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bege: this plan is gonna work out 

katakuri: thIS pLaN IS goNnA WoRK oUt

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Modern AU, the kiss that Obi doesn't remember.

~ 0 ~

Obi seems…stressed.

“You could just tell everyone I died,” he offers, changing his shirt for the third time. He’s convinced he doesn’t have a single one that matches a tie.

All of his button downs are black.

“You die, and then I still decided to go to the department’s Christmas party?” Shirayuki leans on the island, drumming her fingers against the formica. “That seems likely to you?”

“You’re right,” he says after a long moment, nodding seriously. “Then everyone would know you did it. You’re too smart for that.”

Obi.” She lets out a sigh, smoothing down her skirt. “Come on. You know you love these things. You get to look nice, and then the undergrads get drunk and tell you how much they like your muscles, and then you and Suzu get tipsy and make bets on stupid things you win nine times out of ten.”

“I do like it when people tell me they like my muscles,” he admits, mouth still bent in a frown. She sees his eyes linger on the motivational kitten calendar she has up on the fridge; three days from now is circled in red, the word Virginia scrawled across it in big block letters. His face pinches in distress, and one of his hand comes to hover just over his shoulder.

“I’ll DD,” she blurts out before she can think better of it. The offer’s out there now; she can’t take it back.

Obi blinks. “Really?”

It’s telling that he doesn’t say no, that he doesn’t tell her they can get a cab if he ends up drinking. “Yeah,” she says, doubling down. “You guys can have whatever you like. I wasn’t really in the mood for much anyway.”

He considers for a moment. “I think I have a better tie in the back of my closet.

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Guided by Starlight | Part Two

// Draco x Gryffindor!reader

Requested: No.

Summary: Y/n’s friends begin to worry about her when they notice her sneaking away throughout the day.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

A/n: I’m still getting into the groove of writing for Harry Potter and its characters.

Warnings: Language.

Title: Guided by Starlight | Part Two.

Read Part One Here. //


You close your eyes, covering your face with your hands. You were currently in Herbology, although you weren’t necessarily paying attention. Ever since the night that Draco had found you outside Hogwarts, ever since he held you under the stars, comforting you, talking you through everything; ever since it had all happened, things had been completely different. It mostly showed in small glances between each other in classes and walking through the halls. Shared smiles, and many, many secrets.

The secrets that you keep from your friends burn inside of you, pulling at every inch of your body. You wanted nothing more than to just tell them, or at least Hermione. It was driving you insane not having anyone to talk to about it. She may be level-headed about it, she’s the only one who’d-

Your thoughts are cut off when someone places their hand on your shoulder, startling you out of your own mind. You glance over to your right, your gaze meeting Hermione’s concerned one. She tilts her head slightly. “Are you okay, y/n?” You glance at Hermione and give her a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine, I just…” You shake your head and peer across the table. “…it’s…” As you search for Draco’s face in the crowd of Slytherin’s at their table, you rack your brain for something to say. “I guess I just don’t feel well,” you murmur, your fist clenching as your gaze lands on Draco. He tilts his head slightly as he finally looks up at you, pausing in his conversation with his friends. You smile slightly and turn back to Hermione. “I’ll be right back.” You whisper, standing up quickly and walking away before she has a chance to respond.

Ron looks up in question, setting down his fork. “What’s with her?” He asks and takes another bite of chicken. Hermione shakes her head.

“I don’t know Ron, but I’m worried. She’s been running off a lot lately…” Hermione sighs as she watches you walk further down the hall. “What do you think, Harry?” They turn to Harry. His eyes widen slightly as he looks over at them.

“Sorry, what?” Hermione rolls her eyes and sighs.

“What do you think is wrong with Y/n?” Ron repeats her question.

“Oh, she seems fine to me.” He says. “Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk.” Harry shifts slightly as Draco stands up, looking over at you. Hermione follows Harry’s gaze.

“Malfoy…what’s he doing?” Ron mumbles angrily, watching him as he heads after you slowly.

“He’s…he’s following her!” Harry’s eyes widen in shock as he stands up quickly. “What’s he doi-” Before he can get anywhere Hermione grabs his arm and yanks him back down into his seat.

“Stop! Be quiet, Harry.” They all watch as Draco quickens his pace, turning the corner only seconds after you. “Follow me,” she murmurs.


