he has got a wife!

livingalovewithmytc  asked:

Would you ever drunk text your TC ? Also, what would you if your tc called you drunk telling you he wanted you and your the reason he got drunk all the while he has a wife at home?

No I don’t think so. I think I have enough courage to tell him how I really feel if I ever saw him again. In a perfect world, I’d tell him to come over. We would talk things out. Everything would be okay between us. But this is not a perfect world. We can’t be together. He’s actually told me this before. He told me he loved me and that if it weren’t for his wife he’d be with me. He told me how badly he wished he had met me sooner. He told me how much he craved be be 17 and have the chance to know me. What are you supposed to do when someone says that to you? I suppose many would’ve taken the chance. But how could I? How would that have been fair to anyone? I know so many members of the TC community would love to have the opportunity like I did but it’s so complicated. It’s not always cupcakes and rainbows. That’s life.

We need to talk about House

In the second season, House is shot by…a disgruntled former patient named Jack Moriarty (in case you didn’t know: House is based on…Sherlock Holmes). Later, as House is recovering, he asks Moriarty why he shot him. Moriarty replies that it was not his intention to kill House, and that he wanted to see House suffer. 

In the past, House got Moriarty to admit to his wife that he had an affair, Moriarty’s wife then committed suicide shortly after being released from the hospital. He tells House that he realizes that his affair led to his wife’s suicide. But he feels that House should take part of the blame because there was “no reason” to tell her about it. I.E. House went too far with his deductions and pays the price for it. Sound familiar? 

BUT things don’t add up. He isn’t feeling pain in his leg anymore, he can’t diagnose right. People seem weirdly out of character. And House starts to question everything. He is hallucinating (he thinks as a side effect of being shot). But then he then realizes everything he experienced since getting shot is a hallucination. 

Which makes me wonder about Sherlock….part of me wonders if Sherlock is being drugged or in a coma or still in his mind palace or something. That he hasn’t woken up since TAB yet  (or hell….since he was shot), but he thinks he has (and we are lead to believe he has). The out of character-ness of everyone, the weird water effects, the glowing skull are all signs something is just quite not right. 

House decides the only way to wake himself up from the hallucination is to kill a patient. He thinks doing this will push his mind past the point of reality and force it to believe the truth - that he is hallucinating. Which makes me wonder exactly what Sherlock is doing in TLD. “It’s not a trick, it’s a plan.” 

My favorite bit from the episode, when he realizes he’s not awake: “Something doesn’t make sense. One of your assumptions has to be wrong, because if something doesn’t make sense then it can’t be real. But what if the faulty assumption is that it’s real? …This is not real, therefore it’s meaningless. I want meaning.”

Why would Connor be a great husband?

✿ He’s a big beefy man

✿ He can be good as a blanket because he’s warm

✿  Best. Hugger. Ever.

✿ Very protective and gentle

✿ He’s a lightweight, so he can’t get drunk (and abusive)

✿ Actually he’s not abusive at all

✿ He has respect for women and he’d never beat one 

✿ He’s honest

✿ He’s responsible and hard-working

✿ When he sleeps he’d probably wrap his arms around his wife

✿ He has got such a soft voice, man ♥

✿ He’s very faithful and he’s never cheat on his wife. NEVER.

✿ He’s simply a cinnamon roll. Pass it on.

Men, take notes

You know, what I disliked most about John Adams is that he read more than I did. Because I read, I suppose, 30 books a year, 40 books a year. He’d read 60, 70, 90 books a year, maybe more! And I thought, ‘I’m the renaissance man. You’re this…guy from New England. Why is it you’re reading twice what I’m reading?’ How’s that—that doesn’t seem fair. …He has no money. He lives in a hut. He has this sharp wife who wants attention. He’s got an impecunious family, he’s out shoveling manure, and working in the hay fields, and he reads twice what I do. Upsetting.
—  Thomas Jefferson in The Thomas Jefferson Hour #828—Needs and Wants
I Need a Moment to Talk about Glenn, Walking Dead *Spoilers*

I know he had to die at some point cos he did in the comics but God… We had him for SIX YEARS. He was from the FIRST fucking group. He got a family again, he got to be loved and love again, he has a fucking wife! He was a main character. He was a key staple. And he died brutally. He died the worst fucking death possible and he was alone. He died alone after watching someone he finally considered a friend shoot himself in the head. He never gave up, always looked for the best in others, always kept hope. He was part of our family. He was from the original group and was part of OUR family. Glenn Rhee was family.

Empire of Storms- spoilers ahead!

Major spoilers ahead guys….

Ever since finishing Empire of Storms I have been baffled by how Rowan, a centuries old Fae, didn’t know that Aelin was his mate.
Then I realised, Maeve manipulated the mating bond between him and Lyria, and so really he wouldn’t have known the true signs of a real mating bond because his previous mating had been a lie- and it kind of kills me a little inside that Rowan now has to come to terms with the fact that Lyria was killed all because it was part of Maeve’s scheme and that her life was sacrificed, their unborn child was sacrificed, all so Maeve could break Rowan and get to Aelin.
Not only that, but he now has to live with the knowledge that that psychotic bitch has got his real mate, his wife, and he has absolutely no idea what Maeve is going to do to her.