gain his confidence again. Seokjin mentioned how he got used to all his confidence he had gained, which means his self-esteem has been low lately. That’s why he cut his hair so he can gain confidence again, train himself to be confident. 

Seokjin is perfect, but at the same time I can understand why he (all of Bangtan/idols in general) usually have low self-esteem. Their job is practically based around 50% looks and 50% talent. Sometimes one more than the other. So it seems pretty normal, but it’s our job as their fans to remind them that they are beautiful, handsome no matter what.

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For the ask meme, (if it's not too late) 60, 62, and 63 :)

Sure, never too late! I’ll always respond to ask memes so long as I keep getting prompts. Thanks. :)

HTTYD ask meme

60. Should Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut grow beards?

This is a very important question. I believe that Hiccup and Snotlout should definitely grow fine beards. Fishlegs would look good with a short, trimmed beard himself. I would prefer Tuffnut without facial hair. He has enough going with his long hair on his head that he doesn’t need to add more to his face.

62. How would you react if Snotlout started hitting on you?

So there was one time in college this young man came up to me when I was with a group of friends, hit on me, and asked me for my phone number. He was a nice guy and wasn’t being obnoxious, but I literally thought that he was not actually asking me out. I thought he was doing his homework for this infamous social studies class in my college where people intentionally break social norms and then record the results in a paper. I feel bad because I laughed and kept asking him how the paper was going. It took my friends correcting me to realize he was actually wanting to hang out with me. I… still feel bad about this, all this time later, even though he and I did get our hangout in and spend a long evening together (he didn’t turn out to be my type of person, but he was a chill enough guy).

I have a feeling I would react to Snotlout in the same sort of way. I’d raise my eyebrows and be like, “Really?” I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously at first and wouldn’t believe it was authentic. Once I figured out he was actually trying to hit on me, I’d kindly explain to him that I’m not interested in having a romantic relationship, that I don’t date men, that I’m not comfortable hearing flirtatious words like that directed at me… but I’d be totally chill going out to coffee with him to get to know him as a friend. How would Wednesday work? If Snotlout continued trying to hit on me after that, I would pointedly ignore any of the comments that were flirtatious, calmly acting as though I didn’t hear them, but be respectful to him any time he’s not saying those flirtatious things. If it gets very bad, then I’d have to be a bit more firm with him about this not being okay, and may politely quit interacting with him altogether.

Hopefully Snotlout would get the hint. I love his character - he’s my favorite - but I wouldn’t want him flirting with me!

63. How would you react if Ruffnut started hitting on you?

(We’re going to answer this as though I’m not in a relationship, for simplicity’s sake… otherwise I’d just politely turn her down and that’s not an interesting answer).

I’d be a little more receptive to Ruffnut hitting on me than Snotlout in some aspects but not others. I have historically preferred to date women or other individuals on the more feminine side of the gender continuum, so I would feel a little flattered that Ruffnut would show interest in me. I might feel a little reciprocating interest for being flattered. 

But there would be several reasons why I would not want Ruff hitting on me. First: Ruffnut hitting on people can be largely physical in nature, demonstrating her sexual interests - which is fine for her and fine for some people on the receiving end… but is uncomfortable for me as an asexual to receive. I don’t like people complimenting my body when they’re trying to hit on me or something. I hate it. So I would quickly, nicely help her understand that that sort of hitting on language does not work on me. Second: Ruffnut’s personality (while she’s also one of my faves) would also not work well for me in a relationship, especially romantically. I would turn her down, too, very politely, and tell her I’m aroace. Hopefully we could still have tea/coffee together or something, though!

Trollhunters Headcanons For Arrrgh

I LOVE Arrrgh. He is my favorite, and I love the headcanons for him. Both NSFW and SFW. Here are some I like for him.

•He is the type who just listens to you when you are venting about your problems. Unlike Blinky, he will sit there and listen to you pour your heart out to the point of you ending in hysteria, and that’s when he comes in with his well-known hugs.

•If he was in a human form, I picture him to be EXTREMELY tall. About 7 and a half feet. Has muscles from being in Gunmar’s army. He has a full head of hair and a full beard on his chin. Very handsome human troll. 😍😍😍 *gets ready to grab him and drag him to a church*

•He is very gentle. Both during intercourse and in public. He doesn’t mind if he has to be rough for his s/o if they want to. He is always willing to do what his s/o asks of him or whatever they are into. He feels extra special when his s/o asks him what is he into during intercourse and that they’ll do it for him.

•Hates conflict. Even when arguing with his s/o, he feels guilty even though he may be right for getting upset. He is just a really big softie.