Your face breaks out into a huge smile when Draco turns the corner. He instantly wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to him. He sighs loudly, burying his face in your neck.

“How are you, love?” He mumbles, running his hands up and down your back. You laugh softly and pull away.

“I’m great…really.” He watches you carefully as you tell him a short summary of how your day has gone so far, and he smiles.

“Do I need to talk to your father any more or…” Draco’s voice trails off as you shake your head, and he nods, pulling you into another tight hug. “Is the situation…better?” You shrug and shake your head. “We don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want.” He whispers. You laugh slightly and pull back. “Aren’t you going to eat breakfast with The Golden Trio?” Draco scrunches his face up slightly. He reaches out and places his hand on the side of your cheek. “Or… could you spend a minute with me?” You smile at him and roll your eyes.

“Gee, I dunno.” He raises his eyebrows and rests his forehead on yours.

“You dunno?” He whispers. You giggle, and instantly cringe slightly, closing your eyes. Draco’s lips part slightly he laughs softly.

Expelliarmus!” Harry’s voice fills the silence and you fall backwards slightly. The spell affected you, but it hit somewhere else. You hear a crashing noise and see Harry run past you. “You little weasel!” Hermione rushes over to your side and places her hand on your arm.

“Y/n! Are you okay? What was he saying, what did he-” You stand up quickly and push Hermione away from you.

“Harry! Harry stop!” You run forward. “Harry, bloody hell- Harry!”

“He needs to leave you alone- us alone. All of us.” Harry says angrily, readying his wand for another spell.

“Harry- please.” Your friends are caught off guard by the breaking in your voice. He turns around, giving you a puzzled look.

“Y/n?” You move forward, ignoring his questioning look and drop to Draco’s side.

“Draco…?” You whisper. “Are you okay?”

When his eyes open, they instantly fill with anger.

“The bloody hell do you think you’re doing Potter?” He stands up, ignoring our questions as he moves forward. “The bloody hell do you think you are?” He continues, pulling his wand out. “Coming here and attacking me?” He laughs dryly, pointing his wand at Harry. “Why? Because I was talking to y/n? Because you, perfect-proper-Potter, couldn’t stand the fact that I was talking to one of your friends?” Draco looks around at Hermione and Ron, and clenches his jaw. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore, Potter-”


“-you know, my father was right about you Potter. You’re not a hero. You never were and never will be-”

“Draco, please,” Draco’s gaze turns to you for a second, but it doesn’t hold the same warmth that it did only seconds before. He turns his gaze back to Harry, putting his wand away and sneering.

“You’ve got it coming to you, Potter, and your friends.” He glares slightly, turning back to look at you.

“Draco…” At the sound of your voice his eyes soften slightly. His eyelids flutter closed and he steps forward, shaking his head.

“You…are better off without me.” He turns away and begins to walk away.

“You don’t get to make that choice for me!” You call out, moving forward. Draco stops briefly and glances over his shoulder.

“…I don’t get to make any decisions, really.”


Everybody, your worries are answered.

So the first picture of Mark is before his surgery. There is no information of what was wrong with him and and why he had to go through that surgery but as he said millions of times, it’s nothing major. From now on we should bare in mind that the surgery helped him and was successful (as you can see) and im so happy that he is better. 

The other two pictures are of him and wade and some other friend, and the last one he is with his brother and some other lady which apparently is a close member of their family ^^

All I can say is that i wish him to heal as fast as he can and get back to do what he likes to because we all know that is not enjoyable to be disabled and/or pinned to a bed like that for too long! Heal up Mark! You’re young and strong and you can do anything! <3


It’s been years that he’s been trapped down there, and would have felt so much longer for him. Someone has to at least try to get him out. So I guess that someone is me.

I just love how thoroughly Harry his solo career has been so far. He could’ve gone conventional pop/acoustic that’s popular on the radio now, but he didn’t, he produced a long spacey ballad. He could be wearing plain, understated clothes that fit typical expectations for men, but he’s not, he’s wearing patterned suits and pink silky shirts and rainbow boots. He could be playing way larger arenas that would bring in way more people, but he chose intimate venues with character and meaning. He’s shaping his career to be exactly how he wants it, and to be explicitly on his terms, and I love it.  

