he has had these at least since hanukkah

Christmas (is a state of mind)

For Effie @effie214. I tried to keep this fluffly, I swear, but, eh …the mid-season finale happened, and yes. It’s still not very angsty and somewhat Christmasy. I hope you like it! We don’t really know each other, but from what I can gather, you’re pretty awesome and your blog is a joy to read. :) @alizziebyanyothername

Oliver Queen has never really celebrated Christmas.

He’s celebrated Christmas; of course, his childhood was filled with many more presents than he could actually appreciate, and his teenage years with more alcohol that he should have consumed, but those times are long gone, hidden between layers of pain and loss and, sometimes, when he looks back at those early carefree and stupid days he can’t help but think they happened to another person.

They happened to Ollie Queen. And, despite Thea’s insistence on keeping the nickname alive, he’s not that man anymore.

So, Oliver Queen has never really celebrated Christmas. Or Hanukkah. No, Oliver Queen has certainly never celebrated that. Oliver Queen didn’t even know what that entailed until a few years ago, when a blonde and babbling hurricane collided with the immovable force that was the Green Arrow and somehow managed to… well, change everything.

Which is why this year, Oliver Queen is doing the holidays right.

Starting with getting Felicity a peppermint-mocha the first day they’re available, because that’s a holiday thing to do, right? He’s been in charge of the coffee, and well, breakfast in general, ever since they moved back to Star City because he’s better at it, and also because he’s not the CEO of anything, thank God.

The only thing he truly liked about being the CEO is the one thing that he now gets to appreciate at home.

Felicity only smiles when he presents her with her holiday drink and a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. Well, she smiles, and then she kisses him, which leads to him kissing her back, and …yeah. They have to re-heat everything later, but that’s okay. It’s the season to be jolly and all that.

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