Text:  Discovering Gerard Way and MCR is probably the highlight of my adolescence so far. Knowing that he has gone through a lot and still came out of it the placid, positive person he is touches me a lot. I know I could never be like him, but he showed me it was ok to feel what I was feeling, and that not being ok was fine. He let me accept myself for who I was. Knowing his demons are still haunting him deep down inside reminds me to keep fighting mine, and to thrive, not just survive. He did not save my life; I would never ever think of taking it. He did, however, save what was left of my happiness.

Have something nice to say about Gerard Way? Submit it here!

I swear to the gods, Grover, I would tear the entire world apart if it would bring her back to me.”
“I know Percy. I know
—  If Annabeth had been the one to disappear
Namjoon Scenario: Catch Me.

Request: Hello bangtan spell admins can I request a story where Namjoon and the reader accidentally meet at a pokestop and become friends. They play Pokemon Go together at coffeeshops or wherever they go and Namjoon falls for her. ^___^ Thank you             

Genre: Fluff

There it was. Namjoon smiled satisfied, this was his chance, he’d been rooting for this moment since he saw that pokestop, his chance to catch Snorlax had finally arrived, he rushed there while looking at the pokemon he’d been on the hunt for through the screen and before he had the chance to reach it, he bumped onto someone else.

You gasped surprised, apparently you’d been going for the same as him and in the crush Namjoon’s phone almost ended on the ground if you didn’t catch it first.

–I’m sorry…– you said with big eyes, handing him his phone. –I was coming so fast, I didn’t see you –

–It was my fault, don’t worry…– you were caressing the arm Namjoon had hit and looking at him, besides your worry, you looked as excited as Namjoon thought he should look.

–Are you here to catch Snorlax?– you asked him with a playful voice.

Namjoon laughed, at least you weren’t a grumpy one who broke in curses because of him colliding against you, and you seemed far more interested in knowing if he was also playing Pokemon Go.

He nodded with a smirk. –Aren’t you too? –

You laughed at that and Namjoon thought that you were the type of girl that would make him turn his head to look at you wherever, you were wearing tight jeans, a deep blue blouse that looked stylish yet relaxed at the same time and gray converse, definitely his type.

–It’s a tough one I must admit, but he’s going to be mine I’m telling you –

Namjoon laughed, raising his hands in a sort of defeat but with the smile still on his lips. –Let’s see about that then, ladies first–

You walked together to the pokestop and smiled when you saw what you were looking for,  Snorlax standing there and just waiting to be caught by you, could Namjoon’s day get any better? He looked at Snorlax and then at you with a smile, nah, it couldn’t. He decided this was a good day.

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*cries because I know all that will come from this article is what he said about one direction*

LMAO. dani was just telling me that e! news or someone had already gone and taken his quotes about simon and zayn completely out of context. it’s totally unsurprising but still pretty lame lol. 

i feel quite greedy, but all that article did for me was leave me wanting more. when he first started talking about his backpacking trip in interviews, i didn’t realize he’d brought his journal along with him and started writing it, which makes me so curious about what that was about, originally. like, did he set out wanting just to keep notes and those became songs, and if so, at what point did he realize that he was writing songs that he had to keep for himself because he couldn’t give them to another artist?

and like, i imagine artists in any profession have a lot of thoughts about why they do what they do; i wonder if niall would ever be asked or feel comfortable articulating why writing songs and making music and performing are - and seemingly always have been - the only thing he’s ever really wanted to do. 

on a slightly different note, i wonder if he ever has any concerns about having gone so far before and maybe running out of new territory as an artist, or whether he’ll just be happy to have gotten over that hill of establishing himself as a solo musician. also, something about the way he’s got a whole new team around him now - his stylists and manager and promo team and reps and the band - and the way that makes him (in)directly responsible for them all by himself, and what on earth that must be like in terms of planning for the future and grappling with his own and everybody else’s expectations of his success. 

it’s been so interesting hearing from him again and again, confirming his own quotes, that he didn’t want 1d’s schedule and the sheer amount of attention they got, whether that means being able to leave the hotel while they’re on tour or having the luxury to take public transit. and, of course, being able to dedicate extra time to his album to ensure that it’s as good as he’s able to make it! cuz there’s maybe not as much overhead as there was with 1d (on a financial level and in the sense that 1d always seemed to have to escalate degree of success). and the inevitable question that follows, that is, ‘but what if you do become as successful as 1d was?’ let alone more so? i can’t imagine he’s put too much thought into that one because 1d was monumental, but it strikes me as super interesting to ask, especially in light of him saying that he has to ‘try at least to get somewhere near it.’

Probabbly gonna do Bora’s info next… ;v; Feel free to ask questions about or for Jung as I want to start drawing more!

More info under cut.


Jung-Hwan Seonwoo (Hangul: 선우 정환)


Jung, Mr.Seonwoo (Work only; He becomes offended if it’s used outside his teaching job.)

Online Username:



Cis Male




6’5” | 198 cm


210 lbs | 95 kg

Birth Date:

February 21st

Zodiac Sign:



Language Teacher (High School)
Translator (Mainly books and most of his income)

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TalesFromYourServer: Manager gets fired, rebellion ensues.

This happened about an hour or so ago, fairly decent sized town but smaller family owned restaurant chain, maybe 5 restaurants still open now. The manager has been there for several years, over 20 now and has worked her butt off for the company, despite them treating her and the employees like crap and stealing wages.

Today was a quiet Sunday, nobody really coming into eat after the church crowd, I usually serve but I was in dish today so I wasn’t really up front for a lot of the firing speech, and emotions are running high so please forgive the venting.

So, the manager (my aunt, in no relation to the actual owner but they had considered eachother family), has busted her butt for decades. She has shifted stores whenever needed and dropped thousands of dollars to make up food costs and repair costs, when the owner is too cheap to pay for anything; he has even gone so far as to flip moldy ceiling tiles over instead of replacing them, and wiped off the residual muck and does things like letting the ac drip so much it floods tables and won’t pay for fixing the freezer that breaks down nightly. The manager tries to pay for it all out of pocket, but she can’t afford it all. Employees pitch in too, but we make like 500 a month tops. Basically, shit owner, hard working manager and dedicated employees.

Last week one of the employees who for some ungodly reason wants to become manager ratted out the current manager for miscounting some boxes of meat, he thought that this would get her fired and get him promoted for some stupid reason. Despite the fact she made up 140 bucks or so out of her wallet to cover the mistake, owner fired her regardless. Even the employees pitched in a threw down 200 or so, still fired. She didn’t make a scene, but all the employees, loyal to a fault, definitely did. Not even five minutes after that happened every single employee flipped out. Every one of them started going nuts. There was screaming, cussing, people absolutely going nuts. Nearly everyone threw down their hats and aprons and started walking out. A couple people started trying to fight with owner (luckily they didn’t, he’s built like a tank), and I’m assuming the cook had a little anger in him, because when I left the grill was on fire and the fryers too and the sprinklers were going. Everything was in absolute disarray, the manager was freaking out because she has done everything for them, and nearly every single employee on the chart either flipped out and quit right then and there, or called in and quit. Word catches through fast around here.

Here’s hoping things get better, and that the owner has to clean up and shut down. Between his terrible health rules (no gloves there and he wants us to store raw chicken with other products, like on top of meat, for instance), the fact he steals wages from checks and tips, (servers pay for beer and taxes on drinks, checks are hundreds less than they should be), and employees loyalty to a manager who shouldn’t have gotten fired, I’m not surprised everyone quit. Anyways, that’s my Sunday! How’s everyone’s day?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, tomorrow manager and I were going on vacation for a week for the first time in years, guess that’s canceled!

By: JacobH091

Adam Parrish’s (real) Family

The conclusion to the Raven Cycle series left me with a lot of feelings. The biggest and squishiest of which were centered around Adam’s arc, particularly, the possession scene.

Adam, who has been physically and mentally abused his whole life, whose reoccurring fear is becoming a man like his father, is forced to live out one of his worst nightmares. While under the demon’s control, he viciously and violently attacks his friends.

“‘Fight back,’ Adam growled at Ronan, thin, desperate, an animal dragged by the neck. At the same time that his voice protested, though, his body jammed Ronan’s back against a trunk of a pine tree. ‘Hit me. Knock me down!’“

Now, this alone was sufficient to leave me a soggy, slushy, overflowing tub of emotion. But of course - there was more.

Because next, is everyone’s reaction to Adam’s sudden and violent possession. Or rather, their overall lack of reaction. Faced with an Adam who is under the control of a angry demon, an Adam who is dangerous, whose body is being used to hurt them, the gang’s initial response is inaction. Because even if Adam is dangerous, even if he is being used against them, they can’t bring themselves to harm him.

“Every beat of Ronan’s heart was an articulated part in a collapsing train. He grabbed Adam’s wrists. They felt frail, snappable, cold. The choice was death or hurting Adam, which wasn’t much of a choice at all.”

Being in Ronan’s head in this moment absolutely slayed me, and then seeing everyone elses’ reactions left me nothing more than an inarticulate puddle of feelings. Because even as Adam pleads for them to put a stop to his rampage,

“’Stop me!’ Adam begged.”

“’Just hit me,’ Adam said miserably. ‘Don’t let me do this.’”

They do everything in their power to avoid hurting him, avoid hitting him.

It seemed it should have been simple: There were four of them, one of Adam. But none of them wanted to hurt Adam Parrish, no matter how violent he had become.”

And it was HERE, RIGHT HERE that I became incapable of handling the emotions bombarding me and ascended to a higher plane of existence (probably)

Because in this moment, when Adam has given them every reasonable excuse to use force against him, when he has gone so far as to beg them to hit him, his friends refuse to do so. Adam who has spent nearly his entire life in a home with a father who hit him, who was cruel to him, who hurt him simply because he could, finally, finally has a family who treats him with kindness.

A family, self-made, who loves him unabashedly for who he is, who wants to protect him, who cares about him unconditionally, and who would never, ever, under any circumstances hurt him, not even when he asks them to. A family who is finally motivated to throw all of their efforts into stopping him, not by his violent acts against them, but when he begins to harm himself.

“Quick as a cat, it scratch-scratch-scratched at his own face. Blood beaded instantly. It was digging harder. Punishing.

‘No,’ Gansey said. He could not bear it. He ran at Adam.”

AND EVEN THEN, as they are finally containing Adam, restraining his hijacked limbs, it is not a violent act. In fact, all parties seem to be concerned only for Adam’s well-being.

“As Adam jerked his wrist in Henry’s grasp - ‘Stop, you idiot, you’re going to break it!’ - and knocked his fist back against Gansey’s teeth - ‘You’re okay, Adam, we know it’s not you!’ - Ronan wrapped his arms around Adam, pinning Adam’s upper arms against him.”

When Adam is finally contained, it is by Ronan, and instead of a violent act, it is much closer to an embrace.

tl;dr Adam finally has the family he deserves and I am a gelatinous glob of feelings.

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I'm out to a lot of people as lesbian and not a straight trans guy and when I came out this guy told me that being a lesbian is like being a rapist because you have sex for pleasure and not for God. He says all kinds of dumb homophobic shit and has gone so far as to ask me out repeatedly because he thinks he can make me like dudes. Every time I'm near him I hate him more and I hate myself more, and I can't escape him. I'm so frustrated. What do I do?

Literally that is sexual harassment and he’s a fucking Bible thumping sack of shit. When he does it again, straight up threaten to call the cops. Block all his social media, tell a teacher or Hyman resources.

Why Frank Castle Doesn’t Just Deserve Love—He Needs It

This meta COMPLETELY got away from me and is seriously long, but at @76bloodytrombones’ request, here is why Frank Castle deserves love. Except that my conclusion is not that he deserves love, but that he must find it in himself to love again or he will be gone forever, and only the Punisher will remain. 

1. In the beginning, Frank’s grief and guilt have distorted his memories of his family.

In his fantastic book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Auschwitz survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl talks about one of his patients, a man who had lost his wife, who was consumed with grief. This man stopped going to work, stopped seeing his friends, stopped taking care of himself. He could not move on, he missed his wife so desperately, and he didn’t understand why he lived while she had to die.

Dr. Frankl helped this man to recover from his grief by reminding him that, if one of them had to live and one had to die, this man should want to be the one who lived—because he is the one who must now suffer, who must go on without the person he loved. If their positions had been reversed, it would have been this man’s beloved wife who suffered grief from the loss of her husband. By seeing the truth—that the living bear the pain that the dead have been released from, and that to be the one who lives is not necessarily the winning hand in a game of “who lives, who dies”—the man was able to finally come to terms with his grief. 

Like Dr. Frankl’s patient, Frank Castle has lost his wife and his children whom he loved desperately, and he is so consumed by grief and guilt at their loss (while he alone survived), that he punishes HIMSELF first and foremost. For Frank, who is caught in the emotional aftermath of his loss by virtue of both head trauma and self-torture, his penance for living when his family did not is to deprive himself of love, of friendship, of any pleasure of enjoyment that life may have to offer. 

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